Dream-diary, December 2015

Nov 30th-Dec 1st (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- Dream : I was hearing from a man describing, as though it were deserved, maltreatment of Confoederates by Foederals during and/or immediately after, the U.S. Civil War : he was describing this as a recent happening. I was (along, perhaps, the Gettysburg Address line of "with malice toward none, and with charity toward all") protesting maltreatment of anyone, however, but did not expect such protestation to be much-heeded. [Thereupon I awoke.] {Perhaps, because when I each week visit the state-capitol aedifice with the intent on influencing (in the direction of opposing capitalism, i.e., opposing the ploutokrat political party, which is identical with the political party favoring the Confoederacy) any politics-interested divinities who may make that locale their material-world connection for obtaining information about U.S. politics; I symbolically classify the historical-political monuments there as if they were intended to celebrate the planets (including the spirits residing in the planets); therefore this dream may have been constructed so as to harmonize (in a usable manner) with my planetary-spirit-oriented dreams of the two praevious nights.}

Dec 5th-6th (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I was publicly criticizing the government on account of its policies. A man said to me that I must not, however, criticize the government in a "Communist" country. Knowing, as I did, that all existing major governments calling themselves"Communist" were actually reactionary regimes set up by conspiracies organized by superrich ploutokrat-capitalist families for the sake of tricking the working-class into imagining that "Communism" is in and of itself vicious, and knowing that the country wherein we are residing is ruled by the very superrich ploutokrat-capitalist families who set up such fake self-styled "Communist" regimes, I replied (to the man who told me this) that I was aware that such must not be done. Then I wondred to myself whether this statement of agreement made by me would be adequate to indicate my understanding of the international praedicament, and also whether it could be dangerous to myself to declare (if I were to do so) to him (whose internal loyalties I was not acquainted withal) that I was well-aware that the self-styledly "Communist" goverments had been set up by the ploutokrat-ruling-class of this country with the intent deceiving the working-class into imagining "Communism" to be inhaerently vicious, or whether my telling someone with whose loyalties I was unacquainted might expose myself to being secretly murdred by secret agents of the ruling-class in this country on account of my disclosing information about that ruling-class's covert activities which that ruling-class wisheth to keep secret. [Pondring such a possible consequence to my potentially thus-endangering myself, I awoke. It was daytime, and I wondred whether I had overslept so late as for it to be too late for my attending the meeting (for, I had been the night immediately praeceding been typing until after 2 A.M., and had forgotten to set the internet alarm-clock) -- but upon by seeing the clock, I discovered that it was not quite too late. {Perhaps the dream had been so very troubling in order to awake me, due to cogitation about my own personal safety, in order to awaken me early enough for me not to skip the meeting.}]

Dec 6th (Sun, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I was privately engaged in a consistent program of employing symbolic words and gestures in an effort therethrough to alter the social structure of human society in the direction of liberalizing and radicalizing it, but paused to wondre (to myself) to what extent such a program could actually be successful. [Thereupon, while pondring this quaestion, I awoke.]

Dec 7th (Mon, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I was arranging, in order to upload onto the

internet, a video-recording of music.

Dec 8th-9th (Tue-Wedn) 2015 :- Dream : Two women (which whom I was well-acquainted, the latter thereof apparently intended as J.T. in the local SocOfFr meeting) were successively describing to me behaviour of other women in following the conventions of a social system which is more lenient and liberal than that under which we reside, and which, I understood, if it were in vogue here, would enable me to have sexual activities (which are not now available in here in this country due to its harsh, repressive laws) : I wondred whether I ought to tell her that. Thereupon, she began singing to me (while she was directly in front of me, facing me) so that I heard each word pronounced distinctly; but I did not understand any of the words, for they were in some language unfamiliar to me, and I wondred whether she would tell me what that language was, and if she did not promptly tell me of her own accord, whether I ought to ask her. [Wondring about this, I awoke. It was a couple of hours after midnight.] {I did not see anything, but was continuing to hear the same identical song, when suddenly I realized that I was awake and was hearing the singing from the internet on my computer. When I reached the computer, the song was 1:08 into Lena Chamamyan - Sareri Hovin Mernem (Komitas) [on the playlist Mix - Ահեղ ձայն by YouTube]; but the song seemed to have abruptly have shifted (a few seconds after I awoke), to a different quality (which it doth, to a more rapid pace at a higher pitch, in that song at 1:00), so that I had hastened to the computer in case it had shifted from a praevious piece. [However, the praevious musical piece (Duduk) in that playlist had had no words.]}

Later dream on the same night : I was amid an organized group of persons who were discussing rules of propriety to be upheld in formal discussions in that group. After someone mentioned need for not using any foul language, a man (evidently my father) objected by using an instance of such foul language in mentioning someone (apparently myself). This use immediately brought an objection from someone else, but I began to respond to such objection, in order to say (as I intended to state, but awoke too abruptly to state the objection in full) that foul language need not be excluded so long as not directly addressed to the person to whom the foul language was being applied : I was about to say that since I (in this instance) was merely being talked about, not directly to, that the foul language was not really objectionable. {That which was being chanted on YouTube at the time was a "liturgy" (being recited in a rite in a church-aedifice in the video) in the playlist Ethiopian Orthodox Church by Hye Taronts. Because I have long been aware that Negroes (at least in the United States) habitually use foul language for mere emphasis, therefore to hear in my sleep chanting by Negroes might have brought up the subject of foul language in the dream, along with a remark by myself that such talk is so ordinary and routine among such folk as not needing to be objected to. (My father used occasionally to employ foul langue [he and my mother both spake langue Franc,aise, having learned it in S`am and in Lubnan in the early 1950s] for emphasis, perhaps in imitation of its use in that way by some other person of his acquaintance, before I left my parents in 1963, and I never objected to such then.)}

Dec 9th-10th (Wedn-Thur) 2015 :- Dream : I was involved, together with other persons, in discussing how to communicate with spirits.

Dec 12th-13th (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I was viewing, on the internet, a website describing how to seek out experiencing a particular type of dream. When I wondred about what would be the motivation for one's seeking out experiencing a particular type of dream, I realized that it would be in order to attain a specific type of spiritual power. [Thereupon I awoke.]

Dec 13th-14th (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : I was viewing a tabular diagram indicating, for all regions of northwestern Anatolia, that they were all marked as controlled by mujahedin. I considered this indication to be unreliable and a deliberate misstatement contrived as geopolitical propaganda. [While wondring about this, I awoke.] {At the end of the Great War (1st World War), northwestern Anatolia was assigned to be controlled by the "Young Turks", a group to which is ascribed the genocide, in 1915, of all Armenians in the Turkish Empire. The Turkish Empire, which had perpetrated the massacre (involving torturing to death of millions of women and children) with the overt connivance of governments not only of the German Empire and the Austrian Empire, but also evidently with the covert connivance of governments of so-called "British" (actually Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) Empire (along with its allies), was thus continuated along with its scheme of intending to exterminate the world's human population nationality-bye-nationality, a scheme which was engaged in by the German Goverment (controlled by the Thyssen-Krupp military-weapons' cartel) during the 2nd World War. At the end of the 2nd World War, controll of the United States of America was assigned to the Bush-Thyssen-Krupp cartel under cover of the Gestapo (renamed "Central Intelligence Agency").}

Dec 18th (Fri, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I was viewing a closed footlocker which I had not seen before, and remarked offhandedly to M.G. that its contents must be valuable. Whn he was gone, I looked inside of it and saw that its contents were not actually valuable. Then I was gone briefly, and when I returned, I noticed that the black footlocker was open and empty, and that a greyish vapor was drifting out from it. I wondred about why there was a greyish vapor {earlier that day, while awake, women being driven along with me on the aedifice's new omnibus saw a greyish column of vapor in the sky, and were wondring what it was; I thought that it must have been rising smoke}, but figured that M.G. must have taken the contents of the footlocker while I was gone in his mistaken belief that those contents must be valuable because I had said so. Nothing else in the apartment seemded to have been taken. [Thereupon I awoke.] {Immediately after writing the foregoing, I happened to read the Wikipedia article "Peganum harmala" (which I read because when had gone to the "Spices of India" some days earlier I had bought "wild rue seeds" without quite realizing for what this was useful, and just now looked it up on the internet), mentioning "a fragrant smoke is released. This smoke is wafted". Did the dream-world send the dream to me knowing that it could prompt me when I awoke to read about this on the internet?}

Dec 18th-19th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : I saw that a vehicle containing people had arrived (to the left of the direction along which I had been walking) nigh where I was located; soon they came to where I was, and I began telling them of my circumstances : that after a lenient, liberal government had been established, the entire human population had emigrated out of the country, leaving me (who favored having a lenient, liberal government) quite alone therein; and that I had been going about, seeking in vain hitherto for even a single person other than myself. I told how the landscape in its ruggedness matched the desolation of the lack of population : how beyond a low (waist-tall) safety-wall within which I had remained, and immediately beyond which they had arrived via their vehicle, there was a sort of trough to the ground, which to the right (whereat their vehicle had arrived) it was nearly level with the paved area whereon I had been walking, but to the left, the landscape abruptly declined with a sudden cliff-like drop of at least a thousand feet (whereof the bottom of that declevity I could not see, owing to the dimness of the evening). I was about to describe also how I had been walking about swinging a rope in the darkness, hoping to find someone in the dark by means of the rope's possible contact with body of someone (anyone) who might also be walking about in the dark (and who could then call out to me); but I could not at the moment find a means for expressing in words (to the persons who had just arrived in their vehicle) such a strange praedicament. [Thereupon I suddenly awoke; it was about an hour past midnight, and was cold (for the first time, the beginning of true winter), so I turned on the space-heater for the first time for the winter.] {About day before, I had been telling someone (on the omnibus?) about the fact that I muchly praeferred residing so high (18th floor, which is the highest floor) in our residential aedifice. Afterwards, I thought to myself that I could expand that statement by mentioning that vision-quaesting North-AmerIndians similarly would (if such a location were accessible) go to the top of a cliff-bluff overlooking a valley far below (and remain thereat for some days) in order to have access (especially at night, including in their dreams) to spirits (divinities) who might likewise congregate (invisibly) at such a scenic locale.}

Dec 25th-Dec 26th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : There was a woman into whose vagina I inserted my penis for a brief while. Afterwards, I was telling another woman that she ought to "blow" (meaning, "perform a blowjob on") me, but she did not agree to.

Dec 27th-Dec 28th (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : A man was shewing to me, one at a time, several centrally-hinged wooden contraptions (each about four to six feet in diametre) of the sort which are used (as I remarked to him) as stands to uphold a lid of similar diametre for setting objects upon. [Then I awoke. It was about an hour past midnight.] {I had left playing from the internet the playlist Mix - Ահեղ ձայն by YouTube, which must have been (since when after a few moments heard being mentioned the introduction to the next piece, I got up to view whatever music-piece was playing) Dle Yaman || Music of Armenia, being played (by a band from Zvart-, a name similar to /juwar/ 'sorghum') out of doors in a site (which I had seen, apparently about the evening before, i.e., on the same music-piece) whose stone ruins include a circular array of pillars as a sort of stand for a former roof (circular stone buildings having enjoyed a greater vogue in the epoch when this was built). The first of the hinged contraptions was asymmetrically pentagonal (one of the five being different from the other four), similar to (as I had viewed on the internet a couple of days earlier, when seeing various posters displaying the ruins of Stonehenge) the asymmetrically pentagonal arrangement (one of the five trilithons being taller than the other four) of the innermost circle (or rather, horseshoe or ass-shoe -- cf. the "horseshoe" layout common to many old instances of the university-campus aedifices, including that locally) of stones at Stonehenge (or StoneHINGE, as is sometimes called). I used to have a copy of one of the posters, the poster worded "Give me that old-time religion", which my mother had remarked on when some years ago she had visited my apartment (in the former headquarters of the Democratic Party across the street from the rear side of the state-capitol aedifice), as I reminded her over the telephone on Christmas day a few days ago (when she was in my brother's house in Metairie). The name /Metairie/ is similar not only to /Meta`/, the name of the furthest tributary-influent to the Orinoco reached by Ordaz (that particular brother of mine having been born in the city named for him on the Orinoco), but also to the /Metaris/ (modernly 'Wash', whence the name /Washington/ in the District of Columbia). In our local SocOfFr meeting on the last Sunday, the meeting was describing its co-operating with the local Korean church : the name /Korea/ being apparently cognate with the name /Qore>/ of a hero prominent in the book B-miDBaR, which book may be named for /DBoRah/ 'bee' (apparently thus indicating the migration of Exodos to be repraesentative of that by a swarm of bees), the Yucatec bee-keeper-god's name /HOBNil/ resembling that of the architect /HOBaN/ who designed the state-capitol aedifices of both Columbia, SC, and Columbia, DC.}

Dec 28th-Dec 29th (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- Dream : I was hearing repeated mentions of achievements of spiritual states of mind by membres of a certain religious cult, by means of their ingesting certain combinations of psychedelic drugs. {I do not recall ever praeviously hearing (nor reading) any discussion of psychedelic drugs in a dream. I had mentioned the praevious day (28th) to the woman (who had told me of her having ingested psychedelic drugs in San Francisco before they were made illegal in the 1960s), when she was visiting my apartment for the 1st occasion, that the spices which I ingest in quantity have a similar effect as psychedelic drugs in producing happiness. Late during the evening praevious (i.e., late during Dec 28th), I had discovered the set of aequations of certain personal names (in the Seper B-Re>sit, along with their aequivalents in the Eu-angelion) of <ibriy mythological persons with persons in Hellenic mythology in a certain myth (in Grimal's The Dictionary of Classical Mythology) whereof I had not praevious read; wherein (in that set of aequations) one of the names aequated is (in the Eu-angelion) phonetically identical with that of the name of mythic person (/Malakhe/, the Hellenic word for an herb, 'mallow', its foliage disinfectant vulnary as a poultice, comestible when cooked, [Mrs Grieve : A Modern Herbal, s.v. "Mallows" https://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/m/mallow07.html] and its blossoms indentedly 5-petaled, which latter may be associated with the 5 trilithons of the inner horseshoe at Stonehenge) could be regarded as appearing in regarded as a slightly contracted form of in a name (/Malkhos/) in the Eu-angelion : this contraction being apparently derived from the well-known name (/Tri-malchio/, itself involving that contraction) appearing in the book (by Petronius) on banqueting-consuetudes among Roman nobility during the very historic epoch stated to be described in the Eu-angelion. This set of aequations I reached in the process of regarded the prominent personages of the Roman Imperium of that epoch as enacting the pertinent Hellenic myth, while assuming variants of the names taken from those myths : such as, the triplicity indicated in the name /Tri-malchio/ as being derived from application of the term (/malakhe/) to 3 several species of mallow. Perhaps the contracted form /malkhion/ is a Thraikian/Mak-edonian (wherein /edon-/ may be Thraikian for 'food', Skt /anna/ < */adna/) vocabulary-usage : if so, an assimilation of the Roman dynasty's consuetudes to those of Mak-edonic ('long [Hell. /makro-/ foodish', i.e., 'extended banqueting') royalty could be assumed. The development of formal banqueting (with many courses of exotic foods) is likely to have originated amongst the Mak-edonic dynasty (exercising hegemony over India) dominant in Baktriana, wherein arkhaiology hath found huge coin-minted instances of metallic platters, likely to have been employed for carrying such foodstuffs into the formal banquets held by that dynasty. Perhaps such platters were regarded as eidola of the deities of the >aramaic group /Mammown/ (aequivalent to the Vajra-yana goddess[es] Mamaki (/mamaka/ 'selfish , greedy , a miser') -- such that the Vajra-yana litterature may have largely originated in Baktriana, and thus have been in is origination distinctly Bon, which is traditionally described as derived from Tajik models).}

Dec. 31st 2015 (during daytime, Thur) 2015 :- Dream : In order to experience it, I had been lowered (by rope or cable) partway down a shaft leading into Fairyland; but I soon called to be hoisted again upward. [Thereupon I awoke.]