Dream-diary, November 2016

October 31st-November 1st (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : A woman, who was naked, was carrying her baby in her vagina, such that the top of the baby's head slightly protruded from her vagina. The woman had been lying on her side, but she first rolled over, then shifted her posture so that she was squatting, on a horizontal board-like contraption suspended about a foot above a sort of kitchen-sink (that sink, however, lacking a faucet), the contraption whereon she was squatting having an aperture under it, large enough for the baby easily to be passed through. Before she started squatting on it, she had been reclining naked on her side upon the contraption. A few seconds after she had shifted into a squatting position, she allowed the baby suddenly to slip out of her vagina and thus to fall (through said aperture) headfirst into the sink {"When she was about to give birth, her step-mother made a hole in the floor, placed the young woman over it, and, when the child was born, she ... let the infant fall through the hole." (Tales of the North American Indians, by Stith Thompson (1929). CHAPTER VIII : LXXXIV. THE TRUE BRIDE[295], p. 234 http://www.sacred-texts.com/nam/tnai/tnai08.htm)}; the baby, when landing in the sink, rolling onto its side in the sink. I was somewhat perturbed at the sight of this fall, thinking that the fall may have caused the baby some discomfort by its striking it head slightly on the sink; so I thought to myself that if I had known that she was intending to allow the baby to fall thus, I would have reached forward so as to catch the baby, thus restraining it from falling, and lowering it instead into the sink with my hands. I said to her, "I did not know that I was expected to catch the baby." Thereupon, without aswering and without saying anything else, she, by hunching forward leaned her face toward mine; so I started kissing her mouth, and continued in doing so for some time, during that time cupping each of my hands under each one of her suspended naked teats. Soon another woman, who was also naked, walked through the door into the room (that door being to my right while I was facing the woman whom I had been kissing); when I noticed her motion in entring the room, I ceased kissing so as to look at her. She said something, stating that she was intending to tell other persons about what I and the woman whose mouth I was kissing were doing; then she went back out of the room. I figured that there would be no particular disapproval by whatever other persons to whom she would tell about what I and the woman whom I had been kissing were doing (after all, where women, including the one was about to do the telling, were commonly walking about while naked, even when paying social visits to other women, there customarily would not be any disapproval about private sexual behaviour); so I resumed kissing the woman's mouth. [Soon I awoke; it was about 5 A.M..] {Alike unto the mother's freeing of her baby from being stuck in the passageway of her vagina (in much the same fashion as a foetus-baby while undergoing parturition is released from the amniotic-fluid-containing womb) for emergence of the baby at that sudden time : I had read late the praeceding night, somewhat after midnight (i.e., November 1st), "I was nonetheless apparently stuck in the passageway (no longer, so to speak, in an amniotic universe), despite my times of emergence." (R. A. Masters : Darkness Shining Wild : an Odyssey to the Heart of Hell and Beyond; quoted in :- James Oroc : Tryptamine Palace, Appendix VI ("Heaven and Hell"), p. 321).

N.B. This dream could also be treated as a praemonition of events of the subsequent morning (i.e., November 1st), when I happed to read : "This happened right at the time when she was going to give birth to a baby." This sentence occurreth later in the same paragraph as I quoted from (on the morning of November 1st) in typing a passage of my comments on Tryptamine Palace, p. 303.}

November 3rd-4th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I walked over to the woman who was standing in the room; extended my arms to her; and (although she was at least a foot taller than myself) easily picked her up with my hands. While I was holding her body aloft, I proceeded to leap about, telling myself that it was quite remarkable that I was able to do so, and thinking to myself that if I was able to do so with her, that she would likewise be able to do similarly with my body if she were to make the effort to do so. At this point, I apparently realized that, in order for persons to be able so readily to lift each other in their extended arms, this must be a dream.

November 4th-5th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I was examining a chair which remained standing even though it seemed to lack its 2 forelegs. I figured that, in order for it to remain standing, it must have all its legs, the 2 forelegs simply being invisible; but I was able repeatedly to pass my hand unobstructedly through the air where the 2 forelegs would have been been, thus demonstrating to myself that the 2 forelegs were indeed non-existent rather than merely invisible. {On last Wedn while at the state-capitol aedifice for the protest with signs, I had mentioned to G.L.R. the invisible thrones whereon TL-MRJ gods sit in some depicted scenes. Yesterday (i.e., Nov 4th) evening I had read and quoted the Maha-bharata passage ("Adi" 67:60) describing the invisibility of Kit.aka in the praesence of monkeys; and just now I have had the occasion to recall the white monkey who is positioned behind an aged god who is seated on a throne (in CBM, p. 57, lower right).}

Later dream, same night : I had been walking along with my mother, who said that were in the process of moving out of the place wherein we were residing, into some other place. She said that we would move only a few items; so I answered nby saying to her that I remembred that whenever we moved before (thinking, as I was, about moving in and out of a ho^tel), we needed to move only a few suitcases.

I also saw the room where I thought my sister was residing, but did not see her there : there were some fancy decorative banner-like cloth objects, which I wondred whether my sister intended to move, or whether she had already moved her belongings out and what I was seeing were belongings of some other girl who had moved into the same room in her place.

Then I was with my father, who likewise said that we were moving out to another place; but when I started to pick up some electronic equipment in order to help moving it, I found that it had wires wrapped around it so as to keep it in place on the shelves (apparently so that I could not be carelessly knocked off the shelves, or whatever), so I desisted from doing so, intending to find instead some other items easier to pick up immediately so at to move.

Then I saw some young oriental man, whom I did not recognize, but who said that he was moving out, and that in order to do so he would have to destroy some shelving. He had a hammer in his hand, but when I approached, telling him that I could show him how to use it differently (I intending to shew to him how to use the hammer's claw to pull out nails so as be able to save the shelving for re-assembling wherever he might move to), he swang the hammer about in the air wildly, rather narrowly missing my body; and this behaviour of me and of him was repeated several times, until I figured that he would not cease from this wild hammer-swinging if I were to keep on persisting in attempting to shew to him how to use the hammer's claw. Then I started thinking that it may be that his wild swinging of the hammer nigh to my body might not at all be dangerous; that somehow cosmic forces were controlling the details of events so as to keep all actions actually safe. [Wondring about how this could be the case, I awoke.]

November 5th-6th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I was witnessing varieties of new movements in the way of political parties dedicated to improvement of society; there being two main varieties of such, one such variety having as its emblem writing-implements (for the "many mansions, if it were not ...", of Zbuwl planet-Jupiter 'mansion', whence come "out of Zbuwluwn they that handle the pen of the writer." S^apat.iym 5:14); intended to indicate promotion of maintaining ongoing written records of one's own dreams. I, however, thought to myself that it would be unnecessary for a political movement to promote so very strongly the need to keep written records of one's personal dreams, because I supposed to myself (in that dream) that it is very easy for persons to hold in memory any and all dreams which they have experienced. {This supposition of mine (in that dream) was not, however, practicably accurate, as I recognized after I had awoken (even more so after I had fallen asleep while resolving upon writing down my memory of this dream, and waking again somewhat later) and was considering the implications of such dream. When I awoke, I was (during the process of writing this record of this my dream) hearing playing from the internet, on YouTube (which I had left playing on my computer, and included in the playlist "Queens of symphonic metal"), by the group INDICA the song "In Passing", sung by a woman the lyrics "Nothing is made to last; this too will pass" -- lyrics which are commonplace sayings, but of an altogether erroneous sentiment; for, indeed, all events which occur ought to be eagerly welcomed as manifestion of universally beneficial ordainments of networked committees of divine entities constituting the governance of the universe, all without exception functioning for the ongoing benefit of all living beings : thus, as effectively worthy to endure in memory, without the memory of such events passing out of existence; so that contemplation of the beneficial nature of such events can be entertained in mind. I had during the praevious day (i.e., Nov 5th) been mentioning by telephone to prof. em. H.G. (after he had asked me whether I expected the United States actually to lead a worldwide improvement of society consequent to reconciliation of >islam with Christianity brought about by, as I had been suggesting, the S`ikh denomination of which the praesent governeress of South Carolina is a part) that I expected a rapid improvement soon in the political climate in the world to occur upon fulfillment of an impending collapse of the Republican Party of the United States; and likewise mentioning by telephone to G.L.R. that after enough dissension shall have developed within the Republican Party of the United States sufficiently to eliminate control of it by the George-Bush faction, reactionary resistance to the Democratic Party's beneficial schemes to cease (to which praediction of mine, G.L.R. agreeded that this may happen). [A ro^le ought to be played by the Ruh.ani Sat-sangha, which emphasizeth that mortal humans consort with divine immortals in dreamings; this factor perhaps being that which this paticular dream about feasible emphasis on dreamings in possible new developments in politics was implying, ought to be deduced.]}

Nov 7th (Mon, during the evening) 2016 :- Dream : Having awoken me (in the dream) where I was lying in bed, and lifted the bedspread to expose that I had been sleeping while wearing my suit and with my left knee raised, G.L.R. remarked that he now noticed noticed that I had been asleep. I spoke confirming that I had indeed been asleep; for I could remembre that I had been dreaming (which would be a dream within a dream) before he awoke me. [Then I actually awoke from this dream about having been awoken.] {Could this dream be relatable to the scene, nigh the beginning of the Kalevala, wherein a god is reclining with one knee raised?}

Nov 7th-8th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I was walking down a staircase toward a door which, as I knew, would open into the corridor of an apartment-aedifice, when, on the 2nd-to-last step, I stumbled, but did not fall forward because I was holding onto the bannistre. I noticed that if I had fallen forward, I would have struck my head again the door. [Then I awoke.] {This dream is a little similar to that on October 31st-November 1st, wherein I was concerned about a baby's slightly striking its head in falling.}

Nov 8th-9th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : After failure of my attempt to induce political reform, I realized that I was about to be arrested whenever I was sighted by governmental authorities, so I started immediately fleeing, on foot, in the direction wherein I thought it to be the least likely that I would be sought. I changed my initial plan to hide out in a neighboring aedifice (which, so I understood, was the headquarters of a political group opposed to the governing faction which would be seeking to arrest me) because I figured that it would likely be searched in any governmental effort to find and to arrest me, and continued fleeing beyond it. {I had been watching, into the night beyond midnight, the political news of praesidential-election results; and had been surprised by the unexpected results in that news.}

Nov 12th-13th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I was looking at a description of two distinct traditional ways of separating the substances (each way involving the same sequence of metals, but the older sequence not including the pilastres, whereas the more recent sequence -- being a composite of the two traditional ways of sepation -- not including the upper entablature) employed in constructing temples; with the most recent way (whereof I was viewing a pictorial illustration) having the entire temple including in this horizontal subdivision into the metallic substances. Thus, in the illustration of the most recent (that is, the composite arrangement, which is all-metal) both the columns themselves and also the columns' capitals are constituted of horizontal layers of copper, whereas in the older of the two the columns are consituted not of metal but of something else [such as, stone]. {This system of three metals may be intended as a simpler rendition of the metals of the world-ages (including, for Hesiodos, bronze, which would correspond to the copper in the dream). Aequivocation between bronze and copper is also found in description of the metal serpent mentioned in the Ex-hodos and by the prophetai/nabiy>iym -- forasmuch as one such metallic serpent discovered by arkhaiology is apparently of copper instead of being of bronze. Bronze is a blend (alloy) of two metals, tin (for Zeus) and copper (for Aphro-dite), thus apparently repraesenting how "Zeus ... lay with his adopted daughter Aphrodite, as some say that he did" (GM 18.f).}

Later dream, same night : I saw a favored small pet animal (mammal, perhaps a guinea-pig) of ours being led around in the room wherein I was, by a medium-sized grey swine (or similar mammal, perhaps a paca) whereto the small pet was tied; and I though to myself that the grey swine had been substituted for another animal which had praeviously likewise served the small pet.

Continuation of same dream : Whereas I had been viewing a scene on the monitor-scene of the computer, I noticed that now there was no more scene, for the monitor-screen had become grey, pictureless. Looking about the room, I noticed that it was dim, with that which appeared to be some slight illumination emerging from another room in the apartment. I also noticed that there was no light on in the computer, and so light on in any of the other electronics equipment in the room, which would (as I thought) indicate that the electricity had failed. Within a few moments, however, some glow, followed by slightly discernable writing, appeared on the computer-monitor, which must indicate (as I thought) that the electricity-service had been restored, and also thought to myself that although the electricity-service had been restored, the computer was rather slow at responding to that restoration, and that I would be some further moments before a scene would appear brightly agan on the computer-monitor. [Then I awoke, and was somewhat surprised that I had been dreaming such an unusual dream (for, I could not remembre having ever before dreamt of sudden failure of electricity, let alone of such failure's having occurred while I was viewing a scene on a computer's monitor-scene).] {Incidentally, within a couple of seconds after having finished typing the foregoing, and while as yet wondring whether there was any further detail of anything else pertinent to be added, then suddenly my computer turned itself off because the electricity had suddenly failed; but in only about a second or two, the electricity turned itself back on (the supplmentary electricity-generator operated for the city's electrical power-supply functioning that rapidly) and so did my computer.} {Quite like this foreknowing dream of the future was able to happen (so dramatically at that!) because I had the day before (i.e., Nov 12th) decided to, and did, send for (from Amazon.com) a usable nutcracker for opening the East African (much carried on their persons, and also eaten raw, by tribesfolk thereat) Lucky-Dream beans (bought on EBay.com) from the indigenous bean-tree (rather similar to the h.aruwb/carob bean-tree) which had arrived a few days earlier.}

Nov 13th-14th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I was seated facing a horizontal hatch when I felt something which I assumed must be from beyond it touch, my body; so, supposing that whatever was able to reach and touch my body might be strong enough to do to me some bodily harm if I were not immediately co-operative, I said aloud that I would do whatever was required of me whenever I were to perceive a sign of what that requirement might be. Thereupon I saw a baby's hand thrust against the other side of a panel of glass occupying a portion of the hatch; but I wondred whatever that baby's display of a hand was any indication of what I might be required to so. [Wondring about this, I awoke.] {The lever of a gambling machine (abounding in gambling-houses in, e.g., Nevada) is called a "one-armed bandit"; and the clear glass touching the baby's hand may be aequivalent to the"pinnacle of clear ice" touching the bird (on p. 237 of the tale mentioned in the dream of October 31st-November 1st 2016, when a baby fell through the aperture), so that "windows of the house were all battened" (loc. cit. : as if a hurricane were impending -- an allusion to Hu-raca`n 'One-Foot' in the Popol Vuh) mght indicate that which was required of me : i.e., to fit a cover to the glass portal in like manner as a lens-cover is kept over a camera's lens when not in use, perhaps also suggesting photography -- tonight being a photogenic night, for during it the harvest moon is the largest (approaching closest to Earth) in decades. (I had read a couple of days earlier that the possibility of luck in gambling is no greater than the possiblity of an asteroid's approaching the Earth to strike it in the way wherein so many struck the moon leaving craters. Do recall that "Craters of the Moon" (National Monument Praeserve) is the main feature of the region in Idaho wherein resided, at Lost River, the rancher who witnessed the flying saucer landing there at that river's entry into the underground (as he told me personally, by telephone); afterwards he moved to the opposite side across the "Craters of the Moon" to the Reservation in order to rouse from sleep the Indians on nights when the flying saucer's crew had told him (by telepathy) that they were scheduled to put in an appearance.}

Nov 14th-15th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- not a Dream : {Mon Nov 14th, just before reciining to go to sleep, I ingested (for the first time) some small pieces (it fragmenting when cracked open by being struck a blow with a solid object, forcefully) of Entada rheedii seed (tree-bean). (Hours later,) while in the process of awaking OUT OF THAT SLEEP, I noticed that my mouth was quite paralyzed : it felt as though it were open, and that I was unable to close or otherwise to use it. I did not make any effort to move any other part of my body, for I feared that if I were to occupy my attention with any other part of my body (than my mouth), then divine beings (upon whom I would have depend at the moment to notice and to rectify the paralyzed condition of my mouth) might not notice that paralysis and therefore not heal it; and that under that circumstance the paralysis might spread to my lungs, halting my breathing by asphyxia (which I was dreading might arise). As I continued to become more fully awake, however, the paralysis abruptly vanished, and the mouth felt exactly as usual (normal).} {[Added a day later :-] Considering that I ought to interpret what the message the spirit of the Entada rheedii was intending to convey to me (by causing me to experience temporary paralysis of the mouth), I eventually (either the same or the next day), decided that it was intending to reprimand me for not using my mouth to tell my opinions about despicable aspects of the major religions (especially of Christianity) to certain persons (such as G.L.R.) with whom I often would be speaking (whether by telephone or in person), even though I had been told by at least one other person (S.P., the woman usually driving me to and from SocOfFr meetings), that upon that person's reading (at the suggestion by me) the Gospels, did agree that at least the passage "If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out" is beyond the pale of acceptability.}

Nov 15th-16th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : As I was approaching my flush-toilet in the bathroom of my apartment (which apartment I shared with another man), he (forward and to my right), while standing urinating at his own flush-toilet in that bathroom (which contained two flush-toilets), first started aiming his urine-stream at, and thereby spraying his urine upon, the flush-toilet which I was approaching; and when I paused, he started directing the urine-stream toward me (who was then about 20 feet distant from him) so that my body was being sprayed with urine. I retreated, arriving out of range of his urine-spray only by hastening into another room of the apartment, away from his line-of-sight, though the urine-spray continued to fall through the doorway into that room. I immediately resolved upon going downstairs to the apartment-aedifice' office, in order to tell the aedifice-managers about that which he had been doing. [But at that instant I awoke.] {I had, earlier in that night before I had gone to sleep, been looking (on the internet, apparently on Gaming.YouTube.Com) at a video shewing a Japanese computer-game motion-scene wherein a woman was repeatedly spraying her urine upon various men. The dream substituted a man (for the woman in the waking-world computer-game), praesumably in order to concord with the computer-game's aspect (the computer-game evidently being intended to be played by a Japanese woman, who would consider herself to be repraesented by the woman in the computer-game, and who would be eager to defeat men) of having the men successively defeated by the woman's spraying her urine on them : for, I would not have retreated from a woman spraying her urine on me in any dream, but would instead would have advanced to her in order to have sexual intercourse with her : whereas in the computer-game, the only men who had sexual intercourse with her -- indicating a very-temporary defeat of her by them (she recovering from each such sexual violation immediately and defeating each man anyway, even each of those who briefly sexually violated her) -- were the ones whom she had neglected to spray with her urine.}

Nov 21st-22nd (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I was watching the end of a chess-game being played (players and/or spectators apparently including my siblings), when it suddenly ended (apparently to the surprise of the loser) -- it seemed that the loser may have been a female and the winner perhaps a male. With players and spectators all departed, I myself looked closely at the final postion of the chess-pieces, and saw that a pawn had advanced to the limit of the board, becoming a queen, thereby seemingly checkmating the other side's king (though now I realize that the king could apparently have advanced by one square -- unless the queen could make a knight's move, which may be a rule in some variety of chess) which had remained on the same row, just two places to the right of the pawn-become-queen, which was nigh the far left on the board. [Then I awoke; it was just after midnight. I do not remembre ever praeviously having dreamt of a chess-game.] {Although I did not realize it when I typed up the foregoing immediately on awaking, apparently the woman's being "checkmated" indicated that a woman was about to be praeternaturally compelled to submit to me sexually, as in the succeeding dream immediately following.}

Later dream, same night (after writing the foregoing) : I was standing behind a woman, and grasping her body from behind. I whispered to that woman that I was keeping her away from another woman (who was praesent) because that other woman wished to suck her cunt, because I wished to suck her cunt myself, instead -- but I wondred, since the whisper was not loud (purposely, to keep the other woman from overhearing me say this to the woman whom I was grasping), whether she whom I was addressing heard what I said to her (since she did not speak in response). Then I thrust my penis, from behind, so that it was immediately under and touching her vulva (our genitalia being naked). [Then I awoke.] {I do not remembre ever before speaking to woman about sexual activity in a dream; for, despite a great many times having over the decades having participated in sexual activity with a woman in a dream, it would seem always to have been performed silently, without either myself's or the woman's ever speaking about that (nor about any other) sexual activity. Apparently, eating Entada rheedii each night before going to sleep is having the effect of making me more freely speaking in a dream, as I had sometimes wished (while awake) that I would become. It is also true that whenever (in past decades, when I was cohabiting for some years each, with several successive women, that I never spoke anything sexual with any woman while I was engaged in any manner of sexual activity with her; nor did any such woman ever speak about anything sexual while we were engaged in sexual activity, either : and I have sometimes (in recent years, when I have not had recourse to sexual activity with a woman) thought to myself that it would be more meaningful, useful, and productive to engage in sexual talk while involved in sexual activity, but while awake and in a dream. But, for that matter, the pornogaphy videos with sound likewise almost always entirely lack any sexual talk on the part of both man and woman while they are engaged in sexual activity -- instead, the audio will be of either some music and/or of one or both of the couple making some unintelligible sounds; if ever a word is said, it is not usually explicit of sexual activity. I have wondred whether that very deliberate refraint from meaningful sexual talk is characteristic only of so-called "civilized" cultures. The taboo on sexual talk while engaging in sexual activity is highly reminiscent of the usual taboo on public discussion of exploitation of wage-labor by capitalism -- apparently nearly all wage-workers find this subject (and in fact both subjects -- explicit sexual talk while engaged in sexual activity, and likewise talk about being exploited by capitalists) too intimate and too personal to be discussible. Apparently, in class-ruled societies, the ruling class understandeth quite well that in order to keep the workers from discussing among themselves the fact that they are exploited by their capitalist rulers, it sufficeth merely to created in the working-class a sense of personal embarrassment about discussing sexual matters while engaged in sexual activity, knowing that that sense of personal embarrassment will automatically carry itself into the sphaire of oikonomic relationship between capitalist owner-of-machinery-of-industrial-production and hireling wage-worker operating those machines. Furthermore, legal suppression of free-and-easy prostitution was organized by the ruling class for a more rigid control, in order, by thusly enhancing social embarrassment about sexual talk-while-engaged-in-sexual activity, to induce embarrassment about being exploited by capitalism. Another similar embarrassment is the social taboo on public discussion whether such absurdities as claiming that "almighty" god was most easily tortured to death by supposedly impotent mortals, make or do not make any sense at all, and should or should not influence governmental policy. Still another similar embarrassment is the social taboo on public discussion whether such absurdities as claiming that saints perform all manner of miracles with divine help from angels with whom they consort, while at the same time allowing the ruling class to seize and imprison within "insane asyla" any and all persons who, without being clergy in a state-authorized "Church", are known to declare that they are consorting with visible, audible angels and receiving help therefrom -- whether this absurd contradiction doth or doth not make any consistent sense, and whether or not it ought to influence governmental policy.}

Later dream, same night : Into the room wherein I was, a child began pouring, from bins, edible dry seeds (such as dry beans) through the doorway into the room, onto the room's floor {perhaps referring to the antient Roman bean-throwing festival, of which I had recent read while awake}; I thought these seeds might be feed for some sort of domestic animals. I hastily left out of that room, and found myself in a sort of segmented hallway largely occupied by various kinds of machinery {cf. the "machinery of production" mentioned in my comments on the praeceding dream}; I continued walking through the segments of that hall, until I came to a place whence I could see down into the (also largely occupied by machinery) storey below, and noticed a particular ladderlike machine extending upward into the storey wherein I was; so I climbed down that piece of machinery. On the lower storey, however, I soon saw persons who I thought might object to my being there, so I sought to climb back up on some sort of hanging heavy cloth having crossbands as apparent footholds, but was not successful in attempting to climb (because the crossbands were too narrow). [Then I awoke.] {The bean-species whereof I had been eating the seed that night in the waking-world is a tree-climbing liana, easily able to sustain the weight of a person climbing it, alike to that in the "Jack-in-the-Beanstalk" fable.}

Later dream, same night : I was reading a printed account described various species of psychedelic seeds (beans) and their effects. {Before going to sleep (and once when I awoke during the night), I had apparently eaten more than ever before of the psychedelic bean-seed Entada rheedii, hoping for a more noticeable effect than praeviously. That species is, however, the only psychedelic species of bean whereof I am aware.}

Nov 22nd (Tue, during the edaytime) 2016 :- Dream : Someone was attempting to break into the room wherein I was by breaking down each of the 2 panes (valves) of the double-door into my room. Firstly, whoever it was attempted to break the pane to my left, but I pressed against it. Nextly, the person attempted to to break the pane to my right by striking it repeatedly high up on the door, but it pressed against it there. [Then I awoke.]

Nov 29th-30th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : Looking across the field, I saw a group of persons whom I assumed to be occult Maya entities, who I thought might undertake a hostile action if they were to approach; so, in order to protect myself and to repell, them, I started calling on the name of the supreme deity, Tloque Nahuaque. Promptly, their bodies began becoming transparent, and thereupon I could not see them. I thought that perhaps they may have simply become invisible, and that in that guise they might advance to where I was without being detected, in order to perform some hostile action; therefore I began invoking supernatural protection more urgently. [Thereupon I awoke. It was as yet well-before midnight.] {Immediately before falling asleep at my computer-desk, I had been reading an account of recent archaiological discoveries disclosing further details about the myth of X-hunapu and X-balanque et alii, [from the "Maya Vase Data Base" website] at http://www.mayavase.com/Iconography.pdf.} {I do not, offhand, remembre any praevious dream wherein entities became gradually more transparent, until they vanished. I have, however, read that this is usual in ghosts when they are observed by an observer in the waking-state.}