Dream-diary, July-Decembre 2010

Jul 6th-7th (Tue-Wedne) 2010 :- - Dream :- “I saw that numerous lianas along a fence had been cut, supposedly by Mr. Rudolph. {In waking life, lianas along a fence were cut in the yard of the house wherein I am residing, a few months ago. Mr. Rudolph had cut live lianas growing on trees at his place, a few years earlier.} I was viewing what was thought to be Mr. Rudolph’s place, where (and this episode may have also occurred in some other dream, months or years earlier) numerous live trees had been cut down (somewhat to my dismay). Also I saw long-dead trees, which I understood that Mr. Rudolph intended to have cut down, left standing there. {In waking life, one dead tree was left standing at Mr. Rudolph’s place} One such dead tree had at its top a branch reaching over to where I was, on building, some storeys aloft – I thought that I hoped that no one who might venture to cut down the dead tree in sections, beginning at the top (which I thought was planned), would be so fooling as to venture to walk from where I was along that branch. {In waking life, Mr. Rudolph had gone, transporting his mother’s corpse, which was scheduled to be interred that day (July 7th). The Bon religion, which considereth snags (dead trees) sacred, is much-concerned with rites for the dead.}

Jul 7th -8th (Wedne-Thur) 2010 :- - Dream :- I saw, among a list of authors of some doctrine, the name “Najime”. {perhaps intended as a Japanese form of the <arabic name “al-Nadim”?}

Jul 11th-12th (Sun-Mon) 2010 :- Dream :- I was reading an account of a new religious philosophy (supposedly from Ecuador), wherein the names of the superposed heavens were said to be taken from local (archaeological?) site names. Those names were unfamiliar to me, containing vowel-hiati (such as “Maroai”?).

Jul 13th-14th (Tue-Wedne) 2010 :- Dream :- I was (with others) in a very large chambre repraesenting access to the various religious philosophy. I made sure to bolt (repeatedly) the door labeled Christianity, so that Christianity would have no access to our organization. (While I was doing this I was thinking about the viciousness of Christianity.)

Jul 16th-17th (Fri-Satur) 2010 :- Dream :- At a place (ossuary) containing reliquaries with remains of the dead, Mr. Rudolph chose a small hollow container (which apparently held ash) and a large box, which he opened, disclosing a human-type skull which was so large, long, and thick that I thought to myself of telling him that he must have made the wrong choice, that such a skull could not have been of anyone whom (while living) he could have known of personally. Then he put the skull, as yet in its box, into an upper niche.

July 23rd (Fri) 2010 (during daytime) : Not a dream :- When I was ready to open Dreamweaver for uploading a new introduction to my main website (00.gs), the introduction to quote the website stating that OLP (“ordinal linguistic personification”) is due to operations by “Time Lords”, then the Dreamweaver opened itself automatically without by opening it, as if under the influence of the saints who had achieved the OLP.

Jul 23rd-24th (Fri-Satur) 2010 :- Dream :- A woman who had been (reputed to be) renting herself out to be felt, through her clothing, by men (with their hands) stood nude before me : the regions of her body which would be covered (when clothed) with a bikini were all darkened; she said to me, that those regions were so darkened by being bruised by men’s squeezing them (through her clothes, when clad). But then, she appeared again with the corners (to my left, facing her front) of those regions not darkened, so I approached her closely to view those regions in order to figure out how they could have suddenly lost their darkness, and I realized that the darkening was not induced by any bruising, but was instead (as I told her forthwith) by a dark “icing”, a dark “frosting” (such as a cake may be covered withal) [so that the regions which had come to lack the darkening had simply undergone their icing/frosting being wiped off my her]. Next, she indicated for me to lick on the corners which had come to lack the icing/frosting; which I did (lower region first, upper region next). (Then I awoke.) {It hath for long seemed curious to me that it is illegal (in the United States, and perhaps in all other countries where “prostitution” is illegal) for women to rent themselves out for their bodies to be felt on by men, even through their clothes. “Prostitution” is apparently so defined (by “case-law”, not by “statute-law”, which provideth no particular definition) as including any touching by a man of a woman’s body (other than touching or holding her hand with his, which is seldom seen in public, however).}

Jul 24th-25th (Satur-Sun) 2010 :- Dream :- I heard a statement that there was a man who was about to join our organization at the location where I was, which man was said to believe in redincarnation [metempsychosis] of souls. I was thinking that at the moment when I would be introduced to him, that I ought to congratulate him for that belief, explaining at that time that I was congratulating him for that belief because I had the same belief myself. Next, I was thinking that if I had any article which I could give away to him, that I ought to give such away to him as soon as I would meet him, giving as explanation that my giving him a gift was a token of my agreeing with him as to redincarnation of souls – and that I ought not to give such a gift through another, intermediary, person, because that other person might neglect to transmit the message of the reason why I was sending the gift being mutual belief in redincarnation. I was also thinking about what a great divine reward, awarded by the deities, there would be provided for me on account of my rendering congratulations to another person on account of that person’s believing in redincarnation of souls – how surely such congratulations would receive divine attentions as a worthy action. (Then, apparently on account of my thinking so much about this, I awoke.)

Jul 25th-26th (Sun-Mon) 2010 :- Dream :- I was reading lists of writings about flying saucers, by 2 authors. [I may possibly have been explaining earlier in the dream why it is necessary to worship the god who hath horns on his head, hath a tail, and holdeth a pitchfork in his hand. If so, I may have been referring to Yama-antaka.]

c. Jul 28th-29th :- Dream :- I had found to internet weblinks which I was intending to add to my website.

Jul 29th-30th (Thur-Fri) 2010 :- Dream :- There was a warning of a potential earthquake, so I went outside of the building onto the courtyard, to a distance such that if the building were to collapse, it could not fall to that distance, and sat on a low ornamentation of the courtyard there. Next, I went back into the building to advise persons to leave out of the building so as to evade the danger. I had some handwritten notebooks which I was ready to carry out of the building with us; but when I was considering also to load some printed materials on a handcart for moving out at the same time, I awoke by thinking so much about that.

Aug 1st (Sun) 2010 (during daytime) :- Dream :- I was reading the original text of an inscription (on stone, in English) which, which had been partially obliterated, supposedly by political opponents.

Aug 3rd (Tue) 2010 (during daytime) :- Dream :- We were discussing the feasibility of using spirit-possession to promote pacifism.

c. Aug 5th : not a dream :- After having been told of the viewing of a flying saucer (by Paul R. Solem & Crummitt) which changed from red to purple, I happened to read the next day (in The Greek Myths) of a bird (the ciris) which was red and purple.

Aug 10th-11th (Tue-Wedne) 2010 :- Dream :- I was saying to my mother that some people thought that the attainment of sarva-jn~ata (‘omniscience’, in Samskr.ta) required yoga. I was about to explained that yoga would not be required, actually, for it, when I awoke.

Aug 18th-19th *(Wedne-Thur) 2010 :- Dream :- I was told of a new method involving marking each thumb with 2 lines on its side; but I remarked that I had elsewhere found out that the allusion regarding such was to cuts being made on each thumb for insertion of a narcotic drug, and (I remarked) that since such a practice was repraehensible, allusions to it ought not to be routinely taught, lest the practice become widely adopted. (Also some other narcotic-promoting scheme was likewise suggested, which I likewise decried.)

Aug 23rd (Mon) 2010 (during daytime) :- Dream :- With room, there was a woman lying in a bed, to whom I said that when she departed from the city she ought to write to me to indicate whither she had gone; but then, I thought that I must have mistaken her for another woman with whom I was well-acquainted (and supposedly with whom I had had sexual relations), and said so, that I had mistaken her for another woman. Next, a woman said, in the presence of Mr. Rudolph, that he (Mr. Rudolph) required for her to suck on his penis, which she said that she enjoyed doing to him. (Upon hearing this, I was thinking that it might be rude for a man to insist to a woman on the woman’s sucking on his penis; while I was thinking this, I awoke.)

Aug 23rd-24th (Mon-Tue) 2010 :- Dream :-I was in a large room with women standing in it, and I started kissing on the mouth of a woman who was standing there. Another woman remarked about this, saying that a man ought to determine that a woman is not married before having any sexual relations with her. I continued kissing the same woman whom I was already kissing, and thought to myself that such a requirement would be unnecessary, that it would not make any difference whether a woman was already married to some other man, as to whether she was to have relations with any man who might come long. {I had read, the evening before, in the book Spirit Possession in Judaism (p. 135), of adultery by a man with a married woman’s being punishable.}

Aug 24th-25th (Tue-Wedne) 2010 :- Dream :- I had earlier visited the isolated building in which was staying a woman who was associated with other persons whom I had been around (in the dream). I had been walking to another place, when I thought to return to that building to determine whether the same woman was still there; outpacing, on the walkway to the building, someone else who was also starting toward it, I entered the same building alone, and started looking into its various chambres in order to detect whether the same woman who I had met before there was still there. I thought that the toilet-chambre might be a likely place for her to possibly be at, so I opened the door to it, and noticed in one of the toilet-stalls inside it (similarly to a public toilet-chambre) the woman was sitting. I then closed the door to the toilet-chambre, so as not to disturb her further. (Then the dream finished.) {I had read a day earlier, a passage in Extraordinary Anthropology (p. 400) : “When I came out of a restroom stall, I passed a man going in (a time and place when many significant but unrecorded ethnographic interactions possibly occur).”}

Sept 1st-2nd (Wedne-Thur) 2010 :- Semi-dream :- With eyen closed, vaguely seeing scenery (a building, seen from outside), and hearing a voice commenting in the way to go to another place, beyond that building. (Waking, I remarked that I knew what was in that direction in the scene.)

Sept 8th-9th (Wedne-Thur) 2010 :- Dream :- We were praeparing for a ritual, intending to use tagged cans of food in it.

Sept 9th (Thur) 2010 (during daytime) :- Dream :- Contemplating that there are unknown features of thought.

Sept 13th (Mon) 2010 (during daytime) :- Dream :- My sister, clothed merely in panties, walked to me and rubbed with her hand on my spine; so I did similarly to her spine; and I said to her “Anything that you wish me to do to you, just tell me”.

Sept 16th-17th (Thur-Fri) 2010 :- Dream :- I was reading a description of anti-war resolutions resolved upon by student protest-groups at various universities, which resolutions, I understood, included their universities in the entities condemned as responsible for the war; an inclusion I though unrealistic. {This inclusion may have been thought of because of my frequent mention of my own decision, during the Vietnam war, not to co-operate with the university which I was attending because it was part of the state apparatus which promoted war.} Next, I was reading a list of animals (including a swan) one could become, which list I understood as about “Pythagorean” metempsychosis. [Then I awoke.]

Sept 19th-20th (Sun-Mon) 2010 :- Dream :- I was at my computer when it behaved as though I had clicked on a PDF file which I thought must be an <arabian (S.ufi) aequivalent to a text on Qabbalah. However, instead of opening the file, the computer turned its off in the dark. So, when I saw that the room was entirely dark, I went to the electric-light switches on wall (which I could barely see in the dimness) and endeavoured to switch them on (I thought, that of the 4 switches together, the one on the right and the 3rd from the right ought, at least, to be room-lights), but switching them did not turn on any light. So, I sat on a chair and waited there. After a short while, I heard someone (which I thought must be my parents) unlocking (from outside) the door to the house. When they were about to arrive in my room, I put a cushion (to hide my nakedness) in my lap; then when they came into my room and spoke to me, my father said they had already been to see my sister (which I thought might be in some other room in the house, implying that other electric lights in the house were operating as usual), so I said that the electric lights in this room were not operating, and invited them to try the electric-light switches in the room. [Then I awoke.] {Over recent days, the red light on the bottom of my computer-mouse hath been frequently failing (but recovering at each restart of the computer). A red light illuminated the photographic darkroom (often used by my father for developing the photographs) when I lived in Venezuela.}

Sept 21st-22nd (Tue-Wedne) 2010 :- Dream :- A woman was lying on her back, naked on a bed, while she was being attended by two men : one man was sucking on one teat of hers; the other man was rubbing with his hand on one thigh of hers. I walked in the room to where they were. Her vulva was prominent; and I was about to start sucking on it, when another woman (a clothed one), who (as I suddenly noticed) was lying beside her (to my right) in the bed, forbade me from doing so; that second woman, nextly, put a decal-type sigil (seal) onto her own body -- I thought that her doing so was to indicate that the naked woman was symbolically “sealed” off as prohibited to me. [Thereupon I awoke.]

Sept 23rd (Thur) 2010 :- not a dream :- During the daytime, I went to university-library, where I picked up (among others) a book (entitled Convoluted Universe – this particular copy, from the Edwardsville IL Public Library via “Andrew”, was autographed by the authoress Dolores Cannon), which I was reading there for several hours (I had started out, without reading the book, for home, but had returned to the library on account of omens, something that has rarely happened). (I had never read a book on past-life hypnotic regressions before, and had ordered the book on account of its title, without realizing its subject-matter.) Then, when in the evening I called my mother by telephone, she told me that my sister had been visiting her for a long time that day, telling her (apparently for the first time) that she believed in redincarnation – so I commented that her husband must also, that he and his relatives must be traditionally members of a sect (such as Druze, Nus.ayri, or Yazidi) holding to this tenet of faith – neither he nor she had ever told me (I had not sever asked, out of consideration for politeness, just which religious denomination his relatives belonged to, though I was aware, through their narratives, of their having sent their son to Iran, a country ideologically allied with those metempsychosis-favoring denominations). Incidentally, while I was in the university library that day, I had encountered (perhaps for the first time there in the stacks) while I was in the library-stacks, in the Hindu-and-Oriental-religion section, the librarian whom I had met years before because he had noticed my ordering occult books by interlibrary-loan (the library-department where he was employed) – so I had started talking to him there, mentioning to him the Bodish doctrine of the 8 states of dreamless sleep (a doctrine which I considered to refer to the outer rim of the universe as octagonal). This number “8” appeared in my former in (Barnesville, GA) “rural route” postal address of “358”, a number which I had considered (while residing there) as referring to the 3rd of the 5 (Pythagorean & Platonic) regular geometrical solids as 8-sided (octagonal). [At the same time that I had that RR address, my parents had the same number “358” as the 3-digit section of their 3 + 4 digit local telephone #, and my sister at the same time had a similar (3058?) # as the 4-digit section of their 3 + 4 digit local telephone #.

Sept 25th–26th (Satur-Sun) 2010 :- Dream :- I was sitting in front of the front-door to my house (at the top of an external staircase to my floor, such as at the house which I had dwelt in at 1116 Barry Ave in Chicago), in the darkness of the night. I heard and saw someone walking on the ground below. Wondering at first whether anyone could being see my body (against the dark-colored door) from the ground-level at night, I decided to make sure of remaining safe by going into the house; but was having some difficulty in pulling my bag though the doorway into the house after I opened the door. [While I was awakening, I heard the words “I don’t know what’s on earth anyway.] {It so happened that on the evening just before falling asleep, I was reading the passage in Convoluted Universe, v. 1, where the time 11:16 is mentioned.] {Incidentally, while I was typing this, the beginning of the type shifted to the centre of the page, receding to the left while I typed; then corrected itself to normal while I continued. Hardly ever did the typing self-correct when it had began that process.}

Oct 10th (Sun) 2010 :- not a dream :- After the Friends’ meeting, the couple were telling (at a restaurant) about their honeymoon; so I afterwards told Cassandra (mr. Rudolph’s wife) that I had told my brother (2 days earlier, while he was staying at my apartment) how I had met the woman (Ludie Eason) with whom I had (after that) cohabited for years in Barnesville, GA. That woman (Ludie) had her brother (also on the same farm) who built a GREENhouse (there). Mr. Rudolph was telling (at the session at the restaurant) that he was planning to have a GREENhouse built beside the house where he is residing. At the Society of Friends’ meeting itself someone remarked that the Democratic Party political candidate named Green ought to become a member of the GREEN Party. (There is a GREEN rainbow mentioned in the Apocalypse as surrounding the divine throne; a rainbow encircled the throne-room of emperor Domitianus; Roman emperors wore purple; and purple clothing (sweatsuit) was worn at the honeymoon (described at the restaurant. Rainbows have an arc shape; so (somewhat) do horseshoes; I had met that woman (Ludie) while she was acquiring a horseshoe (which she was apparently intending as a charm to attract – much as a horseshoe-shaped magnet could attract iron -- to her a man, who turned out to be me); and mr. Rudolph at another time was speaking with a woman who was discussing shoeing horses. The meaning of name of Domitianus is ‘HOMEly’ (/domus/ ‘home’); ‘HOME-dale’ the meaning of the name of Heim-dal, the Norse rainbow-god. Both the eyesight and the hearing of Heim-dal are described as very keen, just as are those of Mitra (‘Friend’), the Zoroastrian god of friendship (legal contracts and peace-treaties). (As for eyesight and vision, mr. Rudolph and his wife had brought to that particular meeting a magazine-article on prosthesis to improve synaesthesia, a sonar-detection with a device to convert the viewed picture into sound.) The man (of the couple who described the purple clothing) also (during that meeting) mentioned “hammering” (a curious term which next was discussed) the opposition; which could be allusion to shoeing horses – the horses ridden by the 3 equestrian gods as mentioned in the MERSEberg Charm, a name cognate with the name of MARSi tribe, the original Italian proponents of Socialism.

Oct 11th-12th (Mon-Tue) 2010 :- Dream :- I had the ability to float upwards in the air in a room, was demonstrating this to others, and saying to them that this was due to a better understanding of metaphysics by me than by them.

Oct 14th (Thur) 2010 (during daytime) :- I was looking down (supposedly from an ae:roplane), seeing the trees far below, and remarking that we must be high above them.

Oct. 20th -21st (Tue-Wedne) :- Dream :- With mine eyen shut [in the dream], I was telling about my going “from life to life and from world to world”.

Oct 23rd-24th (Satur-Sun) 2010 :- Dream :- I was eating the spaghetti with mushrooms {I had eaten “oyster” mushrooms the day before} which had been left uneaten (apparently by a woman, who was in a neighboring room, with other persons) on a dish on a table (at a place where the public had been served food, but at which I had apparently neglected to be served). Afterwards, I was listening to recommendation (spoken by Prof. Hebert) of a Hindu book about the soul; then I was looking at a copy of that book (apparently left there by Prof. Hebert) on a table; I was impressed with the book, which seemed to contain information which I had not seen elsewhere; I noticed that the book was published by the Theosophical Society, and was thinking that I had neglected, over the years, to look systematically at the various publications by the Theosophical Society. {I left a book-catalogue by that Society open, which catalogue I showed to my brother then he visited, reminding him of our father using the Star-Wars expression “The Force be with you”; similar to the book-title The Force Is with Us.} Next, I was looking at two sheets of handwritten notes (apparently left by Prof. Hebert), one recommending the same book, among other literature-recommendations; and the other sheet containing suggestions about diet (also apparently compiled from Theosophical Society literature); I thought that the latter sheet was too vague, in its dietary description, to be of any usefulness.

Oct. 30th-31st Sun-Mon 2010 :not a dream :- I heard a (male voice) thought “She sees me as good as she sees you.” {she = goddess; me = god; you = myself} {a goddess was considering her divine husband to be as good for her as myself}

Nov 2nd-3rd (Tue-Wedne) 2010 – Dream :- We had walked along a trail from our house to a public transit-stop; but then, I saying that we ought to use our own vehicle, I started walking back to the house, and whoever was with me was walking back with me. Nextly, we were traveling (I was being driven in an automobile); I was saying (to whomever was driving), “What I understand the least I the same thing that I read about the most – death, happens after death.” I was thinking of saying that I personally believed that there were no gaps in time between dying and experiencing another life; but I was wondering about just what wording I should use to express this. [Then I awoke.]

Nov 3rd (Wedne) 2010 : not a dream :- For every day in recent years, I have largely been, while returning southward from the state-capitol building, eating figs while invoking Yama (reputedly the god of figs, and, according to the Veda, of the south – which I refer to the name of SOUTH Carolina). Because Yama is said to worship the linga of emerald (a green stone), in the most recent election (Nov 2nd 2010) the GREEN Party (whose office I visited while the voting was taking place) obtained a larger percentage of the vote cast in this state than in any other state of the United States; the Democratic Party candidate for U.S. senator was named GREENE; and a Sikh woman was elected governoress [– so pervasive were the effects of this ritual conducted by me]. [2 years earlier, I had begun conjuring by the monument (on the state-capitol grounds) dedicated to hOBAN (the architect of the national capital in Washington, DC) – which I refer to the Maya god hOBNil : this ritual (which I had started before OBAMa’s announcing of his candidacy for the Democratic Party primary for praesident of the USA) evidently influenced him to that decision (on account of the similarity of his name to Hoban’s).]

Nov 6th-7th (Satur-Sun) 2010 :- Dream :- A woman told me to look at her; but when I looked, I was seeing a picture of her face on the page of a book.

Nov 9th (Tue) 2010 (during daytime) :- Semi-dream :- I was about to say something to a group of persons, but they signaled for me not to. Then, I was about to leave by walking away, but one of them, a woman said, “Come, sit with us.” [Then I awoke.] {Upon awaking, I thought that perhaps they had intended me to sit with then so that we could start communicating by telepathy, instead of by speaking aloud.}

Nov 15th (Mon) 2010 :- not a dream :- In regard to the statement “a blue light was hovering above my bed not moving”, I posted the following at http://www.psychic-experiences.com/real-psychic-story.php?story=6053 “I am a Medium” :- I likewise saw a blue light hovering over my bed. Curiously, although this occurred about 1976, I had not mentioned it to any relative of mine until to-day. Then, after, mentioning it to the relative, when I looked on the internet immediately afterward, this was the first website that I came to (I had apparently never seen this website before), and saw this article, which had also been posted to-day. Quite a synchronicity, surely divinely arranged. Please e-mail me on this matter.” {The relative to whom I had just told this was my mother, in NC.}

Nov 16th-17th (Tue-Wedne) 2010 :- Dream :- I was (with another person) standing high on, just beside the summit of, a steep pinnacle, looking downward wherefrom one could be the ground a good thousand feet below. Realizing that this was a dream, I thought that I ought to allow myself to fall thence (known that because it was a dream, I could not be harmed by falling). [Then I awoke.} {I was looking recently (in Handbook of Native American Mythology?) at an ae:rial (from above it) photograph of a Navaho sacred pinnacle-rock in a canyon.}

Nov 17th-18th (Wedne-Thur) 2010 :- Dream :- I considered that (with a realization then, during that dream) I had at that time attained a greater state of enlightenment than I had earlier (decades earlier, while awake, in Chicago, when suddenly, while walking out-of-doors in the city, it seemed that I was awakened into a different world) : this realization entailed an attitude concerning the reality (basic importance) of dreaming in general. {While standing (the day before, Wedne) in the protest line of persons, holding posters, in front of the State Capitol Building, I had responded to Mr. Rudolph, who had then said that books read in dreams were without significant content-meaning, that those books were merely one’s own thoughts; I responded then by telling him that the scenery seen in dreams is more finely detailed than the scenery of the waking-world witnessed while awake (and that I in particular noticed this difference due to my relatively poor eyesight while awake, as contrasted with better eyesight while in a dream. I thought then that it would be more appropriate to mention such evidence, evidence being more able to convince an unbeliever than would be a forthright assertion of doctrine (the doctrine which is a tenet held by most “primitive” peoples, that the dream-world is more real than the waking-world).}

Nov 19th-20th (Fri-Satur) 2010 :- Dream :- I was sitting on the floor in a large polygonal room having light-blue walls; various people were standing in the room. I noticed an Oriental couple, and was looking at the woman. Her husband nextly was looking at me, and I noticed that I had was wearing only underwear, and that one of my hands was stuck inside my underpants; so that, I thought, he might have been imagining that I was masturbating while I was looking at his wife. Then I stood up and was walking around in the room asking various persons in it what city we were in, telling then that I did not know what city this was. I also walked into a small side room which appeared to be an office for customer service, and was about to ask the same question when I noticed that the woman behind the counter was talking with another woman on my side of the counter, so I decided to wait to ask until the two were finished talking. I then went out of that office to ask the quaestion of the people in the main large light-blue room; but then went back into the office where I noticed that the woman had had been behind the counter had by this time come out from behind it, so that it appeared that the office was about to be closed and the two women were about to leave the office; then I asked of the woman who had been behind the counter the same quaestion (what city this was). He started telling me about an arrangement between the governments of China and Russia {I had read the day before about the Chinese government’s inducing the Russian government not to send a repraesentative to the Nobel Peace Prize caerimony in Norway}; and I gleaned (perhaps from having been told so by persons in the light-blue main room) that this was an airport. [Then I awoke.] {I had been taking notes on the evening before about the religion, including worship of the deity named “Blue Sky”, of the Mongols, from the book Bo/ and Bon. It is unusual for me to remember the color of rooms even in the waking word, let alone in a dream : perhaps my wondering whether the Green Party (in whose campaign office I had spent some time on election-day, for good luck’s sake) ought to have a blue correlative (similar to the relationship between Confucianist green dragons and Taoist-and-Bon turquoise dragons) may have helped develop a dream of sky-blue. I do not remember ever asking (and seldom even considering) what city I was in during a dream; and I have mentioned , just in recent days, this infrequency of thinking about such in dreams to the persons whom I regularly mention my dreams to by telephone or otherwise.}

Nov 20th (Satur) 2010 :- not a dream :-I was standing outside just after dawn (while the sun was still hidden behind the 1-storey building across the street, where the protestors used to go after being in front of the State Capitol Building on Wednesdays), where I realized this relation of my dream with the book that I had been taking notes from; then I noticed in the sky over the sun an object, silent, which suddenly became intensely bright for a couple of seconds, and then vanished. (I had been loitering there because 2 university police-cars, traveling in opposite directions, had passed each other in the road directly adjacent to where I was standing, which seemed enough of a coincidence to make me loiter and think about my dream.) {This got me to thinking also that the “morning star” which praecipitated buddhatva (buddhahood) in a bodhisattva might have been a flying saucer.}

Dec 3rd-4th (Fri-Satur) 2010 :- Dream :- I was mentioning to a woman that I had gone (earlier in the same dream) to a part of the state wherein there were groups which were helpful to persons having the socio-political outlook which I and she had; but I was unable to remember the name of the place or groups. She suggested by name several, but I said that it was none of those which she mentioned. So, I and she stood with my lips pressed to her lips, until she thought of the name of the place and groups whereto I was referring, and I confirmed the name. [Then I awoke?] Earlier in the same night I had dreamed of climbing down (from the 3rd storey?) on the outside of the house in which I was staying, by holding onto a long cloth attached to the area of the window whence I was climbing down; on my way down, I met a man who was on a platform (at the 2nd storey) on the outside of his apartment (area forming a level horizontal part of the roof for the 1st storey) of that house, and I mentioned to him what I was doing.

Dec 5th-6th (Sun-Mon) 2010 :- Dream :- I was climbing an external climbway into a building; but I noticed while I was climbing the lower ladder part, that on the platform which it led to just above a woman (who appeared to be the one who had told Mr. Rudolph that she had been learning to play a musical instrument in addition to her singing) was standing. After my waiting briefly for her to go higher (which she did not do), I climbed down, and then saw to the left a better external staircase into that building; while I was climbing up it, I thought that the building had a main entrance which I could enter by way of instead, so I start to go back down, but saw climbing behind me a woman; so I continued to climb up. {I had been reading on the internet the day before a myth in which after several attempts to find an external door into a building, it was explained that the entrance was via the roof.} When I reached the entrance at the top of the climbway, I wondered whether the room to which I was to go in the building was on the same (2nd) floor, or was up a flight of (internal) stairs (onto 3rd floor); but then I remembered that the 3rd floor had been removed, so that that flight of stair would lead merely to a fall down to the 2nd floor; and I said this to a woman. Then, while the woman was not looking, a red hat came flying through the air {I had read a day or two before of a red hat, pictured on p. 90 of The Alien Chronicles, where it is claimed (on p. 91) to be a UFO} from the right (where that internal also was located), and perched on an ornament above the door to the room {I had read the day before in the Popol Vuh of a being perched on the ring of a ballcourt}. We saw that the hat above the doorway now had a yellow hatband, and was being worn by a (bodiless) man’s head. While I was discussing this with her, either we began to have sexual intercourse, or else I was thinking of doing so. [Then I awoke.]

Dec 16th-17th (Thur-Fri) 2010 :- Dream :- I was seeing a fueling-truck. {A few days ago, I saw (and was delaying for) a fueling-truck in the alley on the city-block in which I reside here.}

Dec 18th-19th (Satur-Sun) 2010 :- Dream :- I saw a set of boxes of food (fruitcake) in a line on the floor; I was wondering whether to open and eat any, but walked away, and when I returned they had all been opened and their contents (fruitcakes) placed on the floor, so that I was then disinclined to eat them from the floor. I saw the contents of a box of fruitpaste (guava) upon a railing; but while I was approaching in order to pick it up to eat it, a man standing at the railing knocked it off the railing with his elbow, so that I was then disinclined to eat it off the floor. {In recent days, I have looked at guavapaste and at fruitcakes in paperboxes at foodstores, but have been disinclined to buy either.} {The events in the dreams were apparently intended to discourage a dreamer from eating food there (perhaps because it is not necessary to eat in dreams, events in dreams may be such as to dissuade one from doing so).}

Dec 19th-20th (Sun-Mon) 2010 :- Dream :- A man, wearing a white uniform having on its sleeve the military insignia of a non-commissioned officer, told me that by pressing one of two tiny metal tabs on the interior of a book’s cover, I would be able to see an explanation. I did so (with my fingernail), and then I was asking him as he was departing via a door for an explanation, but he said that he must not explain. Then I saw on the wall (as if projected onto it) a movie-scene (apparently caused by my having pressed the tab).

Dec 28th-29th (Tue-Wedne) 2010 :-In the process of awakening :- I heard a praeternatural voice saying “I can tell him”. {This was apparently said by one spirit in a group, to other spirit-members of the group, in the way of volunteering to communicate with me. I had commenced the evening before to read the book subtitled The Secret life of Inanimate Objects.}