Dream-diary, January-June 2013

Jan 2 (during daytime) Wedn 2013 :- Dream : There was a computer (different from the one which I have in the waking-world, and having the monitor cubical and high atop the computer itself) in the room (not similar to the room the waking-world), with a message on the computer-monitor screen that when the telephone would ring that it would be my father, and to pick it up and to answer it. (I understood that my father had bought it specifically for that purpose.) Then it rang, and I saw that it was a cell-telephone beside the computer-monitor, so I picked it up and said into it, “I know that it is my father calling.” He spoke on the cell-phone, but the voice was weak, and I wondered whether its volume could be turned louder. I said, “I can barely hear you”. [Then I awoke.] {The day before when I called the woman S.W., I was playing music on the computer while I was speaking with her, and when I asked her to comment on what I had said, she said that she could not understand well what I had said. So I said that it would be difficult to understand if someone had not heard it before, and that if someone already knew it it would be easy to understand. After that cell-phone conversation, I wrote an e-mail to my brother (in MI), writing for him to call me on my cell-phone, mentioning that I would switch to to computer-telephone and play music on the computer while using the computer-telephone.}

Jan 3rd-4th (Thur-Fri) 2013 :- Dream :- My mother was piloting a motorized large river-boat (the sort which my father used to call a “launch”) upstream in a swiftly flowing brook; I wondered how a brook so narrow could be deep enough for a boat of such deep draught to be able to navigate it, as well as how it could proceed rapidly upstream against such a rapid current. Soon a rope extending from the stern of the boat caught on a loose branch of the trees alongside the brook, and this branch was pulled off the tree by the boat, a fact which I remarked to my mother. {Perhaps an allusion to Priapos, branch-lopper-off at the Dardanells/Hellespont.} Then soon afterwards a rope extending from the stern of the boat caught on a wide loose metal pipe (or metal container of that shape) projecting from some structure extending over the brook, and was pulled down (behind the boat) so as to extend all the way across the brook, along with some other debris which fell with it. I figured that we would not be able to return downstream in the boat unless we would be able to have the metal pipe (blocking navigation) pulled out of the river by someone, and I told my mother so. [Then I awoke.] {The wide metal pipe may possibly be reminiscent of the chute-pipe of the river-dredge on the Orinoco, for which my father used to do river-surveying in the early 1960s (through 1963). Or more likely it could refer to the pipe-sections which I have seen laid for underground sewers – cf. the faeces mentioned for the later dream of that night :-}

Later dream the same night : I was in a room in which there was a box having in it cooked pieces of a very large bird. I considered that this belonged to someone else. Later in the same dream I was out of doors in the city and looked into a box sitting (apparently abandoned on the sidewalk), and it contained cooked pieces of an ordinary-sized bird, apparently chicken. I was considering whether to start eating these, when I awoke. {My brother (S.A.R.) had told me when he had telephoned me the day before that he had been that day viewing a group of wild turkeys standing in the highway (which he considered strange); he then told me to make a 3-way telephone conversation with our mother, but when I called her she said that she had just had an accidental defaecation. The turkey in Codex Borgia p. 64 is being praesented with what interpreters regard as faeces.}

Jan 6th-7th (Sun-Mon) 2013 :- Dream : Having climbed into through a chute, I found myself in between small confined spaces containing live mares, perceived no way to go back out, and found someone else there in another confined space; then on exiting forwards noticed someone in an area with separations by vertical nets who was appealing for immediate release to the authorities overlooking the areas. I myself climbed through spaces in a series of vertical nets likewise separating areas, until I was out of such areas. Then I found myself being considered as if a legal prisoner by authorities who showed, written on a long paper sheet a listing of names as if a tabulation which I had allegedly made, which those authorities were considering as if it were some sort of indication that I belonged among the accused. I protested that it was not evidence of any such thing. Then I found myself among escaped prisoners in a streetway of a city, who ntoiced authorities blocking their intended route of escape, and tried fleeing in the opposing direction through a series of alleyways, while I ran along with them. Then I was in some receiving station for prisoners, where I protested to authorities that I was not being held under any charges nor had I been originally arrested. After a while of this, some repraesentative of theirs approached me and said that they wished me as a member, which I understood would mean that it was realized that I ought not be accounted as a prisoner. [Wondring about this, I awoke.] {In the waking-world, while I was imprisoned in an insane asylum, I applied to the circuit court for release; the court ordered my release, but the authorities in charge of the insane asylum refused to heed the court order. Then I found, with privileges obtained from regular visitors, a means to escape. Afterwards (while escaped and on the lam) I was eventually officially discharged from the insane asylum. That series of events had occurred over a decade ago; but just yesterday at the S.ofF meeting, J.H. was mentioning that he would like to find out how schizophrenics thought, and I wondred whether to tell him that “schizophrenia” was simply a scurrilous false accusation made by governmental authorities against social protestors like myself; that to wondre about it was to be misled by such falsely-accusing governmental authorities.}

Jan 12th-13th (Satur-Sun) 2013 :-Dream : I was thinking of (and thus seeing mentally) praeparing a typed list categories of (apparently) goddesses of which I had been reminded by other thoughts. Then, the fact that this list would not have page #s (unlike any names copied out of books with numbered pages) resulted in my wondring at this fact until I awoke from the wondring.

Jan 17th-18th (Thur-Fri) 2013 :-Dream : Rites to be performed on behalf of some other person were repeatedly described as to “remove from the world” such person. {Though I apparently had in mind Bodish Vajrayana terminology (for I had been reading such style of Bodish tantra during the day just before, while speaking over the internet-telephone and describing that tantra to the woman J.M. in the insane-asylum hospital-complex, while my YouTube epic music playing from the internet), this sort of expression might better apply to the “abduction by flying saucer” scenario; I had during the day just before been speaking by telephone to G.L., who was telling to me about his friend who had been abducted by a flying saucer, and who came to inherit from a woman, and thus own “Song Hill Reserve” (which I next looked up on the internet), nigh Landrum (whereupon I told G.L. that the flying saucers would naturally enrich anyone whom they favored, if such person would accept becoming rich). I had met (while both of us were incarcerated in the “insane asylum” here) a woman who said that she was from Landrum, and I remembred having seen somewhere (Star Trek episode?) a space-ship type of fiction mentioning Landrum.} [The YouTube epic music ceased playing (with “error notice”) promptly after my awakening (as is sometimes the case).]

Jan 23rd-24th (Wedn-Thur) 2013 :- Dream : I was thinking of the fact that by addition some factor to the substance of persons' soul-functioning, they could be rendred much less susceptible to being controlled by ill-intended externally-applied (by malevolent persons) spells. {This could be in analogy to the combining of one metal with another by way of alloying, so as to render the combination more durable. The malevolent spells might include such influences as the capitalist class could be using to rendre the working-class submissive to being exploited and being misguided.}

Jan 27th-28th Sun-Mon 2013 :- Dream : The sky became reddened in one direction, along the horizon, as I was contemplating the nature of dreams (and was apparently aware that I was dreaming).

Febr 8th-9th (Fri-Satur) 2013 :- Dream : I was selecting which pieces of music to listen to on my computer. {In the waking-world, I had left the music playing for the night, on the 10-hour (2 St) recording (and with the volume on full – in both audio-system and loudspeakers --, without which that particular recording is not loud enough).}

Mar 5th -6th (Tue-Wedn) 2013 :- Dream : I was reading in a book the statement : “Naturally, we do not think of the effects of money as working forwards in time”. [Then, I awoke.] {This, I understood to mean that the prospect of being paid in the future for work being done now was what would cause a person to work. I had fallen asleep at the computer-desk immediately after having read the words “The possibility of influences flowing backwards from the physical future … .” (The Science Delusion, p. 141)}

Mar, c. 10th-11th, 2013 :- apparent dreaam : [Having fallen asleep in the chair at the computer, I was awoken by what seemed to the the clanging sound of a metal object's striking the chair. If so, I must have been dreaming that I was sitting in that same chair at the computer which I was sleeping in.]

Mar 16th-17th Satur-Sun 2013 :- Dream : I was standing, speaking to two persons whom I supposedly knew (one was supposed to be D.H. Kelley's wife) about the need for telepathy in order to have a beneficent government – I saying that without telepathy to inform us of the secret thoughts of the ploutokrateia, the vicious ploutokrats not only succeed in despoiling the poor, but also put the value of such loot into producing thermonuclear weapons with the intent of exterminating humanity. [Then I awoke.]

Mar 20th-21st Wedn-Thur 2013 :- Dream : I was concerned with religious books which had supposedly been written by persons who bodies had become geographical features (such as a lake) which apparently resembled in shape the bodies which those persons had had when they were humans and composed the books.

Mar 23rd-24th Sat-Sun 2013 :- Dream : I repeatedly experienced lying down with a roll (like a carpet or blanket) rolled lengthwise around my body; these I understood to be tests (through instrumentally measuring my bodily awareness, the roll supposedly being some electronic measuring device for measuring bodily response as to mental-bodily sensation of approval; similar to a CAT-scan) of worthiness of several potential social-benefaction projects (as to whether they ought to be undertaken or not by social-benefaction agencies/organizations). [My wondring about why/how I had been selected, to thus indicate my bodily opinion as to the worthiness of social projects, was apparently what caused to waken from this dream; it was the middle of the night when I woke, about 3 A.M.] {I had been reading the evening before of JK's remarks of his noticing his “sensation of the body” (on, e.g., p. 48) in the book The Psychotropic Mind, where the context is (as on pp. 56-7) convincing the general public of the Amazonian Amerindian tribes of the worthiness of shamanism (considered as a social service) as a livelihood for potential candidates to become shamans.}

Mar 28th-29th Thur-Fri 2013 :- Dream : I saw it expounded that the establishment great places religious of religious worship were led by persons who therewith attained shamanic abilities.

Mar 31st-Apr 1st Sun-Mon 2013 :- Dream : We (my guide and myself) together were walking toward the entrance to a sacred realm the approach whereinto was by way of a tunnel into the side of a cliff, at a height on the cliff far above the ground below; and the final rod (of distance) or so was (from a rock ledge on the rock cliff) athwart a wooden plank fastened betwixt the ledge-of-approach and the door into the tunnel, which door would have to opened from inside the tunnel (which was located at the far end the plank). (On the right side of the plank was the vertical cliff; on the left was a sheer drop to the ground far below.) Because whoever was to open the door from inside the tunnel would be able to recognize the guide (but not to recognize me), the guide was to go ahead of me on the plank, which we then started to crawl over on top of it. At this time, I wondred whether the person who was to open the tunnel's door from its interior would notice me crawling behind my guide and would exclude me from permission to entre. [While wondring able this, the puzzling thinking about this possibility caused me to awaken.] {This was rather similar to the approaches to the Pueblo Indian (such as, Hopi) cliff-side (i.e., in recesses in the face of the cliff-side) dwelling-abodes. I had been mentioning the difficulties in climbing to these cliff-side dwelling-abodes about on the day (Wed) before to the woman KasondraW. (of partially Amerindian ancestry) at the insane-asylum physical-hospital; and also yesterday talking (at the S.o.F. meeting) with G.L. who had visited the Hopi in Arizona; and also yesterday afterwards mentioning (in a telephone-call) to the woman Cassandra F. this fact (of G.L.'s having visited the Hopi) in the context of her having mentioned to me (at the same S.o.F. meeting) a woman author who had resided in Arizona (at Scottsdale, a suburb of Phoenix, the name whereof resembled Phenix, AL, across the river wherefrom I had resided in GA); and also mentioning (to C.F. that G.L.) had likewise visited Sedona ( the flying-saucer-worshipping centre) betwixt Scottsdale and the Hopi Reservation.} {But the tunnel into the side of a cliff is alike to that which is described as the main feature of the Abyss (and passage-ways into worlds of possessing-spirits) in the exorcism-book (by an authoress).}

Apr 1st-2nd Mon-Tue 2013 :- Dream : About plants. {I had started taking notes the evening before on the book Plant Spirit Medicine.} Another dream (later in the same night) :- I was located (supposedly residing), with a few other persons who were friends, in a large apartment having large chambres each containing a multitude of objects arranged by categories (various categories such as fruitcakes etc.) some of which I had supposedly collected (and others collected by the friends also residing there). I had supposedly been invited to move out of that apartment, and the place whereinto I was supposedly to move next had apparently not quite been determined, but in case that my future apartment would be too small for me to move into, it had been suggested that the excess of my belongings in the apartment wherein I was residing be simply discarded, though I was endeavouring to indicate to them that there was no reason to discard categories of objects which my be of value or utility. (As the dream developed,) the particular items which would apparently have to be discarded became fewer, and the apartment evidently smaller, and I was suggesting that I be given more time (by not going along with any of these friends to view some aother place having to do with making a choice of whither to change residence to) to sort through my belongings to decide how to dispose them. [In a quandary as to how to describe to these friends my reasons for not making any immediate decision about changing apartments of residence, the quandary awoke me.] {This dream was similar to the practical situation wherein I was finding myself in the waking world. [The dream had been suddenly remembred when I had put my hand into cold water.]}

Apr 7th-8th Sun-Mon 2013 :- Dream : I was thinking of the fact that in order to have an adequate system for carrying out a successful philosophical-political overthrow of the currently praevailing social system, its various aspects would have to be taken from various sources : its theology from one source, its social activities from another source, etc. [Contemplating the extent of this variety, I awoke due to the contemplation.]

Apr 10th (during daytime) 2013 :- Dream : In a small room, I was practicing altering my consciousness, which (as I noticed) was done by contemplating the unseen praesence of spirits in the environs. The alterations of consciousness were more evident in philosophical attitudes, however, than in direct perception of objects (clothing hung on the room's door) being looked out in the room.

Apr 14th-15th Sun-Mon 2013 - Dream : I was hearing music with singing, which included the same rhetorical questions as I often hear when I play the same on YouTube; I thought that it would be beneficial to answer them aloud. So, when I heard the lyric “Do we exist at all?”, I answered aloud, saying “Yes, we exist at all”. [Then, as the result of my answering thus, I immediately awoke. The TubeYou music with singing (of Epica) was playing (for I usually leave it playing when I go to sleep).] {The expression “Do we exist at all?” is from the song “The Phantom Agony” in the album of the same name produced by Epica. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCAAeA2GV5s&list=HL1366698441 } {Was this the first time when I was hearing music with singing in the dream-world while music with singing was playing in the waking-world? (The day before I had announced in the meeting the need to worship flying saucers.)}

Apr 15th (during daytinme) Mon 2013 - Dream : “I was reading a book, and when I came to the sentence “Should you preach to an atheist or to an agnostic?”, the quaestion cause me such perplexity, that I awoke. {I had just been reading that day the myth about how Kalmas.a-pada was converted, by preaching, to an exemplary life.}

Apr 25th-26th (Th-Fr) 2013 - Dream (?) : I thought that I had awoken in the middle of the night and was hearing repeatedly a talking advertisement from the computer, apparently, however, describing levitation. {But the YouTube was stopped (crashed) on my playlist of “Within Temptation” (including the song “In the Middle of the Night”). The day before I had described (as a quote) “lightness” as 'levity'.}

May 1st-2nd (Wedn-Thur) 2013 - Dream : With others, I was considering how difficult it would to have sexual intercourse when it would have to be unseen in that public venue, within a public building. However, I notice that a corridor between chambres had a double-angled (snaking) form; so there, unseen by the public who were occupying both chambres, I did have sexual intercourse with a woman (by kissing on her vulva). [Then I awoke.] {I had noticed only the vulva of the woman when I kissed that vulva. Noticing only the vulva of a woman (not the residue of body) hath [as I vaguely can remembre] been a feature of some dreams which I had experience quite some years earlier, but [perhaps] not in recent dreams. Could an isolated woman's vulva be an allusion to Kamarupa, where the vulva of goddess Sati (Gauri) is said to have fallen after her having been dismembred by her own husband S`iva after her suicide to protest his lack of honoring her father (Parvata); in a manner similar to how the body-parts of a murdred woman were said to have been distributed to the various tribes in the book S^pat.i^m 19:29?}

May 3rd-4th (Fri-Sat) 2013 - Dream : I heard someone mention being sometime “at the side of the ocean”. [Then I awoke.] {I had a few days before read mention of “Oceanside, CA” in the book Tripping.}

May 8th-9th (Wedn-Thur) 2013 - Dream : I was allowed by a woman to massage her body (I remember massaging her back). I was told (perhaps by herself) that she was from Latvia. [Then I awoke, probably because of wondering about the significance of her being from that country.] {Two or three days earlier I had written a comment about the mention (in the Urantia Book) of /machiVENTA/ – /VENTApils/ being the name of a city in Latvia; while /VENTlA/ is a contactee's term meaning 'flying saucer'.} {/Venta-pils/ would mean 'wind city'; and Chicago is known as “the Windy City”; the wind-gusts sometimes being sudden there, as I (residing at 1116 Barry) noticed when a gust suddenly blew up the skirt of the woman in the neighboring house – the woman who had a very short man as her husband, apparently from some part of Sweden – when she was standing on her porch.} {I do not remember any praevious mention in a dream of the nationality of any woman with whom I had any sort of sexual relations in a dream.}

May 10th-11th (Fri-Satur) 2013 - Dream : I was out-of-doors with other persons in an area without aedifices. I [dreamt that I] awoke after having apparently slept on the ground, and I viewed my array of clothing together with various objects my pockets, and considered the fact that no other person praesent had, nor would have, stolen any object from my pockets while I slept; that likewise nothing would be stolen from any other person praesent whenever they would sleep on the ground out-of-doors. This consideration caused me to think of the fact that the continuity of having the same personal items (clothing and objects in pockets) with one's self, from one waking condition to another waking condition, might be what gave rise to the notion of a distinct “self”. Then I was contemplating (apparently because females and males might be wearing different types of clothing and have different objects with them, as in pockets), that the notion of a self-identity distinction between female and male could be due to the distinction in clothing and objects continuously with them from one waking condition to another waking condition. Then I was considering that a self-identity distinction between female and male could be a matter of habits of thinking, and that a person might need (for the sake of a mental balancing, much like the balancing of the weight of one's body back-and-forth between one's each of twain legs while walking) to shift one's self-identity distinction between “thinking like a female” and “thinking like a male” alternatingly from moment to moment. Then I thought that a process of contemplating the constituents of self-identity could involve (as, I thought, it doth in the Bauddha analysis of self-identity) applying more emphasis to matters of other than gendre-distinctions; so that I remarked aloud (in the praesence of the other persons who were together with me in out-of-doors aedificeless area), that a distinction in self-identity between being female and being male would fall short of attainment of true enlightenment as to the nature of the self. [At this point, evidently from the strain of contemplating such an unfamiliar process (even though I spoke aloud as a result of such contemplating, which I not usually do in such a circumstance), I awoke.]

May 20-21 (Mon-Tue) 2013- Dream : I was at the toilet-bowl, which contained faeces, in the bathroom, and saw on the floor beside that toilet-bowl a smaller pile of faeces, which I picked up with my hands and put into the toilet-bowl in order to cleanse the floor. [Then I awoke.] {I had been driven by the woman S.W. the day before; and I had mentioned to her then that Mr. G.R. had, while moving (over the prior few days) other of my belongings from my one apartment to my other apartment (whither she had come for the 1st time the aedifice of), discarded hundreds of dollars in cash of mine, so that (I said to her) he would have discarded even bars of gold – gold being (according to Aztec mythology) the faeces of the deities. Also I then mentioned to her that I had the day before that day I had brought with me and shewn to the couple P.P. & M.J. (in the automobile where they were for the 1st time transporting me to the meeting of the S. of F-- at a praevious location whereof I had once, with other membres, watched a video shewing how faeces were used as fertilizer, in bags, for growing mushrooms in Latin America) a psychedelic book – that book (Psychedelic Shamanism) containing (on p. 152, which I had not yet seen, but found in this night after this dream) the statement “the bathroom (… completely fouling the … room!), where I passed enough feces to fertilize … farmland.” [It may be that this dream was instilled by a spirit which saw it in the book before I myself read that passage : the spirit may possibly have been of LSD –i.e., of the ololiuqui which the woman P.P., while looking at the book in the automobile was me asking about, and which M.J. remarked he was aware off – for he thereupon described the effects of LSD in himself when he had ingested it.]}

June 26th-27th (Wedn-Thur) 2013 - Dream : I was considering the distinction betwixt (on the one hand) persons who were recognizing the existence of, and importance of, a divine world as distinct from a material world, and (on the one hand) those persons who (while perhaps realizing that if there were a divine world, it would have to be distinct from a material world) were failing to recognize the actual existence, importance of, and attainability of (at least communication with) a divine world; and I was considering the actuality that such persons as were failing to recognize the actual existence, importance of, and attainability of (at least communication with) a divine world were producing all manner of difficulties for persons who were recognizing such a divine reality; and I was was considering that there was therefore a need that the non-recognizers (of divine reality) be restrained by some mode of supernatural force. While I was considering (as I continued in doing for quite some time, until I awoke still as yet thinking of this) how to accomplish this, I was repeatedly thinking of (by visualing an outline map, shewing the shape and location of, relative to the other states in that region, including the Pacific Coast) Idaho – without, however, quite understanding of why I was visualing such (and without even having the name “Idaho”, nor the name of any other state, come to mind). I was wondering so strongly about what that repeated automatic visualizing of such shape-and-location could signify, until such intensely thoughful pondering caused me to awaken. {Two days prior to this, I had been reading, on the internet, the Secret of the Saucers and also Son of the Sun, both by Orfeo Angelucci, wherein “rainbow-colored clouds” are mentioned being viewed by voyagers aboard flying saucers – a feature which I immediately recognized as an alternative way of describing that which Taoist cosmologies characterize as “five-colored clouds” in the divine heaven. (Paul Renshaw Solem, while he was alive, used to recommend to me the writings of Orfeo Angelucci –'Angel of Light' : the Devil being so designated in one of the epistles of Paulos. But I had not tried looking up that author's writings until that recent date.) 'Rainbow' is in the Edo language /Aidahu/ (similar to /Idaho/), considered to be a ophidian deity (called /AidahwEdo/ among such neighboring tribes as are aware of the Edo religion), and repraesented in the Amazon river by a material iridescent (while exposed to sunlight, but black while in the shade) so-called “rainbow boa” or “rainbow anaconda”. [With the term /anaCONDa/ contrast the name /CONDon/ of the infamous chairman of that U.S.-Air-Force public-relations committee which rendred the “Report” invalid by appending to it such a shamefully misleading conclusion about “UFOs” – as detailed in, e.g. UFOs and Nukes by Robert Hastings.] Then on the day after that (namely, on Wedn), I not only was describing (on the telephone-line) the writings of Orfeo Angelucci to one of my female relatives, but also was (while in front of the state-capitol aedifice) describing UFOs and Nukes to Dr. G.R.}