Dream-diary, October 2016

Oct 1st-2nd (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I was repeatedly undertaking a simple two-step procedure which selected only the useful information out of a larger set of instructions; I thought this procedure similar to compressing a computer-file.

Oct 6th-7th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I was repeatedly reviewing descriptions of a few herbs. {Just before falling asleep (at the computer-desk), I had been typing excerpts, of descriptions of herbs, from Entheogens and the Development of Culture.}

Oct 7th-8th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : A woman (fair-skinned) who had immediately praevious performed some socially disapproved action (which I, however, personally approved) stepped outside the aedifice. While she was just outside the door to the exterior, another woman, who was dark (brown)-skinned came to her and started slapping her, evidently in the intent to shew disapproval of her unconventional action. Immediately, I stepped out of the door into the exterior, saying to the dark-skinned woman, "Hey! Don't hit her!" Immediately, the woman to whom I had spoken started sprinting away; I followed in pursuit, intending to continue to rebuke her. While I was pursuing, I wondred to myself whether I ought to emphasize my disapproval by also forcing sexual intercourse on her when I would catch her. [Thereupon, while wondring about this, I awoke.] {It hath been many years (decades) since I have forced sexual intercourse on a woman (goddess, or whomever) in a dream; but the intent to demonstrate to her my disapproval of a woman's behaviour would indeed furnish a satisfactory reason for me to do so on any occasion; such an occsasion simply not having arisen over those years (decades). I happed that one one occasion (at least two decades) ago, in GA, that I was an inmate in a "insane asylum", a woman-attendant asked me whether I had ever forced sexual attentions on any woman against her will; and I then answered her, saying that I had regularly done this each time immediately after returning from the insane asylum to the woman with whom I was co-habiting, in order to demonstrate to her disapproval of her having caused me to be involuntarily committed. (Indeed, the very fact that the woman was putting up any resistance to sexual intercourse immediately upon my return, seemed to me an admission of a sense of guilt for wrongdoing on her part -- this [rather mild] resistance her part had started only after I a been cohabiting with her for some years, and never occurred any other occasion than immediately upon each such return by me to our abode, a trailer.)}

Oct 10-11th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I was saying to the person (a man) in charge of this technical service for our group of persons, that I was aware that I was aware that, if desired by any person of our group, any increased level of security for that person's personal computer could be achieved if requaested by such a person, but that I myself had no need for any such increase. [Then I awoke. It was more than an hour past midnight, and I remembred that I had been too sleepy (having fallen to sleep at my computer-desk unexpectedly) to take any dream-enhancing herbs before I had laid my body down to go to sleep for that night; therefore sought to take them right then (as I have resolved to do under such circumstances, i.e., of waking in the after night having been too sleepy to feel like taking then when earlier lying down on the ground to sleep).] {I had on the praevious afternoon (i.e., Oct 10) called by telephone G.R. to suggest to him that whenever he were to come downtown next, he could stop bye my apartment in order to insert into my computer the random-access-memory computer-chips which I had mentioned to him (as having arrived by mail after having been ordered over the internet, in order to remedy the defect of my computer's having recently become, presumbly due to its R-A-M having become insufficient, unable to load its installed Dreamweaver program for uploading onto the internet) just prior to the most recent SocOfFr meeting, when however, this service was not convenient for him then to perform for me, inasmuch as the meeting is not even actually on the route between our personal abodes. I, as usual, stated to him that I had no immediate need for installation of such increase of R-A-M, and that this could be done at occasion of convenience to him, whenever he were to come downtown for some other reason. (His usual stated main interest in improving computers is in enhancing their security-systems.)}

Oct 12th-13th (Wedn-Thur) 2016 :- Dream : I read that an "ultimate nothingness" is to be distinguished from an "ultimate somethingness". A day or so before, I had read that (Bertschinger : The Secret of Everlasting Life, p. 211, quoting the canon Clarity and Purity) "being empty but there not actually being nothing, Is lacking nothing, since there is actually nothing [i.e., there and then there is actually nothing which is lacking]!" {My dreamings largely having become metaphysical disquisitions, I am apparently actually become praepared for ingesting the the sort of elixir (psychedelic herb) which is able to transport one's self into the divine court (such as, that described in the Book [or Canon] of the Yellow Court) wherein metaphysical disquisition is praerequisite for proceeding to a resolution of practical socio-oikonomic political problems in the material (i.e., waking-state) universe. In order to resolve upon doing this (ingestation), I was describing yesterday (i.e., Oct 12, to G.R. in front of the capitol-aedifice, and which he contextualized by describing his recent manner of dreaming) the sorts of herbs mentioned in Entheogens and the Development of Culture (which book I had at hand, and which herbs he then sought to look-up internet-references thereto, on his "smart-phone" computer), but I was intending to apply to resolving upon my commencing to ingest such psychedelic herbs as, although I already for many months had them in my possession, I had been neglecting to partake-of until the appropriate moment.}

Oct 14th-15th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I was reading a line which, although not itself a URL, thought somehow indicated a URL to be searched on the internet, and was wondring just what URL it was indicating. [Then I awoke.]

Oct 15th-16th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I was within an elevator, when I saw that the water-level outside of it within the aedifice had risen nigh toward the top of that elevator. Thereupon I opened the connection with the ouside of the elevator within the aedifice at the level above the water-level, and was wondring whether I ought to exit thither from the elevator. [Then I awoke.]

Oct 16th-17th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I was reading that a combination of two metaphysical techniques could provide results which neither technique alone would be capable of. I was pondring the theoretical feasibllity of this. [Then I awoke.]

Oct 21st (Fri during daytime) 2016 : Semi-dream : After semi-awaking, I repeatedly (some 5 or 6 times) saw a scene which I assumed was a regular dream which I could entre at will; but when I attempted to entre, I somehow spake audibly words indicating my wish to entre the scene (instead of actually entring it), the scene's furthermore vanishing upon my speaking. On last few of each of these repeated occasions, after the scene's vanishing, I realized that the reason why I could not entre it was that I had no dream-body there (whereas in a true dream one will already have a dream-body). {Could this sort of semi-dream have been induced by my temporarily having not set up my connection with my web-hosting company for my new freeware uploading-onto-the-internet program (namely, Microsoft Expression Web; my praevious longstanding Dreamweaver program having failed a few weeks earlier)?}

Oct 23rd-24th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I was standing with two women standing behind me. I noticed that I had the sole of one of my feet raised and pressed against one of the two women's legs. She stepped back from me; I noticed that she was a negress, and I turned and said to her, "Do you want me?"; though I realized that she was so much more youthful than myself that she would be unlikely to. Then I saw that the other woman was a mulatess and likewise youthful, and was standing so as to block in front of the doorway so as to block my intended exit out of the room. Then she started singing quite prettily; and so I said to her that her singing sounded pretty. [Then I awoke.] {Russian Orthodox chanting was being played from the internet on YouTube. The man in apt 1403 had been telling me each time that I had been visiting his apt over the last several days, that he had divorced and remarried a woman more than 3 decades younger than himself; I had on praevious days not realized that his mention of other persons (including his wives) would be of interest to me; but last evening (Oct 23rd) she began describing how most persons (including women from decades ago) whom he had associated with were (in Cuba) devotees of Yoruba religion. He even mentioned that he had been ritually devoted to two goddess (Os^un and the feminine Oba-tala); which seemed odd to me, inasmuch as each member of that religion is devoted instead to a deity of one's own gendre -- but after I had returned to my own apartment, I realized that he must have meant the peculiar sacrament undertaken by a few devotees in that religion, of ritually marrying a deity of opposite gendre from one's own gendre.}

Oct 26th-27th (Wedn-Thur) 2016 :- Dream : I had open a computer-program which I had not praeviously used, for writing (typing) on a topic of whatever choice of mine. I read, on that computer-program, that if I were to check a particular box, whatever I were to write would automatically be temporarily placed onto a certain widely-read internet-website. [But, while I wondred whether to check the box enabling that (not having read of anything else in the dream about that alleged internet-website), I awoke before commencing to write anything on that computer-program.]

Oct 30th-31st (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I had taken from the refrigerator raw small mushrooms and and also a portion of the cap of a very big raw mushroom. When I attempted to bite into the portion of the CAP of a very big raw mushroom, I discovered that it was too tough to chew, and therefore thought to myself that I would have to cook them before eating them. [Then I awoke.] {Two days earlier, I had copied the etymology of the word /CAParison/ (from, however, /cappa/ 'CAPE'), while noting that a nobleman's steed might be caparisoned with markings of a coat-of-arms -- in the context of don Quixote's steed being stated by Cervantes to have the appearance of a "Spanish Real ['Royal']" coin, which was marked with a royal coat-of-arms. Mushroom are known to grow more prolificly in ground recently struck by lightning, and yesterday (Oct 30th) in the evening I both read that Pope Francis had refused to wear at his inauguration the CAPE traditionally by cardinals being inaugurated as popes, also that he was wearing a cap instead of a crown; and I had the same day copied a passage (in Tryptamine Palace, p. 297) wherein Stanislav Grof mentioned the onset of effects of having ingested 5-MeO-DMT, as being so sudden as to resemble of the striking of "a cosmic thunderbolt". Ground stuck by levin is designated /elusion/, and the mythic Tower of Kronos in Elusion is supposed to be figured in the levin-stricken Tower card of Tarocchia-Tarock-Tarot : in the poster (whereof I have a copy posted on my living-room wall) depicting it, the levin-stricken tower is surmounted by a male musician whose hand is depicted enormous : with its 5 fingers, a hand is supposedly symbolized by the conventionalized 5-pointed vajra ('thundrebolt') eponymous to the Vajra-yana religion praevalent in Bod (Tibet). Yesterday (Oct 30th) evening, I also called prof.em. H.G. to tell him that I wished to experience more dreams of being in a room whose walls are (alike unto my waking-world apartment-walls) entirely covered with occult posters so as to attract the praesence, in such a dream, of powerful deities; in which context I likewise reminded him of our SocOfFr mutual acquaintance G.L., whose camping-tent was thrice strricken by levin while he was occupying it, evidently by the efforts of occult Otherworld divine powers as a indicatory sign. I had likewise earlier on the same day as that (Oct 30th) told to S.P. (while she was driving me to and/or from the SocOfFr meeting) the same facts about H.G. : she (S.P.) hath told me about a relative of hers who hath been for many years residing at Stephen Gaston's "Farm" in Tennessee (where for aging hippies a retirement-village, named for don Quixote's horse, is planned). Gaston, SC, in located nigh Swan-sea, SC, and 'sea' is the meaning (as I remarked to H.G. yesterday, Oct 30th) is the family-name of a local male SocOfFr meeting-attender. /Swan/ (in Swan-sea) is the first part of the name of Swan-hild ('swan-heroine'), a 'chooseress-of-the-slain' VAL-kyrja; and so-called "VALient Friends" are often mentioned at SocOfFr meetings (including one, a martyr slain for the Faith, whose biography was read in yesterday's meeting) -- the name /Society of Friends/ being evidently a translation of <arabiy /WALIy/ ('Friend'), commonly a "Friend of >al-lahh", i.e., 'saint'.} {The refrigerator thought-of in the dream is perhaps a reference to my having also mentioned to H.G. yesterday that even my refrigerator hath posters posted on it (such poster being of dolphins leaping from the sea into a star-spangled sky, evidently intended to commemorate the dolphin's having been placed as a constellation in the sky by Poseidon as a reward for obtaining, for Poseidon, Amphi-trite ('both 3rds') as wife.}

Later dream, same night : along the foot of the wall to the right of (and perpendicular to) my apartment-door were very numerous cockroaches on the floor. {I had mentioned a day earlier (Oct 30th), to a sequin-bedecked woman-resident of this aedifice, that in the case of a cockroach-infestion, they could be made fewer by obtaining, as pet, some cockroach-eating animal, namely a centipede or a lizard. I keep, leaning against that short stretch of wall in my apartment, a witch's broom; and yesterday (Oct 30th) I had attended the SocOfFr meeting which was themed as a Hallow-e'en costume-party.}