Dream-diary, December 2016

Dec 1st-2nd (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I was standing just outside a staircase in an aedifice, and was looking at a button on the wall, which button, I understood, when pressed would cause a woman to venture onto the staircase, where, I hoped, I would be able to succeed in having sexual intercourse with her. So I pressed the button, but the result (which I deduced from hearing them talk within the staircase) was that the woman, who had come into the staircase, had with her a man, who was a membre of the police and was intent on discoverring who had just pressed the button. So, I walked upstairs to the next storey, and then (supposing that the man would walk up to each storey in order to glance into the hallway to see whether anyone was visible on that floor in order to arrest anyone seen), I, emerging from the staircase, walked to my left, and turning a corner into a room on the left inset out-of-sight from the hallway beside the staircase, I noticed that it was a only small toilet room; but decided to stay there so as to be adequately hidden so as not to be detected by the man who would be glancing into each hallway. [Then I awoke.]

Later dream, same night : A man who was a chef had arranged dishes containing food, which he was offering freely to anyone willing to receive the food : at least one plate of cooked beans; then I saw several plates of cooked spaghetti, and immediately afterwards a food-wagon occupied with various pans of cooked spaghetti, which I assumed had remained from some party-celebration. Because all these cooked foods contained fragments of meat atop them, however, I did not wish to take any of them to eat, thinking that it would be too much trouble to remove the meat-fragments from them. Afterwards, I saw a box containing, arranged vertically in vertical slots in it, flat round cookies, which I thought to myself that I had brought from my apartment to there to leave for anyone who wished for it; but which, because I did not wish to receive the beans or the spaghetti, I might as well eat myself. So I picked up that box, and decided to start eating cookies from it while I was walking; however, as I picked up each of three cookies in succession, I accidentally dropped it on the floor, where it broke into small pieces, of the first two of which cookies I picked up the small pieces from the floor, the pieces from each cookies seeming less than the original whole of each, and the pieces of the third cookie being so few and tiny as not to be worth picking up. {These cookies might repraesent the flat round Entada rheedii beans, each whereof, laid upon the cement floor just outside the aedifice, I had struck (with a concrete block) in order to break its shell; the first of which I had stricken excessively, so that it had broken into small fragments which I had diligently picked up off the outside floor -- days earlier.}

Dec 2nd-3rd (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I somehow understood that my parents had moved to the mansion whereat I was visiting; and I had mounted via a few stairs onto an outdoors platform from atop which I was observing the arrival of a throng of apparent guests to a supposed party which I assumed that my parents were throwing at their ranch or ranch-style mansion. I walked down from the platform to the ground, expecting to greet my parents and perhaps my brethren, among the arriving guests, but did not see them among the group of arriving persons (none of whom did I recognize either). I thought to myself that these guests may have arriven together via omnibus, and that my parents (and brethren, if any) must have come separately via private automobile. Briefly afterward, while the throng was as yet in the process of arriving, I heard someone from among them call out that although not invited, that person sought admission : but from indoors came a call that uninvited persons were not allowed in. However, I then heard it said that a delivery was being made, and promply saw a person carrying in an open basket of various foods; I thinking to myself that some particular guest had sent for special food after deciding that the food being offered at the party was not satisfactory. After a while I went into the mansion, noticing that a hinged window was moving somewhat, and figured that the outdoors wind must be causing the movement; as I could see, it was late enough in the evening that it was dim outside the mansion. While standing at that window looking out of it, I heard voices talking in some room to my right, but due to the distance could not understand the words spoken. In order to find out what was being said (by whom I assumed must be my parents, their guests having apparently departed, for I did not see even one of those guests anywhere), I walked to the room whence I could hear the talking : the room seemed closely spaced to another room, and having a transparent window in the door, wherethrough I could see persons within. A voice was saying : "You may have some scones." [Wondring about this speech, I awoke. It was about 9 PM, just 2 hours after I had reclined to fall asleep.] {Scones being flat round biscuits, the word /scone/ might repraesent the 'Entada rheedii bean', part of one of which I had (after awaking from sleep about 7 PM, and having brought one outside and cracked it open, after that cracking then shewing it to persons both waiting for, and aboard, the elevator, telling them, some of whom, including a man riding to my storey with me, were dark-skinned -- that it was an African bean; and incidentally, just as a man from my floor that ridden back up with me, another man, my neighbour wearing curved-pointed-toed Levantine shoon, had ridden down with me, we boarding the elevator only a couple of seconds after I had arriven at it) eaten in the waking world just prior to reclining to go to sleep.}

Later dream, same night : I had been indicating that I had personal knowledge of a certain event of public interest. A man who was in charge came to where I was, indicating that he wished to interview me concerning this knowledge, but I was expressing reservations while I was following him within the aedifice toward, apparently, the office to be used for this; and as he walked ahead he must have evaded me, for I lost track of him as I walked. Later another man in charge came to me, indicating that he wished to make a sound-recording (perhaps to be used as testimony for a law-court) of what I would have to say about the event, but I said that I would rather not have such a voice-recording made. Afterwards, I was explaining to a third man that my reason for not wishing to have a voice-recording made is that not only would I likely be slow in thinking out whatever I was to say, but also that I could word any statement better if I were to write it out instead of speaking it. [Then I awoke.]

Dec 10th-11th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : Information was being made available publicly, largely by word of mouth, by certain persons, who were intermittantly available, concerning some psychedelic drug. Some printed litterature, of which I had collected some samples, was also available concerning this : I was intending to read that litterature, and to write down, systematically, notes from it concerning the psychedelic drug, the very name whereof I was, however, as yet uncertain. I understood that the group of ourselves, including the persons who had made the printed litterature available, were momentarily about to make a trip abroad, via ae:roplane; and when my brother S.A.R. indicated that he was about to announce the time of arrival of the ae:roplane for boarding, I said to him that I wished to depart also, together with whomever else would be traveling. I had the printed litterature samples which I had collected on the subject, laid out in the open, ready to be picked up by me for departure, whenever the announcement of the arrival of the ae:roplane would be made; I was thinking to myelf that I would read that litterature and take notes from it while I would be on the trip. Just at that moment, however, I felt a sudden urge to piss, and hoped that if the announcement would be made while I was pissing at the toilet, I would hear it, along with instruction of where and how to board to ae:roplane. [Then I awoke.] {It was as yet dark, soon before sunrise. As usual when awaking, I had an urge to piss. It took me a few moments to remembre the dream. (I have not had the occasion to travel via ae:roplane since I came by ae:roplane, with my parents, to the United States of America from South America in 1963; though I had traveled via ae:roplane to the United States of America from South America each year before then ever since about 1954, after various other travels with them often before then.)}

Dec 12th-13th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I had been favoring a certain religious cult, but decided to renounce it. When agents of that cult came to the door of the dwelling where I was staying with my relatives, I opened the entrance door to the dwelling, intending to announce to them that I was quitting the cult, but they ignored by remonstration, and entred to announce to my relatives that I had invited them so as to depart with them to their religious celebrations. I had to insist to my relatives that I had truly renounced that cult before the cult's agents could be required to depart and did so. Then in seeking commiseration, I embraced my sistre while telling her that while I was sorrowing that I would not be going forth to celebrations with the agents of that cult, nevertheless I was glad that in my abandoning that cult I was simplifying my life by not having any further duties in it. [Then I awoke.] {Just prior to my reclining to fall asleep, I had been thinking to myself that I was glad that I had abandoned any and all sympathy for the cult of Christianity; insofar as I had definitely decided that the Novum Testamentum had been composed, as a covert denunciation of imperator Tiberius, toward the close of his reign; considering as I recently had been that the term "Iesous Khristos" was used in that litterature as a disapproving way of referring to that imperator who could not legally be denounced by his usual name while he as yet reigned -- that the phrase /vir Galilaeae/ ('man of Galilee') was intended to apply that that imperator as founder of the city Tiberias (named for him, and established in Galilaea on account of the name /Tabor/ of a certain mountain therein -- that site selected in the Euangelion to be described as "mountain of the Transfiguration", as though Tiberius had been proclaimed to be "DEUS" 'GOD' at that mountain, as apparently had been his intent). I had thought to myself thatwas glad that I was simplifying my life by not any longer regarding the Novum Testamentum as a praise glorifying Tiberius by glorifying him in this pseudonym "Iesous Khristos", but rather a covert denunciation of that imperator by extolling an imagined crucifixion of him by the Romani themeslves. I had thought that when it would be thoroughly recognized (by me) that the very intent of the Novum Testamentum was to deride the personage that it was purported to be praising, that thereupon I would have no further reason to hold any sympathy for any aspect of Christianity, which I was now thus set free from. (My sistre would have praesumably more reason that either of my two brethren to be pleased with my abandoning all sympathy for Christianty, inasmuch as she was in approval of her husband, whose religion (and that of his relatives and friends in his hometown of Malatya) is Yarsaniy 'of the Heritage', meaning of the tradition dating to prior to Muh.ammad and dating to prior to any "Iesous Christos", namely a heritage antient Anatolian and [allied with] antient Hellenistic.}

Later dream, same night : I had been looking out the windows, and praesently I heard a cracking sound coming from the windows. Wondring whether humans were attempting to break in through a window, I looked at the windows, and saw on the interior of a wooden window-shutter merely small animals (apparently small birds) biting apparently some small fruits which they had. [I awoke.] {Many tenants in this apartment-aedifice have, on the exterior of the door into their apartment, an artificial wreath, many having artificial fruits and/or artificial birds in the wreath. Yesterday (Dec 12th) a woman-tenant, whom I was visiting at her apartment, was telling me that she was yesterday in the process of assembling a new (seasonal) wreath for her door, for the occasion of public viewing of the exterior door-decorations the next day (Dec 13th), as had been announced on a bulletin-board posting in the elevator. After she had told me that, I called G.L.R. by telephone, mentioning to him that the same woman had the same day said that she would read (which she said she would do after finished with the door-decoration) a book which I had obtained from the SocOfFr annual meeting.}

Dec 14th-15th (Wedn-Thur) 2016 :- Dream : I was staying with a group of persons who, so I had read, had in use among them an extensive set of peculiar words and of peculiar phrases (all in the English language) which they were advocating be employed in certain circumstances as substitutes for certain ordinary English words and ordinary English phrases. Upon, while staying among them and hearing certain of them personally mention aloud to me instances of the substituted words and substituted phrases (along with a statement of just which ordinary words and ordinary phrases the substituted were words-and-phrases were employed to replace), I began to think to myself that the attractiveness (to their membres) of the substituted words and substituted phrases was not so much (as their litterature, which had been written so as to proselytize outsiders, had alleged) in any esoteric symbolism involved, as much as the direct emotional effect (on their organizational membres) of the litteral meanings (in ordinary English) of the words and the phrases which were being employed as substitutes. I also thought to myself that such emotional effect of words and phrases chosen as substitutes might readily be (wherever any fairly crude words and phrases might be chosen as substitutes) degrading to the philosophical attitudes and to the ethical attitudes of the persons in their group, instead of being elevating to to the philosophical attitudes and to the ethical attitudes (as would have been the case if only philosphical-style words and philosphical-style phrases had been selected for employment as substitutes). Considering to myself this fact, I resolved upon departing from that group and returning to be among my own relatives, but on account of this group of persons' being located in a place quite distant from where my relatives were staying together, I was therefore looking at the money which I had with me, and was seeing that it was not at all adequate to pay for transportation to return to where my relatives were staying together. I therefore was attempting to communication (via telephone) with my relatives, and somehow at that time was informed that at least of one those relatives of mine (apparently one of more siblings of mine) had attempted to communicate with me, but that I had not received the message. [I was wondring whether and how I could successfully communicate with the relatives of mine, when I awoke.] {I had been discussing by telephone with G.L.R. during the afternoon (later meeting him at the protest-rally that evening in front of the state-capitol aedifice) about the praesence and/or absence of understanding of the significance of jokes between persons from different cultures who were conversing with each other in a mutually-understood language. I was saying that the context of the jokes (meaning the life-experiences of the persons involved owing to their having resided in different cultures) could account for whether or not the intended jokes were felt as amusing by persons of a different culture (differing in muchly language and in other ways -- he was, as usual, indicating difference between Japanese and English in their reception of conventionally-worded jokes). Perhaps the dream was intended to add, in the context of discussion of intercultural reception of the other-culture's jokes) that differing emotional attitudes toward life-situations and emotional attitudes toward life-conditions could readily be involved, and even praedominate, in the fact of differing reception of jokes interculturally). [Rather seldom have my dreams seemed to contain points of philosophical-and/or-psychological details which the dream is likely to be recommending for me to add to a philosophical-and/or-psychological-based discussion which I have been engaging in during waking life -- although, of course, such sorts of additions of details could well help to improve understanding of philosophical-and/or-psychological quaestions-and-solutions. Surely this improvement in usefulness of my dreams must be owing to my regular ingestation of herbs, both those sold as enhancers of dream-quality (such as, galanthamine, sinicuichi, and zacatechichi) and those sold as enhancers of social-attitudes (such as Leonouros cardiaca).]}

Dec 15th-16th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- 2 Dreams (having awoken between the 2), both concerning my reading about plants : The 1st dream of reading comparing two species of plants; the 2nd dream of reading comparing about 4 species of plants (all apparently different from those of the 1st dream).

Dec 16th-17th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- 2 Dreams (having awoken between the 2; the 2nd such dream being an amplification of the 1st dream), both concerning my viewing, via computer, information concerning plants, whereof the key information (which had to be clicked on in order to open access to information concerning other species) was about psychedelic mushrooms. {Just before falling asleep, I had been involved in taking notes on, and writing comments anent thereof, the final chapter, a biography of Gordon Wasson's dealing with psychedelic mushrooms, in the book Entheogens and the Development of Culture.}

Dec 17th-18th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I had planted some seeds (which had somehow been given to me) in a garden. Thereafter, I was appraehensive, due to remarks which she made (in some oblique context, perhaps over the telephone), that when she would encounter me personally, she would demand payment (which I could not afford) for the seeds. However, when she arrived, C. F. was merely saying to me that for whatever plants would grow from seeds which had been given to someone, whoever was growing those plants ought to pay one dollar per plant per day to whomever had given the seeds. I did not say anything to her in response; I being pleased that she had stated this in a generalized way (and which I thought that agreed with in principle), and did not demand payment from me in particular. {When, some months ago, I had been telling her that I was intending to buy purple shamrocks, she gave me some in a clump which she dug from her brother's wife's garden (and which I planted in a pot as a house-plant so that they flourished and she noticed them afterwards); and so, I was pleased that I obtained from her for free that which I had intended to spent money in buying.}

Dec 19th-20th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Semi-dream [when I was falling half-asleep] : A fancily-clothed negroid woman was pointing in the direction whence I was viewing the scene (although I apparently did not as yet have a body, for the dream was just commencing -- there had already been one aequally brief dream-scene, which I thought to be the first scene in a commencing dream, just before), and saying : "Take it off of that chair and and take it out". [Understanding that she wished for me somehow to leave the room, and surprised by her vehemence as well as by her being able to notice my praesence when I did not as yet have a body -- I then re-awoke, that dream-view dissolving and vanishing.] {I had, indeed, fallen asleep in my chair at my computer-desk, where I had been typing. Was the woman somehow aware of my waking-world body's being seated in a chair? I never experienced such a dream-commencement before, as far as remembred. This was apparently a "wake-induced lucid dream" (and would have continued as such, if I had not awoke on account of being surprised and wondring what to do, and wondring whether while as yet bodiless I could indeed do anything in response), which I very seldom have experienced.}

Dec 21st-22nd (Wedn-Thur) 2016 :- Dream : I was somehow made aware that there was a set of principles which were unable to function effectively on account of their being incompatible with the general mind-set of the society wherein they were located; so, they moved themselves, together, into a more isolated location, and were thereafter able to function together as they had been intending, thereafter able to maintain themselves as a cohaerent group of persons, each principle manifesting as a particular personage of that set in its new location. [Then I awoke.] {In had, during the day before (i.e., Dec 21st), been discussing with G.L.R., over the telephone, a generalized application to social attitude of the principle, often spoken of favorable of by him in metaphysical contexts, of maintaining a suspension-of-judgement attitude (historically prominent in Bharatiya philosophies, especially in varieties of Mahayana metaphysics, including Madhyamaka; antiently prominent in Skepticism, e.g., in the writing by Sextus Empiricus; and discussed in comparative contexts in the book The Shape of Ancient Thought). I thought to myself that there was much difficulty in maintaining efforts at applying this attitude if the persons (such as, ourselves) promoting it are in a social milieu of a socially-conditioned mind-set largely incompatible with it. Also, the generalized application which I was, and have been, suggesting, is that it could solve political and socio-oikonomic problems in government and the like, if it were to be sufficiently widely accepted among the general public, for suspension-of-judgement will (or could) tend to quell social-and-political conflicts-of-interest as thoroughly it will (noticeably) quell one's own personal emotional turmoil (such as worry) occasioned by those conflicts.} {As concerning the dream's unexpected but expository shift from describing principles in-and-of themselves (thus abstractly), shifting to repraesenting those principles by particular persons (as exponents of the principles, and such socially), this correlation would evidently be related to my understanding of deities as specialists, each in dealing with a particular principle; so much so that those deities may be repraesented (in myth, ritual, and prayer) as personifying particular principles. [Here the term "particular principles" would refer to those qualities usually known (when specified in grammatical, viz., syntactical, terms) as "universals", which are common substantives, not capitalized; in contrast to "particulars", which are propre substantives, capitalized; although the personages of the deities themselves may, on the contrary, be known as "particulars". This is a functionable way of passing from consideration of a nigh-intractactable "universal", to a readily-communicable-with, and thus tractable, "particular".]}

Dec 25th-26th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I was involved in a mission to a geographically isolated group of tribes, to inform them of the existence of other tribes, speaking the same language as their own, who were located immediately beyond a mountain-range which they had not explored beyond. (Later in the same dream,) I was viewing underwater various vertical shafts, each whereof had set into its bottom an object (an underwater electrical light); after each such viewing, I had to emerge from the underwater by swimming into a pool with air above it, having a low ceiling, beyond the last of which low-ceilinged pools there was a location for emergence from underground, whereto I also swam. [Then I awoke.] {The early portion of this dream, in that it was considered socially beneficially for tribes to establish social relations with other tribes, in similar to the last-remembred dream, wherein maintaining close social relations with persons culturally similar to one's self, was emphasized. It happened that yesterday (Dec 25) that the SocOfFr meeting, G.R. was saying that there was advantage in like-minded persons (especially ones having unusual benevolent attitudes) to be linked in maintaining social contacts. After that meeting, when P.P. was driving me homeward and I brought up the general subject of dreams, she asked me to tell my most recent dream; and when I told it to her, she remarked of the similarity of the content of that dream to the discussion at the meeting whence we were returning, telling me that I ought to have told my dream there (to which I replied that I did not think of that dream at the meeting). To tell of that dream at that meeting would have been similar to the case wherein I told (at a praevious meeting of the local SocOfFr, wherein G.R. had just told of the value of saying "Lord Have Mercy") of my hearing-and-seeing, in the dream experienced the night before that meeting, the chanting of the same in Hellenic ("Kurie eleison"). [May it be surmised concerning the dream, that submergence in the water could repraesent submergence in the peculiar antarabhava (between-lives) consciousness (described in various "Books of the Dead"), that the water in light at the bottom of the shaft could repraesent the light at the end of the tunnel into the after-death realm, and that arrival at a place for exit from underground could repraesent arrival of the transmigrating soul of the dead into a suitable site (viz., a scene wherein an embryo is being begotten) for becoming again incarnate?]}

Dec 26th-27th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I felt something sharp against my big toe when I placed it against the upper rim of my bathtub. I speculated that a sliver of glass may have adhaered to my toe when I was on the ground, and that pressing it against the bathtub-rim may have cut it; but I saw neither blood nor any sliver, and wondred how I could have felt such a sensation. [Then I awoke.] {Was this intended to repraesent the myth of O,rvandill's toe's protruding out of the basket wherein he was being carried by To`rr, so that the toe fell off? If so, then it might have been intended to explain, as O,rvan-dill's wife Gro`a, the naked phantom-woman (goddess) whom I saw seated, facing inward, on the rim of our bathtub (decades ago, in the trailer at B., L. Co, GA) -- alike unto various such visions, this persisted for many minutes, she being as yet there when I checked a while later. I had yesterday been re-reading the Hrungnir portion of that myth on the internet. /O,rvandill/ is cognate with Gothic /Aus-andil/ < */Ausi-wandil/ (WP"Aurvandil"), who (on account of this etymology) is identified as /Eos-phoros/ (/Auhos-phoros/ < */Usas-bhara-/), whose wife Kle[w]o-boia (DCM, s.v. "Heosphorus") or Khruso-themis (DCM, s.v. "Philammon") could be Gro`a. Gro`a is daughter of Sig-trygg (RTM, vol. 3, p. 152), who may be aequivalent to Karmanor the father of Khruso-themis (DCM, s.v. "Carmanor").}

WP"Aurvandil" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aurvandil

RTM = Viktor Rydberg (transl by Rasmus B. Anderson) : Teutonic Mythology. Norroena Soc, 1906. https://books.google.com/books?id=_wHiAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA152&lpg=PA152&dq=

Dec 27th (Tue) 2016 :- not a dream : P.P. told me of her, while driving, viewing the clouds to open apart in front of the roadway so as to reveal the rising sun; and asked me the significance of this. That night, I began (on account of its relevance to the book The Immortals : Faces of the Incredible, wherefrom I was taking notes) reading the book Mysterious Stranger : a Book of Magic, coming across (about midnight), on p. 169, the passage "I said to myself, "... make the sun come out." Suddenly, the clouds ripped open, and the sun burst out." A significance of scene could be on p. 12, where the author (David Blaine) ascribed his illusion-casting mass-hypnosis powers to a "recurring dream."

Dec 27th-28th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : Out-of-doors, when a woman started walking down an incline of stairs having handrails, at the bottom whereof another woman was standing, I figured that one of those two women might wish for me, so I followed the woman walking downstairs. At the bottom of those stairs, the other woman put her arm around my body; so I started feeling on her buttocks through her dress, with my hands. Then she started walking up the stairs with me; but when, on the upper level we reached an upholstered chair, I noticed that she was not visible, although her clothing was as yet visible and lying on that chair. At that place I heard praesent what I thought was her voice; so I said that she must as yet be praesent there (though impliedly invisible), and I was frustrated that I could not see her so as to resume feeling on her body. [Then, due to being exasperated at this exigency, I awoke.] {The woman's climbing the staircase with me would remind of another memorable dream of mine some years ago, when a woman was climbing an isolated staircase (not resting on the part of the natural landscape, but resembling those built as observation-platforms for use by astronomers many centuries ago in India) toward me, I being on the landing atop it : such dream having been memorable on account of its the the first wherein I saw any clouds in the sky, the sky in that dream being then completely overcast by clouds.}

Dec 29th-30th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I was intending to send for, via mail-order, various types of psychedelic herbs, and was discussing with someone my intent to do so. {I had, the day before (i.e., Dec 29th) sent, via e-mail orders, to two different herb-companies, for psychedelic herbs.} {I had not dreamt that type of dream before. The dream occurred while in the waking-world a playlist of women's singing to metal music was being played from YouTube : hitherto it had generally been necessary (if any vocals were associated with the music being played in the waking world) for traditional religious chanting to be in progress; it had praeviously been necessary for the vocal to be traditional religious chanting for any remembrable dream to result -- but I had often been leaving operatic-metal music playing on YouTube anyway, hoping eventually to arrive at a remembred dream. This was the first evening that I had ingested voacanga (which had just arrived from the Gold Coast via mail-order), which I had eaten along with the usual African lucky dream bean Entada rheedii. (Therefore, by consuming voacanga every evening, I would expect therceforward to remembre dreaming every night while leaving, in the waking-world, operatic-metal music playing on YouTube -- which may be praeferable to religious chanting, account of the operatic-metal music being capable of upholding a more-intensely-excited state of mind and, therewith, more-intensely-interesting dreaming.)}

Dec 30th-31st (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : It was during the night that in the dimness of a bedroom, where a couple whom I knew personally was lying in the wide bed beside which I was standing expectantly, when in the dimness a cat walked to where I was standing. I started to shoo it away, but when it leapt onto the bed, I noticed that the couple was no longer occupying it, and wondred how and whither they could have departed. Nextly, in the dimness, light was somehow (as if by spotlight) shining onto an area (of a few square feet) of the floor whereupon lay, in some disarray, two of the long iridescent strips which normally adorn jambs and lintel of each of the doorways in my apartment in the waking world (I habitually now-a-days sleeping in the doorway for the main door within my apartment; occasionally the iridescent strips fall off and must be retaped on again with clear adhaesive tape). I therefore wondred whether I had somehow awoke (from the dream) so that I could be standing in such familiar surroundings. [Wondring thus, I awoke. It was a little after 3 A.M. : I had progressively swallowed that night enough melatonin (5 mg capsules) to put me to sleep -- 3 shortly after midnight, 2 more 20 minutes later, and finally 2 yet more shortly after 2 A.M., so that had slept only an hour. Before going to sleep that night, I had ingested for the 1st time (it had arrived by mail-order during the daytime of that day, yesterday Dec 30th) some mucuna seed powder (along with green-tea extract, as directed on the WakeUpInYourDreams website).] {Because the music which I had left playing overnight from YouTube was (when I awoke) in the gothic-metal section of a long playlist (YouTube-Mix, "Mix - 20 OF THE BEST SOPRANOS IN METAL") of metal music, which gothic-metal music hath a tendency to be about haunted cemeteries in darkness, the cat (the usual familiar of witches), in the dream's dimness, was apposite. Never praeviously did I dream of seeing anything iridescent; surely the viewing of iridescence was enabled by the mucuna. Gothic-metal music would be at least as apposite to dreams of darkness as would be operatic-metal music.}