Dream-diary, June-Decembre 2011

Jun 3rd-4th (Fri-Satur) 2011 :- Dream : I was on an overhanging narrow shelf, so high (dozens of feet above the floor below) that I would be in danger of death (so I thought) if I were to fall; and I felt that I was too weak to crawl over the few-inches high separation to a safe area. I was thinking of calling out for someone to help pull me to safety, when suddenly there was no one around to call one. I was thinking of how I may have gotten myself into that situation. Thereupon, I felt peculiar in a way that I soon realized denoted that I was dreaming. [Then I awoke.] {Just before falling asleep, I had been reading of the author’s realizing that he was dreaming, in the book Explorations Out of the Body.}

Jun 3rd-4th (Fri-Satur) 2011 :- another Dream : I was reading some book about out-of-body experience, and noticed that its discussion of a whirlpool-experience in dreaming emphasized the vertical motion of the experiencer rather than (as I thought to be that experience’s most significant aspect) the whirling motion of the experiencer. [Then I awoke.] {The whirling experienced while descending into Tlalocan is emphasized in a book by the anthropologist Timothy J. Knab, in The Dialogue of Earth and Sky, describing his studies, as a disciple, with contemporary sorcerers in Mexico.}

Jun 10th (during daytime) 2011 :- Dream : When someone asked me whether the shamanic voyage by canoe was real, I answered that it was. {I had just been reading the book Shamanic Odyssey. The discussion about its reality may allude to Michael Harner’s ritual workshops using the same technique.}

Jun 10th-11th (Fri-Satur) 2011 :- Dream : I was typing, with my keyboard to the rear-left of where is normally is, on another desk beside the window.

Another dream, one of false awakening, later on the same night :- After awakening, I remained lying on the floor in the darkness, thinking about my praevious dream that night. Then, it suddenly occurred to me that, just as I had been dreaming then of being in my apartment, so I might be again dreaming; and that I could check out this possibility by looking out the window at the house outside. When I got off the ground and looked out the window, it did appear (though the scene was somewhat vaguer than I had expected) likely that I was dreaming. So, in order to check more accurately, I decided to go out-of-doors – when I went out from the apartment and was going down the staircase to the right, that area looked (like my dark apartment had) like as if I were awake; but as soon as I opened the door to the outside (at the bottom of the staircase), I immediately saw a scene which confirmed that I was dreaming : a irregular staircase of curved stone stairs led further down, to the outside street-level; there was a wall-less flat roof extending out of the building over a paved area to the left. [Then I awoke.] {Praeviously, the one time when I had gone out of my apartment upon realizing that I was dreaming, the wooden staircase downward to the front door, and well as the front doors themselves, had looked noticeablely different from waking life; this time these did not.}

June 15th Wedn (during daytime) 2011 :- Dream : When I was looking at figures of animal-deities depicted on the outer surface of a cylindre, I was shown to look through small holes in the cylindre in order to see the names of those deities written on the interior of that cylindre. {This may have alluded to the series of animal-deities depicted positioned helically around the outer surface of a well-known antient Peruvian jar, as reproduced in, e.g., one of David H. Kelley’s books.}

June 22nd-23rd (Wed-Thur) 2011 :- Dream : I was shewing that the left side of my left leg had a severely indented area on it, around the knee. {I had been reading, on the day immediately praeceding, on the internet, the “Daily Grail”. (The “Grail King”, known as ‘Fisher’ or ‘Sinner’ King, had a long-term injury to his leg, which required an inquiry about it from a visitor, in order to be healed. Perhaps, in suggesting to me a symbology which I could easily recognize, the deities who produced the dream may have been indicating to me that I ought to inquire some information from other dream-persons, i.e. deities, praesent there, concerning the dream, such as whether it was a dream and what caused its symbols.)}

c. June 24th-25th 2011 :- Dream : I was reading a book with several unrecognized words together, including /warrua/. {There are “Warrua of Central Africa” (Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 1 By Havelock Ellis. p. 29).}

June 26th-27th (Sun-Mon) 2011 :- Dream : I was reading in a book the statement that souls originated at “Valle Dulapar”, which I then took to be Valdupar in Colombia. {Apparently, I was thinking of /par/ as Dutch “paar” (‘pair’) as if referring to the ‘soul-double’ – as if Dutch were used there as in the Dutch Antilles, with “in Dutch” implying “in pairs”. This could also involve considering /warrua/ as Maori /wairua/ ‘soul’/. I had just been reading (while awake) some myth of animals going “whether in pairs or not” aboard an ark for the deluge.}

July 1st-2nd (Fri-Satur) 2011 :- Dream : Mr. Rudolph chauffered me, leaving me at a place with a hand-held piece of exercise-equipment (a stretch-spring). However, I thought that it would be enough exercise for me to walk home to my apartment, which was nigh. I thought of telling him that, but he drove away too soon for me to tell him. {In the waking world, on the praevious Wednesday his wife had left me at the state-capitol when she drove to the building in which my apartment is located in order to transport another protester thither.} ‘

July 3rd-4th (Sun-Mon) 2011 :- Dream : (false awakening) I woke on the ground at my sleeping-place.

July 8th Fri (during daytime) 2011 :- I was awakened by the doorbell’s ringing. But nobody was there

July 11th Mon Fri (during daytime) 2011 :- Dream : I was typing notes.

July 21st-22nd (Thur-Fri) 2011 :- Dream : I had some printed literature (labels, with colored backgrounds) which I knew would offend the government and thus make trouble for me if discovered; so I decided to discard them in a curious location. I walked, carrying them, to a public lavatory, where I put them into the wastepaper-bin. Then I was exploring to see what were in the rooms connected by doors to the lavatory; one such room contained, lined in rows, dozens of toilets to be sat upon. {I had been reading the day before a book, Out of This World, by Prof. Couliano, who was (because he had offended that government in writings which he had published) murdered (by a Roumanian government agent) on a toilet at the University of Chicago. [The name is similar to Spanish /culo/ ‘anus’.]}

c. July 27th-28th 2011 :- Dream : I was hearing a description of a semidivine being who remained living while head and trunk of body were disconnected at times.

July 30th (Satur) 2011 (during daytime) :- Dream : I was talking over the telephone (apparently with Professor G.), describing what I had been reading about the supernatural, when he said : “Suddenly, a flying saucer flew over!” Thereupon, the woman who was staying with me (who was seated in a large chair in the room, with a blanket entirely over her body, including over her head) emitted a screetching sound, apparently to indicate that she had heard what he (the Prof.) had said. I wondered how she could have heard what was being said on the other end of the telephone conversation, so I walked over to her in the chair, and made a sound to imitate her sound. (Then I awoke.) {In the waking-world, I now-a-days have speakers attached to the internet-telephone, so that it is easy for any visitor to hear what is being said on the other end of a telephone-conversation. Whenever I am calling by telephone the woman-patient (whom I often invite to come to stay with me) in the state insane-asylum, on occasions when I describe a supernatural event which I have read about, she will often make a screetching sound, to indicate that she is impressed with the event.}

July 31st-Aug 1st (Sun-Mon) 2011:- Dream : I was roaming around in a large open area (many acres), seeking a way out. I started climbing though an uprooted branching structure and found among its branches a sculptured repraesentation of Richard Nixon, in whose time, I figured, it had been constructed. Then, from an elevated position, I could see that the whole area was fenced-in, a fact which someone else confirmed. So I publically announced that I wished for someone to show me the way out of the area, and three persons, ornately clad, separately indicated that they could. One (a woman?), going with me from behind, showed to me an elaborate way out, with turnstiles of which one had a handle which had to be manipulated. Toward the end of the way out was an ae:rial staircase downward, on which I was unsure that I could balance while stepping. When I was out of that large open area, I was in what I considered to be an insane asylum or the like, where I praepared what I considered a conjuration-object to assist my escape, with one bag containing spell-objects, enclosed in a larger yellow bag, leaving it in an unoccupied room. Later (after I had escaped?) I went into a room in a building, where I was making a telephone-call, which I understood was to a foreign government, rebuking that government; thereupon I figured that that government might trace the source of the call, and send one of its murderers to the room, so I was about to depart our of that room, but paused to see if there were any papers with my name on them in the room, intending if so to take them so that the murderer would not be able to trace me further. (Then I awoke.)

Aug 1st-2nd (Mon-Tue) 2011 :- Dream : I was kissing a woman’s mouth by sucking on her lips.

Aug 2nd-3rd (Tue-Wed) 2011 :- Dream : Concerning about an understanding of a feature shamanism based on information from the Oregon Territory, Alaska, and Siberia, I was thinking that information based on a wider distribution would be needed for a more accurate understanding. (Then I awoke.)

Aug 3rd-4th (Wed-Thur) 2011 :- Dream : Having been promised money, the man who was gainer was counting out $10,000 given by the man who was giver, in front of two witnesses (while all these persons were seated on a bed); but his was only half the amount promised, and the giver kept another $10,000 cash (which was shewn), indicating as reason an assertion from some website blog by someone who wrote that it was risky to hold too much money. {I had gone to the food-store the evening before, noticing while checking out there with Cassandra, the discount.}

Aug. 12th-13th (Fri-Satur) 2011 :- Dream : I was in the bathroom of my apartment here, apparently contemplating. As I was opening more widely the bathroom-door in order to leave the bathroom, I noticed to the left of the room (which opened on the left just as in the waking-world), I noticed an appearance of the part of the body of someone apparently standing there, but as I put my head closer to the door in order to seem whom it was, I did not see anyone, realizing that if someone were standing there, that I would be able to the person’s body well; so I realized that it must be a praeternatural being. Then it made my arm, which I had put forwards in the doorway, immobile (temporarily paralyzed). So I said, repeatedly, “How dare you, ghost, grab me?” (Then I awoke.) {I had been reading, earlier in the night, (on the internet) an account of a woman’s having become paralyzed on one side of her body, by partially entering a cave occupied by praeternatural beings. http://paranormal.about.com/od/timeanddimensiontravel/a/time-travelers.htm & http://paranormal.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=paranormal&cdn=newsissues&tm=32&f=10&su=p284.12.336.ip_p504.3.336.ip_&tt=2&bt=1&bts=0&zu=http%3A//www.labyrinthina.com/void.htm That the surname of the authoress of this book, Markawasi, is DOORe, would explain the DOOR in my dream. Incidentally, the story was interesting to me on account of its resemblance to David Icke’s description of his own becoming temporarily partially paralyzed while in a cromlech (an antient stone circle) in Peru`.}

later same night, another dream : I was in a large room where food was being offered to whomever wished to accept it. Then, at the end of that, one of the men offering the food asked aloud whether anyone else wished for any more of the food, which looked at distance to include a meat stew; so I walked over and saw that item of food (seeing, however, that it was a pan set on the ground, containing maize-bread), which I asked said for to him, by saying, ‘Could I have some of that food?’ But he (who appeared to be H. R. of the Peace Resource Centre locally) said, ‘No, you cannot. I’m sorry.’ (Then I awoke.) {Earlier that night, while I was looking up the translation (from Quechua) of /marqa-wasi/, I had before seen a shorter Quechua word-list, which I had noticed included the word for ‘bread’ (/tanda/ http://wold.livingsources.org/vocabulary/37 ). This word-list is from Ecuador; I had been taking notes from a book (The Spears of Twilight) which mentioned the Quechua-speakers of Ecuador under the name “Quichua”.}

yet later, same night, another dream : While I was with other people, I was seeing on a platform lizards run about, one of which ran into my hand which was on the platform. Then, while I was looking at a different, large BLACK lizard which was remaining motionless on the platform nigh to persons who were indifferent to it, it decided to pick it up (wondering firstly whether it might attempt to bite me if I were to pick it up), which I did, intending to release it elsewhere. But then, because someone said to me, ‘Why did you pick it up?’, I placed it back on the platform. (Then I awoke.) {I had been wonder earlier that evening or night, in the context of the Odusseia, whether the island of the Abantes (‘lizard’ folk) was intended to imply a swimming lizard. I had that evening mentioned to my mother (over the telephone) that I had read in the news of the discovery of (orbiting another star) a planet more BLACK than coal, and of the discovery of swimming deinosaur (deinosaurs formerly being thought to be lizards, as my mother had told me when I was a child), namely a plesiosaur, which gave birth to a live (not in an egg) baby. Incidentally, this news story was interesting to me on account of its resembling (in having a deinosaur) the antient baked clay deinosaur images from Ica, Peru`.}

Aug. 13th-14th (Satur-Sun) 2011 :- Dream : While I was lying in a bed in a room, a woman came to lie on the right side of that bed. So, I pulled her over to lie on top of me, facing me (with a blanket between the lower halves of our bodies), and started kissing her mouth. Afterwards. after we had separately gone out of that bedroom, I met her again in another room elsewhere.

Aug 20th-21st (Satur-Sun) 2011 :- Dream : I could remember having just undergone a praesentation, together with a woman, in a large chambre in front of an audience; and as I stood there in that site of the praesentation, I was thinking of the implications (in terms of fore-ordained destiny) of its having happened. I stood there for some while, thinking to my self that the praesentation’s having happened provided safety for myself in the future (by assuring acceptance of me by the divine world which would assure salvation of one’s soul); and thinking about the fact the salvation of one’s soul is assured anyway as a part of the worthiness of a righteous person (worthy on account of the nature of that person’s soul); and that there any such caerimonial procedure expected by the community as an indication the salvation of one’s soul must therefore likewise be fore-ordained. {I had been reading during the day before (and told about that evening the implications of, when I telephoned my mother in the old-age nursing home) what amounted to a sort of proof, in the book Explorations Out of the Body, of the principle of praedestination/fore-ordainment, in terms of one’s lifespans of one’s various lifetimes being commingled together; and how that situation would be a most definite indication praedestination/fore-ordainment, if it were actually the case, even though the author of the book did not perceive it to be such a proof (but rather to be an indication of the reverse, namely absence of praedestination!).} I was thinking (during that dream) that woman who had been accompanying me during my praesentation must always have somehow been assisting me through my life (because she was a part of my fore-ordainment) even though she had not been around, nor known to, me. {I have often thought of the women with whom I have co-habited as having been fore-ordained to be with me, so as to provide (through their actions) assurance of my being fore-ordained to salvation.}

Aug 28th-29th (Sun-Mon) 2011 :- Dream : I was reading in a book the statement : “protects from the insane and degenerate physical world”.

Aug 29th-30th (Mon-Tue) 2011 :- Dream : I was thinking of the expression “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”; and in order to generalize about it, I thought that the number of angels who would actually stand somewhere would depend on the willingness of the angels to do so, and that their willingness would depend on the nature of the substance; so I said to someone, “the number of angels who could stand on a substance would depend on the substance, and so the number of angels who would stand on flowers would be greater than the number of angels who would stand on most other things”. [Then I awoke.] {The morning was by then Tuesday, the day of the planet Mars of the metal iron, pins now-a-days being made of steel/iron; and I go each day to the state capitol building carrying George W. Bush (labeled) voodoo dolls having steel pins stuck in the doll which I am using –(in order to influence politics in the District of COLUMBIA), this state-capitol likewise having the name (label) “COLUMBIA”. I expect (and say to people) the voodoo dolls to have (by means of assistance from angels) the effect of accomplishing the defeat of the Republican Party.}

Sept 2nd-3rd (Fri-Sat) 2011 :- Dream : (With my eyen closed in the dream,) I was slowly pronouncing words which came to my mind (which words, I thought, were from memories of earlier occasions when I had used them to similar effect, and were originally revelations from divine sources) in order to paralyze the evil beings which surrounded me, to hinder them from doing harm to me (I thought that their memories of the words having had similar paralyzing effects on former occasions should help the words to take effect). [Then I awoke.]

Sept 5th-6th (Mon-Tue) 2011 :- Half-asleep : I heard the statement : “Your mother will have a funeral.” (I wondered, whether it would be for herself or for someone else.)

Sept 6th-7th (Tue-Wed) 2011 :- Dream : We came into an otherwise unoccupied theatre, apparently in order to hear a woman speak there. Some of us were sitting in a curved table with curved benches area; I was looking for a place to sit there, but then I decided to sit at a place a little behind that area in the theatre. Later in the dream, I had been out-of-doors, looking as example of Roman-era architectural features. Then I was seated at a desk set atop a flight of stairs, the structure being enclosed around it by a wall, but open above to the sky. A woman was standing there with me, and I started speaking to me. Involuntarily, I said, “I was living a life in the Roman era ...” (which, I was thinking, must have referred to a praevious of life of mine). In noticed that the sky was completely covered with clouds, and that the woman was wearing clothing which was entirely the same color as the cloud (light grey). As I continued speaking to her (I thinking that I had to speak in order to reassure her that I intended no harm to her), her body vanished (except for her head, which was in the same place, now in the air), and her head started ascending into the air (I remarked of ascent into the air as I continued speaking to her) and then, a few feet higher by this time, the head became white and changed into a small cloud. [Then I awoke.] {I do not remember ever seeing clouds in the sky before in any dream. Perhaps the woman’s head’s becoming a cloud may refer to the myth of the Hellenic demi-goddess Nephele. The whiteness of the head which became cloud may refer to the name /Liban/ ‘White’ of the author Libanius [of Mt. Lebanon, which is mentioned on p. 403 of that book], whose book on SCRIBD I had referred C.F. to in a e-mail to her 2 days before, when she had asked me (the day before that, in an e-mail) about putting to sleep a dragon (my reference was to Iason, on p. 359) : she had on some praevious occasion at SofF meeting mentioned the dragon [dragons being described as rain-producing HYBRIDs in Chinese literature] which was in the sky according to the Apocalypse of St. John, being cast down (12:9) thence by archangel Michael, a name which I have referred to <arabic /MK/ ‘ruins’ (hence the examples of Roman-style architecture in the dream). The desks in the dream may have come from the table which I had mentioned to our mother the day before as having had spirit-knocks according to my brother S.A.; I was telling her that my brother recently (when he visited me) had explained that that that table was of glass – whence, perhaps the woman’s body’s becoming invisible (i.e. glasslike) in the dream. The inventors of glass were said to be the Phoinikes (having Mt. Lebanon/Liban). A woman whose body became invisible to me repeatedly (on various days, as I was standing in front of her and looking at her) was (in B., GA) Ludi, whose name is a variation of Lydia, the queen of which in mentioned in Libanius p. 23. Another reason for there having been a cloud-head in the dream was that Nephele gave birth to the HYBRID being Kentauros (“the form of his body was composed of a man and a horse”, Libanius p. 269); and 2 days earlier I had quoted and put onto the internet “on the Astral Plane ... appear to be hybrids of known animals” http://weird.00.gs/Psychic_Explorer,_3-4.htm p. 113.}

Sept 20th-21st (Tue-Wed) 2011 :- Dream : Someone asked me : “Do you minute your research?” I answered : “No.” (I was thinking of explaining why I did not write down the dates when I wrote the sorts of articles which I put onto the internet; while thinking about this, I awoke.) [I tend to think it adequate that archive.org would keep the dates (about once a month) when they post updated versions of my website; but decades ago, before advent of the internet and of my websites, I used commonly to write down such dates.] {The term “minute” is used in the signification of ‘record of a meeting’. Besides meetings of humans, there may be meetings of spirits, including meetings of evil ones (evil spirits). I had, on the evening just before, been reading the mention of “demonic spirits ... named ... powerful demons” (9th International Conference on the Study of Shamanism, p. 302) in control of Stalin’s government.}

Sept 21st–22nd (Wed-Thur) 2011 :- Dream : A woman was saying to me that some women refused to take men’s penes into their mouths. I was wondering whether she meant to contrast a woman who would take a the head of a man’s penis into her mouth, with a woman who would lick or kiss on a the stalk of a man’s penis without taking the head of the penis into her mouth. While wondering about this possible contrast (but without being able to think of what to say to the woman in response), I awoke. {Earlier in the night (after being woken by the telephone’s ringing) I had been thinking that it would be pleasant to, while I would be sucking on a woman’s vulva, be hearing while I was doing that the same woman talking constantly about women’s applying their mouths to men’s penes. This was apparently the first time that, in a dream of mine, a woman even spoke about women’s applying their mouths to men’s penes. (Never in a dream of mine, thus far, hath any woman applied her mouth to my penis nor to the penis of any male; nor have I thought of asking any woman to do so, nor have I thought mentioning the topic to any woman (nor to any man) in any dream of mine.) Recently (a few days ago) Mr Rudolph did mention to me, in the presence of his wife while they were driving me in their automobile, my interest in “oral sex; which seemed then curious for him to mention, as I had not brought up the topic in a year or more. While they were at my apartment yesterday, I did mention to them my dream of the night praevious, that I had been asked “Do you minute your research?” And Cassandra commented that this might refer to the meetings (of the S.o.F.) which we had been attending, in which minutes of the meetings are kept by a recording-clerk.}

Sept 22nd–23rd (Thur-Fri) 2011 :- Dream : I was listening to, and at the same time seeing a moving repraesentation of, what amounted to what I understood to be an alteration of potential state of affairs in my (or our) relationships to the forces operating in the spirit-world. This altered state of affairs was described (and seen) in the form of my (or our) system of relations, and I was impressed with the great degree of simplification which I understood it to entail over the praeviously-existing potential state of affairs, which had required, as I understood, a more complicated description. While I was endeavouring to consider the implications of such a drastic simplification in my (or our) relationship with the potentials of the spirit-world, and what the implied advantages of such simplification might be or become, I awoke. {The simplification of flowing-down of power from the spirit-world to me (or us) seemed to involve the setting-up (at least provisionally) a relationship with the spirit-world involving the spirit-world’s implicit trust of my (or our) motivations and intentions; so that intricate counteractions to my (or our) activities would (provisionally) no longer need to be set up routinely in the spirit-world, as had been regularly done when my (or our) motivations and intentions were not regarded as trustworthy in the spirit-world. [I had been discussing the day before, with both the man (M.G.) who had been driving me to visit the woman (J.M.) who was confined to the insane asylum, and with that woman herself, discussing what I was considering might be the potential results of my regularly expounding with them the significance of regular communications in dreams, communications through discussions carried in the dreams with the deities (dream-beings) encountered there. I was saying (to the man and woman in the waking-world) that the deities (dream-beings) would be pleased and flattered with my mentioning promptly (the next day after each dream) what had been discussed during the dream, with implications of such discussions. I gave (to the woman in the waking-world) as an example of the useless result of not discussing a dream promptly with sympathetic persons in the waking-world, the instance some months praeviously of how a woman in a dream, after kissing on me and promising to return to me thereafter never showed up in my dreams after that; I said (to the woman in the waking world) that if I were to describe (with persons ) such a dream immediately after it happened, that the goddess (dream-woman) would be suitably impressed and flattered by such a description (which the goddess could be able to hear into her location in the dream-world) to sympathetic persons the waking world, and after being so suitably impressed and flattered, the goddess would thereafter come in later dreams. (I decided that I ought to describe any significant dreams of mine to both a man and a woman in the waking-world, in order to impress any deity in the dream-world that I am describing the dream to a wide enough audience in the waking-world.)]}

Sept 28th-29th (Wed-Thur) 2011 :- Dream : In the dimness of my room, I sought to invoke spirit-forms to arrive at the door to my apartment.

Oct 5th (Wedn, during daytime) 2011 :- Dream : I was looking at, and thinking of how to arrange, tabular descriptions of deities’ divine characteristics, including headings of the tables.

Oct 5th-6th (Wedn-Thur) 2011 :- Dream : As I was retreating by walking overland, a cardinal-bird kept following, each occasion stopping (on the ground) near to where I had retreated to, so that I saw that I had to retreat further. At the last such location, I saw that the jungle lay forward and I started walking down into it, thinking to myself that the red color of the bird would be easily visible in amid the greenery of the forest; and also that it could be dangerous (due to wild animals) to walk into the forest. [Then I awoke.] {After a few weeks ago, I posted a poster of U.S. state birds in my computer-room of my apartment; I observed that the cardinal-bird was the most frequent (some 7 states) choice by states for a state-bird. I was thinking that birds are often significant in religious (including shamanic) symbolism, on account of their flying and of their singing (which latter is likewise done by humans to invoke possessing-spirits in spirit-possession caerimonies in Africa and elsewhere); I was encouraged to mention (including to my mother, by telephone, and to others) that I had posted the poster and that music and singing are so employed in caerimony; and I was saying (by telephone) that my continuous playing of recorded music on my computer (which I had begun doing in recent days) could attract deities by providing entertainment for the deities. I had also said (by telephone) that the deities send dreams according to a person’s interests; and was wondering to myself whether those deities would acknowledge their interests in birdlike activities by sending to me a pertinent dream. Yesterday (during the weekly Wednes rally in front of the state-capitol building) one male participant was telling about ballgame teams (Cardinals being of the many ballteam-names) to J.R.’s wife Cassandra, while I was thinking that this was rather inappropriate to our protest. But J.R. was telling me (at that rally) about confrontational – against the state and foederal governments – developments of protests during the Vietnam war. (One night, years after the Vietnam war had ended, I dreamt of being in what I thought during the dream was Vietnam.)} {I see that I had arrived, in note-taking, up to just before the mention (on p. 34 of Foundations of Daoist Ritual) of “retreat” from the praesence of a “golden” bird – the visible result of (suspension of) powdered gold in water or in molten glass being red (like, e.g., a cardinal-bird).}

Oct 11th-12th (Tue-Wed) 2011 :- Dream : At the University library, I was read small secret notices posted by anti-governmental student activists, to the effect that personal electronics computer-devices ought to be so configured as to have their radio-signals blocked from being interfered with by the governmental electronic snooping-spying system in operation at the university.

Oct 20th (Thur, during daytime) 2011 :- Dream : I was reading, with the intention of taking written notes from, a book on spirit-possession.

Oct 20th-21st (Thur-Fri) 2011 :- Dream : As I was walking in a corridor of an aedifice, I starting thinking to myself that it made no difference in which direction I would walk or how far, because in whatever way I might travel, I would arrive after a while at whatever destination that might be seeking to arrive at; thinking that the variety of appearance that might be among corridors such as that one was merely illusory, the apparent differences repraesenting identicalities anyway. At that point of events, I saw in the hall a body-size upright mirror, which I was at first thinking of as a symbolic repraesentation of this innate identicality (since various mirror can reflect an identical reflection); but then I realized that I had read that a mirror seen in a dream can avail entry into another dream-world; and realized that I was then dreaming; so I determined to gaze into the mirror in order to achieve the supposedly potential effect of a mirror-in-a-dream ability to enable entry into another world. I held onto the mirror and gazed into it, expecting to view at first a reflection of my body; but saw in it merely a reflection of my face, and at that somewhat vague. Then the image in the mirror changed to as to look like unto a pattern of flakes or scales. While I looked at this, I awoke. {I do not remember ever having seen a mirror, nor a reflection, in a dream prior to this.} (Earlier in the same dream, I had been about to walk down a staircase in that aedifice, when I noticed, on the staircase-landing below a grey-clad person, somewhat indistinctly seen, whom I wondered might be the same as man who shortly before was making some difficulty for me – so, instead of my walking down the staircase, I called to the person below if that person was someone known to me, and asked the person to identify who that person was; but there was no response from the same.)

Nov 3rd-4th (Thur-Fri) 2011 :- Being woken : I was woken by a [praeternatural?] high-pitched pinging sound.

Nov. 5th-6th (Satur-Sun) 2011 :- Dream - I fled down a steep declivity, from being pursued by agents of the government; I did not expect that they would continue to pursue over such difficult terrain. [another dream, in the same night :] I was looking at maps shewing to various tribal regions whence persons had fled from (European colonial) governments, as well as those maps shewing the districts whither such refugees had successfully fled. [Thereupon I awoke.]

[a still-later dream, after falling to sleep again in the same night :] We who had hidden out in various places as secret defiers against oppression by governments, now felt it safe to display publically objects which were tokens of our having opposing those governments; so I was seeing such other defiers (similar to myself) likewise display such objects.

Nov. 24th-25th (Thur-Fri) 2011 :- Dream : (After at first reading about or being told about doing so?,) I had walked out to a field carrying a partridge, and wish to have it together with a pheasant which I saw there in the field. So, I thought to, and did, put the partridge down in the field beside the pheasant. Then the partridge (which must have been male) started having sexual intercourse (from behind, as animals do) with the pheasant (which must have been female). This process surprised me, for I thought that birds of different species would not have sexual intercourse with each other. Then I saw the partridge had become a two-winged squirrel, which was standing on the pheasant; and next it (the two-winged squirrel) had become an ordinary (wingless) squirrel, at yet standing on the pheasant. {There is a Norse myth of the squirrel-deity Rata-to,sk (‘Rat-Tusk’), and another Norse of a bird standing on another bird; which latter myth I had noted (decades ago, in Chicago) as resembling the bird standing on another bird in the primordial myth of the Adi-Puran.a (cited in, if I remember, Yoga, Immortality and Freedom by Mircea Eliade who was then at the University of Chicago, and whom I saw there). There is, in New Guinea, a species of gliding squirrel, the so-called “flying fox”, which is also mentioned in myths there.} Later, in the same dream, I had gone walking with two women along a street in town, and when we turned in walking onto another street to the left, a sprinkle of rain started falling on us (and on the town) : when it started, I expected us to become soaking wet, but the rain did not last long enough for that. {I do not remember ever before experiencing any rainfall in any dream. I had, however, been for the last several weeks talking (in the waking world, over the telephone to both my mother in North Carolina and to the woman whom I frequently telephone who is in the local state insane asylum) about (especially ever since having seen in a dream a few weeks ago the sky’s being covered over with clouds) my wish to experience in dreams the events (namely, wind and rain) leading up to a lightning-storm.} Later (in what could be considered as the same dream), I was walking with two women (apparently ones different from just with me before) down a (apparently the same) street in town, making a turn (apparent the same one) to the left, when I remembered having shortly ago walked in the same sort of path, and (thinking that the praevious walking must have been a dream) I started describing to them that I had dreamt of having walked in the same way before (likewise turning to the left) with two women, and also started describing to them (I considering them to be two women-employees of a state insane asylum wherein I was a trustee-inmate, and our duty then being to transport some commodities into that state insane asylum) my having dreamt of having carried a partridge to a field to set it beside another partridge-like but slightly different species of bird, of which I said that I could not remember that other species’s name. One of those two women answered by saying that there was no other species resembling a partridge. Then, while striving to remember the name and saying that another similar species was the quail but that quail was not the actual species, I awoke. {When I was a child in Beirut, I once asked my parents whether a “peasant” (I having heard the word mentioned in school) was the same as a “pheasant”, and my father said that they were different.}

end of Nov or beginning of Dec :- Dream : I was in an area which I saw, while I looked at it, increasingly covered with stumps (cut flush with the ground) of trees, which I considered must have been very recently cut, for they showed no sign of decay nor even of discoloration due to aging/weathering. I was rather dismayed by the sight of such slaughtered bodies (the stumps), and sough to depart from the area, but the only way out (without walking over the stumps themselves), to the left, would be up inclined slopes (which appeared to be roofs, perhaps over houses inset into the ground); but even at that, the slope most nigh (and the only one which I could reach without walking over the closely-arranged cluster of stumps to the left, was to its (the roof’s) left adjoined by a deep and very steep notch (in the roof) separating it from the continuation of the roof further to the left – that notch being too steep to be climbed out of if climbed down into. [Wondering what to do, I then awoke.] {I could not afterwards think of any recent event in my waking life which matched this episode of tree-stumps; so I did not at first write it down (also because the slaughtered trees seemed an unpleasant topic). However, at a somewhat later date, on Dec 8th, I did happen to read an account of an Amerindian personal dream about a tree-stump, in the “Sharing and Interpreting Dreams” by Barbara Tedlock, in Dream Cultures, p. 97 : “At this point in her dream she finds a pine stump, digs up all its roots [digging up a tree-stump being a task required of the speaker in one of Carlos Castan~eda’s books], strips off the rotten parts, binds them all together, and carries them home.”}

Dec. 6th-7th (Tue-Wedne) 2011 :- Dream : I was reading a printed statement about how to achieve understanding of the signification of a scenario by contemplating (imagining) a scene to the right of that scene and involving a higher vantage-point wherefrom to view the scenario. [After waking and thinking over this advice, I went to sleep again, and had another, repeating the same advice :] Dream : I was reading a printed statement about how to achieve understanding of the signification of a scenario by contemplating (imagining) a scene to the right of that scene, this time in the form of a bulleted (numbered) list of some five items, of which the most rememberable was the statement was that elevated point to the right would be to the west, and that it would be one of a range of mountains. [Then I awoke.]

Dec 12th-13th (Mon-Tue) 2011 :- While exiting dream : I heard Mr. G.R.’s voice saying my name, “Mike”.

Dec 14th-15th (Wedne-Thur) 2011 :- Dream : I had been relaxing during the night in the somewhat dim set of rooms in my sector of a house, when I heard someone else arrive in the house, and I wondered whether I ought to call out saying that I was hearing that person arrive, if I would wish to hear a response. But I did not call out; and then I felt energetic enough to go over to my computer for typing on an open Word document – but when I tried typing, the computer screen, which appeared, like everything else in the room, a pale whitish color (as though the room where mist-filled), causing by its appearance for me to wonder whether I might be dreaming – then when it (the computer-monitor) would not respond to my typing on the keyboard, I decided that it must indeed be a dream. {More than once in recent days in the waking-world, my computer has suddenly refused to respond while I was typing on the keyboard on Word document which I had been already typing on, and the computer thus refusing to respond for some minutes (even when no other screens were open on the computer monitor). In each case this was when I was endeavouring to copy a particular dramatic situation of manifestation of a spirit’s praesence, as described in the book whence I was copying the passage (each such passage to be copied being about spirit-possession/mediumship). I had later described (via telephone) these episodes to my mother as instances of a gremlin indicating thus that gremlin’s awareness of the dramatic spirit-manifestation episode which I was endeavouring to copy.} I decided that the person who had arriven in the night must have been my sister, and I decided to walk out of the house, in order to determine what sorts of differences would be seen outside of the house, remembering that each time when I had gone out of the house during dream (all such cases having been only in recent months/years, I never having gone out of the house during any realizations of dreaming over the decades praeviously) some oddness had been noticeable about the out-of-house scenery. In order to go out of the house, I had to walk by the suite of room now occupied by, supposedly, my sister. {This might refer to the one time in Ci.Pi. (late 1950s?) when I walked through my sister’s room (adjoining mine) while she was asleep in bed (she being 10 or 11 years’ old).} Walking through, I thought the exit to the house was a door to the right, but that proved to be a bathroom; when I next tried a door straight forwards, that door opened onto a porch (exposed to the outside of the house), which I walked onto. {This could remind of a dream which I had some months ago, wherein I walked out of the house onto a porch; but that porch had a staircase leading to the sidewalk below, whereas on this occasion I did not see any staircase leading down; the porch (which was wide and wide-across) was in this praesent case enclosed by a low wall (less than waist-high) instead.} Then I awoke; it was a little after midnight. {Mr. Ge.Ru. had been describing that evening just past that he had read an account purportedly describing an exercise enabling one to recognize in a dream that one is dreaming. I was thinking while he was saying that, that a more effective way (than a solo exercise, which was what he was describing) would be to talk with someone about a wish to achieve dream-recognition; and so I told him then that a discussion aiming at achieving recognizing a dream while dreaming ought to involve referring to dreaming as being in the divine world, the dream-persons as deities; and that Amerindians often described dream-persons, including talking animals, as deities, in their accounts of their dreams.}

Dec 21st-22nd (Wed-Thur) 2011 :- Dream : Seeing a man on a motorcycle, I also began to drive another motorcycle alongside of his. But then I noticed that the steering seemed to use a left-right reversal, and I thought of how difficult it had been to learn the left-right reversal in shaving by mirror, and thought that my inexperience in this could easily result in an accident, so I spoke telling the man that I intended to cease driving, and I asked how to stop the motorcycle. {Mention of left-right reversal in astral projection I had just read of the evening before (in Astral Odyssey, p. 121). Also, the evening before while Ca.Fr. was driving me in her automobile, she mentioned that she saw that a man on a bicycle [whom we had just warned minutes before of the dangerousness of driving at night without reflectors (as I had said) and headlights (as Sa.Wi. – she had been at our protest – had said)], had encountred an accident on the same street. He had had a stuffed monkey on the bicycle, so I told Ca.Fr. that he may also have had a “monkey on the back” in the way of a drug-addiction; she laughed.}

Dec 25th-26th (Sun-Mon) 2011 :- Dream : I saw a series of stone blocks laid along the ground, apparently as stepping-stones, with the first such block having atop it a (small) doghouse-sized solid (no internal cavity for an animal to reside in) stone model of a house (including gabled roof) lying on its side. Then I heard as an explanation of this series of stone blocks that a woman had made them as 7 in number. {After I awoke, I remembered that the 7th prime # is 17, and that the sail of 17th divine boat (in Gilbertese [Micronesia] mythology) is named for a net’s mesh; and, thinking of the cubic {cf. /Ka<Bah/} blocks as being a 3-dimensional representation of the square meshes of a net, I thought that this dream could be a divine indication of the prime series (recursion) beginning with 7 may be regarded as of aequal importance as that beginning with 2; and that likewise the other primeth recursions may likewise be, so I wrote them down; and 2 days later found them already listed as A007821 (& as A088982) at The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. I figured that a net could repraesent a co-ordinate system, such that a distortion of the net could repraesent a distortion of space such as would be generated by a warp-drive; and that warp-drives may be used on higher planes-of-existence to achieve cosmic travels (such as in “astral projection”).} In the dream, it puzzled me that the stone model of the house was (atop the stone block) resting (to its right side) on its eafes (an on its left side on the edge of the house’s base). {Eafes (and rooves generally) are usually tiled with overlapping (like unto fishes’ scales) tiles; and I read in Astral Odyssey (after or before I dreamed this dream?) about the tiled roof seen in a dream.}