Dream-diary, May 2016

May 3rd-4th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : I was participating in a committee-meeting discussing a forthcoming celebration which was being planned, concerning (i.e., celebrating) myself. {Perhaps this dream related to a recent discussion which I had over the telephone with G.L.R., concerning the listing, which he had told me had been made there by himself (on a PalmettoFriends.org website) scheduling a talk to be given by me at a SocOfFr meeting; and which I told him in that telephone-discussion that the talk had already been posted on such a website [of PalmettoFriends.org, posted (as she had told) me by S.P., and which I had found which clicking on the heading "Agenda", in the upper right-hand of a webpage of that site -- wherein his (G. L. R.'s) website-posted version somehow stated, as I told him in the telephone-discussion, that the meeting would commence half-an-hour before midnight on one day (a Sunday) and run half-an-hour beyond midnight on the next day (a Monday), which I wondred about such a timing projected, and which he told me was an error-in-posting (which he had not as-of-yet corrected), it being intended to be on both side of a midday instead of of a middnight], which he had posted, apparently on a different (from what she had posted) location of such website, under the heading "Calendar".} Thereupon, somehow [in the dream], the projected meeting itself immediately commenced (in the same room), with my symbolically indicating that I was the principal of the meeting by my sitting in a peculiar posture on a chair (namely by my sitting, as I somehow thought (though possibly mistakenly) that I was expected to -- namely as though on a toilet-seat, with my trousers pulled down), and with participants in it (the meeting) promptly arriving (into that room) one-by-one, with the women arriving each being peculiarly attired {the evening before, as I was walking to the scheduled weekly "Peace Resource" protest in front of the state-capitol aedifice, I had, on the state-university campus, walked through a cap-and-gown-attired group of university-students apparently just finishing an out-of-doors convocation at a stage-with-chair-for-audience, the young women whereof were all peculiarly attired, namely in high-heels} entirely in pink {perhaps a reminiscence of the Code Pink (which perhaps ought, by analogy with Women-in-Black of Argentina, be designated "Women-in-Pink") website devoted to peace-oriented public protests of that group}. The women arriving outnumbered the men arriving {just as in the cap-and-gown-attired group of student through whom I had walked the evening before, the women outnumbered the men}; but unlike any of the women, the only man (other than myself) who arrived walked over to me and started kssing my forehead; so I rubbed with my hand on the scalp of his head in order to acknowledge the appropriateness, as assumed to be so my me, of this gesture of his. {Perhaps this gesture was intended as the "kiss of peace" mentioned in a an Epistle of the New Testament (and implied in the Gospel by the kiss by Ioudas performed in the Garden of Geth-semane) -- when G.L.R. in a discussion, held over the telephone a few days earlier, of my suggestion (in that discussion) that the New Testament may be a litterary novel (litterary novels being a favorite genre of Hellenistic litterature), he said that epistles are sure to be genuinely authentic; but just how likely are lengthy disquisitions on abstract doctrine (which disquisitions abound in Epistolai of the Koine Diatheke) likely to be in a person-to-person ordinary missive? Employing such a litterary form as an epistle (instead of the expected treatise-format) for such a writing (i.e., concerning doctrine) is so very unnatural as to be a tell-tale sign of litterary artificiality. The occurrence of this (variety of kiss) in my dream is likely to be a further suggestion that I ought to employ scriptural references already familiarly known to listeners in any talk which I praesent to the SocOfFr.} {My sitting in a posture reminiscent of that posture normal to being seated on a toilet-seat was likely a reminder of the fact that I was the morning constipated after having eaten such a large quantity of dry food at a monument during my part in the weekly pacifist rally at the state-capitol on Wedn (Apr 27th) -- so much so that I had to drink 28 cups of water in rapid succession that morning in order to overcome the constipation, not even any effect toward relieving the constipation being achieved until after the 20th cup of water. I had eaten that much dry food there because on the night prior (i.e., Apr 26th-27th) I had dreamt of a box containing cereal composed of pieces each of a different color; which was very much alike unto the sort (Cascadian, from Skagit, WA) whereof I had bought a pair of because it was on sale at half-price (at Publics). Because it was mainly oat (in that way alike to Quaker -- pacifist -- oat : cf. the venereal pacifist expression "Make love, not war!") I ate it at Hoban Monument (to the war-destroyed former S.C. state-capitol aedifice wherefrom the "District of Columbia" was named) -- I had in mind the resemblance of /Hoban/ to /Hobnil/, name of the Maya god of bee-keeping; the fact that a bee is the messenger of goddess Aphro-dite, who is often designated "laughing", laughter being caused by jokes (and also among a multitude of gods as the result of that goddess's being caught with Ares, by Hephaistos when he was tipped-off by Helios); and that the word for 'joke' is ( in Spanish) /broma/, /bromos/ being the word for 'oat' in Hellenic. Incidentally, the litteral meaning of /hob nil/ is 'hollow tree' (such being often employed by bees for building their hives within); often otherwise (than as sites for hives of bees), hollow trees are residences of raccoons, and raccoon-skins were customarily worn as hats by Daniel Boone (so that American Indians, who commonly wear this as a sign of peaceful intentions, would not mistake him for a hostile if encountring him by chance in a random hike through the forest, one of his brethren having been mistaken slain under such circumstances because he had neglected to wear a raccoon-skin hat) -- and my mother (D. D. Boone) is a direct descendant, in the paternal lineage, from a brother of Daniel Boone (of Kentucky-and-Misssouri renown).}

May 6th (Fri during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I was hearing other persons mention that which they were intending to say to me ritualistically. Then I found myself laying in my bed in my bedroom (in being illuminated within), and I heard someone, which I took to be one of them, knocking on the outside of my bedroom door; therefore I assumed that this knocking must be the commencement of said ritual. I assumed that the performance of such ritual must imply that deities were invisibly praesent; and therefore I took care to sense whatever sentiments the deities might be instilling in my mind for my adequate performance of the ritual. Thus, feeling mental sensations which I praesumed to be emanating from such deities, I took care to make the timing of each word which I enunciated, together with the enunciation itself, match with the felt sentiments : the words, which I pronounced slowly, were something like, "Who is that out there?" [Thereupon, I awoke.] {I had been in a similar situation shortly praeviously, while awake : namely heeding sentiments impinging on my mind strongly as though they were advices for me to utter responses to metaphysical sorts of quaestions (apparently very early in the morning of the same day, before I had gone out to the food-store), which had continued (as they have, similarly, on various occasions over the last few decades) for a few hours -- all the while, I was assuming (as I always have during suc occasions) that the sentiments (which implied metaphysical propositions) were being instilled by various unidentified divine entities. The sentiments seemed to imply metaphysics which hath tended, over the decades, to become increasingly abstruse, so much so that it could not be reduced to any concise statement, but rather is intricate in the extreme, suggesting continuously communications with great numbers of deities who are largely unaware of each others' functions or perhaps even of each others' existence, and whose functions in the structure of the universe (apparently in different planes-of-existence, different subplanes, etc.) are so varied as not to be describable in any fully distinct terms -- and this sort of situation is rather a counterpart to assertions by some philosophers (including by G.L.R whenever he may speak to me about metaphysics) that the universe is not [fully] compraehensible.}

May 6th-7th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I was experiencing a series of events all involved in undergoing, along with groups of other persons, various processes involved with social-welfare projects organized by the government, and ending (just before I awoke) with various scenes of groups of persons participating in social outings out-of-doors, sharing participation in obtain items left for them (apparently by the government) out-of-doors, until, apparently satisfied with such receipts of goods, they were lying down out-of-doors in small groups consisting of couples, women, and men; the groups of persons being of various characteristic ages and variously characteristically attired. The portions of the dream involved with obtaining benefits by persons from beneficial projects organized by the goverment included both walking along with other persons to the sites of such projects, and at one such site in boarding a peculiar transportation-train wherein the passengers were all seated (in a train-section) in a metallic trough, which I wondred about the reason and purpose for, but did not seat myself in. From there I walked along with a social worker (a man whom I recognized as a social worker from the aedifice for the indigent aged in the goverment-funded program wherein I am currently residing in the waking-world), until he took up a position being a booth in a site where various clients were waiting for attentions by him; which booth I took to be another government-funded project for the indigent, and to which project I took he to have transferred his employment by the government. I asked him the name of the project at the booth which he was now behind, and he answered by telling me a name which I did not recognize, consisting of a 2-letter abbreviation (TS?) followed by another one-word name (which I did not know). It was from there that I walked to the out-of-doors site where various persons were picking up goods apparently left for them there by the government; and from there walked to the site, also out-of-doors, partly consisting of a large area on each side at a mildly-angled incline, and partly consisting of a large horizontally level area -- of which I chose to walk in the horizontal area, noticing the wide variety of groups of persons whose were lying on the ground, reposing for such a social outing (apparently arranged for their convenience, perhaps by the government) where they could conveniently relax while conversing with their familiar spouse and/orfriends. {I had left playing from the internet, as usual, church-chants (Hellenic Orthodox in this case) conducted by clergy in ecclesiast garb. The social nature of church-chants was not the only factor resulting in so socialized a dream; I had also picked up during the day before (i.e., May 6) various decorative items from a give-away in the social-worker's office (advertised as posted in the aedifice's elevator), and was talking about the relevance of such items to past events in my life, while, along with a woman-resident here, I was choosing the items to pick up -- the items had been abandoned in a now-deserted apartment.}

May 12th-13th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : There was a discussion, wherein I participated, as to which type of music was praeferable.

May 13th (Fri during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : Having seen a diagram shewing an "escape route" to be proceded by in the case of emergency, I followed, by walking, that route : it was identical with the inclined cement ram leading from the cement floor to the rear of the apartment-aedifice wherein I now residing (in the waking world) to the upper level of the parking-garage for the aedifice, having however, additionally a detail (a V-shaped -crosssectional trough, as if for rainwater-runoff, aong its length). {A few days ago, there was a test of a water-hose (for emergency, against possible fire) spurting from the rooftop of this aedifice, down onto the upper level of the parking-garage.} Later in the same dream : I was in a room where one man was lying upon the floor, with the top of his head toward another man, who was observing to detect whether some unusual effect, supposedly possible to be caused by an inconspicuous entity theoretically praesent at the top of the reclining man's head, would occur. (It apparently did not.) {Perhaps this supposed effect could be related to the heat which, in some esoteric Bauddha procedure of yoga, could be sensed at the top of the head of a person performing it. I had been reading, in recent days, about Bauddha ritual procedures for monks.} [Incidentally, I had not remembred dreams during the few nights and days on and praeceding the 12th; this was apparently due to my playing (from the internet) instrumental music (instead of church-chants) during the daytime throughout those days; so (having decided on this about yesterday evening) I shifted beginning to-day (the 13th) back to the usual (before the 7th) playing (from the internet) of church-chants during the daytime. {It may be that the deities who arrange dreams, and organize the potentiality of memory concerning such dreams, had been annoyed by my playing of instrumental music, and had allowed no memories of dreams from that period so as to indicate their annoyance the impiety of saecular instrumental music.}]

May 13th-14th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : After I shewed to a colleague merely the address of a real-estate company involved with selling a certain parcel of land, he wrote down (as I noticed in his absence) the volume-# of (what I considered to be) a plat-book -- which, I intended to tell him, was irrelevant to the parcel itself. [Wondring whether, and how, I ought tell him this, I awoke.]

May 14th-15th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : From where I and my father were standing together out-of-doors in the open countryside, we could see my brother and mother walking together overland, in the direction away from us, some hundreds of feet away. Then my father decided to catch up with them for some reason which I understood. He hasted in running in pursuit of them, and rapidly was approaching them, when they noticed him approaching and hurried their paces in an effort to evade him, but he was nevertheless continuing to approach them, and I wondred which of them was intending to catch first. [Thereupon I awoke.]

Later dream, after ingesting first the praeliminaries HTP-5 and huperzine (having taken the other praeliminary, pantothenic acid, earlier), next galanthamine, thereupon the ginger which would assist in digesting thereafter the dream-enhancing leaf-herbs sinicuichi (for music in dreams) and damiana (for social content in dreams), and next those leaf-herbs, along also with them the root-herb ubulawu

-- then (after ingesting enough melatonin to induce sleep) falling to sleep : I was, along with other persons, somewhat confined to quarters in an aedifice, wherein when we were being allowed to depart those quarters I found in an open locker a set of folded writings which I assumed had been forgottenly abandoned by the writer; them I took with me when departing, and was shewing them to other persons; soon, however, I could find in my hand only one of the writings, but soon noticed the remaining ones int the hand of a woman, who, when inquired of about them, said that she had found them; so I took them from her, figuring that I must somehow have laid them down somewhere, and pleased that she had noticed them and picked them up from whereever I had laid them down. Soon I saw displayed along the walls various groups of vertical curved lines, which reminded me of the folded writings which I was holding, and which I surmised must have been copied from similar writing containing also those curved lines. Then the dream changed (which no more praesence, nor thoughts about, the writings) : as yet in an enclosed area, I was noticing mainly the ceiling, and saw that when I would focus my attention on it, black substance (apparently asphalt) would start oozing from crevices in the ceiling. I had been standing on the floor while noticing this, but then (on account of my coming upon, while walking along within the aedifice, a region with much-higher ceiling, and no more oozing asphalt) minded myself to start rising up into the air, so as to be close enough to the ceiling as to inspect it closely, for it seemed to contain various elaboration of mechanical devices embedded in it. Within a few seconds, I started rising up in the air, and soon approached the high ceiling. Thereupon I started manually dismantling the various mechanical devices which continually had still other mechanical devices behind them. This by-hand disassembly (dropping, and permitting to fall, each device as soon as plucked from the ceiling, continued for quite some time, all the while as I was traveling from room to room, all such rooms having such intricacies of mechanical devices embedded in their ceilings -- thinking in each room that there might be an easy way for opening to the external sky, but never witnessing any such. [Thereupon I awoke. I had left playing from the internet -- because I had learned from experience (over some months' testing-out of a variety of chantings and of other musics) that it had seemed to produce the most elaborate lengthy remembered dreams -- the Russian-Orthodox chanting "YouTube nMix" beginning with "Valaam Men's Choir", and all consisting of rather low-pitched men's (koinobitic monks') choir voice-chantings (without instrumental accompaniment).] {Inasmuch as I have been reading in recent days and weeks on the religion of Burma (and of Laos), it may be that the dream about plucking devices from the ceilings was prompted by that kind of reading; for, when we visited Syama (Siam) in the early 1950s, my father found out, and afterward mentioned, that in that country there was a tall swing for enabling (when swinging on it) possible ritual plucking of objects (suspended on poles) from high-up.}

May 15th-16th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I noticed that of two nestfuls of baby birds, which after remembring that the parent-birds for both nests had abandoned them, next I remembred that I must have forgotten to provide them with water and with food recently : the one nestful (to my left; containing a single baby eagle) was apparently definitely dead (which I detected from noticing that the eyen were white {something I do not remembre definitely ever having dreamt of before, though I encountred it once while awake -- decades ago in B., GA, in a kitten, which I had been giving water and food to regularly, though it was a runt}), and so I tested the other nestful (to my right; containing a pair of other-species baby birds) by tapping both chicks on their heads -- of the pair, the chick to my right thereupon blinked an eye (thus indicating itself to be alive); so I was about to furnish it a cup of water before providing food. [Then I awoke.] {I had mentioned earlier (in connection with shewing house-plants which I had left in the SocOfFr meeting-house) in the praeceding day (15th), that I had forgotten once recently to water one of my house-plants (the one in a hanging-basket) once for a day, resulting in loss of leaves for some branches (the branches hanging down the furthest).} {As for the tapping on heads : I have read (in more than one place, among the several books about them which I have currently been reading) of this being done by the weikza in Burma in order therewith to conferr blessings.} {Either just before falling asleep or just after awaking, I spontaneously started thinking about the dream the night before, and realized that there was a relationship between plucking objects from a ceiling, and the birds' clinging to the sky-vault (in California Indian myth, during a deluge, while the earth below was completely covered with water), for the birds would likely be grasping constellation-figures embedded in the sky-vault : this would be related to the dove's plucking, and bringing back to the Ark of Nowah., an olive-branch, at the same time as viewing (for the 1st time) a rainbow -- and the praeternatural rainbow is the characteristic of corpse which are sublimating, according to rN~in experience (and in a case investigated personally by Chogyang Trungpa, as described by him in his book about his leading the emigration out of Tibet). When I saw the reputed-vidyadhara Chogyang Trungpa (just once) in Chicago, the woman who was with me ran out of the room away from him, and my quaestioning her about this behaviour discovered that she had witnessed something very strange (perhaps praeternatural) about his praesence. Alike to one (M.L.W.N., as mentioned on p. 65 of Champions of Buddhism, Singapore, 2014 -- which passage I had just read about a day earlier) of the women involved with the weikza, this woman (Sh.K.D.) in Chicago used quite regularly to hear praeternatural voices.} {The nests in the dream could derive from the Chinese mythic dynasty of so-called "Nest-Builders", the Zarathustrian hero who grew up in a bird's nest atop a tree, and the North-American-Indian "Bird-Nester" myth of a hero's climbing into the sky via an eagle's nest -- that this hero used to (according to the North-American-Indian myth) kill eagle-chicks could account for the dead eagle-chick in the dream.}

Later dream, same night : I was within a house containing both men and women; and I was remarking, in the presence of both men and women, about my interest in sexual behaviour. I was standing, and a woman (who was standing beside me) commented about what I had just said, by saying something about how "he" (meaning me) is talking too much about things that ought not to be said. It impressed me that a woman would openly make that sort of comment, which sort of comment I had not expected. Thereupon I switched my attention to the staircase at the foot of which I was standing, and promptly saw some steps up it a diagrammatic vision of a machine, with the parts of it labeled with the names for those parts -- this vision I took to be an indication that I ought to be thinking about, and discussing, instead of sexual behaviour, machines and their usefulness to humans. In order to put the thought of the importance of machines (as labor-saving devices) in my mind, I started repeating (several times each, of both silently and aloud repetitions) to myself, the short sentence "Machines are important". [Thereupon (apparently due to the repetitiousness of this recitation), I awoke.] {This prominence of machines is surely a continuation of the basic theme of machines, as experienced in the impressive dream during the night praevious (May 14th-15th), which lasted longer on account of its being less repetitious. (It could be mentioned that my father used to often mention the importance of machines (both specific ones and in general), as usefully labor-saving devices; this, indeed, was more of a theme of what he used to say to me (and to others), than perhaps anything else in the way of topics of conversation -- another favorite topic of his was the importance of practicality --, which I used to hear during the years before I departed from company with my parents, so as to attend college at their behest, in 1963.)

May 16th-17h (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I was viewing, with my computer on the internet, photographs of scantily-clad women. {Before going to sleep, I had been viewing, for sale on the internet at aliexpress.com, Japanese cloth wall-hangings of reproductions of paintings of scantily-clad women. (If I have viewed on the internet similar pictures in a dream, it must have been rarely, as I do not offhand remembre such; and this is despite my looking as a wide variety of posters for sale on the internet rather frequently while awake, and having bought and have on display many, covering the walls of my apartment, including posters of seminude and nude women covering my bathroom-walls.)}

Later dream, same night : I was watching 2 men playing together a competitive card-game, and I saw that the objective was to complete setting down, by suites of cards, the cards in one's own layout of cards, after laying them competitively (i.e., the 2 players taking alternating turns) from how the cards were already set out (for each player, on the ground, in sequential sets much as in the game of solitaire) -- for a single move a player could sequentially transfer as many sequential cards from non-suite sets to suite-sets as possible). [Then I awoke.] {I do not offhand remembre any praevious dream of a card-game.}

May 19th-20th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I had been noticing my mother in the same room as I was in, when something grasped by thorax from behind. I assumed that whatever was grasping my body must be she, and therefore said aloud that I thought that it must be my mother, rather than a ghost, which was doing the grasping. Then, so as to be assured that it was a solid-bodied being (if a ghost, a solid one) which was grasping my thorax from behind, I began forcing backwards and stepping backwards until we encountred the wall behind us : at this point, I determined (by the fact that I was not directly touching a flat wall with my back) that it was a solid-bodied being which was grasping my body. [Thereupon, I awoke.]

May 22nd-23rd (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I was typing-up (on my computer, for a document-file) a title-heading, but was unsure of how to word it. [Thereupon I awoke.] {I had fallen asleep just when I was about to separate an excessively long document-file into two separate document-files; whenever this sort of separation is made, the two resulting documents must have different title-headings in the file-index, and in this case I had been unsure of where to separate the files, the location of the separation determining the title of the 2nd document-file.}

May 24th (Tue during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I noticed a number of sprung paper-clips lying on the floor, and figured that they must have become bent out of shape by having been trampled on by someone. I was wondering whether to pick them up and straighten them out one by one, when my brother walked through the room from behind me to the bathtub (which was in a recess to the room, on my right). [Then I awoke.] {I have not had much use for paper-clips on paper in recent years, ever since I started to use the computer for typing over 15 years ago; but I as yet to use them sometimes to fasten-together an opened flexible-plastic (vinyl) container of unfinished food. I do wonder sometimes whether I ought to shift to using only spring-clips to fasten-together such opened (and unfinished) vinyl food-containers.} {As for the bath in the dream, I had been reading (and copying, to relate to legend of Upa-gupta's mother being a nagi/nagini in The Legend and Cult of Upa-gupta, p. 181 etc.) about how Melusine would (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melusine) "make use of her enchanted bath."}

May 24th-25th (Tue-Wedn, well-before midnight) 2016 :- Dream : I opened (by unscrewing the lid) a bottle of nutritional-supplement capsules : but, curiously, I saw that they were all partially dissolved into each other. [Then I awoke] {I had the evening prior (i.e., evening of May 24th) copied, to put onto the internet, the phrase "mixing and dissolving the mother and son lights (od gsal ma bu bsrewa)", from "Dream Yoga - Part I ... how are dreams interpreted in the Tibetan medical field and regarded in the culture and regarded in the culture as well?" (http://www.tibetanmedicine-edu.org/index.php/n-articles/dream-yoga).}

{Later dream, same night :- I was seated in a room at the rear of an audience-hall, able to be viewed by the speaker addressing the audience, through a window in the wall between the room and the hall. However, I wished not to be seen in order not to be summoned to the podium by him -- lest I then be required to perform some unpalatable task --, so I stepped out of sight (to my right, while I was facing away from the hall). [Then I awoke.]

May 25th-26th (Wedn-Thur) 2016 :- Dream : I noticed that my brother (S.A.R.), who had just departed after having visited with me, had left with me (apparently accidentally) in my aparartment, not only several dollars in bills and coins (with I found first), but also (which I found next) two parcels of chocolate-candy (each of five pounds : one parcel consisting of 5 one-pound pieces, and the other parcel consisting of 10 half-pound pieces). I was wondring wherether, if I were to attempt to call him (so as to tell him, while he was in the process of travelling back to his residence in another state, that he had accidentally left those items with me) immediately on his cell-telephone , it would be turned on so that he could receive the message before he would return to his distant residence; and whether if he were not to receive the message before arriving at his residence, he would wish for me to send the chocolate to him by parcel-post or not. [Then, while wondring about these quaestions, I awoke.]

May 26th-27th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I twice sensibly achieved, in rapid succession, a characteristic of inerrancy such that continued progress in miraculous attainment would be elf-guaranteed. [Contemplating these as certitudes, I thereupon awoke.] {The two continued progressed would seemingly be : (1) toward becoming an arhant, and (2) toward becoming a buddha -- when this sense of certitude is achieved on the sequence toward becoming a buddha, this is known as being a bodhi-sattva of the bhumi 'Whence-There-is-No-Falling-Back'. [I remembred having already experienced (some years ago) a dream which I understood as the latter; so, perhaps last night's dream may be a higher bhumi along the same progression.] Over the last few weeks, I have been reading about these progressions.}

May 27th (Fri during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I was viewing (reading) several printed acounts labeled (titled) as various theoretic effects on the future of certain schemes.

May 28th (Satur during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : While I was viewing an instruction about the destruciveness a certain varieties of military weapons, I saw a cinematic recording depicting an event wherein a seaplane which was landed at sea had placed on the sea a bomb; and when those on board the seaplane realized that it was about to be detonated, the seaplane started upward into the air, but was overtaken by the explosion, and caused to fall from the air, falling upside-down. {I had told my sister, in a telephone conversation on Monday (when she was remarking about conversation that I had made to her in Sunday, which had become 3-way by my including M.G. in it when he called unexpectedly during it) that (after she said that she liked hearing wild birds' singing, and I so much disliked it (which I had heard often in the coountryside residence shared with the woman in B., GA) that I could understand why some persons would shoot-down songbirds.}

May 29th (Sun during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I was seeking music on the Internet. (However, I did not find any music to play so as to hear it in the dream.) {I did not hear any music in the dream, despite the fact that I was playing music in the waking world from my computer from the playlist which I had left playing before I had gone to sleep -- the playlist was of Armenian chants (sung mostly by women); somehow, I hear singing in my dreams only when I leave playing the chanting (usually Eastern Orthodox) by mostly men (instead of by women) -- praesumably, on account of my being a man. [Quite likely, however, a woman would have to leave singing by women (instead of by men) playing in the waking-world in order to hear it in her dreams.]} {Incidentally when, having written the foregoing, I first (after having waked) checked to see the time on my computer-clock, it was 19:43 -- my birth-year.}

May 30th (Mon during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : C.F. took boxes of dry cereal out of the cloth bags which I keep them in; and I suspected that she was intending to discard them; so I was explaining to her that I eat the cereal at a rate of several boxes per week. {Then I awoke.] {This is something which has happened with her in the waking world.}