Dream-diary, October 2015

Oct 1st-2nd (Thur-Fri) 2015 :- Dream : I was in the countryside along with various other persons, some individuals and some in pairs, all of whom were (I understood) finding semi-secluded sites at which to remain temporarily, such sites being semi-separated by bushery. I was at one site with a woman until the other woman of her pair returned, and then I went walking to view other unoccupied potential sites in the vicinity. I decided that I praeferred a location nigh a highwayfor automobiles, and was looking at a low ledge of rock-outcropping alongside a highway, thinking it suitable to sit on (as I thought myself safer from possible potential persons of ill-will, as I tend to think when walking through the city along a major well-traversed-by-automobiles avenue, when along any highway). [Thereupon I awoke.]

Oct 2nd-3rd (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : After watching a tribesman dancing while reciting nonsense syllables in tune with the dancing, I, in his absence, imitated this activity atop a rectangular wooden platform. [Then I awoke.]

Oct 3rd (Satur), during daytime, 2015 :- Dream (while I was at my desk, having fallen asleep while typing there) : I was looking at a printed bibliographic reference, intending to type up that reference, but each time as I was looking at that reference, I failed to distinguish proprely the separation of author's name from title of writing (the title not being in italics, and there being no colon separating author's name from the title of the writing), though I looked at the reference repeatedly, each time expecting to see the italicization and the colon in the reference, and I began wondring why or how it seemed to lack both. [Wondring about these lacks, I awoke.]

Oct 8th (Thur), during daytime at noon, 2015 :- Dream : I had, through, apparently publicly, favoring a scheme (usually apparently only favored in secret by the secret opposition), prohibited by the government of the country wherein I was resident, was about to be arrested (as I must have been informed by those membres of the secret opposition who were to assist my surreptitious departure) the next day, but immediately that day fled, accompanied by other persons who were assisting my fleeing on foot as was customary, walking a path which was inclined somewhat upward into the highlands. I understood (was apparently told by the nguides while walking it with them) that the path led toward the northwest (instead of toward the northeast, as had been apparently publicly stated to me in the caerimony moments before the outset of the travel), toward the country inhabited by the Naga folk (the best-known Naga tribes being located on the northeast frontier of India, along its border with Burma; but I was walking instead with others persons who were guiding me along a secret path toward tribes secretly known also as Naga-s -- a false direction having been provided, as was customary, so as to mislead any possible pursuers sent by the government). When I arrived at the refuge-colony beyond reach of the goverment of the country whence I had fled, there was provided for me a three-successively-lobed device (gourdlike) which I would be expected to keep in my possession as protection which would identify me as a refugee from a reactionary country : this device, which was also expected to have a magical-amulet effect, I at first assisted, from atop a roof, to be placed on the roof's edge (eaves); when I sought to retrieve it publicly (so as to notify the public of my refugee-status) from my location after I climbed back down the to ground outside the house, I saw that it was then suspended by strings (I wondring how this had become the case) from that roof's eave; and therefore in public view I easily plucked it by hand from where it was suspended within reach, explaining to the persons standing there that it was hanging there to be plucked by me. From there, I walked (as I was expected to by the rule of the ritual my being proprely installed as refugee) up a steep path to several wooden-rigged scaffold-like free-standing multi-storey towers whence to observe (supposedly for an observer on an upper storey of any of them to notice thence any approach of hostile emissaries from the country whence I had fled). [While wondring why or how the approach-path of such emissaries would wind across such a view, and wondring whether it would be at all useful to keep watch for an event so unlikely, and wondring whether the scaffold-towers were not a sufficient magical deterrent in and of themselves, I awoke. It was noonday.] {The most assiduous worshippers of Naga-s ('dragons', when the term is used to refer to deities instead of to a tribe) are the Bon ('Religious', from Tajik-&-Pas`tu /bon/ 'religion' = /bun/ 'religion in Iranian Persian), whose Vajra-yana section are the 'Antients' (/Ciratana/ in Samskr.ta, /rN~in-ma/ in Bodish). In the To^rah, these "dragons" are the s`rap ('fiery') serpents : "for as Moseh lifted up the serpent[s] in the wilderness, even so shall the Son of Man be lifted up", an uplifting understood in the the Eu-angelia ('good news, Gospels') as crucifixion.}

Oct 8th-9th (Thur-Fri) 2015 :- Dream : My mother said (seemingly describing herself) to me : "I am 71 [years old]." Thinking to myself that she must have been remembring from earlier in her life (and not considering it an anomaly that she should have lost track of twenty years, though her waking-world counterpart hath never lost track in that way), I remarked : "I am the one who is 71 [years of age]", and told her that she was then "20 years older than that". Later in the same dream : I was shewn, by my parents, posters having large writing on them, which I remembred having left with them for possible reference to the writing, when I had gone to elsewhere (apparently to participate with other persons in the place whereto I had gone in some project involving occult teachings), wherein the writings, consisting of a hyphenated sequence of words intended to describe (according to my memory as of then) of the swirling-representation of a mystical function of the human mind, allied to the cakra-s of yoga -- I assumed that I must have copied the sequence from a textbook on the subject, without my understanding anything of the worlds while I was copying them. The words did not seem recognizable as English, but may have been, alike to the sequence which while I was hearing it being pronounced (by a divine voice) while awake in T.P. suburb of D.C., mathematical terms (not as yet in used for mathematics on this planet, but projected for use in the future, and based on Hellenic-and-Latin root-words) seemed while it was occurring as descriptive of transformations of space (mental space), needed by arrival into an appropriate Otherworld.

Oct 9th-10th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : (In this dream, I was dreaming that) I was semi-asleep, and was experiencing mildly challenging sensations (verbal), whereto I responded (amid my dreamed state of being semi-asleep) with some artificial fierceness (verbal and holding my mouth in attitude of threatening to bite, expecting thereby to be taken to be a fierce praedator). Then I decided to sit up in the bed and to open mine eyen, expecting that that thereby I would see, in the light, whoever was daring to disturb my repose, and would scare them simultaneously : but when elevated the angle of my back into a sitting posture and oped mine eyen, I to my surprise found myself in the dark with no evidence of anyone else praesent in my bedroom. [Thereupon I awoke, sitting at my computer-desk with the electric lights on.] Beginning again to fall asleep (as yet at my computer-desk), I had the sensation that I was aboard the moving elevator, and I was remarking that it was about to stop at a storey and open its doors [, when I again awoke at my computer-desk].

Oct 10th (Satur), during daytime 2015 :- Dream : I was copying (by typing) a bibliographic item from an anthropology book. {I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk immediately upon copying (typing) the bibliographic items on p. 46 (fn. *) of Juillerat : Children of the Blood.}

Oct 10th (Satur), during daytime 2015 :- Another dream (same day, while fallen asleep again at my computer-desk) : I went to Mr G.R.'s computer, which he had (in his temporary absence) left turned on, and open to several informative locations (in order to reckon some result) which he was using on several websites. I however began using the computer for some reason, resulting (inadvertently) in disconection from the websites. At this juncture he arrived, and I asked whether I ought to do some Control-"Z" can perform this function only for typing a document; whereas "History" (reached from the triad-emblem of the browser) is used to return to recent internet locations.} [Thereupon I awoke.]

Oct 10th-11th (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I was being told of events involving (among other details) Solothurn, and was unsure of the reference (did not recognize it during the as a town-name, though I must have had the town vaguely in mind, as I recognized the name as a known word, thinking it to be a common noun referring somehow to "solitude" or whatever). [I awoke, and because I moved my body too soon after awaking, abruptly forgot (after moving my body) all other details, words and names which had been mentioned to me along with it in the dream.] {After the abrupt forgetting, I started looking up information (on the internet) about that word -- hoping thereby to recall to memory the other details which had been told to me in a dream, since it was quite unusual for me to retain in memory a solitary name from a dream-episode after an abrupt forgetting due to too-soon movement of the body out of its posture when awaking -- the too-soon movement being, as usual as a cause of sudden forgettings of this type, due to my having imagined that I had the memory of the dream firmly (solidly) in mind already -- whereas the memory was as yet liquid and volatilizable. Though not recalling thereby further detail about the dream itself, I did find sequentially, details about modern European history which I had not read prior to this : as though the dream-world were aware that the information was available on the waking-world's internet (starting from that name), and if I could hold in memory a even single name from the dream, then I would, out of curiosity, seek out finding the history whereto it would lead. The sequence of Wikipedia-articles which I viewed on account of this (after I awoke thus about 3 AM) : "Solothurn S-18/1000", "National Republican Army (Italian Socialist Republic)", "Gothic Line", "II Corps (Poland)", "Polish Armed Forces in the West", "Polish government-in-exile", "Anders' Army", "Polish Armed Forces in the West", "Western betrayal", "Uprising of 1953 in East Germany", "Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia", "Eurocommunism", "Austromarxism", "International Working Union of Socialist Parties", "Labour and Socialist International", "International Socialist Commission", "International Socialist Bureau", "Neutral Socialist Conferences during the First World War", "International Workingmen's Association", "Universal League for the Material Elevation of the Industrious Classes", "Reform League", "Owenism", "Chartism", "Eureka Rebellion", thist last with mention of Oct 22nd-23rd (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eureka_Rebellion#Further_unrest ), Oct 22nd being my birthday (and the Episcopal dating of the beginning of Creation in 4004 B.Chr.E.), and Oct 23rd being the anniversary of beginning of the 3-day closure (in 2015 Chr.E.) by extraterrestrial ae:rial-vehicle hover-over of the Strategic Air Command headquarters at Cheyenne, Wyoming..

As to Chartism, vide http://www.thepeoplescharter.co.uk and e.g.

the Chartist Poe:m, to wit, Thomas Cooper's The Purgatory Of Suicides. http://gerald-massey.org.uk/cooper/b_purgatory_index.htm

This is similar to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Rime of the Ancyent Marinere ,

except that it is explicitly (13th stanza) a "dream" :- Thus, (17th st.)

"Methought I voyaged in the bark of Death,—
    Himself the helmsman,—on a skyless sea,
    Where none of all his passengers drew breath,
    Yet each, instinct with strange vitality,
    Glared from his ghastly eye-balls upon me,
    And then upon that pilot, who upheld
    One chill and fleshless hand so witheringly

Thus, (22nd st.) [cf. "Water, water everywhere"]

"Base sustenance from stagnant waters drank,—
Then spread throughout the plain their poisonous
            perfume rank."

(23rd st.) [cf. "and not a drop to drink"]

"Damp, dense, and deathly, yet the climate parched
    Those silent travellers, sore, with raging thirst"

http://gerald-massey.org.uk/cooper/c_purgatory_01.htm }

Oct 11th-12th (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : My sistre was being was seemed to me severe on her son (who was in this dream 10 or 11 years of age); so I was thinking of telling him privately to resist somewhat. But while I was watching her drag him (who was lying on the floor with his arms wrapped around his body) by his skin (the skin of his side, instead of the nape of his neck, as is usual with cats), which as it was being pulled by her was stretching to many feet length; I decided to speak in her hearing, and said to her : "You know, when he gets a little older, he won't be putting up with this". [Then I awoke.]

Oct 14th-15th (Wedn-Thur) 2015 :- Dream : I was about to send for, via mail-order, 7 instances of a plug-adapter (of which I was reading) for 7 instances of a foreign electronic device which I already had.

Oct 15th-16th (Thur-Fri) 2015 :- Dream : I was in an apartment of mine [not alike any which I have had in the waking-world] at night, and was (as usual) not adequately clad at the time; and when my mother (who was staying in the apartment across the hall) came to my apartment's hallway-door (which I had left unlocked), I said to wait until I could dress better; but then I became distracted when I found alive together in my apartment what I considered to be a gila-monster (which, however, was entirely red) and (larger than the gila monster) a horned toad; and I repeatedly (once involving their running to the other side of the room) had difficulty in grasping them and in lifting them (which pair I intended to take and to put out-of-doors together), until they both grasped the same right arm of mine simultaneously in such a way that I could not dislodge them; and I was wondering what to do about that situation. [Thereupon I awoke.] {Perhaps the difficulty in lifting them had to do with To`rr's difficulty in lifting the cat which he afterwards found out to be the Jo,rmund-gand disguised. Immediately before going to sleep, I had been reading about the difficulty in lifting the leg of Hrungnir from off the neck of To`rr : http://www.hurstwic.org/history/articles/mythology/myths/text/hrungnir.htm . I had just that day (it being when I dreamt, as yet early in the night of the 15th) copied part of this passage into my notes from Juillerat's Children of the Blood -- which book I had just the afternoon praeceding been shewing (among other books) to persons (including to the woman residing 15 storeys directly below my apartment [for her to contemplate my apartment as if a temple, as indicated in the 15 "Psalms of Ascent" to be sung on the 15 steps leading into the Temple of S^lo^moh's]) on the out-of-doors patio : that woman's family-name being identical with the place-name of the site (indicated in B-Re>s^it ) of the dream which I had cited in connection with this passage.} {I could hardly have received a dream relating to the Norse aequivalent of the <ibri^ account if it had not been for M.G.'s closely quaestioning me the afternoon before on possible Germanic connections with the ordinary Bharatiya emblem the swastika which I was naturally considering in connection with the Bharatiya heritage of the current governoress of this state of SC -- on account of his having driven me a Bharatiya foodstore and (or where I may have obtained) the imported-from-Bharata cut.a which I have been eating every week atop the staircase (of the 52 steps, as if for a 52-year-cycle for renovation of an Aztec pyramid) of its entry/exit (for its politicians), on account of Hanumant's praedilection for sun-misidentified fruit, referred to (as I have oft-mentioned) J.H. and his wife J.T.'s having met in Kerala in a temple of that reputedly miraculously-curing monkey-god, whose gilded image was donated by BAMA to oBAMA (shades of alaBAMA, with its Startrek-characters-naming sites such as /Enterprise/).}

Oct 15th-16th (Thur-Fri) late on the night, thus shortly before dawn on the 16th 2015 :- Dream : I was (after initially, i.e., for the first few, having to click on my computer's display of a linear symbol for them to display the written statement, all in some simple words, repetitiously something like "There is rain") viewing a number of successive pairings of statements (each of the event of rainfall), each pair symmetric (1st of each inclined tilting upward, 2nd of each inclined tilting downward), which I took to signify a disclosable pattern of symmetry in the divinely arranged [because I habitually assume dreams to capable, under the circumstance of the mortal dreamer's having sufficient faith in their being a disclosure from the divine world] so as to disclose a pairing of rainfall is the decipherable historic pattern including for the nation-state such most major pairing of events. {After awaking, and asking for divine guidance so as to have revealed the hidden meaning of such dream, I arrived at a surety of the following interpretation (in terms which I had been thinking over the last couple of days, expecting such terms to have likewise been divinely guided into my mental realization) :

the basic pairing is of two major torrential historically significant rainfalls for the modern-day (i.e., within recent memory) United States of America,

namely (earlier a pattern of, say, West's confirming North) wherein my brother was confirmed afterwards in meeting (and marrying) a woman of the West (Russian woman, correlable with Russian river in northern California for Russia's national claim to the Oregon Territory) after the North or North-West (North Pole, in Alaska, for Russia's national claim to Alaska) as correlated with the deluge in the capital-city of the "North" of a pair-labeling of states (i.e., Fargo in the North of the pair of Dakotas) :

matched symmetrically (laterly a pattern of, say, East's confirming South) wherein (besides my brother in Yemen 'South') Edgar Cayce was confirmed afterwards in his organization's moving to a city of the East (Virginia Beach, correlated with the national claims to VIRGINia as a potential Siberian [for VaIRGIN as a Siberian term for the abstractive Divine Nature]-and-[praetenseful] Pretannic-Isle claim to the East or South-East) as correlated with the deluge in the capital-city of the "South" of a pair-labeling of states (i.e., Columbia in the South of the pair of Carolinas).

The Fargo-deluges via rainfall (on lake Winnepeg) occurred in May 1997, Mar 2009, Aug 2010, Apr 2013, May 2015.

The Columbia-deluge via rainfall occurred in mid-October of 2015 Chr.E.[; also at various times in Colombia, South America.]

Oct 18th-19th (Sun-Mon) :- Dream : I was viewing a printed diagram which repraesented all possessing-spirits as spirits of the elements (earth, air, fire, water, if I remember accurately); and I resolved to bear this identification in mind, and thenceforward to regard any mention of possessing-spirits as actually elemental spirits. Later in the same dream, in what I considered to be my own personal apartment, I noticed a woman who was unfamiliar to me in the process of carrying men's clothing out of the apartment; so, I considered that she might be pilfering my personal clothing (though I did not actually recognize any of the clothing, just as I did not actually recognize the apartment); so I hindred her from doing so. A few moments later I was outside of "my" apartment, telling of the event to some man. Next, I was promptly in "my" apartment again, and there I noticed another woman, also quite short though stout, and asked her what she was doing there, but she did not answer, so I figured that she also was planning to pilfer; and because she did not depart, I pushed her down so as to restrain her. Then I saw another similar quite short, stout woman in the apartment, and treated her likewise. In was pressing down on both women's bodies so as to induce them at least to explain their praesence; but this had no such effect, and at this juncture I noticed portions of their bodies' being mechanical constructions, and began to explain to myself their non-responsiveness to being quaaestioned, by their being non-living mechanical devices. [Thereupon I awoke.]

Later the same night :- Another dream : While I was connected with the internet via my internet-telephone, and was about to make an internet-telephone call to someone else, I heard by that telephone from a man (he did not mention his name, but I recognized his voice : I think that it was R.L. instead of B.B.) whom I knew through the Peace Resource Center, but who had since moved to amother state -- whom I wondred how I had reached (for, I had neither put through a call to him, nor had the telephone-bell rung) -- who thanked me for having e-mailed to him (I remembred e-mailing recently to various membres of the group, but not to him specifically) some comments concerning religion and politics. [Soon I awoke.]

Oct 21st-22nd (Wedn-Thur) 2015 :- Dream : Discussing personal names, someone remarked that /t/ alway becometh /t/. [I was apparently about to object that the pronunciation thus of <ibri names is an impropre corruption, but immediately awoke before I could respond.

Further dream, same night :- I was hearing religious chanting. {I had left chanting playing on "Pro Cantione Antiqua Radio" (which soundeth similar to that which I was hearing in the dream) at Pandora.com.}

Oct 23rd-24th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : When, alone, I was in a large room having in it wooden frameworks of an artistic style which I considered incompatible which those of my own praeference, I struck a few blows on such flimsy frames, such blows as easily damaged them. Then someone was arriving whom I thought to be connected with the owners of the frames; so I hastened out of that area into the main hall of shared use (among the various companies sponsoring this public exposition), going to my left behind (for self-concealment) another such long wooden screen, until a staircase to other storeyes of the aedifice was accessible. I decided, however, not to go via that staircase because it would be the most-walked one; I headed instead for the far-end of the extended hallway, toward a staircase which would be less-walked and therefor on which I would likely be less likely noticed by persons who might see the damage I had just done to their frameworks. [Then I awoke.] {I had considered that I did not have a liking for the wooden-framework (consisting of standing panels for mounting an artistic exhibition) because I regarded that that sponsored art-style as systematically inferior (such as I tend to think of much recent Japanese art) : I had left playing from the internet music of a style which I care little for (though rapidly playing, its musical quality is inferior), namely a recent Japanese music-playlist by Sonic Hispeed Omega titled "The Pantheon.", uploaded onto YouTube "by Aenigma66".}

Oct 24th-25th (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I heard it said that the serving-line for food had be open, and that some persons there had received free food in that way. But when I went to the same serving line, though the persons (men) doing the food-serving were as yet praesent, no food was being served, and one of them told me that they ceased serving food at 4:30 (P.M. -- and it was apparently already past that time). So, I thought to myself that I would have to bear that in mind for future days. Later in the dream, I saw in the large room where I was, an overhead display of I thought must be a reminder of that serving-line.

Oct 25th-26th (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : Standing, I watched (rotating my body while I did so, in order to keep her body well in view) I woman (whom I considered to be my sistre) while her body continued to remain levitated slightly above the floor, move -- with her body held in a balled-up posture (legs flexed and drawn-up to the torso, and arms around the thus-drawn-up legs) -- continually in a clockwise direction (i.e., dextrally) in the room, circling thus around the location of my standing body, until she had thus completed several consecutive revolutions around my body. I was much-impressed (and afterwards stated to her that I was) with such a virtuosa display by her, which had commenced with her hovering, in a standing position, mere inches above the floor, not balling her body until she had began the revolutions around my location. {After awaking, I thought it likely that her revolving slowly around my location, which revolving was sure to induce my rotating my own body, was delierately intended by her (and by anyone else who may have suggested to her that she do so) to cause me to acquire the habit of rotating my dream-body while in the dreaming-world, a manoeuvre which I had read (in accounts by persons who regularly practice it in their own dreams) can alter one's location in the dream, into some other location of greater significance. (I had been forgetting to do so in dreams thitherto, however.) Such alteration of my location did not occurr, praesumably because I was not rotating my own body with sufficient swiftness. I had evidently not experienced, prior to this, anyone's causing me to rotate my body. I had recently mentioned to someone (in the waking-world) that I wished to remembre to rotate my dream-body while in a dream.} [The music which I had left playing from the internet when I when I lay down to sleep (and which had continued playing), was the "Mix ... by YouTube" (playlist, consisting of pieces at least an hour in duration apiece) labeled (i.e., starting with the piece) "1-Hour Epic Music Mix | The Best Epic Choir ". The time when I awoke was shortly before dawn. News for past hour included the earthquake south of Faizabad, which earthquake apparently occurred while I was writing-up this dream-account.]

Oct 26th-27th (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- Dream : I was standing wondring whether some small person standing nigh me were a midget or a child. Soon I was seeing a definitely young child, when that child climbed up from the kitchen cabinet onto a taller cabinet and from there onto the top of the refrigerator, while I was standing beside it. Someone said that the child ought to be taken down from there, and because I was closer, I did so by lifting the young child from off the refrigerator. {I had, about the day before, seen in some codex a scene of a tiny human figure climbing a tree.}

Oct 31st (during daytime, Satur) 2015 :- Dream : I had just escaped, as planned earlier in the dream, beyond the tall wall surrounding the imprisonment-area. But M.J. (who had, before I escaped, said that he could leap over a tall wall) had seen me, and he now slowly arose vertically into the air from within the wall (I could see his body from the moment when it began rise above the top of the wall), by using what I considered to be some sort of air-thrusting device attached to to his body (though I could not well see the device). I realized that I was about to be caught, and thought it disappointing that he was not using a supernatural method for levitating in order to recapture me. {In the waking-world, M.J., whom I well recognized in the dream, regularly is at work in the garden within the grounds of our Soc.ofFr. meeting-house, which grounds are surrounded with a low brick wall. Earlier in the afternoon, I had been driven to attend a Korean festival (outside a Presbyterian church), which appeared much like the church-aedifice standing in the grounds of the State insane asylum (which is also surrounded with a low brick wall) situated on Bull Street, and where I had formerly been detained. (The said meeting-house formerly was, for years, after having been vacated by the Methodist church, being rented by other praemises of the State insane asylum.)}