Dream-diary, January-March 2015

January 17th-18th (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- False-awakening : At the moment of my false-awakening, perhaps even before the moment of my hearing of the voice (which I recognized as identical in intonation with that of mr G.L.R when he speaketh in the waking-world) saying some such sentence as "I am here", I was aware that it was a false-awakening (so that it was a "lucid false-awakening") : this awareness was due to the nature of the ending of the praecding dream [wherein before it ended I must have recognized that it was a dream, and therefore] which concluded in a manner which I then considered likely to give rise a dream of false-awakening. Therefore (being aware as I was that it was a dream of false-awakening), it was entirely out of my expected politeness to the deities who originate-and-arrange the dreaming that I made sure to answer (with some such words as "I am hearing") that voice. [Thereupon, I immediately truly awoke.] {I do not remembre having prior to this dreamt of hearing a voice speaking to me during an dream of false-awakening. Hitherto the voice heard hath always been immediately upon awakening, while my eyelids are as yet shut.} {Later that day (Sun) a couple came for their first time to the meeting; I told the husband the dream, in case the dream-deities intended it to relate to them.}

Jan 19th (Mon, during daytime) 2015 :- Immediately on awakening (as usual, while my eyelids were as yet shut), I heard a voice (which was continuing a discussion started in a dream) asking the quaestion "How could they have left before you?" (The "they" were young children, who had been said in the conversation in the dream to have left the country the day before the accompanying adults.) {I realized afterwards that this must refer the news over last few month of young children arriving at the border to the U.S.A. (with Mexico) to entre in the U.S.A. (apparently often to join their parents who were already in the U.S.A.; so as to entre the U.S.A. young enough to be easily naturalizable as U.S. citizens).}

Jan 20th (Tue, during daytime) 2015 :- Not having a remembred dream, I figured that was due not my not listening to an adequate supply of music following the past two days' dream-events, so I spent the day listening to occult and psychedelic trance music on YouTube. By en evening, I noticed one with a pertinent # : 1:43:39 (143 for the last digits of the former number of the telephone at the ward (132) of the woman whom I call there; and 39 for the "lucky " (e.g., 3939 as her prisoner-# in California) of the woman D. from Goshen, IN, who used to cohabit with me in Ch., IL) "THE GALAXIES BEST Psychedelic Trance - MIX 4"


Jan 27th (Tue) 2015 :- Not a dream : I happened to come across a the last 4 digit of my internet telephone # (...1429) as a year-number (for reckoning a 539-year cycle) in David Wilcock : The Synchronicity Key (Dutton, 2013), p. 259. (The praeceding 3 digits of the telephone-# I was already aware of as an historic #, the year of the foundation of Roma -- 753 -- and had selected it for mine #, from the choices available, on that basis.)

Jan 28th (Wedn) 2015 :- Not a dream : I came across a similar # (429....) as the commencement of the # of times played of a piece (on Last.fm) -- that # of plays ending in an even 000 -- reminding me of my custom for some years (when unable to maintain clear communication with flying saucers -- actually I was too far away by then from the National Capitol) to use that # to attempt to cancel interference.

Jan 31st (Satur) 2015 :- Not a dream : I happened to come across a my birth-year # (1943) in as the page-#s (19-43) of an article in a book : this article's (mentioned in Talking With the Spirits, p. 169) book was published in the region (southern Nigeria) believed to be ancestral area of the woman J.M. (having an unusual body-build similar to that of the woman, of a tribe in Panama`, who used to stand beside me at the State Capitol each week -- quite short and quite stout) whom I often called by telephone at the Tucker Center madhouse (sometimes to have her listen to the woman-singer S.J. Tucker, whose singing of "We're All Mad Here" I was playing for her to-day). [Later the same day, I noted (adding to my list of : European sacred motets, Zheng Yi ritual chants, etc.) the Craig Pruess music-arrangements for Tantrik litanies (e.g., for goddess Lalitha).]

Febr 4th-5th (Wedn-Thur) 2015 :- Dream :- Someone was explaining to me how a 2-dimensional object can be alternatively experienced as a 3-dimensional object, complete with characteristics which can be sensed through the 5 senses. [While the exposition of this was being expounded to me, I awoke, apparently due to inability to remain asleep whilest cogitating such metaphysics.] {Having awoken, I promptly thought that this 2-dimensional object could be exemplified by the "jumper" mentioned on p. 119 of the article "Metaphysics and Folk Models of Mind and Matter" in Hunter & Luke (edd.) : Talking With the Spirits. Because when I had read this passage earlier, it had seemed puzzling to me, I had not copied it into my extracts (to put onto the internet) from the book; but I now added it. The very word "jumper" could have contributed to the advent of the dream, for there was a young woman (E.J.) of this surname (evidently from Mississippi) with whom I had consorted in L., NE (each of us receiving a criminal conviction in court on account of this, in 1966), resulting in terminating my attendance at the university; on the evening before (Feb 4th) I had shewn the list of authors' (of that book) university-degrees (in the "Biographies" section) to G.R.'s wife C.F. when she had quaeried concerning the respectability of the authors.}

Febr 5th (Thur) 2015 :- not a dream : I noticed to-day that a telephone conversation (a few days earlier, on Thur Jan 29th) on Skype with G.R. had lasted 10 min 43 secs -- somewhat reminiscent of his automobile license-plate # 143. Likewise, "1.043 New e-mails in your spamfolder" registred on my email.com (Mail.com) account, I also noticed when I turned to look at it at not many minutes later to-day. (I look at it seldom.) Still earlier in the morning, while I had Maronite chanting playing (from YouTube), I noticed that the frankincense that I had put on the stove-burner had finished burning, but I thought not to put any more on at the moment, but instead picked up a container of "Hawaiian astaxathin" to take a capsule : a that point, the stove seemed to start producing a rattling sound, as though it were demanding the incense (but it stopped doing that when I touched it, seemingly satisfied that I understood its protestation). The Hawai>ian allusion could have been to the correlation of the volcano-name /Mauna-kea/ (*/mauna-tea/ 'mountain-white') with the mountain-name /Lebanon/ (/liban/ or /lubnan/ 'white'), having possible allusion to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the state holding its state political convention and primary election the earliest : my mother having collected (in about the early 1950s) at the Hawai>ian volcano the green gems assigned to volcano-goddess Pele, this might have been intended by preternatural entities to praedict an eventual victory in the United States for the Green Party. Mt. Lebanon is ascribed by various S.ufi religious societies as the planetary rendezvous for the invisible spirit-court of the Qut.b, ambassador (mal>ak) of the caelestial North Pole; cf. the "North corner" mentioned on p. 112 of "Metaphysics and Folk Models of Mind and Matter".

Febr 6th-7th (Fri-Satur) 2015 :- Dream : I had been hearing some music, ending in a curious vocal ululation, a yodeling yell. [Thereupon I awoke, due to my curiousity about that yell, wondring whether it had been intended to produce a sudden fright, and about who had yelled it. This wondrement of mine was somewhat similar to that which had awoken me from a dream several months ago (written in this dream-diary) wherein I had heard, in a desolate prairie, ecclesiastic chanting whereof I wondred as to the whereabouts of its chanters.] {The music-piece which had just completed, which I had left playing on YouTube, in the collection "Mix - BEOWULF: Hurdy-Gurdy & Theremin", was "Gnarls Barkley Crazy Theremin Jam", which endeth in the same yodeling-yell vocal labled (on its green visual screen for the album) "THE ETHER AND AETHER EXPERIMENT".}

Febr 9th (Mon, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I was experiencing various series of choices of a mystical nature which I was selecting from among to experience, without being sure beforehand what each choice might contain. The first series were exemplified as chambres (rooms, located in an aedifice) which would be useful for saying various sorts of prayers within (which I would sense when within each chambre); the 2nd series were repraesented by a succession of locations on a bar-diagram of bars of various altitudes whereof apparently one such was a book of occult lore (much-illustrated with pictures within, and supposedly belonging to a woman who had left it on the desk in her office -- this book after perusing I moved to an arrangement of other such literature away from the desk) containing purported secrets of renowned mystics; the 3rd series consisted of various objects (arranged in rows in a large chambre, to which I had been driven in vehicle) and also of persons, particularly two women one of whom was enticing the other (who was evading her) by allusions to mystic powers which she had available to bestow. {I had slept much of the day, apparently because I had been unable to sleep the night of Satur-Sun (despite of my having taken in succession over several hours that night a total of 12 3-miligramme melatonin pills -- on occasions prior to this 6 such pills had been enough to put me to sleep, though on the Satur-Sun night of the week praeceding those 6 pills had been enough to make me to sleep for only about 2 hours, less time than any night I had taken those many prior to that night); I ascribed my sleeplessness (and the paucity of sleep the week earlier) to my having taken 2 hyperzine capsules each evening -- the handbook Wake Up in Your Dreams! had mentioned difficulty sleeping upon taking such pills (and it had also recommended 5-HTP, which I also sent for a refill of, among other dream-influencing drugs). After the yodeling sound in my dream on the night before, I had also listened through the Satur-Sun night to the long playlist (on YouTube) of mostly women yodeling; I thinking all the while of the fact that because this is helpful for hearing resounding between persons on mountain-peaks, some close aequivalent to its (yodel's) enunciation might be useful for maximizing distance of transmitting (when silently enunciated mentally) of telepathic communication, as e.g., between regions within a galaxy -- though chanting mental enunciation might be better suited for still greater range of telepathic communications, i.e., intergalactic. There was also (which I apparently had listened to some half a decade or so earlier) a more-than-hour-duration advertisement from a manufacturing company (Thor) inviting to visit its factory in E., IN, which town I had once visited (along with her) as the location of the woman's (with whom I had cohabited for some years in Ch., IL) relatives (Mennonites -- banners from that town were prominently displayed whenever in various years we had visited C., GA, for protesting, against the ScOA, at its military base, the last time parking in the lot across the street from the aedifice which as a group-home for former inmates at local insane asylum whereto I had been taken handcuffed on dozens of occasions at the suggestion by the woman with whom I had cohabited in B., GA. There seemed a divinely-arranged co-incidence when the same organization (SocOFr) which sponsored the trips to C., GA, acquired the church-aedifice rented by, and on land adjoining the insane asylum wherein I had so long been involuntarily confined here in C., SC.}

Febr 9th-10 (Mon-Tue) 2015 :- not a dream : When I awoke and looked at the YouTube video playing, it was the same one ("Grüß euch Gott, liebe Leut" / "Say hello to God, dear people" -- evidently selected by the Mennonite company in order to promote prayer) as had praeviously contained the more-than-an-hour advertisement; but because it was in a different playlist ("Oesch's ...") it lacked the advertisement. It happened to be on a triple-digit time (4:44), which changed from that minute # on the second the video ended -- this was 1/2 the # (222) which a man was saying (in the last SOF meeting) was significant to (lucky for) him. [Perhaps the doubling had to do with the fact that the day praevious I had been thinking -- in the context of the Relativity Theory's being merely a wild hypothesis not supported by any evidence -- about the doubling's of the rate of praecession of a planet in its orbit not being any indication that the Relativity Theory could be true. Perhaps that rate of praecession is due to acting separately on the 2 components of gravitation, which are analogous to separate electric and magnetic components for electro-magnetism.]

Febr 11th (Wedn) 2015 :- not a dream : When I noticed that the YouTube video I was then playing ("Oesch's ...") had the duration 1:31:13 (131 being also the # of sections in the original Later-Day Saints' Doctrine and Covenants -- derived from the number used in certain <arabi divination), I telephoned J.M.'s ward (132) at Tucker Centre to have her listen to this. But at the office-desk there, after answering they abruptly disconnected, and I noticed it was 11:31 A.M. by the Skype time (the 11th prime being 31). {I had only about the day before noticed that 43 years elapse between successively larger groups of atomic-nuclear guided-missile launching-sites (10 in 1967, 50 in 2010), whereas [my birth-year was 1943, and] her ward's telephone # had for years ended in -9143, and the G. Rudolph's automobile license-plate # is now 143. Anyway, if this possible ultimatum's expiry should be the end of 5 years (the duration of each Olympiad before imperator Augustus altered them to 4 years each), then such would be this year on Oct 23 (Oct 22 to 23 being calculated for the beginning of creation in the Episcopal chronology by archbishop Ussher), so that the date may have been selected by the flying saucers to denote necessity for a new creation, i.e., a new (socialist-communist) socio-oikonomic system.} {Later (3:21 PM) the same day, a synchronicity occurred : just as I was opening the apartment-door to walk into the hall, the woman post-deliveress was walking toward the door (to deliver a parcel from Amazon.com); when I told her it was a co-incidence of a type I had not experienced before, she said (as a joke) "I've been waiting out here all day". I had called G.R. about 2 hours earlier the same day, and had then told him of synchronicities and of cycles of history which I had been reading of in the Synchronicity Key, mentioning that book's title by name. Therefore, it would be likely that it was his spirit-guide who arranged the synchronicity for me some 2 hours after that, in order indicate being pleased with my having read that.} {Incidentally, my computer refused to connect with the internet when I was about to leave to go to the State Capitol building with him and his wife to-day; I at first ascribed that to the computer-gremlin's not having as yet made adjustments to my additions that morning to the apartments decor -- adding iridenscent tape to the doors' lintels, having months prior to that already put it on the doors' jambs -- I decided to complete this after (1) having told S.P. (when she was driving me to or from SOF meeting) that I was setting up my apartment with "pearly gates", and (2) being put into a more lively frame of mind by listening constantly to yodeling. But later I ascribed it to my not having as yet opened and sprinkled the iridescent glitter (which arrived in the parcel aforesaid, but which parcel I did not open until in the praesence of C.F. in front of the State Capitol, telling her that it was for attracing fae:ries : when arrived back home from the State Capitol (oddly, a couple stopped their pick-up truck on the road while I was walking back on the parallel sideway in order to talk with me to ask if I was going to a certain place nearby, but telling me that the passenger seats were full, thus implying that I could ride in the open rear), I did sprinkle some of the glitter around my idols.}

Feb 14th-15th (Satur-Sun) 2015 :- Dream : I was listening to a rapid successive of very short (very few seconds each) pieces of music, each whereof I was selecting manually (the music halting at the end of each such short piece). [Then I awoke due to annoyance with having to make such rapid selections.] {The music playing on YouTube was "Francesco Landini – Ecco La Primavera", which when replayed sounded similar to what I had been hearing in the dream.} {Since about Mon-Tue, I have been sleeping in the one chambre which I do not keep illuminated at night; this would account, perhaps, for my dreams being better remembred beginning about then. On Sunday, I had told S.P. (while she was driving me to or fron the SOF meeting) that I had been for some nights already been ingesting melatonin, without recently having been able to sleep despite that; and that I had read that melatonin can assist a person to sleep only if the person be exposed to darkness during the time chosen for sleeping (ingesting the melatonin just prior to that time), but had been attempting to sleep with illumination in the chambre. She told me to attempt to sleep in darkness; so that after returning home I decided to sleep thenceforward in the one chambre which I was leaving non-illuminated at night (so that the color-shifting rotating-color-filter sphaire electric fixture could be seen through that chambre's window). When, for sleeping in darkness, I have been taking 18 milligrammes of melatonin, I am able to sleep about 4 hours straight through; whereas with only 9 milligrammes of melatonin, to sleep only about 2 hours (where on awaking in the night, I could take another 9 milligrammes for another 2 hours' sleep).}

Feb 15th-16th (Sun-Mon) 2015 :- Dream : I was reading, in a book, about spirit-mediumship. [Then I awoke.]

Feb 17th (Tue, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I was reading, in a book, a tabulation of psychics and of their powers, whereof suddenly the print on the page became grey, and I experienced paralysis of the body, which I considered to be caused by an electrified device's contact with my leg. I was wondring whether to call out (and if, so how to express it) to the woman whom I knew who was nearby, requaesting her to pull my body loose from the electrical device -- wondring particularly whether the electrical current through my body would paralyze hers also, hindring her from releasing my body. [Thereupon, I awoke.] {I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk, where I had been in the process of proofreading-and-correcting (and uploading onto the internet) notes from the book Talking With the Spirits (Brisbane, 2014), including the passage (reminiscent of an electric current) "spirit radiates through them" (p. 234 -- cf. the # 234 of total pages in my own book Transdisciplinary Comparative Research, for sale at CreateSpace on Amazon.com -- and also the bibliographic reference closest to that note of mine was a citation of an article ending on a p. 234).}

Feb 18th (Wedn) 2015 :- not a dream : I ordered to-day, from "Lucky Vitamin", [selecting my lucky ##,] nutritional supplements for the prices of 9.43 (my birthyear being 1943), 7.52 (the year of the foundation of Rome being given as 752 or 753 BChE -- 753 being what I deliberately had chosen, on account of this, as part of my Skype telephone #, and 752 being part of the number -- license plate? -- of the man, in the optical cable business, who used to drive me home from the Publix food-store when I resided in the former headquarters of the Democratic Party, across the street from the rear side of the State Capitol building), and 10.29 (the 10th prime # being 29, and 10 being the # of vowels in one system in <ibri and 29 is the # of consonants in the antient Qat.aban alphabet, known from inscriptions). Also, I had a few days earlier bought (cleared on the 9th) from "TRADER JOE'S #753". (On completing this purchase, there remained in my bank-account an amount consisting of 2 ## famous in Hindu mythology : 432.33, 432 being the # of millennia in a Kali Yuga -- or of myriads of years in a mahayuga --, and 33 being the usual total # of deities as cited in the Veda.) I also added a subdomain to my website domain to-day.

Feb 19th (Thur, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream : I was listening to a mention of a company which had expanded its "scope" (which I took to mean the number of its products) "since the 1980s". [Wondring at just what was being referred to, including whether "Scope" was part of the company's name, I awoke.]

Feb 21st-22nd (Satur-Sun, before midnight) 2015 :- Dream : James Hebert's wife had just entred the room. She was wearing a black dress, was standing, and started kissing my mouth. (I was pleased that there was a woman praesent now who was willing to kiss me [and I was wondring whether she would be willing to do more with me than merely kiss]; just praeviously I had been noticing some other woman, who apparently had been unwilling to do so, and this refusal had apparently disappointed me.) She was saying "a rectangular band of (truth?)", and I was wondring to what this saying referred. [Wondring about this, I awoke.] {I had left "Stille Volk And Similar" playing on Last.fm that night in recognition of the name ('Quiet Folk') resembling that of the obligatory silences in meetings of the SocOfFr, to the meetings whereof James Hebert, and/or his wife, often cometh on Sundays. M.G. had been telling me that I ought to marry S.P., but I told him that I differed from her in some points-of-view, including from her drinking of coffee (in SocOfFr meetings, my drink of the remnants whereof had caused inflammation on my body a couple of years ago, for which M.G. had had to suggest a remedy). But I had told how I instead more admired J.H. and his wife on account of their having met while both worshipping in a Hindu temple for monkeys in Kerala : and this name /KeRaLa/ resembleth /KaReLia/, the music/singing whereof (SANS on YouTube) I had just been listening to before changing over to Last.fm. Another woman (Mary Millar), whom my father had told me (some years ago, before both of them died, she in 2007) that I ought to marry, had once told me that monkeys kiss, though at another time she had told me that she was ashamed of her ever having kissed a man, and certainly would not even kiss me if we were to marry in accordance with my father's wishes.}

Mar 20th (Fri, during daytime) 2015 :- Dream [Having fallen asleep sitting at my computer-desk] : I heard the cell-telephone ringing with its usual sound (ringing in the dreamless-sleep world without a dream, not in the waking-world); and awoke saying (when awake) "hello" (but the waking-world cell-telephone was not ringing). [This is a variant of hearing one's name called while one is in a dreamless-sleep state transitional to awakening, and being awoken by it and replying "yes" when awake; I apparently had not experienced this sort of awakening on any occasion prior to this.] {Apparently, the dream-world was demonstrating one of the varieties of sound whereby it could awaken a person out of a dreamless-sleep; but I had apparently not been dreaming, unlike any case wherein I was awakened by my name being called to me in the transitional dreamless-sleep stage.}

Mar 25-6 (Wed-Thur) 2015 :- Dream : I was on the highest storey of a tower, which storey, quite small, consisted of a platform having on each of three sides glass, all apparently in the form of doors opening outward to a drop downward; but on the fourth side was another small glass-sided room from within which a woman was shewing me a small object. I understood that she was the woman-driver of the omnibus which had driven me thither to the city wherein I then was in the tower, namely Columbus, Ohio, from Chicago, llinois. I thereupon decided that the place was made unsafe (which glass doors opening in all the directions except the direction wherein she was located, on order to tempt persons to suicide by jumping from the tower); so I said to her that I wished to go back to whence I had come. When soon afterwards I was in the omnibus-station, I asked to be shewn the omnibus-schedule, and was lent a handwritten list of pairs of names, one of each pair I thought to be the name of a driver, and the other of each pair a name perhaps indicative of the route. Soon I was aboard an omnibus, being driven along a city-street. [Then I awoke.] {Perhaps the dangerous leap came from an Irish legend which I read within the last few days, of a retired king traveling by leaping along with a hag, doing hazardous leaps including from a deadly cliff. The tower may refer to the one at local university having glass on all four sides on its top (for observing the neighborhood) storey, which had been indicated to me by the woman with whom I had walked back, from standing with protest-signs in front of the state-capitol building, to my apartment (where when the evening before C.F., G.R.'s wife, was vacuuuing the floor -- with the vacuum-leaner borrowed from the Soc of Fr -- while he reposed on the sofa -- I mentioned to her my having walked back alongside that 4-sided glass observation-storey). Anyway, perhaps the dream may have been a suggestion to mention to whomever that the top storey wherein I reside of this residence-aedifice, is of interest in referring to making observation of the view from while engaged in other activities (such as ritual worship with ritual music, etc.). Furthermore, the distinction in the dream-tower-storey between three dangerous doors and one safe one, could refer to the main S`ikh temple having doors on all four sides, three of which are assigned to unsafe religions (Christianity, >islam, caste-bound sorts of Hinduism, and one to the safe non-caste S`ikh religion) -- and this would all be pertinent to S.C. which its current governoress of S`ikh extraction. And it could refer -- as I had just read a few "made a house with four doors, so that he could see out of the house in all directions." (Gylfaginning 50, p. 76 of The Prose Edda of Snorri Sturlson, translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur (1916). Cf. also the "oracle towers" (lana nu>u mamao) in Kauai.}