Dream-diary, November 2015

Oct 31st-Nov 1st (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I was listening to a couple, consisting of a man and a woman standing nigh me while I was looking at [I do not recall having viewed the chanters on any of praevious occasions when I was hearing chanting in my dreams -- nor have I as yet viewed any musicians playing their instruments in my dreams], and listening to, them, that couple chanting in a style seeming identical with the Russian Orthodox style, a playlist whereof I had left playing on my computer from the internet, having chosen one (compiled by YouTube's personnel-staff on account of their compilations' regularly being sufficiently long to play continuously through the night) titled Mix - Valaam Men's Choir: Orthodox Shrines of the Russian North by YouTube (and was then on "Monks Of Simonopetra Monastery Chanting"). Afterwards I had, somehow so as to continue to hear more of that sort of chanting, gone into a very long hallway reached by sliding one's body under a piece of furniture, and was explaining verbally and simultaneously demonstrating (by sliding back under it in the opposite direction) this way of entring the peculiarly long straight hallway, to them, when they had ceased the chanting and were discussing between each other whither I had gone to. [Thereupon I awoke.] {I had ingested, just before going to sleep, a larger dose of galanthamine than usual, along with the usual : "Sacred Lotus Stamens" (from "Chisa Herb" in Miami), "Sacred Blue Lotus Leaf" (from "Mood & Mind" in Orlando), and "Sinicuichi" leaves (do note that sinicuichi is reputed to assist with hearing music/singing/chanting in one's dreamings) shipped from Ventnor City -- all ordered via Amazon.com. I had also (responding to suggestions on the internet to sleep on a bundle of mugwort) inserted a package of mugwort (Artemisia, from "Mood & Mind") between the nape of my neck and my shirt, so as to hold it in place -- this time when I woke (to urinate, as I tend to take the package out then) in the middle of the night I left the package in my sleeping-place so as not to forget to redinsert it. I am under the impression that the recommendation to sleep on a package of the herb would please the deity -- goddess, if Artemis (whose name may reflect Skt /arca-maya/ 'verse-magic') -- as well as would ingesting it (the latter process usually by boiling, as if tea, its fluffy leaves -- which, however, are are fluffy as must mattress-and-pillow stuffings as kapok, the silk-cotton (of a large tree known as sacred also to Africans and to South American Indians of the Amazon drainage) for which the Kapauku tribe in Papua is named.}

Nov 1st-2nd (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : There was a truck being driven, of which I heard it said that it could separate the "credits" (perhaps by having separate container-compartments reached from rear of the truck) of the various customers to whom its driver was delivering merchandise.

Later dream, same night : I was looking at a live colorfully-winged insect, having its wings curled lengthwise around its body. I thought of feeling its body; then when I thought that it must be frutivorous, I wondred whether it would attempt to eat the plaintain-fruit which I had and which I therefore hastened to finish eating before the insect could find it. {I had, the morning praevious, when writing an "experience-report" for Erowid.com, thought of describing the dried sinicuichi-leaves as "curled lengthwise".}

Nov 6th (Fri, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : It was understood that membres of a political faction who had not praeviously been in communication with the supernatural, had just acquired the ability to do so. Therefore, we were awaiting such political faction's public impartation of specific information of such type. [Thereupon I awoke.]

Nov 6th-7th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : I was viewing color-photographs (of Caucasian women, the last of whom was clad in red) which I regarded as intended to be erotic, apparently on the internet. {I had been viewing, on the internet, erotic color-photographs of women just before my having fallen to sleep at my computer-desk, whereat I awoke.} [I do not recall dreaming praeviously about looking at photographs (at least not in recent months nor years, for then I would likely have remembred doing so), despite my doing so a great deal during waking-life for recent decades. The evening prior, incidentally, I started ingesting "Siberian ginseng" (that is, in addition to "Peruvian ginseng", which I had started on a day earlier).]

Nov 7th-8th (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I was eating a particular food, expecting it to have a spiritual effect as of then. But I saw at that time someone else (a man) who was clad entirely in a single color (yellow), and realized that that attire was likewise being indicated as another way of procuring a spiritual effect. {Though eating of particular foods may have some such effect while awake, wearing of particular colors while in a dream would more be capable of procuring such an effect in such state-of-awareness. The subject-matter of how to perform during dreaming in order to produce a spiritual effect then, could be as worthy of being considered (including being discussed among persons while awake) as what to do ritualistically while awake. [Also there may be a quaestion of what time (during the nychthemeron) could denote the separation betwixt kalendar-nychthemera : midnight is commonly deemed the separation-point in time now-a-days, but dawn was commonly so employed in the cultures of high antiquity (Hellenic, Mesopotamian, etc.). I had the day prior been intent on wearing yellow (for Saturn of Saturday -- though that day I had been drying by hanging it on my shower-curtain-rod as clothesline, the clothing of that color after washing it), and this might be used through the night, including while dreaming, if expected to produce an effect within a religious system of high antiquity.]} [As for the Hellenistic (i.e., by Alexandros ho Megalos) adoption of the 7-nychthemera week, this is likely to have been praeceded in S^ba< ('Seven', dominated by a queen, i.e., high-priestess, co-aeval with S^lomoh, and inclusive of Makkah/Mecca -- the reason for shifting of capital-city thither, from Yatrib of Mdan, by Muh.ammad, who apparently cared for its underground population of emmets in Moki/Moqui style of world-epochs), unless the 7 were accounted instead solely as world-epoch pairs of Manu-antara-s (as in the system employed by the modern Theosophical Society).] {But one may wondre whether solid color of the attire worn in the dream were not intended as mild mockery of my neglect to put into use a double-count of days -- i.e., both 7-nychthemera Akkadian and 10-nychthemera ante-Alexandrian Hellenic -- though if such double-count were employed it would needs be expounded (e.g., as to why to wear 2 colors simultaneously instead of only 1).} [Incidentally, when I looked at my computer-clock to start writing this article, it was 01:23 : just a few days earlier it had (without my even asking it to do so) set itself to a 24-hour-nychthemera count (instead of the 12-count).]

Nov 8th-9th (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : I was viewing a book of sequences of colorful pictures indicating alleged myths with names supplied, but realized that the names were somewhat distorted, and I was correcting those names. {I had been while awake (as I have been in progress of over the last couple of weeks) viewing and commenting on an indigenous book of colorful pictures indicating myths (from Oaxaca, the CVM1), with the intent of supplying appropriate divine names to scenes.} [It was a little after midnight when I wrote this. Whenever I awake in the middle of the night, I take appropriate dream-enhancing herbs (sinicuichi, damiana, etc.) if I was too sleepy to take them just before lying down to sleep.]

Nov 9th-10 (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- Dream : I was listening to a description of intentfully harmful magic, involving use of a "CHICKadee" on human victims. {The evening before I had noticed the similarity of the Irish name /Caicher/ to Latin name /Cicero/ (of a suburb of Chicago, and headquarters of Al Capone in the 1920s) derived from /cicer/ 'CHICKpea', and thus to the Thraikian tribe-name (mentioned in the Odusseia) Kikones 'Storks'.} [After my computer's turning, unbidden, to a specific Old Irish glossary, I found at http://www.asnc.cam.ac.uk/irishglossaries/search.php?sText=Caicher&sType=vars mentioned "Cacher macEtarsceli" along with "Caier" and "Caer", perhaps an allusion to the princess "Ca`er" (MacKillop : Dictionary of Celtic Mythology, p. 60a) seen in a dream by Angus O`g (he and she becoming swans) : "On their way they chanted such wondrous music" (ibid., p. 10b). {On the day before (i.e., Nov 9) I had been mentioning (by telephone) to G.L.R. that I had spent early that morning re-arranging part of my music weblinks, in hopes by listening to chanting (playing from the internet via computer-speaker in the waking-world) while asleep in order to hear it in dreaming; and at the same time had told him that around noon that day I had been woken from sleep by knocking on my door in order to receive (for the first occasion) from the local Harvest Hope a box of food which in the process of picking up (from downstairs I met a woman, from apartment 1507, who upon her visiting my apartment for the first time -- under encouragement to her by the woman occupying the apartment on the other side of the aedifice's elevator from mine, the woman whom H.R. hath been bringing to local SocOfFr meetings -- was inviting me to visit with her a shop selling compact-disks of Eastern Orthodox chants, the same sort of chants that I usually listen to while asleep in order to hear them in dreams; so that I shewed to her the sinicuichi as well as reposing on my computer-desk the dream-herb damiana for attracting a compatible sexual partner (to be one's spouse).]

Nov 11th-12th (Wedn-Thurs) 2015 :- Dream : I was seeing a universal-reference-locater for a description of agricultural rites of a certain tribe, and also, distinct therefrom, a universal-reference-locater for a description of the plant-spirits involved in those rites. [Then I awoke.] {The evening prior, while cooking some kumara (which after I had finished cooking it I wondered why I had not remembred that I had been reserving it for cooking on Tuesdays, inasmuch as Tuesday is day of the Akkadian war-god which I usually relate the the Maori peace-god Rongo -- was this forgetting divinely prompted to indicate that he ought instead to be commemorated on Wednesday separately from Maori war-god Tu for Tuesday?), I was considering the fact that it may have been pertinent for me to have mentioned (though I neglected to do so then) that I possessed a copy of the Maori agricultural rites for kumara (in the book The Teachings of Pita Kapiti), I had neglected to mention this fact to the woman from apt 1507 when she was visiting me in my apartment the day before that, although it would have been pertinent in the context of the mention of the Telugu use of the word /kummara/ for 'sweet potato' (which I had at that time mentioned to her, without however mentioning to her that I had read this in an offprint which David H. Kelley had given to me of his article "Linguistics and Problems of Trans-Pacific Contacts" in XXXth C.I.A.) when she brought up the use of the fuller form /nyame/ for 'yam' by the Gullah in the Sea Islands of this state S.C.}

Nov 13th-14th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : I was hearing a description of brain-functioning which I considered to referr to a specific cakra located in the brain.

Apparently a later dream, in same night : I saw that James Hebert (whom I recognized ) was praesent, and he was describing brain-functioning, asking me (seeming rhetorically, without expecting a reply from me) whether I understood how chemical processes initiated by psychedelic drugs were able to influence thought-processes. I answered (wondring before I spoke how he, whom I deemed likely to be a materialist, would take a declaration of mine based on acceptance of real existence of the supernatural) that although I was not aware of how any specific chemical reactions were involved, shamans do indeed in dreams visit divine worlds. Thereupon, he was abruptly no longer present (which I thought was due to his being shocked at my mentioning divine worlds in the context of brain-chemistry), but I heard it said, perhaps by another man in the dream (that is, I considered myself to be as yet asleep though I perhaps did not see anything), "I sat on a DNA molecule", and understood this to signify that the consciousness of that person was, to all apparent sensation, at some occasion in his recent past, temporarily concentrated somehow into a single molecule in his own brain; and I was wondring so much about how anything of that nature could be thus sensed, that I supposedly awoke due to such wondring. {Thereupon I recognized that I was awake and was hearing the word /DNA/ being mentioned on the internet for which I had left the speakers playing when I had lain down to sleep. That which was playing was less than a minute into "Ayahuasca Shamans" (uploaded by ShamanSkat) in the playlist "Mix - SHIPIBO SHAMAN CANTO ICAROS by YouTube" -- DNA is first mentioned some 25 seconds into it. [J.H. had in a SocOfFr meeting once told me that he was aware that shamans find cures for ailments by means of their dreams.]} {I had, prior to going to lying down to go to sleep, donned a French chapeau (and J.H. is, of course, of French ancestry -- I do not recall having dreamt of him praeviously) in response to a sudden thought for doing so, and wondred whether, and if so how, wearing it would influence my dreaming ; I not recall ever before wearing any scalp-covering while sleeping, and wondred whether the term "thinking-cap" implied that wearing such a covering really doth, to ordinary persons' experience, commonly influence one's dreaming.} {The phrase "I could sit on a DNA molecule" occurreth some 2 minutes 35 seconds into the recording -- so that I had heard it being said the dream, and had turned off the recording some two minutes earlier than it actually was to occurr (if I had left it playing continuously, which I did not) in the dream, so that this quite a few minutes before I played it further into the recording so as to hear whatever the recording might later say. (I had already typed up that which I had heard heard in the dream before I played the recording to the point at which I heard it said in the waking world.)} [All this happened between 4 and 5 A.M.] {It is possible, however, that I may have listened to this playlist at some time in the past years, so that memory may conceivably have served to bring about these events; but if so, I do consciously not remembre having heard this particular recording in this playlist, and I suppose that if I had heard it (or even seen it -- the visuals are quite peculiar), I would have remembred it consciously.}

Nov 14th (during daytime, Satur) 2015 :- Dream : I was in my apartment (different from any I have actually resided in) and was looking at the few art-objects which had not been stolen from me among the many which remembred that I had received on credit without ever paying for them afterwards [referring to waking-world events which had happened with me in Ch, IL, before the Vietnam War ended -- but the few art-objects which I was looking at in the dream were different from any which I had then, or indeed any which I have ever seen, though I did not realize this fact]. I unwrapped one such object (this one being as-yet-in-its-shipping-case), and it turned out to be a jointedly-folding object apparently made of light-green jade. I went out of the apartment in the house, so as to look around outside, and it surprised me to see that it was somewhat into a branch of an otherwise-uninhabited Y-shaped canyon. It was during the day, and soon a man was walking (I thought that he must be taking a short-cut which I supposed must go through the canyon) in the branch of the canyon in which my house was located, so I walked instead into the other branch of the canyon; then a man soon started walking through that branch, so I walked to the other side of that branch, which happed to have in it a straight row of evidently deliberately-planted odd-appearing (rather spindly, multi-branched) cactus-plants. [Then I awoke.] {I had received (by mail-order) and unwrapped three decorative objects over the last couple of days and had put them on display, shewing them first to G.R and his wife C.F. (when they came to visit me), then next to H.R. who arrived (to visit with the woman residing on the other side of the elevator from me -- he remarked, "We meet again", for I had likewise met him by chance the day praevious when he had come to visit her) while they were departing. [G.R. and H.R. used to come together regularly for months to visit me where I was a prisoner before I escaped in the last day of last millennium.]}

Nov 16th-17th (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- Dream : I was out-of-doors with a woman; and we were being harassed by what appeared to be a horse carven out of a single large piece of wood. I noticed that she walked into an open area away from large objects which could serve as protection (which I myself stayed close to), and wondred whether I ought to tell her that it would be unsafe to do so. But I did not tell her, and soon she was isolated in the open by the wooden horse; so I called to her, saying that I was staying beside protection. She called back to me in response. [Then I awoke.] {This may have had allusion to the numerous statuettes of horses which M.M. (who used to visit me while I was a prisoner, and who died some years ago) had inherited from her parents, and which were in evidence in her rented house across the river in W.C.. Because the Wooden Horse left at Ilion resulted in betrayal (though warned about by Kassandra, who was not heeded), this could furthermore referr to [my caution to beware] possible danger from the woman membre of the Communist Party who had been visiting me in my apartment some days ago until I told her to cease from her randomly speaking curse-words, telling her that such words would (if persisted in utterance of) bring a curse upon both her and myself; upon which she fortunately departed in a huff out of my apartment. If so, the carelessness of the woman in my dream could repraesent to the carelessness of the woman who was in effect cursing herself. The first time that she had been in my apartment and told me of her Communist Party membreship, I had told her of the woman with whom I had been going in Ch., IL, for a while in the 1970s : how she had then (1970s) ceased, soon, from associating with me on account of my promoting the Socialist Labor Party instead (mentioning this to the woman here when I shewed to a stack of S.L.P. pamphlets).}

Nov 18th-19th (Wedn-Thurs) 2015 :- Dream : I remembred having been the instant before out-of-doors with a pet hound, but now I saw in the place of the pet hound a man in a somewhat similar posture to a hound's, namely sitting with his knees forwards and his head bowed. His skin-color was dark-grey, which is not a human skin-coloration, and I assumed that he must be a human-guise of the hound; and I noticed that sprinkling of rain had commenced, so I said that he must come into the house from the rain. [Thereupon I awoke.]{The early afternoon prior, G.R. mentioned to me (by telephone) that he had just finished wrestling with a male goat (in an effort to achieve more tameness). Soon after that conversation, I realized that the woman (who oft-times standeth in the protest-line on Wednesdays in front of the state-capitol with him) owning the goat had praeviously resided in the SocOfFr colony atop a mountain in Costa Rica; and that that colony must have had goats, which are sure-footed on mountains, and which would be naturally tamed by the tiring nature of walking on mountain-slopes, but are otherwise-untameable.} {Returning yesterday from the state-capitol, in the last few steps rain had commenced sprinkling, so that I hasted to come into the residence-aedifice from it. Now I am reminded of (in Ch., IL) the couple's (to whom I may have referred by another couple, in the TheosSoc) mentioning to me a book The Spy Who Came In From the Cold. I am thinking of this in the context of the dark-grey man in the dream's apparent prayer-posture of piety emblemizing the helpfulness of prayer to flying saucers (who intend to rescue living intelligent humans from anything that technological civilization may need to be be rescued from, including from ploutokratic capitalism's trillionaire-promoted scheme of destroying civilization with atomic-bombs as soon as the military robots capable of massacring the residue of mankind on this planet, shall have been assembled) in contrast to the uselessness of performing anything (including spying) for militaristic capitalist governments (including for secretly-created-by-capitalist-ploutokrats governments of feignedly "socialist" Russia, mainland China, etc.).}

Nov 19th-20th (Thurs-Fri) 2015 :- Dream : When I was in the process of exiting from a residential aedifice, and man started out of a door from behind me, with his face covered, which I thought indicated some distress. While in the dark foyer I waited for him to pass me, he suddenly grabbed me and started pressing on my belly apparently with the intent of causing discomfort, while at the same time some covering his own so as to hinder me from doing the same to him. [Then I awoke.] {This could be derived from a sort of joke which I used to hear my father tell (before I left in 1963) about about young children's bellies' being rubbed "for good luck", which he was mentioning in the context of Chinese buddha-s being depicted (in idols of them -- of which he had in the house an instance in green jade, depicting Maitreya) as large-bellied.}

Nov 27-28 (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : On two occasions, I was driven in the city by automobile to a street along which I started walking to the right with the intention of arriving at a certain office. On the 2nd such occasion, I thought it odd that I seemed not to remember the street's having quite the same layout as on the 1st occasion, and wondred how it could be that the street now seemed narrower -- wondring whether I had on the 1st occasion been let out of the automobile already further to the right on that street, where the street could have been uniformly wider. Anyway, after walking for a while, I came across a group of men who were dressed in the same style of uniform, and wondred about this. I had also realized when I was let out of the automobile that it was a Saturday, and that therefore any office would be closed, and whether I therefore ought right then to walk directly back home in the opposite direction from how I had been driven; but then decided instead to keep walking in the direction of the office anyway, in order to familiarize myself with the route for walking it later, on a regular nonholiday weekday. [Then I awoke.] {I do not offhand recall (at least not in recent months or perhaps years) knowing in a dream that it was a particular day-of-the-week. I had realized (while awake) the day before (Fri) that I would not be able to deposit in the bank until the forthcoming Monday the Social Security check which I had found in my mailbox that evening.}

Nov 28th (Satur, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I was seeing two successive figurines of an animal (apparently a swine) made of colorless glass, which figurines I took to repraesent a public social doctrine in stages of development. {Perhaps the metaphor was derived from a "piggy bank", with some sort of allusion to a pin~ata. [An obol (coin) placed in a piggy-bank may be aequivalent to an [etymologically identical] /apple/ baked in the mouth of a "Christmas pig" (for Freyr & Freyja), where the river-crossing via ferry for obol (paid to Kharon) would referr to the Papuan netherworld entred by way of the mouth of the swine-deity.]}

Nov 28th-29th (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I heard that the goddess of planet Venus was becoming so occupied that her metal was on this day being consumed so severely that I feared that this goddess would necessarily perish. [Thereupon, while in this quandary (wondring how to remedy this situation), I awoke.] {The method of etching most consumptive of copper (the metal of planet Venus) is "relief-etching" (involving drawing-and-writing on the copper plate with "stop-out"), invented by William Blake, and described in the final chapter of his An Island in the Moon, and which Blake referred to as "stereotype" in The Ghost of Abel. [N.B. Whereas Hebel is claimed to have been murdered by Qayin, the murderer is said (in Lappish lore, and identified with Qayin in Aradia, the Book of the Witches of Italy) to have fled to the Moon. In Manda<i lore, Qin (cognate with /Qayin/) is female -- the mother-in-law of Habil (= <ibri /Hebel/ = <arabi /Hubal/) -- and thus possibly aequatable with (planet-Venus goddess) Aphrodite (if sea-voyager Habil's wife be identified with sea-voyager Kadmos's wife Harmonia).]}

Nov 29th-30th (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : While I was looking at someone walking along an adjacent hallway, the illumination seemed to dim as the person passed my location, and I thought to myself that that was generally the case with all persons moving relative to any location of mine. {This is the so-called red-shift of receding objects (red light being less intensive than blue-shifted light of approaching objects).} I thought that, therefore, because dimming of light due to receding could be considered as analogous with dying, the contemplating of this process could assist in application of death-impraecations.

[Later dream, same night :] I thought that the energy of moving planets would need (on account of loss of such energy while they are moving away from each other, due to decrease in their mutual gravitational attraction?) being recharged, and that this recharging could be assisted by contemplating the movements toward each other of flying insects, such as flying emmets [i.e., queen-emmets prior to loss of wings with initial nesting]. {Apparently, I was considering the initial parthenogenous conception of offspring by queens of social insects, to be analogous with replenishment of consumed energies of non-biotic bodies; as well as knowledgeable persons' contemplating of such analogues to be assistful in actual such replenishments.} {Evidently my thinking in terms of planets (and thinking of their motions are aequivalent to the motions of flying insects [who are able to fly, because smaller, with lesser effort than needed for birds]) is a sort of continuation of the theme of spirits of planets (dreamt-of during the night praevious). Any considering of spirits of planets could have an allusion to the Pythagorean doctrine of usually-inaudible tones emitted by moving planets so as to constitute an interplanetary diapason -- a doctrine likely to have arrived in the waking-world as much on account of that doctrine's having been expounded by spirit-guides during mortals' experiencing of the dreaming-universe, as of experiential hearing of divine music both while awake and while dreaming. While I listen to recordings of ecclesiastic chantings (as I tend to do throughout each day, besides leaving the same playing from the internet throughout each night) while awake, I commonly think of interstellar and of intergalactic official telepathic communique'-transmissions (amongst divine committees responsible for activities of planetary systems and of galactic systems of divine government) needing to be energetically enhanced (maximized) by the tone-sequencing typical of chanting. If the "empty" space (so-called "zero-point energy" of the "Dirac sea") involved be understood as self-aware, then such self-awareness would need to be co-operated withal by tone-sequencing typically of chanting in order to assure lossless transmission of communique'-signals among divine committees requiring to share such awareness-spaces for such.}