Dream-diary, January 2016

Jan 2nd-3rd (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I was viewing, through the window, what looked like, and what I understood to be, the galaxy (Milky Way) rising vertically in irregular column-shape, and increasing in width while it rose; while watching this, I was thinking of telling other persons about my watching this. [I do not recall ever having viewed the galaxy praeviously in a dream.] {I had, within a day or two or praevious, been thinking of the Manikhaian "Pillar of Glory" while I was reading of a mythic person (in the Manda< mythology of the Book of John) whose name meaneth 'Pillar, Column' and who was admitted to enter a gate (whereof I thought that this must be the context of the Psalm commanding : "Lift up your heads, O ye gates, and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors, that the King of Glory may come in". ["The King of Light spoke, saying to the Messenger, Gloriously throw open the gate ...!” The Messenger gloriously threw open the gate. Radiant N’ṣab stood tall." http://rogueleaf.com/book-of-john/2012/08/28/08-yoshamin-cont/ (The meaning of the name /Ns.ab/ is 'Pillar, Column'.)]} Later (in the same dream), in public I was kissing on the lips of a woman while we were standing together fully clothed; while doing do, I was thinking to insert my tongue between her lips [, but suddenly, while thinking this, I awoke].

Jan 3rd (Sun, during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I was telling, or rather intending to tell, other persons who were interested in this subject, to that among various persons of whom I had read who had contact with flying saucers, one was a man who had obtained this knowledge as a result of his having been part of a secret governmental program set up to discover ways for communicating with flying saucers. [But thereupon I awoke.]

Jan 3rd-4th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I was viewing, successively, apparently on the internet, a series of methods, each named (though I did not recognize any of the names), of uploading songs/music onto the internet (and supposedly each having been used by S.W. to upload her songs onto the internet [-- though actually in the waking-world she hath not even made recordings of any of her songs, let along uploaded any onto the internet]). Some of these methods supposedly involved special features, such as adding to the list of songs included that method songs already uploaded by other methods.

Jan 4th-5th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I was walking out-of-doors in a open area alongside a grove of trees, when twice, in rapid succession, water fell suddenly upon my body (but not elsewhere) from the sky. {The evening before, I was being visited in my apartment by M.G., who hath told me (on another occasion) that he sometimes dreameth of rainfall. While he was here, I opened the granite mortal-&-pestle set which I received that day; and promptly used it on wild-rue seeds.}

Jan 5th 2016 :- Not a dream : [I did not write this I on the day when I discovered it, but on a later day.] I came to a series of realizations (which at the time I considered to have been divinely inspired through facilitation by means of having ingested the evening prior some wild-rue, well-triturated by mortal-&-pestle of rough granite; along with, as was recommended on Erowid.com and/or elsewhere on psychedelic-drug-promoting websites, egg-and-vinegar and also acacia powder). Most significant was a realization that, concomitant with the prospectively impending universal reversal in the direction-of-flow of the time-event-continuum there would come about on the material plane-of-existence [not only that which I have for long, i.e., for years, expected, namely the aeternal -- i.e., until the eventual further-beyond that, reversal still again in the victory direction-of-flow of the time-event-continuum so as to repeat praecisely all events from the pasts -- victory of righteousness (i.e., of veracious paradisical communism) over viciousness (i.e., of systematically-mass-murdering capitalism's systematic mendacity); but also] aeternal (with the same caveat) failure on all the higher/pure-land (i.e., astral, mental, and causal) planes-of-existence in the opposite direction, namely their becoming dominated by forces of evil/ploutokrateia (instead of, as hitherto, of good/communality), so that denizens of the material-plane would needs find it necessary thenceforwards to send all possible assistance (much it via the same means which we material-plane denizens have been receiving for our protection, namely swiftly-flying vehicles, now known as "flying-saucers") so as continually defend righteous higher-plane denizens from vicious-and-then-dominant higher-plane denizens.

Jan 6th-7th (Wedn-Thur) 2016 :- Dream : I was listening (along with several persons who were hearing rapid instrumental selections which I was choosing) to several very similar music-pieces (in the music-selections which I was choosing to hear samples from, of a few seconds each) in rapid succession. I thought it curious that these selections, chosen in rapid succession, should be (would be / were) so very much alike, and that those selection should all be instrumental in contrast to the singing-pieces which I (along with the several persons who along with me were listening to my selections) had been playing (likewise in rapid succession of a few seconds each). {When I awoke, it turned out that very similar rapid instrumental music was playing from the internet (on the playlist Mix - Ահեղ ձայն YouTube, which I had left playing when I had gone to sleep), namely a "Paganini Caprice" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPcnGrie__M&index=27&list=RDO7kyEQWLqB4); and that this happened to be the most pleasantly-sounding instrumental piece amid a series of what otherwise otherwise had been mostly women's-choir singing-pieces. Apparently I had heard in the dream, among the instrumental music, only that type which I praeferred hearing, and which seemed (according to my aisthetic taste in music) of high quality (along with the women's-choir singing-pieces, which sound excellent to me), all of excellent quality according to my praeferences. [It would seem that I hear in my dreams only the types of music, among those playing from the internet, that I most praefer; and that if some particular music-piece for which I have no liking be playing from the internet, that I do not hear it in the dream, but instead (in its place in time, at least -- perhaps for the first occasion -- in this dream) perhaps a continuation of some other music which had recently been playing on the internet and which I (according to my aisthetic tastes) praefer to hear -- this particular dream thus being a sort of confirmation for my praeference (among rapid instrumental pieces) especially for Paganini's (whose name would suggest a "pagan", i.e., a devil-worshipper) Caprices. [Another liking of mine in violin-pieces is the rapid portion of Tartini's (whosr name would suggest "Tartaros", i.e., Hell) "Devil's Trill"; and I had just received in the mail the evening prior (i.e., Jan 6th) a bulk-order of "Devil's Claw" (along also with "Cat's Claw" -- do notice that Tezcatlipoca, who is often likened (by Roman Catholic authors) to the Christian "Devil", is sometimes identified as a leopard -- both such herbs been highly reputed treatments against arthritis, and which I had ordered in bulk, via the Amazon.com website, because the usually-praescribed quantity of tablets (namely 3 per day) which I had for some months been taking, no longer suffice to keep my arthritis (in my right knee) in total remission, which I confirmed to be disabling use of that knee during our weekly expedition (the other persons, including G.R. and his wife C.F., holding protest-signs at such rally at the state-capitol aedifice) when the leg could barely function to climb the external staircase of 52 steps. As concerning felines, I had had in mind the fact that I had recently read that large felines resemble ordinary cats in their liking for catnip-herb; and a large feline-species (expecially leopard) would naturally be indicated in the name "cat's claw", a herb which is endemic to the Amazon-River basin, wherein there are no ordinary cats (which are native in the wild to North Africa) but instead an abundance of leopards. I had, while at the state-capitol, been mentioning to G.R. that the Manda< describe themselves as traditional worshippers of the Antichrist (and telling him that I had likewise mentioned this a the most recent local the SocofFr Meeting to E.F., who hath often described herself there as favoring Gnosticism.]}

Jan 7th 2016 :- Not a dream : I added to my praevious series of realizations, a realization that, in addition to our own material-plane's obligation (after the epoch of reversal of time-flow) to send assistance to the higher-planes; that the planes-of-existence lower than our own would likewise be so empowered and obliged. These lower planes would be, evidently, those of the elemental-spirits, namely the worlds known in the Puran.a-s as Tala-s (Atlantis etc.); and also Naraka (Tartaros) : collectively these would be 3 planes-of-existence (count our own material-plane as 1 of the 3). It could be deduced [from the image of mirrorlike reversal], that the most-required assistances would largely be : for astral-plane (Megha-s, regularly visited in Golden-Dawn exercise of risings-in-the-planes) from material-plane, for mental-plane (in Nawa language Tepe-yollotl 'Hill-Hearts' = the Taoist mountain-interior cavern-worlds) from Tala-s, and for causal-plane (Swarga and other such loka-s) from Naraka. Our (i.e., of we material-plane denizens) already-as-of-yet participation in visiting-and-participating-in other (non-material) planes-of-existence by means of dreaming is a useful practice for the forays which we will need to make in future-epoch to defend-and-protect oppressed working-classes therein from oppressing ploutokrat-class also therein.

Jan 8th-9th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : From within the upper (2nd) storey, I, by looking out either window (to the left of which was located the way into the other rooms of the apartment) could see, directly close-bye, a dead tree through each window; this view of such dead bodies of trees seemed horrific to me, but I was thinking that at least by my being on the upper storey I was rather far away from those dead tree decaying roots (which I considered more horrific than the dead tree's standing trunk). {I often, while awake, consider the stump (and especially the implied roots) of a dead tree more horrific than human corpses buried in coffins in a cemetery, so that I am more reluctant to walk nigh the stump of a dead tree than I am to walk about in a cemetery even at midnight.}

Jan 9th-10th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I heard a wailing-voiced singing. [Promptly thereupon I awoke. A wailing-voiced singing was being played from YouTube.com, namely Անդրանիկ և Հրայր սարկավագներ-Ամեն,Հայր Սուրբ at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoBBHObnQns&list=RDNtICWnStej0&index=27 in the playlist Mix - Armenian Liturgical Chant YouTube.]

Jan 10th (during daytime, Sun) 2016 :- Half-asleep : While seeing manuscripts (in the semi-dream, without my as yet having a body there), I heard (explaining the manuscripts, which had been written centuries earlier by membres of a minor religious sect) a voice saying that many of them (the manuscripts) were legal documents detailing uses for certain material possessions of those membres.

Jan 15th-16th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I was looking at a rotating isolated pillar, which was supposedly a model of some significant cosmological structure. {Cf. the pillar Irmin-su`l [Old Norse /jo,rmun/ 'huge, vast'; Old English /eormen/ http://lexicon.ff.cuni.cz/html/oi_cleasbyvigfusson/b0328.html], along with the city >iram of (according to the Qur>an) "lofty pillar" (cf. "lofty pillar of gold" in The Vision Of Mary by John the Son of Zebedee https://www.modernghana.com/news/299508/the-vision-of-mary-a-homily-by-john-the-son-of-zebedee.html) : in conjunction with the mythic pillar-pivoting city in the Maha-bharata, and with the various rotating mythic cities in Irish mythology; and also mt. Meru, the mountain wherearound the sun and the planets revolve according to the Puran.a-s etc.} Another dream, on the same night : I was looking at a triple door, one (the first, looking apparently from inside the house) of its successive doors being solid, but the other two (the outer ones) of its successive doors being screen-doors. I remarked that the solid would have to be kept closed in inclement weather. {More usually in the waking-world, a screen-window may be situated on the outside of a glass window, for protection of the residents if the glass window can be slid upwards -- as is the case for the apartments in the aedifice wherein I am as of now residing.}

Jan 16th-17th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Not a dream :- After having ingested wild-rue (on the 15th-16th) the night before the one described, and watching this last night (16th-17th) the flashing colored lights in by sleeping-room's window, I was (with mine eyen closed, while in the other room, the study-room), without looking (not evwen with eyen closed) toward those flashing lights, seeing shifting regions of color (praevalentingly blue, green, and orange; lacking yellow and red). [These regions were more distinctly colored that the usual pastel colors often witnessed in recent months.] I also had to ingest more melatonin on one night in order to fall asleep than on a any praevious night, 28 tablets tablets of 3 milligrams each -- a total of 84 milligrams), evidently due to seing the colored regions; and slept only some 3 hours anyway. [During the ensuing day (17th) I was, after returning by being driven home from the meeting by the woman P.P., quite unable (as a result so much melatonin) to accomplish much of anything.]

Jan 17th-18th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : In the praesence of some man, I was looking at a map (consisting of place-names, which I did not recognize but which I thought might be in Africa, with lines connectioning them), which I was told was an indication of the route which I was to take as part of an expedition on the following day; but I had no memory of any sort relating anything of that sort, and I wondred what I ought to do about this situation. I remembred only that in the last few words before that, someone had stated that the route was quite dangerous, and that what I was expected to to was likely to result in whomever (such as myself) would attempt the plan's being killed. I had asked someone whether I ought to refuse to go. I looked at the man (who was rather shaggy-haired and ws sitting in a chair), who had been stated by someone else to be closely associated to (and somehow related to) me, but whom I did not remembre ever having seen before, just as I had no memory of how I had gotten into that situation, nor any memory of how I had arrived at that place where I was located, nor any memory of the place where I was at all; and I was wondring to myself about all lack of memory on my part about my being in a situation (a hazardous situation, at that) the details whereof I was being assumed to be well-acquainted by all persons around me. So, I said to the seated man whom had been stated to be closely related to me, that I was a spirit which had just arrived into the body wherein I now was, and that I wished to depart somehow. [Thereupon, I abruptly awoke.] {I have experienced, at any rate to my memory over recent years, no similar dream; and especially no similar response by me (of saying that I am a spirit having recently arrived into the body wherein I then was located). I have experienced, prior to this, no dream involving any mention, nor thought about, spirit-mediumship nor even the possibility thereof. (The novelty of this sort of dream would indicate my arrival of a greater level of self-awareness in dreams than praeviously; evidently my continuing to ingest every evening (though sometimes forgetting to, and on those occasions not remembring any ensuing dreams), just before going to sleep with the help of melatonin, sinicuichi with galanthamine over the last several weeks, is accumulating to produce this effect. Just before experiencing dream, I had ingested the sinicuichi with galanthamine after having awoken earlier in the same night.)} {[Written the following morning :] After having written the foregoing in the night, while reposing awaiting sleep, I had the repeated sensation of vanishment of the delusions entailed by a materialism, each visuaized scene of an ordinary material situation being replaced wth a transparent, transpicuous version of itself, symbolic of the disappearance of the delusions produced by a materialist outlook. The sense was that the materialist assumption of a meaningless, purposeless existence was grossly opaque, and that replacement with an immaterialist assumption of a meaningful, purposeful existence would, in contrast, be clear, transparent.}

Jan 19th-20th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : I was, together with my mother, traveling upriver, apparently aboard a motorboat similar to the rapidly-traveling motorboat which we could see immediately in front of ours, the latter motorboat having atop it that which appeared to be a large fueltank. I somehow understood that the motorboat which were were following was that of a Dutch company; that we resided with a United-States company; that I was apparently volunteering to receive and sort out any mail received by the Dutch company which might be due for delivery to employees of the United-States company. (Though I wondred to myself whether it would be reasonably productive for me even to spend my time sorting mail when I had other duties to attend to,) I remarked to my mother that it would be more efficient (consume less time and effort on our -- her and my -- part) for us to receive instead, any mail at the downstream seaport (which we had glimpsed on our entry to the river, in our following of the Dutch motorboat) of the river, than for us to follow upriver to the Dutch-motorboat's Dutch-company destination. [Thereupon, having said this, I awoke.] {This scene must have been based upon a combination of my various waking-world experiences : having visited (prior to when I departed from the country in Nov 1963), in company with my father, the U.S. company-outpost seaport on the Amacuro river; my knowing that in the close proximity was another river (Barima); that we (of the U.S. company) were in a (the Spanish) [{silent written} /G/]Wayana; that another Wayana was a Dutch one (Surinam); that there is a deity named /Suri-nama/ (as mentioned in a Puran.a); that while at Amacuro I had briefly gone (in company with a few other employees of the U.S. company) by motorboat to another site somewhat upriver; that I worked sorting mail for (during a few months, in Chicago during a year after I had departed from Lincoln, Nebraska in 1966) the U.S. Post Office; and that just recently I (along with my various relatives) have taken an interest in Royal Dutch Petroleum company-actitvities in northern Canada (northern Manitoba?).} {I had not ingested ginsengs before going to sleep (expecting to take them instead when I would awake in the middle of the night); which would account for my not being in this dream as acutely aware (as in the immediately praevious recorded dream) of the discrepancy between my not being quite as acutely aware of the uncertainly my circumstance in the dream as constrasted with usual waking-world awareness. This discrepancy would suggest that I ought henceforth to ingest ginsengs (Siberian, Peruvian, Brazilian) prior to my going to sleep each night; thus leaving (at the most) only the specifically dream-enhancing herbs (galanthamine & sinicuichi) for me to ingest when awaking in the middle of the night.}

Jan 21st-22nd (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I was about to pick up my belongings to bring them aboard the tour-omnibus, when I realized that the driver of the tour-omnbus had not been told that I was about to do so, and might drive away the omnibus without me; so I hastened without my belonings to tell the driver. Just as I was approaching the omnibus from behind, it started departing, and I yelled that I wished to go aboard it, and it stopped -- as I supposed, the driver could neither see nor hear me, but the passengers in the rear of the omnibus could at least see me approaching, and may have called to driver. Then I returned to my belongings, swiftly picked up up them (all books), put them into my carrying-bag, and headed for where the omnibus was parked. As I was arriving at the omnibus, I saw that it was as yet parked there, but when I glanced momentarily at my bookbag and back toward the omnibus (a process of only about a second), the omnibus had mysteriously vanished, as though I had been driven out of sight in such as short time. Then I thought that it really was better that I would not be able to travel on the tour-omnibus, which had been, and was, on route in a Spanish-speaking region (better for me in the way of luck because I anyway considered the Spanish language atrocious, and did not appretiate being exposed to it), and that I ought to use my cell-telephone to call my relatives to tell them what had happened, and that they ought somehow to arrange for me to depart from the Spanish-speaking country and to return instead to the United States of America. [Thereupon, I awoke.] {The most recent time when I was driven home by S.P. from the SocOfFr meeting on a Sunday, I had, when leaving out of her automobile, told her that I disliked the Spanish language on account of its atrocious Latinity; but she said, in reply, that she liked it.} {Why I had in mind (during the dream) that thought of personal events' bringing to me unexpectedly favorable luck : I had in recent days managed to find for persons (Mrs K. in the SocOfFr meeting concerning her migraine headaches, my brother S.A.R. concerning his extreme sensitivity to ultraviolet light, and M.G. in the SocOfFr meeting concerning his being unaccountably frightened) various herbal remedies, which I have considered to be good luck (in finding) brought about by supernatural entities who have taken a liking to me. Yesterday (Jan 21st) entailed further such findings : for M.G., concerning how to alleviate his obesity (2 methods : sylvite salt and glycyrrhizine), and for myself, concerning how to diminish effects of senescence (evading plant-acids, namely vinegar and citric; and not quenching such by sodium bicarbonate, but instead -- because the body is damaged by excess of sodium over potassium -- potassium bicarbonate as comested alkali. I already happened to have on hand some potassium bicarbonate, for I had used it to eliminate fuzzy mildew from the leaves of the always-blossoming houseplant which had been given me by C.F.; also giving some of it to her for her to use against the mildew on the leaves of her grapevine.}

Jan 25th (Mon, during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I was, while an inmate in an insane asylum, somehow allowed to visit other patients in their wards at that insane asylum. By checking the records, I discovered that the same woman [namely, J.M.] with whom I had {actually, in the waking-world} associated on a long-lasting praevious simultaneous involuntary commitment of both of us to that insane asylum {namely, the state-owned one here at the state-capital C., SC}, was a patient in another ward there at that very time; therefore, I was thinking of going to her ward to visit her. [While wondring how often I would be visiting her there on her ward, I awoke.] {In the waking-world, I never did visit her on her ward after we had become separated by my being transferred (on account of our kissing openly in public -- this was an act punishable by such separation) from her-and-my ward (which was the only male-plus-female ward in that insane asylum); though she once was taken by a staff-member to visit me there. I, starting several months after my escaping out of that insane asylum, did return to visit her there, as well as visiting her afterwards in two other locations of state-owned insane asyla, each relatively close-bye (most recently within walking-distance -- I did walk home thence once when my visit to her extended so late as to be after night-cessation of the omnibus-route).}

Jan 25th-26th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I was viewing, and intended to upload, several website-updates. {In the evening just before going to sleep, I had loaded several (at least half a dozen) additions to webpages, for which I had praepared document-files over the last few days.}

Jan 26th-27th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : I was making downward strokes with a long-handled hoelike weapon, in the direction of a fierce beast in order to keep it at bay. {I had, in the evening just praevious (i.e., of Jan 26th) read an historical account (e.g., George J. Wittenstein : "Memories of the White Rose"https://web.archive.org/web/20091015015350/http://www.historyplace.com/pointsofview/white-rose1.htm and C. N. Trueman : "The White Rose Movement". http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/nazi-germany/the-white-rose-movement/) of persons being guillotined ("Hitler's Guillotine Found in Bavarian Museum". http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4476152,00.html) in Germany in 1943 on account of their rebellious activities in writing and distributing leaflets during 1942-1944 (translated http://www.whiterosesociety.org/WRS_pamphlets_home.html); the movement's name being taken [instead of that of the House of York, renowned from the "Wars of the Roses" in England ChrE 1455 to 1485 http://www.warsoftheroses.com] from the novel "The White Rose (Die Weisse Rose), published in Germany in 1929" (Jud Newborn : Solving Mysteries : the Secret Of “The White Rose”, p. 8. http://www.judnewborn.com/docs/Solving%20Mysteries%20-WhiteRoseArticle-Newborn.pdf), set in Mexico, about a mestiza hacienda Rosa Blanca (ibid., p. 9) -- though because a "Condor Oil" company is involved, the Andes Mountains habitat of that bird would suggest ROSArio and Bahi`a BLANCA (both major cities of la Argentina), and with possible allusion to the German "Condor Legion" in Espan~a ChrE 1936 to 1938 http://www.spanishcivilwar1936.com/Condorlegion.htm ; if so, something like Mexico as refuge beginning in ChrE 1938 for the Government-in-Exile of the Spanish Republic may have been forecast by (SMSWhR, p 8) "Ret Marut, who fled to Mexico from Germany following the collapse {invasion, falsely justified by a false accusation of having incited a [fake] putsch in Berlin} of the short-lived ... republic in Bavaria in 1919."}

Jan 28th-29th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I repeated publicly recited a text, which I finally expounded to be an inevident imprecation aiming to affect those to whom I had been reciting it. {Just before going to sleep I had read that the Hellenic antient charred Epikourean texts discovered at Herculaneum were eventually recently read (in a composite of various wavelengths of infrared light) in detail and thus accurately, namely in a somewhat different signification from how initially read (because in only a single wavelength of infrared light, by Brigham Young University) fragmentarily and therefore thitherto interpreted speculatively.}

Jan 29th-30th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I was filling a large tub from two overhead-shower-hoses; this rite had some symbolic significance in the two different sorts of water, each a different quality. {Hath this any relationship to the distinction betwixt "White Water" and "Black Water" and names for catergories of Bon sacred sacriptures?}