Dream-diary, September 2015

Sept 3 (Thur, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I was seeing, in print, two-word names, which I took to be "scientific" genus-and-species names of minor obscure psychedelic/entheogenic plants, but which were all actually unfamiliar to me.

Sept 4th-5th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : I was primarily hearing fragments of revelational text, which I thereupon was taking care to hold my mind in abeyance in such a way as to occasion the texts' assuming more continuouous character in visual form and being provided with pictorial illustration. While thus accomodating influx of textual revelation, it clarified its signification sufficiently for it to be perceived as describing caerimonial worship-devices for relating entheogenic herbs to flying saucers, though the flying-saucer-like model which I was seeing in my mind's eye looked unrealistic and more symbolic than functional, a sort of intermediate in shape between (1) an actual flying saucer stationed on the ground, and (2) an alchemical alembic. [Wondring about this (.e., about the significance of the tower atop the parked flying-saucer, I awoke. (The tower is somewhat reminiscent of tower-shaped tiaras worn by goddesses repraesenting, or praesiding over, cities, in Hellenistic art, and could be a suggestion to wear flying-saucer-simulating hats. Over 2 weeks ago I received an iridescent "Back To The Future" cap, which for the last 2 weeks I have been wearing at the state-capitol-aedifice -- because the most significant flying-saucers are iridescent, this could well-attract their attention.)] {Seconds after I had finished typing the foregoing, (in the waking-world of my apartment) a poster suddenly fell off the wall and onto the floor; it was the poster depicting the planets as seen from outer-space -- I promptly assumed that this particular poster's becoming thus affected was intended as a message from the flying-saucer realm that, though it is located primarily in the dreaming-universe, it is also able to influence events in the waking-universe though symbolic actions. This would be a confirmation that some ritual device would be helpful (as indicated in the dream, something of a flying-saucer-like model, of a sort which could be related to traditional alchemy) in formally worshipping the flying saucers and their high-command, for futuristic caerimony pleasing to their command-structure.}

Sept 6th-7th (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : I was in a large organization of persons, located in a large aedifice. When the time came for eating in the refectory, while all other persons hastened into that room, I was detained by my process of wandering about through the numerous halls and side-chambres, exploring them. Then I started to wondre whether it might be becoming soon too late, whether the refectory might be about to close soon. [Thereupon, wondring about this, I awoke.] {I have at various times in the past experienced a dream wherein I was somewhat tardy in going into the refectory, under similar circumstances; in some such dreams only a few people remained in it when I arrived thereinto, and very little or no food remained for me to eat. I do not recall ever having before woken in such a dream while as yet intending to go into the refectory, however.}

Sept 7th-8th (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- Dream : I was lying in a bed in a very dim (essentially pitch-dark) bedroom, and was feeling a lengthwise rocking motion of the bed, which motion must have been, I figured whicle experiencing it, of praeternatural source, praeternaturally induced in order to impart a pleasant effect. After a while of this, someone, whom I figured must be a divine female, who I thought must be standing at my bed (the dimness in the room being such as to praeclude my actually seeing the supposed person's figure), grasping with each hand a side of my hips and massagingly squeezing at those two places. This felt pleasant, and I said aloud (so that she could hear) that it felt pleasant, and she was giggling in response to indicate that she heard my remark, which remark I repeated a number of times. [Thereupon I awoke. It was still quite dark outside, a couple of hours before dawn. The "Epic Music Mix" from  Epic Music World II was playing on my computer from YouTube.] {I had not attempted to touch with my hands whomever was squeezing on my hip-bones, because I knew that divine beings do not wish to be touched unless they invite a mortal to do so. The only experinces aequivalent to my being rocked were (experienced while awake) some curious episodes (which I took at those times to be to prae-natal memories from being a foetus being rocked, in amniotic fluid, through motion of mother's walking) which ceased by about the time when I left my parents at the age 20. I have perhaps never before [in this life] experienced a dream of being massaged (and indeed, have not undergone such even when awake, inasmuch as the several women each of whom wherewith I cohabited for various years over the past 50 years did not tend to do massaging of me, nor I of them -- not having been encouraged to do so by anyone personally, nor reading about massaging, nor practicing it on myself, enough to think of doing so).}

Sept 8th-9th (Tue-Wedn) 2015 :- Dreams : [1st dream] I was hearing music being played. [Thereupon I awoke.] {The music which I was hearing being played from my computer over YouTube (which I had left playing when I had gone to sleep) sounded distinctively just the same as the music which I was hearing in the dream; so I figured that I must have been hearing that waking-world music in my dream, through the separation between waking-world and dreaming-world. Somehow, I neglected to write up this dream at the time (perhaps I temporarily forgot about after I had woken, not remembring it again until awaking again afterwards), and went back to sleep without writing it up, but remembered it again the next morning after a 2nd dream about music, and thereupon wrote them both down : in fact, I remembred the 1st dream only after I had remembred and written down the 2nd dream. Curiously, after had I awoke this first time (and somehow forgotten at first that the music had been the same that I was hearing playing from YouTube in the waking-world as I had been hearing in the dream, I could instead remembred vaguely only that there had been some logical connection with music in that dream, but could not remembre just what that connection had been -- wondring whether the dream had been about some discussion concerning music --, and so I did not bother to write down, at that time, such a vague fact).}

[2nd dream, later in the same night.] I had somehow been expecting arrival of persons who would would be making use of music (vaguely, I seem to recall that I had been discussing, earlier in the dream, use of music to enable medical curing, and the persons involved in the discussion must have promised to shew how this could be as soon as they could go to there residence to pick up their musical instruments and then come to me with those instruments); when I did hear, beginning abruptly, music being played from the external hallway just outside the door to my apartment. [Then I awoke.] {Such the computer was not playing music this time when I awoke, because it was displaying a notice that it was ready instead for me to download-and-install Windows-updates. I had the evening just before this received by mail-order (for the 1st time) and thus ingested some sinicuichi, a dream-enhancing herb, which is reputed to cause persons, even persons who have never before heard music in their dreams, to dream of attending music-performances of musicians playing musical instruments (which is not only described in the experience reports on the internet at the Erowid website, but also on the blog, as written by persons who have bought and ingested it, for sinicuichi where it is being sold on Amazon.com). I do not recall experiencing music in more than a single dream in any night previously, nor any dream wherein musical instruments were even referred to (though I have various times heard music in dreams, I could never discern any source of the music, and in each case wondred about the source of the music while I was hearing it). Neither can I recall anyone discussing nor mentioning music in any dream of mine praevious to this.}

Sept 9th-10th (Wedn-Thur) 2015 :- Dream : I was typing up a list of pornographic pictorial African/ebony websites to put onto the internet {I had been doing this when I fell asleep at my computer-desk; and dreamt of doing the same thing.}

Sept 11th-12th. {Slept through most of the day (with no dream), after having taken much zacatechichi the evening praevious. Evidently this herb is not helpful for me (and this was the 2nd day of having taken it, both occasions of such negative results with it) : in the experience-reports at Erowid.com, some other persons have had a similar result. It seems even to block any possible effect from sinicuichi (which I was continuing to take with it on each occasion). I do not intend to take any more of it in the future, regardless of its useful effects on some other persons (body-chemistry differing from person to person).}

Sept 13th-14th (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : I was reading a printed list of various combinations of trees [used apparently, in various religions, for, apparently, sacred groves] impliedly whose leaves had some sort of psychedelic effect when ingested. [Thereupon I awoke.] {As usual by now, I was eating the combination of dried leaves (omitting, by now, the zacatechichi) and of dried flowers which I take just before going to sleep, reminding myself that I must take a small portion of each species which I have available in order to have most likelihood of inducing an effect -- 2 species of blue waterlily, sinicuichi, galanthamine (tigre-lily -- together with choline with inositol, and huperzine), and also twigs of Silene capensis.}

Sept 15th-16th (Tue-Wedn) 2015 :- Dream : I thought that I was in a trance, the sort of trance occurring when one's body is occupied by a possessing-spirit; and I wondred why the supposed occupying spirit did not make its praesence evident. While I was thinking this, there was some alteration in visual ability -- looking at the walls of room (from a reclining postion), the degree of brightness seemed to diminish, and a slightly fogged or clouded effect seemed to be noticeable : I took this alteration to be evidence of the supposed trance; and tried speaking aloud as if addressing a possessing-spirit, hoping for some sort of reply. [Apparently at this point, I awoke; but did not remembre the dream until minutes afterwards, having been in the meantime typing up a comparison in mythology (concerning comparison on Lemminka:inen with Akhilleus).] {This dream had been dreamt when I had fallen asleep at the computer-desk in the early night.}

Another dream, later the same night : I was examining a music-playlist.

Sept 16th-17th (Wedn-Thur) 2015 :- Dream : I was hearing a repetitious recitation, in the English language, of what I took to be a schematic repraesentation of potential social structures. [Wondring about the applicability of my understanding, and also about why the terminology was not less obscure and was not more descript and explicit, I awoke.] {When I awoke, what was being played from the internet on my computer was a very repetitious sequence of prayers, which I could not understand account of their being in a Slavic language : perhaps I ought not to leave playing overnight (for listening-to while asleep) from the internet a playlist likely to contain repetitious prayers in any language unfamiliar to me; such as is usually true of long playlists consisting of pieces from Eastern Orthodox Churches. I also noticed (after moving on to the next item on the playlist) that advertisements had restarted; checking "Settings -- Extensions" I found that AdBlock required being reloaded (for the first occasion -- apparently this will need to be done periodically); and (because the advertisement did not cease after AdBlock was reloaded) found then a notice (placed by AdBlock) on the specific advertisement, that, on hovering, indicated that the advertisement needed to be separately blocked in another way, which I then did (and the advertisement ceased).}

Sept 17th-18th (Thur-Fri) 2015 :- Dream : I was watching moving about on the floor a liquid which I took to be living culture-colony of sentient protoplasm. I was allowing it occasionally to touch my foot, and assumed that it could thereby sense where I was. Soon the whole length of the room's floor was covered with the liquid, and it was moving toward me so that I could not dodge it. I stepped through what I cosidered to be the least significant portion, and figured that I would have to depart some distance from the room so that I could not be found by it any further. [Then I awoke.]

Sept 18th-19th (Fri-Sat) 2015 :- Dream : I was speaking of potentially seeing in a mirror a being who could step out of the mirror : thereupon a grey-paper-faced (lacking facial features other than a nose) being was offering to me something like a large figurine which I wondred whether I ought not accept. [Then I awoke.] {I had just the evening before (i.e., Fri 18th) read the passage "only acted as narrators, telling the people what they saw in the mirror" -- p. 479 of >Jam-dPal rGyal-mTsho : "The Singers of the Gesar Epic", in Lauri Honko (ed.) : Religion, Myth, and Folklore in the World's Epics.} {The blank-paper faced person evidently also had some relation on the same page (of "SGE") : "performers who would hold a piece of blank paper in their hand and sing and narrate while reading this "heavenly book"."}

Sept 20th-21st (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : I was several times viewing a specific sequence of pictures indicating a procedure, apparently for a certification of connection as a religious sacrament, consisting of first seeing [supposedly indicating placing] a dot on the body of an insect, then seeing a printed diagram [supposedly indicating praesenting this to a religious official for that officials' sacramental identification of the dot as signifying a location (star?) in the diagram (constellation?)] in order for one's self to have a recognized connection with the site (in the night-sky?) indicated by that diagram. [Puzzling to myself about the praecise function of the procedure (which may have referred to events explained to me earlier in the dream), I awoke.] {"In September, among the Tzutuhil Maya, certain large green flies called ci uech’ camina’k (‘eyes of the dead’) enter and leave houses and cluster at street corners; these are the spirits of dead family members. In Chan Kom, Yucatán, the souls of the dead return to earth in the form of insects on All Souls’ Day. In the prophecy for the Katun 3 Ahau in the Books of Chilam Balam (Roys 1954: 40), appears the passage, ‘Mourned are the flies (bulcum, “great hairy fly”) at the four crossroads; they shall be seen, the great hairy flies, at the four crossroads.’ Citing Thompson (ibid.), Roys suggests that this may refer to the souls of dead in insect form, which would be consonant with the meaning of ‘the four crossroads,’ a euphemism for the entrance to the Underworld." (Roy Forward : "Monkey Business Down Under". NATIONAL GALLERY OF AUSTRALIA RESEARCH PAPER, no. 48. n. 16 : "Coe, 1973 [Michael D. Coe, The Maya Scribe and His World, New York: Grolier Club, 1973], p. 15. The references are to J. Eric S. Thompson, Maya Hieroglyphic Writing : An Introduction, Washington DC : Carnegie Institute, 1950; Ralph L. Roys, The Maya Katun Prophecies of the Books of Chilam Balam, Series 1, Washington DC : Carnegie Institute, 1954.") "The Quiche believe that the souls of ancestors may be embodied in flies called natup." (Ibid., n. 18 : "Edmonson, 1971 [Munro S. Edmonson, The Book of Counsel : The Popul Vuh of the Quiche Maya of Guatemala, New Orleans : Middle American Research Institute, Tulane University, 1971], p. 101.") https://www.academia.edu/3881870/MAYA_MONKEY_BUSINESS_DOWN_UNDER_Vase_with_monkey_deity_Maya_culture_Chiapas_Mexico_550_900_by_Roy_Forward_National_Gallery_of_Australia_Research_Paper_no._48} {"figures resembling Insect God B of the Underworld ... have large god eyes, open mouths with prominent teeth, snouts resembling insect proboscises, god markings representing mirrors on the arms" ("Maya Ceramics from the Palmer Collection - The Underworld" http://umaine.edu/hudsonmuseum/exhibits/online/worldviews/the-underworld/). So, was the "dot" on each insect-body in my dream intended as a mirror?

Sept 21st-22nd (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- Dream : I noticed a woman lying nude; but by the time I thought of taking advantage of this, she was dressed, up and walking around. I asked her to allow me to kiss on her (meaning on her face), but she refused. [Rather frustrated, soon I awoke.]

Sept 22nd-23rd (Tue-Wedn) 2015 :- Dream : I was listening to a description of a rejuvenating elixir. This apparently developed into our (myself, relatives of mine, together with other persons on some sort of tour together) discussing departing out of the ho^tel and returning to our places of origin, even though we had not accomplished what which we had arrived intent on doing (which was some sort of spiritual achievement, apparently in connection with the elixir). At one point, while I was aboard a van with some of these persons, the talk was in favour of immediate departure; so, I asked to be left at the ho^tel to gather up my possessions (clothing brought to change into, which I had looked over just before boarding the van), and then shortly thereafter to be picked up again (along with those possessions) by the van. [Thereupon I awoke.]

2nd dream, later in the same night : Out-of-doors in the countryside, I was watching and listening to a man and a woman together, whereof the man was telling the woman that she ought to have sexual intercourse with him, but she was saying that she would refuse to. Thereupon, the man started forcing the woman : I could see that her clothing was removed from the lower half of her body, and from the lower half of his body also. His body was on top of hers, holding hers down, and she was yelling for someone to come to protect her (though no one else was in the vicinity except myself, and I secretly disapproved of her unnecesary resistance). I did not approach the couple because I figured that to approach while she was yelling for someone to protect her from him, might be misunderstood by them as a sign of my disapproval of what he was doing. I could see that he was not forcing his penis into her vagina; he seemed to be delaying until she would be agreeable to that action. [Wondring what would be the outcome, I awoke.] {Once, decades ago (the state-insane-asylum in MD for the northern suburbs of DC) I participated in a similar event : at an isolated location (beside the water-spring) to which I had induced a woman (inmate, like unto myself) to walk to, I asked her to have sexual intercourse with me; she refused, so I pulled off the clothing from the lower half of her body (leaving my own on), figuring that once this was done she would automatically consent to participate in sexual intercourse. But instead, she started weeping, so I simply departed from her (leaving her to dress herself again). [In that case, she afterwards complained to the staff of the establishment, but my invented explanation (wishful thinking -- alleging that she had participated with me willingly : I had read somewhere, earlier, in erotic literature which I had read much of, that this was the most apt way of getting such an accusation disposed of) was accepted.]}

Sept 23rd-24th (Wedn-Thur) 2015 :- Dream : While was looking at a detached woman face (mask?), it formed another face to the side (left?) of it, and then while I was as yet watching, this 2nd face transformed into a skull-face. [I had forgotten this dream after awaking, but then fell asleep in the morning, and on awaking remembered that I had dreamt it before awaking the first time that morning.] {This could referr to Icelandic goddess Hel.}

Sept 24th-25th (Thur-Fri) 2015 :- Dream : I was told (apparently by a man praesent) to insert my tongue into a woman's vagina; but there was no woman available there for me to do this to. I saw what appeared to be a design (in a horizontal structure in wooden furniture, the design, of the right area and triangular shape, being composed of various inset pieces of variously colored wood in reddish hues) intended to repraesent a woman's public region; so I applied my mouth to it, feeling with my tongue for any aperture-crack suggestive of the vestibule of a vulva, but could not feel any. [I was disappointed at this, and was wondring how to find an aequivalent design elsewhere to try out on, so as to fulfill at least repraesentationally that which had been commanded to me, when I awoke.]

Sept 27th-28th (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : I was being told of, and shewn an illustration of, a goddess named "Yona". [Then I awoke.] {This name, based on Samskr.ta /yoni/ 'vulva' is aequivalent to Latin /Juventat-/, identified in antiquity with Hellenic /Hebe/, the name of the goddess whose vulva was (according to the myth) viewed publicly by gods. (In Kama-rupa, the coming-of-age caerimony for females is conducted by the Kaula rite : the female's vulva is not only publicly viewed, but is also publicly kissed by the high-priest.)}

Sept 28th-29th (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- Dream : The differences on practice of yoga between that for a man from that for a woman, were being indicated. Later dream in same night : I had been discussing practices with a woman (who was supposed to be my sister -- she did not look at all similar to my real sister, but I did not think of that fact), until I decided to demonstrate affection directly with her, instead of merely talking about it with her, so I embraced her (with both of us standing in the room, and no-one else in the room), and started pressing my lips to hers, kissing hers. While kissing her lips thus continuously for some time, I was thinking that it was permissible for brother with sister to engage is some sexual behaviour together, so long as the behaviour did not include fucking each other. [Thereupon I awoke.]