Dream-diary, January-June 2012

{No dreams were remembered for Jan : could this relaxation (lapsing) of memory be related to well-publicized praediction for 2012’s being the year of the mass-arrival of the flying saucers?}

Febr 5th-6th (Sun-Mon), 2012 :- Dream of false-awakening : I awoke in the dimness, but with my head to the east (instead of to the west, as it usually was when I fell asleep in the waking-world, and was then in the waking-world – seemeth exceedingly strange, for never amongst my hundreds of dreams of false awakening that I have experienced over the decades (ever since the 1980s?) never had there been one of the direction of my head being different from that which my material head was then in, in the waking-world – could this be an intimation that I am approaching the point of achieving astral projection? But most, if not all, of my praevious dreams-of-false-awakening have been done while my material head was to the east). I sat up in the dimness, looking at my closet-door to my left. Then I (materially) awoke. {Very commonly, dead corpses of people who have died are buried with their heads to the east and their feet to the west, so that their souls will feel like walking toward the west, where the sun setteth into the netherworld of the dead.}

Febr 11th-12th (Sat-Sun), 2012 :- Dream : I was describing to another person the evidence for my power of praecognition (knowledge of the future). (Then I awoke). {Later on the same day (Febr 12th), while I was asking (over the telephone) a local S. of Fr. member, G.L., about his dreams (and without my mentioning my dream which I had had that night just before, which dream I had up until that point forgotten), he asked me whether I ever had dreams of the future. Then, his asking his made me remembered that dream which I forgotten.}

Febr 12th (Sun), 2012 :- Not a dream, but minor synchronicity : On the 12th day of a month in this year ..12, I noticed a internet-telephone conversation of mine (to the woman from Yemassee who is in the local insane asylum) lasted (unintendedly) an hour, 12 minutes and 12 seconds; and when I called my mother to tell her this, she first said goodbye when (unintendedly) 12 minutes and 12 seconds had elapsed – the time when the call to my mother started had been (unintendedly), in this 2nd month of the year, at 2:22 P.M.

Febr 13th-14th (Mon-Tue), 2012 :- Dream : I was reading a book of occult lore.

Febr 16th-17th (Thur-Fri), 2012 :- Dream : While I was reading on Amazon.com a review of an occult book, I was doubting whether to put a weblink to that on a article which I was considering to put on my website (knowing that Amazon.com reviews often become swiftly buried under further reviews).

Febr 28th (Tue), 2012 :- Not a dream, but minor synchronicity : About the night before last, I had run a full file-scan on Norton (the first I had run on Norton since I installed it without having it for some years, having used free antivirus systems in the intervening period), and in the morning it had stopped, showing the number of files scanned as 444,000 (plus some hundreds) – so, I remembered that (in the 1960s, in the University of Chicago library) I had read (in a translation of a Nas.uray book) that the duration of the one of the praevious worlds had been 444,000 years; and that it had impressed me some years after that that the Yarsani in Iran were still so esteeming the # 444 that U.S. citizens were held hostage there for 444 days. To-day, when I called my sister (who had, of course, sent her son to reside with his wife there in Iran, my sister’s husband coming from the pro-Yarsani part, i.e. the eastern part, of Tu:rkiyeh) by telephone -- and told her that war being encouraged by most Republican candidates, except Ron Paul, with Iran, could not occur on account of Freemasons’ (of all varieties), who have much influence in the U.S.A. both in military and in politics, insisting that they derive their doctrine and lore mainly from Iran (Zaratustrianism) --, when I ended that internet-telephone-conversation with her I noticed that it had lasted (unintendedly) 4:44 (minutes:seconds). [I had not discussed this matter of Iran and the Freemasons with her before.]

Mar 8th-9th (Thur-Fri), 2012 :- Dream : While supposedly viewing the access-points to various nights of praevious dream-memories, I considered that the sorts of dreams to which my memory had ready access had become so converted as to be controlled by a hostile (Republican Party?) agency; but I also considered that recovery of our control over them could be regained by finding (in memory) any residual dreams which had not thus become controlled by that hostile agency, and then allowing such dreams whereto friendly access was as yet available, to reconvert to our control the dreams which had become commandeered by hostiles.

Mar 14th-15th (Wedn-Thur), 2012 :- Dream : I was exercising 3 successive modes of meditative contemplation. [Upon awakening, I was considering that although these modes were all concerning the divine nature, they had to be performed as though personally.] {I had been, while awake, considering the paradox [and mentioning it to other persons] of the 3 Neo-Platonic divine Universals (Cosmic Mind, Cosmic Soul, Cosmic Intellect) as having to be contemplated as though ostensibly of the nature of the individual Self : and how these 3 are thus similar to the yaugik contemplation of atman as brahman; and that such paradox is apparently persistent and is thus authentic, in contrast to the Christian paradoxes which are inauthentic and misleading.}

Mar 22nd-23rd (Thur-Fri), 2012 :- Dream : We had been listening to a lecture about some topic of radical politics; then when the lecture finished, the audience-members were departing out of the lecure-hall via a single long corridor; at this point I did not rejoin the persons (Peace-Resource group?) who had taken me to that lecure, and apart from whom I had separated in the lecture-hall. As we were leaving I heard (from someone else there who knew about them?) that my group was intending to catch a commercial airplane-flight to depart the city. One woman was talking with me about sexual matters while we were walking aong the lengthy hall-exit-way outward from the lecture-hall, but she went away. Then, another woman likewise, while we were continuing to walking along within that lengthy hall-exit-way outward from the lecture-hall, started speaking with me about sexual matters; and she suddenly went down on her knees and took my penis into her mouth. (I then thought over the fact that the delay of time that her keeping my penis in her mouth would make for would cause me indeed to miss the airplane-flight that my fellow-travelers were about to catch, but I decided that having my penis in a woman's mouth would be well-worth missing an airplane-flight.) After a short while of this I ejaculated semen [in the dream only; without, of course, doing so in the waking-world], making sure to do this onto her face outside her mouth, so that the semen would be visible (on her face) to other persons walking through the lengthy corridor : furthermore, I (with my hand) diligently spread the semen out over her entire face to make sure that it would be highly visible to any persons viewing her face. Someone (some man) remarked to her that he noticed the semen on her face; so she replied aloud, "I like it". [I must have awoken at this point.] {I had not had, to the best of my memory, any ejaculation of semen in any dream of mine for the last some 10 years or so; although in a few dreams over that period (beside several of kissing women or of touching them) I had stuck the tip of my penis slightly into the vestible of the vulvae of willing women; without any such woman, however, making any spoken remarks about the process.} {As for events leading to this sexual dream, I had spoken to two persons (about dreams of other persons) during the day before this dream : my mother (in the late morning?), and (later in the afternoon?) the man in our Soc. of F.s who had told the group that he had been twice striken by lightning-bolts (surviving each, of course, though paralyzed for days). I told my mother that I had realized about the day before (though the idea may have occurred passingly to me some months earlier) that the worlds (plane-of-existence) which are said in the literature of the Theosophical Society to be above the Causal-Plane and are (according to that lierature) the peculiarly divine abodes of deities, must be the Dream-Worlds visited by humans during dreams; those higher planes are said to be similar to the first 3 planes (Astral, Mental, Causal), which 1st 3 planes refer merely to projecting (while awake) out from the material body. I also told her then that the tunnel-worlds (mentioned by Bushfolk tribesfolk, and Robert Bruce, and Carlos Castan~eda) must be lower planes of existence below the material plane, named Tala-s in the cosmologies of the Puran.a-s. To the lightning-struck man I mentioned the records of dreams by authors who wrote of visiting deities in dreams, such as Carl Jung (whose book I mentioned as my having just finished that day -- or it may have been the day before -- in taking notes from, which I had put onto the internet) and Swedenborg. I also mentioned to him (as I had on various accasions in the past to my mother mentioned male shamans who each head a wife in the divine Dream-world) Jung's having a divine wife in the Dream-World.}

Mar 30th (Fri) 2012 {during daytime] :- Dream : I heard an account about a visionary apparition, which began with the apparition's saying : "I reveal no secrets."

Mar 30th-31st (Fri-Sat) 2012 :- Dream : I was watching a documentary news display about an event in the divne world : dozens of placards (for publicly displaying slogans) in the divine world which had been captured from control by the Theosophical Society early in its history, had been recently regained, so that they could now be employed for divienly displaying such slogans appropriately. {I had a few days earlier read (in Graham Hancock's Supernatural Meetings, p. 436 : "elves ... held up placards, showing me these incredibly beautiful, complex, swirling geometric scenes in them." Apparenly, I had considered the display of such incompraehensible signs to be an indication that the "elves" must have malignly captured the placards from some legitimate occult secret-society, and were misusing the placards' capabilities so as merely to befuddle sincere seekers of metaphysical understanding -- so that, thus, any scene witnessed by means of psychedelic drugs could only subject the human viewer to misleading scenes displayed by malign types of deties. When I had read G.H.'s account, I had thought that G.H. was nai:vely overly-accepting of incompraehensible information of that sort typical of, and indicating the illegitimacy of, psychedelic-drug-acquired access to the divine worlds; and that legitimate access to the divine worlds through contemplation of divine metaphysics would yield information entirely compraehensible.}

Apr 2nd-3rd (Mon-Tue) 2011 :- Dream : A male anthropologist, discussing anthropology, mentioned in an enthusiastic tone of voice the name "Kelley". {After I awoke, I realized that he must have been referring to David H. Kelley.}

Apr 6th-7th (Fri-Sat) 2012 :- Dream : Mention of Taoists "seeking otherworldly transmutation" of themselves.

Anotheer dream, later in the same night : A man was asking me whether I ought to have been given a college-degree in some subject of study; I answered that they were some subjects wherein a mere minimal knowledge of it would be sufficient to enable one to teach it. {A few days ago, while we were being driven home from the meeting, my neighbor A.K. was saying that a license to practice (including to teach) in some field ought to be given to anyone who could pass a test in that subject, without a college-degree's being required in it; and that this used to formerly (decades ago) be done regularly.}

Apr 8th (Sun, during daytime) 2012 :- non-entry into dream : I had a sensation, repeatedly, of not entering a state of dreaming (which I was contemplating). {I had just read, while awake, "is barred from entry at the Gate of Heaven." (Self and Self-Transformation, p. 38)}

Apr 8th-9th (Sun-Mon) 2012 :- :- Dream : Knowing that I was asleep, I was endeavouring to hold stable in the mind various qualities (one at-a-time) of the dream [considering the dream to be a composite of such mental qualities], in order to compell their future occurrence in the waking-world.

Apr 9th-10th (Mon-Tue) 2012 :- :- Dream : Knowing that I was asleep, I was undertaking a meditative start-up of a word-processor computer-program, contemplating that such would be useful for composing a prayer which would be better heeded (by the deities who control the waking-world) when such prayer would be instigated in the waking-world. (Thus, with a cross-over in functionality of the dream-world's divinely-instigated word-processor computer-program, into functioning in the waking-world, so as to impress the deities praesiding in the waking-world with the authoritative consent to the prayer-requaest on the part of the deities praesiding over the dream-world, in the matter of the worthiness of the prayer thus to be heeded by the deities praesiding in the waking-world.)

Apr 10th-11th (Tue-Wed) 2012 :- Dream : Alone, I was considering that the beneficent reason in the divine plan as to why I had through so much of my life been undergoing the misery of living without being able to have sexual intercourse, was that such misery would induce me to seek to understand the metaphysical structure to the potentiality of suffering -- to discover, for instance, the metaphysical substructure of space itself, which substructure, consisting of an assemblage of individually short mutually-connecting line-segments so arranged that if the assemblage were inspected it would be self-evident how its arrangement could automatically cause suffering in any living being whose body was large enough as to occupy enough of that space as thus to be subject to the dictates of that space's assemblage of mutually-connecting line-segments. I thought that the direct cause of the sensation of suffering would be the mathematically-necessitated twistednesses in the patterns of the structure. [Thereupon, I awoke.] {Twistedness = torque = torture = sentient suffering by living beings}

Apr 17th-18th (Tue-Wed) 2012 :- Dream : I was visiting an unoccupied apparent hospital (or other collective residency) ward; the staff-persons were praesent, and remarked that that ward is usually occupied. {My brother had scheduled himself to depart to-day (18th) from my apartment where he had been visiting for a few days; which would then make the apartment unoccupied except for me. Also, at G.R.'s house, for several days the bees (whom he had clustered together into too large a wood-enclosed hive, i.e. with too many levels of the wood stacked for enclosing the hive) had been threatening to depart en masse in a swarm. On an earlier occasion, when he had had two sparsely populated hives, the bees from one hive had apparently moved in with the bees from the other hive, when the bees in the abandoned hive had been molested by a lizard; and a lizard had started recently damaging the bees of the hive which was now threatening to be emigrated from.}

Apr 25th-26th (Wed-Thur) 2012 :- Dream : I was in a room with other people, and I undressed a Negress woman and was licking her vulva, while she was lying on a bed and I was to her side. Then, upon hearing a strange sound I looked to see its source and saw nigh beside the wall two cubic objects which I thought were mechanical devices which had not been there before the beginning of the sound. And other people in the room seemed agitated by the sound, as they were making whinings; so to forestall any unfavorable event which might be caused by the cubes, I departed (with the Negress?) out of that room, although the other people stayed in it. In the room which I (or we?) entered into, I saw that a side wall was largely absent (from about the waist level upwards), and ascribed that absence to the strange events which had began with the advent of the two cubes : I was looking downward from the missing part of the wall and could see outside of the building through it, the room being on a storey high above the ground level. Then I noticed in the room other strange feature which I took to be manifestations of universal transformation happening in the world : particularly I noticed two flags on joined flagposts. [Then I awoke.] {I do not recall ever in a dream having undergone any sort of sexual activities with any woman of other than a European race before this.} {The evening before at our weekly antiwar rally in front of the Capitol Building and directly nigh the Confoederate flag on it flagpost, I had been speaking with the Negro man who was one of our regular sign-holders there, telling him about how the light-skinned woman S.W. (who was there holding a sign at the other end of the line of protest-demonstrators) had taken me and my brother to the music performance (including a saxophone) in the aedifice at F. Park, where everyone else there was dark-skinned (both audience and performers) -- he was that he was aware of that weekly jazz performance there. N.B. : "jazz" is a slang term for 'sexual intercourse'; just as "jizz" is for 'genital fluids' : in <arabic /juz/ is (slang) for /zuj/ 'give in marriage', and /jauzi/ is 'nut-brown' from /jauz/ 'walnut' (resembling in shape the brain, which is the organ correlated with Hermes, god of the day Wednesday, when the weekly rally is held). On the S.ofF. meeting immediately praeceding (where my neighbor A.K. was speaker), I had cited the goddesses in the brain according to the Bar-do bTags-grol.}

Apr 26th-27th (Thur-Fri) 2011 :- Dream : Having considered a group of women (goddess) already (in the dream), a came across them where they were seated on a lawn; and I approached them and began performing hand-passes over them. One of them asked me whether I was exorcizing them, and I answered that I was, and that I was removing an enchantment from them. Then, as I continued to make the hand-passes (both with ordinary hand-movwments, and with crossing and uncrossings of the hands) over them, I thought to myself that I ought to be mentioning some other term than "removing enchantment", for some enchantment is beneficial. But while I was wondering what term to mention, I awoke from this wondering. {I had the evening before just finished reading the book Naked Soul by Marlene' Druhan, wherein she mentioned ritual use of salt (which is used in exorcism by Catholic exorcists). That book also mentioned noticing cakra-s in the palms of one's hands (the palms of a healer making hand-passes face the patient). [I had viewed the crossing-and-uncrossing of hands in passes made over a plastic idol by a man in an insane asylum (in GA?) when I also was an inmate there some years earlier.]}

May 10th-11th (Thur-Fri) 2012 :- Dream : I was wondering whether my actions were adequate to suffice to assure that in my next life I would be without continual suffering (physical pain). Considering this quaestion, I decided that my continuous activities to assure for myself a comfortable existence in the current life would suffice to make for a next lifetime likewise without continual suffering (physical pain). [Later dream, on the same night :] I was walking out-of-doors for a long distance over ground which had been spread over with a very large green blanket (with the blanket extending along my way only as far as a long outdoor wall to my left, which I was walking some feet to the right of, for the soil under the large blanket was piled against the wall at somewhat of an angle) -- in much of that walking I was going along a groove in the ground parallel to the wall. The green blanket ended in front of me when I reached a declivity, at which point when I walked down into that declivity my bare feet began to be soiled with the soil, and I was shaking some of the soil off from my feet. {The green blanket resembled the one which I had wrapped around my body in the waking world, where I was sleeping on the floor. I had on the day just before read of a [Latin?] word which was defined in the [Latin?] dictionary as 'coverlet, blanket'.}

May 31st-June 1st, 2012 :- aftermath of Dream :- Strange dream (not remembered in any detail), followed immediately upon awakeneing (in the dark) by semi-trance (mild trance) wherein I felt to (and did) comment (largely aloud, whenever sensing that aloudness would be better detected and thus perhaos expected by external, otherworldly aware divine consciousnesses) on metaphysical thoughts which were occurring to me as if apparently guided by some manner of semi-telepathic impression from divine/cosmic sources of varying sorts, After a while the semi-trance aspect faded, and I continued for a while with less loud comments as so to be sure to satisfy an divine entities which might as yet be ovehearing. (My brother S.A. happened to be awake while I was doing this; and he asked briefly a few times what I meant while I was talking more loudly, which I responded to briefly at each such inquiry from him. The process of his quaestioning me reminded of his having asked me, decades earlier when I was visiting him in his rented house Alexandria (VA) just after the end of the Vietnam, after the meaning of a knocking sound on the 2nd storey external, non-party wall of the house, while the knocking was in process and I answered him then only reluctantly.) Then I fell asleep. {The afternoon and early night just before, I had been telling the story of my life (in perhaps more detail than on his earlier visits to me) to that brother while he was driving me to and from our mother's room in the nursing-home in N.C.}

June 3rd, 2012 :- not a dream :- I was considering possibilities for witnessing praeternatural apparitions. I saw hovering oblate sphairoids only when I was in the shared dwelling-places of myself and the woman L.L.E. (her family-name being from northeastern AL), both in suburbs of DC and in GA; but only when she was not praesent (as also when she was not praesent were the only occasions when I saw other praeternatural apparitions, mostly nude goddesses closeup, with their backs toward me and their faces toward the wall in the cases of ones whose darksome bodies were covered with luminous orange-colored specks, and facing me in the single case, shortly before I left her, of a darksome-bodied nude goddess with no such specks). I thought (recently) that they may have chosen to appear when she was not praesent that it was inadvisable for me to remain with her (L.L.E.), perhaps on the grounds that she was quite willing to have me severely tortured (and frequently, always by having me committed to an insane "asylum" wherein such tortures were performed on inmates -- therefore she started having me thus committed not in the DC area where such would not be perpetrated, but after I had arrived at her place in GA, where such would be perpetrated). The whole situation was quite reminiscent of my father's mother's killing (with his consent, and in the praesence of their eldest son my father) my father's father in a gruesome way, probably with the intent of transforming him into a vampire. {After I had told him about our father's mother's having told me that she believed in vampires, my brother yesterday showed me pictures on his computer of her visiting (in the 1970s or 1980s?), in the company of other relatives of hers from the U.S.A., her native village in Transylvania which she had departed from to the U.S.A. in early 1914.} Praesumably various praeternatural apparitions had been summoned by her to display to him (father's father) to confirm that he could be transformed into a vampire if he would submit to being put to death my her in the praesence of their eldest son -- but, just as in my case, the apparitions may have intended to come so as to dissuade him from being put to death, though they could also be considered to commemorate it if proceeded with (just as they could be considered in my case).

Jun 9th (Satur) 2012 [during daytime] :- not a dream : When I opened the Word-document file which I had been typing the day before (which was notes from The Source Field Investigations), the image (on the monitor) was much narrower than the screen, and contracted inward (concavely) on each side (left & right). [Cf. the concave sides of the Kemetic Great Pyramid -- "HOLLOWING OF PYRAMID'S SIDES EXAGGERATED" -- on p. 126 of that book.] But when I thought of opening the book to the page (126) displaying that figure, the image on the computer-monitor automatically corrected itself [the gremlin who had been concaving the image thus indicating that reading my mind was among that gremlin's activities]. {On Wedn when Mr. (Dr.) G.R. visited the room, I had told him [in my brother S.A.R.'s praesence] that I had set out an offering to the computer in order to gratify it (meaning, of course, its gremlin), after he (G.R.) asked why the offering was there.}

c. June 12th-13th 2012 :- Dream : While I was standing, a woman was embracing me from behind me.

c. June 13th-14th 2012 :- Dream : While I was lying prone, a woman was lying prone upon my body, embracing me.

June 19th (Tue) 2012 :- not a dream : When I was reading To Kiss Earth Good-Bye, p. 37, I realized that the author was describing his own communication with the consciousness of "inert" matter is a way which might be used to abolish materialistic capitalism; then when I resolved to telephone my own relative (mother) mention this, I noticed that it was the same time as the amount that I had paid earlier in the day in the food-store (in this block), and which I had thereupon mentioned to my brother (S.A.) had been my address (rural-route box) at B., GA, decades ago. While I was telephoning, the word "Skype" within the blue band became outlined in red (something which is rare to occur, being perhaps caused by a gremlin who is thus commenting on what I am doing at the moment).

June 25th (Mon) 2012, during daytime :- not a dream : I saw (with eyen closed) the dark field filled with tiny white dots, before an automatic jerking of my body occurred (but there was no concurrent noise). [Hitherto it seems that I have (except perhaps once which I may have written up here) seen only (with eyen closed) only an irregular white splotch on the dark field, those (splotch occasions) usually being concurrent with my hearing a sudden noise (physical, from my waking environs).] {I had just been reading and taking notes from the book The Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy; so this dotted scaene may possible been intended as a telepathic image-reception of a depiction of a sky filled densely with stars. There is no mention of mental imagery being telepathically transmitted in this book; but there is in the book which I had finished reading and taking notes from just prior, namely To Kiss Earth Good-Bye, the mental images having been transmitted by a telepathizing plant.}

June 26th-27th (Tue-Wedn) 2012 :- Dream : We were apparently walking along a street, passing by (on our left) what I thought was a commemorative religious tower. While I our own meeting-room, I considered that I had just become a member of that religious society. Then (in the meeting-room all members were standing; there were no benches {as in an Eastern Orthodox religious service}) -- at one point in the religious service each person put a hand of that person on the shoulder of the person standing in front of that person -- a woman in the audience was calling for attention by the woman who was facing in front and in charge of the meeting; I thought she may be doing so on my behalf, and I expected that she might announce that I was to marry (in that religious assembly) still another woman who was a member. [Then, wondering if that was the case, I awoke.] {I may have seen at some times pictures of some religious caerimonies (South American tropical forest Indian tribal?) protographs of a procession wherein each person put that person's own hand on the shoulder of the person in front.} {This feasibility of marriage among persons joining a religious group is exemplified in the Sun Moon religion, where men recruited as members are able to marry Korean women. My brother had taken interest in that group when we were both residing in Maryland suburbs of DC shortly after the Vietnam conflict.}

June 28th-29th (Thur-Fri) 2012 :- Dream : When I was among of group of persons scheduled to move out with, our belongings, to another location, it was shown to me which room my particular belongings were located it. Af first, I saw few belongings of mine therein, but soon I began to see within the room my belongings stacked densely, so I began gathering the items which I would intend to take with me when I would move out. These items were mostly handwritten notes in manila envelopes. [Then I awoke.] {Handwritten notes in manila envelopes were the main contents of the footlocker which I brought with me when I moved into Chicago (from L., NE) in 1966; and have been my main possessions ever since.} {On the day before, I was (at my brother's urging) talking to my neighbor A.K., agreeing to help him combine contents of his rented storage -spaces.}