Dream-diary, July-Decembre 2012

July 4th (Wedne, during daytime) 2012 :- Dream : On two different occasions I went into a bedroom where the same woman was lying nude in bed, and (on each occasion) I started sucking on her vulva [; during the 2nd such occasion, I awoke]. She did not say anything on either occasion. She was perhaps in her 50s; I may possibly have recognized her from seeing her on an earlier occasion in the same dream. {I had during the day before been (by automobile, driven by my brother) been seeking a certain woman, who had been said to see spirits and to hear spirit-voices. Did those spirits of hers cause this dream of mine (such as, by urging the dream-goddess to appear to me in the dream for sexual activity?} {I do not remember offhand having sexual relations with any particular woman twice during a dream in the past; nor perhaps, for that matter, with more than one woman in any dream [, though I do vaguely remember having had on various nights sexual intercourse (in dreams) several times during one night (probably with different women), and awakening between such dreams (on the same such nights), as of my early and/or mid-teens (viz., in about the late 1950s in South America). Could this indicate that I may be starting to have dream of sexual intercourse with the same woman (some particular woman) on a regular basis in dreams? According to literature on shamanry, for a man to dream of having sexual intercourse with a particular woman regularly may indicate that she is a goddess who is seeking to confer benefits on that man.}

Jul 15th (Sun) 2012 (during daytime) :- Dream : My brother, S.A.R., was telling me that I had been in the insane asylum for 4 years. I corrected this, telling him that I had been 10 years in the insane asylum. [At this point in time, I was suddenly awoken by the ringing of the internet-telephone in waking-world. It turned out to be the same brother S.A.R., who was calling me from Michigan for the 1st time after having arriven there after driving thither from my apartment.]

July 16th-17th (Mon-Tue) 2012 :- Dream : I was considering the fact that deities of any particular category are multiple, occurring in groups. {This is critical to any valid system of theology.}

Jul 19th-20th (Thur-Fri) 2012 :- Dream : While standing naked and wondering what to do sexually, I noticed a woman dressed in red walk to the left across a room in a doorway whereto I stood, and realized that she must have noticed me; I wondered whether she thought that I was planning to force hyself sexually on her. Afterwards, while looking at a light-green paste-consistency food, I was thinking that such food could be applied to a woman's vulva in order to be sucked off her vulva by a man. I was also thinking of the fact that sucking a woman's vulva is the main sort of sexual desire which each man hath; and that if a man can find a woman who is willing to allow him to suck on her vulva, he could spend most of his time thereafter doing that, even though he may not have had the opportunity to suck on any woman's vulva at all in years; and reminding myself that I had not had any opportunity to suck on any woman's vulva in at least ten years. [Thereupon I awoke, as a result of thinking so intent on this thought.] {Do note that the thought of "misery continuing throughout an interval of 10 years in the past" which occurred occurred in this dream was similar to that which likewise occurred in the dream of a few nights earlier, on Jul 15th. My to experience sexual relations started with my being confined for those 10 years thought of then on Jul 15th.}

Jul 21st-22nd (Satur-Sun) 2012 :- Dream : I had some brief thought about what it would be like to have to put one's own child up for adoption; afterward I thought that that thought must have been during dreaming. Later, a woman was telling how she and her husband had decided that they could not take care of another child; so while I was hearing her tell this, I wondered whether she meant that she and he already had a child that they were intending to put up for adoption. Then, another woman (who, as seemed strange to me, had her scalp shaven) was telling to me that she had had a dream wherein she put up for adoption a child of hers. Wondering whether she had a husband, I told to her, "I just dreamed that night about putting a child up for adoption." She then kissed my mouth, and said, "Share that dream with me." I thought to myself that her kissing my mouth might indicate that she did not have a husband; and that in that case perhaps she would be willing to have regular sexual relations with me. [The effort of wondering about this then caused me to awaken.] {A shaven-scalped woman would most likely be a nun (who would not have any husband); its might be possible that in some Tantrik religious order women might keep their scalps shaven and nevertheless be willing to have sexual intercourse with men. (But I did not think of this possibity while I was dreaming.)} {I had on the evening just before read (in the book Bringing Your Soul to Light) of a woman who had undergone a hypnotic between-lives-regression session wherein she was in the midst of an after-death council of shaven-headed divinities. Many years earlier (in C., GA), a woman-copatient with me in an insane asylum had started kissing on my mouth; she used thereafter to accompany me in that insane asylum, talking with me; and on one occasion (when the seclusion-room door in that ward had been left unlocked, and she entred it, followed by me) I sucked on her vulva for a while while she was lying in the bed nude.}

July 27th (Fri) 2012 (during daytime) :- not a dream :- After falling while I was turning to the right approaching the monument nigh the sidewalk in front of the State Capitol building (where I briefly placed a Green-Party stand-up fold-poster, then momentarily forgot the poster and had to return for it), then returned walking as usual to home (without noticing any effect on the ankle); and was reading the passage in The Exorcist's Handbook (on p. 83) about the authoress's dislocating her shoulder. Then I went to sleep in a nap and when I awoke I likewise felt the sprain in a bodily joint -- my left ankle. My sister had a few days/weeks earlier told me (by telephone) about her having (many years before) suddenly (without noticeable cause) acquired a sprained ankle on more than one occasion (in Tu:rkiyeh, one time while looking on the Black Sea).

Aug 1st-2nd (Wedne-Thur) 2012 :- Dream : Driving a small, open-topped, triangular (pointed at its front) vehicle along in the street of a city, I was in the process of escaping from government-agents pursuers -- until, when I looked behind my vehicle, I noticed that they had switched over to driving larger, speedier versions of a vehicle (which was rather triangular, but with concave-curved blunt-fronted front parts), so that I realized that they (now about a city-block behind me) would soon overtake me, so that I would have to evade by going on foot through an aedifice-area. I drove over to an aedifice-area to where there was an alley-like corridor leading betwixt two buildings, dismounted, and was proceeding to (going through a process I had heard described as becoming "firmed up", meaning "confirmed as definitely escaped") first climbing onto a nearly waist-high entrance to the corridor, then readying to close behind me its door (thinking that the door might not be openable from behind once closed with a springing-closure). [At this time I awoke.] {The triangular shape of the vehicle on which I was at first driving may have derived from my having read, about 2 days before, in the book Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist (p. 101), concerning a "three-seater" spacecraft; the corridor with closable door in the dream deriving from "dimensional passageways" with closing porthole (same book, p. 139). [The triangular shape may also derive from reports of Dennis Kucinich's having sighted a triangular UFO; my neighbor A.K. weareth a Dennis-Kucinich praesidential-campaign T-shirt when he driveth me to meetings of the local Soc. of F.]}

Aug 9th-10th (Thur-Fri) 2012 :- Dream : I was thinking about what words I would use for a written description of what I had just been experiencing (in the dream), when suddenly I heard my name ('Michael') being called by a woman's voice (seemingly from the waking world), awakening me.

Aug 13th (Mon, during daytime) 2012 :- Dream : I noticed that I was wearing a plaid jacket, over a vertically striped shirt, over a plain white undershirt (the latter two could be seen, each hanging below what was worn above) -- so, I hastened to tuck the undershirt in my trousers, as I was ashamed of its plainness. Also (earlier?), I had been saying (to the woman whom I understood had transported me thence by automobile) that in addition to the two suitcases of belongings that I had brought, I ought to go to fetch the two other suitcases that I had left behind at where we had departed from (which I was thinking of (at first) as a place in the same city, and (afterwards) as in another state. [Then I awoke.] {I usually wear plaid to go out to the university library; and right then I was unsure of (and wondering) whether I had any u library books becoming due, or any inter-library requaests arrived at the u library; because my internet connection of my home computer had failed for the past several days.}

c. Aug. 17th-18th 2012 :- Dream : I had been apparently performing a ritual with the intent of achieving a result, when I noticed on the ground remnants of the ritual in the form of small bits of paper (confetti).

Aug 19th (Sun, during daytime) 2012 :- Dream : When I was typing on my computer, and had intended to type the phrase "occult notes", I noticed that I had miswitten it, with superfluous typed diacritical marks. I was trying to correct (retype) the mistyping [when I awoke].

Aug 20th-21st (Mon-Tue) 2012 :- Dream : I was at my brother S. A.'s residence, and he had there music playing electronically (from a recording or whatever), and I while hearing it noticed that it that it had a very strong musical beat. I then told him that I never play any music with a strong beat to it; and that although some persons praefer music having a strong beat, I myself would praefer to hear music without such a strong beat. Later in the dream I was at another location, and he arrived there to visit me. {A day or more earlier, I had been thinking (after listening to some music on YouTube having a noticeable beat to it, being played for and by Negroes in the United States) that such music reminded me of the fact that the sort of music which Negroes play in Africa in order to induce spirit-possession, hath likewise a noticeable beat. (Some months earlier, while he was visiting me, I had gone with the same brother to several live music performances by Negro musicians.}

Aug 23rd-24th (Thur-Fri) 2012 :- Dream : I was telling (to another person) about a dream which I had had praeviously that night; and was apparently aware that I was as yet asleep while I was telling that dream, for I was expecting by my thus telling this dream, the telling would enable me to be able to remember the dream which I was telling so that I would be able to write it down when I would awaken. {However, the telling of that dream did not really enable me to remember it later -- when I awoke later I had forgotten the dream which I had been diligently telling.}

Aug 24th (Fri, during daytime) 2012 :- Dream : I was telling someone (apparently my father, who in the waking-world died years ago) about my having visited at the house across the street (and somewhat to the left) a man. Then, my father along with other persons had religious books open in order to start a religious service (the title of the type of service was displayed in the article in that book -- it was "Dhyan" {Zen (=C^>an = Dhyana being a favorite of Mr/Dr G.R. who is often standing with me holding a protest-sign in from of the state-capitol building on Wednesdays)}), when suddenly into the room walked a Korean man whom I considered was the one whom I had met in the house across the street to the left, and started talking to me, saying that he needed my assistance to cure an ailment in his foot. (He was able to see the title of the book-article, but did not indicate that he recognized that word. {Not surprising, I now realize, for the word "dhyan" (Zen in Japanese) is spelled differently (as "So,n") in Korean.}) Seated on the floor (while I likewise seated myself on the floor, wondering whether by my touching it I would be able to miraculously cure it as he apparently expected), he first took off his shoe to display the foot, so I saw his right foot which was (quite surprisingly) as thin as a wire {a few days ago, I had read a myth wherein the book-character-described's foot was "as thin as a blade of grass" -- I had read in some other book recently of taking out turf-grass, and would have Korea in mind on account of a similar Koean myth}; thereupon he stated that he had been struck in his head. (I took this statement to imply that his having been struck in his head had made him so forgetful as to have taken off the wrong shoe, and that the other foot had some less-strange defect which I would be able to perhaps readily cure by my touching it.) [That may not have been his meaning, however, as I now realize.] {While I was pondering this, and waiting for him to supposedly be about to take off the other shoe, I awoke.} {That night I had just sent for (over the internet) some "edging" (for my windows) which was rainbow-colored [and rainbows would remind me (on account of the emerald rainbow in the Revelation of St. John the Divine) of other green things, such as grass; as I often pull up the turf (by way of its "edging") at the state-capitot to put under it some fruit-seed of fruit which I eat there; the fruiting tree-of-life also being mentioned in the Revelation of St. John the Divine].}

Sept 2nd-3rd (Sun-Mon) 2012 :- Dream : I was reading in a book that someone who had 1.9 million units [of psychic power] was able, due to having so many units, to see into the future; and that the maximum of just 1.1 million units achieved by others was not enough to enable to see into the future. (This 1.9 was million units was reckoned as a double-dose, which I had thought would have been twice 1.1 million units, or 2.2 million units.) While I was reading this, I thought this passage was in the book whence (in the waking-world) I had been taking notes [namely the book Hidden Intercourse]; so I was making an effort to remember it so as to copy it into my notes from that book[; but making that effort woke me]. {When I awoke, I realized that it was not in that waking-world book.}

Sept 6th-7th (Thur-Fri) 2012 :- Dream : I was engaged in a process which I could not complete-- of intending to type (on my computer) the page-numbers for otherwise-already-typed notes from a book, where I was intending to apply the pagination of the footnotes in the book to my typed notes (but wondering how to distinguish the pagination of the main portion of the book from the pagination of the footnotes, where I already had the content of the footnotes partially typed into bracketed portions in my notes). After continued intent, wondering about which would be the most appropriate method for this, I awoke on account of the wondering. {I had the evening before been mentioning (in my telephone-call) the necessity -- in order to invoke the praesence of deities into the waking world from the dream-word -- of not only playing music, but also at the same time having appropriate odors, in order to please the deities who in order to be induced to come would expect both music and odors simultaneously. So, I had fallen to sleep leaving a long-playing (8 hours) music-program playing on the computer; while next to my nose where I was lying on the floor in the foyer was a ripening melon (honeydew).}

Sept 7th (Fri) 2012 (during daytime :- Dream : I was concerned with the task (which I wondered how to go about) of converting bibliographic references to illustrations (in a printed book), into (for my website) hyperlinks to them. Wondering about this caused me to awaken.

Sept 9th-10th (Sun-Mon) 2012 :- Dream : I was listening to a recording (radio progam?) which consisted of a discussion of a certain variety of music, interspersed with short samples of the variety of music being discussed. {This sort of discussion about music was somewhat similar to what might be heard on Public Radio.} While wondering about this (and as yet listening to it), I awoke. {I had left playing on my computer-audio that night when I had gone to sleep, the musical piece "5-Hour | Epic Music Mega Mix - YouTube" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP0D5u3EMfA&feature=related . This piece was merely a couple of minutes from its end when I awoke -- as though the dream-world were aware of its being about to end, and that dream-world wishing to furnish a connection with it by praesenting a dream-music praesentation concerned with the likes of it, before it could end. The day before, I had not only spoken with (at the Soc of Fr meeting) Mr. Rudolph the musician, but also had that evening telephoned and spoken with his singeress S. Williams, telling her about my belief that in order to achieve a response from heaven to our prayers in favor of world-peace, we would need to be inclusive of, in such prayers, the deities of all religions, because the divine world was an Industrial-Workers-of-the-World type of organization, where the principle of "an injury to one is of concern to all" -- which she re-quoted in the version "an injury to one is an injury to all" -- is employed is such a way as to deny prayer-results to anyone who would be denying the principle of one-big-union to the nature of the divine world. She started laughing when I described the divine world in that way, and declared that what I said was funny. Also, at the meeting of the Soc of Fr that day I had spoken with G. Lynn, not only mentioning as similar to the Hopi understanding of lower world-level the mention by a certain woman [meaning the authoress of The Exorcist's Handbook] of her own going, evidently in dreams, into various levels of the "Abyss" for the purpose of restoring to their own abodes the troublesome spirits exorcised by her (which sort of going into the netherworld I had mentioned as a possible means of obtaining, from that netherworld, assistance to establish control by liberal political parties over events in the waking-world), but also the practice of Amerindians to pray so as to include the animal-deities and even plant-deities; and he had responded by saying that Amerindians believe in indwelling spirits not only in animals and in plants but also in rocks -- so I had said to him that spirits in inanimate matter are called "elemental spirits".}

Sept 11th-12th (Tue-Wedn) 2012 :- Dream : I was listening a discussion of a certain variety of music. [Then I awoke.] {I had left playing on my computer-audio that night when I had gone to sleep, the musical piece "Epic Music Mix IX - Trailer Music II" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQqJRhAg92o&feature=autoplay&list=PL9139CD3D59F796C9&playnext=41 When I reached my computer to type up this dream, it was 4:44 A.M. -- as though the dream-world were aware of that time being about to arrive, and that dream-world's timing sending to me of that dream accordingly. 444,000 years is a period in Nas.uray (Manda<) mythology, and 444 days a period used by the Yarsani of Iran. Such a timing is reminiscent of the long sequence of days (in the insane asylum here) where each morning I would spontaneously awaken at such a time as that when I would immediately be in the process of moving my body out from under the bed (something requiring only a couple of seconds), the hospital-staff would then turn on the electric light in the dormitory. On the day Wednesday (just a week ago?) just before my going out the to state-capitol for the protest-demonstration, I had put into my windows (facing outward) protest-posters against the Republican Party's taking offence at the government of Iran -- the same (Iranian) government which had used the 444 days to hold Americans prisoner. (So apparently the dream-world may have been indicating approval of my demonstrating solidarity with the government of Iran. Since the Renaissance (and its offshoots such as the Freemasonic system) originated in Iran, this may also have been involved in the dream-world's considerations.)}

Sept 17th-18th (Mon-Tue) 2012 :- Dream : I was looking at two comparisons which I considered that I had written, each between two methods of communicating with deities. I was wondering whether the numerical part (book, section, chapter, verse) of the textual references which I had written for these were clearly enough written (noticing that they seemed be handwritten rather than typed). [Then, while fretting about this, I awoke.]

Sept 20th (Thur) 2012 :- Dream : I was out-of-doors at the street-corner of the building wherein I reside, when I noticed a man leaping on one leg at a time along the sidewalk-blocks there, going thus along the sidewalk across the street from the state-capitol building. I thought of the fact that when I walk along the sidewalk-blocks I do not step on the cracks between the blocks; so I then tried leaping on one leg at a time along the sidewalk-blocks there across the street from the state-capitol building, making sure not to land on any cracks between the blocks. {This is the rule of "without touching the lines with the feet or hands" (Hopscotch Around the World http://www.amazon.com/Hopscotch-Around-World-Mary-Lankford/dp/0688084192/ref=tmm_hrd_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1348175556&sr=1-6 ).} I noticed that if I wished to, I could remain suspended in the air for a while while leaping (without immediately coming down as gravity would cause one to do), so I realized that I must be dreaming; and I thought to myself that if rising up into the air could be done simply by wishing to do so, that I would right then try to rise (simply by wishing to do so) further into the air to at least the level of the black balcony which I viewed higher on the building. But that wish did not enable me to rise into the air at all; so I thought to myself the realization that merely wishing for something to occur in a dream would not cause it to happen in that dream. Pondering about this fact, I then awoke. {There is actually no balcony on that side of the building (in the waking-world) -- I may have seen a black balcony there in the dream simply because I saw so many black iron balcony-like fire-escapes in New York City decades ago, and even in Chicago (where I went onto one together with the small Danish young woman De. Gr. whom I was visiting there at that halfway-house for released insane-asylum patients, after I had met there while we had be inmates together in the same ward of the insane-asylum at Chicago). I could have had New York City in mind on account of connecting the idea of leaping on one foot at a time, with the song "Tripped the Light Fantastic on the Sidewalks of New York". http://www.events-in-music.com/trip-the-light-fantastic-on-the-sidewalks-of-new-york.html } {The afternoon before, Mr (Dr) G.R. was mentioning to me at the protest-rally (when I brought up the subject of flying-saucer religions in the context that one of the books which I had out by interlibray loan was on that subject) that I was someone who proclaimed that (as is stated in the Upanis.ad-s) that the waking-world is an illusion (maya), so that I told him that the waking-world as an illusion "influenced" the divine world; he responded by asking if I believed that the illusory and divine worlds influenced each other; and I told that that, yes, they influenced each other mutually. The word "illusory" may have interacted with the word "fantastic" to encourage the dream-deities to produce that dream.} {Incidentally, that song's lyric "bought herself a sweet little Alice-blue gown" is highly reminiscent of "blue beaded dress" worn by W.W.W. seen in a man's dream and spoken of in another woman's dream, in Walking in the Sacred Manner, p. 138 -- which I had read a few days earlier.} {As concerning my remaining aloft in air (in the dream) : after that rally, G.R. (and his wife C.F.) drove me to the local food-supermarket, where I bought a pumpkin; and the "pumpkinification" of emperor Claudius at death was his own [praesumably Etruscan -- his name Claudius is from the Etruscan city-name /Clusium/] means of deific assumption into heaven, in contradistinction to the usual Roman means through an eagle set loose so as to soar aloft.} {The street-corner involved was the location where a mongrel (black-and-brown) cat had died a few nights earlier, which I had seen lying dead there [cf. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/7129952/Cat-predicts-50-deaths-in-RI-nursing-home.html ] when I passed it in my going with voodoo dolls (by Running Pr in Philadelphia) of George W. Bush to the state-capitol building at dawn. (Bones of dead black cats are of course used in hoodoo for the casting of spells.)}

Sept 24th-25th (Mon-Tue) :- Dream : I was out-of-doors; it was dim and (I understood) somewhat before dawn. I had been told that when someone had sought to rouse my brother S.A.R. (who had been sleeping out-of-doors) to participate in the before-dawn ritual, he had refused, considering it too early to cease lying down for the night. I walked over to see the situation, and there were two who were sitting on the ground some distance from where by brother was, waiting for him to feel like partcipating in the ritual. One of those twain was a man in oriental garb and sitting in a prayer-posture. [Then I awoke.] {I had been describing the day before, over the telephone (perhaps to my mother), the fact that P. Solem used to rouse Amerindians on the Reservation from sleep in order to have them view flying saucers which had telepathically told him they would flying over that night (such Indians were difficult to rouse, reluctant to have to get themselves up in order to see mere flying saucers). My brother S.A.R. commonly readeth fanciful science-fiction, but is reluctant to read accounts of actual sightings of flying-saucers.}

Sept 26th-27th (Wedn-Thur) :- Dream : After I mentioned to other persons that I had gone several times up the hill to a the entrance of a secluded building upon it, but had not as yet entred that building, I went up the hill again, and entred it. Within the building I found rooms without furniture (and also without colors, the floors and walls all being whitish), where a number of persons were lying motionless on the floor (I thought of such persons as dead), each such room having at least one other person awake and standing as if watching over them -- many or most of such persons (whether lying or standing) were women. At length I found one room wherein the persons were sitting on the ground (instead of lying on it), and among them one woman spoke to me, saying that she recognized me; but I did not recognize her, and wondered whence she recognized me. {The afternoon before, we had gone to H.R.'s birthday (65) party; there I was remarking the colors within the house were dull (almost entirely brown), and that such lack of color (patterns and designs were also lacking) produced a dismal effect, which could account for his wife (R.)'s chronic ill health. [Hence the listless persons in the rooms in the dream?] The few figurines were of wild animals (which contributed to the forlorn, dismal effect, as though of the most dismal netherworld). I was suggesting (to her and another woman, the one whose house is well-decorated with colors and designs, and used for parties by the P.R.C.) to have bright colors, music, perfumes, spices, etc. in order to produce a more cheerful mood, which could result in better health (the other woman agreed we me).}

Sept 27th-28th (Thur-Fri) 2012 :- Dream : I was walking overland on prairies and past groves in order to elude a pursuers from a group of Great-Plains Amerindians. They caught up with me, but I evaded being injured. {I had the evening before been listening (on YouTube.com) to Great-Plains Amerindian religious music/singing (for the Sun Dance, etc.), while I was seeking to find something to keep playing (in the waking-world) during the night in order to improve the quality of my dreaming. Apparently, that resultant dream was intended to indicate to me that that sort of music (i.e., leaving it playing in the waking world while I would sleep) would not be appropriate for improving my dreaming.}

Sept 29th (Sat) 2012, during daytime :- Dream : I was proof-reading my typed version of notes from a book. {I had fallen asleep at the computer-typewiter while doing just that.}

{Sept 29th-30th (Satur-Sun) :- NOT A DREAM : I kept playing (in the waking-world, while sleeping at night) the music of Arnold Schoenberg. (This was the 1st time I had done so. It was on the recommendation of Prof. Emer. H. G. at the U of SC as the finest of music, that I had selected that composer, after my having noted that my dream of the 27th-28th had evidently indicated not to use and primitive/tribal music, all of which is melodic -- so I decided on the best composer described to me as non-melodic.) On Sept 30th, I did quite well at writing rebuttals to the metaphysical argumentation on p. 70 of Alien Worlds -- and I would ascribe my ability to do well to my having left A. Sch.'s music playing (in the walking-world, on YouTube) while sleeping through the night just before.}

Oct 6th-7th (Satur-Sun) 2012 :- Dream : I was alone in a large room with a platform in it. I stepped up the 2 steps onto the platform, and there contemplated delivering a peroration describing the forthcoming advent of the flying-saucers, together with a description of what sort of government and laws that they would advocate, suggesting that we earthlings institute such a government in anticipation of the landing of the flying-saucers. The government and laws would entail creating a diversity of distinct governments, with each government distinguished by a different set of laws (resulting in more governments and sets of laws than now exist on this planet at praesent); to be arranged by splitting each national goverment/law-code into several different goverments/law-codes. The motive for having so many more governments/law-codes would be in order to (as in accordance with the wishes of the flying-saucers) provide a distinctive national goverment/law-code for each possible system of human praedilections -- such as, for different varieties of sexual behaviour (such as whether performed privately, in public, or whatever -- in one system sexual acts would be permitted only in private, in another system some sexual acts would be permitted in public, and in still another sytem all sexual acts would be permitted in public [-- and people could emigrate to whatever region had goverment/law-code had laws matching their own praeferences, though I may not have thought of that in the dream]). [While contemplating the planet's potentiality for such a diversity in sets of law-codes, the effort of such contemplating awoke me.] {I had that night kept playing (in the waking-world, while sleeping at night) the music of Arnold Schoenberg, awaking when it was playing at http://www.schoenberg.at/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=449&Itemid=792&lang=de }

Oct 8th-9th (Mon-Tue) 2012 :- Dream : I was thinking of, and seeing, a design of a disk divided horizontally by protracted (curved, gibbously from its upper and lower poles, as is commonly seen on projections) lines. {This may have referred to "the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third of the moon"Apok. of Ioannes 8:12 http://www.bibleshark.com/parallel_bible/AMP-YLT-DBY-KJV/Revelation/8/12/ I had been mentioning, about the day before, in a telephone-call, that G.R.'s wife's brother's wife, who sometimes did sleepwaking, could quote from memory long passages from the Apok. of Ioannes. When I was mentioning this that telephone call to M.G., he said that he sometimes dreamt (as he had afterward while awake told to another man, when they had been describing their dreams to each other) of glowing things -- so perhaps this may have been why the image of the glowing sun or glowing moon may have come to my mind so as to result in my dream.} {I had also on Monday in a telephone-call to J.M. at the lunatic-asylum ("lunatic" for "lunation") mentioned (for the 1st time) to her that I had drunk at the state capitol that day, for the moon of Monday, honey on account of the honeymoon -- and honey is in Apok. of Ioannes 10:9 the book sworn upon in Apok. of Ioannes 10:6. I have often mentioned to her the need to do temporary spouse-trading -- such temporary spouse-trading being referred to as a "honeymoon" by a certain tropical-forest SouthAmerindian tribe.}

Oct 11th (Thur), 2011 (during daytime) :- Dream : My refrigerator was filling with water up to the level of a shelf in it; so while starting to drain the water out of it, I removed some food from it, including two carrots, which I put temporarily in a bin which already had other items (which other persons may have place there) in it. Afterward I retrieved one of the carrots and was eating it (it had been cooked), but without eating its skin. {Carrots do not naturally have removable skin; but they are orange, and so are sweet potatoes (which do have removable skin), and at the anti-war rally on the day before, I had mentioned to C.F. (G.R.'s wife) that I was about to eat the sweet potatoes which I had cooked, after having obtained them raw at a meeting of the Soc.ofFr., dug up by one of the membres. At the anti-war rally I had mentioned to C.F. (G.R.'s wife) that the god of sweet-potato cultivation is Rongo. D.H.K. had published that /kumara/ is the word for 'sweet potato' both in Maori and in Telugu. The Telugu language was mentioned by Prof. Hebert (he said he did not know how to speak it) at the same meeting of the Soc.ofFr. wherein in had obtained the sweet potatoes, when he was responding to my comments (that Prof. H. knew languages from southern India) to a man who was visiting the meeting from MANGALore in southern India. I had wondred at the time why Prof. H. mentioned Telugu since I had not specified it in my comments. Was perhaps some telepathic communication from Prof. Em. D.H.K. (deceased) involved, via the flying saucers he was (while living on this planet) so intensely interested in? Rongo is god also (as I had told C.F. (G.R.'s wife) at the same anti-war rally) of the rainbow, and the Starship Rainbow is said (in The Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy, p. 120) to be based on the planet Mars, and 'Mars' is a meaning of /MANGALa/. Another meaning of /MANGALa/ is 'omen', as I had told the man from MANGALore at the same meeting, showing him the title of the book (which I happened to have then brought with me for the first time to a meeting of the Soc.of Fr.) How to Read Signs and Omens in Everyday Life by Sarvananda Bluestone.} [Later continuation of dream :] I was in a bedroom of women, with several women in it, each woman in a separate bed. I got into bed with one of the women (she and I both being clothed), and was embracing and kissing her there. Then another woman (in a different bed in the bedroom) departed out of the room, doing so (I thought) because she did not care to see my embracing and kissing the other woman any further. The woman who departed had been lying in bed with her teats exposed, which I figured may have been intended as an invitation to me to make sexual ovetures to her; and I figured that she departed on acccount of her wishing to have been having sexual relations with me, instead of my embracing and kissing the woman whom I was doing that to. So I was thinking that I had missed having sexual relations with her. Soon a 3rd woman there was talking to me, and when I went to her bed I noticed that she had her fingers exceedingly enflamed (reddened) with the skin even peeling off from some of them. (I was wondering whether it would be possible for me to kiss the other part of her hands than the fingers) [when from this wondring I awoke]. {Mahu-ika is a goddess from whom Maui obtained her fingers as flames.}

Oct 13th-14th (Satur-Sun) 2012 :- Dream : Someone was explaining that in past praesidential elections in the United States, whenever the Republican Party based its political campaign on directly glorifying the greed of the super-rich (which it had done 11 times), it had always lost the election; and that it was now doing the same thing again.

Oct 15th-16th (Tue-Wedn) 2012 :- Dream : A woman, naked, sat on top of my prick, taking it into her cunt (while I was lying on a bed in a room, and she was facing forward towards my face) and started moving up and down; but I then said to her, "I would rather suck on your cunt than fuck it"; so we started to do that instead, until I soon awoke.

Oct 18th (during daytime) 2012 :- Dream : As a sequel to a description of a occult matter, I saw a website address in the form of a triple (name).(name).winklink. [Then I awoke.] {/Wink/ is most likely an allusion to [Middle Dutch] http://starling.rinet.ru/cgi-bin/etymology.cgi?single=1&basename=/data/ie/piet&text_number=+863&root=config /vinke/ 'finch' (the family-name of a professoress in Montana known to the author of Lila, as mentioned by me by H.G.). H.G. is interested in evolution of the species, a possible link with Darwin's finches in the Gala`pago I.s. /Gala`pago/ is [Spanish] 'saddle', and "Sadler" was author of the URANtia Book. From the oURANos 'sky', the planet Earth may be suspended by a "golden [cf. goldfinch] chain" (of links), according to Homeros : Iliad 8:23-6, cited in Ploutarkhos : Essay on the Life and Poe:try ... 94 http://books.google.com/books?id=BmWhu9kaP0oC&pg=PA159&lpg=PA159&dq= Another golden bird would be the Kemetic royal "Golden Horos name" -- the soul of the Kemetic dead becoming a bird or a human-headed bird.}

Oct 25th (Thur) 2012 [during daytime] :- Dream : I was praeparing typed quotations from an article on contemporary paganism. The quotations were, however, uninformative, and I was about to delete them. [Then I awoke.] {In the waking world, I had that day been typing quotations from a similar article (which was uninformative except for a single quotation from the book Nine Worlds of Seid-Magic) in the book Summoning the Spirits.}

Oct 25th-26th (Thur-Fri) 2012 :- Dream : I was considring employing puns on the names of substances to evoke the liberal social writers of the past; and in that way at least one did arrive. {Finding such uses (as summoning spirits of literary figures) for the elemental spirits of substances might become useful if a dramatic shift for the better were to come about in socio-oikonomic conditions worldwide, such as is praedicted by flying-saucer worshippers.}

Oct 28th (Sun) [during daytime] 2012 :- Dream : Viewing numerous apparent color-illustrations of psychic power being transmitted from a donor to a recipient by both lying adjacent to (within inches from) each other, and interconnecting some sort of subtle (mental or whatever) fibres (visible on the illustrations as bramble-like groups of white lines).}

Oct 28th-29th Sun-Mon 2012 :- Dream : I was uploading onto the internet a group of alternative sets (which I had compiled) of psychedelic components considered to be conducive to achieving psychic powers.

Nov 25th-26th Sun-Mon 2012 :- Dream : I saw what I believed to a standing (on its 4 feet) mummy of a cat on a piece of furniture in a room; and then a second such cat-mummy. The first one seemed to be quivering; then I wondered whether I was imagining this quivering or if there was something supernatural about it, or if I could be dreaming. [Then I awoke.] {On the day (Sunday) before, I had been given (by the couple teaching at Benedict College) a book with a Kemetic title, published by U of KMT Pr. This would have naturally reminded me of Kemetic cat-mummies.}

Dec 3rd (Mon, during daytime) 2012 :- Dream : A woman brought by hand a slender grey-and-white bird into the room which I was in, and loosed it so that it flew about the room -- then I remarked that I had once caught by hand a bird which I had released so that it flew away {this having happened in waking life many months ago at the southeast corner of the State-Capitol building here in C., SC}.

Dec 5th-6th (Wedne-Thur) 2012 :- Dream : When I was pubicly mentioning an occult topic, a man came and started discussing that topic with me. I figured that anyone who would start talking to me about some occult topic might have some experience along some such lines through some occult society, so I came down from where I was atop a elevated site (natural pinnacle) to where he was, and I started telling him that I wished to acquire the power of telepathy, and that I was acquainted with occult societies such as the Theosophical Society. Later in the same dream, I was speaking of "Trik" as a way of doing telepathy. {The evening before (Dec 5th) I had been taking notes from the article "Doctrine of the Malinivijottaratantra" in the book Ritual and Speculation in Early Tantrism; and while doing so I had realized that the TRIKa doctrine of blending one's consciousness with that of a deity would be a way for commencing telepathy communication with such deity.}

Dec 6th-7th (Thur-Fri) 2012 :- Dream : Walking through the business-district of a city in the evening, when I stopped briefly in one unoccupied office, and went again out of it; I then noticed that I must have left some items, which I had been carrying, in that office; and so therefore I went back into the office to retrieve those items, taking care to look about, picking up then that all items of mine.

Dec 8th-9th (Satur-Sun) :- Dream : I was wondring whether a statement that I should pick up items referred to two green peppers on the ground (for I was aware that I was dreaming); and in that context of music that I had been hearing (aware that I had been in a dream). Wondring, I awoke. {Chile peppers (which I took and have been eating) were grown in the cemetery (of the Soc. of Fr. aedifice) -- good for implanting spells. Epic music I had left playing (in the waking world) while I had slept earlier that night (and many nights).}

Dec. 14th (Fri, during daytime) :- Dream : Iwas reading in a books about the varieties of divne nature, and was wondering about which of them would apply to a particular instance. [Then I awoke from the wonderment.]

Dec 18th-19th (Tue) 2012 :- Dream : I was typing a tabulation of divine characteristics. {I had fallen asleep at the computer-typewriter while typing that.}

Dec 20th-21st (Thur-Fri) 2012 :- Dream : I was at a meeting supposedly of the Theosophical Soc, but the woman who was giving the speech to the meeting was the one (G.L.) in the local Soc of Fr who moved recently to A, NC. {Perhaps her surname came about in such a context because it was the surname of the author of one of the books which I owned at the time (1970s) when I used to attend meetings of the Theosophical Soc in Ch, IL. Her personal name, or nickname, is that of a book or books favored in the Theosophical Soc.} She was speaking while seated in a chair (unlike in Theosophical Soc meetings where the speaker standeth in front, facing the seated audience, but alike to Soc of Fr meetings); so I walked over to where she was and sat in the empty chair beside (to the left of) hers. (It was a walk for me to where she was seated, with a wall along the way separating from the audience. When I seated myself beside her, we were facing the walkway in which I had walked to her, and the separating wall was to our right.) She asked me why I had sat beside her, and I answered that I had come to listen to her. Then she moved to a sofa nearby and I moved to it also in order to continue sitting beside her. There was a small separator in the sofa between myself (who was to the left end on the sofa) and her, but soon she was seated (in another chair) facing me, and our legs were stretched out onto each others' seats, with my legs on her thighs. [Then I awoke.] {Incidentally, when (after the computer had automatically done a Windows update at night) I turned on the computer (by entring the passw) and it started up, it immediately started playing the music (an 8-hour "Epic Music Mega Mix" piece on Youtube) which I had left playing (as I having regularly been doing in recent weeks) for myself (in the waking world) while I would be sleeping. Never before was the computer able to, when passw was entred, automatically continue with a program that it had been in when automatically updated -- this ability must have been part of the Windows update. It seemed interesting that this improvement should arrive the very date that flying-saucer worshippers had been writing (for a good decade) that the world would improve.} {When I looked out the window (5:05 A.M.) after having typed the foregoing, two police-automobiles were parked in the street alongside each other adjacent to my side of the building (with the police standing in front of them in the street). This reminded me that on Wedn, a half-dozen police-automobiles were parked in the State Capitol grounds (with a dozen police standing in that area) on my side (the rear) of the grounds; so that I had walked to the protest-demonstration (on the sidewalk in front of the State Capitol) via the sidewalk surrounding the State Capitol grounds (instead of athwart those grounds), and had mentioned that there. Then (at the protest-demonstration), because of the similarity betwixt Zen and rDzogs-chen, I was telling G.R., PhD, (interested in Zen) of the rDzogs-chen books (including the Golden Letters) which I had been taking notes from. I was of course intrigued by the match of the thig-le sky-going vehicle of the ascended saint with the radial-spectrum flying saucers (depicted on the cover of Prepare for the Landings!).}

Dec 24th-25th (Mon-Tue) 2012 :- Dream : I was reading from a book, including the phrase "mandala as meditation". {This sort of dream would have been due to my having while awake read statements to the same effect.} Having again fallen asleep, another dream the same night : I was thinking to my self (in the dream), contemplating the future-fixating nature of the soul-status that whereas humans are easily able to remain at a self-sustaining level of intellectual compraehension -- in a lifetime-succeeding-lifetime (metempsychotic, redincarnational sequencing) -- of metaphysics such that the deities are continually so favorably impressed with mortal humans' understanding of the divine world, such that therefore those deities will always keep humans provided with favorable circumstances of life-quality which will keep those (i.e., all) mortal humans in such circumstances that they will always be able to retain their compraehension of the metaphysical reality of the divine world of the deities : yet, nevertheless animals and plants are not so mentally equipped as to ever be able to attain any such level of approval by the deities, but are instead bound to remain always below the level of being divinely approved. This contrast between the necessarily implied destiny of humans for their own ongoing well-being (lifetime-after-lifetime), as against the necessarily implied destiny of animals-and-plants for their own misery (lifetime-after-lifetime) seemed so extreme and contrary to universal orderliess, that while continuing to contemplate it, I awoke. {It so happened that on the evening before (viz., on Dec. 24th), I had happened to mention over the telephone [while speaking to my mother in NC] the application of this to humans' circumstances of existence, how by humans' pleasing the deities by having aequivalent likings and interests to the likings and interests sustained and upheld by the deities themselves, humans must always (by aid from the same deities) pass after death into a life (by redincarnation onto another planet) which will be altogether pleasant and favorable to maintaining metaphysical knowledge of the deities and of the deities' divine worlds -- thus, constituting a autosustaining incarnational process.} {At some day quite recently (no more than just a few days ago), I was considering whether animals'-and-plants' evident lack of understanding of metaphyics could indicate (instead of being some inexplicable major defect in the structure of the universe in regard to the functions of categories of souls) that the souls of the animal-and-plants must be moving backwards in time relative to humans -- for any such metaphysical continuous reversal in a direction of flow of time in any category of beings would needs appear as a countre-action in ethics and intellect (when appearing among souls) just as it must likewise appear as if a lack of purpose (when appearing among material objects). The proper logical development of this compraehensive system of metaphysics must be [as may be suggested by last night's latter dream] to shew how easily and effortlessly {taking this term "effortless" from the book-passage which I was reading and copying yesterday, Golden Letters, p. 257} the materialists' delusions (including their delusion of non-teleology) can be refuted -- with the same manner of refutation able to cover both the materialists' delusion concerning the material universe and also the materialists' delusion concerning souls (both delusions being extremely grievous, and entailing the materialists' being divinely praecluded from a favorable redincarnation -- unless, of course, the materialists be themselves also, as to their own souls, always traveling backwards in time). [But because I myself was formerly (while no older than in my teens) mentally captivated by the delusions of materialism, it is therefore quite evident (from my own personal experience) that being misled by the delusions of materialism need not be accounted as evidence of the deludee's soul's moving backwards in time. It may, instead, be regarded as a phase of mental development wherethrough mortals are divinely caused to pass, so as divinely to humble mortals so that after they have recovred from such egregious delusions they will recognize their own fallibility while isolated (kevala, in kaivalya, isolation) from the divine communality of deities -- so that those humbled mortals will earnest seek admission and entrance into the universal telepathic communism of the universe-wide network of intercommuicating immortal deities. The explanations in terms of some substances flowing backwards in time through other substances, are merely provisional, intended as an inducement to be praesented by mortals the deities, hopefully to induce those deities to admit humbled mortals into the telepathic union of immortality, the immortality of not forgetting after death by not losing track of the praedestinated futurality of universe-wide divinely-known teleology.]}

c. Dec 28th-29th :- Dream : I was attempting to make some minor typing-change on a Word-Document {which I had been typing the evening before in the waking world} (on Kiss of the Yogini?).

Dec 29th Satur 2012 (during daytime) :- [Semi-asleep :] I was (in the waking world) fallen asleep at the computer-typewriter; seeing a cockroach at the desk, I swung at it but missed (swinging at the open air in the waking world); for whereas in the dream I was directly facing the computer, in the waking-world I was facing a little to the left (with a foot perched on the radiator). {The motion of my arm [in the waking-world? – I was perhaps moving my waking body by motion in the dream] awoke me.}