Dream-diary, April 2016

Apr 3rd-4th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : A man was seated to my left, with his legs extended on a rather low platform between a wall (to his right) and a bolster (to his left), and facing another wall, but with no support support behind his back; while some other person was discussing that which the wall-facing man had been accomplishing and was intending to accomplish. Suddenly, however, upper part of the wall-facing man's body toppled backward, and there was a loud explosive noise as if his head had violently struck the hard floor -- so loud, indeed, that I immediately thought that his head must have cracked open from the impact, and that his brains must therefore be splattered upon the floor. But as I continued to look at the situation of his body, I could see that not only was his head unbroken, but though his head was now leaning back unsupported by the platform, yet (because most of his back was as yet upon the platform) his head was about a foot higher than the ground, so that it could not have impacted the ground at all; so that the noise was unexplained. [Puzzling about what could have produced the noise, I awoke. I had fallen asleep in my chair at my computer-desk.] {The dream had apparently combined the figurative expression "breaking open the head" for the extreme effect of psychedelic drugs, with the sound (which I experienced at a Zen meditation-centre while living in Ch., IL) produced by a gong struck at the conclusion of a Ch>an/Zen seated meditation-session. Such gongs are metallic; and immediatelybefore falling asleep at my desk, I had been reading (in The Legend and Cult of Upagupta, pp. 242-3) of metallic pavilions : a pavilion may repraesent the sky/welkin, and to "make the welkin ring (i.e., resound)" is a common English literary expression. (The striking of a gong may suggest sudden "enlightenment" [bodhi].) (Falling backwards may be an effect of suddenly becoming possessed by a spirit; it may occurr at a "laying on of hands" in a Pentacostal caerimony.)}

Later dream, same night : I was holding two kinds of open medicine, one being a white liquid, while I was walking; and, due to my motion, spilled some of the white liquid on the floor. [Wondring whether to attempt to retrieve the white liquid from the floor, I then awoke.]

Still later dream, same night : I was seated at a table with another man. Then I stood up and briefly had my back turned toward him; when I looked at him next, I saw that he was putting two coins from the table into a covered bowl. I thought that he might be stealing the coins; and so I looked inside the bowl, but, oddly, there were no coins therein. I was about to say (though he had somehow vanished from the room) that I thought that he might have been stealing two gold coins from me; but then I realized that I did not remember leaving any coins on the table, nor at all owning any gold coins. [Wondring just what had happened, I then awoke.]

Apr 4th (Mon, during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I was praesent at the final disposal of possessions formerly owned by our mother [who was thus implied to have died {though she is a yet alive in the actual waking world -- I was not, evidently, aware that that was a dream}] : when seeking to find what had happened to the remaining food-items [impliedly available at our mother's just-concluded funeral], opening a satched which I saw in the garbage-disposal-bin, I saw that it contained what I considered the final possession of our mother, including several items (composed of ivory, etc.) valued at perhaps hundreds of dollars each. I figured that it had been purposely placed therein by one of my brethren, and retrieved it, placing in the vehicle to be driven from that town to our respective towns of abode (intending to take it to my residence). But when I briefly went apart from the vehicle and returned to it, I saw that that satchel was again missing, and began to seek out where it must have been re-discarded by, I praesumed, one of my brethren. [Then, wondring whereat-else to seek, I awoke.] {I had been slightly shocked at G.R.'s disposal of his mother's final possessions (small antiques) after she (at that time in her 90s) died (i.e., instead of keeping them as mementos) -- though he had not discarded any into a garbage-disposal, but had instead donated them to a used-articles resale-store owned by a religious establishment.}

Apr 4th-5th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I was carrying the evidence (cinematic?) for an intended publication of video (subversive?), thus transporting it along the portion of a city-sidewalk alongside the roadway, in order to evade surveillance by automatic photo-equipment (governmental?) which was understood to be focused on the portion of the city-sidewalk alongside the urban aedifices. [Then I awoke.] {I have sometimes been concerned with my evasion of governmental automatic photo-equipment (which hath at times in recent years been told to me by grounds-personnel to have detected my performing ritualistic functions for reasons unknown to them -- actually secretly intended to signal to divinity-spirits concerned with politics in order to thwart intentions of the Republican Party) at locations within the state-capitol grounds, which I formerly (before moving my residence away from across the street from the state-capitol) used to visit daily (and since then weekly) for ritual caerimony associated with weekly public protests (the other protestors carrying signs and standing on the sidewalk in front of the state-capitol) which have been a regular feature (ever since the George-Bush regime) of the local Peace Resource Centre (as sponsored mainly by the SocOfFr and operating on behalf formerly of the United Citizens Party, and since then of the Green Party, for this state). The evening of the day (Apr 4th) praevious I had been reading on the internet an account of secret surveillance, with intended sociological consequences, of private persons over a period of decades, which was about to be published in book-form. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/04/11/gay-talese-the-voyeurs-motel?intcid=mod-most-popular This current NEW YORKER article I had found an internet-weblink to, on the website which I regularly check for news on nomination-results in current U.S.ofA. politics. http://realclearpolitics.com }

Apr 7th-8th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : We were together in a house, in which at least I had several portions of various kinds of food, which I wondred whether I would finish eating there, or whether by the time for our individual departing to our homes I would have any portions of food uneaten so as to carry home with me. I was noticing, and remarked, that there were, constituting the house, one room on the upper level (story), and 3 rooms on the lower (ground) level (storey). As the third-to-the-last person was departing, however, I remarked that only two persons remained to have to depart (and at that time I did not notice any remaining food-portions). [Then I awoke.]

Apr 9th (Satur, during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I was with persons whom I knew, who were watching a child; I somehow heard from the ceiling words which seemed pertinent. Then suddenly the child's body was collapsed in size to be a tiny baby, unmoving, which looked like a doll-baby.

Later portion of same dream : I was on stage at a theatrical play when it ended (with an actor covered over with a black cloth held aloft by the other actor; which I though symbolized having died at the end of the play); and I noticed that the audience had already departed. Wondring whether any of the players had returned to their dressing-room from a door on the other side of that room, I walked to it to see (and found that they had not; there was no one it it); when, suddenly, I heard the main door (to the theatre-room), which was already closed, click, as though it were being locked from the outside. Turning the door's handle, I found that the the door was indeed locked, and wondred what I should use wherewith to bang on that door, I order to make any persons on the other side of the door realize that I had been inadvertently locked into the theatre-room. [Thereupon I awoke.]

Later dream, same day : I was typing this account of my dreams. [I had fallen asleep sitting in my chair at my computer-desk.]

Apr 10th-11th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I was reading a bibliography including an article, in French, concerning "pluttal" {for /pluvial/?} dragons. [I awoke.] {I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk whicle taking notes, including bibliography (largely in French), concerning nagini-s (dragonesses), from the book The Legend and Cult of Upagupta, p. 338, n. 40.}

Apr 11th-12th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : A young man came to where I was standing out-of-doors nigh a wall. He seemed about to grip me, so I gripped his body by the wrists, instead. [Promptly, I awoke.]

Another Dream, same night : I was indoors, reclining on my back beside another man who was in the same posture. We each were keeping both-to-one leg raised at an angle, while h^uumii (throat-singing) was being sounded in the room. {I had been playing h^uumii playlists from the internet on YouTube, when I had fallen asleep seated at my computer-desk.}

Still another Dream, same night : I was looking at what I at first took to be a natural girl, nude, but very small (only about a foot long); but her body started shrinking, and soon was supplanted by the head of a woman, which head I took to repraesent the mother of the girl. This was successively supplanted by apparent sea-coral, and then by an extended group of land-plants -- at which, I declared aloud that this was a holographic image (because it appeared to be definitely 3-dimensional), and I took the sequence of images to suggest some sort of evolution of that type of entity. Then I was walking through a sort of open store-display of various merchandise, at first various used household-machines, and then small trinkets on display-cabinets.

Apr 13th-14th (Wedn-Thur) 2016 :- Dream : Persons were saying that, in conjunction with music-business, there was a plant similar to sweet-potato, but better. {The plant must have been the yam, the favorite tuber-plant grown for food in West Africa. The day before (i.e., Wedn), G.L.R. was telling me that the African-ancestried woman T. who often sang to his pianoforte accompaniment at public music-performances was planning a start a restaurant in my neighborhood.} {The yam in known as /nyame/ , perhaps because at the requaest of The Akan god Nyame, Anansi's wife Aso attracted the fae:ry Mmoatia by means of the yam. http://myths.e2bn.org/mythsandlegends/textonly11717-anansi-brings-stories-to-the-world.html }

Apr 17th-18th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I heard that the 2nd of 3 written statements was significant; but when I read them I could not compraehend the meaning of any of the 3, on account of their crucial words' being in some foreign language. [After awaking the wondring about them, however, I drifted back into semi-sleep, wherein I was somehow provided again not only with those written statements, but also with understanding of the meanings of their unknown words, which were to be taken symbolically.]

Apr 18th-19th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : When I returned from another room into the living-room (of the apartment wherein I was residing), I noticed that water was overflowing from two different sources (each from a long steel nozzle-pipe) in the room; so that the carpet was already saturated with water. I was about to go downstairs to the office of the apartment-aedifice in order to tell the aedifice's office-personnel about this; but first I sought to turn off the two sources of overflow. For at least one source, however, the knob for the water-overflow not, upon my attempting to do so, be adjusted so as to turn off the overflow (though it was diminished somewhat). [Then I awoke.]

Another dream, same night : A naked woman was standing beside me. While we were both standing, I started feeling with my hands on her buttocks and her tits, and began kissing her lips. Then I knelt and started kissing her vulva.

Apr 21st (Thur during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I was looking at, and making remarks contrasting, differences among blossoms of several species of blossoming potted houseplants. {I had recently been looking, on the internet, at various species of flowering potted plants, seeking to decide which, if any, I ought to purchase.}

Apr 23rd (Satur during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I was viewing, on the internet, a tabular display of symbolic allocations, such as of foodstuffs, to the several planets, in a religion of Indo-china. {I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk immediately after my transcribing of mention of "power ... in ... the nine planets" (The Immortals ... in Buddhist Burma, p. 96).}

Apr 25th-26th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I was, with a man well-known to me, standing beside two bins each full of a different sort of dry cereal, with two different sorts of live caterpillar placed on the floor between the two bins : one bin of cereal and one caterpillar was for each of us, to be used in a rite which we were to perform. He was about to go to another man who was more expert in the rite, to ask what we were to do with the caterpillars in the rite. I was thinking that I ought to go along with him to help make the inquiry; I looked firstly as the cereal in the bins, in order to be able to remembre which was whose (noticing that mine was multiple-colored, whereas his was single-colored), and thought to myself that, although each of our caterpillars was now closest to our own bin, because the caterpillars could crawl around, we would have remembre whose was which caterpillar. When I asked him whether I ought to go along with him, he did not answer; so, I said to him that if he did not say that I was not to accompany him, I would take it that I was to go along with him. [Therepon I awoke.] {Because in this dream, I was wondring whether the caterpillars would have to be killed in the prospective rite (and if so, have to be eaten by us -- cf. how ghosts "quell their hunger with butterflies, moths and lizards", Martina Bucková : "... Eschatological Themes in Polynesian Mythology ...", p. 118 https://www.sav.sk/journals/uploads/091911126_Buckov%C3%A1.pdf), it may be related to an Andamese myth about "killing a caterpillar." (A. R. Radcliffe Brown : The Andaman Islanders, p. 215. http://www.sacred-texts.com/asia/tai/tai04.htm) In that myth (wherein two women crush-to-death a caterpillar without inquiring from divine authority whether or not it ought to be ritually slaughtered), night is therefore created -- thus dividing night from day (cf. "divided the light from the darkness. And ... called the light "day" and the darkness ... "night"." B-Re>s^iyt 1:4-5) -- by god PuLuGa : cf. PeLeG 'Division', "for in his days the Earth was divided" (B-Re>s^iyt 10:25 http://biblehub.com/genesis/10-25.htm). In Navaho myth, all the women were separated (divided apart) from all the men on account of their ascribing the slaughter of game-beasts for prey, instead of to their hunter-husbands, to their own vaginae -- and in Maori myth, the first death in the world is accomplished by goddess Hine-Nui-te-Po ('Woman-Great-the-Night' -- i.e., divine origin of the nights) : "she crushed him with the obsidian teeth in her vagina" http://deity-of-the-week.blogspot.com/2011/11/hine-nui-te-po.html -- citing Antony Alpers : Māori Myths & Tribal Legends, p. 70), namely the god Maui in his "green caterpillar" (http://www.scn.org/anon/dossiers/fm/vol1_5.htm) guise -- a guise "possessing phosphorescent qualities" (Elsdon Best : The Maori, vol. 1, p. 148.

http://nzetc.victoria.ac.nz/tm/scholarly/tei-Bes01Maor-t1-body-d5.html#n148). [Therefore, if a girl hath "a crush on" a luminously attractive boy, this would signify that she is intent on crushing him to death by means of her vaginal teeth, viz., arranging so that he can be "cast into Outer Darkness : there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth" (Euangelion kata Matthaios 8:12 http://biblehub.com/matthew/8-12.htm).] The furry (according to The Lore of the Whare Wananga) lizard will accompany the phosphorescent caterpillar, the twain standing guard on each side of the path which the soul of a defunct must travel post-mortem : (Martha Beckwith : Hawaiian Mythology, p. 157 http://www.sacred-texts.com/pac/hm/hm12.htm -- citing Kamakau) "A huge caterpillar guards the eastern boundary of this roadway, a mo‘o the western"; so that the soul "will again need" the >aumakua (clan-guardian-spirit in animal-guise).}

Apr 29th-30th (Thur-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I was among a group of persons, mostly college-students, who, I learned were about, later that day, to enact a periodical (held once every so many days, or whenever) change of their apparel into anything more modish so as to hold a festival intended to indicate that, just as their change of apparel to be worn (for the festival) was to indicate their uncoventional outlook, they would (during that festival) be, or feel free to, commence a new sexual/erotic relationship with anyone else of opposite gendre as might seem attractive, as of then, simply on account of unconventionality of clothing being worn for that (festival) occasion. I chose for myself a matching-patterned set of shirt-plus(+)-trousers -- which I understood that I somehow found among my own clothing-possessions (which surprised me somewhat, for I did not remembre having seen that set of clothing before among my clothing-possessions). The set-of-clothing consisted of a brown shirt having a green vegetation-motif printed on it, and a brown-to-yellowish (brown in it upper portion, shading to yellow in its lower portion) pair of trousers, likewise having a green vegetation-motif printed on it. I was wearing the shirt and carrying in my arm the trousers, intending to don the latter whenever I would see that the other persons were in the process of donning their own change-of-clothing for the festival. I walked among the persons participating in the festival, so as to see whether and when they would have, or be in the process of, donning (as they had agreed to) a modish change of clothing. Meanwhile, I decided to walk into a room of the adjoining aedifice which I figured would be employed for the festival, choosing to go into a room which seem to me to repraesent (on a visualized map of Africa -- on account of the festival's supposedly being African-themed) the aestuary of the most prominent river on the western shore of that continent -- which river, I was thinking, must be either the Niger or the Congo. So, I went into that room briefly, and likewise went briefly into other rooms all accessed via the same hallway. While I was walking among the persons who were gathered for the festival, I looked to see whether any of them were of approximately my own age (which I, in that dream realized to be grey-haired -- although I seldom or never in other dreams realize my age to be grey-haired, being by now in my early 70s -- and saw at least one man some portion of whose hair was white, which sight relieved my conscience, for I regarded it as inappropriate for me to be among, for a festival-celebration, persons whose ages were all considerably different from my own. Then, suddenly, I noticed that I no longer had with me the set of clothing which I had chosen for the festival (but instead was wearing a conventional unpatterned, non-brown, set of clothing) : I did see on the floor beside me, however, an unpatterned-brown set of clothing, which I realized would be adequately suitable for an African-style festival -- but I thought to myself that I ought not to do-on that set on account that it was definitely not the same set as I had just before had with me, and that it might belong to some other man who might be expecting to don it for the festival. I started walking around, hoping to find lying on the floor, the very same patterned set of clothing as I had just had with me. [Not finding it, and thus being in a quandary about that to do next, I promptly awoke. It was two hours after midnight; so I ingested both the dream-ehancing drugs which I usually ingest whenever I awake in the middle of a night; and thereupon also ingested the nutritional supplements which I customarily ingest during the daytime on whatever days I think of taking them (I alternate the days, between the set of enteric ones to be taken with alkali, i.e., with baking-soda or the like, alternating with the ones to be taken "with food", for which "food" I usually substitute, when I ingest them first before the other foodstuffs, early each such morning, powdered dried ginger instead).] {I had gone to sleep that night, wearing the usual nightshirt, but leaving the nighttrousers on the floor beside me, because it was rather warm and I wished not to sweat while asleep (and though I could have cooled the apartment simply by raising the sliding-window, I either forgot to do or felt to tired to do anything more).} {The odd change of clothing (from brown patterned with green vegetation, to plain brown) may be derived from my having read recently, likely in the book Sexual Adventures with Extraterrestrials (which I have in recent days been carrying with me in my hand, along with the book African Erotica, the latter book having a brown cover -- both books in the hope that carrying them would bring some luck to me so as to find here locally some woman willing to commence a new sexual/erotic relationship with me, though I certainly am aware that she ought to agree with me, already prior to my commencing any sexual-erotic activities with her, in concerns-of-politics : an agreement on radical politics would normally be expected to be accompanied with praeference likewise for unconventional music-and-art, so that the music-and-art agreement I could expect to find simply by finding agreement as to radical politics), about a strange difference of clothing's being uncouth (difference from the set of clothing worn when abducted, by flying-saucer entities, into being aboard a flying saucer temporarily) as found on abductees bodies immediately after cessation of the abduction-experience. Specifically, however, the change in coloration of the clothing may have been intended to symbolize that typical Africans would be likely more concerned with the brown color of their own skin, to the exclusion of vegetation-greenery -- simply because few of them are involved in propitiation of vegetation-spirits, although, (at least for the more traditionally-minded of Europeans, e.g., Irish fae:ry-worshippers) green-wearing nonmaterial-bodied (subtle-bodied) entities (as seen both in Fae:rylands and aboard flying saucers) may be well-known amongst any such cult-devotees.}