Dream-diary, January-June 2014

January 3rd-4th (Fri-Satur) 2014 :- Dream : I made a return to an Amerindian organization of a set of recordings of their religious music-and-songs, and was as yet in the office where I just returned them. [While I was wondring to myself whether I was perhaps returning them too soon, whether I would have further immediate use of them to listen to, and whether I ought then and there to reborrow them, this wondring caused me to waken.] {The music-and-song being played my earphones from Last.fm was that of Begay on Verdell Primeaux radio. The name /Begay/ may be cognate with the name /Bigway/ (in <ezra> 2:2 & 8:14), perhaps = <arabi /bajm/ 'dum[b]founded' (Hans Wehr Dictionary), perhaps in allusion to that which I had read the day before (in S. Reicher : Spiritual Protection, p. 204, n. 4:5) of "dreams" being influenced by "camphor" -- dreams comimg about to be the most amazing and dumbfounding of experiences, with such experiences able to be introduced by music-with-singing by others in the dreaming.}

ca. Jan 6th-7th 2014 :- Dream : I was being transported suspended from a horizontal moving cord, when I temporarily came to rest dangling above the ground against a tree which lacked leaves. [Then, wondring whether it were alive, I awoke.] {Later, I realized that this dream may have been intended as a message to me that I had been treating too roughly the tropical potted plant (given to me by C.F.) which I had been keeping on my window-sill or hanging from my window-curtain-rod -- both of those places are too cold for a tropical plant, which had shed its blossoms and most of its leaves on account of this. So, I moved it into the room, onto a book-case top.}

Jan 12th-13th (Sun-Mon) 2014 :- Dream : I was submerged in a transparent liquid (which I considered to be sea-water), and therein a drifted-bye a plaque (which I thought was of dried soil, miraculously undissolved, but which could as readily have been of baked clay) with a human-like figurine (which I thought depicted a god) carven on the upper surface thereof. {cf. Varun.a, commonly now supposed to be god of the sea} I spoke to another man there (also submerged), telling him that I had made, in honor of such god, a T-shaped wooden addition on front of a cabinet, and that more of such might be made. [Then I awoke.] {The evening before, had completed a list (by looking up some of them, as per their Spanish names in Cuba, on the internet via search-engine) of traits of tree-woods used ritually in Palo Mayombe.}

Jan 29th-30th Wedn-Thur 2014 :- Dream : In describing miracles performed by shamans, some person mentioned a book about their miracles, entitled Playing with Reality. Cf. perhaps articles by this title ("Playing With Reality") : http://www.eroplay.com/Cave/ArtShaman/artsham14.html or else http://glennyoshimoto.squarespace.com/journal/2008/11/26/shaman-stone-divination-and-play.html .

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Feb 10 (Monday, during daytime) 2014 :- Dream : I believed myself to be steering a flying vehicle, which I felt to be wobbling left and right, until I controlled it.

Feb 10th-11th (Mon-Tue) 2014 :- Dream : I was walking into a city whereof the aedifices were flush with each other (as in Manhattan, with no spaces betwixt aedifices); walking (in an unfamiliar area) down one long street, I found that it was a dead-end, with an aedifice occupying the end, so that I turned to go back. On my way back, I remembred that I had left a set of pictorial prints on the sidewalk of that dead-end street, so I again walked (in the direction of the dead-end) back and found them : a group of children had found them, and were talking among each other as to which children should take which prints. I took back the prints, including some out of the hand of children who had helped themselves to those; one print (held by one of the children), however, I did not recognize, and was wondring about whether to recover it also, when I awoke. {The walls of my apartment are covred with pictorial printed posters, put mostly flush with each other onto the walls; one of those posters is a depiction of a scene in Manhattan.}

Feb 12th-13th (Wedn-Thur) 2014 :- Dream : There was a plan circulating, for liberal-minded organizations to clean, and to attach feathers to, their ritual objects. I was wondring what the over-all cosmic effect of organizations' doing so co-ordinatedly might be, when I awoke. {The day before (Feb 12th), while in my apartment reading and typing, I had noticed an incense-odor (as if of myrrh and frankincense), although I had no such material incense in the apartment. I walked about in the apartment in order to detect where the odor was strongest; it was strongest at the bend (where I have been sleeping in recent weeks) in the apartment's entrance-corridor. I had been reading about the Norse Nornir (as described in the book Wyrdwalkers) when I smelled the incense-odor (and thereupon I decided to correct the note which I had written about p. 206 of that book, in order to make it more etymological), so I figured that the deities in the dreamworld were interested in my contemplating the Nornir, and were indicating this by sending the incense-odor from their world, which would characteristically emerge into the waking-world whereever I had be sleeping recently. I figured, while I was praeparing to typewrite the correction, that the dream-world deities had sent the incense-odor on account of their knowing that if they were to do to, that would be adequate to jog me into the realization that the strict etymology of the Norn's name was what was needed to be found (by finding the name of a Pauran.ik heroine-aequivalent). Considering this needfulness, I realized that the Hellenic Moirai were quite distinct from the Nornir, and that their names had different etymologies, /Lakhesis/ (the measure-goddess) with Norse ru`n /Lagu/ ('liquid') and thus <ibri^ /log/ ('liquid-measure').}

Feb 14th-15th (Fri-Satur) 2014 :- Dream : There was discussion concerning recognizing the healing aspects of varieties of music in written descriptions of them. {I had playing into my earphones, from Last.fm, "Porngrind Tag" music. /Porn/ is similar to Skt. /parn.a/ 'feather'; and feathers are often employed in AmerIndian healing rituals.}

Feb 16th-17th (Sun-Mon) 2014 :- Dream : A man crushed, with his hand, a mosquito. {The day before, I had mentioned, at her own house (whereto she had driven me after the S. of F. meeting) to the woman P.P., my father's mother's belief in vampires. Afterwards, she drove us back to the S. of F. meeting-house,where M.J. mentioned his own hands to her.}

Feb 27th-28th (Thur-Fri) 2014 :- Dream : There were at least 3 persons (perhaps all women), of whom one said that she had been told that Edgar Cayce had died. I remarked that he had died decades ago. Then another said that she had heard that Edgar Cayce had committed suicide. [Then I awoke.] {I had read the evening before in the book Music and the Soul, p. 248, that Tchaikovsky, in "deep depression", had perhaps committed suicide.} {Edgar Cayce I had mentioned (as stating that the Bahamas were remnants of Atlantis) to C.F. the morning (of Wedn.) she had started to the Bahamas. C.F. and her husband G.R. (both of whom play the pianoforte) praise homosexuality (which supposedly caused Tchaikovsky's fatal depression).}

Feb 28th-Mar 1st (Fri-Sat) 2014 :- Dream : There was a metallic structure which was beginning to rise (without visible cause) from the ground. I got aboard it, and in a brief while it had risen at least a hundred feet from the ground; I remarked that it was rising much more slowly than a rocket ship would rise. [Then I awoke.] {My apartment is at least a hundred feet above ground level, and I keep books from a flying-saucer contactee group (the "Ashtar Command") in the apartment's exterior windows, expecting that it would be easier for flying saucers to notice such books at the high elevation of the apartment.}

Mar 11th-12th (Tue-Wedn) 2014 :- Not a dream : After having said (by telephone) that I intended to leave organ-music playing while sleeping, in hope that it could be audible from the waking-world into the dream-world, I looked up (on Last.fm), perhaps for the first time, Music tagged “organ” : it was then listed as "Used 19,403 times", which I recognized as my birth-year (with an inserted zero) -- then I remembered that (while I was in B., GA) my telephone 3-digit sequence was similar to my sister's 4-digit sequence, except that hers had an inserted zero.

Mar 28th-29th (Fri-Satur) 2014 :- Dream : I was listening to people (especially G.R.'s wife C.F.) talking, describing a cinema-movie which they were intending to cause to be shewn at a local cinema-theatre; she was saying that they had intended the shewing to be the day after to-morrow, but that they just decided to have it shewn to-morrow instead. The cinema-movie was a recently-made one about the John F. Kennedy assassination. Thereupon, I was telling how just that same day, on my way to my meeting with them, I had seen abandoned on a subway-train, the day's newspaper describing the F. Kennedy assassination. [Thereupon I awoke.]

Apr 4th (Fri-Satur) 2014 :- Dream : I was saying to myself that existence over enough lifetimes must involve repetition of texactly the same course of events, indefinitely; and that, inasmuch as I have mainly enjoyed existence, it would be welcome that I should repeatedly run always through the same course of events.

Apr 17 (Thur, during daytime) 2014 :- Dream : I was alone, contemplating metaphysics in two ways, each of which, by my emphasizing the "point" (salient feature) of the metaphysics, seemed to impart a trance wherein I considered that I was making some contact with a source of the psychic powers which I expected to achieve thereby. [Thereupon I was awakened by the ringing of my telephone.] {The points of the metaphysics alluded to, would have been among those which I considered myself to have attained for, apparently, the first time, just before I fell asleep to have that dream. The 3rd point was the idea that the nagual (nahual, nawal -- an immaterial animal body wherein one's self may be situated when projecting in subtle guise ou of the material body) -- which is not described as attained by any astral projecter of modern civilized society who hath had an autobiography published -- may be attained by being rendred available to one's self by an animal-deity (i.e., a talking animal) encountred by one's self in a dream, wherever in such a dream one can realize that such animal-deity can provide one's self with such a body in the waking world simply by one's having beforehand shewn the necessary degree of respect to the animal-deity encountred in the dream by sucking on that animal-deity's genitalia in such dream. The 2nd point was the idea that the genitalia of the animal-deity must be sucked on regardedless of the sexual gendre of the animal-deity, simply because [not only do women enjoy sucking on each others' genitalia, but also] women enjoy in the waking world (as is described in literature detailing the behavior of women who are prostitutes) watching men engage in homosexual activities among each other -- the idea here is that animal-deities behave similarly as humans, and specifically give praecedence in such behavior to the praeferences enjoyed by women in the waking world (and especially the praeferences of women who are prostitutes). Still another (the 1st) point was that, when one's self is busy sucking on the genitalia of the animal-deity in the dream, in order to communicate effectively while one's lips are pressed suckingly onto the genitalia, the animal-deity may feel inspired to "turn on" the telepathy (mind-reading) system within the mortal; which system may thereafter continue (through the awaking process) into one's waking life.

[Perhaps this collection of practicable points in metaphysics came about because the evening before I had spoken to professor emeritus H.G. about the danger posed to psychics (and to pneumatics) by the murderous C.I.A. -- curiously, he said he could not understand what I meant until I said the name in extenso, and spelled the word "m-u-r-d-e-r" (these clarifications may have been intended for spirits who were linstening in). Also, in that afternoon (Wedn, while in the picket line in front of the State-Capitol Building) I had been been reminded by G.R.'s wife C.F. to refer to persons having the title dr. by that title, and I had agreed that such would be appropriate for the sake of (i.e., as clarification to) the spirits who were overhearing us, so that the spirits would be appropriately apprised and thus enabled to act so as to liberalize the political situation in the material world. I had at various times earlier told the prof. em. that he on account of his understanding of physics was naturally admired in the divine world, and that I expected on account of such admiration our ability to ask the deities to improve the politico-oikonomic situation on this planet would be enhanced.]}

Apr 20th (Sun) 2014 :- Not a dream :- I entred a dazed state of mind for some minutes while I was describing (in a telephone conversation with J.M. who was at the state insane asylum) the book Dark Moon Rising. [I had not been (to the best of memory) in such a spirit-caused daze in a number of years.] {I always when telephoning her there mention that the spirits, which resulted in the "insane" having been brought to such a place, accompany those "insane" thither and remain thereat with them; and that my telephoning is intended to apprise the spirits there of the political situation, of the need for liberalization in U.S. politics, especially in the Deep South.}

Apr 20th-21st (Sun-Mon) 2014 :- Dream : A woman was describing to me the squence of her own past incarnations (as per her memory of them). As she spoke, I was comparing her spoken description with a printed literary list of a similar type; and that the two lists were apparently the same, but that the literary list (in my reading of it) was in the reverse order from that of the sequence being described by her.

Apr 21st (Mon) 2014 :- Not a dream :- I entred a dazed state of mind for some minutes when completed typing a discussion of a passage in Dark Moon Rising, wherein R.K. described her motivations for having her body mutilated. [Even while this was occurring, I figured that spirits of the type who caused her to mutilate her body were noticing that which I had written, and that their mental activity on this matter were causing my dazed state of mind.] {I also figured that the spirits were praesent mainly because they had picked up on his line (of discussion of the book) the day before while I was speaking to the woman-inmate J.M. at the state insane asylum.}

Apr 28th (Mon, during the morning of the daytime[, after I had earlier in the morning during the nighttime added to my notes on the book Pyramids of Montalk]) 2014 :- Dream : I had gone to the house of S.W., but she was not there. I noticed that a woman was in one of the rooms; I did not recognize her, but we started talking together, she telling me that a meeting was soon to be held, where what I could say would be pertinent. I was trying to remembre (in order to tell to her) how I just been put involuntarily into the insane asylum (briefly, and whence I thought that I had just been released); meanwhile I had seated myself on a small stool, so as to be able better to adjust my trousers (which were loose, as they and other clothes for sleeping are, whenever I awake in). The effort of mine to remembre caused me to awaken. [While lying awake, I was continuing to make an effort to remembre how I had gotten committed to the insane asylum in the dream; I then was able to remembre two earlier episodes in the dream.] In one episode, my father (who was as yet alive in the dream) was reading my (this) compiled dream-diary {-- when I was as yet staying with my parents in the early 1960s and/or earlier, for some while he would cite Freudian interpretations (which he was then reading about)} of dreams, and I wondred whether he would be offended by reading any of the more risque' passages in this dream-diary. The episode consisted of my being in a house, where I was looking at a woman who was lying naked on her side in bed, such that I could see from behind her naked buttocks and noticed her vulva. I wondred whether to speak to her (she had not indicated noticing me); but thought that if I were to speak to her, she might cover her body; so I did not speak to her, in order to keep on looking at her naked. {While I was speaking over the telephone most recently (Apr 24th) to the woman J.M.in the state insane asylum hospital, I did describe similar dreams which I had had years earlier, wherein I was looking at one woman or another who was standing nude, and was wondring whether to speak to her, but decided not to on account of the possibility that she might be offended by my speaking or by what I might say. I likewise related (in the same telephone conversation with the same woman J.M.) that I had some years earlier still (about the 1980s, in C., GA), at the group-home for quondam-insane-asylum-inmates, been regularly watching women naked there, whether they left the door to their room wide open while they were lying naked in bed, or whether they left the door to the shower or bath wide open while they were taking a shower or a bath -- but (as I also related to the woman J.M. during this conversation) that while I was looking at them naked thus, none of the women (in thegroup-home) ever spoke to me (though they were noticing my looking at them then), so I never spoke to them then, either.}

May 3rd-4th (Sat-Sun) 2014 :- Dream : I had entred my apartment, and was looking at the posters covering its walls, but immediately noticed that all the ones which I first viewed differed somewhat from the ones which cover my apartment-walls in the waking-world. {I was looking at the posters covering the wall of my apartment on the left in that dream; which is where the single longest length of wall-space (covered with posters) in my apartment in the waking-world is located, reached after walking to the left in the entrance-corridor (foyer) just within the apartment.} Thereupon I started looking at posters in another part of the apartment; and in this area they seemed to me to be the same as in the waking-world. Therefore, in order to determine where the boundary between similar and different posters was located, I began to look at posters a little further along the wall from where I had been viewing earlier (as yet to the left, before the wall turneth to the right); but by now these posters appeared so dark that I was unable to discern details to judge this; and thought that the dream may have darkened them on purpose in order to hindre me from discovering the boundary. {I had spoken (by telephone) the evening with the woman P.P., who (of persons whom I knew from outside the building) had most admired the posters. She had recently injured her body slightly by falling (tripped while out-of-door in the city) while walking; which the woman S.P. had also mentioned as having happened to her -- those 2 women are most often involving in my being driven to the Soc of F meetings, where (when the building was acquired) the stained-glass windows (which could be compared to posters) were removed.} Probably afterwards, my brother S.A.R. was standing beside me in my apartment, when I saw on the ground what looked like a small portable radio (the size and shape of a cellphone) -- so, I asked him, "Is this yours?" He answered, "Yes." Still later, I saw the portable radio on the ground in another room (the bathroom, perhaps) of the apartment, but my brother was no longer there; so I was wondring how to give it to him. {Was this supposed "radio" intended as walkie-talkie? I remember his using one when I was with him at Amacuro.}

May 4th (Sun) 2014 :- Not a dream : Co-incidence : While my internet telephone was ringing the telephone # of A.K. (to have him drive me to the meeting, because S.P. was gone visiting in NY & New England), I heard an explosion outside; and my computer automatically shut itself down.

May 5th-6th (Mon-Tue) 2014 :- Dream : Someone was announcing each of a sequence of caerimonies, honoring various groupings of deities, would be performed; I was considering participating in each, while wondring whether the groups of deities would be actually and noticeably praesent in each or any of these caerimonies. [Thereupon, while wondring about this, I awoke.] {On the day (Mon) before this, I called by telephone the woman J.M. at the state long-term medical hospital for the so-called "insane" and other wards of the state, and was describing to her how a process of sexual intercourse (she having been refusing through the years to allow her clothes to be removed for sexual relations, though when I would visit her in the visiting-room at the state insane-asylum wherein she was confined, she would allow me to feel with my hands on her body underneath her clothing) would be conducted so as to honor deities -- that with her clothes removed, goddesses could be invoked (aloud, I said, not merely in thought) to be praesent in her body while I would be kissing on each part of her then-denuded body, namely on her vulva, her nipples, and the lips of her mouth; and that the same process could be involved in any spouse-trading (involving another couple). And I said that in that way, the goddess could be invited to be feeling my kissing of the parts of her body, and could thus be pleased and more willing to bring out good luck and benefits both in this life and after death. I said that music, perfumes, etc., ought to be praesent during this, in order better please the goddess. [I had been forgetting each time (over a period of months), whenever I had been telephoning her, to mention such process of calling upon any deity to be praesent in anyone's body during any sexual intercourse. I had kept expecting to remember to say it, remembering afterwards various times that I had forgotten to mention it on the time which I had most recently telephoned.]}

was visiting, floor by floor (going downwards), what I understood was a large unoccupied prison-aedifice; until I exited at the ground floor. [Later dream, same night :] I had a book, which I understood was from a library. {This latter may have referred to the university-library-book which I had been reading in the Soc. of F. meeting the day before, entitled The Shape of Ancient Thought.}

May 12th (Mon, during dayime) 2014 :- Dream : I was reading and copying from a book about flying saucers. {I had fallen asleep at my desk, while copying from the book Extra-Terrestrials Among Us.}

May 13th (Tue), during dayime) 2014 :- Dream : I was reading a book. {I had fallen asleep at my desk, while taking notes from the book Orders of the Dreamed.}

May 17th-18th (Sat-Sun) 2014 :- Dream : It was being indicated to me that I had been sent for incarnation into this life under influence of one of a pair of astrological signs (and that someone else had been sent under the other of the pair); so I consented for the same sign of the same pair as influence for me in my next life. {I had the evening before had mentioned to me (over the telephone, by M.G.) someone (some woman) who had mentioned that she had been born under the influence of a particular genethliac constellation, Sagittarius.} {The pairing may have come from my having typed in my notes the evening before the phrase "the beings seem to "exist simultaneously" in both" (Passport to the Cosmos, p. 232).}

May 19th-20th (Mon-Tue) 2014 :- Dream : I was a member of a group of persons (including a black-faced woman, which coloration seemed to me anomalous -- perhaps she may have been goddess Kali) who had to find a different place to reside. When I asked whether anyone praesent had relatives who owned a house big enough for the entire group to move into, I received no reply from anyone, though. {A short, rather slender, black goddess appeared me in the kitchen of our trailer in B., GA -- even while looking at her I thought that she must be goddess Kali -- shortly before I moved out of that county. A few days before, I had been talking by telephone with the woman J.M. in the state insane asylum, telling her that, according to erotic instruction-literature which I had read, a man ought the be kissing on a woman's face for a while before kissing on other parts of her body, and kissing her vulva about last. [Kali is a major goddess of Tantrik religion, of which the vama-acara practice in Kamarupa includeth, as a rite, a man's publicly kissing a woman's vulva. Goddess Kali was also worshipped in the Thag cult, wherein strangulation of men was practiced -- but this practice may simply have been a distortion of the observed fact that in facesitting (a woman's sitting nude on a man's face), the man can easily have his ability to breathe briefly obstructed.]}

June 1st-2nd (Sun-Mon) :- Dream : To announce the date of his own birthday, a man said, "October 22nd" : this I immediately recognized as my own birthday. My wondring about his apparent having extracted the information from my own mind (by dream-telepathy), caused me to awaken. {The evening just praeceding (i.e., June 1st), I had mentioned (by telephone, calling her at my brother S.A.R.'s and his wife's residence in MI) to my mother that I had that day cited (in a paper which I had written to put onto the internet, about the Italian "Peoples of the Sea") the number repraesenting (co-incidentally, i.e., by synchronicity) my own birth-year (1943) as Strong's number for (the etymon of the name /J-HoWaH/Y-HoWaH/, namely) /howah/ 'mischief'. The occasion of my writing this was /JHW/YHW/ cited as one of the groups of S^LS-w, i.e., 'Walkers' : perhaps allusion of /walker/ to /dreamwalker/ caused its occurrence in my dream in the form of mention of my birthyear as his own by a dream-god.}

June 7th-8th (Sat-Sun) 2014 :- Dream : I was on the 7th floor, and went to the elevator intending to ride to the 17th floor. {The 7th prime is 17.} There (when I was waiting at the 7th floor for an elevator), a woman holding a small child got off the elevator there, so I was unsure of where to go. {Once, in T.P. (suburb of W., DC), while I was cohabiting with the woman L.E. there, another woman (a Negress) happened to ride on the elevator accompanied by her small boy, and she then mentioned (apparently to attract me) having her vulva licked. I was unsure of whether to follow them to their apartment.} Afterwards I saw beside me a very short (about 1 and 1/2 feet tall) dark-skinned man having a very long face; I thought that he must be an African pygmy. {But, though I did not think of this at the time, the resemblance of the face was closest to the extremely long-faced huge statues on Rapa-Nui island.} Afterwards, I was in a room where several bags of lentils were hanging; and when I thought of holding one such bag in order to inspect it, it (without being touched) automatically fell onto the ground and burst open; and while wondring whether to gather the spilled lentils, I awoke. {I am now in the process of moving my place of residence from one apartment to another on different floors in the same aedifice; the first item which I moved was 2 bags of lentils (because lentils have the shape of flying-saucers), along with 2 books about flying-saucers (including about how to communicate with them by telepathy, published by the Ashtar Command), each which book I set on a bag of lentils in my living-room window in order to attract the attention of any flying-saucers which may be surveilling from the sky. The Ashtar Command advocateth worship of one of the Kumara ('boy') brethren; of whom a major trait (as may be read on the internet) is that in their cult they forbid the eating of lentils -- it may be praesume that what they really forbid is the cooking of lentils; for though ingestion of raw lentils will rapidly cure cancer -- indeed, I thereby cured myself of a cancer (an insane-asylum ward in C., GA, when the woman-nurse, a Filipina, brought a bag of raw lentils to me at my behest) which had been caused on my face on by my parents' having had me exposed on that site of the face (beside the nose) to a series of X-ray treatments of 20 minutes each, when I was a boy in Beirut.}

June 12th (Thurs, during daytime) 2014 :- Dream : Upon looking at the layout of the countryside, I determined to travel inland, walking along trails (instead of along a highway), in order not to be discovered by possibly interferent persons. While I was in a forest cabin which I thought had been abandoned, the owners arrived; they did not object to my putting on whatever clothing I could find to use there for my walking onwards further, so I was wondring about what choice of clothing (including footgear) to wear.

June 14th-15th (Satur-Sun) 2014 :- Dream : My father [actually he died years ago] was in the driver's seat of the automobile, while I was with my mother in the rear seat of the automobile. She was showing off her body naked to me, and I hoped that my father would not notice (lest he disapprove). When she displayed her vulva to me, I kissed it briefly. {None of these sorts of events ever occurred in waking life; and I do not remember ever having dreamt any dream of incest before this. I have, however, within about the last week, been reading (in the book Following Our Bliss) about the Unification Church, whose male founder and female founderess are called, respectively, "True Father" and " True Mother"; and which requireth membres to marry whomever the Unification Church may designate -- and after reading this, I mentioned ( over the telephone) reading about it to my brother (who had mentioned, decades ago while we were together in a suburb of DC, that he approved of the Unification Church) now in MI.}

June 16th-17th (Mon-Tue) 2014 :- Dream : I was noticing a particular sexual relationship between a man and a woman described a "A143". {The letter-name />alep/ literally signifieth 'thousand' in <ibri^. Perhaps because when her husband S.F. was driving me to the last meeting (on Sunday), E. was mentioning the "ennea-gram" to me, the number of 1000s not mentioned, but it was expected that I could assume it to be 9. 9143 was the last 4-digit combination of the patients' telephone at the insane-asylum ward of the woman J.M., whom I yesterday telephoned to tell her that I had that day moved my computer (so that I was then calling her for the 1st time from my new apartment, on Skype) -- when moving that day I had not at first found the apartment's connection for the internet (though I had seen the connection for the telephone), and had to be shewn it by the building-manager (who first explained that the connection which I had seen was for the telephone instead). Perhaps I would have had a 4-digit figure in mind because the woman whom I usually ride beside in the building-omnibus to the food-store was telling me that not only she, but all her close relatives had 4-letter personal names, hers being Ai:da. I then told her that I used to listen (in 1963 and earlier) in my parents' house to a phonograph-recording of the opera by that name (and she was telling me that she would like to have a book on Hellenic mythology -- cf. the Hellenic god's name Ai:doneus). That operatic setting is in Abyssinia, and I so happens that one of the two posters which I have beside the entrance-door to my apartment is "Angel of Africa", depicting a praegnant winged woman. [I fell asleep again while still lying down thinking of these meanings of my dream, and underwent another dream :] A very noticeably praegnant woman was telling me of her disapproval of certain terminology about certain persons, but I told her that such terminology could be applied to herself. [Thereupon, I awoke.] {I do not remember ever before speaking to, nor perhaps even seeing, a praegnant woman in a dream. I do remember, however, mentioning to my father (before leaving for the U.S.A. in 1963 -- he had introduced me to the whorehouse there in just outside of P.O., V., and used to encourage me to drive to that whorehouse often) that I would praefer having sexual relations with a praegnant woman : though I did not specify wbat I meant by that, I of course had in mind kissing the vulva of a praegnant woman, in order to gain blessings from the deities who induced her to become praegnant by introducing a soul into her womb. My father used to say that an idol helped (he specified our Taoist idol) my mother to become praegnant with my youngest brother, J.A., who was as yet a baby when I left in 1963.}

June 19th-20th (Thur-Fri) 2014 :- Dream : I was in apparently a train-station, whereto I considered I had come from a station further north, intending to arrive at Columbia, SC; but when I looked at a sign within the station indicating the stop-name, it was some other, familiar two-word town-name along that route. Wondring about how the name could be different from my intended destination, I looked again for a station-name sign, and this time it was different, "Raleigh". [While wondring about that name, I awoke.] {Sir Walter Raleigh was an explorer in the 16th century of the ChrE, who, alike to Ordaz earlier in the 16th century of the ChrE, stopped at what is now Puerto Ordaz (where I stayed for some years, leaving thence in 1963, accompanied briefly by my parents to L., NE). Raleigh himself traveled by foot up the Caroni` river far enough to view the river-falls below Guri. I had been intended to tell the brother of mine (namely, J.A.R.) who was born in Puerto Ordaz that Ordaz himself had traveled up the Orinoco to the META river, the name whereof hath its 1st four lettres the same as the name of the town METAirie wherein the same brother of mine hath been residing for some years with his wife.} {Just beore falling asleep the evening before (i.e., June 19th), the last piece of music which I had noticed and left playing into my headset from last.fm (under "yoga music") was"Orinoco Flow", with 43 million plays (I having been born in 1943).}

June 21st-22nd (Sat-Sun) 2014 :- Dream : Inside an aedifice, I was watching a man whom I understood to be an insane-asylum inmate who had refused to walk from one place to another : because he had consented to hold onto the middle of a short length of rope, he was being transported (carried) by two men each holding taut an end of that rope, and by another man holding his ankles. Next, I was out-of-doors, watching people working with shovels leveling a short irregular length of the terrain (the entire terrain consisting of a whitish soil), apparently for other persons to walk conveniently on, just below an embankment of that soil. Next, I was watching what I understood to be a group of insane-asylum inmates being marched in a column over the same terrain, toward the left below the embankment -- I began to follow, but when they reached the end of the embankment, it was (rather suddenly) pitch-dark outside, and I heard it being said to them to reverse their direction of marching, which reversal I considered to have been ordered in order for their column to evade me (because I might talk inmates into escaping). It was too pitch-dark for me to see them at all by now, and I was in a quandary as to just which direction they were heading. [Then I awoke.] {The white soil may have indicated some white-and-black region (such as I dreamt decades ago of viewing, once before, perhaps while asleep in Ch., IL), and the pitch-darkness out-of-doors I can remember having seen once before, decades (over 40 years) ago while dreaming in Ch., IL, when I looked, knowingly of being in a dream, at the sun for the first time, so that it suddenly extinguished itself in response and I awoke.}

June 25th-26th (Wed-Thur) 2014 :- Dream : I heard a mention [in the dream] of swine-deities, so I was mentioning this to other persons [in the dream]. {I read [while awake] and put onto the internet the morning before (i.e., the 26th) mention (in the Mabinogion) of the sow owned by Maenawr Penardd.}

June 26th (Thur, during daytime) 2014 :- Dream : I read or heard [in the dream] of some tribe with a name similar to C^ikita; so I was mentioning the name in the presence of persons of AmerIndian descent, and a man of them asked me whether I had a map of the C^ikita Indians, and I replied that I did not. {I read within the last few days that United Fruit Company had changed its name to Chiquita. There are AmerIndian tribes known as Chiquito ('Little') in Bolivia, and a Mar Chiquita ('Little Sea') in Argentina. http://archive.org/stream/aboriginesofsout00churuoft/aboriginesofsout00churuoft_djvu.txt I had also read within the last few days (having read it a number of times before, however), that the famous little 'elves' are called /A`lf-/ (cognate, in my reckoning, with Samskr.ta /Alpa/ 'Little' (the name of a mythic country, mentioned in one of the Puran.a-s) in Norse and Alb- in German (whereof the latter must be taken from the /Elbe/ river in Germany, a name aequivalent to that of river /Albula/ (Latin for Etruscan /Tiberis/) in Italia, which I was reckoning may have originally meant 'clear' (rather than'white'), because the albumen of an egg is clear (transparent, not white) -- so I was wondring whether elves were originally seen (in dreams) as transparent deities, with 'black elves' (Svart-a`lfar) as obsidian-bodied (thus, when seen through their bodies as though "through a glass darkly" 1st Korinthioi 13:12) similar to god Itztlacoliuhqui, who is notorious as being harshly severe like the deity of the TNaK.}

June 27th-28th (Fri-Sat) 2014 :- Dream : On front portion of an altar which already had two sacred displays in its rear portion, there miraculously appeared a green figurine, indicating thereby a thitherto-unworshipped divine pantheon which would be required to be worshipped evermore thereafter. {Some four days earlier I had put onto the internet a quotation, from Wightridden, p. 134, that green plants are capable of "astral projecting".}