Dream-diary January-June 2010

Dec 31st 2009-Jan 1st 2010 :- Dream :- While I was talking with a man who was walking along the ground (both out-of-doors), I was hovering, just over the ground, with my legs tilted upward, and moving them about in the air; it was referring (in speaking with him) of my motion as “dancing”. I (doubting whether he would be able to do so) started suggesting to him that he likewise do as I was doing; thereupon he also started floating (in upright posture, however) upward into the air, moving upward to higher than myself. So I started floating upwards (also in upright posture) from lower than himself, intending to reach whatever level he might be arriving at. But then suddenly he vanished; I did this by paddling with my arms (as though swimming upward through the air). Looking upward toward whither he had vanished, I noticed white clouds in the sky higher than the building beside whence I was looking; and I wondered whether he might have somehow vanished into them by some movement upward too swift to be seen. I doubted that he could have moved too swiftly to have been seen by me; but I resolved to move upward into those clouds in order to become certain of this. [At this point I awoke.] {I had for a number of weeks been mentioning to persons (while awake) that it seemed curious to me that I had apparently (as far as I could remember, anyway) never dreamt of clouds – nor of any other meteorological phainomena, such as storms, rainfall, rainbows, nor the like – despite the fact that Amerindian shamans (on the Great Plains of North America, at least) regarded these as significant to experience in dreams, and despite my belief (trust) in such shamanism. I would now seem significant that I experience this on the years’ transition, as though the deities who provide dreams wished to express their approval (noticing) of my observing calendar-events through the rites performed by me.}

Jan 3rd-4th (Sun-Mon) 2010 :- Dream :- We were in an area of architectural construction. {I have seen in waking life various buildings under construction in recent months.}

[Later in the same dream :] I and a woman (supposedly my mother?, I being surprised at how swiftly she ran) were running along together behind others of other company in order to find out whither they were going. When we found they destination (a finished, occupied building) we went back to whence we had run (another finished place). {A few weeks ago, in waking life, I was a little surprised at how rapidly a woman, Cassandra, was hastening to her automobile (after the protest-demonstration) along with me.} An emissary from them came and wished us to make a praeparation for their arrival at where we were, but I somehow misunderstood; so that when a group of them arrived they were displeased that I had not made the praeparation : I, supposing that they wished me to fetch something from whither they had gone, walked over to there; but upon my arriving, realized that they had apparently not wished me to go back thither, but to have stayed in my same place as they had just arrived at, in order to do services for them thereat. So I began to return.

[Still later in the same dream, a man (supposedly my father?) escorted a young man and woman (both dark-skinned) out of our house (into which they had not been invited, but into which we assumed that they must have come in order to make love). A few moments later, the man who I was with (supposedly my father?) again found the same young man (dark-skinned) in our house again, and escorted him out again; I went to the other rooms of the house and discovered the same young woman (dark-skinned) also in the house. I assumed that she had entered with the same young man, and, putting my arms around her. escorted her out of the house myself. Having done that, I returned into the house; but them I thought that the young woman might be willing to have sexual intercourse with me if she were invited into the house with the young man who had been with her, and the two were invited to have to have intercourse in the house together. {In waking life, a couple of days ago, I was mentioning (over the telephone) to the woman Joanna, about a couple in Chicago (in the mid 1970s) who had been associated with the two women who used to cohabit with me there (and I did not mention to that Joanna that I had thought at that time of inviting that couple into my house to stay if doing so would incline the woman to have sexual intercourse with me). (The two women cohabiting with me in Chicago were doing so merely sporadically, is why I was then thinking of inviting still another liason situation.)}

Jan 4th-5th (Mon-Tue) 2010 :- Dream :- I was compiling a set of references, intended to be published as an article in Wikipedia, of a notion, which had apparently originated in recent times, of the ferocious ghost of a dead ruling monarch in Malaya, which ghost had come to be termed /injun/, apparently in imitation of “American /indian/”. (Then I awoke.) {This idea was perhaps a memory of the Kota (Lakota-Dakota) term /inyan/, taken in the context of “Kota Baru” in Malaya instead of the North American tribe “Kota”. On the evening before this, I had been reading (on the internet) about Lakota-Dakota religion.}

Jan. 6th (Wedne) 2010 (during daytime) :- Dream :- “A caged light-green parrot (which I remembered was female) in my apartment called my attention (by sqwawking); it was engaged in “fluffing” out (so I thought) the feathers on its neck. I thought that I must have forgotten to feed or even water it over the last few days. [Then I awoke.] {Parrots’ neck-feathers are naturally already fluffy. The woman (Ludie Eason) with whom I had cohabited in Barnesville, GA, had often requested me to massage the nape of her neck (on account of her having earlier experienced sudden throwback of the neck from collision with her automobile from behind). I had read, 2 or 3 days earlier during waking life, in Wikipedia, that “fluffer” was the term for a woman who sexually excited a woman so as to give him a phallic erection.}

Jan. 6th-7th (Wedne-Thur) 2010 :- Dream :- I was looking at a phrase written in large characters along the door and wall on the right side of the room; and was trying to deduce the phrase’s significance. {This “handwriting on the wall” (similar to that proclaiming the come-to-come perdition of Nebuchadnezzar, who is mentioned on p. 52 of the book, as I had read there) may have been inspired by title of the book “Nemesis” (by Ch. Johnson, on the forthcoming perdition of the American empire) which I had obtained from the university library for Cassandra, Mr. Rudolph’s wife.}

Jan 9th-10th (Satur-Sun) 2010 :- Dream :- I was a member of three couples who were (had been apparently assigned to be thus) lying down, each couple embracing. I was talking with the woman whom I was embracing, telling her that I liked having my hands on a woman’s body; and I was shifting around the position of my hands on her body. {In waking life, on the evening before, I had been watching (on the computer) pornographic movies involving massaging of a woman by men.}

Jan 14th-15th (Thur-Fri) 2010 :- Dream :- I was viewing several groups of persons who were all nude, unmoving, and who were engaged in heterosexual sexual copulation – these groups were spaced closely together on the ground in a chambre. I said that they apparently had partaken of some intoxicant, for them to be remainingly unmoving, but this assertion by me was denied by a man who, apart from them, was in fit condition to move and talk.

Jan 27th-28th (Wedne-Thur) 2010 :- Dream :- I was listening to a lecture by a man having an <arabic name, about 19 points of a program established by the 19 emissaries of the Devil {19 is the sacred number in Bahai; the S`i<ah religion is largely a glorification of the Devil; S`at.an (the Devil) is (according to the Book of >iyyob) the God of a particular <arabi^ tribe, namely <us., in the Nagd}; the 20th point of this program was to promote the <arabi^ language. {The day before, I was reading (in CULTURAL SURVIVAL journal) of a tribe (of American Indians) which was promoting its own tribal language.} {I have sometimes said that the signification of the eucharist is to find the <arabi^ meaing ‘meat’ in leh.em, which is ‘bread’ in <ibri^; thus to promote the <arabi^ language.}

Jan 29th-30th (Fri-Satur) 2010 :- Dream :- A woman who was holding a whip with metal pieces on it was saying that she would enjoy whipping men with it, so I permitted to strike one stoke on my back with it, and I mentioned to her that I could feel the stroke. {metal-studded for the element “metal” of the [Chinese goddess] White Tigress of the west? (large felines, such as lions, seem to like to view whips being snapped)}

Jan 31st-Feb 1st (Sun-Mon) 2010 :- Dream :- (Starting from my recognizing being in my usual apartment wherein I reside,) I picked up, within a plastic bag, a container from the kitchen-table with cockroaches in it, and headed downstairs, intending to throw the cockroaches outside. {This I actually do several times each night while awake.} I noticed that the staircase out from my apartment to downstairs was wider than usual, and that the downstairs door to the outside was double {in the waking world it is single}, realized from that that I was dreaming, and (realizing that I ought to remark something about the situation aloud) said aloud some such words as “This is a dream”. Thereupon I suddenly awoke.

Feb 1st-2nd (Mon-Tue) 2010 :- Dream :- Being followed by others, I was deliberately taking a path through partial architectural constructions which (it seemed to me) would have an effect of indicating a particular status of belief/disbelief. The last part of this walk had me going through a building toward the outside thinking of what to say (aloud) to indicate such, so that my indicating would be complete. Just before exiting the building through its main corridor, I said “I don’t believe in anything”. (Then I awoke.) {This is a continuation of the situation in the dream of the night just before, wherein I had likewise decided that saying something aloud before exiting a building would make a difference. During the day after that dream, I had called by telephone several persons to tell them I my having made that decision in that dream based on my expectation that deities in the dream would overhear my saying aloud that it was a dream, so that they would give me credit (good luck) for that, even if no living beings were visible in the dream; on the same basis that any prayer can be said to be heard by divine beings if it is said aloud.}

Feb 4th-5th (Thur-Fri) 2010 :- Dream :- I was praeparing for publication a statement about a sort of woman having spiritual power, who is associated with a mountain (which I was figuring with a simple map-depiction involving contour) and who may be married to some man (I was thinking of myself as an instance of that sort of man) with whom she is not cohabiting. {I had during the day just before, thinking about the cases in Siberian shamanism of a man who is the leader of a hunting-expedition (of men, traveling to hunt), with that leader being considered as meeting in his dreams (during the hunting-expedition) with a goddess who is in control of the wild beasts to be hunted over a specific geographic area, a river-basin, over which she, as river-goddess, praesideth; and how this could be considered to have been revived in European fox-hunts by nobility. The mountain may be an allusion to the Norse huntress-goddess Skadi, who remained in the mountain-region while the sea-god Njord, whom she had married, remained at the sea-shore. The idea implied may be that Njord might repraesent a dead shaman, inasmuch as according to West African religions the souls of the dead enter the sea, whereas a Siberian shamans are believed to dream of entering the netherworld through whirlpools in the sea to the mouths of rivers.}

Feb 7th-8th (Sun-Mon) 2010 :- Dream :- Within a room, I opened a closed door, and walked through it into quite a large chambre (perhaps a hundred feet in width and in bredth) : as soon as I entered it, I started floating in the air above the floor; and it appeared that the perspective within it was distorted, similar to looking into water in a pool from outside the pool, although I felt quite dry, and there was no sensation of resistance such as water might provide.

Feb. 14th-15th (Sun-Mon) 2010 :- Dream :- I saw, in a storage-warehouse from which free donations were given to anyone who wished for item, a large wooden tub; but was told by a friend that I would have no use for such. [Another dream, later in same night :] I had some realizations of ideas; but this was followed by minor calamities which I understood were widespread. I thought that perhaps I had inadvertently caused the calamities by not disclosing my realizations, which might be useful for making a metallic alchemical vessel for transmutation of the elements. (But I also had some doubts of this having been a cause, as I thought to myself that the alchemic claim of transmutation was a mere praetense by pacifists, intended to divert nobility from their plans for wars by inciting an alternative object for greed.)

Feb 15th (Mon) 2010, during daytime :- Dream :- I was praeparing for publication a list of alchemists all of whom had achieved the alchemic transmutation in a cubical container having five sides (open at the top), which I viewed multiplely (one for each alchemist).

Feb 15th-16th (Mon-Tue) 2010 :- Dream :- A mysterious quotation was recited to me; I remarked that I could remember having [earlier in the same dream] heard the same quotation recited, and that I had not been able to compraehend its signification then, and could not now. I wondered to myself (but without saying this aloud) if it might have to do with the treacherous exterminations of population carried out by the Mongol armies (in Transoxiana and elsewhere), and my wondering about this apparently was what caused by awakening.

Feb c. 27th-28th 2010 :- Dream :- A woman (who appeared to be Japanese), nude but holding a long gown, was standing on a stage, watched by an audience. Reaching up from below the front of the stage, I grabbed the gown from her and hasted away, leaving her unable to cover herself with it.

Mar 1st-2nd (Mon-Tue) 2010 :- Dream :- I was looking at a road-map of the southeastern United States, and remarking that in order to return to our home city, we would have to travel eastward through Houston, TX. I had to backtrack on the map to start from Houston again when I saw that the route which I had initially chose led too far to the northeast instead of directly eastward. [Too far northeastward may have been toward Atlanta, while directly eastward lay have led to Columbus, GA.] {Perhaps this it to be connected with the praevious dream about a woman snatched coverless, through the seeing nude of the woman Bat-s^ba< (S^Mu>el 11:2) : in the passage in Posessessed by the Spirits, p. 57 (which I had copied the day before), the woman who is BAT (‘seized’) is subject to “madness”; and I had been visited (while I was in the MADhouse in Columbus, GA) by a woman from Houston (pronounced, she said, as “HOUSE-ton”), the word /BaT/ is similar to /Be^T/ ‘house’. These resemblances of words may have been placed into my dream by dream-deities who were thus helping me to consider the meaning ‘seven’ of /s^ba</ in relation to the 7-trunked elephant (which I had also written of during the day before) of Indra, which elephant is poised on a 4-petaled blossom which I was considering as emblematic of the 4-square pattern of the “net of Indra” typifying the aitheric plane of existence.}

Mar 3rd-4th (Wed-Thu) 2010 : Dream :- As I was running through the countryside, I could hear pursuers of me coming closer until I jumped over a branch lying on the ground; this happened repeatedly.

Mar 4th (during day) 2010 : Dream :- I was wondering what comments to add to a passage which I had copied from the top of a page (I was looking at the original, over some phrases of which someone had stuck some pieces with other, apparently irrelevant, phrases) of a doctoral dissertation (on antient philosophy?), wondering what comments would be most appropriate for me to add to a version which I was intending to distribute (on the internet?) after first showing my comments to some of my acquaintances.

[later in the same dream :] I was looking at an empty theatre (with modern straight style of rows), having 3 internal aisles, in which it was said that Platon would sit habitually in the same row (of the audience) as a notorious woman would sit, both on the left side of the theatre with an internal aisle between them (this was considered an on-going process, with Platon and that woman as yet living and as yet attending at times); I was where in that row on the left I ought to sit, whether on Platon’s sit of the aisle, or on that woman’s side. [This I awoke from the wondering.]

Mar 6th-7th (Sat-Sun) 2010 :- Dream :- Although the street-lights were not functioning, I was returning toward the house where I rent my apartment, walking at night across the street from the state-capitol; when, suddenly my legs became paralyzed and I could walk no further, but had to lie down in the street in the middle of the lane closest to my house. At this exigency, I saw an automobile, the headlights of which were likewise turned off, approaching in the same lane from the direction of the highway on the side of the river. I realized that the driver of that automobile would be unable to see me lying the roadway lane in the dark, and began yelling repeatedly, “Stop!”; but realized that the driver would be unable to hear me. I wondered what would happen next. (Then I awoke.) {Perhaps the closest set of parallels to such a situation which I experienced was when, at Barnesville, GA, the woman (named Ludi Eason) with whom I was cohabiting, and I, were together viewing a ghostly figure of a glowing-in-the dark man clad in a space-suit (perhaps a space-traveler from some flying-saucer), repeated walking during the night down the road adjacent to our farm, he disappearing each time when he reached the bridging-roadway over the creek which formed the boundary of the farm (a small private cemetery being located on the other). When the woman hasted up to the ghost and touched him so that he vanished for good; then she became so enveloped in glowing horizontal hoops that when she started walking back toward me, I started screaming repeatedly, “Stop!”, for I thought that I might die if she were, in that condition, to touch me.}

[Early morning, about dawn Mar 7th (Sun) 2010 :- not a dream :-- While I was out eating at the state-capitol in frozen weather, my unclad hands did not feel cold. (Otherwise than this, they have always rapidly become numb from cold in such circumstances.)]

Mar 7th-8th (Sun-Mon) 2010 :- Dream :- I was looking at (making an attempt at reading) a notebook which had been written by my mother, who was explaining to me some of the various strange, short words in which it abounded, the explanations being in terms of “multiple personality disorder”. Despite the explanations, I still did not quite understand the allusions of those words. One such word was something like “Zaz”. [In waking life, I had a day or two earlier been reminding himself to check out from the library what I had seen as a bibliographic reference to a book (entitled Where Humans and Spirits Meet) about spirit-mediumship in ZAnZibar.]

Mar 15th-16th (Mon-Tue) 2010 : Dream :- While traveling in a large public vehicle, I was hearing a strange sound (which I considered to be praeternatural) continually coming from outside the vehicle to the right side. I deemed it necessary to keep the sound located to the right side (by keeping whatever praeternatural entity which may have been producing the sound) located in that direction, for the sake of maintaining favorable luck as its consequence : but when the sound to moved as to be just slightly to the right but mainly to the front, and became visible as a sort of sparking (to be seen through the right front window of the vehicle), which sparking I took to be a warning of impending calamitous bad luck if the sound were not promptly guided back to the direct right, then in order to guide it back to the right I started visualizing my right hand as holding the guiding substance, and shaking that hand into order to induce the source of the sound to move back directly to the right; while at the same time I was considering that putting some of my attention on the woman who was seated to my right (in the vehicle) could also help guide the source of the sound back to the right. This method was functioning, when I awoke from concentrating my mind so forcibly on this subject. {I then thought it would be helpful to continue to same process of thinking, including visualizing my right hand as containing a substance to shake. I noticed that the joint of my right big toe was paralyzed for a few minutes, and thought that as possibly helpful also as to guide any source of good luck toward my right. When I used to right the public transportation omnibusses in Chicago in the 1960-70s, I used to take notice of any woman seated beside me, as if that would help with luck.}

Mar 17th-18th (Wed-Thu) 2010 : Dream :- I saw a book, which was nearly as tall as a person (maybe 5 ft tall) placed, and held by clamps, upright at a stall (one which such stall had been provided for each person who was a member of a group to which I also belonged) – I thought that it may have had the same title as a book for which I had sent, and wondered whether it had been misdelivered to the wrong member of our group. {The day before I had noticed a piece of mail, a magazine (Atlantic Monthly, with articles about Obama) misdelivered to my mailbox; it had been addressed to the next-door restaurant.} {I had copied during that day, for my website, a mention of dis`-acara-s (directional teachers) : with the possibility of prominent teachers using such books, perhaps there was an allusion to doors (the book in my dream had been nearly as tall as a door) in the cardinal directions (as a the S`ikh “Golden Temple”, which was constructed as a shrine for a sacred book, the Adi Granth)}

Mar 22nd-23rd (Mon-Tue) 2010 : Dream :- I had custody of a large (about a foot long) turd of faeces; but as I was about to go traveling, I thought it would be inappropriate to carry the turd with me, so I disposed of it by adding it to a platter of food (which was lying on the ground) for a hound, which platter already contained liquid eggs. I wondered whether I was thus ruining that food, and whether a finder of it would be able to remove the turd from the food. {I had most recently read of a belief (in New Guinea) that the soul of a dead man might become hounds which could assault the living, and would have to be deflected. (Perhaps a defilement of their food might help deflect them.) Since the belief required a rubbing of a prospective couple’s bodies with nettles, and I already have that, perhaps the dream was intended to encourage me to do this with a woman.}

Mar 24th (Wedne, during daytime) 2010 : Dream :- I was looking at a sales catalogue, which included a flag imprinted with the phrase “Come ye unto the Sanford”, ascribed (according to the catalogue) to Kipling. {/Sanford/ is the name of a fire-insurance company : the day before, the President had signed the health-insurance congressional bill. The same day (Mar 24th) I was intending to go to the U.S. post office to buy money-orders for order by mail from catalogues; and I had looked at a catalogue (Northern Sun) which included flags imprinted with slogans.}

Mar 28th-29th (Sun-Mon) 2010 :- Dream :- I was on the roof of a dozens-of-storeys-tall flat-topped aedifice in (what I considered to be) dwontown Chicago. I could see that a few other buildings in the vicinity were about as tall; but all the other buildings (all flat-topped) were shorter, mostly much shorter (the ground being entirely covered with buildings as far as one could see -- for perhaps miles – with no vacant lots) . There, atop the roof (which, oddly, covered only a small area), I lay down to sleep (although it was apparently daytime). I slept there, waking a few times. (At one such awakening, there were other persons also atop the roof, as members of some organization, for some purpose.) At the last such waking, I heard a voice explaining (as if over a public address sound-system) that we were at Madras; and when I looked about, I saw that I was within an enclosed space (with a ceiling overhead). Then I went walking about in the large enclosed space, which was right-angled, so that when I went around the corner in it I saw various other persons in the space, and I heard it said (by an explaining voice, as if over a public address sound-system) that we were in a ship “off the west coast of India”. When, as I walked among the people, I heard a man mention likewise that we were “off the west coast of India”, I explained to me that just moments before I had been atop a building in Chicago, and that I must have been miraculously transported hither, by telekinesis. I said that I must have been so transported by someone, having miraculous powers to do so, who must be located in southern India, and that I intended to disembark in order to seek out and find such person. While I was thinking to myself that it would be difficult for me to ask persons ashore how to find the miracle-worker, the difficulty being that the people in southern India would not be able to understand English, I awoke from vexing myself with this problem. {During the day before (Sunday), Hebert, at the Society of Friends meeting, had told me that he would send to me by e-mail an account of the historical Madras Famine. He himself, of course, often visited Kerala, the province of the southwest coast of India.}

April 1st (Thur) – during daytime – 2010 :- Dream :- I was in a large room together with other people, both men and women; one of the women (dark-skinned) who was nude, had been listening to other people (who were all clad) discussing sexual behavior, so I figured that she was by then in the mood for having sexual relations with me. So, I walked over to where she was standing and began by sucking on her nipples (first the one to my left, her right; then the one to my right, her left); then, I kneeled and applied my mouth to her vulva. She remarked that I did not have my tongue in quite the right place, so I took care to position my tongue properly in her vulva, and engaged in licking there; as she continued to stand and the other people in the room watched. After a while I stopped licking, withdrew my mouth from her vulva, and said that I had had enough. Then, she (still standing there nude) was saying that I would have from then on a woman to do that with for the remainder of my lifetime. I was pleased to hear her say that (and I thought to myself that I had better not induce any other woman also to allow me to apply my mouth to her vulva – which I might possibly arrange on account of an expectation that the woman who was already allowing me to do so might cease so allowing me, and by arranging a second woman to do so I would have an available sexual partner in case the first woman were to cease so allowing me – as by her saying publicly that she would continue to allow me to do so during the residue of my lifetime she was making a commitment that she would be unlikely to break; and that my applying my mouth to a woman vulva was a universal relationship, so that for me possibly to do that same also with a 2nd woman would be a violation of the single-universe metaphysics, a violation which I ought not to commit, lest there be severe repercussions in that world wherein I was – this sort of a consideration about the world in which I was being, of course, a kind of realization of lucidity of the dreaming, i.e. an awareness that I was dreaming, that I was in the divine dream-world where metaphysical ideology was taken serious by all the divine beings who were its denizens thereat); I embraced her (still nude) with my right arm and told her that we could rise up into the air thus together; which we did, within the room. I then asked her whether she would praefer to go together with my out-of-doors, where we could rise up higher together “into the sky”, for (as I said to her) we would be limited by the ceiling of the room wherein we were located as to how high we could soar. She said no, so we remained floating in the air in the room, with me embracing her with my right arm; at first we rose only a fraction of the possible height, but then soon all the way up nigh to the ceiling; at that juncture we were able to float over were the various men and women were seated together in groups within the room; they watched while we floated over them, and I was keeping my left arm extending in a fist as the anarchist salute, thinking that I would be necessary to indicate that we were anarchists. {The praevious time when I spoke with the woman whom I call by telephone at the state insane asylum, I was mentioning to her that when I say that I like to kiss on a woman’s cunt – something which she has never allowed me to do with her, as many time as I have asked her to over the years – that this is a violation of state and of national law in both this country and in other countries, and that my resolve to do so shows that I am an anarchist intent on fighting against all the governments in the world to as to overthrow them; and that there are plenty of other people in the world likewise so intent. (I also add each time that I speak to her, mention that the other woman in our local revolutionary organization -- the one who drove me to visit her once in that state institution -- refuses to have sexual relations with me only because she is involved in music and I am not, so that she figures that for her possibly to have sexual relations with me would put her in the wrong mood for performing music; and that that woman has had sexual relations, long ago, only with a man who was involved in doing performing music publicly with her.)}

Apr 1st-2nd (Thu-Fri) 2010 :- Dream :- A coup d’ e’tat (overthrow of the government of military forces) had evidently occurred. I was apparently alone in the top storey of a tall, large building; I was looking out of a window in it at the paved area below, where military weapons, including tanks, were demonstrating shooting at minor objects on the ground; then some sort of spray was being aimed therefrom in my direction, but it did not noticeably reach to where I was. I noticed a large amount of food (cooked popcorn) spread around the area where I was located, and gathered some of it, thinking that if deliveries of food would not be available in the future, that I would have much for me to eat then. Later, people from the coup d’ e’tat forces were arriving in the part of the building wherein I was located, and so I went to hide from them, into a public-shower stall behind a door; but a woman from that group opened the door to the stall and saw me therein anyway; she said, however, that I was demented and so did not matter to them.

Apr 11th-12th (Sun-Mon) 2010 :- Dream :- I was walking, within an aedifice, through passageways which were paved with brick (which paving I do not remember seeing [in the waking world] inside of any house, thought I may have read of it -- I have seen some brick-paved city-streets, though). I awoke [dreamt that I awoke] at night in my computer-room [actually, I slept in the adjoining foyer], and went in the dimness to the adjoining wall where there was a panel containing light-switches [actually, there is not such a panel at that location, which is the partition-wall with my bedroom]. Then I thought that there ought to be 2 light-switches on the wall at the other side of the doorway to the computer-room [which there are, in the waking-world]; but as I was going to try to switch them on, I started floating slightly in the air there (perhaps a foot off the ground); at this point I wondered whether I was dreaming, and decided that in order to float in the air at all, I must be dreaming. I was, however, able to reach the switches; but when I switched each of them, one-at-a-time, neither enlightened the chambre; so then I thought of the 2 light-switches on the wall at the same side of the doorway betwixt the foyer and the outside of the apartment [which there are, in the waking-world]; but when I (walking, on the floor again, to them) switched each of them, one-at-a-time, neither enlightened the chambre; so then I decided that I would test out whether the outside of the house would look the same in the dreaming-world and it did in the waking-world, by my opening the door out of my apartment, walking down the staircase, opening the door to the outside of the house, and walking out to take a look. (I remembered that it had been quite seldom in dreams, of my unsuccessfully attempting to turn on an electric light by means of light-switches, that I had ever followed through by going out of the house to look around.) When I did so, I found that the outside porch (outside the aedifice) was surrounded on all 3 sides outward by young trees; I was surprised by their size, and thought to myself that they must have grown much, about doubling in height since I had seen them last. [There is, in the waking world where I now reside, no such porch and no such trees.] {I perhaps not ever before floated into the air in a dream while attempting to turn on a light-switch in the dimness; perhaps this happened in order to help make me bear in mind that this was a dream. The outside vegetation may have been from my reading day before about tropical jungle in the book Music of the Warao, since I had formerly visited that region.}

Apr 13th-14th (Tue-Wedne) 2010 :- Dream :- Lying supine nude in a bed was a woman. She allowed me to thrust my penis into her vagina.

Apr 14th-15th (Wedne-Thur) 2010 :- Dream (of false awakening) :- I awoke at night in a bed on the right side of a room; saw in the dimness of the room another bed to the left; and thought that I could remember that a woman had been assigned to that bed, but that she had gone forth into some other area of the house while I had come into the room and had fallen to sleep in the bed to which I had been assigned. Looking carefully (from where I was lying in bed) to the other bed, I considered that I could detect in the dimness someone’s body lying in it; so I thought that the woman must have come onto that bed at night after I had fallen to sleep. (Thereupon I awoke.) {I do not remember, over as many decades – since the 1970s, in Chicago – as I have been experiencing “dreams of false awakening”, any other such dream wherein I ever noticed upon awakening (in the dream) the praesence of another person, not even if (in the dream) I departed (after awaking in the dream) from the room or from the house.}

Apr 16th-17th (Fri-Satur) 2010 :- Dream :- I had been sent by my mother on a tour to the 2 countries, France & Brazil (?), recommended to be visited by a travel-club, which thereupon met to discuss members’ experiences in those 2 countries; such meetings were annual, with countries assigned to be visited varying annually. I had not been told while I was on the tour that it was for the sake of the travel-club, finding out that detail when afterwards I went to its annual meeting.

April 21st-22nd (Wedne-Thur) 2010 :- Dream :- I was viewing a large hanging poster (at least 5’ * 15’) with liberal political printed lettering; I saw it being lowered for storage and intended later re-use. {I had seen, on the morning of the day before, large posters displayed in front of the state capitol, 2 against abortion and 1 pro-Christian; and I had commented concerning them at our own rally, later that day in the later afternoon. The woman (S. Williams) working at the U.S. military base (but rueful of during so) repeated to other of our protestors there (who had not been close enough to hear my statement) my comment, favoringly. I hours afterwards (when she had arrived at her home) telephoned her and thanked her for this, mentioning that I had not expected such a favorable reception (from her) to my comments. I also mentioned her favorable reception by telephone to the woman whom I usually call at the Tucker centre. My comment had been that abortion was caused by Christian through their advocacy of God the Father’s torturing to death his own Son, with abortionists imitating this in torturing to death babies as the behest of the babies’ parents.}

Apeil 24th-25th (Satur-Sun) 2010 :- Dream :- I was, among other visitors, in a zone of building for public entertainment, in a city. One such building was supposed to be a whorehouse which allowed in only such visitors (men) as were already known to the proprietors; I was watching as the door was opened, repeatedly, by persons watching from within who recognized such visitors as they arrived. I was wondering how I could induce the proprietors to allow myself to be admitted into that building. Soon, due to some sort of commotion, I was in a group of persons hastening (running) away from that zone. We came afterwards into a large public room wherein were being displayed for public view various sets of items; some were some sort of pictures (to be viewed through some sort of mechanism) of American Indian artefacts; in another area of the room were sets of books which had been left there (for temporary storage) by members of the public. I was looking at some books in such sets which had left there by various persons. I was given, to hold, one such box containing a few books which I was told I had left there in the past (though I did not remember having done so, nor did I remember the title of one of the which I was given to handle); I was wondering whether I should look over these alleged book of mine, I saying (to the profferer of such books to me) that although I had stopped in this room to pick up my luggage (the room was supposedly a transfer station between omnibuses for across-country traveling), I could carrying with me also a set of books if I were to make more than one trip back and forth at my destination omnibus-stop. {I had, in waking life, recently ordered by mail (over the internet) several books, and was awaiting their arrival; which I mentioned by telephone to my mother.}

May 5th-6th (Wedne-Thur) 2010 :- Dream :- I was looking a large map, posted on the wall, of the Roman Empire; inset on it were two provincial maps, one of them showing the alleged locations of dozens of sites in Holland, where (among other explanations, the inset seeming to shift at this) an emperor had (perhaps after his retirement after emperorship, I speculated) had allegedly given a series of lectures. (I recognized neither such local names, nor even the name of the emperor.) {Chinese emperors regularly actually retired from office; only one Roman emperor did.}

May 6th (Thur, during day-time) 2010 :- Dream :- I was speaking by telephone with my brother Steven, telling him that in the 1950s or 1960s I could not have afforded to called anyone long-distance on the opposite side of the world, as he was located then (when I was calling him), and that people in those times (1950s or 1960s), if communicating swiftly at such a distance, would used instead a telegram, as I remembered (I said) having done then.

May 8th-9th (Satur-Sun) 2010 :- Dream :- Purple-garbed (in purple robe) man was promoting philosophy.

May 14th-15th (Fri-Satur) 2010 :- Dream :- I was at an insane asylum, where I was thinking of feeling with my hands on the bodies of some of the scantily-clothed women standing around there; but then I saw a woman (unclothed) who was standing with the front of her body curled forward between her legs so that her head (which was abnormally tiny) extended over her curled body so as to be facing to the front; and I said to her that I remembered her from many years earlier (as I thought that I did) and that I wished her to uncurl her body so that I could confirm this memory. But when she did so (uncurled her body), lying prostrate on the ground, the entire front of her body had its bones exposed (without skin upon them), including her face (which, while she was curled, had skin covering it in a normal way, although it no longer was her face, now skull-like, abnormally small). It seemed exceedingly strange to me that she could be in such a condition without any detriment to her physical well-being; and I said that to her : also I was surprised in that I could not remember having seen her with her bones thus exposed when I had (supposedly) viewed her years earlier. I also thought to myself that there was nothing about the front of her body suitable to feel on with my hands (her breasts being of course absent), which was quite a disappointment to me. {I had (in the waking world), the last time I called the woman (Joanna Morgan) at the state-hospital, told her that I ought to feel on the bodies of women in dreams, but had been always forgetting to do so. The evening before I had read in the book Anglo-American Traditional Erotica (in its section “Types of the Erotic Folktale”) mention of a joke where a woman, having curled her body into an unnatural posture, called upon a man, who was astonished by that posture.}

May 15th –16th (Satur-Sun) 2010 :- Dream :- I was at a crossroads in one automobile (which I was driving), along with another automobile (containing Mr. Rudolph and his wife – he suggested that I play some game, which I considered similar to sudoku, with members of our group, the Society of Friends, who were in still another automobile at that crossroads). I thought not to do so; he (with his wife) drove away from the crossroads, toward his home; I thought of following, driving by automobile, the automobile containing the other members, toward their home (which lay in a different direction), but when I gestured to the automobile which I thought might contain the other members, and it stopped, I saw that its occupants were some other persons whom I did not recognize, so I thought that the automobile which I was seek must have driven away while was speaking to Mr. Rudolph. No longer in an automobile, being around other persons standing in a building, I was wondering how to understand the nature of persons without visiting with them; when while looking at persons I heard (as if from a supernatural interculation) a description (classification) of them in a 2-syllable (consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel) combination [not term which I recognized], but I though the term unnecessarily too long; then next a heard (likewise as if from a supernatural interculation) another description of them, a double classification, consisting of 1st one syllable (consonant-vowel), together with a 2nd sub-classification, consisting of another syllable (consonant-vowel); and I was better pleased with the double classification, inasmuch as I thought single syllables long enough to be single classifiers. {I had the evening before read (on the internet, and copied this – it had reminded me of Maya writing) of a tribe (in Micronesia) whose language was “largely monosyllabic”, as an explanation of that tribe’s writing-system symbols -- http://www.jps.auckland.ac.nz/document/Volume_70_1961/Volume_70,_No._2/Book_reviews,_p_251-255?action=null .}

May 17th (Mon, during daytime) 2010 :- Dream :- We undertook a ritual, involving heating a cauldron containing liquid. The ritual was intended to procure a supernatural result if the liquid were to shew no sign or being heated. It did indicate its being heated (by not freezing, and by boiling), so the ritual was deemed by us to have failed. (However, we felt no heat from it, nor from the source of heating it; so that by waking standards the event would have been regarded as miraculous, anyway.) {In waking life, about the evening of the praevious day, I was mentioning (by telephone) to Prof. Gurr, that fire doth not feel hot in dreams.}

May 17th-18th (Mon-Tue) 2010 :- Dream :- A man holding a stick approached; afraid that he might seek to strike me, I picked up a longer rod from pile of rods. But then he vanished; afraid that he might yet invisibly seek to strike me, I began whirling (SWINGing) the rod around my body. {Awake the evening before, I had read of “invisible” spirits; and the same book (Where Humans and Spirits Meet) stateth (on p. 95) that one’s s`e^t.ani ya ruh.ani when arriving will “swing”.}

May 18th (Tue, during daytime) 2010 :- Dream :- There was a quite large dark-skinned (Negroid) man who was displaying himself naked publicly on the street (riding by himself on an open vehicle) in order to demonstrate the significance of something (some principle). He must have been some 10 feet tall; he having muscular limbs, and with his penis erect.

May 18th-19th (Tue-Wedne) 2010 :- Dream :- I was in a small bay, at one drifting boat. Another drifting boat appeared to be being washed gradually closer to it; so that the two boats appeared to be doomed to eventually collide so as to wreck each other. (I also saw another smaller self-propelled object, which I thought which have some control of the situation; I withdrew to a portion of the bay which was sheltered behind some large skerries, supposing that if I were to focus my mind on the situation of the two boats from there, with intent on the self-propelled object, I could remedy that situation.) We collectively decided that a publicization of symbolism (involving banners, etc.) regarding the forthcoming situation, we could, by collective mind-power (telekinetic) of enough people, remedy the situation.

May 27th-28th (Thur-Fri) 2010 :- Dream :- Someone (a man) was explaining that sex (which I understood as “temporary spouse-swapping”) clubs would function better than marble-shooting {perhaps an allusion to “lose one’s marbles” as meaning “to go insane”} clubs for promoting better social relations. {a few days before I had noticed that the internet website APOCATATASTASIS (promoting the idea of universal salvation) had a weblink to the DONMEH-WEST website (an organization known in other literature as promoting the idea of temporary spouse-trading, though that advocacy doth not seem to be mentioned on its own website). [I had noticed this link between the two websites a few years earlier, but had not though at that time to mention this linkage to anyone.] I had been wondering, since Mr. Rudolph hath sometimes stated his belief in universal salvation, and also had mentioned that there had been a couple in the liberal religious seminary (which he had attended in Kentucky) who had advocated “temporary spouse-swapping”, to mention this APOCATATASTASIS website to him. And now I am thinking that since another website, APOCATATASTASIS, is discussing universal salvation as a doctrine anathematized by the Eastern Orthodox Church, and since Prof-Em Gurr is inclined in favor of the Hellenic Orthodox Church, that I ought to mention the topic to him also.}

Jun 1st-2nd (Tue-Wedne) 2010 :- Dream :- I was reading a legend about the origin of idol-worship in a particular tribe.

Jun 3rd-4th (Thur-Fri) 2010 :-Dream :- I was, with others, apparently an inmate, where I was about to be late to an issuance of new shoes, and hurried to it, where I saw also a group of a few men and a group of a few women, also apparently about to be late, going apparently for the same issuance. I noticed, along the way, a painting on the wall of the hallway, with writing included in it. {In waking life, I had been told my Cassandra (Mr Rudolph wife) that my shoes, which they had given to me a year or two before, were becoming worn-out. Mr Rudolph himself liketh Zen literature, of which a certain instance of writing on the wall (in the Platform Scripture) is famous.}

Jun 6rd-7th (Sun-Mon) 2010 :-Dream :- I was reading a book-review, in which the reviewers mentioned repeatedly their being the authors another book, entitled Intermeddling Affinities. {On the praevious evening, I had been taking (on the “OKcupid” website) some tests of the nature of interpersonal relationships, some of which had quaestions which seemed meddlesome to me.}

Jun 14th (Mon) 2010 (during daytime) :- Dream :- I saw, listed (in a catalogue) along the books by an author on shamanism, Wurra, a Wonderland. {A name /Wurra-/ appears often in More Australian Legendary Tales http://www.archive.org/stream/cu31924029909086/cu31924029909086_djvu.txt, wherein there is an advertisement by a book “of the ' Wonderland ' type”.}

Jun 15th-16th (Tue-Wedne) 2010 :- Dream :- I saw the region suddenly illuminated, and I understood this to imply that I had then attained sudden enlightenment. I was considering the brightness to be a superfluous manifestation generated by divine beings quite unnecessarily, and I began to taken measures to deplete it at whatever station it may have retired to after manifesting itself. I thought the donation (by divine beings) to me of such unnecessary quantity of light would in the future somehow interfere with my functions if that light were not promptly consumed.

Jun 16th-17th (Wedne-Thur) 2010 :- Dream :- On about 3 successive occasions I was pressing my body against the rear of a nude standing plump dark-skinned woman, each occasion in a room with an open door just behind us; on the last of these occasions another woman was just outside that door in order to be watching us. {cf. the occasion when (at the state insane asylum in Columbus, GA) I was having sexual intercourse out-of-doors with a plump dark-skinned woman (the one whom I wished to move into a house with) – on that occasion we were being watched by 2 other dark-skinned women} This was followed by my lying facing a woman (the same one as who had been watching through the door?), who was lying on her back; she was nude, but with a pair of bandolier-type bands crossing the upper part of her torso. {I had been reading the day before of bells-covered bandoliers worn by shamanistic performers in Nepal.}

Jun 17th (Thur) 2010 :- not a dream :- During the evening, I saw (and heard) an aircraft having a rapidly-flickering light, on a curved flight.

Jun `19th (Satur) 2010 (during daytime) :- Dream :- A house which we were visiting, located at a remote position in the countryside, had been threatened (said its owner) with being demolished by the government. {As our latest (Wedne) rally in front of the state capitol building, a man was mentioning a house’s having been destroyed.} While we were moving about its contents, we found items (including bags) labeled “1949” and “1950”, indicating that the house had not been lived in much since then. {Once, in the late 1970’s in Maryland (?) our father had stopped at an abandoned water-driven grain-mill, which had receipts dating from the 1950s (?) in a filing-cabinet.}

Jul 20th-21st (Tue-Wedne) 2010 :- Dream :- Some man was telling me that royal families are killed off in volcanic eruptions. I said that royal families would not be located at volcanoes, but thought to myself that a royal family could be visiting a volcano as part of a sightseeing-tour.

June 25th (Fri) 2010, during daytime :- Dream :- concerning various occult-mystic books, mentioned by their titles – but I could not remember any exact titles on awaking. [N.B. almost every morning (all except one or two) for the latest two or more weeks, I awoke remembering looking at the pages of some occult-mystic book, as the last dream-scene just before waking – but without praecise memory of details, as if the wording of what I was reading slipped from my memory (except once, Jun 14th, during daytime) while awaking. The time-span of this is matching approximately since when I started to telephone the “Flying Saucer Prophet” Paul R. Solem.]

Jun 28th-29th (Mon-Tue) 2010 : - Dream :- I was reading a book, in which the word “meeting” was misspelled “myeting” (MYeTING). {The evening before, in waking life I was reading an article about shamanism in MiYako, the article (in the book Shamans in Asia) containing the word /TING/. Incidentally, Gerald Rudolph (who speaketh Japanese fluently) had reported that his mother had died at his house the afternoon before. In the praevious meeting of the local Society of Friends, a member noted that in the meeting held a few days before that at the same house, the mother was able to be counted as a participant in that meeting} {I do not remember ever encountering a misspelled word in a dream before this.}

Jun 30th-Jul 1st (Wedne-Thur) 2010 : - Dream :- I was reading in a book about a man who often hid himself by his own spiritual power, but was found each time by a woman (his wife) by her own spiritual power, and that when she would find him he would “become extremely angry”; and I visualized this finding of the man by the woman. I wondered so much at his becoming annoyed, I thinking that anyone having spiritual power could not become annoyed at anything; until I woke from the wondering. {I had read some days earlier (in waking life) of a rustic custom of playing hide-and-go-seek amongst grain-sheaves at harvest-time.}