Dream-diary, June 2016

May 31st-June 1st (Tue-Wedn, after midnight) : Dream :- Looking out the open window of my one-storey house, I could see across from it (maybe 29 feet away) another one-storey house, which I understood to be the residence of my parents. In order to attempt to attract their attention (while I could not see them in it), I tossed a peeble through the open window of my house into the open window of their house. Within seconds, I felt a pebble (which I assumed was thrown by them, though I did not see them) strike my right arm. I thought to myself that I would have noticed their response aequally well if I had merely seen a pebble thrown through my window so as to land in front of me, and I thought of calling out to them in order to tell this to them. So, I called out to them, but there was no response. I thereupon called out to them repeatedly, but there was likewise no response to any of these repeated calls. Then I noticed that my voice was less loud than it ought to be in order to be heard by them in case they were in some other room of their house; and although I endeavoured to call out more loudly, I found that I was unable to make my voice (which was somewhat faint) any louder, and I wondred why I could not. [Thereupon awoke. I had been asleep only an hour or two, so it was apparently the wondring which caused me to awaken.] {Is there any relationship between my awakening due to wondring about my feeble voice in the dream, and the name of patron-god of astrology, bodhi-sattva 'awakenment being' /Man~ju-ghos.a/ 'mild-voiced', and possibly also with the "still small voice" (http://biblehub.com/1_kings/19-12.htm) of a divinity, as heard by a nabiy>?}

June 1st-2nd (Wedn-Thur) 2016 : Dream :- I was thinking, and intending to describe, sexual behaviour of specific humans as resembling that of certain specific species of animal, such as equine. {I have read (a few years ago), on an internet website blog specifically written by and for men who regularly have sexual intercourse with mares, that mares who are in heat will kick in the shins stalions whom they wish to be fucked by, and will then immediately gallop away, pursued by the stallion who, when overtaking her, will find that she will abruptly stop, and he will then (in order to punish her for having kicked him) fuck her. Perhaps a human exemplar of a similar sexual behaviour would be (as my father described to me decades ago, i.e., before I left my parents in 1963, and which I had already read of in the same book as he had, in the family-library) that it was customary in Peru` (as of prior to that country's being conquered by Spaniards) the government used to require performance of an annual festival wherein the women, sprinting naked and pursued by the naked men, would each be overtaken and thereupon fucked by a man. Horses were not praesent in Peru` as of that aira, so some other species of animal (a species indigenous to that country) would likely have been imitated in this annual event.}

Continuation of same dream :- I was, while talking with some man apparently known to me, in describing repraehensibly vicious behaviour (such as wars and genocides) sponsored by human governments, saying that such behaviour must needs be punished severely. [Thereupon, I abruptly awoke.] {I was, praesumably, thinking in terms of "war-crimes" trials and punishments conducted, subsequent to a government's crimes, by some international organization such as the United Nations. I was been speaking, via telephone, with G.L.R. during the afternoon prior (when he had been urging me to go, although as he told me, he and his wife would be absent due to her being in M.B., SC, with her relatives, -- to the state-capitol for the weekly-scheduled event of protest against the national Repulican Party's suppression of civil rights and against its promotion of the Confoederacyand promotion of similar misdeeds worlwide, even if I were to chose to arrive late, viz. close to sunset, in order to evade the heat of the day -- and I did soon go, late for that reason, calling him from there by cell-telephone to confirm my arrival as soon as I arrived) that the behaviour of some persons, encouraged by vicious governments, is similar to that of vicious species of animals, such as snakes (which himself has sometimes killed on his own countryside land-holding, as he has described).}

June 2nd-3rd (Thur-Fri) 2016 : Dream :- There were two women with whom I was acquainted, and who had both taken a liking to me. One of them decided to have sexual intercourse with me, for the first time; so she accompanied me to bed, on the way to there passing by the other other woman, who immediately indicated that she wished instead to have sexual intercourse with me instead, also for the first time. But the woman who had chosen me first, being plumper, looked prettier sexually to me, so I called out to the other woman (waving my right hand to her at the same time) that I praeferred the one who had already chosen, before herself, to have sexual intercourse with me. {I do not off-hand remember any dream in which two women both indicated at the same time that they both wished to have sexual intercourse with me, thus requiring me to choose between them, as to which of them I praeferred to have sexual intercourse with first.} When we reached the bed, she was naked and lay her body upon my body, facing me. In that position, I noticed that I could more grasp her buttocks more easily than her breasts, so I started squeezing, with my hands, her naked buttocks (one hand on each buttock), moving them alternatingly against each other. I thought that I hoped that she would find that to be adequate massaging on her body for the first few moments. [Then the dream may have shifted to something else, for I recalled some other, non-sexual, scene first when I awoke, and when I remembered this sexual scene next, I was surprised that I would remember a sexual dream after remembring a non-sexual dream (being as I always supposed, when awake, that sexual dreams are more significant than non-sexual ones, inasmuch as sexual dreams would seem to indicate a closer, more intimate relationship than non-sexual personal interactions -- although I am not quite absolutely certain of this, for no woman -- goddess if that is what such a dream-woman may be designated -- who hath had sexual relations with me in a dream, hath ever visited me again afterwards, nor hath any of them mentioned to me her name or any other fact of personal identity -- but that may be simply a dream-reenactment of what I have always experienced in waking-life, that no prostitute -- I used to frequent prostitutes in the town of my residence in South American in 1962-63 -- would seem to have mentioned her name, nor her hometown, nor other feature of her identity, to me, nor did I enquire this information from any of them), and I thought that therefore the sexual episode must have occurred earlier than the remembered non-sexual episode, in the same dream.] {As concerning my having called out to the 2nd woman in the dream : I was in the day praevious contemplating a possible semantic relationship between two S^emitic words commencing with the same two consonants, namely Strong's 7121 /QaRa>/ 'to call out' [whence the book-title /QuR>an/] and /QaRinah/ litterally 'female horn' (used in <arabiy theological oneirology to designate a dreamer-man's female sexual partner encountered in a dream -- she whom Carl Jung designated as a man's "soul" : correspondingly, <arabiy oneirology would have /QaRin/ (= Strong's 7161 /qeren/ 'horn') as the designation of the male sexual partner encountered by a woman in her dream. This I was considering yeasterday in the context of other words also commencing in /Q-/, such as Strong's 7083 /Qeset/ 'inkhorn' -- indicating the English slang word /horny/ 'erotically aroused' to be of S^emitic provenience (taken into English via Louisiana from French colonists in North Africa?).}

Later dream, occurring 2 times in same night : I wtnessed an invocation of illusory birds, who thereupon arrived flying together. {Before falling asleep at my computer-desk, I had just been reading of viewing the illusory body of the Buddha. (The Legend and Cult of Upagupta, pp. 114-5)}

June 5th-6th (Sun-Mon) 2016 : Dream :- I had been engaging in sexual intercourse with two different women (who were as yet beside one another on the same bed), and as yet had my penis in the vagina of one of them, when I noticed that a third woman (concerning whom remembred that I had been engaged in sexual intercourse with her earlier) happened to be seated naked in a chair beside the bed. As I was bending over in an effort to put my mouth on her naked vulva, I ascertained that in order to accomplish this, I would have to pull my penis out of the vagina of the woman which it was now in. Therefore, I pulled it out, and put my mouth to the vulva the naked woman which I had felt obliged to apply it to. Almost instantly (while I could not see anything), I started hearing singing, and within a few seconds I was fully awake : the singing was a recording being played from the internet on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v2Jdimh35A&index=85&list=PLzX4AhZ3T9DHZu1k3jm8AAVQFGyMnEwG- . [This dream resembled that of June 2nd-3rd in that in both dreams I abandoned one woman in favor of another woman. But I do not recall having ever before dreamt of having sexual relations with as many as three women in one dream, certainly not of three women who were remaining beside one another while I was performing such as sequence of sexual acts.]

June 6th-7th (Mon-Tue) 2016 : Dream :- I had some small pet animals in a terrarium. I noticed that they had no food nor water in it with them. Then suddenly one of them (a bird) appeared to be dead {During about the praevious day, I had seen on the internet a painting of dead birds, which I considered horrifying}, with its cadavre being devoured by insects; while two others behaved in a frenzied manner -- both the death and the frenzy I ascribed to their having been for a long time deprived of water and of food; so I was about to provide water and food for the ones as yet living. [Then I awoke.]

Later dream, same night :- Alone in what I considered my apartment, I started levitating upward from the ground. Promptly, I recognized that I must be asleep. (Apparently after this,) a man was turning knobs on the floor, controlling flow of water thereout; but he departed without completely turning off the flow; thereupon I tried turning each of them, until I succeeded in closing-off the flow. Thereupon, it became dim in the room : in the dimness, two men successively came into the apartment -- of whom the 1st unaccountably vanished. {I read of Vincent Foster's unaccountably vanishing while in the White House (apparently secretly murdered by, or at the orders of, Praesident Clinton), i.e., without his exiting's alive being recorded (as it would have been, had he been still alive) in the White-House log-book . http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/FOSTER_COVERUP/foster.php#axzz4AtdYC3PN I have seen it mentioned recently in the news that Trump is publicizing this fact -- a dangerous fact to publicize, in view of the fact of Praesident Clinton's having had many persons murdered on account of their publicizing his numerous other crimes. http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/BODIES.php#axzz4AtdYC3PN Surely, most, if not all, these murders were perpetrated on his behalf by the C.I.A. He had evidently earned the gratitude of the Bush-family (controllers of Hitler -- giving orders to him so as to conduct German government's aggression during World-War II; and owners of the Gestapo/C.I.A. then and ever since) by arranging, during his tenure as Praesident, the public fraud of rigged housing-derivatives, creating thereby hundreds of billions of dollars profit (bankrupting thousands of honest banks in the process) for the Bush-family and their "Foederal Reserve Board" cronies.}

June 8th-9th (Wedn-Thur) 2016 : Dream :- I was typing-up an account of dreams.

Later dream, same night :- I was in a room with my mother, and on the floor of the room were lying arrangements of both hook-headed screws (which, I remarked to her, must be hers) and hexagonal-headed screws. {I remember reading the evening before, in the University-library, mention of a hexagonal structure.} Later, I filled with water a very large (something like 30' * 100') rectangular pool-for-bathing. {In the evening praevious (i.e., June 8th), while at the library of the University of SC, I had seen, in the current issue of the University-periodical, an ae:rial photograph of the library of the University, including the large rectangular water-pool in front of it. That pool hath recently been emptied (probably for cleaning it), and is in need to be filled with water again soon.}

June 9th-10th (Thur-Fri) 2016 : Dream :- I was in a room with other persons, when I picked up off the floor a several-yards-long cashier's tabulation of purchases; this I knew must have been a record of purchases by someone other than myself, for I never have bought so many items on a single occasion. Later, I was out-of-doors where the roadway was flooded, the roof of an automobile barely protruding above the water : but nevertheless, a different automobile drove forward into the flooded roadway, and was soon entirely submerged; one could see its underwater-progress by the ripple which it made on the water's surface above it. Then I was in an omnibus which also started to be driven forward, and I wondered whether it likewise would submerge, it which case I would have to swim out through a window in the omnibus (its windows being open). But it moved only close alongside the aedifice adjacent, so that it was not in danger of submerging, and soon stopped. [Then I awoke.] [The flood-water in this dream was similar to filling of a pool with water in the dream during the night praevious.]

June 10th-11th (Fri-Satur) 2016 : Dream :- I was seated on sofa in a room listening to music, when woman, garbed in a red dress having a pattern of white 5-pointed stars nigh the neck {I noticed a woman in my apartment-building similarly clad in the last few days}, entered the room and stood while she spoke to me. I recognized her as having spoken with me earlier; so, with each of my hands I grasped one of her hands, and I said to her that I was listening to music via an earset, though she would not be hearing the music. [Then I awoke.] {As usual, I had left ecclesiastic chanting on, playing from the internet; this time Russian, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTCxFhKUqhc&list=PLc9KnCzUBEar9Y8x96e4sQBHyIkgNqM5Z&index=4 .}

Later dream, same night :- I had walked along a street to an unpopulated area, and there saw a negress standing beside the roadside. I walked to her, and, figuring that if I were to start feeling on her body without speaking to her, she would tolerate me to have complete sexual intercourse with her; but when without speaking to her I started feeling on her breasts through her clothing, she immediately fled. Disappointed at this, I next saw some ripe peaches abandoned on the ground nigh, and started picking them up and eating them. [Then I awoke.] {Mention of eating peaches is sometimes used as a figure-of-speech for "sexual intercourse" in Chinese litterature.}

June 12th (Sun) 2016 : Dream :- I was viewing from the outside, along a highway, several consecutive aedifices which I understood to be owned by government for some manner of public use, but was unsure of whether they were as of then occupied. I lingered in front of one such aedifice, however, in the early evening, and noticed that various persons (mostly women) were arriving and entring it, and figured that they were public-housing residents in the highest storey of this 3-storey aedifice; and next saw through the aedifice's windows that in addition to the upper storey, the lowest storey was also in use; and figured that the lowest storey was perhaps in use as offices for the governmental housing-service. [Then I awoke.]

June 16th-17th (Thur-Fri) 2016 : Dream :- I was apparently viewing, from an inclined angle, an off-white, slightly faceted version of a traditional (often faceted) Ukrainian necked-bulb-shaped roof as part of an ecclesiastic aedifice. (While looking at this, I thought, however, that I must be viewing what seemed to be a stylized model of a human head attached to a human neck, and further conjectured that I was expected to nod my own head to it as a gesture that I realized it was intended as a model of head-with-neck as part of a human body; which I obligingly did.) [Thereupon I awoke.] {After awaking, and reflecting over the fact that it was too different in color and in shape from any human head-with-neck, as well as too different from any model of a head-with-neck, I realized that it must have been intended as a model of a Russian ecclesiastic aedifice's roof; and that it most likely was shewn to me in acknowledgement that I had been looking most recently (both before I went initially to sleep for the night, and when I awoke in the midst of the night before going to sleep again) at many instances of just that architectural feature : photographs were successive displayed of many Russian ecclesiastic aedifices in the course of the several video-playlists of Russian ecclesiastic chanting which I had been selecting from amongst for listening-to (while leaving playing from the internet, on YouTube) while I would sleep.} {Before going to sleep that night, I had ingested (along with, for adequate digestion of them) a greater variety (about 18 different species) of oneirogenic herbs (intended to enhance dreams while improving memory of dreams), nearly all of which (largely herbs traditionally eaten by dream-seeking persons in various African tribes) I had recently received from Maya Ethnobotanicals, located in Haarlem, Holland.}

June 17th (Fri, during daytime) 2016 : Dream :- I already had, by a slow continuous movement, placed my fingers (2 of each hand, forming a loop) around the head of a small rodent (which I regarded as a praeternatural apparition); then made a sudden move so as to see whether it would be frightened; it immediately vanished. {Occasionally (in B., GA) I would see, sitting, close to me, between kitchen-cabinet and refrigerator, a rodent (apparent rat, which I would regard as apparitional); though the rodent (vole?) in the dream was so small that it more resembled in size the rodent (perhaps a shrew, and which I would also regard as apparitional ) which I had earlier seen once on the floor of the living-room of our apartment in T.P. suburb of D.ofC. -- And these were not the only apparitional small mammals which I have seen : all such, decades ago, in the praemises which I occupied together with the woman whose relative (brother) mentioned his having heard praeteratural voices calling his name.} Shortly afterwards, I saw a grey-tone image (shadowlike, impinged on the wall of the room, beside me) of a small rodent swimming in water (also grey-tone, shadow-like image, impinged on the wall). I started to think to myself that I used, many years ago elsewhere, to see small apparitional animals, including in grey-tone images impinging on walls. [Then I awoke.] {I do not normally view in dreams anything which, while viewing it, I regard as a praeternatural apparition. Indeed, I can think only of specific one instance (though there may have been one or two more such occurrences-in-dream), decades ago, when in a dream I saw anything which, while viewing it, I regarded as apparitional, from another plane-of-existence -- and in that decades-ago case it was 3-dimensional scenery black-and-white (instead of grey-tone). Also, if I recall correctly, the visionary scenery which I, decades ago, with mine eyen closed, walked through while being led-by-the-hand into the admission unit of an insane asylum -- was all white (in a background otherwise completely black).}

June 26th-27th (Sun-Mon) : Dream :- I had just, in vehicle, crossed to the far half of a roadway : I saw several army-jeeps being driven, approaching in a row from my right; I immediately backed up my vehicle into the nigh half of the roadway, but thereupon saw another army-jeep being driven, approaching from my left, and already so close that my vehicle apparently could not evade being struck. [Thereupon, I suddenly awoke.]

June 27th-28th (Mon-Tue) : Not a dream :- After having ingested the usual some 20 dream-enhancing herbs, while reclining in the night with mine eyen closed I began seeing, in relation to my contemplating the difference betwixt the thought-patterns of persons of the twain gendres (and especially of how the thought inhaerent in women differeth from that inhaerent in men), a luminous vision of, as it were, a latticed window : as though I were, figuratively, seeing into the nature of the mentality of the opposite gendre. [This endured only a few seconds. The time was apparently slightly past midnight.]

June 29th (Wedn during daytime) : Dream :- Various women were one-at-a-time sequentially demonstrating their singing. [Without having a body, I was witnessing this.]