Dream-diary, July 2015

July 2nd (Thur, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I was participating in a guided lecture-tour, wherein the tour-party participants had to walk individually from room-to-room (within a large building being utilized for this purpose) to observe and have described to them by the guides the various features being explained. The persons thus being guided each had a badge to distinguish them as membres of the tour. I was volunteering to hold open certain otherwise-closed doors to be entred by membres of the tour (whom, I understood had already had imparted to them a description of which rooms they would visit sequentially, but whom I feared might not remembre the description well-enough to realize which door which they were to locate and open and entre individually, for continued participation in the tour, among many doors to be seen along a hall of doors). [I had often in praevious dreams participated with other persons in roaming through an otherwise-unoccupied building to order to explore it, but never before had participated in having to assist such explorers to find their way around through a specific route within the building.] Only after apparently all other participants in the tour had gone through a door which I was thus holding open for them, did I myself go through. In one such passageway the next door afterwards looked like part of a wall -- curiously, I identified it as the rear of a room employed as refrigerator-chambre {N.B., my sistre had mentioned to me when I had spoken to her most recently, a few days ago, our father's corpse have been kept frozen in a refrigerator until the time for its cremation} --, but I was aware that it was a door by having viewed other tour-party participants' having opened it to pass through into a sequence of evident doors (with only a single door to be entred after the praevious door, in sequence, instead of being a quandary of which door to choose to open among many closed in a hall full of closed doors) {cf. the sequence of 3 royal tombs to be entred each one through that of the succeeding generation of the dynasty of Nubian monarchs ruling over TL-MRJ, contemporaneous with the As^s^urian and Neo-Akkadian dynasties}. When I was again with the main tour-party, I somehow came to understand that the current tour was intended to demonstrate the perspectivist outlook of a members of a particular species, in this case a plant-species, the lentil-species. Wondring much to myself how a participant in the tour was to regard such a perspective, I awoke. {Just before falling asleep at my computer-desk, I had just been reading and taking notes from a book mentioning such perspectivism, namely Animism in Rainforest and Tundra. Also, the day (Wedn) before while at the state-capitol building with the weekly protest-rally, I had, in the course my usual circling of the building in order to eat pertinent foods at the various monuments thereabouts, and to deposit in rubbish-bins the containers of food which I had eaten at my apartment during the intervening weeks (I had not been thus deposting on sunny days due to the heat, nor had I been walking to the capitol on such days -- but being driven by automobile instead by G.R and his wife --, but that day had been an overcast day) : at one of the monuments, which I had selected as suitable for representing the moon, and thus for representing (because they are usually silvery, i.e., reflective, just as the moon is in Classical and alchemical symbolism correlated with silver) flying saucers, I was slightly grieved at not having available for deposit (as I had had available on certain praevious weeks) any food-container of food repraesentive of flying saucers (which food would be lentils, because they had the lens-like shape in common which the usual shape of ordinary flying saucers), so that I had to content myself with depositing therein a container for bananas (in this case dried sliced-banana chips, which are disk-shaped like unto the Su-dars`ana discus astra of, according to the Maha-bharata, Acyuta Kr.s.n.a) on account of the Papuan term meaning literally 'banana' for 'new moon' crescent. [Curiously, the Su-dars`ana is often (perhaps on the authority of some Pan~ca-ratra) repraesented in art by a ring entending around, but not touching, the tip of the finger of Acyuta (or, according to the Puran.a-s, of Vis.n.u) -- evidently an analogue with finger of Indra pointing at the moon in order to extract from the moon the amr.ta of god Soma (who is instead, in the mythology in use in Kama-bhoja, goddess Soma). Material-world space-stations (constructed in outer space by material-world governments) are likewise ring-shaped, and in contrast to flying saucers, which are instrusions into the material universe of immaterial vehicles sent from a subtle (suks.ma) universe.] Because she had during the "Occupy ..." Movement (called by the Democratic Party during the 1st Administration of Obama, in order to warn the Republican Party of a possibly forthcoming working-class insurrection against that Party if it were to persist in its scheme of refusing to allow the Democratic Party to borrow enough money -- via issuing U.S. Savings Bonds -- to have enough money to be able to continue paying Social Security monthly as stipend to persons receiving it) by tenting on the grounds of the state-capitol every night until the surrender of the Republican Party; therefore I had (quite unusually, for I had not tried so early in the morning before this occasion) telephoned on her cell-telephone the woman who is choir-directrix for the local Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship this morning to tell her latest news of our protest-rally at the state-capitol) -- though only 7:45 A.M., she told me that she was already at work (U.S. military hospital), and that she arriveth at work at 6:30 A.M. (she now being on the day-shift, though years praeviously she had been on the night-shift).} [Incidentally, I had not remembred dreams for several nychthemera, so which I had just decided such lack of memory must have been due to my not taking enough choline with the galanthamine (there being at least one entry in the Amazon.com blog on its galanthamine-sales site stating that if enough choline be not ingested with the galanthamine, there be no memory of dreaming; and at least one entry stating that the choline supplement ought to be taken when awaking in the midst of the night), so I had started the night before to take additional choline when awaking in the midst of the night; with this dream being an apparent effect of such addition.]

July 9th-10th (Thur-Fri) 2015 :- Dream : I heard a voice (which I understood to be praeternatural) saying to me [I could see the sky through my window], "Look at the golden star". I knelt at the window (so that I could see only the sky; so that my view, through the window, of the sky would not be distracted by anything else which otherwise might be seen through it), and saw an orange-colored star in the sky [though it was daytime, that said star was visible]; promptly a blue-colored saucer-shaped object flew (from right to left) across the sky, passing close bye the golden star. {After this, on July 16th, I came across the statement : "The 12th chakra looks like a golden star. Sometimes, it is called the "Soul Star"." } The voice said something such as, "Keep on looking" : I did, and saw, very big (subtending many [10 to 15] degrees) a faint (and transpicuous) image of what appeared to be a magnified moon in the sky. [Thereupon I awoke.] {Blue is the color of the Democratic Party; and to-day (10th) the Democratic Party is to celebrate its victory by removing (at 10 A.M.), from its flag-pole in front of the S.C. capitol-building, an instance of the battle-flag of the Confoederate States of America -- a replica of the flag-style used in 1861-5, when the Democratic Party (of America) as yet favored slavery.} {Could the twain ordinal decads (day and hour) implied in dream relate to the 10th Spirah, which I had just the day (9th) before quoted (for an epitome of ) mention of in the JOURNAL OF THELEMIC STUDIES that ""the "Ray of Creation" travels to ... Ten[th]", have been related?}

c. morning of July 12th 2015 :- not quite a dream : While then-awake, I saw (with mine eyen closed and body reclining) the figure of a woman clad in a dense-with-points-of-white-light (sequin-covered, or whatever, gleaming by reflecting sunlight?) garment. [I do not definitely remembre any vision nor dream earlier than this wherein I saw anything glittery/sparkling.] {I had only about a day earlier quoted (from Pedersen's Not Quite Shamans, p. 214, fn. 15) Henri Bergson's mention that laughter "sparkles".}

July 12th-13th (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- Dream : I was being shewn a wall-posted map (without names on it) of the interior of Western Australia {perhaps suggested by the similarity between the Western Australia aboriginal emblem of the soul, and the Huichol "eye-of-god" emblem}, indicating numerous archaiological campsites of aborigines in a region which I knew is now unpopulated; I considered (in the dream) that the sites indicated that rainfall had been abundant there as of the aira of the sites, thousands of years ago. Nextly, I was viewing another wall-posted map (also without names on it) of conjectured (on the basis of archaiological sites) migration-routes of praehistoric human denizens of a large region, with an apparent sea-strait crossing-narrows indicated, such that I wondred about the feasibility (in that antique aira) of crossing even the narrowest sea-strait. {I may have somehow held in the back of my mind the difficulty of passing across the sea-strait of the Wallace Line separating Melanesia from Indonesia.} Later (in the dream), I was participating in an expedition exploring an uninhabited region for feasibility of establishing human settlements therein, an uninhabited wilderness, wherein I discovered, perched on a plant-top amid what I declared an unususual seed-pod array (though I soon saw the skull amid a tree instead) a small skull of that which I declared to be a lemur (because it had huge eye-sockets) -- and I wondred how or by what vanished former population the skull had been placed thereat, or whether alternatively the lemur may have died in that situation, or whether what appeared to be a skull might be some natural outgrowth (of that plant) associated with the seed-pods. Afterwards (in the dream), I was located atop a plateau, viewing below variously lower levels of plateau over hundreds of feet of apparently unscalable descents, to the land-plain whereupon were walking migrating groups of humans. [Thereupon, while wondring about their possible identities, I awoke.] {Surely, the skull-in-a-tree was intended to indicate the heroes' heads which became living fruit of a tree (in the Popol Vuh) : if so, the dream could be a suggestion to correlate MesoAmerican (Aztec, etc.) world-ages with the sequences of root-races (including Lemurian) known to the Theosophical Society of America.}

July 17th (Fri, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I was, without any conscious effort at doing so (and explaining to myself simultaneously by way of my thoughts how this could be possible, by considering myself to be occupied by a praeternatural spirit speaking through my mouth, though I realized that I had apparently not at any time before having undergone such an experience), describing aloud sexual doings of a woman (as though she were visibly praesent -- I thought that the spirit speaking through my mouth must be able to see her, though I myself could not) -- and ending with the words "And she is still there". [Thereupon I awoke, sitting at my computer-desk.] {Decades ago, in the 1970s (while in Ch., IL) or at least for some years thereafter in GA, I had occasionally experienced speaking through my mouth (I having no knowledge beforehand of what my mouth was saying, and would not have known except for my hearing its spoken aloud) some praeternatural divine entity; as well as once in T.P. suburb of D.C. my hand's automatically writing a statement (without my knowing what was be written, except for my reading it afterwards) -- both of which are well-known manifestations of one's body being controlled by a divinely revelatory superhuman entity.} {I had, immediately before falling asleep, been listening to a Caucasoid woman, describing, in brief interludes between her taking a Negro man's stiff penis in her mouth, how she enjoyed taking Negro men's penes in her mouth, and how she relished the flavor of Negro men's semen virile : this being in a video found (via "Bing" search-engine, searching for video under the words "sex talk") on "Tube 8" (named for being behind the 8-ball in a game of shooting Pool, where the "shooting" is taken as a metaphor for a man's semen shooting out from his penis during his orgasm, in such case into the mouth of a woman who is holding the tip of his penis in her mouth). I had evidently not thought, at any time prior to this, to search for such a phrase as "sex talk" in the "video search" on Bing; I did, however, at this time find that the results (namely, various videos) of such a search to be abundant.}

July 17th-18th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : Having myself seen out-of-doors, the strange plants (antler-shaped, a few inches tall, and covered with sand-grains) which were the topic of discussion in the news, and I heard it said (by alleged authorities of Chinese religion) that those plants were impropre objects of worship, on account of their being of some category unknown to traditional Chinese religion. [This assertion so puzzled me that, wondring about it, I awoke.] {The antler-shaped plants were evidently intended to be so-called "reindeer-moss" (a tumbleweed-shaped species of lichen, concerning which I had read recently -- and contributing to this dream-topic may have been the discussion of tumbleweeds which I overheard while we were sitting outside the Simkin residence -- former S.C. headquarters of the N.A.A.C.P. -- awaiting its being opened for the scheduled C.P.R.C. meeting Wednesday evening, where after we went inside persons were mentioning their being convinced Communists etc.). But the sand coating the plants in the dream may have been an allusion to (Handbook of Chinese Mythology, p. 140) "sand as their food." With these "eighty" sand-eaters having "iron foreheads", cf. Lono-kaeho having "eight stone foreheads" and receiving into his open jaws "weed bodies" (Beckwith : Hawaiian Mythology, p. 205 -- cf. tumbleweed).} {Wednesday the 15th, when we attended (as we had not in last few years) the meeting at the local NAACP, praesident Obama was thus reported as having spoken (on the 14th, however) at the national NAACP convention :-

http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2015/07/15/the-black-president-some-worried-about-has-arrived/?tid=pm_politics_pop_b ) Said convention was described as the 106th : the # 106 was being displayed on each of several signs on the back of the stage whereon women were waving U.S.ofA. flags on a video which I found on Mon July 20 :- http://www.videosexarchive.com/index.php?video=2500979 }

July 18th-19th (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : In a public building, I saw a nude woman standing in the large public room. I thought to myself that women ought always to be going nude in public, and that men who see the women nude ought to shew their appretiation to the women by feeling on the women's bodies, and that I must start behaving in that way as of now : so, I walked over to the woman, and started feeling on her teats {I was to come across, on July 25th, the expression "innocently grabbing titties" (Razam : Aya Awakenings, p. 43)} and buttocks. [Thereupon I awoke.] {In praevious occasions in recent years, whenever I have seen a woman standing nude in the same room as myself, I have been so concerned with the possibility that she might not wish to have her body be touched by a man, that I have not done so. But evidently it is the galanthamine which (with huperzine and choline) I have been ingesting every night, which hath made me unafraid of the woman's response to my touching her body; and, indeed, in this instance she did not behave as though offended.} Another dream, the same night (unless it was the night before) : I was reading in a book an explanation of the [Latin] name Laetitia. {I had, if I remember, seen this when awake only as a Latin word, not a name (and, indeed, in Lewis & Short, A Latin Dictionary, is given only as a common substantive 'gladness', not as a propre name); but on Sun July 19th saw it as name (written /Letitia/) at http://www.afropunk.com/profiles/blogs/maury-show-baby-names .}

July 20th-21st (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- Dream : While I was lying in my bedroom (in the dream), I heard a woman (apparently one with whom I was cohabiting in that dream-world, though I do not remembre ever having dreamt praeviously of her sleeping in any apartment with me and could not then -- and cannot now -- identity whom she was intended to be -- indeed all the many years and decades that I cohabited with various women in various cities of various states, I apparently never dreamt of any of them at all, let alone of their specifically being in a bedroom while I was in a bedroom, which lack of dreaming of them I always considered over those many years to be quite a curiosity, forasmuch as I did sometimes dream of other persons with whom I resided, such as my parents, Mr. G.R. and his wife C.F. together, etc.) call to me from her adjoining bedroom, "He just came into my room!", which I assumed referred to some intruder who had just entred into her room through a window, from outside the house. I was about to start calling back to her, but then thought to myself that if any intruder heard me calling to her, I might also be in danger. [Thereupon I awoke. I immediately opened mine eyen, and saw immediately in the centre of my field-of-vision a vibrating region (a few degrees wide), which vibration I assumed to be an indication of my fright; this vibration persisted for a minute or two. I do not remembre ever having seen such an effect praeviously; it may have somehow been praeternatural.] {Quite seldom indeed (over many years and decades) have I ever (if ever at all praeviously) been frightened on account of a dream, or awoke on account of being frightened -- I do not recall any such, off-hand. It may well be that my experience such a frightening dream somehow resulted from my having to the woman P.P. when she was stopping to allow me to depart out of her automobile (after having driven me to my apartment from the Soc.ofFr. meeting on Sunday) that [this I told her in response to her telling me that she sometimes experienced frightening dreams] I have never experienced any frightening dream in my life, and that this absence of any frightening dream was due to my reliance on divine protections. But if this be the case, then the vibration which I witnessed immediately afterward may have been a manifestation of a protective divinity (personal guardian-angel), which may have been induced to arrive either by her, or even by a combination of her guardian-angel and that of Mr. G.R. (or perhaps his wife C.F. or her brother's wife), inasmuch as I spoke (by telephone) with him at some length in the late evening immediately prior to this (i.e., July 20th) concerning the need to rely on flying saucers for protection from the evil intentions of the [G.W.B. et al. faction of] the Republican Party in their program to exterminate mankind by means of atomic bombs and the like. [And furthermore, he told me a few years ago when he was even paralyzed with fear when he discovered that a potential intruder was attempting to break into his apartment from outside of it.] Surely, it must have been his spiritual power which which induced me to start hearing, while residing at his (and his wife's) residence some years ago, a voice calling out to me (usually uttering my name, and sometimes using his voice) while I was in the process of awaking in the morning from a dream (undergoing this process often, and continuing the same often for years afterwards, its only gradually diminishing after I had departed -- for, after I described this (the hearing of a voice call my name, as in the Book of the Nabi> S^mu^>el) to him, he said that he had long (decades?) being experiencing the same effect while awaking from sleep.}

July 24th-25th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : While I was standing in my bedroom (in the dream), I noticed a woman (apparently one with whom I was cohabiting in that dream-world, though I do not remembre ever having dreamt praeviously of her sleeping in any apartment with her and could not then -- and cannot now -- identity whom she was intended to be -- whether she was the same or different from the one of July 20th-21st dream I am uncertain) in her adjoining bedroom. I figured that she had been cohabiting with me without our ever having had sexual intercourse. {I had, just the evening before last, been reading, in the book Cosmos and Society in Oceania, of a tribe wherein a man and woman are expected to cohabit for many days without engaging in sexual relations.} I wondred how accepting she would be of any sexual overtures from me; so, to test out this quaestion, I walked into her bedroom (where she was standing clad in a nightgown) and started embracing her : she did not resist nor protest. [Thereupon, wondring whether I had been in error (of being unnecessarily refraintful in dread of offending her sensibilities) if I had never tried touching her before (which I was unsure of whether I had ever done, not remembring anything specific about her from the past), I awoke.]

July 27th Mon 2015 :- not a dream : My internet telephone is ...-753-1429 : to-day I noticed an epic playlist of 753 (Liked videos by xDarkLegacyx2  753 videos at

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujmoYyEyDP8&list=LLxn_odPreZlRXtf63vtj1vw -- the 1st piece in the playlist being titled "SPECTRE", and the 2nd piece produced "... From Hell"), after having a couple of hours earlier noticed a YouTube epic music video which mentioned that it had been viewed 1429. (one more digit) times.

July 28th (Tue, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I was walking along (because the street below was too narrow to have a sidewalk) a black iron grillwork walkway which jutted out from, and was fastened to, the side of a brick aedifice, and which had a black iron railing along its side, many feet above the alley-like street below. Soon, when we halted, I said to the person (a woman) who had been walking with me along it, "This is so dangerous a walkway that it makes human life seem worthless." But I she made no answer, and I thought to myself that she might be so accustomed to this way of walking, that such a comment of mine might sound unreasonably cowardly to her; and I wondered whether, if she indeed thought thus, it was at all useful for me to make any such remark to her whatsoever. [Wondring about this, I awoke.] {I have indeed for long considered balconies (the walkway in the dream being a long sort of balcony) as too dangerous for any ever to venture onto, and never went onto balcony when I used to reside in an aedifice having them. But the walkway by its black iron grillwork floor more resembled the landings of external fire-escapes in New York City and in Chicago : when once in Chicago a woman (the one whom I was visiting in her apartment in the large "group-home" for released former insane-asylum inmates -- we had been in a ward of a state insane-asylum together, and while in that ward we had been been caught together, by staff-women, in the woman's bathroom, with me licking on her cunt after she had just before been taking my penis into here mouth there) who had invited me onto a landing of the aedicide's exterior's fire-escape, I felt the situation to be so praecariously indicative of danger that I did not requaest to go through any sexual activities with her there (though no one would have seen us doing so, as it was perched along the rear side of the aedifice, facing only rear sides of other aedifices, with no humans in sight), thinking as I did that sexual activities in such a circumstance might be an invitation for bad luck in the future by suggesting to deities that we did not care whether or not we would die in some negligent way. But I did not discuss this with her -- we had gone onto the external fire-escape because, she said, her female co-resident was then in the apartment (and thus implying that she did not wish for that other woman to notice any sexual activity by us, which she would likely report to the aedifice's administrative staff who would somehow punish her -- I dreading to even mention the cause of my haesitation to perform sexually, lest she denounce my dread of acquiring bad luck, and any such denunciation bring bad luck on me automatically (and likely on her also) by seeming to defy the deities' ability to inflict bad luck on anyone who seemed to be scoffing at their ability to inflict such bad luck. (The involvement in my understanding, of external fire-escapes with bad luck was due to their praevalence in Manhattan, where about 1960 my father's mother from Cluj was telling him (after I protested that I did not care to stay in the United States with her because of the lack of a woman there for me to have sexual relations withal) that she could talk some local woman whom she knew there into having sexual intercourse with me at a low price with could be afforded; but because she did not immediately introduce me to said woman I suspected that such would not be feasible due to greed by women in the United States for high pay for prostituting themselves -- and I knew that in South America, where my father was proposing to take me instead, that prostitutes were available affordably cheaply, so that this latter became the course of events, after first -- without attempting to make any effort to talk any local woman into accept any payment which we could afford -- she instead had me secretly, without informing my father, committed to a local insane asylum for the criminally insane, wherein I was knocked unconscious by some criminally insane brute, until my father was told by a woman neighbor where I had been put and had me released : that was also the occasion when he was complaining to her of the needlessness of her having administred to his father her husband the fatal dose which killed him, though it seem to be justified to me because it apparently helped him to survive after death, for I saw there what I took to be his ghost in the main room of the house there on 12.th Street; she considered that swallowing deadly poison was the only way to survive death by becoming a vampire). When arriving at the house on last Sunday July 26th, I had mentioned to S.P., when leaving her leased automobile, my grandmother's devotion to vampires. Anyway, the dream did perhaps also relate to the episode (which I had described to P.P. by telephone immediately after she drove me to my apartment from the Soc.ofFr meeting on the Sunday immediately praeceding, namely July 19th), of how when I had resided in the balconied mansion in C., GA, a group-home for released insane-asylum inmates, the woman-supervisor had allowed me to lick on her vulva once, but would not again because she thought that to do so again would be to invite bad luck -- because immediately after my thus cunnilinging her, the other woman working there who was jealous of her (and imputedly wished to put a curse on the 2 of us), had me committed to the state insane-asylum, so that it seemed to her (whom I had licked; though did not seem so to me) that such a curse via the state-goverment would cause bad luck to adhaere if she would allow me to lick her vulva any further. That was the point in time whereat I departed the city, leaving any imputation of bad luck stalking its potential victims through means of government-potentized curses, behind in that city.} {My describing, in the dream, a supposed lurking danger (which through its connection with my experiences in the waking-world, hath herein been indicated to be involved with ill-luck-imparting traps set on unwary souls through ill-willed governments) is another first for my dream-activities.}

July 30th-31st Thur-Fri 2015 :- Dream : Two men had traveled, along with much merchandise of theirs, in what I considered my father large closed truck-trailer; I thought that they must have paid to my father something for the privileged of so transporting their goods. [I awoke.]

July 31st Fri (during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I had an aquarium (with water) for aquatic reptiles; I noticed that 2 alligators were apparently dead (one was remaining submerged), and so decided to dump them somewhere out-of-doors. [Then I awoke.]