Dream-diary, July-Decembre 2013

Jul 5th-6th (Fri-Sat) 2013 – Dream :- I was standing beside a low wall (perhaps waist-tall) overlooking a drop to a lower level within a building, when a small girl standing beside me pushed a metal cleaver (which was resting atop the low wall) over the edge of that wall, so that it fell to that lower level; I heard it evidently strike some glass object below, which shattered. Next, I was standing in a large chamber (apparently within the same building), looking at a woman who was standing facing me, when her body became translucent (semi-transparent). I said to her (several times) that this (her becoming translucent) indicated that she was from another world. {Incidentally, I do not remember off-hand of any other person's having beome translucent in any dream I mine before this.} Nextly, I was floating through the air, firstly within a chamber containing articles of furniture with glassware upon them : while doing so, I was thinking (and said aloud) that seeing the glassware could help remind me of the translucent woman with whom I had spoken. I thought that by my saying this aloud, she would be able to hear me; and this fact I also said aloud in order to enable her to hear me yet further. Thereupon I was alone, out-of-doors beside a large building (which was to my left), when I rose floating into the air to a height higher than the building was tall. Then, I went floating through the air somewhat above the stature of the multistoreyed stone buildings comprising the city – the stone buildings seemed to be of European architecture in style as of a few centuries ago. Nextly, I was floating within a chamber containing articles of furniture having wire baskets upon them. At about that time, I awoke. [The sequence of some of these events I had to figure out by reasoning after I awoke, not being able to recall all of the order of sequence about them by mere memory.]

Jul 6th -7th (Sat-Sun) 2013 – Dream :- I was contemplating the need to write down various aphorisms of how to bring about peace in the world. Thereupon, I was within a small square-floored (about 6 feet by 6 feet) chambre having its 4 vertical sides each all entirely covered with writings (arranged in vertical columns of writing, at least 2 columns of writing on each side) consisting of instances of that sort of aphorism; such that the writings were replicated (identical) on all 4 sides. [Later dreaming on the same night :-] I was roaming around, walking to visit various ethnic communities, a major which community I regarded as Hawai>ian (when I saw the people there, I regarded them as Hawai>ian). These communities were separated from each other by uninhabited areas, the main uninhabited area having rather rugged landscape, wherein I had to climb up and down rocky places somewhat while traversing. While walking a passed by man (who greeted me) who was walking the opposite direction. Then I returned by walking into the main part of town. I was thereupon walking about inside a building within a group of chambers replete with stacks of literature-based materials (one which stack having on it labels which I considered to have been cut off from containers of literature which I had compiled before moving my place of residence to a different locality). I started individually telling persons (one of whom I recognized as my mother's half-sister Sh.A.C.) about my method for bringing about world-peace by conjuring various deities of various religions while making gesticulations (which I demonstrated, with sinuous movements of the arms around each other while also moving the fingers), which method of conjuring I was describing as a Hoodoo-Voodoo technique. {Evidently, the deities who program dreams demonstrasted by this dream that they had been pleased with my progress (toward bringing about world-peace by eliminating the ploutokrateia-generating system of capitalism) the day (July 6th) before in my then describing to my mother (inasmuch as I figured that the deities, who had sent me to be born into this family in this lifetime, would wish me to tell to my consanguine relatives before writing for publication on the internet) the cause of there being a ploutokrateia in the word-root /plou-/ bring promoted by plant-spirits (on account of their favoring /pluw-ia/ 'rain') and because of the divine index-system for the word /plouto-/ referring in the mythology to the baby-god /Plouto-/, babies being automatically exempt from divine scrutiny as to their ethical motivations (thus rendring ploutokrats exempt from such scrutiny).}

July 17th Wedn 2013 –not a dream :- I had some weeks earlier been afflicted in tooth-nerves; I had halted this affliction by enough applying of baking-soda with much swirling of water in the mouth; and because I realized that this affliction was the result of a dietary deficiency (I had eaten no food from the sea for many months), I therefore had the woman (S.P.) in the SofF (who was driving back home from a meeting) take me to a health-food store (RW) where I bought the kinds of seaweed which were for sale (totaling $14.92, similar to my internet-telephone # ___-___-1429). So the affliction halted as of then; but it recently returned (despite the seaweed), and would not cease that day despite much swirling of water in the mouth; so I figured in the evening that there must be a praeternatural factor involved, and I remembred the dream (Jul 6th -7th ) wherein, in the prasence of my mother's half-sister Sh.A.C., I had demonstrated the sinuous movements of arms, of hands, and of fingers which are done by conjurers in order to enable conjuring – motions involving the movements of arms without their mutually touching (alike to the “passes” done in spiritual healing in Kardec Spiritism of Brazil, without touching the patient's body). I did those movements; and as soon as the movements commenced the affliction ceased. I resolved to do those arm-and-finger motions thereafter regularly, without waiting for an affliction to occur.

July 20th-21st Satur-Sun 2013 – Dream :- I was listening a group of persons (both men and women, if I remembre correctly) in a chambre together, chanting together. Soon, I found someone else, whom I walked to there, telling that person that I had been listening a group of persons chanting together, and that I was conducting that person to there in order for that person also to listen to that chanting; and that I had already listened to two successive sessions of chanting there. [Thereupon (apparently while I was telling this), I awoke.] {For the first time, I had left playing (on the computer) a mediaeval Western European Church-chant when I had gone to sleep (wearing an “RCA” high-fidelity head-phone set, which had been bought for me by my brother S.A.R. for me to listen to music on the computer withal). The chant being played when I awoke was an Ambrosian chant composed by Hildegard of Bingen – it sounded (as closely as I could remembre) identical with that which I had been listening to in the dream.} {I had listened on a few occasions before to other varieties of music/singing on the computer while I slept with headphones one, but without a result of hearing any music/singing in the dream – there had been merely a few (two or three) such attempts praeviously because I had only quite recently (not many days earlier) paid for a subscription, annual, for the capacity to listen uninterruptedly to music/singing on the computer – this particular music-website was Pandora.com (which was one recommended to me by G.H.R.), and the particular station was titled “C01: Med. Chant”. It was only a little past midnight when I awoke from the dream, so (because I had gone to sleep somewhat late) I had been sleeping for not long (an hour or two).}

Aug 3rd-4th Sat-Sun 2013 – Dream :- A man told he that he had been found sucking another man's penis. [Then I awoke.] {I had left the music playing (via a headset) on Last.fm, on the “Chant” station; it was playing a chant by the Monks of Notre Dame when I awoke. (Monks are notorious for their homosexual activities.)}

Another dream, the same night :- An arm was gesturing to me; I realized that it was its only way of communicating with me, inasmuch as its person was mute. {Monks who are undertaking a vow of silence are required to communicate via arm-gestures.

Still another dream, the same night :- I was in bed, having a yellow blanket upon my body, and could see the foot part of another bed, which likewise had a yellow blanket upon a body. {The word for 'blanket' in Samskr.ta is /kambala/, which I may have thought to be (if derived from Persian) cognate with >aramaic /Hibil/, the name of a Manda<i hero who undertook a voyage by ship. Huang Di (in whose name /huang/ signifieth 'yellow') “hollowed out a tree trunk to make a boat” (Lihui Yang & Deming An : Handbook of Chinese Mythology, p. 142).}

Aug 9th Fri 2013 (during daytime) – Dream :- I was hearing a man tell of humans' capability of achieving immortality. Therefore, I said to him, humans must be in contact with the deities, for they are unable to achieve immortality without divine assistance. {I may have had in mind the prayer, in the Veda, to deities : “Lead us from darkness into light, from death into immortality.”} (This he did not deny, for he remained silent. Thereupon, I awoke.) [When I awoke, I had the headset on, and the song which was playing (for I had left Last.fm playing on the “Religious Chant” station) was by Bhagavan Das, the teacher of Nad.a Yoga.]

c. Aug 10th or 11th 2013 – Dream :- A woman was lying nude prone (face downwards) on a large and wide lawn in the countryside, with no other persons anywhere in sight. I was wondring whether to approach her, but figured that if I did so she would imagine that I intended to force sexual intercourse on her and would immediately hasten to accuse me to whomever persons as might be nearby a little out-of-sight from where we were, so that they would then seek to punish me. [Then, while I was standing at some distance wondring about this, I awoke as a result of my wondrement about what to do about her.] {A situation where a nude woman whom I had approached had started screaming and as soon as the staff-workers (hearing her screaming) arrived, accused me to them, had occurred when I was in the insane-asylum together with her nigh Atl., GA, in about the 1980s. [She was standing nude beside the mirrors with wash-basins, which were immediately inside the large bathroom-and-shower area shared by both females and males on the ward (the ward having been evidently originally designed for only a single gendre, so that when it had come to be occupied by both gendres, both gendres had come to share the same bathroom-and-shower area, using it simultaneously).} {But the specific aspect of a woman lying nude prone was a situation which I had experienced separated and some time earlier in the insane-asylum in Col., GA, when she gone gone into a "seclusion-cell" (which had carelessly been left unlocked, such cells being normally kept locked), and I immediately applied my face to her bare buttocks, and my tongue to the crack of her buttocks.}

Aug. 14th -15th Wedn-Thur 2013 – Dream :- A woman while standing beside me had been chanting and uttering mysterious sayings, when she and I started embracing and kissing each other while we were standing together. Then I interrupted our kissing to ask her how it had been that she had come about to be living such a life of intense artistic action, with such musical and singing devotion. [But in my fervor to seek to discover the source of such fervent sanctity on her part, my own intensity of sentiment concerning this (which upon my hearing, I was wishing to adopt as a lifestyle and become involved with myself) caused me abruptly to awaken.] {The same woman (having French family-name) as I had dreamt of lying nude prone in the last remembred dream, not only had often and regularly (whenever we were confined to the same insane-asylum ward together) begun kissing me (the first time with without first speaking of to me of wishing to do so, which surprised me and induce a sentimental feeling in me in favor of her) while we were standing together, but also had likewise been living a life which had much impressed me of mysterious speech (asking mystical riddles of everyone, patients and staff-workers alike, in the insane asylum in Col., GA), that had much impressed me, so that I used to ask her how she had come about to have such mysterious attitudes. She had replied that it was the result of her habitually ingesting psychedelic drugs.}

Aug. 18th Sun 2013 (during daytime) – Dream :- I was looking in a mirror, and saw reflected there, instead of myself, a a woman. Then, I heard a voice saying to me : "Shhh. She may see you." [Thereupon, I awoke.] {I had fallen asleep at my computer, where I had just typed (for article "door-knocking" to put on my website) the account of Hebel's "soul" being of opposite gendre from himself.} {I apparently had never dreamt of looking into a mirror prior to this.}

Aug 24th-25th Sun-Mon 2013 -- not a dream :- shortly before midnight, I was contemplating the connections between the planes-of-existence as being given in Radha-Swami, suggested by the Vank Nal ('Bent Tunnel' -- something like the "Bent Pyramid" at Saqqarah), as if a way, by adding angles (between planes-of-existence, though subplanes in any single scheme) in the tunnel (angle from the horizontal, as it is described) -- where a reversal would occur if a summation-sequence in degrees of 30 + 60 + 90 (= 180, a direct reflection or reversal) were implied. [Kemetic surveyors' right-angled triangle of 3 + 4 + 5 = 12 -- for surveying plots of 3 * 4 = 12 area.] Such might have relevance to time-reversal as repraesented observably in sex-reversal (noticed, e.g., in my seeing a self-reflection in the mirror in the dream (of Aug. 18th), which could have pertinence to the mention in a dream (of Aug 3rd - 4th) of homosexuality, which could have been an allusion to the sort of dream which I had dreamt some years prior to that my own doing the same (interrupted at that time by the man's having suddenly been replaced by a woman, perhaps his wife/sistre). [Which would have an equivalence in the animus-anima dualism, i.e., one's spirit-guide couple.] (The angle-shifting I had been excogitating as a rotation around the degrees of longitude, as in winding a clew of yarn, e.g. that clew tossed from a goddess to a hero in the Irish voyage-myth in order to reel in him with his ship. Ariadne's clew was likewise imparted in regard to the MInoTauRos, whose name would be an expansion of /MITRa/ 'headband', viz. circle as protracter for angle-degrees mensuration. At 12 angles around the circle of the head are extended the Chinese acupuncture meridians. But whereas these are around the longitudes, yet the angles-from-the horizontal of the Vank Nal indicate turning around the longitudes; which must be the horizontal circles in the Chinese acupuncture system more significant in the Manchurian horizontal-hoop version. The 12 longitudes could be denoted by vowels, about 12 in # in <ibri^; the latitudes by consonants, 29 in Qat.abanian. This could make for a syllabary, utilized in various varieties in "Minoan Linear", Luwian, "Hieroglyphic H.ittite", Akhaimenian Persian, modern Japanese, and modern Cherokee.) The Gordian Knot, I thought, may have discouraged would-be untiers (who may been frustrated in their seeking a seeking a loose end) if it was a continuous loop which was wrapped around itself.

Aug 26th-27th Mon-Tue 2013 -- seemingly, a dream (unless this were experienced in a state of awareness upon slightly waking? -- perhaps the memory is not clear as to this distinction, due to the inchoateness of conclusions) :- Of discussing the accessible capacity to evade all possible affliction (especially including the afflicting accompanying aging of the material body) by transcending the material body, for those seriously intent on doing so; and the contrast with the super-rich who substitute for such an intent, instead an intent on (and due to delight in) afflicting other persons, even though those same super-rich may somewhat recognize (due to their being aware of reports concerning such) that it is possible to transcend the material body and thereby to all transcend all the afflictions associated with the material body. [Then (if indeed this were a dream), awaking owing to pondering the quandary of how to consider the mentality of the super-rich, who so greatly delight in afflicting others that they are thereby entirely diverted from any thoughts of transcending their own material bodies -- a wondrement, or bemusement (on my, or on our, part) of how such an extremist contemplative attitude (of utter and pure engrossment in intent to inflict all possible miseries upon other persons) can exist in the mentality of the super-rich. Such utter and pure engrossment would seem to be like that of a praedator-beast utterly intent on, and engrossed in, killing.] {This state of bemusement may have arisen out a wondrement how such aesthetic effects such as music (symphonic metal, power metal, speed metal) can dissolve thoughts of one's suffering any affliction, replacing such thoughts (which tend to be a foundation of Bauddha and of other such-like philosophies -- "there is suffering") with joy quite directly, and with seeming possibility of arriving at permanent bliss. The super-rich would seem (from their own point of view, at least) to have arrived at effective "permanent bliss" through intense contemplation of intent to afflict others! Or is it simply an oblivion which they (the super-rich) have arrived at, forgetting all else in their intent to afflict other persons? What are the differences or distinctions betwixt mindful attainment and unmindful oblivion?}

Aug 30th-31st Fri-Sat 2013 : – Dream :- I was looking at a scene on my computer-screen, when young children were about to come into the room; I was switching out of what I had been watching on the computer-screen (because I considered it pornographic, and figured that there was a rule against shewing pornographic scenes to young children), and came instead to a scene on computer-screen involving music, which I began to listen to. [Then I awoke.]

Sept 7th-8th Satur-Sun 2013 : – Dream :- While I was roaming about inside a large building, I was chanting, continually varying the pitch-tone (at will, in order to make the sound prettier) of my voice as I did so. As I was on an upper level, I could see the lower level having people (all were men) below, so I walked down that staircase to that lower level, and when I (still chanting in the same manner) reached their vicinity, I noticed that each of their was also roaming around separately on that level of the building, each of them also chanting in the same manner as I was, and that they appeared to be Amerindians. [Then, wondring about this likeness of activity and whether I had been somehow imitating their Amerindian chanting, I awoke.] {As soon as I awoke, I noticed that, playing into my headphone of my headset which I was wearing, were the voices of Amerindians chanting. It was "Never Too Far

from Harmony Nights" from the album Native American Vocal Harmony, on the "Chant Tag Radio" at Last.fm. (That chanting sounded identically as did the chanting which I and the doing in my dream.)} Later in the same night, I awoke with the impression that the deities were were guiding that sort of chanting had bodies composed of esculent herbs (such as ginger). {The day before, (during a telephone-call) I had been told by M.J. (who is managing the herb-garden in the cemetery garden at the Soc-of-Fr) that he eateth ginger with his food (so, I then told him that I do the same, and that J.H. said there at the Soc-of-Fr that he doth the same, this being a Chinese culinary practice). I had thereupon that day sent to him (by e-mail) the weblinks to the notes on my website from the book Plant-Spirit Medicine. Was it consequently his own plant-spirits who sent me the inclination in the dream for me to do chanting? He hath explained that it was his experiences from ingesting psychedelics that inspired him to the gardening-planning wherein he is engaged as his paid job for the state of SC.} {I do not remembre ever having heard any manner of singing before in a dream, let alone having done any singing in a dream; nor have I in many years attempted to sing while awake.}

Sept 12th-13th Thur-Fri (early in the night, before midnight) 2013 – Dream :- I was suddenly located on a moor in dim twilight. (I realized from the suddenness of the shift of scenery that the situation was praeternatural.) A very nearly (or quite) invisible -- whom I thought to be transparent-bodied -- being began chanting in beautiful voice, and I said (words similar to) "Thou are an exalted deity. I worship thee." This chanting several time briefly ceased, each time recommencing, at which point I each time again said similar words. Thereupon, at the last I kept repeating (while the chant was continuing) approximately these words : "I worship thee indeed." While was repeating the same words, I was wondring whether the words ought to be slightly varied, instead of repeated identically. [Due to my wondring about this, I awoke. When I awoke, I noticed that into my ears via my headset from the internet Last.fm station, there was being chanted "Veni, Veni" by the Mediaeval Baebes.]

Sept 17th-18th Tue-Wedn 2013 – Dream :- I noticed that a group of persons (whom I considered to be Amerindians) were just outside a door into the house (the door being at the ground level); I thought that they (whom I knew nothing about) might seek to entre the house, so I took care to lock the door from within (including with a latch). Later in the same dream, the people (not necessarily the same as the ones I had locked out?) outside the house were singing (or chanting); I thought that they were doing so as serenading us in gratitude and praise for our (we house-occupants') participation in protests against impropre governmental policies. My brother (S.A.R.) was with me in the house; and I was wondring why he was not remarking about the singing/chanting outside our house. [Then I awoke; the chanting was playing into my ears via the head-phone, a Gregorian chant from Pandora.com, apparently "Missa l'home arme'" by Palestrina.] {The ground-level door may be reminiscent of house in Ven. in which I stayed with my parents (and my same brother), mid-1950s to early 1960s. Though I have not dwelt in a private house among Amerindians, my same brother was in that sort of situation in northeastern OK when our parents were in southwestern MO decades ago.}

Sept 20th-21st Fri-Satur 2013 – Dream :- I was beside a couple (man and woman, the man being closer), speaking to them. Then I noticed that the man (whose head was bowed) had yellowish-orange hair, so that he could not be of some tribal non-European group which I had been speaking about. Then he asked (in a way which I thought to be overly-polite), "Excuse me sir, do you speak Spanish?" [Then, wondring how to describe my connection with residing (in the waking-world, decades ago) in a Spanish-speaking country, I awoke.] {I had, the evening before, been reading the book Queen of Dreams, about a tribe (the Yaqui) most of whom reside in Mexico. I had also, early in the night, been listening (on last.fm) to the Mozarabic Chant Radio Tag, named for chanting (chanted by Visigoths, who may have been blond-haired) in Spain; my father having been in Spain in order to defend the Spanish Republic in about 1938. The yellowish-orange color of the man's hair, however, would more likely have been intended as Irish; and there was a group of Irish (whom I had read about) who volunteered to go to Spain against the Spanish Republic; but who after arriving in Spain realized that the military rebellion against the Spanish Republic was unjust, and returned promptly to Ireland.}

Sept 28th-29th Satur-Sun 2013 – Dream :- I was standing with a woman whom I had brought for us to defy social conventions by kissing in public in view of Catholic religious authorities. As they were hearing what I was saying to her I figured that they were already becoming distraught. The texture of the architecture in our imediate vicinity seemed to be taking on a strange, surreal character, as if influenced by our intent to defy conservative social custom. [Thereupon I awoke. The singing, playing into my headphones from last.fm, was folk-pagan (from "A Gypsy's Home").] {The intent and architecture-texture seemeth to have come from the book which I had been reading in the evening before, Waggoner : Lucid Dreaming -- willingness to kiss in public view so as to be commented on by passers-by from p. 41, the texture of the architecture from the discussion of "feeling-tones" on p. 67 (quoting from Jane Roberts : The Nature of Personal Reality), etc.}

Oct 4th-5th Fri-Sat 2013 – When I awoke out of a dream, heard being recited (by a woman, on last.fm) was the Sita-Tara mantra : "Tare Tuttare Ture" etc., from the recording "Tara Mantra-s". (I thought that perhaps I had awoken so that I could be aware of this. I had (if I remembre correctly) awoken on another occasion, some days earlier, while the same mantra was being recited.)

Oct 6th Sun (during daytime) 2013 – Dream :- I felt briefly as though my throat were being throttled. Nextly, I wondred what could have caused such a sensation. [Then I awoke. The music being played on last.fm was from "Harmonics of Frequency Modulation Radio", and its sound was so disagreeable, that it must have caused the unpleasant sensation in the dream.] A later dream the same day involved my promoting, among persons with whom I was associating, a scheme for matching foods (certain spices with certain fruits).

Oct. 7th Mon (during daytime) 2013 – Semi-dream :- Without visually viewing a dream, I was thinking of what sort of ro^les for persons would be appropriate for the chanting which I was hearing (in the semi-dream). [Thereupon I awoke completely; identical with the chanting which I had been hearing, the chanting on last.fm was "Messe de Saint Marcel - Chants de l'église de Rome" on Byzantine Chant Tag Radio.] {The church of St. Marcel was a horse-stable. (http://saints.sqpn.com/golden152.htm ) I had been taking notes the praevious evening from the book Drawing Down the Spirits, which is using the term "horse" for 'spirit-possessed person'.}

Oct. 11th-12th Thur-Fri 2013 – Dream :- I was alone in an apartment, and it was somewhat dim, so I was turning on one light-switch on the wall, but the electric light which resulted was faint, so I tried another light-switch on the wall, but it would not function. [Then I awoke.]

Oct 13th Sun 2013 – not a dream :- Mr. (Dr.) G.L.R. spoke in the S.ofF. meeting on Baptist preachers who claim to be speaking (on radio or television, as he had heard when he was young as his father had such a station tuned in) not merely on their own accord, saying that in the pattern "not I but God saith __" -- but that he had regarded such a claim unjustified, judging from what they had to say. As I told him afterwards, I was (when at home) then in the process of taking notes from the chapter "13. Recognizing Fakes and Frauds", from the book Drawing Down the Spirits. (I figured that my being on this chapter may have influenced him telepathically to speak on that topic.) While I was saying this to him via the telephone, his voice over the telephone was unaccountably faint (so that I could barely hear it), as though some spirit were demonstrating its overhearing us by rending the voice thus -- perhaps to indicate that such preachers ought not to be heard, for they are fakes/frauds.

Oct 13th-14th Sun-Mon 2013 – Dream :- I was in a bathtub, when a woman shewed her face from behind the shower-curtain. I wondred how she could have arrived thereat without my having noticed her. [Then I awoke.]

Oct 14th-15th Mon-Tue 2013 – Dream :- A woman said that she could read the writing on what looked to me to be a blank sheet of white paper, which I figured must have been written on with some sort of invisible ink; and I was wondring whether she could see other wavelengths of light which were invisible to me. [I apparently awoke due to wondring about this.] {Because she did not say what was written there, the content of the writing was unknown to me. Cf. the writing "which no man knoweth" containing the "new name" of each person, written on a "white stone" (Apokalupsis of Ioannes 2:17 http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/1611_Revelation-2-17/ ). That evening I had been thinking of man.i-padme ('man.i in padma', where man.i can mean 'stone having sacred scripture inscribed on it' -- or else 'pearl'). Pearl is iridescent -- as was the interior of the supernatural spaceship traveled in by Orfeo Angelucci -- while the supernatural spaceship named /Rainbow/ (communicated with by the <as^tar Command : but cf. the rainbow around the divine throne in Apokalupsis of Ioannes 4:3) is based on the red planet ('red waterlily' being /padma/). Perhaps the blank white paper and the divine throne are both indicated in the throne-seated bird-headed divinity wearing as apron a long sheet of blank white paper, depicted on the altarpiece Garden of Delights by Hieronymos Bosch -- of course, the deity Iao (YHWH) is carven as bird-headed on Gnostic (supposedly Basilidean) cameos.}

Oct 29th-30th (Tue-Wedn) 2013 – Dream :- I was crawling along a long railingless SHELFlike ledge extending out from an upper floor in the interior of an aedifice overhanging a drop down to the level of the floor-level far below, supposedly to some destination (another continuation of the same floor-level. perhaps) on the far side. The interior of the aedifice (from which the long railingless SHELFlike ledge juttingly extended) was to the right, and so I was crawling as far to the right as possible on the ledge-SHELF; as I crawled I thought that I could detect that the portion of the ledge-shelf to the left was structurally defective and unstable; upon detecting this I crawled backward to the upper floor whence it extended out; and I began warning other persons not to attempt going onto it. {I had been reading the evening before a shaman's account of venturing out via bridge (having railings, however; similar to the rope-bridges overhanging ravine-canyons in Peru and in Ecuador, dating from the Inca Empire) overhanging an extremely high drop from Heaven down to Earth in order to arrive a small abode (evidently simply hovering above the Earth) of the moon-deity, in The Yage Drinker. Cicame, Quito (Ecuador), 2007. p. 94 http://www.maps.org/freebooks/yagedrinker/portada-the_yage_drinker.pdf } Later dream, same night :- I was walking on, and shewing and describing to other persons as, what I considered to be models of the continents with the lower portions repraesentations of the continental SHELF (such lower portions being white -- cf. the "white" apparel of the moon-god in YD, p. 96) of each of the continents.

Oct 31st-Nov 1st (Thur-Fri) 2013 – Dream :- What I considered to be my mother, but appearing to be much more aged (decrepit) in her head and her body than she actually is, was seated on a bed along with my sistre. While my mother was leaning forward, suddenly her head dropped off her neck onto the floor beside her bed. I wondered whether her headless trunk and/or the head was still alive. {I had just been reading an account in Heather Valencia : Queen of Dreams (p. 84), about "Sleepy Hollow" (the Headless Horseman of another Sleepy Hollow being famed); and of . I had also been reading in Mattos-Frisvold : Palo Mayombe, about keeping the trunkless heads of persons and regarding, and treating the heads, as though as yet alive.} I started to announce to my sistre that our mother had just died, but she paid that announcement no heed. Thereupon I suddenly noticed that the bodies of both my mother and my sister had both mysteriously vanished, and said that I wondred whether my own body would vanish next. [Thereupon, from this wondrement, I awoke.]

Nov 14th-15th (Thur-Fri) 2013 – Dream :- I was hearing (in my dream) a sound like static; when I awoke the same sound was being played into my ears (from Last.FM) labeled "Bagpipe Tag Radio". (A few of the bands labeled "bagpipe" seem to produce most a static-like sound, such as the band "In Extremo".) [After going back to sleep and awaking again, my urine was quite dark, indicating a temporary effect of the dream on my material body.]

Nov 21st-22nd (Thur-Fri) 2013 – Dream :- I heard music at such a rapid pace a to surprise me. I awoke from wondring but this; the NOFX band was playing such very rapid music (like rhapsody, though the band was classified as "punk") into the earphones of my headset, from the last.fm website.

Nov 24th-25th (Sun-Mon) 2013 – Dream :- I had lain down with mine eyen shut in a sort of large cell, which could be viewed from outside through a high window. Then, I detected some light through my closed eyelids, as though a floodlight were being shown upon me through that window. Wondring about this, I awoke.

c. Nov 26th-27th 2013 – Dream :- Walking among many apparently dead trees (most or all of them cut off low on their trunks), in an area enclosed within a low wall (as a cemetery often it). {Perhaps this sort dream may have been intended as a rebuke to me by tree-spirits for my treating them as though they were dead, i.e. by my not attempting to communicate with them in prayers or otherwise.}

Nov 28th Thur (during daytime) 2013 – Dream :- By mean of a search-engine I had found on the internet a large number of references in printed books in the English language to cunnilingus as a ritual practice in African religions, and was praeparing to read through such references and to type up an account of them. [Due to hostility to such matters in so-called "civilized" cultures, such references do not seem actually to exist so abundantly in printed books at the praesent time (certainly not in the English language) on African religions, and only quite sparsely in any literature (in English anyway) on the religions of India (Tantrik, in Assam) or of China (in Shan-tung).] {I had on the day just before (Wedn), while we were standing with anti-govermental protest-signs in front of the state-capitol building, been speaking with the Negro man regularly participating in our weekly rally there, about indigenous African religions, and he had mentioned his having visited centre (a farming commune) in this state of the Yoruba indigenous religious community.}

Nov 28th-29th Thur-Fri 2013 – Dream :- By mean of a search-engine I had found on the internet references in printed books in the English language to practices in African religions.

Dec 2th-3rd (Mon-Tue) 2013 -- Dream :- I wa telling a woman that meditation was necessary. When she denied this, and another woman would not confirm this to her, I said that at least contemplation was necessary in order to produce the right philosophical attitude. I awoke out of frustration with my inability to convince her of this.

Dec 3rd-4th (Tue-Wedn) 2013 – waking from a dream :- [I awoke suddenly out of a dream (which had no music nor singing in it) and heard playing into my ears from my headphone, from the internet on Last.fm in "Medicine Dream Radio", a rendition of "Bah Bah, Black Sheep, Have you any wool?" by Radmilla A. Cody.] {The day before I had looked up (in Lewis & Short) the city-name Lanuvium/Lanivium, noticing that it must (like /Medio-lanum/) be derived from the word /lanum/ 'wool'. The city Lanuvium/Lanivium praeceded Alba Longa as capital of Latium, so that it may have contrasted (as 'black' wool) with the albido ('whiteness') of Alba Longa. Nigredo ('blackness') is an alchemical term, and thus alchemy's aim of transmuting into gold could allude to the (aureole's) Golden Fleece, where /ovis/ is ambiguous (in Latin) for 'sheep' or 'egg' -- "egg" appearing in another Mother Goose rhyme as "Humpty-Dumpty", whose name evidently is derived from that of Chinese egg-god Hun-Dun, a name in turn similar to that of the Togolese tribe Hudu -- a Hoodooists' exemplar of nigritude, Hoodoo commonly involving an egg.}

Dec 4th-5th (Wedn-Thur) 2013 -- Dream :- I noticed (from hearing the voice of the person talking) that a man had arrived at night just outside the aedifice, with the intent of burglarizing the place where I was staying, so I knocked something on wall in order to make a warning noise, and called out a warning. I was intent on telephoning the police. [At this juncture, I awoke.] {This dream would refer to my having offered to stay at the building (which hath been repeatedly burglarized, at the loss of some $10,000 worth of cooling/heating equipment on each occasion) owned by the Soc of Fr; and that Soc of Fr having at each time simply replaced the equipment without bothering beforehand to build protection for the equipment (a barred cage) -- despite my having warned the Soc of Fr not to do so, lest the burglary recurr (in which I had the concurrence of Prof. Em. H. G., retired from the Physics Dept; he having designed the cooling/heating equipment for the campus at Aik., SC, for the University), and my having offered to stay (reside) at the praemises to guard the equipment until such protective metal box shall have been installed.} {It so happened that on the evening before, I had been telling the Negro man who ofttimes is participating in our holding protest-signs in front of the state-capitol aedifice about how my having spoken with him on the praevious week had resulted, in the night that following speaking, in a dream evidently related to the topic which I had then discussed with him, on African religions.}

Dec 9th-10th (Mon-Tue) 2013 -- Dream :- I was traveling via omnibus with a group of persons to a particular destination, but I got off earlier than the others, under the impression that we had reached the destination. A man from our group found me promptly, however, and I was following him : when he walked ahead, another man (dark-skinned Negro) who was another membre of our group had been walking behind him, so I followed him up a steep ascent (the aedifice-destination being elevated to on a level at least ten feet above the adjoining street-level). The aedifice had, into its various chambres, various open entrances (without doors, so as to rendre entry easier), and I went into the one which I understood (was told) that our travel-group gathered within. In the large chambre, the dark-skinned Negro man, whose residence the aedifice was, was haranguing the others of our group -- he was speaking from the upper level of the chambre (which I was then on) to the others who were on the lower level (which was to be arrived at via stairs leading down from beside where he was). Because he and the others were all seated, and I did not wish to sit {in the Eastern Orthodox and the Coptic Church, "the congregation stands during the whole service, except when kneeling"}, I remained on the upper level and thought that I could not hear him as well as they could (as he was facing them, but facing away from me). He was speaking about how his own activities resemble those of Martin Luther King. {The evening before, I had read mention of Martin Luther King in the book Maat :Guiding Principles (which had been given to me by the couple who teach at Benedict College), which I had cited that evening as the last detail (for then) in my notes (to be posted on the internet) for the book Talking to the Spirits, p. 174. I had, incidentally, gotten off the omnibus at the gate to Benedict College at the 11-&-12 bus-route's last stop going north on Harden Street, having to walk 1/2 an hour to Tucker Centre, where on Dec. 5th [after having dreamt of an approach to the rear of Soc. of Fr. meeting-house, I figured that this dream referred to the S.C. State "insane asylum", which owned not only the tract of land behind the meeting house, but also Tucker Centre, besides owning between them the place where I had been held prisoner myself and been visited by Soc. of Fr. membres throughout 1999 Chr.E.] I visited the woman J.M. whom I had met in the Bull-Street insane asylum -- while visiting her, the television in her room announced the death of Nelson Mandela, whom I described to her as similar to Martin Luther King. Another detail : I also had been reading the day before (on the internet) about the Miaphysite Churches (I having not seen this nomenclature before), of which the Abyssinian Coptic Church is the largest -- and the dark-skinned Negro professor who had given me the book usually is wearing what he said is the cap of Coptic priests, and which reminded me of the concentric circle scalp-design for Yoruba initiations.} [Same dream :] He then ceased speaking in order for the group to hear the scheduled chanting, which was being done by apparently a group of chanters behind (and just out of sight of) the audience -- I could not discern the words, and wondred whether if I were more nigh to the chanters (as I would be, if I were to walk down the stairs to the lower level) I could discern the words. [Thereupon, due to my wondring about whether I ought to walk to the lower level, I awoke.] {On awaking, I heard being played into my ears from my earphones, off Last.fm, "Medicine Dream Radio", "Harmonies and group voices " from a tribe in western Canada. (Any relationship to Prof.Em. D.H. Kelley, who with his wife had left the U. of NE for western Canada when I left from the U. of NE in 1966? I also the evening before, besides from the Kemetic book, was taking notes from the book Queen of Dreams concerning the tribe which D.H. Kelley's wife had written her Ph.D. dissertation about.)} {Incidentally, this awakening, like the other awakings of mine due to wondring, was at between 2 & 3 A.M., so it would not have been caused by approaching dawn, but rather by the chanting being heard from the waking-world into the dreaming-world.}

Dec 20th-21st (Fri-Satur) 2013 -- Dream :- I walked along the exterior of a building which I had been within, and saw (through the glass of the exit-door) a woman (whom I thought that I had wished for while I was within the building). I opened the door (from outside) and said to her that I wished for her to live with me. (She seemed to be moving her body rapidly up-and-down slightly; and her face seemed as though it were constructed of horizontal strips of rattan. She was being held from behind by a man, who seemed as though he were offering her, perhaps against her will, to any other man who might wish for her.) She answered that she would rather stay with her own relatives. I said that of course we could, while living together, visit together our relative and in-laws. (Then I awoke.) {I had been reading, two days earlier, accounts about how a woman would casually agree to live with a man happened to see her in public, if she lacked a husband at the moment -- in the book Yaqui Women by Jane Holden Kelley.} {The woman's face composed of horizontal strips is somewhat reminiscent of that of Tlaloc at Teotihuacan (as carved in stone onto the sides of a temple there), and which ought likewise to characterize his sister goddess Tlaloc-cihuatl.}

[Another dream, later on the same night:-] I carried an already-nude woman (who was at first being carried by another man, as though he were praesenting her to me -- her weight was strangely quite little) onto a bed; after laying her onto the bed, I put my mouth to her vulva and was sucking on it for a long time. I was thinking during that time that I would do the same with any woman whomsoever as might show herself nude in my praesence. (Neither she nor I spoke, nor did anyone else; and no one else looked at us.) [Then I awoke.] {Perhaps this nude woman (goddess) was a female attendant of the rattan-faced goddess encountred in the praevious dream the same night, and sent by her to me.}

Dec 25th-26th (Wedn-Thur) 2013 -- Dream :- I was seeking on the internet descriptions of what I had playing of music from the internet, forasmuch as the music was quite intriguing and mystifying. (I never before had undergone, in a dream, seeking of information about what I was listening to on the internet.) {When I awoke, I had the same program, "Mantra Tag Radio" at Last.fm, playing into my earphones of my headset. I notice that the enunciation of the mantra-s was echoing-and-whispering, as though it were able thus to imply to mode wherein past-and-future existences of oneself can be known.}

Dec 28th-29th (Satur-Sun) 2013 -- Dream :- I was seeing graphic-design patterns which I consideed to be "Chinese". [I then awoke.] {The music being played into my earphones from "Mantra Tag Radio" (on Last.fm) was about "Naad Yoga", with reference to http://satkirin.com . (Perhaps the music's pattern was able to give rise to contemplation of graphic-design patterns.)}