Dream-diary, April-June 2015

Mar 31st-Apr 1st (Tue-Wedn) 2015 :- Dream : I heard separate plays of drumming and of flauting. [After I awoke promptly, I again heard the same : I had left these sequences playing from YouTube, playlist "Mix - Medieval Music "Vox Vulgaris - Cantiga 166"" : "musica medieval", uploaded by 96AquaDragon. (I had chosen to play this music as an alternative to North American Indian music, which likewise must alternate between plays of drumming and of flauting -- apparently, the dream-world had chosen to have me hear, out of available pieces, the musical piece most alike unto the North American Indian music which I had chosen not to leave playing.] {The evening before (i.e., Mar 31st-Apr 1st), I had been (immediately before reposing to sleep) reading and copying (to put onto the internet) p. 164 (with its mention of a dream-stairway) in :- Robin M. Wright : Mysteries of the Jaguar Shamans of the Northwest Amazon. Univ of NE Pr, Lincoln, 2013. The first time when I heard music in a dream, decades ago [in perhaps our apartment-building-of-residence (as of then, in Takoma Park, MD suburb of DC) whose staircase I used to climb], was while on a staircase (in the dream) between storeys in the aedifice -- and indeed I did not hear music again in a dream until many years later, even though now-a-day hearing music in dreams is, due to my leaving it playing in the material world while I sleep, rather frequent.}

Apr 4th-5th (Sat-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I was instructed that I would have the ability to influence a variety of spiritual systems. [Then, just as I awoke promptly afterwards, I heard my name ("Michael") being uttered; which I took to be a reminder that this ability would be in effect for me in the waking waking-world, so that I responded by saying aloud that I would assist the praeternatural utterer in accomplishing such effects.] {When, on immediately arising, I looked at the computer-clock, it was 7:11 (A.M.), an auspicious pair of numbers ("come 7, come 11").}

Apr 6th-7th (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- Dream : I was contemplating that adjusting the mind so as to expect miraculous results from the divine nature (original divine sourcing) of unusual vocal tones of utterance could readily give rise to those miraculous sorts of results, due to divine assistance which would be rendred in acknowledgement of such expectation. [Due to my wondring about the eath of accomplishing this, I awoke.] {I had left playing (for perhaps the 1st occasion of this) from YouTube a playlist of Mongolia H^umi (Khuumii) overtone-singing, which I heard playing when I awoke. The tone of voice is so unusual as to praesent the semblance of how divine beings might rendre their utterances when they are intending to produce miraculous results.}

Apr 8th-9th (Wedn-Thur) 2015 :- Dream : After having manipulated an elongated instrument being managed by other persons into position for its being used as a weapon, I took the opportunity to start walking down the staircase of the apartment-aedifice (my apartment being located on the top floor {just as it is in the waking-world}) -- I chose this in lieu of the elevator, for I expected that enemies (i.e., agents of the Bush family) would arrive to arrest me if they found be alone waiting (as they would expect) for the elevator. {This evasion may be based on the technique of evasion which I learned through being instructed by a sympathetic male atttendant on the staff of my confinement-ward in the state "insane-asylum" at Columbus, GA : not to go (after escaping) directly to wait at the omnibus-station, where government-agents would expect me to be and arrest me there -- but instead to hide out elsewhere.} [But while walking downstairs (for it would be many flights of stairs downward before I could reach the downstairs aedifice-office, where I expected to describe to the sympathetic staff-persons our upstairs manoeuvre), I awoke.] {This staircase-location, also in another recent dream, could be derived from my having first heard music on a staircase in a dream some decades ago; as likewise also from the statement that yahe`/ayawaska devotees consider the otherworldly sites visited in their drug-enhanced dreaming as interconnected by a divine staircase.}

Apr 10th (Fri) 2015 :- Dream : In response to an alarm, I was gone from my apartment. When I returned, I saw where a wall area (connecting my apartment with outside the apartment) had been broken through, and also that the door connecting with the adjoining apartment {I do not remember ever having resided in any apartment having such a door in the waking world.} had been replaced with plywood; so I figured that it had been broken through by firemen. [Then I awoke.] {Earlier in the same day, the new fire-alarm's system had announced (for the first time) to leave the building; but when I opened the apartment's door into the hallway, I was told by staff-workers that it was only a test.}

Apr 10th-11th (Fri-Sat) 2015 :- Dream : Having noticed Irish titles in a playlist of songs, I add that nationality to my typed description of the playlist. [Then I awoke.] {I had been reading (and taking notes for comparions to be put onto the internet) Irish mythology just before going to sleep. Upon awaking, I looked at the music playing from YouTube : it was "Asturias" by Isaac Albeniz. [In Spanish, "z" is pronounced /t/, so that the Gnostic palindrome /ABLANATHANALBA/ could be borrowed in the composer's name.] Though there are Irish legends of connections with the adjacent Galicia (Gallaecia), /Asturias/ may be related to Scots /stour/ ('battle', Old French /estour/), Skt /astra/ 'missile, hurled weapon' (also, name of a mantra pronounced, according to Monier-Williams, "before reading a book"). An Irish instance could be the ga`e assail of Assal (q.v., MacKillop : Dictionary of Celtic Mythology), taken to Iran (where there is Aster-abad, 'missile city'), and caused to return by uttering "ibar" (cf. /Iberia/ with its /Iberos/ (Ebro) river).}

April 22nd-23d (Wedn-Thur) 2015 :- Dream : I was listening to an Eastern Orthodox description of the Church-calendar. Then, in order to determine my own orthodoxy on this point of issuer, the man (an ecclesiast) lecturing asked me personally, "Is the kalendar (currently used by the Church, i.e., so-called "New Kalendar", a revision contrasted with the Old Style Julian kalendar used by the Gregorian reform in the Roman Catholic Church in regard to reckoning "almanac" of aequinoctes and solstices, but otherwise identical with the "Old Kalendar" which is Gregorian in this regard -- "New Kalendar" Eastern Orthodox festivals, such as Eastre, being based on dates of Yhudi ones) that of the [Apostolic] Fathers?" I said, "Yes", not intending to imply that I praeferred it, but simply that it was traditional, and was as old as the Church itself. But the lecturer asked no further quaestion, being satisfied with that response from me as sufficient indication of my orthodoxy; which somewhat surprised me, and cause me to start wondring about how the Church-officials could be satisfied with a response merely indicating that the respondent understood that some point under discussion was traditional and as old as the Church, without asking whether that was the personal praeference of the respondent. Naturally, I had in mind Protestant doctrinal points which are so often considered settled simply by an agreement that the point is traditional and derived from Apostolic times; for I was telling myself that this procedure was no grounds for assumption of personal orthodoxy, though evident accepted as such by Churches, which never ask personal praeferences -- the Churches thus are satisfied with respondents' understanding of Church-history, as if such understanding could somehow replace praefences. {I had been listening, immediately before falling asleep, to a lecture on the history of the Eastern Orthodox Church's kalender, as recorded at "OLD CALENDARISTS an Orthodox perspective part I" (uploaded by TheMistAnchorite) on the compilation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3HRMiNH8WQ&index=17&list=PLADFAAD3CC0C6D1BA by Kaleb Lippert. There had been little time between my having fallen asleep while (at about the end of) listening to this, and my awaking at the end of this dream at about 1:30 A.M. Incidentally, I had recently read (in Colin Wilson's Alien Dawn, p. 237) of Robert Monroe's "experimenting with sleep-learning devices", so that the dream may have been intended to suggest that learning can be achieved (if not in actual dreaming) while drowsy.}

April 23d (Thur, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : We were viewing room-chambres which were highly ornate with variegated hangings along walls, with decisions to be made about the effects of such artistic design on viewers. I was of the opinion, and saying so, that such decorative ornamentation was desirable; and that any persons viewing such who might feel offended by the gaudiness of such displays had not as yet become sufficiently familiar with mural ornamentation, and would begin to approve as soon as becoming so familiar. Other suggestions for interior-design schemes were also being solicited; so, I was suggesting running strings along projectons on walls in order to be able to hang along the walls an abundance of small ornaments (which were already available) on such strings; asserting as I was the desirability for as much mural ornamentation as possible.

May 1st (Fri, about 5 A.M.) 2015 :- Dream : I was looking at a woman who very scantily clad (wearing only a thong). {I had the during the night just before, Apr 30-May 1, read on the internet "Fall of Hebe", of Ares' staring at Hebe while her body was exposed.} Shortly afterwards in the same dream, while I was in the process of locking, from inside, the doors of the house to the outside, a young woman walked over to me and stood directly in front of me; so I immediately starting kissing her lips (I being pleased that she allowed me to do so) and continued for quite some time. When I withdrew my lips from hers, I thought of telling her (but did not do so, for I thought that it might be embarrassing to me to tell her this, as though no other woman cared much for me) that that was the longest time for which I had kissed a woman's lips [even in a dream] for many years. [Then I awoke. A program was playing on YouTube, and in it towards the end, first the woman was saying "and the boys ... tend to indulge", and next a man was singing about, apparently, kissing a woman's lips : "BLACKMORE'S NIGHT - PARIS MOON 2007-6/13" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgqNXARBWec&index=44&list=PLcePtyIedNB7Nm_CB7lE-DHZi3Z4dL21X = # 44 of "Popular Neo-Medieval music & Blackmore's Night videos by #NeoMedievalMusic 44112 videos".]

May 13th-14th (Wedn-Thur) 2015 :- Dream : I was (in the dream) so impressed with a memory which I had just experienced of a dream (which had occurred in the same night, immediately prior to the ongoing dream) that I made sure not only to undertake a pertinent ritual after waking (in the dream), performed by placing (in the dream) an object (chosen on account of its having a shape similar to a dream-object experienced in the remembred dream, I intended therewith to be influenced, by the ritual, in further future dreamings, by influencing the future events to be therethrough connected with circumstances in the dream-region having been experienced within the dream-world) on the ground just outside the chamber (bedroom in the dream) wherein I had experienced the remembred dream. After performing such ritual, I proceeded (in the ongoing dream) to describe the dream to [the dream-entity, i.e. divinity posing as] G.R., who was setting out something in relation to the black-and-white tiling on the floor. {My sistre, instead, had told to me (in the waking-world) of her having laid tiling on the floor of her house; she, by telling of her praeferring to listen to Keltic music, had thereby enticed me to leave such playing (in the waking-world) while sleeping.} He was rebuking such a recounting, and I was responding by agreeing that a description (such as I had been recounting) ought better to be mentioned only at a time and place more in accord with work being actually performed by the person to whom recounted. [Thereupon, while wondring how it would be feasible to find someone performing work relevant to any given recent dream which I might in the future wish to expound, I woke.] [I after waking left the same music (as had been playing in my sleeping-chamber in the waking-world while I had been sleeping and dreaming) playing on the "Mix - Music Celtic - Elves ans Fairies ~ Musique Celtique - Elfes et Fées" playlist, and (while I was typing this) it (though the playlist is mostly of purely instrumental pieces, sans vocals) arrived at a sung poiem including (starting at 36:00 of "Fantasy and Celtic Music Mix №4" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PlvX7d40pk&index=27&list=RDaimTV2EMEpU) the words "sleep ... when I wake in the morning" and (reminiscent of, e.g., visitations to cemeteries at midnight to perform the rituals needed so as to invoke the cemetery-spirits lurking therewithin, such as I have in the cathedral-cemetery often done on occasions called by the Democratic Party against the Republican Party, for the defeat of measures being attempted in U.S. Congress by the Republican Party) the words "at my grave at night".] {N.B. I had apparently seldom (if ever) before dreamt of discussing dream-ritual (in the sense of ritual performed to influence future dreams). I had ingested galanthamine (for the first time in this lifespan) along with (as recommended) huperzine and choline almost a week earlier, both before going to sleep and when waking in the middle of the night; had not experienced any effects that time immediately, and [upon searching the internet the next day to discover why this combination might fail to produce a result, I read that for some persons pantothenic acid is additionally needed to produce a result] therefore immediately sent for, again via Amazon.com, the needed pantothenic acid. It arrived and I took it (with no further galanthamine, which is said to continue having its effect for a whole week) the night of May 12-13th; its effect was delayed until one night later, because the dream-deities wished that I rendre pertinent (by performing immediately beforehand) the usual weekly Wednesday-evening ritual (involving eating thereat of a whole papaya, because papaya orginated in Colombia) at the state-capitol whence the District of /Columbia/ hath its name.}

May 21st-22nd (Thur-Fri) 2015 :- Dream : I was in a chambre of a set of chambres, such that no other person was in the particular chambre wherein I was; but whenever I went to look into any other chambre of the set (which had no doors separating them), I would see some other person there, a different person in each chambre. Whenever I would be about to walk into any other such chambre so as to be with whomever was therein, however, there would be some intense event therein (such as as a loud banging sound) which I would take to be a warning to me, not to entre. [Wondring why there would be such warnings, and congratulating myself that I had the mental acuity to understand such events as warnings; thinking to myself that such other persons as would not accept such warnings (by refraining from entring forbidden chambres) would likely be overtaken with calamity (and wondring about that possibility), I awoke.] {I do not remembre ever having experienced loud noises in a dream before.}

May 22nd-23rd (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : I, willingly myself to do so, floated up several feet off the floor into the air in the room, and was requaesting of the few persons praesent in the room, especially of my mother (who was looking away from me) to notice that I was floating in the air, but she would not look in my direction. [Then I awoke.] {I started (after swallowing a galanthamine) playing (from YouTube) Hagalaz-Runedance, and the song "When the Falcon Flies" came up, with the lyrics "He sinks down to the underworld And flies into my dream ...while I sleep ...  an everlasting dream?"; and again the same song for "Nebelhexe-The Falcon Flies ( Ulver Juxtaposition Remix)" - lyrics at http://www.mclub.com.ua/s_txt.phtml?sn=94695&sid=2065. This may refer to Soma the falcon-eyed deity, and/or to the extracted (by SWTH) eye of H.R the falcon-deity. The name /HAGALaz/ is evidently the same as <arabi /HAJALa/ 'to cast amorous glances, to make sheep's eyes' (i.e., 'to ogle'). The "sheep" could be Krios Khruso-mallos (http://www.theoi.com/Ther/KriosKhrysomallos.html) the ram (son of Poseidon) which flew Helle over the Helles-pont, where /ponto-/ 'bridge' (in Latin) would allude to the Orphic LeKtonia, i.e. to LanKa, of floating pumice for Rama (= Roma) to Ravan.a (= Ravenna, Coripp. Laud. Just. 2, 123). Her father Bi-saltes (with praefixed /bi-/ as in /Bi-thunia/, original homeland, according to Plinius, of the Christians -- to indicate Coptic /bai/ 'palm-branch' as of Palm-Sunday) could be 'anyhow' (saltem) holder of the hymns of the Salii (viz., Ligustican Salluveni) for the Eme-Sal dialect contrasting with the regular Sumerian of the Venetic/Rhaetian inscriptions.}

May 30th-31st (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I was together with a woman in a compartment of an automobile which was somehow driving itself (or being driven?) on the graveled strip between (to the left) the right side of a paved highway through the countryside, and (to the right) a metal fence of interwoven wires crossing at right angles, apparently diagonal to the ground (chain-link fence). Beyond the fence was an extensive field with an occasional multi-storey (2 or 3 storeys) aedifice faced with small stones set in curved rows (perhaps decorative, likely inset into a concrete backing). The woman whom I was with was naked, and so was I; she seemed familiar to me and was quite plump, and I was lying behind her, pressing my body against hers (wiggling against her buttocks, and grasping her teats). Somehow, I was not noticing both the scene outside the vehicle's window, and her, simultaneously. [Then I awoke.] {I used to lie (during and after sexual intercourse) similarly with each of 2 woman (both quite plump, the latter, Sh.D., of Irish descent) who, successively, used to cohabit with me in my 2 successive apartments in Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago in the early 1970s. [But when I moved (just after the VietNam war ended) with the next woman to Takoma Park (Md. suburb of D.C.) and afterwards to B., GA, she praeferred lying behind me ("spooning"), nor was she (L.L.E., of Scottish descent) as plump.]} {This dream occurred after I had woken in the middle of the night and then taken a small part of the contents of a capsule (a whole capsule seeming to have too forcible an effect) of galanthamine (together, as recommended in the literature, with huperzine, chorine, and pantothenic acid) : apparently a moderate dose of it can induce a pleasant dream, as it was more pleasant than I have had in some time.}

Jun 8th-9th (Mon-Tue) had evidently gone to sleep [in the dream], leaving a big (several feet in diametre) vertical cutting-wheel-blade rotating; so that when I found myself again awake [in the dream], the wheel was as yet rotating, and had already cut through not only the floor of the apartment, but also its outer wall. While I was wondring what would be the result of this situation, the aedifice (which I assumed to be a tall multi-storey apartment-building -- the same one as I am residing in in the waking-world) began to sway forward and back in the direction of the rotatory blade's cutting (though I wondred how the blade's cutting could produce such an effect); and I supposed that the tall aedifice would be likely to totter over and collapse. [Thereupon I awoke.] {Just before falling asleep, I had been contemplating the fact that various occult techniques could enable deities to break or to cut through the wall separating their divine dream-world from the waking-world of mortals, and was wondring whether the sort of music (darkwave) which I was leaving playing from the internet when I went to sleep, would have that effect. The dream may have been intended as a positive answer to that quaestion.} {If ever I dreamt similarly prior to this occasion, it hath not been in recent years, or else I would remembre such.}

June 9th-10th (Tue-Wedn) 2015 :- Dream : I felt cold [in the dream]; so I looked at my bedroom-windows, and noticed that the one to the left was open; to I started sliding it down so as to close it. [Thereupon I awoke. The windows in my bedroom were both already closed; but I felt cold (due to the air-conditioner's being running on cool in the room), so I put on my jacket.] {I do not recall ever having felt cold (nor, for that matter, hot) in a dream prior to this; if I had felt cold in a dream in recent years, I would be able to remembre it. I do remebre that whenever I used to wake up from the cold (apparently always in the winter-nights in the trailer at B., GA, late 1970s to late 1980s), I would be surprised that I could not ever feel the cold in the dreams from which I awoke, but instead would have been feeling as warm as usual in those dreams.} {Earlier in the evening before (i.e., on the 9th), I had both received by mail-order 3 supplements (GABA, lithium orotate, & biotin); I had encountred the parcels when opening my apartment door (I must have been asleep when the deliverer had knocked on my door) to go out to buy nutritional supplements at Walgreen's : after arriving there, I noticed a 1/2-price sale on nutritional supplments (2 of each for the usual price of 1), so I bought various supplements (biotin, B-12, 5-HTP, etc.). My ingesting each of these, and resolving to do so daily thereafter, may have enabled the dream. I wondre whether I will likewise be more sensitive to sounds hereafter (while continuing to ingest such supplements as GABA), so as regularly to be able to hear music playing from the waking-world into my dreams (as for the night mentioned, I could not test this possibility out, for my internet-connection failed that evening, Jun 9th).}

Later dream, in the same night : Boys and girls (the girls wearing skirts) were holding onto the outside of an omnibus, which was in motion. [Then I awoke.]

Still later dream, in the same night : I was chasing a woman around a vertically elevated area, several times around it. She was calling back to me, asking me if I intended to "rape" her; I answered that I was so intending to. After those few times of running around it, she stopped running away and approached me : I was recumbent, with my feet toward her. [I then awoke.]

June 13th-14th (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I had been driven on the seat of an open-backed (open-bed) truck, by G.R., where I was, while being driven, seated beside the window on the right. But when were we stopped on the roadway, I was invited to (and did) exchange places with his wife C.F. on the seat, so that I was seated between them, and she became seated on the right beside the window (which seemed a little odd to me, as it seemed that she ought to praefer to sit beside him). Shortly afterwards, while they were parked, I had to (and did) venture briefly, while the truck was as yet parked along the roadway in the countryside, a short way down the road; but it started becoming so very dark outside, that, as I was walking back toward the truck, I could hardly see the roadway at all, nor could I see the truck while I was walking back toward it, and wondred whether they had driven it away; but when returned close enough to it, I could see that it was as yet parked in the same place. [Then I awoke.] {I fell asleep again without writing this down. In recent weeks or months whenever this sort of falling to sleep again hath occurred without my writing down the dream, I have been unable to remembre anything of the dream after waking again in the morning hours afterwards (which I dream had recalled, with the intention of writing it after waking first time, but while I paused to rest before getting up, I fell again asleep) after I fell asleep then. That I could remembre this much after falling asleep without immediately writing it down, can likely be ascribed to my, for the last few days, ingesting some galanthamine regularly; for, other persons who have been ingesting it have posted (on the blog of the market where it is sold on Amazon.com) that it hath been improving their memory of their own dreams; and I had mentioned recently (in a telephone-call) to G.R. this fact, while I also was mentioning to him (after he had answered negatively to my quaestion to him whether he remembred, after awaking from a dream, his own driving in his own dream) that I sometimes have remembred my dreams of his driving me in the dreams.}

Jun 14th-15th (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : I was deleting from my website accounts of dreaming which were involuntary. {Actually, there never were any such accounts anyway. Dreaming-events are typically voluntary. Involuntary acts tend occur only in the waking-world, and are usually features of Capitalism : such as, workers' being involuntarily exploited by the capitalist-class.} Later dream on the same night : I was at a restaurant where persons were seated at the counter to eat food. The waitress said to another customer that in Socialist oikonomy workers would be paid less than in Capitalist oikonomy. I introjected that she, and all other workers, would be paid twenty times as much, if Socialism were to come about, as she was being paid right now. {Actually, because restaurants are not all that profitable, not such a great increase would be possibly for workers in them. Instead, the restaurant industry would be discontinued (simply because if if were to continue, the income of workers in it would be less by far than in any other industry). Where the income of workers would be greatly increased, such as in the manufacturing industry, the industry would continue to exist.} {I do not, however, really need dreams wherein all other persons (than myself), who are really free agents in the divine dream-world, keep on theatrically acting out some ro^le personifying persons in the waking-world. Instead, that which I do need, if for them to tell me that it is the dream-world there, and that they themselves, as denizens of it, are really divinities (and thus able to instruct).} [After writing the foregoing, I called by telephone G.R., and told it (the dream, with my understanding of it) to him : after introducing to him the subject-matter by mentioning that this computer of mine seemeth to have been controlled by its gremlin in order to have refused to "save" what I had commenced to have typed of an OpenOffice document on the "Otaku" chapter in The Handbook of Contemporary Animism; so that (as I told him), the gremlin must have by such a signal intended me to call him (for, he is much-interested in affairs Nipponese). Immediately after completing such telephone-call, I was inspired (as if by a divine spirit-guide associated with him) to realize that the divine reality indicated by the dreaming-universe would be more manifest (than in any ordinary material-world simulacrum which is praesented in ordinariest dreaming) in the formlessness (during which the dreamer could be instructed instead of being misled) which is described in the Abhi-dharma as the 4 'formless' (a-rupa) heavens which are characterized by (that scripture, though, saith : "are transcended by") nir-van.a 'without wind' (literally, and reasonably comparable to the isolated divine candle-flame [/FLAGMa/ = /PHLEGUas/] described in the Zohar).]

Jun 15th-16th (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- Dream : We (myself and a woman who was somehow familiar to me -- I at first was thinking of her as if she were my sistre) were lying naked together in bed facing each other, with me on top of her, and with my constantly wriggling my body against hers, for quite some time. Meanwhile, I was thinking to myself that this activity was more pleasant than it would be to {as rather unimaginatively used to do in the waking-world with the woman L.L.E. with whom I used to cohabit for some ten years in B., L. Co, GA -- namely} move my erect penis in-and-out of her vagina. I was busy thinking that so long as penis was not inserted into vagina, the wriggling together of naked bodies would be a suitable activity even between brothre and sistre. But after a while of this, we had had enough for the time being; so we ceased direct contact between bodies, and instead she was having me look at her favorite color-print (on a large sheet, at least the size of the 2 ft by 3 ft color-posters which cover the walls of my apartment in the waking-world) consisting of many small illustrations of women dressed in various ornate costumes -- I was thinking while looking at this that men could be pleased as well as women by looking at this sort of illustration. There followed some viewing of various colorful clothing, first for men and afterwards for women, stacked on a large shelf in an inset space along the wall behind the bed; I asked her what had become of the men's clothing, which had been replaced by women's clothing -- all the clothing, however, was atttractively colorful, striped, etc. I also notice that the bed itself was now occupied with tall leather boots etc. together with some tall pieces of metal equipment perhaps for sorting the leatherware. [Soon I awoke.] {I do not remembre any praevious dream wherein after sexual activity with a woman, she gave me any picture nor literature to look at. Memory of the activity seemed to carry over into the waking state as inclination for erotic excitement, so that when I soon experienced (by way of masturbastion) an orgasm, I felt immediately a cramping effect in the abdomen, as though contraction of the abdominal muscles were involved in the orgasm : an effect which I do not recall having experienced praeviously in connection with orgasm. (I thereupon figured that the same woman/goddess as I had been undergoing sexual activities with in the dream, may have been guiding the orgasm in the waking-world. Also, it would seem likely that I could not have been in such a state of excitement if I had not also left stirring epic music, which particular piece I had not heard before, playing from the internet. But most of all, the dream and its sequel must have been enhanced by the galanthamine which, together with choline and huperzine, I am by now regularly ingesting each night immediately before lying down to fall asleep.)} [Although we were not kissing in the dream, while I was engaged in wriggling my naked body against hers, I as yet did not think then of talking to her while doing this. Talking, though, at that time, could be an activity to perform simultaneously : I apparently seldom did any talking while engaged in sexual activity with any woman in the waking world -- whether with the one in GA or prior to that with the several successive ones over the years in Ch., C. Co, IL. (One earlier of those in Ch., IL, however used to read a book -- on accounting -- while I was engaged in coi:tion with her : so that she would have space to do the simultaneous reading, she had me always fuck her from behind, while both of us were lying on our side.)]

Jun 18th-19th (Thur-Fri) 2015 :- Dream : I heard mention (perhaps more than once) by someone of having listened to multiple ecclesiastic chants. {I had left "Top Tracks - Early Music" playlist (by #EarlyMusic) playing from the Internet on YouTube in the waking world -- a video displaying the sheet-music had perhaps been playing when I awoke. (Just before going to sleep, I had stayed awake late at night to type up and upload onto the internet a collection of weblinks of ecclesiatic chants, onto my main website of such collections.) When C.F. stopped at my apartment after she had driven me home after being at the state-capitol building on Wedn evening, she heard ecclesiastic chants which I had left playing before leaving to walk thither -- it was so exceedingly hot (well over 100o F in the shade, which was much cooler than the way which I was walking, suffering some heat-exhaustion) a walk, that I said to her that I would not walk again (the some 2 miles each way) on a sunny day in the summer.}

Jun 23rd-24th (Tue-Wedn) 2015 :- Dream : I had just been driven some distance in an automobile by a couple who seemed to be my parents (if so, they were in that dream not only both alive, but in good health and youthful) to some other location for some reason (location and reason which I could not well remembre). They were now telling me that because they were in a hurry to drive themselves elsewhither, I would have not only to find my own way back thither, but also would have (for some reason which I could not well remembre) move, taking with me whatever belongings I had in my residence whence they had just driven me, to some other (earlier site of my having resided?) location, without my being driven to those locations by them. At this point, I was thinking to myself how nearly impossible that all this finding my way around to such locations, whether by walking (which they suggested for me to do in order to return from the site whence they had just driven me, saying that it way not too far away, within feasible walking-distance) or however would be; but I waswondring how, even if it were possible for me to figure out where that site was and somehow walk thither, how I was to figure out or otherwise find out whither I was to move to thence; when (as I was thinking to myself, but did not say aloud, as I was thinking that it might be useless for me to say to them, as they might doubt that I could be so forgetful as not to remembre any of these locations) I did not remembre the names of any such locations, did not (even if they were to write them down for me, something which I was thinking of asking them to do) know how to locate them, for I lacked a map to find them on (and was wondring whether I would have to ask direction from local passers-bye), lacked awareness of any public transportation-system to travel on even if I were to have a map, and furthermore lacked money to pay for transportation. While I was in such quandary, the weather suddenly started to drizzle, which I then thought might induce them to pity my praedicament sufficiently as to cause them to be willing to drive me to the locations; and, indeed, they did (they citing the drizzle) immediately offer to do so. [Thereupon I awoke.] {I do not recall having ever experienced in a (i.e., in any praevious) dream any similar praedicament : neither having to travel without known means, nor having to find out place-names of locations, nor having to find a map or whatever or whomever else for my receiving of directions, nor wondring how to find public transportation, nor being aware of lacking in money for such transportation. Hitherto in dreamings, I have seldom been aware of the name of the city that I was in, certainly not of any street-names; and have in dreamings never seen a city-map of streets -- nor any street-sign nor street-address number-plaque -- nor wondred how to find such a map. (And, of course, even if I were to have such a map, how could I use it when I have never seen a street-name sign, nor for that matter a street-address number-plaque, in any dream?) Considering these absences of memories and the absence of any thoughts about such absences, from praevious dreamings, it may be that this last night's dream will mark a transition to some status of possessing thenceforth greater awareness of my location (in terms of street-names and also of addresses) in future dreamings. And incidentally, it doth appear that such thoughts have been withheld from me [as, apparently, likewise from most other persons] in dreamings hitherto because of inability to cope with (by utilizing) such information, due to low levels of capacity for thoughtfulness in dreaming; whereas it evidently must be the case that galanthamine (in combination with choline and huperzine, and also additionally with pantothenic acid -- and perhaps the lithium orotate is helpful, and even my shewing to C.F. in the latest S.ofF. meeting a bottle of it may have been useful) must enhance the capacity for thoughtfulness in general during dreaming. It is true that in recent months and weeks I have been telling relatives and local friends of the strangeness of the fact that street-names and street-addresses are so very lacking in dreamings; this telling began before I started ingesting the combination including galanthine, but after I had read of galanthanine in books and had put mention of it (in my notes copied from such book -- Advanced Lucid Dreaming) on our website. The fact that becoming aware of such (even before beginning to ingest it) could suffice somewhat, would indicate that deities must have been involved in prompting my thoughts, for they are able to enhance the thinking by souls who are dwelling in material bodies (i.e., who from their locus in the subtle universes are looking through material bodies, similarly as looking through lenses, into the material universe).}

Jun 25 morning (Thur) 2015 :- not a dream : {Incidentally, I awoke with thigh-cramps and toe-cramps for the first time in many years -- perhaps 15 years (when, having escaped confinement in the insane asylum on Dec 31st 1999, I was during each day walking the streets of Charleston, SC, so much that I started feeling such cramps when awaking each night). The B-vitamins (including separate pills of biotin and of B-12) which I am ingesting daily are having such an effect of providing energy and stamina, that I am walking now so much (indoors, and also returning from the state-capitol-aedifice) as to give such cramps. Also, yesterday at the state-capitol-aedifice the cadavre of the slain state-senator was (as reported in the national news) on view, with the 2nd-floor front window hung with a curtain to conceal the Confoederate-flag on the flag-post in front of the building; and with Praesident Obama due to arrive, for condolences, in Charleston, SC.}

June 26th-27th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : I was flying swiftly about within a large room having many persons standing on its floor. While hovering in the ae:r therein, I said to a man in that room that I was flying about swiftly there, while the other persons were able to move only by slow walking. {The day before, I had been, among my notes from Kularia : Katyayana S`ulbasutra, been translating /-ayana/ is several s`ulba-sutra titles as 'walk'.} I also said that was surrounded, while flying, with angels (meaning invisible ones, for I considered that my ability to fly about must be implying that flying angels were invisibly assisting me to fly similarly). {I had left through the night, playing from the internet on YouTube, "Mix - Sobor - Liturgical Hymns of the Orthodox Churches by YouTube", which before falling asleep I had been thinking must be how the chanting by the "9 Orders of Angels" in their 9 Heavens must sound (and wondring whether the divine denizens in the Taoist 9 Heavens, which are said to be portaled through the 9 regions of the material brain, chant and/or hearing chanting similar thereto).} I also was about to say that I was able to visit the Heavenly palaces having their walls constituted of solid gem (but then I thought to myself that I could not remembre actually having as yet visited thither to those gem-wall palaces, and considered that I ought to wait until I actually do visit such before I proclaim ability to do so to persons who are not therein already). [While wondring when I will be visiting to the gem-constituted palaces in divine Heavens, I awoke.] {As usual, when I awake during the night, I hasten to ingest then the combination of not only galanthamine, choline, and huperzine (also, having taken pantothenic acid during the day before), but also 5-HTP for its providing serotonin useful to the brain.}