Dream-diary, February 2016

Febr 5th (Fri, during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I found myself aboard an omnibus, when when I (figuring that I had ridden it to downtown for some particular purpose) was about to exit it, I noticed that on my omnibus-seat I had various minor possessions, along with a bag to put them into. Another woman (or twain) had just boarded the omnibus at its stopping-place, and it departed with her (or them) aboard before I had completed packing my bag. But finished packing in a few seconds, asked to be let out; the omnibus stopped, and I disembarked : a moment later, my mother arrived, and took me to a medical examination site, where a man (who was apparently the medical doctor) asked me whether I had any "cardiac" difficulty; I replied "No". [Thereupon, I awoke.] {Earlier in the day, in the morning, a woman aboard the aedifice's omnibus (which I nwas also aboard) asked, while the omnibus was in motion, to be let out (she having apparently neglected to disembark at the last stop, a few seconds earlier); the driver stopped and let her out. In returning on the omnibus, I set my bags of food on the seat beside me. I had, immediately before falling asleep during the daytime (early afternoon), been reading about foods good against cardiac problems.}

Febr 5th-6th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I noticed that the aedifice wherein I was staying (and which I considered that we owned) had along the upper part of one of its tall internal walls separating it from the outside, vertical cracks wherethrough the external luminosity was visible.

Later in the same dream : Although the room's interior was illuminated, I was in bed, when my brother S.A.R. arrived from outside into the room (so that I figured that he must have been gone temporarily) and lay down in the large bed also, beside me. I said to him that although I in recent years have been dreaming about rising no higher in the air than within whatever room I was located in, yet nevertheless I used to dream, decades ago, of flying aloft in the sky [this not being quite an accurate memory; for I forgot that a few months ago I did dream of floating into the air above the city's aedifices, after I was enabled to do so by a goddess]. I explained that the reason why I had not been dreaming for such a long interval of flying in the sky was that I had not be talking to anyone in recent years about flying in the sky, and that without talking about it, it would not be possible for one's self to be doing this. I said to him that anyone who would be talking regularly about flying in the sky in dreams, would accordingly be doing so (flying in the sky in dreams) regularly. {Having just received, from Amazon.com, Now (brand) capsules of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, I had swallowed one the day before (Febr 5th; taking care, because someone had written, on the Amazon.com blog for it, that it is destroyed by hydrochloric acid in the stomach if not enteric-coated as another brand (Jarrow) -- twice as expensive however -- was, whereto I had posted on that blog that any alkali swallowed along with it would neutralize the acid, that therefore I swallowed it with potassium citrate; also pterostilbene, which had arrived the same day). Apparently, comesting it in the waking-world imparted to me the courage to speak out in the dream.}

Later in the same dream : I was walking on the sidewalk in the downtown of a city, when I thought that I ought to find a public telephone to as to call my mother. But I did not see any, and soon I noticed that I was not wearing trousers (having underpants on, however), so that I thought that I ought to walk back on my route, so as to find where I must have left them. Soon I came upon a ladder-like wall-structure which I thought that I would have to climb in order to arrive at a higher level, so I started climbing it until I realized that it was so tall that I would be injured [not actually true, for one is never injured in a dream] if falling from it; thereupon I climbed down, and noticed that it was coated with thick black soil, starting with where I had stopped climbing. [Thereupon I awoke.] {Was this unhelpful coating derived from the enteric coating which I had written to be unnecessary, as mentioned by me in the blog?}

Febr 7th-8th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : We were viewing a very large map, spread out on, apparently, a very large table -- apparently to indicate that region of the world whereon we were to focus our attention in order to influence political events of a particular type in the world as a whole. The map (which were were looking upon front its south towards its north, each counry occupying about a square fathom on it) was evidently of West Africa, but although persons were indicating, with long pointing-rods, just where on the map we were to focus our attention, I was unable, looking from such a slant, to determine just which country (located several yards, about a rod, from where I was standing on the floor, forward and to my left on the very large map) was being indicated, so that I asked whether some place in Sierra Leone was being indicated, but was told that the location was in another country (specified by name -- Guinea or whatever?) beyond it. {I may have been expecting /Sierra LEONe/ on account of its resembling the name /Daniel de LEON/ of the late-nineteen-to-early-twentieth-century editor of the newspaper (THE [DAILY] PEOPLE) of the Socialist Labor Party; but instead of choosing this country's name for its symbolic effect, some other closebye country's name may instead have been chosen for effect, such as /Guinea/ in order to influence international finance. [I had held these names in mind, for such reasons, decades ago when I had resided in the late 1960s to early 1970s ChrE, and had attended Socialist Labor Party functions, such as passing out national-election-campaign leaflets of the general public who were strolling bye at the major street junction (origination-point for the city's house-numbering system). It impressed me that I met years afterwards (in a state-insane-asylum, apparently in C., Georgia) a man who told me that his ancestors were from LIBERiA (which reminded me of holding in mind, for similar effects, the various National LIBERAtion Fronts).]}

Later, in the same dream (all well-before midnight) : We had to praesent ourself in parade-like array to impress membres of some intendedly-rival political organization, and accordingly had posted (as I could see) our tallest (some 7-feet-tall each) membres (all males) in our front row, facing (and noticeably taller than) the array of membres of the rival organization. At this point, I walked across (from our right flank, the rivals' left flank) the front of our front array, until I arrived at the middle of the array, then turned to the left, and walked through it, and through another of our arrays, of medium stature, toward the third array of ours (each of these arrays being behind, by some rods' measure, the array in front of it), this third array being of ordinary-statured persons (including women). At this point (if I remembre correctly) in time, I started talking about some topic with the woman standing closest to me. [It must have been then that I awoke.]

Febr 9th (Tue, during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I had, in the process of traversing desolate regions reputed to produce praeternatural effects, come upon a huge (a mile or more across) sort of natural crater in the ground; and while I looked across it, from one brim to the opposite brim, I noticed that when I stood with mine eyen in a certain location (which needed to be within a fraction of an inch of accuracy), I saw a glimmer, seemingly immediately on the opposite brim or else (I wondred which was the case) in the air betwixt. Thereupon, in that remote, uninhabited place, I heard a voice (apparently praeternatural) explaining to me that that which I was seeing in the guise of a glimmer was, in fact, a rectilinear bridge stretching betwixt the two brims. {This view and its exposition may have derived from a combination of the world's largest volcanic crater (sacred to the Mormon scriptures) at Moroni, capital of the Cumorah isles; combined with the notion of a divine bridge of the sort praesupposed in the Roman term /ponti-fex/ 'bridge-maker'.}

Later in the same dream : Walking along, I had resolved to think only lucky thoughts and to engage only in lucky behaviour, expecting in that fashion to accumulate an increasing stock of good luck. I had gone into a aedifice with this intent, when I found myself unaccountably enclosed in a chambre with no exit nor entrance; but I figured that because I had resolved on engaging in only fortunate activity, that this situation of enclosure must be some part of such process; that it would immediately be solved by simply pressing on the main wall. Thus, when I pressed on that wooden wall, it immediately was pushed off from its connections with the other walls, and I emerged from that chambre into a hallway, where for the first time since my entring that large aedifice, did I see other persons (men), whom I approached. They were apparently some benevolent sort of psychologists, and both assigned a name of their own choosing to me provisionally, and also asked me to write down on a curiously decorated piece of paper, my own usual name which they did not know. But I thought that it might be inauspicious for me to write such, and likewise inauspicious for me to speak, so I did neither. After a while of this, I did write down on that sheet of paper some word or phrase which I regarded as aupiscious. {On one occasion, decades ago, while residing in a group-home (for persons formerly committed-to-insane-asylum) in C., GA, I resolved to improve my luck, if possible, by my having myself located in the public gaol instead; so, I went to the police-station and there asked in writing (without saying anything) to be committed to there; consequently I was kept overnight.}

Another episode in the same dream : I was manipulating a curiously-ornate wand which had been praesented to me, expecting some sort of lucky and perhaps magical effect. {I had read something about this sort of doing a few days earlier.} [It may perhaps have been then that I awoke.] {Anyway, before going to sleep in the middle of the day (and sleeping some 5 or 6 hours straight), I had told myself to do only lucky action that day, in order to match with an expectedly lucky result of a Socialist-Party's candidate's (for nomination for praesident of the U.S.ofA. by the Democratic Party) praesumably winning heavily one particular state's party-caucus.}

Febr 11th-12th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I saw where someone had removed a layer of larger-scale design of squares from a sort of coffee-table, exposing a smaller-scale design of black-and-white triangles beneath it. {The day before, at two places on the walls of my apartment I had pulled off masking-tape wherewith I had fastenend papers (a poster and a list of books to send for by interlibrary-loan) to shelving and to a closet-door, thereby pulling off layers of paint along with the tapes, exposing deeper layers of paint beneath.}

Febr 12th-13th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I accidentally knocked a pot full of milk off the kitchen-counter onto the floor. [Surprised, I awoke.] {N.B. The /galaxy/ is regarded as "milk" (/galact-/) of "cow-eyed" goddess Hera, as spilt by infant Hera-klees (DCM, s.v "Heracles", p. 194a).}

Febr 13th-14th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I was walking along the main path, extending through quite a scenic landscape (including both natural declivity-basins and a hill, all replete with noted instances of architecture, which appeared to be in various historic styles, such architecture also entailing good views of the out-of-doors natural landscape), leading away from the aedifice wherein I resided, and by proceeding thusly came through a series of other aedifices, last whereof was a multistorey aedifice said to be (alike to the aedifice wherein I was residing) a retirement-home for a category of residents having a particular life-background. I, however, hardly noticed any such residents in such of its chambres as I happened to be strolling through -- one person, though, I saw in the library-chambre (which reminded me of the library-chambre in the aedifice wherein I myself was residing and whence I had walked to here). So, wondring where the stated abundance of the aedifice's residents was located, I while strolling through a chambre thereof noticed visible a series of storeys (including capacious stairwell-arrangement) thereof extending downward, and somehow thought that this must include the kichen-facilities, and so proceeded thus down such stairwell with expectation of meeting with some of the staff-workers of the aedifice. Meanwhile, I thought to myself that any similarities which I might find with the set-up of my own aedifice-of-residence might assist my own efforts for enabling (by means of personal-conducted religious rituals) success of politico-oikonomic radicalization which was currently being striven-for in the Democratic-Party nomination-process; and I resolved to discuss such similarities with an staff-workers or other interested persons whom I might encountre therein. [Then I awoke, apparently on account of my intensity of enthousiasm for such project.] {This expectation of enhancing abilities to achieve effects of politico-oikonomic radicalization of the nation through encouraging corresponding efforts with other interested persons in personally performing such religious rituals as may lead to such effect, had been the topic of my discussion (via telephone) the praeceding evening (Febr 13th) with G.R.'s wife C.F. (who, alike to her brother's wife, is interested and involved in certain mystic-occult personal activities).}

Febr 14th-15th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I saw a man who evidently had stolen from its hinges an entrance-way folding-gate to an establishment, the gate being boldly labeled with that establishment's name. He had the end-side with the label on it turned away from persons to whom he was shewing it, apparently in order to deceive them into not realizing that he had stolen it. {This scene is surely taken from the tale, in S^apat.iym, of S^ims^own's theft of the city-gate to <azzah. Immediately before falling to sleep at my computer-desk, I had read the passage (in Frank Waters : Book of the Hopi, p. 14), "went up to the opening and rolled back the nu`ta"; with the gloss (loc. cit., fn. *), "The nu`ta is the straw thatch over the ladder-opening of modern Hopi kivas." This dream immediately provided me with an additional paragraph to praefix to my essay (which I had written before having fallen to sleep that night) on the "Dream of Ya<qob".} {When, earlier yesterday (Febr 14th), M.G. had mentioned to me the demise of Scalia, I had replied that that Supreme-Court-justice's name had referred to the musical-scale. M.G. said that this implied astral projection from Texas into Mexico (where Pope Francis was then visiting Eca-tepec 'wind mountain') -- had M.G. thus succeeded in projecting this sort of scenario into my dream?}

Febr 17th-18th (Wedn-Thur) 2016 :- Dream : I had a printed text which I had been reading with the intent of commenting upon for publication (praesumably by uploading onto one of my subdomain-websites, any comments which I might type up). Before, however, I could even commence to write up so much as even any notes from such printed literature whereto I could subjoin such typed comments, several other persons (I being not quite sure how many, as I merely heard their verbal remarks to each other in this endeavour), evidently they being already organized in structures inter-associated for co-ordinated efforts along these lines, including many persons both female and male, were discussing among themselves various projects, in the course of both publishing printed literature, and especially producing film-cinemata for public shewings on theatre-screens : it was not quite clear to me, though, quite how far these endeavour of theirs had already proceeded along these lines (of publications, already accomplished or planned). It was, futhermore, not clear to me whether the persons to whom I was listening to discussing this among themselves -- I did not comment to them verbally on any of this, being instead intent to confine any comments which I might write to my own publication. It was not clear, moreover, to me whether the persons to whom I was listening already had formal communications with the authors of the printed literature, along similar lines, which I had been reading. The totality of such literature (including their own reproduction of some of it in the form of film-cinemata) involved experiences of praeternatural natures with unworldly divine entities, which I understood included flying-saucer divinities. The printed literature which I was reading, however, was not specific as to indications of other published literature (lacking book-titles, periodical-article titles, publishing-companies, places and/or dates of publication -- nor did I notice any of this in the pamplet-style sorts of pieces of literature whereof I had samples and had been reading) as to dates or locales of the said experiences. [Wondring just how to secure adequate bibliographic references for my own projected writing-and-publication in these concerns, I awoke. It was broad daylight (about 8 a.m.), much later than I would have expected. I must have slept well-over 8 hours, straight through without awaking at all (as usually I have been doing) in the night.] {I had arrived at the state-capitol protest-with-handmade-signs half-an-hour after everyone else in said protest had already departed thence. I had left our of my apartment to walk to there at the same time as their arrival, and had telephoned G.R. to mention that would be arriving after they had already left (adding that any praesence there of any of ourselves would always be useful for enhancing our prayers requaesting for radicalization of poliitics-and-oikonomics); and on my arrival I also telephoned S.P. (at her home) to mention this to her (though I have not usually called her on such occasions -- I thought that impending primary Democratic Party elections would be urgent enough reason to call, considering that the state [Nevada] next voting was so very luck-emphazing in its gambling-oikonomy).} One of the curiosities of that dream was that I was gathering fragments of eggshell for intended use of each fragment to enhance some allusion in the printed text describing experiences with praeternatural entities -- a usage which one could employ along similar use of cascarilla eggshells by persons ritualistically practicing West African religion, various material evidences (such as a praeserved dead lizard on a concealed portion of the concrete alongside the aedifice, SSE) of African religious practices being customary in the wake of public civil-rights protests involving Negroid Democratic-Party politicians at the state-capitol aedifice. I considered such repraesentations alongside the capitol-aedifice effective, seeing as I myself once was handing a live wild-bird, which afterwards flew out of my hand, on the concrete walkway (SE) alongside the capitol.}

Febr 20th (during daytime Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I noticed that a poor-quality program (poor-quality music?) was playing on the radio, and that in the large room were otherwise only a woman and the child whom she was tending, who were not heeding the program; so I turned its dial, closing it off. [Then I awoke.]

Febr 20th-21st (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : A woman, apparently my mother, came to me and asked : "Do you have no pain at all?" I assumed that this quaestion was intended to referr to the arthritis which I had contracted; so I replied that I had none, adding that that was because I was taking medications against it every day, even twice each day. [Then I awoke.]

Febr 22nd (Monday, during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I was reading a printed philosophical statement, which was so very ungrammatical (composed of proprely-spelled English words, but not syntactically regular) as to be almost entirely unintelligible. [Wondring how to arrange its verbiage so as to make intelligible sense, I awoke.] {I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk, immediately after having copy-typed : "Hetu was mixed with the world." (Stephen C. Headley : From Cosmogony to Exorcism in a Javanese Genesis. Oxford Univ Pr, 2000. p. 146.)}

Febr 22nd-23rd (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : While we looked on, a large region of the centre of the unclouded sky (overhead, at the zenith) began becoming dark-black (pitch-black) : the black region also (over the few seconds that I was watching it) shifting slightly its region of location in the mid-sky zenith. Realizing that some persons (Christians) might delusorily imagine that this was signifying that Jesus Christ was in the process of returning, in order to refute that notion I remarked to someone that this indicated a process of Jesus Christ's being "overcome" (meaning, his being about to be thoroughly defeated by powerful external forces able to control events altering the appearance of even the sky above by an unknown mechanism). [But then, without an opportunity of enough time to contemplate, explain, and discuss what else might furthermore be involved in such anongoing sky-portent, I suddenly awoke.] {A weekend or two ago, at the SocOfFr meeting, I was telling E.F. (because she is interested in the history of Gnostic religion) about the praevalence of AntiChrist devotion in Iran [among the Manda<, headquartered in Ah^waz]; and I afterwards mentioned the same thing briefly to G.R.}

Febr 23rd-24th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- I was arranging various articles of food on a countertop in the kitchen of where I was, when I overheard a discussion in the adjoining room, mentioning some party-style activity wherein she was engaged and for which she was now wearing masks; and that this activity would involve public use of foods, including the articles which I was in the process of arranging. So, I went into that adjoining room to ask her about this, and saw that the two masks which was wearing were small (two small to cover her face), and were being worn on her face beside one another, the large of the twain masks being a brown one on the right side of her face (my right facing her; her left), and the small of the twain, to the left (her right) of it, being a white one. I spoke to her, beginning to describe how I was arranging the food; with the intention of my asking her next about how I could assist with arranging food for her party-project. [But at that instant, I awoke -- perhaps because of the fact that prospective elaborate plans for arranging anything for a group of persons would be too much for me to think about in an ordinary dream; or at least, I have not been experiencing dreams of that sort.] {I had read, within a few days before, some mention of wearing two masks, and/or of praesenting two visages, simultaneously.}

Febr 25th-26th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- I was praeparing a typed text for uploading onto my website. {It was apparently the same text as I had just fallen to sleep typing at my computer-desk, citing Robert Graves on Dionusos = Tlaloc. http://www.datapacrat.com/True/MUSHROOM/GRAVES.HTM My own internet version is at http://00.gs/week-days,_foods_of.htm . Oddly, having fallen asleep before I could upload this article, when I checked on this article of mine for uploading after writing the foregoing in this dream-diary, one internet reference (http://www.theoi.com/Georgikos/Kedalion.html) had been displaced into the midst of my mention of this date [Febr 26th] for this my addition to this article. Had my material hands been controlled, while I was sleeping, by a spirit-guide, so as to make this displacement? Or had I done so by blunder while too sleepy to notice whas I was doing? The latter would be unlikely. If by a spirit-guide, then the action may have been under advisement from the plant-spirit of kadali -- I used often to transplant (to clone) kadali rhizomes with incipient shoots on them, while in P.O., D.H., E.B., V.. Another oddity was that, without the type-point # having been altered on my Open-Office document, the uploaded website type-point was of a smaller # [by about 2 sizes], in several sections of text, beginning with /Musa sapientum/. Of course, /Mousa/ < */Monsa/ = Classical Skt /mansa/ 'cooked meat', archaic Skt /mans/, could relate to the Holy Order of MANS). For that matter, there could even be an allusion to the Kelley family (of, e.g., David Humiston Kelley), as in the name /keli/ as reduced form of /kadali/, vide :- Ivan A. Ross : Medicinal Plants of the World. Humana Pr, Totowa, NJ. Vol. II "Traditional and Modern Uses", 10.17, p. 319 http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-1-59259-237-1_17#page-1 . Do note that I once (several decades ago) saw a vision (with mine eyen shut) of D.H.K. (recognizable by his visage), cosmetically and attiredly, as a clown (which I long wondred about, but have just to-night come to understand) : an obsolete English word for 'clown' is /CUDDen/ (Scottish /CUDDy/) : this word is praesumably related to the verb /to CUDDle/, similar to Skt /kadali/ 'banana'. (The Mousa sapientum bracts are purple, and so likewise is the dye "CUDbear'.) A CUD is chewed by a cow; a "cow jumped over the moon", and the new-moon is in Papuan designated by the word for 'banana'. A sort of cud chewed by humans is composed of the fluffy Artemisia (mugwort) herb, chewing whereof (in honor of goddess Artemis of the silver bow) is traditionally understood (in Europe, even in the mediaeval witch-cult of Hecate) to be conducive to meaningful dreaming. [A praevious instance of this sort of event (change in type-point # on my uploaded internet article, without change in my Open-Office document) had happened once before, a day or two earlier in a different internet article of mine, likewise noticed upon uploading it.] Apparently, a gremlin (in communication, of course, both with the spirit-guide of mine, and with the familiar plant-spirit) of mine is operating in a computer somewhere between my typed document and the uploaded internet version, whether that gremlin be located in my own computer, in the webhost (Bravenet)'s computer, or in both.}

Febr 26th (Fri, during daytime) 2016 :- For some convenience, I had opened a small (fraction of a cubic inch) pressurized pill-shaped object : surprisingly, quite a spout of spray, increasing in stature and volume, kept spurting forth from it, from where I had laid it on the floor to my left. [Then I awoke.] {M.G. had mentioned to me by telephone a day or more earlier that whenever he would open the release-aperture of a pressure-cooker (after finishing cooking), a spout of steam would escape for a good minute.}

Febr 27th-28th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- I was seated, evidently rather aloft, for I was looking slightly higher at the ceiling (and seeing on it a patch of missing paint), from what I thought must have been the upper level of a bunk-bed; I wondred whether this location were dangerous (with possibility of falling from it), and therefore decided to climb down from it. [Then I awoke.] {I have not been on the upper level of a bunk-bed in the last few decades in waking life.}

Febr 29th-Mar 1st (Mon-Tue, before midnight) 2016 :- With a dangerously aggressive swine believed to be following behind, I walked clockwise along an enclosed circular pathway surrounding the area whence I was fleeing, until I approached the exit into a wide open region. [Then I awoke.] {Perhaps this episode is derived from my having read not many days praeviously of "the cosmic dangers ... as attacks ... by the ... wild boar (Wisnu)" (From Cosmogony to Exorcism in a Javanese Genesis, p. 21).}