Dream-diary, January-June 2011

Jan 11th-12th (Tue-Wedne) 2011 – Dream :- I was told to touch each place which was marked on the rear side of a woman’s body (she was clothed; the places were from her leg to her head); so I did, with my hand, moving upwards on the places on her body. (I understood that she usually charged men money for handling her body; although she was having me touch her body for free.) [Then I awoke.]

Jan 17th-18th (Mon-Tue) 2011 – Dream :- I was seeing a small, open-at-the-top, 4-wheeled vehicle start moving, driving itself without a human driver, and turning its own steering-wheel; so that I thought to tell about this spectacle.

Jan 19th (Wedne, during daytime) 2011 – Dream :- I was reading a book, which mentioned the title of another book, Studies of Critical Zen and Critical Bon ... .

Jan 22nd (Satur, during daytime) 2011 – Dream :- I was undergoing what I expected to be a mystical treatment by a man practitioner. He suddenly started cutting (with a razor-blade) at the skin in my chest (just below my neck), so that I realized this was an African-style initiation by scarification (though I had not been told in advance that that was what it would be); in order to keep from also having my finger cut, I removed it from my chest (where it had been touching). The cutting was being performed horizontally, and when the cutting had gone all the way around, it was continued in spiral-fashion. [Then I awoke. Afterwards, I fell asleep again, and I dreamt that :] I was writing the account of what I had just dreamt (about the cutting-scarification), and was a little perplexed about an oddity of my written description of it. [Then I awoke again, and was wondering about what it had been that was odd about what I had been writing; if was while I was wondering about this that I realized that I had be dreaming while I was writing. (I apparently never before dreamt of writing up the description of one of my dreams.)] {Earlier in the morning (before that dream) [I had been taking notes from The Convoluted Universe, Book 3, on “shells” of former lives when, upon my seeking to search on the internet on the topic], my computer had started refusing to obey my commands on the Word Program : refusing to lower the screen, refusing to raise the screen on the (already open) internet-connection, and refusing to close either; until at length it closed out onto a blank screen (without icons) for a while -- I figured then, as I tend to do in such circumstances, that it was some mind-reading computer-gremlin at work. Perhaps it was some associate of the same gremlin that made me think, during the ensuing sleep-and-dream, of writing up the dream. [Incidentally, after the computer started functioning regularly again, the first article I found was a book by a woman in Charleston, SC, having to do with that topic.]}

Jan 23rd-24th (Sun-Mon) 2011– Dream :- I was playing, an on the sound-system from my computer, an internet recording of what I understood to be a Japanese performance of a religious chant in Samskr.ta. I wondered whether the persons in the adjoining apartments could hear the chants which I was playing.

Jan 25th -26th (Tue-Wedne) 2011– Dream :- I was rubbing on a woman’s naked body (her back or buttocks). {I had for the last 2 days been telling (over the telephone) the woman (J. Morgan) whom I regularly telephone at the state hospital, that I wished to dream of rubbing (massaging) on woman’s body; and that I had been forgetting to remember to do so in my dreams; and that doing so would be appreciated by a woman in my dreams; that such a woman could assist me after my death.}

Another Dream (same night, after having been awake between the dreams) :- I heard Iran mentioned as a country “perceived as advancing the Devil.” {I had often told (by telephone) the same woman (J. Morgan) that it would be advantageous to laud the Devil; I had in mind (at least) to tell that Iran was a country where in Devil is glorified.}

Jan 28th (Fri, during daytime) 2011 : Semi-asleep :- I was thinking of general quaestions about philosophy, and seeing in response printed answers.

Jan 28th -29th (Fri-Satur) 2011 :Dream :- I was wondering whether dessert items on display were intended for any guests who might care for them. Items of left-over food were being tossed (to be caught by recipient) from behind a counter; a woman said to me to bless it; so when I caught an item, I said “Bless”. Then, she was telling the other people around that I had blessed to food which I had caught. I was thinking that it was not unusual for me to be saying that sort of thing. {A few days earlier, I had told Mr. Rudolph’s wife C. that when I had been in the protest-line at the state-capitol most recently, when a young man passerby (he was in a prayer-group there) had told me, “God bless you”; I had answered, “The Devil bless you”.}

Feb 4th-5th (Fri-Sat) 2011 :Dream :- I heard my nickname being called; I answered “Yeah”, and then awoke from answering.

Feb 13th -14th (Sun-Mon) 2011 :Dream :- I was discussing with another person differences between mentions of the “land of the dead” two books which I was looking at.

Feb 24th-25th (Thur-Fri) 2011 :Dream :- While I was beside a nude woman, I pointed at her vulva, and said to her : “I would like to stick my prick into there.”

Mar 11th-12th ((Fri-Sat) 2011 :Dream :- I started to return, walking along a path, to fetch an object which I figured I had left behind; but it seemed to me that the path was different from that which I had taken to reach where I was, though I was unsure of this due to its now being in the dark of night.

Mar 21st-22nd (Mon-Tue) 2011 :Dream :- I was reading about large-scale disinformation about UFOs, and wondering about how to expose it.

Mar 28th (Mon, during daytime) 2011 :- Not a dream : Immediately after Startup-Repair (System-Restore), my computer required a decad of (10) consecutive “Start Normally” episodes before being able to open. [The largest number of consecutive episodes before being able to open praeviously had been 4.] This may have been the gremlin’s comment to me about my having attempted to pause (from being about to quote the passage in Projectiology on techniques for exiting from one’s body while alive) in order to telephone (via Skype) my relative (mother) – the computer first refused to connect Skype (rejecting my usual password), then the computer refused to function altogether (hence the restart). [I then wondered whether the # 10 indicated the 10 Tlaloque (in Borgia 27-8) & the 10 Spirot.]

Mar 30th-31st (Wed-Thur) 2011 :Dream :- In a discussion-group, a man said “Democracy cannot “develop” historically. I agreed, saying to him : “Democracy can exist when, as among the antient Greeks, there are multiple gods, polytheism; but where there is monotheism, tyranny of one god, there can be no democracy.”. Then, next he was saying that poisons ought not be used in medical practice as supposed “cures”; and I spoke to him, agreeing with him. [Apparently he was referring to the historic period in European medical practice, in the 18th to early 19th centuries, when mercury, arsenic, and lead were commonly praescribed by the usual officially-approved medical doctors as supposed “cures”.] I was saying to him that poisons ought not to be praescribed [as they often are, in so-called “chemotherapy”] as supposed cures for cancer, but that, rather, “milder cures should be given” instead. [Then I awoke.]

April 2nd-3rd (Sat-Sun) 2011 :- Dream : While I was lying prostrate on the floor, I noticed that to my right, along a horizontal pole parallel with my body, a bag was sliding forwards and backwards, a process which I attributed to a praeternatural cause. Then (no longer seeing the room, and as if in the process of awakening) I saw a sort of diagram with more connection at its centre than along its periphery; I wished to see this effect more aequalized, so I did see that, until the diagram appeared as tiled throughout. [Then I awoke.] {In the waking-world, my body was indeed lying prostrate on the floor, with to my right (in the closet) a horizontal rod-pole with clothing hanging from it.}

April 9th-10th (Sat-Sun) 2011 :- Dream : Because I had read (in the dream) that a person ought to shake hands with the other person’s same hand, I was wondering whether that implied crossing-over the hands when simultaneously shaking both of them with both of someone else’s (but then, we did not cross then for a specific double hand-shaking with a man whom I was to do so with). [Then I awoke.] {This quandary may have been related to my having read a few days before, in a book on the internet about “projection of the astral body”, that to see a reflection of one’s body in a mirror [mirror’s causing a reversal of left-&-right] during a dream will enable “astral projection”.}

April 10th–11th (Sun-Mon) 2011 :- Dream : I was in a quandary, wondering whether to alter, in the notes which I had been taking (in the same dream) from a book, whether or not I ought to alter the format from sentences each with a pair of quotation marks around each sentence, to the format of only one pair of quotation marks (at the beginning and ending of the series of sentences), with ellipses between the sentences. [Then I awoke.] {This is the type of quandary which I have often been in whilst taking (typing up) notes from the book (about “projection of the astral body”) which I am now taking notes from, entitled Projectiology.}

April 16th (Satur) 2011 (during daytime) :- I was woken by a voice calling, “Look!” [Awakening, I asked aloud, “What do you mean, “Look!”?”]

April 23rd (Satur) 2011 (during daytime) :- I was woken by [a spirit’s voice imitating] the voice of my mother calling, “Michael”.

May 3rd-4th (Tue-Wedne) 2011 :- Dream : I was looking at the local singeress (S.W.), who had what looked like sound-amplifying equipment outside the eatery beside the foreign students’ centre (a couple of blocks hence) at the local university; I assumed that she was intending to perform singing there. Authorities from that eatery made some remark (about having to “work” [“work out”, i.e. arrange] travel?), which I first took to imply that the place would not available for her to sing in then; but upon my thinking over the remark I decided that it could mean that they were intending to arrange the space for her to perform there by moving out some other function from there. [Then I awoke.] {I had been mentioning in the evening praeceding that I would like to hear singing in my dreams; and that I would like to attract deities who could praesent singing in my dreams. I had said that I would be necessary to discuss this while awake, praeferably with one’s relatives, in order to induce such dreams.}

c. May 4th-5th 2011 :- Dream : I was thinking that it would be desirable to hear music. [Then I awoke.]

May 10th (Tue) 2011 (during daytime) :- Dream : I had gone into a building owned by a Christian religious group, and done something there which would attract their attention I noticed that they were about to arrive from their closeby office. I started to exit the building which I was in before they could arrive, when I noticed that I was unclothed. So, I re-entered and found my clothing, of which I was about to start putting on the underwear when I heard them knocking on the door. Instead of answering, I went into a lavatory to dress. {A day or so earlier, I was telling Mr. Rudolph that any exorcism (of which he suggested a Christian style) might cure him of his inability to breathe normally (apnea) at night. [He hath mentioned in the past dreams of being embarrassingly naked.]}

May 10th-11th (Tue-Wed) 2011 :- Dream : Knowing that it was a dream, I was looking up at the ceiling, seeing rapidly-changing patterns there : I thought that this type of dream came from contemplating types of meditation. {I had been reading recently from the book Astral Dynamics, including the author’s mentioning his noticing the texture of the walls while he passed through them in his astral body.}

May 12th-13th (Thur-Fri) 2011 :- Dream : I was thinking that I were to continuously make the right choices among available statements, insects would refrain from biting me. {I had been taking notes the day before from the book Fragments of Lappish Mythology, including mention of an animal’s “bite”. Also, emmets had been waking me by biting me.}

May 19th (Thur) 2011 (during daytime) :- Dream : Because there were series of erect poles in the roadway, the omnibus in which I was being driven was traveling alongside the far left side of the roadway, and when a group of young children were on that side, the omnibus was driven further to the left, so that it was traveling along on unoccupied non-road land; other passengers on the omnibus asked whether the omnibus had missed the young children. Then, further ahead, several adults were reclining on the land; so the omnibus was driven still further to the left. [Then I awoke.]

May 28th (Satur) 2011 (during daytime) :- Dream : We, including Prof. Emer. Gurr and his wife, were in a house. She told a told ridiculing some doctrine in which he believed. Without saying anything to her, he walked out of the house. I followed him, saying : “She was telling a joke. Everyone likes jokes.” [Then I awoke.] {I have myself had to tell him that I disapproved of one of his favorite authors, Jaynes on the “bicameral mind”.}

May 28th (Satur) 2011 (during daytime) :- another Dream : I repeatedly climbed onto an outdoor wall (which was covered on top minutely with names, which I took to be religious and to have been written by myself) in order to make religious proclamations. While not on the wall, I was repeatedly attempting to influence, by clapping my hands, places in a corridor occupied by me, which I took to be occupied by a spirit-force.

May 28th-29th (Satur-Sun) 2011 :- Dream : I and other persons (they were standing on a knoll which I was at the foot of) were out-of-doors in twilight, when I noticed in the sky above them a dull-reddish roundish spot. After a which this spot changed into a horizontally-elongated (irregular oval) whitish area (perhaps 15 degrees long horizontally, and 5 degrees wide), which slowly moved to the left (counterclockwise) in the sky, before its vanishing. One of the persons on the knoll was speaking (while the object was in the sky) of seeing the “galaxy”, perhaps meaning the object which I was seeing. Afterwards, I went into a room with other people who had some printed literature, which I was looking at to see whether the literature contained any prophecy mentioning the object. Still later, I was in a room with other persons holding a meeting, and I asked whether anyone there had seen the object; their responses were not about evidently what I had asked. {I had just been told (the day before) of the recent (on the 19th) death of Prof. Emer. David H. Kelley. (The glow in the sky might have supposedly repraesented a caelestial manifestation of his released soul, since he was muchly interested in astronomical manifestations in religions.) (I thought afterwards that the 9-day interlude might have represented the 9-day MesoAmerican cycle for the deities of the 9 netherworlds.}

May 29th–30th (Sun-Mon) 2011 :- Dream : I was continuously writing, adding to a list of divine characteristics, such that (so I thought) each time that I made such an addition, the list would itself automatically add another, complementary or supplementary, divine characteristic.

[No dream recorded for June 2011]