Dream-diary, August 2015

Aug 6th Thur (during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I was speaking with a brown-skinned woman, and noticed that her face was heavily freckled with black freckles; so I mentioned this to her, saying that this was unusual (but she did not reply to this statement). Thereupon I started thinking to myself that just as among pink-skinned people brown freckles denote a distinct race, so black freckles on brown-skinned people ought likewise to denote a distinct race. [Then, due to wondring whether this deduction were valid, I awoke.] {The evening before, I had been watching (found by Bing search-engine) a video of brown-skinned women, each tattooed with black tattoos, who were dancing nude.}

Aug 7th-8th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : I was, with other persons who I knew, in the exterior hallway adjacent to my apartment. When one such man was in front of my closest female neighbor's apartment across the hallway to the north (her door being parallel to mine in the dream, though in the waking-world it is at right angles to it, due to a crook in the hall), I knocked on it while he was facing away from it, so that she opened it, and, assuming that he had knock on it, started talking with him. [Pleased that my knocking had, as I had intended, started their talking together, then I awoke.] {The day before (Fri), she had started talking (in the downstairs lobby, however) with H.G. and with the woman (occupying the apartment to east of mine) whom he had arrived to transport. I do not recall having dreamt of being outside my apartment in this aedifice prior to this.}

Aug 8th-9th (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I was viewing, on my computer-screen (monitor) a color-painting of a clothed male saint having superposed on it a white line-diagram sigil peculiar to that particular saint (and intended therewith to empower the eikon) including (in Hellenic lettering : which it pleased me to see, for I considered Hellenic lettering more spiritually effectual than Latin lettering) the saint's name; and was thinking ot myself that it is necessary for each such eikon-painting to have such a sigil superposed on it for it to be proprely empowered. I also understood that this was only one of a lengthy series of such ensigilated eikon-paintings. [Thereupon I awoke.] {Actually, I have never, to my memory, seen (nor even imagined) in the waking-world any such eikon-paintings with superposed sigils of a different color from the colors of the used in the paintings themselves [for, the traditional Taoist artistic convention is to conjoin black-ink prints of religious pictures with black-ink ensigilation of such prints] : not in Christian eikones, nor in those of any other religious tradition; though it surely would make thereby for more attractive, and likewise adequately efficacious, eikones.}

Aug 9th-10th (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : I understood that I was a membre of an organized group of persons among whom a mutual interest in pornographic cinema had led to promotion of a related genre of cinema involving no overt erotic content but instead organized advocacy of peace and good will (principle of developing the notion that to "make love" must evolve into into a notion "not war but peace"), and that this development based on an original organized interest in pornographic cinema would eventually result, via emphazing similarities of intent, in worldwide peace and goodwill through the political influences of its effect. [Thereupon, contemplating these projected results, I awoke.] {The dream apparently did not specify any traditional religions being involved; though Kaula (using tantrik literature), Taoist (also advocating erotic-style literature), and Vajra-yana; also Helleno-Latin (involving cults of goddess Aphro-dite/Venus) and Nuclear American (Meso-American plus Andean) religious themes (involving goddess Tlazolteotl and the Peruvian celebration involving annual erotic chases in orchards), and African cults of various whore-goddesses -- would be evidently all be amenable to such development. The historic religious cults of prostitution tended to have associated with them cults of witchcraft -- as, e.g., in the case of goddess Tlazol-teotl, which became in official Aztec religion also a system of amnesty through means of this goddess's being understood to grant absolution from sin through confession of sins to her mortal clergy : a system remarkably similar to Christianity with its sacrament of absolution via confession of sins to clergy; and wherein nuns were (as mentioned by, e.g., Chaucer in his Canterbury Tales) were all prostitutes.}

Aug 11th-12th (Tue-Wedn) 2015 :- Dream : I was discussing with a man the significance of "synecdochical meaning". He was saying that it referred to meaning of contractions of words, to which I responded that it referred to meaning of a group of words taken together. [Then I awoke.] {Actually, it /syn-ekdoche/ is literally a 'together-receiving', and is an idiomatical expression wherein a word is idiomatically employed to refer to fewer or to more items than asserted. His explanation (as 'contraction of words') would apply better to /synecphonesis/ (syn-ekphonesis) [a word which I had not consciously noticed before, but which mine eyen may have subconsciously viewed while I had been reading in the same dictionary (the one given to me by my brother) the definition of /synecdoche/ some time earlier : dream-deities would be aware of one's subconscious noticings accomplished while awake]; where the literal meaning of /ecphonesis/ (ek-phonesis) is 'sounded out'. The verb /to sound out/ can be used (as, in /soundings/) to signify 'to ascertain depth', or, figuratively, 'to test out whether some idea be currently acceptable'. I had recently seen Soundings in ... as the first words in some book-title [perhaps the full title was Soundings in Tibetan Medicine or Soundings in Tibetan Civilization], and had understood the significance of the title in that way : in current book-titles (as checked via the World Catalogue (WorldCat.com website on the internet) Soundings in ... is usually applied to 'discovery of current vogue in aisthetics or in litterature (such as, in litterature of theology)' where the vogue is particularly shifty and difficult to ascertain as to current conditions. The dream-man may have had in mind the potential utility of my relating to this metaphor my father's job (in the early 1960s) of (as I have often explained to persons since then, and some man recently in the local SocOfFr professing familiarity with when I thus broached the topic) maintaining (keeping in repair) electronics-equipment making actual sonar-soundings as depth-in-water under a survey-ship. After the mention of familiarity with this by a SocOfFr man recently, I later wondred what about my father's various doings (if any) might be of further interest to him; just as I have recently wondred about what about Cassandra (G.L.R.'s wife)'s bringing up (in a SocOfFr meeting some time agone) of the subject of apparently miraculous intelligence in will-of-the-wisp in the context of miraculously surviving being struck by apparently intelligent-guided levin. There seemed to me to be a commonality between the intelligence of gremlins often secretly manipulating electronics equipment, and the intelligence in static-electricity-bodied will-of-the-wisp, and intelligence in the static electric potential in clouds praeceding its discharge in the form of intelligently-guided levin. Could the intelligent guidance of the levin-bolt be enacted through intelligence in static electric potential (including instabilities in electric aequilibria) of substances in the general vicinity of the levin-bolt path in its passage through atmosphaire toward its grounding of itself upon striking?}

Aug 12th-13th (Wedn-Thur) 2015 :- Dream (repeated interrupted by semi-awakenings, each followed by returns into the same dream) : I was hearing (an audio-recording about?) two distinct descriptions of a basic supernatural pair : first as abstract metaphysical principles, and afterwards (in reverse sequence) as the two main types of shapes of flying vehicles flown by deities : egg-shaped and disk-shaped; this parallelism (praesented in vocal words as though the visible shapes of the flying vehicles were visible, palpable metaphors constructed purposely as a didactic device for teaching by the deities about the basic metaphysical principles) intrigued me, so that I wondred intently about its significance (about whether it were implied that every else in the material universe were not also divinely-constructed devices purposely designed as didactic devices for teaching about the metaphysical nature of the subtle divine universe). [Then, on account of thus wondring intently, I awoke.] {Of course, it could be implied that a full and complete instruction by immortal deities to mortals concerning the subtle, immaterial structure of the divine universe could be evidently delivered only when the deities themselves (arriving by way of their flying-vehicles, in a wide sector, at least, of the material universe) were to take effectual control over the material worlds : to the exclusion (from those worlds whereof the deities shall have taken charge) of the limitations of mere materiality (thus deleting capitalism, and therewith eliminating greed among souls of mortals for mere material objects) so that the true nature and meaning of the true universe shall be revealed, instead of (as hitherto) merely a materially-constructed simulacrum thereof.} [A copy of this dream (along with our understanding, herein praesented, thereof) is sent to kin and to friends, along with this introduction : "We have, apparently, begun to receive, as dreams, messages inviting to understand the material universe as a divinely-constructed illusion (maya) [this fact being the fundamental principle taught in the Upa-nis.ad-s], and we may praesume that our reception of such a message would be intended by its original senders to entail our spreading the purport such a message (so as to encourage other persons of our acquaintance likewise to request such Aupanis.adik messages in their dreams). N.B. : Our reception of dreams containing messages of this sort is due to our ingesting, every night, galanthamine -- together with huperzine, choline, and 5-HTP, which function synergistically to potentiate the galanthamine -- otherwise such dreams are not so readily (or perhaps not at all) to be had; and, so, may this notice likewise be an advertisement for others to take this drug-combination intended, and stated, by its sellers, worldwide, to enhance one's dreams. The drug galanthamine, originally marketed in Bulgaria in the 1950s as the only known cure for epilepsy, was soon found (when taken in combination with certain other drugs) to induce extra-ordinary dreams, containing messages of metaphysical import. Copy of our latest dream (such as is regularly posted by us on the internet) :"]

Aug 14 (Fri) 2015 :- Not a dream : Number sequences 1-2-3-4 & 4-5-6-7 -- The # 1223334 [one 1, two 2s, three 3s, and 4] was the "Transaction #" at the library for recent my interlibrary loan of Handbook of Whiteheadian Process-Thought (which I had sent for for G.L.R.); and 45:67 was the amount of my purchase from Amazon.com to-day.

Aug 14th (Fri, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I was listenining to a decription the likeness of of spirits seen in dreams (without, however, realizing that I was asleep). {I had fallen asleep at the computer-desk, while taking notes on spirits about "representations" of spirits in a sledge (Animism in Rainforest and Tundra, p. 155).}

Aug 14th-15th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : I was participating in a discussion of possible causes of glows seen around entities in dreams. In addressing whomever else was in the discussion-group, I added (without, however, being aware that I was then dreaming) the assertion that, in addition to the usual praeternatural factors, the dream-world aequivalent of a combination of 3 chemicals, which I named (the only one of which I now remember was "glycerine"), would be also involved. [Thereupon, I awoke.] {After awaking, I did not consciously recall having read anywhere in the waking-world (nor in the dream-world, either) that gylycerine was involved in any bio-phosphorescence, but rapidly confirmed that it is, by internet-search with a search-engine -- e.g., John Butler Burke : "The Origin of Life", p. 400, in THE FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW, n.s. CCCLXV, 1905 https://books.google.com/books?id=d1U5AQAAMAAJ&pg=PA400&lpg=PA400&dq=; and, Jacques Loeb : The Dynamics of Living Matter (COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY BOLOLOGICAL SERIES, VIII, 1906), p. 67 https://books.google.com/books?id=HokZAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA67&lpg=PA67&dq= (discussion of octopod phosphorescence, etc.) [Interestingly, 1905, apparently the year of the proposal that bio-luminescence is produced by "semi-alive" molecules (a proposal which could assist in understanding, and therefore in attaining facility for seeing, praeternatural aura-glow), was also the year of the founding of the Industrial Workers of the World by the Socialist Labor Party.]}

Aug 15th-16th (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I was with a woman, to whom I said, "I created the word unless you did". [In order to say this, I must have been semi-aware that it was a dream-world that we were in.]

Aug 16th-17th (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : I heard a clicking sound, then awoke (in the dream) and expected to hear or see something further which would tell me what to do next. [I was puzzled at not receiving further instruction, and while puzzling at this I really awoke.]

Aug 22nd-23rd (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I was with numerous other persons, apparently both men and women, standing together in a large room. I chose, among them, a woman, whom I somehow knew that she would be willing for sexual activity with me, which I thereupon perform with her continuously (until I awoke), by two continuous motions, performed simultaneous : with my arms pulling her body (we both facing each other) against mine while moving her body from-side-to-side (so as to rub her body against mine), and also rubbing my own body from-side-to-side (against her body) -- I thought of our bodies as rotating slightly with respect to each other while I was doing this. Both our bodies were clothed (as were the bodies of all other persons standing in the room), and the motions of body-pressing-against-body were similar to those more usually performed during an informal intimate dance performed with the incitement of music, at a public dance-party. [After doing this for more time continously, I must perhaps have awoken; if so, it must have been the middle of the night. If so, I soon went again to sleep, but in that case the event had been exciting that I could remember it upon awaking again; or, alternatively, I may have awoken directly from this dream (in either case it was as yet dark, earlier than I usually awaken). Before going to sleep for the night, I had been looking at erotic photographs on the internet until about midnight (up until immediately before going to sleep for the night, and had even perhaps fallen asleep at the computer-desk while looking at those photographs). As usual for recent years, most of these erotic photographs (found by Bing search-engine, which unlike Google is in its default mode uncensored) were chosen to be of nude Negroid women, although the resultant dream was entirey of Caucasoid folk together (as usual in such erotic dreams, I was too occupied with erotic activity with the particular woman whom I had selected to notice whether any other couple praesent was also engaged in sexual activity -- though I would probably have noticed, before we started our own erotic activity, if any other couple had been so engaged). I did not say even a single word to the woman with whom I was erotically engaged, nor she to me. (This absence of speech was typical likewise of the erotic behaviours between myself and the several women with whom I had cohabited for the most years each, in various cities of various states during my lifespan.) Such absence of speech hath not been any result of my own personal praeference, but simply an apparently nigh-universal habit among perhaps virtually all so-called "civilized" folk -- though by dint of observing enough audio-cum-video erotic recordings on the internet, it would appear that talk during erotic activity is somewhat more frequent among persons of Negroid race. That night (last night, which I am writing about) I had somewhat more occasion than usual to be joyous, for I started the day before into wearing the iridescent cap which I had sent for via Amazon.com; was thinking, while wearing it, that it ought to attract to me the attention of any divine entities which might notice it during the course of any brief visits by them (for, usually, perhaps only a few seconds of time) to my apartment. The iridescent cap is silvery-reflective (similarly as are the iridescent strips which I have fastened on the wooden doorway-frames within the apartment in order to impart the semblance of "pearly gates" of the sort mentioned in the Apocalypsis of Ioannes), and therefore more glaringly impressive than are the transparent iridescent sheetings hung to cover my windows and my bookcase (and also over my display of painted plaster idols, imported from India, of Hindu deities). It is my intent to wear the iridescent cap at the computer-desk while typing articles to put onto my internet-websites; and also to wear at the state-capitol aedifice during weekly protests-with-signs -- for, both these sorts of occasions would be suitable for attracting attention from deities of the important categories such as take interest in religion (inasmuch as most of the content of my websites is religious) and in politics -- including national (and international) politics, with "Columbia (S.C.)" being the namesake of the /District of Columbia/ containing the main national political government centres (of legislation) for the nation.] {N.B. : I had left playing, from the internet, on YouTube the extremely lengthy playlist "Mix -- ... by YouTube" commencing with Epic Hits | Best of Skyrim Soundtrack (Epic Action) - Epic Music VN -- and I noticed when this playlist had arriven at "2-Hours Epic Music Mix | Most Beautiful & Powerful Music - Vocal Mix" that the 2nd-to-last piece was "Thomas Bergersen - Sonera", /son~era/ 'dreameress' being slightly pertinent to any dreaming; while the woman who uploaded the 2:02:22 collection of pieces evidently chose her own pseudonym -- ostensibly alluding to a jukebox -- from the title of the last piece (a production by Future World Music) in this collection. (The outlay-and-organization of the "future world" is the theme of my websites, and expectation thereof concering the motivation for any reward to be granted by deities governing afterlives, ie., prospective future incarnations.)}

Aug 24th-25th (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- Dream : I was making up a playlist of music.

Aug 26-27 (Wedn-Thur) 2015 :- Dream : I was writing down a note about a reference which was being told to me of "the Seal of the Two Stems", which was stated to be Aiguptian, and therefore apparently include waterlily and papyros plants. [Then I awoke.] {I had been viewing (immediately before falling asleep), on Amazon.com, various dream-enhancing drugs for sale, including blue waterlily blossoms (dried), and waterlily-leaves. I had seen mentioned, on a Kemetic-culture website, a few days before, mention that blue waterlily was antiently ingested as a psychedelic drug (and had, indeed, bought some some years earlier).}

Aug 28th (during daytime, Fri) 2015 :- Dream : I was seeing or hearing mention of /groove-saliver/ (which would mean, as I figured out after waking, 'Ker-beros', whose saliva {do note that /SALIVA/ is the name of a tribe of South American Indians} was said to have originated the wolfbane-plant acherousia -- as mentioned by Robert Graves in his Greek Myths). {I had fallen asleep at the computer-desk while about to copy the passage about structure of the ayawaska-plant from the book Aya Awakenings, pp. 234-5 [N.B. My own only published book, not only for sale on Amazon.com, but also inserted into several internet-websites for freely publishing one's writings, is (according to at least one of such internet-websites -- the Amazon.com version not being paginated) 234 pages in length.] -- hounds (cf. Kerberos) had been mentioned on p. 229.}

Later the same day (during daytime, Fri) Dream : I was apparently as yet asleep, when I dreamt that I awoke and sought to remembre the dream in order to write it down [: I was wondring about the dream's meaning in regard to mythology, when I really awoke]. {I had just cited "An Experience with Heimia salicifolia". https://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=25651 (for a comparison in my notes on Aya Awakenings, p. 238) when just before I fell asleep : the passage pertinent may be :- "talking to this entity inside my dream ... while being so strongly aware of it at the same time ... (while sleeping)".}

Aug 28th-29th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : I had been experiencing something fluttering around me, and had caught it; and another man had likewise had been experiencing something similar and had caught it. Looking at the objects which we had caught, which were neither living nor naturally capable of thus hovering (though when we first caught them, they may have seemed alive), I suddenly realized the incongruity and impossibility of applying any natural explanation, and therefore said to to him : these objects are incapable of hovering on their own, and thus must have been magically caused to do so, that we had been experiencing magical effects, and that these events were indicating that we were "living in a magical world". He did not make a response to this statement by me. [While wondring how else to describe the incongruity of our situation in regard to metaphysics, I woke.] {I had the evening before (i.e., Fri 28th) been reading (with the intention of copying this passage from the book) in Aya Awakenings, p. 252 : "I can feel and hear it fluttering ... -- until I realize. I'm magnetizing {via "animal magnetism", i.e., hypnosis of anima} ... here ..., spirit forms".}

Aug 29th-30th (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I was being officially invited (under some compulsion with asserted poinalties in case of refusal) to join an occult organization (which required its membres to wear as indentification of themselves as members, a curious emblem suspended around their necks) by becoming a official member of it. {The evening praevious (Sat 29th) I had been looking on the internet at movie-cinematic posters of "the devil", including one advertising supposed (hypothetical, as it was a fictional-based movie) devil-worshippers who wore suspended from their neck a peculiar emblem as identification of membreship.} As soon as I was indicatig willingness to join, however, they were telling me that I would be allowed to deferr indefinitely any actual joining as a member; but I insisted on officially joining immediately. So, they accompanied me toward the site designated for such official joining as membre : the way to it was all the way up to the top floor (reached via a very tall staircase internal to the the tall manifoldly-storeied aedifice (which we were already within, on a lower storey thereof); and at the top level of the staircase the entrance was through a very narrow passageway (which I was being told by them I need not go through in case I felt at all reluctant), which I eagerly squeezed my body through (noting to myself that my body was quite slender enough to fit through eathly). Once through there, we were in a series of corridors (through which we continued to walk), such corridors having in them numerous persons whom I took all to be persons who had joined the same organization of devil-worshippers as membres. {The scene was somewhat reminiscent of, for one thing, the several uniform-with-emblem-suspended-from-the-neck-wearing groups of occultists which I had met in Ch., IL, such as the Process Church of the Final Judgement; but had not been invited to join then, even though I was willing enough to do so, and even at that time pursued them somewhat, hoping that I would be invited to join. Indeed, it was only my abrupt departure from the city (occasioned by the concurrent termination of the Vietnam-war, together with the arrival of my parents into the United States at the suburb wherein I had been born) that hindred my eventual joining of such occult organization[s], several of which (Kr.s.n.a Consciousness; Holy Order of MANS; etc. etc.) I had been attending meetings of, and was near the verge of moving into their neighborhoods so as to be able to attend their meetings (and to associate with their membres on a more regular basis) more easily.}

Aug 30th-31st (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : I was much fascinated by curious resemblances in certain names concerning which I was reading. {When I awoke, playing from the internet was (part of "Heroes of New[-]e[a]rth") the song "KUruKURUkuru". The evening praevious (i.e., Sun 30th), I had just copied (from Aya Awakenings, p. 272) mention of the KUiKURU tribe (in the Mato Grosso), looked up on the internet the artist mentioned (Roy Ascott), and corrected the year of his having visited that tribe.}