Dream-diary, March 2016

Febr 29th-Mar 1 (Mon-Tue, well-after midnight -- just after 3 AM) 2016 :- Dream : I began praedicting success, in November, for a large-scale radical political movement which was generally expected, by conventional praediction, to fail. {This would evidently referr to the political campaign of Bernie Sanders (whose name was not remembred in the dream), and to the election scheduled for November 2016 (which year was not remembred in the dream). One of the features of his campaign is that he hath been describing each primary vote as a success, inasmuch as such votes entail a greater count in favour [in Cambridge, England, his brother's bringing political repraesentation for the Green Party] of Socialism than had been acknowledged in the pro-capitalist political literature.}

Mar 1st (Tue, during daytime) 2016 :- Half-asleep : I saw, briefly, a red Volkswagon. {Perhaps alluding to a ladybug; I occasionally (including within the last few days) find one of these indoors in my apartment, even in the midst of winter, and then put it out-of-doors in the garden.}

Mar 2nd-3rd (Wedn-Thur) 2016 :- Dream : I was reading a printed account ascribing to certain deities a numerically indicated (printed as a black dot [which I took to imply the deity's ability to conceal a mortal prote'ge' from detection by political adversaries], followed by a number in 100s [perhaps a measure of the depth of concealment], followed by another nunber [which I took to be a multiplicand; it could refer to # of prote'ge's concealable] in units) quality.

Another dream, apparently earlier, in same night : In sort of suburban environs, a man was following behind me at night; I was unsure of his intention in following behind me, so when I saw posted on an aedifice a notice indicating that an exercise-practice was underway, I walked into that aedifice, expecting that he would either indicate a good intention, or else would either decline to entre, or else entre so as become involved in the exercise-practice. As a remained in a sort of ante-chambre to the exercise-auditorium (where, through a sort of transparent door, I was gratified that I could indeed see, although it was nighttime outside, a multitude of mostly women engaged in some sort of standing-up physical practice) he did observe them (the women), but instead of his entring that auditorium he stood in the same ante-chambre with me; but I, instead of entring the auditorium either, saw to my left, as I was facing the same auditorium, some sort of private toilet-chambre, which I figured could be locked from within; so I went into that in order to forestall in that way any possibly ill-intentions of his. When shortly later I went from there into, again, the ante-chambre to see whether he had departed thence or not, he was as yet there, but he went went promptly into the toilet-chambre which I had just vacated. Later on, as some of the women were leaving out from the auditorium to exit the aedifice through the ante-chambre, I opened the toilet-chambre to see that he was doing when remaining in it; but instead of him, encountred therein a kind of atmosphaire consisting of droplets of liquid suspended in the air. [Thereupon, wondring whether these suspended droplets might be harmful, and wondring whether I ought to find some responsible person (and whether I ought to inform a man instead of a woman) among those departing gradually from the aedifice, that dream must have ended.] {M.G. had told me (during a telephone-call) within recent days, of in addition to his attending public physical exercise-sessions regularly, his also having joined an obesity-reduction group having regular meetings of membres (with his expectation of achievement elimination of obesity more surely thus than by ingesting quantities of mineral-compound nutritional-supplements which I had recommended to him). The droplets suspended in the atmosphaire in the dream might indicate something like undesired fat within the body of an obese person; though an interpretation the dream itself would indicate that the ill-willed man's body had dissolved into the suspended droplets -- a sort of dissolution that may happen to bad characters in some folktales.}

Mar 3rd-4th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream (5:30 AM, having fallen to sleep after having been typing earlier that morning) : I told someone that I after I had dreamt of M.J. [of the SocOfFr meeting] the night praevious [actually evidently earlier in the same dream], he (M.J.) had come a few minutes ago to where I was as yet sitting in the hallway; when he had come, I had wished to use to place there some supplies which me had pushed in a wagon down the hallway, so I moved out of the the space alongside the wall some (a few dozen) nation-maps (including of Iran? -- each about one foot by two feet in area) of mine which I had been keeping stacked in a long shallow pile there. [Upon having said this, I awoke. I was seated at my computer-desk.] {My brother S.A.R. has asked me recently about M.J., whether ingesting lecithin had improved his health; but it so happened that yesterday his wife P.P. told me that she had taken him early that morning or so to the hospital, his having physical problems being due to his neglect to take nutritional supplements (so she told me).}

Mar 5th-6th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I was in a voting-station; and I was pleased to see displayed therein stacks of socialist litterature. When, however, I returned shortly afterwards to the same voting-station, I saw no longer any socialist litterature, but only one stack of pro-capitalist litterature; so I thought to myself that whatever persons were in charge had unfairly removed the socialist litterature in order to discourage voters from voting socialist. [While thinking this, I awoke.] {Whenever (in the waking-world) I look at any voting-opinion polls, I usually notice that the opinion-polls tend to indicate a smaller percentage of potential voters in favor socialism than turneth out to be the case in each ensuing actual vote-count; and I feel sure that such poll-undercounts are deliberate, done with the intent of discouraging potential voters from voting socialist (e.g., for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic-Party state-primary elections).}

Mar 6th-7th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : While other persons were in my praesence watching me, I was attempting to turn off a lavatory-style faucet which was running with water; but although there was a midpoint at which the water-flow was minimized, my repeated turning of the faucet-handle both clockwise and counterclockwise from that midpoint resulted only in increaing the water-flow from the faucet. I thought to myself that with other faucets, and perhaps even the same faucet, I have always been able to close off the water-flow, so that somehow their watching my attempt must be somehow causing my repeated failure on this occasion. {A day of two praevious to this, my sistre had told me (over the telephone) of her dreams being frequently, or even usually, occasions of persistent failure to accomplish some activity being intended; and I thereupon told her (in the same telephone-conversation) that I have heard of the same sort of dream from other persons who were telling me of theirs [I was thinking of dreams told to me by Prof.Em. H.G.]; and (at that point told her) that my opinion was that this sort of dream was caused by their being overworked in waking-life. Perhaps this dream of mine was intended to remind me that other persons's failures (whether in dreams or in their waking-life) is likely to be caused by their being closely watched, or otherwise perturbed, by persons who are themselves regular and persistent failures in anything and in everything which an intelligent person would consider important (failures to understand history, politics, religion, philosophy, etc. etc.; failure to vote intelligently, etc.) -- and that alike unto failures in dreams, such persons-of-persistent-failures (i.e., failures in waking-life) are failures largely because they are so overworked that they have neither-energy-nor-time to think out reasons-or-causes of events of importance in the world-as-a-whole.}

Mar 7th-8th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I was viewing a printed text listing by their names various deities prsesiding over medicinal drugs, and illustrated with pictures of them.

Mar 10th-11th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I was thinking to myself that, owing to a universal change in the nature of physics, all motions, including that involving my own mental impressions, must have undergone a shift from direct rectilinear motion to a flickering sort of motion; and was endeavouring to think out the difference in terminology which would be appropriately employed in order to denote this difference. {While awake, I happened to hve read recently of a sort of change in attitude which happened socially with the invention of cinematic motion-photography camera, which began the representation of smooth motion by a flickering sequence of still photographs in rapid sequential filmi

Mar 12th-13th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I was in a room wherein a seated woman was telling to other women there that she had been pleasing certain men sexually. I wondred whether I ought to ask her, even in the praesence of those other women, whether she was willing to do the same for me. Later in the same dream, I was in a dining-hall wherein I noticed that several persons had left on their plate their portion of cooked slices of potato with flecks of cooked meat on them. So, I was grabbing these portions with my hands, putting them on my plate, and eating them with my hands, before a woman who worked their and said that she was about to discard any such uneaten portions, could discard them. Still later in the same dream, I was reading about two kinds of aromatic herb, and was planning to eat them whenever I could find them.

Mar 13th-14th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I was reclining prone on a bed in a room which was dim within, and looking toward the single door of that room; there was an empty egg-carton to my left on the bed, as I was looking in the direction of that egg-carton, beyond it, to the door. Soon I thought that, owing to the dimness, I might become fearful of the dark; then thought that it was unlikely that I would become fearful; but then, next, thought again that it was likely enough that I would become fearful, and therefore I decided to turn on the electric light in the room via the wall light-switch. I was, however, somehow unable to turn it on (though I do not specificly remembre reaching, nor touching, nor manipulating any light-switch); so I thought to myself that the electricity for the building, or at least for the room (I was unsure about which of these alternative might be more likely), must have failed. Next I noticed that the neighbors were awake and walking around in their house, so I thought that the time must be approaching dawn {the actual waking-world local time when I awoke being, however, midnight or a few minutes after midnight}. So I went out of the room, found myself outside the house, but because the neighbors were as yet in their house, I went back into my room. Nextly, although the room and its environs were all as yet quite dim, for some reason one of those neighbors for some reason opened the door to my room. So that whoever it was, would not be startled if noticing my praesence, I called out that I was in the room; and then, because I noticed that the room now seemed different from how it had appeared when I had been in it earlier, I figured that I must be in the wrong room; that the neighbor had opened likely the door to one of the rooms belonging to that neighbor, and might imagine that I was an intruder; so I called out that I had come somehow into the wrong room. (My callings-out received, however, no response, nor did I see the neighbor in the room.) I was about to go again out of the room to try to discover how I could have come into the wrong room[, when I awoke]. {Immediately before lying on the rug to fall asleep, I had been at my computer reading on the internet about "egg-shaped" bin.d.u-s (dots) in diagrams used for modifications of Kaula doctrine-and-ritual -- in the HISTORY OF RELIGIONS (Nov 1998) article "Transformations in the art of love : Kamakala practices in hindu tantric and kaula traditions". http://www.scribd.com/doc/218671964/Kama-Kala#scribd } {This would not count as a "false-awakening" dream, for I seem to have gone to the bed within that dream. Typically, whenever I have dreamt of awaking (whether in bed on on the rug) and not suceeded in turning on (in the dream) any electrical light (for which, however, I always before located a switch and tried flipping it up and down), I have, for some five decades immediately at that point realized that I was dreaming (which I did not realize on this occasion). While she was driving me home from the SocOfFr meeting (Sunday), P.E.P. was telling me about some dream of hers which she called "lucid"; not being quite sure that she meant that she recognized that she was asleep in the dream, I did mention to her that my parents had mentioned at times [meaning including before I left them to go to college in 1963] that they were sometimes aware of when they were dreaming. But she did not comment on my statement, and stopped talking about her dreams; and then we arrived at my building.}

Mar 14th-15th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : Someone mentioned having found someone else's bagged lunch which had been misplaced; I saw the finder had afterward left it a groove in the streetway (where there were no automobiles, though in a town); but it seemed out of place there to me, so I picked it up out of there, and set it against a building, saying that it could better be left inside a building (meaning so that someone else could eat it then). [Then I awoke.]

Mar 15th-16th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : I was looking at a depiction of relative sizes of the electorate who had voted for the two political parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party : these sizes were indicated in the two depiction-illustrations (photographs) by the numbers of electric lights displayed (each display consisting of two parallel rows of lights, with someone -- perhaps the candidate voted for -- being located between the two rows). The photographs appeared to have been taken in a place otherwise dark, with the electric lights turned on and glowing. [Then I awoke.] {I had, the evening before going to sleep, been viewing the results of the Democratic primary election in Illinois. Perhaps the abbreviation IL (for /ILlinois/) had induced a realization that the same abbreviation could also be employed for /ILlumination/ and for /ILlustration/.}

Mar 18th (Fri, during afternoon daytime) 2016 :- Dream : While in the process of my walking home amid an area with residential houses, my jacket kept on coming off {I had taken off my coat in the foodstore in that Fri morning, in order to wrap in it my carrying-bags for food.} and having to be picked up from the ground {While I was absent in the kitchen for an few seconds, the woman, in my computer-desk-chair then, who was visiting my apartment on St Patrick's day (the 17th), somehow spilled the contents of her purse on the floor, so that I had to put those centents back into that purse when I re-entred the living-room.} at times, and at other times to be located in a box {I had, along with other persons, received box of food on Wedn the 16th} within an enclosure where I remembred having left various other household-items. At length, someone whom I knew showed me a golden-colored {A similar golden-colored tray, which I had bought months earlier in the same foodstore, is one of the items which I bring each week to SocOfFr meetings to put snacks on, to offer to meeting-attenders in the dining-room.} plaque (which I thought I could remembre as one of those household-items), which had on its surface various curvey squiggles {I had pointed out to the woman visiting my apartment on St Patrick's day, writing in what might have appeared as squiggles to her, denoting titles of the ecclesiastic chants in Armenian, on the monitor of the computer on which they were playing from YouTube.} in raised relief. [Then I must have awoken.]

Mar 24th-25th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : While out-of-doors amid a group of persons whom I understood to be co-religionists of mine, even while the other persons remained standing on the ground, I rose slightly (above the ground by a foot [1'] to two feet [2'] in altitude; I myself deliberate increasing my body's altitude from 1' to 2' by flexing my legs from a vertical, i.e., as-it-were standing, to a horizontal, i.e., as-it-were sitting, posture in-the-air, so that my head remained at about the same altitude), just enough to be readily noticeable to the persons standing nigh, with at least one person continually looking directly at my body so as to indicate noticing my location as elevated in-the-air above ground-level. After a while of hovering thus, I realized that I could increase my body's elevation still-further above ground-level while my head would remain at approximately the same level, simply by my adopting a reclining (lying-down) variation in my posture in-the-air above ground-level : doing so, I then remained hovering in-the-air at the approximate level of the heads of the other persons standing about the area. I decided that I praeferred this posture because it would not elevate my head above the level of the heads of the other persons (my co-religionists) praesent (whereas my just-praevious postures had elevated my head about a foot above theirs), so that I would not appear to be arrogant (which would, on account of such thus-displayed apparent arrogance, not be pleasing to my co-religionists standing thereabouts). Soon the other persons (my co-religionists) adopted a caerimonious mutual in-a-line array (which I supposed was for conferring of mutual blessings, and which I thought that I also was participating in, somewhat, by being praesent) by touching each-others' bodies (hands on each-other's shoulders, each person placing one of that person's hands on a shoulder of one person adjacent, and placing the other hand on the shoulder of another person adjacent). [Soon after this while these persons were as yet standing thereabouts, I awoke.] {This arrangement differed slightly from the caerimonious in-a-ring array with each person's one hand holding the hand of another person adjacent, with the other hand holding the hand of another person adjacent, used by many modern European non-Christian groups; such in-a-ring array being adopted from observing (while in Fae:ryland) this array's being commonly used (as displayed in illustrations, as drawn and as painted ever since the since the Renaissance, of scenes witnessed while in Fae:ryland) by fae:ries for their caerimonies -- mediaeval folk in Europe might often (as in the case of Joan-of-Arc -- where /Arc/ might allude to an arched bridge connecting Fae:ryland to the material world) regard themselves as simultaneously pagan (as worshippers of fae:ries, who are sometimes in modern Hellenic denoted as /pheres/) and as "Christian" (in the case of Joan-of-Arc, a devotee of St Margaret, whose name, meaning 'Daisy', referred to a "daisy-ring" as a reference, apparently, to a "fae:ry-ring"); whereas European moderns would be more likely to adopt the same array as defiantly anti-Christian (because, outside of Eire and possibly eastern Europe, Christiandom hath remained determined, for centuries, on combatting the Fae:ry-Faith). As for the hands-on-other-persons'-shoulders line-array of persons in the dream : I had over the last couple of days (on account of most of the human working-staff in the aedifice) been carrying with me in the residential aedifice a book (Joseph Toledano : African Erotica. Astrolog Publ, 2005.) illustrating (on its pp. 29 & 127) scenes of women laying their hands on other women's shoulders.} {I had, this night before reclining in order to sleep, ingested a larger-than-usual quantity of sinikwic^i (more than a dozen, perhaps two dozen, instead of the usual half-a-dozen, leaves), wondring while eating them whether this larger quantity would have a greater-than-usual effect on any resultant dream of mine -- and it apparently did! [I am, therefore, intending to ingest the larger quantity nightly, generally henceforward.] This effect was achieved even though a chant was not being intoned at the same time (-- I had left a playlist starting with Orthodox chants playing from YouTube at "Mix - Valaam Men's Choir: Orthodox Shrines of the Russian North

Mar 25th (Fri, during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : While looking at a computer-file (evidently on Dreamweaver) for one of my website-subdomains, I saw, most recently, one whose label I did not recognize. I was about to open it in order to see what it was about[, when, suddenly I awoke. I had fallen asleep in my chair at my computer-desk].

Mar 25th-26th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I was reading about a sort of Tarot, called "Attack Tarot", consisting of a deck of only 17 cards, all of them numbered, with the numbers above 9 being indicated by "dotted" numerals (/1./ for /10/, etc.). [Then I awoke.]

Later dream, same night : I considered myself to be in Brazil, and decided to go, from the small place where I was located at, to visit Rio de Janeiro; because I knew of no public means-of-transportation, I started sprinting along the roadside (the road somehow having no automotive traffic on it) -- I kept up at this for some time, being continually surprised at the rapidity of my movement (though, curiously, my legs moved in slow, but quite long, strides), passing much landscape swiftly. When I came to a large stockpile of boxed foods on the right side of the roadway, I stopped there, and was eating several kinds of food (including raisins) which I had been given permission to eat. After eating thus for a while, I started again sprinting along the roadside toward Rio de Janeiro, and soon arrived at a series of very large, tall aedifices (all such aedifices, lining the road for as far as I could see, being of uniform width and stature, namely dozens of storeys tall, but all lacking windows and doors, so that I decided that they must be warehouses) on what I thought must be the outskirt of this huge city which I was approaching. [Then I remembred having dreamt the same dream just praeviously, of running toward Rio de Janeiro; so that I must have somehow between those to dreams been returned to my starting-point.] When I ran closely to one of those aedifices, I saw that they were covered (on the exterior of each aedifice : on each and every storey, along the full width of each aedifice) in varied Chinese writing (which writing -- all being with writing-characters each perhaps ten feet tall --, I thought, must designate the variously differing contents of each storey), which I decided must indicate that they belonged to a major Chinese company contracted to keep the city supplied with warehoused commodities imported from China. {Each of the aedifices was tablet-shaped (alike, in that way to, e.g., the United Nations building); so that (although I did not realize this at the time when I was dreaming of them) they could be somehow aequivalent to the enormous jewel tablets, each covered with writing composed of characters each many-feet-tall, which according to various Taoist scriptures, constitute the Heavenly prototypes of the Taoist scriptures revealed to earthlings.} I somehow found myself abruptly inside an aedifice, which appeared as if it must be part of a factory; thinking that I must have somehow entred it in haste, I sought to find my way out of that aedifice, which by walking from room-to-room I soon did. Then I found myself abruptly somehow inside a hanging-garden, consisting (at least in the section wherein I was) of red-blooming cactus-plants hanging in baskets from overhead beams of a wall-enclosed area open above to the sky. I was there with someone else; and I decided (after viewing some black-and-white sketches of the cactus-plants) to exit this botanical garden; so we lowered ourselves by hand-gripdown to the ground from the slightly elevated walkway amid the hanging-baskets; and started walking along the ground (mostly rock, from which we came to soil). [Thereupon, I awoke.] {I have read, in Taoist descriptions of Heaven, of enormous divine jewel-tablets in Heaven, covered with huge script in pretious metal; and have visited, with A.Karr, a windowless multi-storey storage-facility wherein he then had stored boxes-full of his belongings.} {The red-blooming cactus-plants in hanging-baskets in the dream would likely be a combination of the red-blooming (all-year-long-blooming) tropical plant in a hanging-basket (suspended from my curtain-rod) given to me by CF, GLR's wife; combined with the large Christmas-cactus which I saw in the house of HR and his then-wife R (since then died) when I visited their brown-theme-interior place some years ago.}

Mar 27th-28th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Upon awaking : [I was recalling the logical sequence of dream-connections which had occurred before my awaking, when suddenly I heard an explosive noise, and suddenly at that juncture, a man stepped into view (in my visual field, with mine eyen as yet closed) for a few seconds : this combination of events so startled me that I aburptly lost memory of anything the those dream-connections (which were a logical sequence toward awaking).]

Mar 31st (Thur, in the evening) 2016 :- Dream : I [dreamt that I] went to sleep and awoke repeatedly, each time awaking in a situation of being play-tortured by the same woman : in the last of these situations, when I awoke I found myself lying on my back on a bed, with each of my limbs tied and stretched in the different directions; the woman was praetending to torture my genitalia (testicles). {Curiously, after this DREAM, during the next night (Apr 1st-2nd) I did happen to see an animated video (which I had not seen before) entitled "DREAMLAND GIANTESS 2" http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5612e6750aa5f , wherein while a man's 4 limbs were kept stretched out in 4 directions, a woman (giantess) played with his genitalia.}

Another dream, Mar 31st-Apr 1st (early in night) 2016 :- Dream : After first seeing a man emerge, holding a musical instrument, from a room which he had just entered (by walking around a corner to my left; I had followed him to the room), I next saw a woman holding a fur-covered helical musical instrument.