Dream-diary, Octobre-Decembre 2014

Sept 30th-Oct 1st (Tue-Wedn) 2014 :- Dream : We were sitting in chairs a large room. I was sitting in in a chair beside a nude woman, who was also sitting in a chair. While she was speaking to me, she described a scene where a woman was rubbing on another woman's vulva. I realized that for her to describe this to me while she seated beside me rendred it appropriate (permissible) for me to start rubbing on her vulva, without even my even having to ask her for permission; so I did so -- rubbed on her vulva for a few seconds. Then, because I noticed that there were other people in the room who might object to my doing so, I stopped rubbing on her vulva, saying to her in explanation, something like : "I am stopping rubbing on it because of the other people who might see." [Thereupon I awoke.] {I had the evening (Sept 30th) before read the passage (written by a woman) : "I was holding his cock tight and I gave it a stretch, while holding my outer labia majora and stretching. When you squeeze your outer lips together your little clitoris starts getting hard. I was getting myself revved, pulling my pussy lips out, and stroking and squeezing. ... I had two pretty intense “outies” (clitoris orgasms), but no innies." http://jenwebby.com/more-about-oral-cunnilingus-lick-me-kiss-me-suck-me-sex/

I did not recall reading elsewhere that squeezing (and pulling and rubbing) on the labia majora of a woman's vulva was capable of causing to experience orgasm; so that on account of not having read that before, I had not thitherto done any rubbing on a woman's vulva in dreams (though I had on number of occasions in dreams sucked on a woman's vulva, because I had praeviously read that such sucking was able to induce orgasm in a woman).} I was (when reading her account) also surprised that a knowledgeable and experienced woman would distinguish between "outer" and "inner" orgasms.

Oct 6th-7th (Mon-Tue) 2014 :- Dream : I noticed on the floor a box with a piece of man's clothing on top which I did not recognize; then I remembred that a woman (of a couple whom I knew personally) had been there looking through a box of her husband's clothing, so I figured that she must have forgotten to take the box of clothing, and I wondred how to find her that I could give the box of clothing to her. [While I was wondring I awoke; and as I was awaking I suddenly realized that I had been asleep there was no way of taking anything out of the dream world to deliver into the waking-world where that couple lived.] {I saw recently in our Latin-English dictionary an expression for 'clothed in'.}

Oct 11th-12th (Satur-Sun) 2014 :- Dream : I heard and saw one woman saying that she saw another woman being bitten by a shark. With me following behind, the former hurried whither, on the beach, the latter was being bitten, and forced the shark to release the latter : the shark had been holding with its teeth onto the woman's shoulder. {During the day (Oct 11th) just praeceding, the woman C.F. had stopped at my apartment : when she arrived, the music (off the internet, via my computer) playing (through loudspeakers) in my apartment was Bach's motets. When I asked of her an opinion about the music, she said that she appretiated it, so I told her what it was and that the internet music-station was GrooveSHARK, and told her that she could listen to the same music from the same music-station herself at her own (shared with her husband G.R.'s) house. She agreed. {I had a few years earlier started listening regularly to music-stations on the internet when, while I was playing music on YouTube (so that she could her it) while talking over the internet-telephone to the woman J.M. who was then in the insane-asylum hospital (at T.C.), J.M. told me to playing music for her to hear wherever I would call her by telephone -- so that I then had sought out specifically music-stations (rather than merely YouTube, which is not restricted to music) on the internet at that time, and had found (among others) Grooveshark, which music-stations I would thenceforward play for J.M. wherever I would be calling her by telephone. Whenever I would visit J.M. (even at the B.St. insane asylum before she was transferred to T.C.), she would have me start squeezing on her shoulders as an example of how to massage her body. [On moving to my current building of residence, G.R. had me listen to music from the internet via a headset, instead of over loudspeakers as I had while across the street from the state-capitol building, so that I could not then play music for J.M. over the internet; but I had shifted in recent weeks back to listening through the same loudspeakers, after M.G. explained (by internet-telephone) how for me to re-configure by computer audio-settings so as to do so.] While she was departing my apartment, I shewed mention of B.St. "Lunatic Asylum" on the front page of the local COLUMBIA TIMES (Oct 10) newpaper to C.F. Immediately after her departure, I called (Oct 11th), by Skype (internet-telephone) my brother in MI, and told to him of the day's events for me here.}

Oct 13th-14th (Mon-Tue) 2014 :- Dream : I was in a hall with a woman; and she spoke to me. I considered that I recognized her as a woman whom I had been kissing some time earlier, so I said to her, "Let me start kissing on you". And I was ready to; but she had her face turned away from me, and I wondered whether she would turn her face toward me so that I could start kissing it. (Her keeping her face turned to the side I took to be a sign that she did not wish it kissed as of then.) [Then I awoke.]

Oct 14th-15th (Tue-Wedn) 2014 :- Dream : I was reading a book which was citing authors of other writings by the artificial literary names which they were employing for themselves (one of which had, as surname, "Lam", which I recognized as name of a deity mentioned by Aleister Crowley). [While I was wondring about various aspects of quaestions about such artificial use of surnames, including whether the religious cult hath recently been encouraging its membres to employ for themselves in their writings such names as authors, I awoke.] {I have read often of the artificial names chosen for themselves by Golden-Dawn membres, and was the day before wondring whether I ought read more literature about the history of Golden Dawn (such books as Women of the Golden Dawn). The book which had gotten me so interested in the Golden Dawn was The Varieties of Magical Experience, in its citations (on its pages 179 and 181) from visions by women (mentioned by their cult-names) described in the Flying Rolls.}

Oct 19th-20th (Sun-Mon) 2014 :- Dream : I was for some time considering that (in reference to events in the political news) the fact that the very most dramatic events which were possible to happen, always did happen, is a proof that we live in a universe which is is so divinely controlled and divinely arranged, for this to be in actuality possible. [Thereupon I awoke. Incidentally, instances of such sort of dramatic events could be considered to include also so-called serendipity or co-incidences (synchronicity) in one's own personal life as well, such as [over a period of some days, or whatever] looking at a clock (whenever feeling urged to do so) and noticing that in the instance of that instant it is always displaying a time correlated with whatever one in involved with. (For example, when I and my brother were staying in separate rooms -- because he had his wife with him in his room -- in a ho^tel while we were visiting our mother a few years ago in NC, by co-incidence with my birth-year 1943, every time that I would look at the clock, the minutes-part of the clock-time would be "__:43". My internet telephone-number locally starteth with 753-____ (which I had selected from a list of available numbers on account of its being the year (BChrE) of the founding of Roma, and while I was writing this and looked at the computer-clock, it happened to be 7:53 (AM), as if to indicate that I was just now in the process of writing about the control of history by the divine world.] {I had been prompted to think about the divine control of history by the co-incidental (serendipitous) life-events in the biography of the invited speaker (a Democratic-Party politician) the day before (Sunday) at the Soc of Fr meeting here locally; described not only in his speech, but also in the movie featuring (and narrated by) him shewn immediately afterwards (in that Soc of Fr meeting) -- which was explaining why he and others had shifted their allegiance from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party in 1963, an event matched by my arrival (accompanied by my parents) in the United States (to stay in this country) a few days before the political-historic events depicted in the cinematic film shewn.} {A more pertinent and general reason for my thinking of events in the news being demonstrably arranged to display being controlled by the divine world, could be my praediction relating to the mention (in the Ktubim of the TNaK) that "70 years are the years of a man", and 70 years being about to be fulfilled by the flying saucers (since their comencement of surveillance of United States atomic bombing in 1945, at the Army-AirForce airport at which the Enola Gay was grounded immediately after its return from Japan) in a few months.}

Oct 25th-26th {Satur-Sun) 2014 :- Dream : I was inside a college-aedifice which was, as yet, under construction -- nearly completed, however, except (as I discovered by brief explorations inside the aedifice) : this aedifice was intended to be used for teaching the students about human sexual behaviour; so, I was viewing the curriculum-materials intended to be so used, including series of pictorial scenes to be seen through a viewer held to one's eyen, and each series of scenes manually clicked through. While I was thus viewing a sequence of such pictorial scenes, I was hearing at the same time an apparent voice-recording telling me to make sure to view each of the variety of sequential sexual-education scenes; so that, complying with this suggestion, I was while holding the viewer to mine eyen, clicking through each of a variety of such scenes. (The scenes were each of some variation of sexual behaviour between a man and a woman -- kissing, embracing, sexual intercourse in various postures. {The viewer was similar in its action to for-both-eyen viewers which I used some decades ago to look at a series of pictures mounted in a circular-sequence round card made to go from scene to scene by pressing on a lever which would rotate the circular film-card stuck into the mechanism from above. I have not seen such a mechanical viewer (nor even any illustration of it) in recent decades, but such is likely as yet to be manufactured and used.} I also wondered how nearly-completed the tiling on the floors was, so I walked (I was as yet on the ground floor of the aedifice) into the hall further to the left (facing deeper into the aedifice), and saw that a number of individual tile-pieces had not yet been laid, even though the tiling had been completed in the main hall where I had at first been; then I walked back into the main hall. {I had yesterday evening, Oct 25th, mentioned (in our discussion at the Hindu restaurant in L.) floor-tiling in Hellenistic repraesentations of the Kretan Labyrinth of the Minotaur.} Next, I was attempting to carry on a conversation via telephone with a man whom I knew, describing to him the conditions in the aedifice, but (as I soon remarked to him via the telephone-call), the simulated sound of a stormy sea (which was being broadcast within the building via a public-address system) had gradually become so loud that I was unable to understand well any remarks by him, so I told him (via the same telephone-call) that I would immediately go into the staircase and start walking upstairs in order to be able to evade the noisy public-address system on the ground floor. {A few days ago my brother S.A. mentioned that he could hear over the telephone the construction-noise in this building.} I did so (and as soon as I was on the staircase, which went upward from there, I could no longer hear any public address system) : decided as I entered to walk up the staircase with mine eyen shut; and I did so until suddenly the handrail whereto I was holding ceased (as felt with my hand) to extend further, so I stopped and decided to sit down (with mine eyen as yet shut) on the staircase. {The staircase whereon I customarily ascend and descend within the university-grounds from and to the street whereupon I am residing, hath several sections of its handrail missing.} That I did; until after a short while I apparently opened mine eyen while wondring about whether the staircase might continue further upstairs; but with mine eyen opened, I apparently started also wondring whether I ought to step off the staircase onto some one of the various floors to be encountred in walking up the staircase. {The same quandary about whether I ought to step off from the staircase which I was in the process of climbing in order to go out onto some floor of the aedifice, occurred in a dream of mine many years ago, though in that dream I did step off onto one of the storieys. (I may possibly have still been in Chicago at the time, or perhaps in the Maryland suburb of Washington DC -- since those were the places wherein I climbed multi-storey staircases the most.) In that dream of years ago, I had heard music while I was climbing up the staircase, and was (after waking) much intrigued by this; for I could not at that time remembre any praevious dream wherein I had heard any music. (Apparently, last night's dream had resulted from a combination of that praevious dream with the fact that last evening, Oct 25th, I had read a passage mentioning "a melody so sweet and soothing, that a human ear would be as little able to catch the sound" in "The Little Mermaid" tale in Fairy Tales (translated 1913, p. 161) by Hans Christian Andersen (https://archive.org/stream/hansandersensfai00ande/hansandersensfai00ande_djvu.txt ).}

Nov 10th-11th (Mon-Tue) 2014 :- Dream : I was hearing being described to me (by a man) some sort of process, applied in two diferent ways to different persons, for so transmuting their capacities as to rendred them able to assist others in achieving some sort of metaphysical qualities; with specific persons to whom these processes has been applied mentioned, and a recommendation to me to check out the effects already applied in those particular persons whom I knew (at least one of which persons mentioned was a female relative of mine in the waking world). I was wondring muchly about just how these effects were applied, what the noticeable results were, and how they could be tranferred to other persons (such as myself) who might apply to them personally for such transferral. [Due to much wondring about this, I awoke. This may not have been the first occasion of such a puzzling, tantalizing description; but I may have not written up (after awakening) such dream-occasions praeviously after having awoken -- for the absence of known details, sufficient to bring about much uncertainty in me as to the significance of what was being described, hath typically deterred me from recording anything about such occasions in this dream-diary.] {In this case, before having fallen asleep for the night, I had been wondring (in the context of my writing comments about an occult book from which I had been taking notes, the recommendation to me (by Prof.Em. D.H.K., apparently when I called him in the hospital shortly before he died a few years ago) to read up (which I thereupon did prompty) about comments which had been recently published on the throne-room of Minos -- postmortem judge in the transitional realm for European souls of those who had just died. Because Minos also had a Labyrinth (reminiscent of one in in a pyramid-tomb for a dead pharoah prior to the standardized pyramid-tombs of the 5th dynasty), and because a labyrinth is under-construction (viewed by the congregation at the latest meeting) in the grounds of the local Soc of Fr, such current events could have resulted in such a dream.}

Nov 11th-12th (Tue-Wedn) 2014 :- Dream : We were aboard a special chartered flight of an ae:roplane, flying through the sky, when it began slowly wobbling to the left and to the right (rotating the fuselage somewhat, alternatingly countre-clockwise and clockwise). I wondred whether, whoever was the pilot was performing the wobbling purposely, or whether the ae:roplane was malfunctioning, and if malfunctioning whether such could lead to a fatal crash. Instead of walking to the cockpit to enquire from the pilot, I started thinking philosophically to myself that death is divinely foreordained and therefore cannot be considered as undesirable; and I thereupon considered it somewhat curious that I would be automatically thinking of death as thus beneficial, whereas I had not thitherto been customarily thinking in that way. [Musing over the desirability of this variant way of thinking, I awoke.]

Nov 14th-15th (Fri-Satur) 2014 :- Dream : I was experiencing an extended dream, which I was toward the end of it describing (to the last of the series of other persons who had been involved with it), as a series of events of a mysterious nature spread over the sequence of the last few days, and involving on each day my having been shewn by other persons of mysterious nature various containers which, when opened, were found to contain mysterious objects -- at the first a cylindrical jar which I opened to find within in a strange cylindrical device, and at the last a long (some 10 feet long) wooden shipping-container containing numerous paper boxes (one of which I opened to see that it contained lengths of twine). The cyclindrical device had been left with me under mysterious circumstances; and afterwards someone had shewn to me a winged device which was hovering nearby in the air (and which I grasped out of the air to determine how or why it was doing so, while remarking about its ability to hover and that it could be tested to determine whether it would hover when and as mentally requaested to do so). I was describing to the person to whom I was explaining the series, that I had read or been told that the series of events had been labeled "the Philadelphia Experiment". [Then, still wondring about whether I could understand the basis for this series of events, what my ro^le was in them, and what they might lead to, I awoke.] {"The Philadelphia Experiment" is the name for a large hoax perpetrated, apparently by a secret agency of the U.S. Foederal Government (during the 2nd World War) as a sort of psychological test (by the Office of Strategic Services, perhaps) of the general-public's gullibility, alleging impossible events concerning a U.S. Navy war-ship (destroyer) anchored at that time in Philadelphia harbor. It is supposedly associated with further apparent government-sponsored sytematic hoaxing (also during the 2nd World War and thereabouts) concerning an apparently praetended military manufacturing facility (supposedly underground!) at Montauk at the far east tip of Long Island. The winged device in the dream may have to do with AmerIndians' (whose religions often refer to birds) being referred to in the Montauk hoax.}

Nov 18th-19th (Tue-Wed) 2014 :- Dream : When repeatedly a golf ball landed beside me, I assumed that someone I had walked away from had thrown it in my direction, but whom I saw was too far away (on a prairie-field) to shout to. {The "golf balls" may have been intended a variant of the cosmic sphaires to be seen in LSD dreams. I have arleady been using a scene of such sphaires, each containing multiple round indentations (thus resembling golf balls) and hovering in space, as "screen saver" for my computer-monitor.} Then I saw a group of men, all clad in a uniform, suddenly appear in a clustre, at a similar distance on the same field; then they vanished. I called them a group of ghosts, when mentioning them to a man afterwards; he then said that they were wearing blue hats : I tried remembre the color of uniform (including hats) that they had been wearing, but could not, as the memory had already faded that much. {I had been reading, on the internet, the evening before, about ghosts witnessed in spirit-mediumship.}

Nov 23rd-24th (Sun-Mon) 2014 :- Dream : I was sitting in relative dimness (but slightly illuminated in a curious way along the closed door and panels of the wall which I was viewing) in what I considered to be my bedroom (I wondre whether I ever stayed in a bedroom of that appearance), listening to some quite sprightly music, and wondring whether I were perhaps asleep and dreaming. [Thus wondring, I awoke; it was as yet before midnight.] {I had left the music playing by loudspeakers from Last.fm; it was now on Corelli's La Folia (which is violin-music) played by Emilie Autumn, which is rather similar to what I was hearing in the dream.} {Earlier, that Sunday morning I had listened to a talk by Kevin Alexander Grey (who was introduced by G.R.) at the Soc of Fr meeting. Kevin remarked to me that he had not seen me in for some time; the occasion-before-last I had seen him had been at the cinema theatre then in the aedifice (former Democratic-Party headquarters) across the street from the state-capitol; when he remarked that he still had the book (which I had years before given to him) of reproductions of paintings by Alexander Grey. And the very last occasion, I had described to him (at a Democratic-Party-sponsored civil-rights rally at the state-capitol) along with G.R. (who had driven me thither) a dream wherein I had attended a rally with the speaker calling for the overthrow of the government (i.e., of the Republican-Party faction of the government).}

Nov 24th Mon 2014 :- Dream : I was praeparing to listen to a series of occult-type music-recordings which I was as yet in the process of selecting. [Then I awoke. It was in the process of becoming dark outside, a little before 6 P.M. I had fallen asleep (napping on a rug on the floor) in the afternoon before the usual starting up of music for me to from the internet at night while asleep.]

Nov 24th-25th Mon-Tue 2014 :- Dream : I was with a woman with whom I considered that I had been regularly associated. She was lying (clothed) with me on a bed, and told me to kiss her; so I started kissing her face. At another time I was in a room containing objects (on the floor) which I understood had been used by my father before he had died, and which I understood had been put on the floor by my mother so that she could thus remind herself of him -- one such object was what I understood to be a gyroscope of the type my father had kept repaired when he had worked for PanAmerican Airways in the 1950s. A while later a man whom I considered to be my father was praesent (I forgetting that I had just been thinking of him as having died), and he was making a jovial remark while he was brushing a wall-hanging (made of some sleek material) with his hand as he was walking bye; and a woman whom I considered to be my mother was likewise praesent and saw him doing this. I remarked to her that persons had to do activities of particualr types in order to keep themselves in pleasant moods. Then, thinking to myself that I could put myself in a better mood by embracing a woman, I asked to embrace her; but instead suddenly realized that if she were my mother, that would be inappropriate. So, I said to her that it was hard for me to remember to embrace the woman with whom I was regularly associated. So, I went into the next room to seek that woman again, and immediately found her sitting or lying on a bed or sofa there. [Thereupon, while wondring to myself just what I ought to do with her in order to put myself in a pleasant mood, I awoke.] {It is true that I seldom think of embracing or kissing a woman while I am in a dream, though I think of this topic often while awake (without the opportunity, however, to do so). Perhaps if I (or anyone else, for that matter) were to talk about it enough to other persons while awake, the thought of it would arise more often while in a dream.}

Dec 3rd-4th (Wedn-Thur) 2014 :- Dream : The dream seemed to have a dramatic quality to it. [When I awoke somewhat a]fter midnight, the music playing on Last.fm was ("Early Music tag") "Danza de las Espadas by Pedro Estevan, played by a Catalan (cf. KAT on the automobile licence-plate of G.R. & C.F., who had driven me the evening before to the state-capitol, where I began being as thorough with discarding my food container-labels as I had been every day during those years when I used to reside in the aedifice across the street from the state-capitol and used to visit thereat about an hour each day to eat) with the # of plays 1,429, ... -- the same as the last 4 digits of my Skype internet-telephone #. (Did that # cause me to awaken?)] {While I was being driven thither, she (C.F.) spelled out a name with /C/ instead of with /K/, just alike unto the spelling of the nationality (which was in the title, Homage to Catalun~a, on one of my parents phonograph-records which I used to play in Puerto Ordaz before leaving them in 1963) vis-a-vis the licence-plate. [About a week before, when they were visiting me in my apartment, I mentioned to her my intent to recommence my leaving food container-labels thereat, because (as I said) the Democratic Party had won the elections during the years when I was doing so, for a regular ritual thereat cause that (alluding to Columbia SC at the cause of the name of the District of Columbia); and she had then remarked that I had great expectations of producing such political results.] One time when we were at the state-capitol on a Wednesday, a young man there with us asked me whether my father (as an anarchist) had been at Barcelona (in Catalun~a) when I mentioned that he had been in the Spanish Civil War in 1938, and I answered affirmatively; then on returning home he asked, perhaps because my father had been a violinist, whether I would go a live music-performance (about to start) with him.}

Another dream, later in the same night : I was reading a printed account of named specialists in performing rituals, who were regularly performing named rituals on behalf of other persons (and for species of farm-animals, including "Samani for goats"). [Then I awoke.]

Dec 5th-6th (Fri-Satur) 2014 :- Dream : I was hearing music in the dream, and was thinking about what sort of bodily sensation (in the thorax) such music might cause. [Due to such wondring, I awoke. The music playing on my computer from the internet was African, recorded in Africa -- and African music is reputed to be associated with bodily sensations. The cinema (for the music) was entitled "Real African Orgy" (on ah-me.com), and its total duration was "1:16:00" -- cf. the "1160" address (in Hyde Park) of the woman (while my own address was instead "1116" in Lakeview -- do note that "11:16" was the duration of another cinema uploaded to the same site by the same person "Miguel...." alike to my name when I was in South America up to 1963 and only there used to visit whores at the whorehouse regularly) whom I used to visit in order to have sexual intercourse with her (after having found her by my advertising in the University of Chicago newspaper) : she told me that her husband had deserted her for a negress, and she had just before finding me been having sexual relations with a negro -- both she and her husband having shifted to sexual partners of negroid race on account of suggestions to do so by the Communist Party of the USA.]

Dec 8th-9th (Mon-Tue) 2014 :- Dream : I was hearing noise (from a source unknown), was puzzled by it. [Thereupon, I awoke : there was noise playing from the internet, a recording of a lengthy applause (by the audience) praeceding a performance of Lachrimae Antiquae.] {That recording was of duration 3:58, the same as my former rural-route postal address (358) in B., L. Co., GA : the # used to intrigue me, seeming to repraesent that the 3rd of the 5 regular geometric solids is 8-sided (octahedron, which had been the topic of the only lecture I had delivred to a local meeting of the Theosophical Society).}

Dec 12th-13th (Fri-Satur) 2014 :- Dream (before midnight) : I had arrived from outdoors at my apartment (whose entry-staircase was similar to that at 1116 B. Ave. in Lakeview neighborhood of Ch., IL, where I had resided in the early 1970s -- I did not remembre that I had moved out of there decades ago -- except that the staircase had been recently remodeled while I has been gone, with, supposedly, a new set of stairs laid atop (overlaid upon) the old ones, so that the landing at my apartment-storey was instead up-and-down steps). I had left music playing in my apartment, which I and my landlady could hear as soon I opened the apartment-door : she called to me from downstairs, saying that she was coming upstairs to make sure that I would suitably turn down the volume of the music. When she came into the apartment (whereof I did not notice the layout), we were at a sort of knob (set into a cabinet) which controlled the sound-volume, which (because it lacked a dial indicating increase or decrease) I tried adjusting, at first turning it in one direction (which increased the sound-volume), then in opposite direction, until it seemed to me a low-enough volume. Then, she continued standing there, apparently waiting to determine (by listening for a long-enough time) whether the volume was low-enough. At this point in time, I was noticing that the music was organ-music. [Thereupon, perhaps on account of waiting too long without further activity, I awoke.] {The music playing (from Last.fm) through the loudspeakers of my computer was by Duarte Lo^bo : "Introitus", in the album Portuguese Requiem Masses; and the # of plays was "17,116". Not only is this, except for the inserted "7", identical with that apartment's #, but also the composer's name "Lo^bo" was what my brother (S.A.R.) had chosen to call himself (for the song-refrain "Lobo, Wild Wolf" on one of our parents' phonograph-records) at P.O. in distrito Heres, estado B., Venezuela (some time before I left there in 1963); and, furthermore, my brother, years later (apparently when I went to stay at his apartment in S.S., MD suburb of D.C., at the conclusion of the Vietnam conflict c. 1975) repeatedly mentioned "7(A.M.)-11(P.M.)" convenience-stores locally. The # of years (between "before ... 1963" and now) may have been intended as 52 : 52 is the # of stairs (of the external staircases on both the front and rear of the state-capitol aedifice, which both of which I have been climbing each week during our [C.P.R.C.] demonstration-protest in front of the state-capitol each Wedn.), and the # for the year-cycle for overlaying Maya and Aztec pyramids.} {As for the name /Lo^Bo/ : cf. <ibri^ /LeB/ heart, Kemetic /jb/, at the judgement of souls balanced against a feather : and my brother (S.A.R.) had recently mentioned to me a dream of his (many years ago) of a black void containing a feather and a white whirlwind. There is a whirlwind (from the "North", cf. "North Pole", AK, former location of S.A.R.) at Dan. 11:40, and at 11:43 (cited by Strong) "Lubbi^", cf. /Lo^bo/.}

Dec 17th-18th (Wedn-Thur) 2014 :- Dream : Upon hearing a musical sound in my dream, I awoke. [It was daybreak, and playing on Last.fm was Zelenka - Requiem ZWV 48.] 

Dec 19th-20th (Fri-Satur) 2014 :- Dream : I had a bottle of perfumed water (having on it a Spanish-style label with picture of flowers), and told my mother that this was for sprinkling in a religious ritual. But, in response to my having said this, she poured out a gallon-container of apparently ordinary water onto the floor (which I thought she may have been doing in some exaggerated gesture, as an acted comment of hers). I noticed that another room (without furniture, but with wall-to-wall plain carpet) intervened between the room where she had done the outpouring and the door to the outside; so I told her that the water may take some time to evaporate while soaking into the carpet, and that meanwhile there may develop a stench from its becoming rancid. [Thereupon I awoke, having fallen asleep (as is often the case) at my desk.] {Just before falling asleep, I had read (in Pukui & Elbert : Hawaiian Dictionary) of 'strong odor, whether pleasant or unpleasant' as definition of /paoa/ (which I was considering as the meaning of name of Maori hero Paowa). Praesumably, this name had reminded some dream-god (who was evidently reading through mine eyen while I was as yet awake) of the town-name /Pa<u^/ (Strong's 6464) 'Screaming'; and I had just copied the day before (Dec. 19th) the quotation "characteristic screams (ila`)" from Brazeal's Brazil-article "The Fetish and the Stone" in Paul Christopher Johnson (ed.) : Spirited Things : the Work of "Possession" in Afro-Atlantic Religions, p. 143. /143/ is the digit-sequence on the Rudolph current automobile license-place.}

Dec 21st 2014 :- Not a dream : I received a telephone-call, the 1st one in more than a year (in between their telephone-# had been changed in its last digit) from my mother's half-sistre -- there had been a block on the praevious # on their end (so that I could not call them) -- and for the first time since she moved to FL, my mother and I were able to view each other via internet-telephone video-camera. Their area-code is 850. {A little earlier than day, I had quoted (for an article on a website of mine), a book published in 1850, concerning a sensation of an insect creeping on one's skin (and biting? -- I experienced this various occasions years afterwards, and always the biting was on my penis) : I had sensed this when I was residing in T.P., VA (suburb of DC); and shortly afterwards L.E. (the woman who was co-habiting with me thereat) likewise sensed the same, saying that the invisible insect was biting her on her back. (I then treated it with alcohol, which immediately banished the praeternatural insect.)}

Dec 25th-26th (Thur-Fri) 2014 :- Dream (shortly before midnight) : A man appeared in my kitchen, and commenced to rebuke me for something I had just done, which in considering what the rebuke must refer to, I realized that it must refer to an action which I had performed ina dream which I had just had. So, I realized that he must have witnessed that dream by having been it as a dream-spirit, and that he had emerged out of the dream-world into the waking-world (for, I erroneously thought that I was then awake). Then suddenly I noticed that because he was squatted inside one of the cabinets (in the one furthest to the right) under the counter to the sink in just the way a genie would be if confined within a bottle, he must be now able to function as a genie. I realized that I would have to make some statement aloud so as to retain that genie confined there, so that I would be able thenceforth to invoke that genie to accomplish magical work for me. So, I said aloud : "From a dream : that is to remain, sealed dead!" Then immediately there was an exploding sound from that cabinet, breaking its door off from its hinges -- but, so as to ensure that whatever might remain of it would not escape, I thrust its door back into its cabinet-space, and white powdre floated forth in a cloud in the air, which I at first surmised must be ghostly; but when I looked, I saw that it was coming from a cardboard box, which figured must have been collided with this cabinet-door, and I thought that I remembred that an ordinary white powdre of sorts had been stored in that box, so I was somewhat disappointed that the effect was not ghostly. [Then, while contemplating this disappointment, and (because I was wondring whether my in-breathing of the white powdre could be deleterious) endeavouring to remembre just what that white powdre had been which had been stored there, I awoke.] {Just before falling asleep, I had been thinking that a conventional understanding of some myth about an explosion might be wrong, that it may have been a puffball, which on exploding must yield its spores in the form of black powdre, and I had just been writing or considering variability between black and white in religious symbolism (in particular, in the all women's being clothed in black or in white or in black-and-white in the dance party which I had watched the night of Dec 24th-25th at http://hypelife.tv/fame-floss-green-and-black-2k14-party-video/ though at least one of them, and several men, was wearing green -- perhaps this impressed me by seeming as it were to refer to the Green Party in national politics, now that the Green Party would seem to have supplant the United Citizens' Party). The green of the clothing was apparently intended to contrast with the red (similar to that of a Taoist temple's interior walls) of the party-chambre walls. I would naturally be thinking in terms of the political Tea Party (started by Ron Paul -- incidentally the evening before, Dec 25th, my brother who is an advocate for Ron Paul's party had been praising to me over the internet-telephone Ron Paul's deprecation of the Foederal Reserve Board, involving creating greenback money without pretious-metal reserve-backing) which is advocating return to the costumes worn in the American Revolutionary War of 1776 onwards, when Whig patriots wore green to contrast with Tories' red. Perhaps the rebuke addressed to me could have had to do with my neglect to mention that the Green Party could somehow also incorporate red in its office.}

Dec 26th-27th (Fri-Satur) 2014 :- Dream : We were at a site where an incipient commune-colony was being founded, grouped around a permanently-parked (beside some source of water) automobile, which I also was circumambulating (while touching it with my hands) as a standard ritual of membreship. {Evidently derived from the permanently-parked trailers as the basis of the commune at "The Farm" (founded by Stephen Gaskin) in Tennessee.}

Another dream, later the same night : There was a group of persons, a sort of "intentional community" (discussing possibilities for establishing a commune), using as a theme a large map (at least a couple of yards wide by some four yard long, in the section of it which they had displayed -- extending from Mexico to about Ecuador, which I figured they were using on account of this geographical area's proximity to where we were located in the U.S. of A.) laid on the ground as a basis for illustrating their discussion. Next episode of dream : Another map even more detailed, a relief-map, with the mountain-areas a couple of feet tall where I was walking on them : I was standing on the repraesentation of the Parima Mountainrange between Venezuela and Brazil while I being offered a check for money on account of there being known to the group that I was the most needy membre. I replied (while standing a couple of feet above ground level on that map's mountainrange) saying that although I had use for some things, money was not something that I had need of (though I could not think of just what I had need of, or I might have mentioned it), and that they might as well tear up the check for money which they were offering to me. [Thereupon I awoke. I soon apparently fell asleep again and experienced another dream, and awoke again, but forgot that other dream instantly as soon as I rolled my body over.] {I had the evening before mentioned to one the brother of mine in METAire about the fact that the name of his town of residence in similar to the name of the river META` forming a border of Venezuela and reached by the expedition of Ordaz, name of the town (Puerto Ordaz) of his nativity. I had had a money-check in mind the day before (Fri) on account of my bank's having as yet listed it as uncleared when G.R. had called me that morning to ask me about it when I was due to have to use it to buy food that day (but the bank's charge-card turned out to clear afterwards anyway, perhaps because of the overdraft-provision which he had set to draw on my account on the other bank in the case of lack of funds in the bank of the charge-card).}

Dec 28th-29th (Sun-Mon) 2014 :- Dream : I had just taken residence in an apartment, wherein I understood (been told?) that I was co-resident with another man. I heard canine sounds, so I said that he was making them. Then I heard other sounds, and said aloud that he was making them also. [Then, wondring just where the putative co-resident was, I awoke.] {I had read the evening before, in Sexual Encounters with Extraterrestrials (Timeless Voyager Pr, 2001), p. 22, of "their speech" which "sounded ... like a succession of barks ... made by a dog" being uttered by an extraterrestrial persons. This was the testimony of Antonio Villas Boaz (in Brazil; the surname is FreeMasonic as spelled), concerning whom my father had once (decades ago) sent to me a print-off from the internet about the same episode (which I had, however, probably had already read mention of). Also, on Sunday, P.E.P., when she had parked upon driving me home from the Soc. of Fr. meeting, was asking me about my father's beliefs. She had expressed interest in that book (which I had shewn to her in the Soc. of Fr. aedifice), which was why I had just started to read it then, yesterday evening.}