Dream-diary, 2009

Jan. 2nd-3rd (Fri-Satur), 2009 :- Dream : I was, with other men, staying at a “guest-house” which was opposite the “royal palace”. This guest-house largely lacked much in the way of interior walls partitioning it into rooms; instead it had within it heavy-wire screens, apparently intended to be climbed by the guests, using their fingers and toes into the heavy-wire mesh. The floor (beside a wall) was the place for setting down one’s possessions carried in bags. When one of the other guests was speaking, I noticed from his speech that he seemed congenial to my sorts of ideas, so I embraced him, at which he remarked pleasantly. [Soon I awoke.] {I had been taking notes on one of the “Dream-Books” of Oneirocritic Literature (a PhD diss), including a dream of “being embraced by a very close male friend”. I have not otherwise been embracing males in dreams.}

Jan. 16th-17th (Fri-Satur), 2009 :- Dream : While walking out-of –doors, I was thinking (contemplating) that no experiential life after death could be possible because all karman would be exhausted by compensatory activities performed betwixt lives. {Here, apparently, my thought was derived from the notion that the betwixt-lives (Antarabhava) state of consciousness is similar to that of a dream; along with the idea (commonly expressed by me while explaining the purpose of dreaming to other persons in the waking world) that the reason and function of dreams is to eliminate the disharmonies (aequivalent to karman) among waking activities.}

c. Jan 31st-Feb. 1st, 2009 :- Dream : A young man and a young woman, both of whom I had met earlier entered the room into which they had invited me; each of them kissed a different one of my 2 ears, and they said that they invited me to attend the “Christian Drop-in Center”. I did not answer, but thought to myself that, as Christians (evangelical ones) that would disapprove of any touching between a man and a woman any more intimate than kissing the ears (side of head, instead of front of face), so that the kissing was intended by their group to impart a false impression of more sexual freedom than they would allow.

Feb. 4th-5th (Wedne-Thur), 2009 :- Dreams :- After exploring the neighborhood of the town whereto I had traveled (exploring, I had walked along a steep trail having a living leaning tree {cf. the mythic leaning fun-san tree} with parts of its root-system exposed {I had the days before been thinking about the consciousness of plants being in the luminous world of dreamless sleep}, to a conjunction of 2 highways with 1 of the 2 abruptly inclined upward from the juncture; then I had returned), I sat myself at a long dining table in a room at a public location along with other persons some of whom I was already acquainted with : one was a woman (seated beside me) who was telling approvingly about the habit of Hindu sages to pronounce a curse upon anyone who seemed to have offended them; another woman (seated on the opposite side of the table) told her that she ought instead to follow Jesus; so I spoke to encourage the woman had was favoring Hinduism. {I had on the evening before (at the usual restaurant after the regular Wednesday protest in front of the state-capitol) been speaking to the man and woman (husband & wife) there (after he had told me about an escape supposedly by Timothy Leary from a chain-gang; she had been trying to name the author of the Chariots of the Gods, but guessed names of other authors instead, this done after she had noticed the set of books by Joseph Campbell which I had brought and of which she said she also owned a copy) : I there had spoken favorably about Hinduism, about how Carl Davidson (of SDS, at U. of Nebraska) had favored it and had liked me on that account.}

Another dream :-A man who was some official at a prison was mentioning a new system, employing social workers, for helping persons who had been arrested to find friends of their to assist them. I responded by saying that that would be helpful, to find a friend willing to post bail-bond for them and the like. {I had also mentioned at the restaurant after the protest about friends being needed to help get someone who had been put into an insane asylum released, and he had agreed that that was how release was managed.}

Febr. 8th-9th (Sun-Mon), 2009 :- Dream :- I was told that I had an evil spirit afflicting me; so I ran for a distance (over an area of which I saw a diagram-map, shewing that the distance had a right-angle in it {cf. the right-angle motion of a UFO, as described a few days earlier my a man at our Wedn meeting as having been seen by him}). Thereupon, I understood (was told?) that I had been cured of the evil spirit. [When I awoke, I figured that I had escaped from it by suddenly running when told that such spirit was in me afflicting me; that the spirit had been left behind at the place whence I had suddenly run.] {The late evening before this, I had started typing notes from the book Lemba : when I had first encountered that book in the university-library weeks earlier, I had suddenly become briefly dizzy while reading a passage of ritual text with intralineal English translation. The only episode in my life wherein I had suddenly become dizzy before that (without pirouetting) was toward the end of my 40-day beginning-of-millennium fast in Janu-Febr 2000, in the public library in Atlanta.}

Febr. 9th-10th (Mon-Tue), 2009 :- Dream :- I was hearing an announcement (over radio) about when the dam broke at Milwaukee (?) over a million people were drowned; but I doubted (telling bystanders) that such an event had occurred, saying the announcer must have been referring to something merely hypothetical. Then I started to view a model (about a cubic foot in size) of a group of city-aedifices (wondering if this had to do with potential safety of city-aedifices’ occupants). Happening next, the large aedifice in which we were (in a large auditorium) a severe storm around the building was mentioned as happening right then, so that I saw the storm’s rain. Afterward, I was mentioning among persons with whom I was acquainted that there was a dearth of discussion of reasons and purposes of personal activities in usual discussions of philosophy – in apparent response to this, the man to whom I was speaking shewed to me a passage in a history-book mentioning Caedwaler as having appointed a group of persons who had already died as some official functionaries. [Then I awoke.] {I had been mentioning in waking life, over the telephone, the same sort of dearth of discussion of reasons and purposes of personal activities in usual discussions of philosophy. The dream-response may have been intended to indicate a sort of likely response expectable from persons being told this.}

Febr. 11th-12th (Wedn-Thur), 2009 :- Dream :- As I was praeparing to depart out of on insane asylum, the occupant of the room in which I had a trunk-chest in which my valuables, including those of my writings which I had with me there, were stored, told me that I would not be allowed to take that trunk-chest out of there with me while departing. Then next, when my relatives had arrived to transport me out of the insane asylum, I went back to that room, I trunk-chest was absent, and the same occupant would not say what had become of it (though several smaller containers of materials were available for me to take, in another room) : so I went to the main office where various women-officials were in attendance (I did not recognize any as those with whom I was familiar, but I attributed that to mere change of work-shift), and began telling to one of them about this situation, saying that I had put thousands of hours work into writing up the writings which I was requaesting to have found so that I could take they away with me (though I wondered to myself I it was not nor likely that merely hundreds of hours had been so involved). On not receiving from her any satisfactory response, I was thinking of locating my relatives who had arrived to transport me away from there, so as to have them plead with some official there for finding of the papers of mine. Then I awoke. {My brother had a couple of days earlier complained (in an e-mail) of our sister’s having discarded some stored items of his which she had promised to retain.}

March 2nd-3rd (Mon-Tue), 2009 :- Dream :- After having heard repeatedly about a case of a man who had no wife, encountered two women (each having young children with them) both of whom were traveling in search of a man to be their husband, and who were willing to share the same man, but both of those women were rejected by that man whom both of those women sought to be their husband; then having heard repeatedly about this case, I decided to tell (and started to tell) about a similar experience of own (earlier, in the same dream) in which, while I was walking along a road in the countryside, I had encountered a woman also walking there, whom I had thought might be seeking a man to become her husband, but whom I did not ask to accept me, because I was not sure that it would have been a lucky thing for me to do so. {In recent weeks, the woman whom I habitually call who is residing in the state insane-asylum, was telling me that she did not know enough about me; so I decided to start telling her more about myself in a casual way – mostly about what I would like talking about with a woman if I had one living with me with whom I could talk quite freely about whatever I liked discussing the best. (This would be mostly world-politics, a subject which is not usually discussed that much between husband and wife in most couples; I became interested in discussing it so much because it was a favorite subject of my father’s – but I had neglected to discuss it much with the several women with whom I had lived because they did not bring it up, and because I did not admire some of their other interests.)}

c. Mar 6th-7th 2009 :- Dream :- I was holding a boiled chicken-egg and thinking of eating it. {A day or two later, Mar 8th, I was at the State capitol about to eat a dozen boiled chicken-eggs when Cassandra Fralix (who had kept chickens at her-&-her-husband’s house) called me on my cell-telephone (to mention going to the meeting); the words were some well-audible and some just barely audible, alternatingly, by a misfunctioning of the cell-telephone (which I thought due to a gremlin from a dream, thinking at first of the dream of the night just finished).}

Mar. 7th-8th (Satur-Sun) 2009 :- Dream :- I was traveling (by some artificial transportation) along a path, sometimes slowly and sometimes rapidly. {When I woke, I contemplated, with artificial ideas which I was ascribing to spirit-communication, whether the travel may have being referring to my constantly changing relations with the spirit-world, and what these relations might result in after death.}

Mar 8th-9th (Sun-Mon) 2009 :- Dream :- A woman brought to me a magazine with many colored pictures of nude women in it, which I began looking at. She lay with the lower part of her nude body across the lower part of my body, which I enjoyed; so that when I was urged to go to the upper level of the building to listen to women singing love-songs, that did not seem as interesting so I did not go but remained, thinking that she apparently did not realize that I liked having her nude body pressed on mine.

Mar 14th-15th (Satur-Sun) 2009 :- Dream :- After being in a room which I did not recognize as my own (its furnishing being unfamiliar), I went out of it in order to seek my own room. It was dim within the house outside that room, and I thought that my own room, which I thought I could recognize, would be on the lower level of the house, so I started walking in the dimness, down the stairs toward the level of the house.

Mar 25th-26th (Wedne-Thur) 2009 :- Dream :- I was walking about toward, one at a time, women (each clad in a bikini) – who were clients at some residential facility? – in a hallway, but desisted as each said that she was displeased with my going toward her.

Mar 27th-28th (Fri-Satur) 2009 :- Dreams :- typing on computer references on esoteric religions; [later dream :] typing on computer references on unconventional medicinal cures.

Mar 30th-31st (Mon-Tue) 2009 :- Dream :- seeing (in printed form) root-words which apparently functioned as etymologies. [I may have had a similar dream on the praevious night also.]

Mar 31st-Apr 1st (Tue-Wedn) 2009 :- Dream :- After remarking about this [the foregoing dream], I was thinking that any opposition by humans beings to deities who rule over the after-death world would result in a worse is a worse condition for those humans after their death.

Apr 8th-9th (Wedne-Thur) 2009 :- Dream :- I was reading a statement that women wished to be raped, but praetended otherwise for various reasons (such as that because it was socially disapproved, women were praetending not to wish for it in order not to be socially condemned); and (I was reading in the same book) the requaest (by the book’s author, and addressed to potential authors seeking to submit for publication on the topic) “Please include rape in your statistics of things wished for by women”.

Apr 9th-10th (Thr-Fri) 2009 :- Dream :- I had been involved in a written protest in a system involving various groups of persons counterfiling claims of that the opposing group had been intentionally filing false claims into the system; a result of which (counterfilings) had become a legalist document (produced by authorized mediator-administrators) printed out many rods (perhaps a hundred feet) long (which we had spread out along the ground for examination); this was followed (a little later in the same dream) by delivery to me personally by police (arriving in a police-automobile and handing this short written notice to me from around a corner of a building flush with the roadway out-of-doors) a legal document for me to sign in order for me to acknowledge by part in submitting some one particular counterclaim during that process which was now under investigation by the mediator-administrators. However, I hesitated to sign this legal document (thus handed to me by police), thinking of asking (of the police) clarification as to whether the signing of such document would legally imply admission of guilt of some sort on my part, and thinking of asking (of the police) whether I was obliged to sign. Then, abruptly, I awoke. {This dream was evidently a commentary on the legalistic process, involving intervention by various administrators, in which I have been notified (with invitation to make further explanatory comments) of further counterclaims by party-respondent writing against my requests for administrative redress to appeals-boards in Wikipedia (re deletions, by the same party-respondent [named “Verbal”] of some of my articles written within Wikipedia). This notification included statement (by administrator, addressing counterclaim by party-respondent) that I was being tricked by said party-respondent into believing that some of the notifications written to me by that party-respondent were a part of the legal system of communication to me normally done by authorized administrators.}

Apr 12th-13th (Sun-Mon) 2009 :- Dream :- I understood that, in a rocket ship, a dissenter was escaping from the planet. I saw, at first, various other flying vehicles being sent with the intention of overtaking it, but I thought (hoped) that they would not be able to overtake it; and afterwards, the flying vehicles being thusly sent having to exit through a hole above in the dome (hundreds, at least, of feet high at its centre) which enclosed the city; and I thought (hoped) that these vehicles, on account of being crowded at the exit hole, would not be able to overtake it. (The pursuing flying vehicles were varied, all in the later scene having curved, backswept wings.)

Apr 16th-17th (Thur-Fri) 2009 :- Dream :- I was saying to someone (a man) that I ought to be discussing redincarnation with people so as to ensure a favorable one (for myself).

May 4th-5th (Mon-Tue) 2009 :- Dream :- I was speaking to someone (a man) about the usually unresolved quaestion in the [philosophy of] physics about the distinction between the 2 systems usually assumed, namely the observed and the non-observed : I was saying that non only would there be appropriately be mentioned is such [philosophy] a boundary between the 2 systems, but also it may be critical as to just where this boundary may be assumed to be located. I was saying that the same considerations applied quite evidently in ethics, and that physics out to take its cue from ethics in the matter of the criticality of this boundary [– that just as different ethical systems may result depending on praecisely where such boundary may be assume to be located, so likewise could different systems of physics arise from different localizations of such a boundary]. {During the day before this dream, I had been considering the fact that acceptance of the quantum nature of the soul would have a dramatic effect on the quaestion of relations between ‘mind’ and ‘body’. The dream was apparently based on the idea of carrying over this description of the soul to an aequation of ‘soul’ with ‘observor’ (as used in [philosophy of] physics.}

May 11th-12th (Mon-Tue) 2009 :- Dream :- Large numbers of persons were gathered in a roadway in praeparation for a parade; they were practicing by walking to the left and to the right. I walked amidst them, toward the head of the parade, and reached it. Thus, I expected to be at the head of the parade when it would start. {Perhaps an indication that I see myself as having to take the lead in preaching to persons in the circle of protesters – preaching to them doctrines which they never enunciate. This fact (that they never say nor much think to themselves that which I preach openly) I often mention to them.}

May 15th-16th (Fri-Satur) 2009 :- Dream :- Various domesticated guinea pigs had started to dwell in our house, scurrying about in it. Other persons in the house decided to catch the guinea pigs in order to carry them to a small house which we had exclusively for them. I suggested using cloths for catching them, and when I had caught one thus, and someone else had caught at least one thus, I thought of the fact [told by David Kelley, decades ago] that in antient Peru guinea pigs likewise dwelt in people’s houses. [Thinking this caused me to awaken before I could mention it.]

May 17th-18th (Sun-Mon) 2009 :- Dream :- I was in a dormitory with numerous beds, where I was noticing on at least two of which there was upon each a writing-tablet covered with handwriting which I recognized as my own; I said, concerning this situation, that when I had been transferred to a different location, some of my writings must have been mistakenly brought to here or left here. [Later in same dream :-] I was walking amidst groups of persons some of whom were advocating various sets of occult literature (none of the titles of which was I able to recognize as familiar when they were mentioned), the titles of one such set being quoted with the word “cherry” (which I guessed referred to female virginity being eliminated) in each title. [Yet later in same dream :-] I was in a house, at night, with three other men, one of whom, supposedly wearing a which he had provided, was pointing a flashlight through the open door to the outside, where outside a group of uniformed men who were said to be policed officers were standing; they were said to be waiting for reinforcements which were to arrive, before they were to enter the house in order to arrest the two other men who were standing beside me in the house. I asked the two men who were waiting to be arrested what they were to be arrested on account of, but they did not reply. (While I was wondering why they did not reply to me, I awoke.)

May 19th-20th (Tue-Wedne) 2009 :- Dream :- I and another man were being asked whether the visible praesence of marks on both our bodies were merely co-incidences. As soon as the inquirer (and also the other man inquired of) had departed, I asked a woman standing there whether she would like to bite on me also (I saying that the marks, indicated by scabs, were bite-marks). She, however, said no; she said that she did not wish to be investigated. As I was looking at her, I wondered whether her facial appearance might indicate that she would like to do that kind of biting on men anyway – I was thinking that mottlings on a woman’s face might indicate a cow-like nature, suggesting her willingness to bite on men. (Then I awoke.) {I may have had in mind something like a cow-like coloring of Io (GM 56.c), who was bitten by a gadfly, supposedly a sign of her being in heat (White Goddess).}

c. May 21st (during day) :- Dream :- I was reading that the only difference between some antient cardinal-directional symbolism and its modern form was that to the centre the antient symbolism attributed a human, rather than (as in the recent symbolism) a deity.

May 21st-22nd (Thur-Fri) 2009 :- Dream :- We (I and others) were at our house, noticing that all the several trees to one side of the house were dead, and wondering why that was so. {I had gone to sleep with my limbs in contact with the wooden floor. (Could the spirits of the trees composing the wooden floor have sent such a dream?)}

May 27th-28th (Wedne-Thur) 2009 :- Dream :- Early in the dream we, who had not met in a long time, were gathered together – this included several women with whom I had had sexual relations in the past, so that after I had left the meeting I thought to myself that I had missed out asking any of those women to have sexual intercourse with me again, which I thought I might feel a lack of if I were not to meet on of these soon again.

Later in the dream, I was returning repeatedly to the meeting, noticing each time that the meeting consisted of people gathered beside a bed, but with no-one in the bed, which each time I entered onto briefly (as I thought to be suitable, as I was merely an occasional visitor to the meeting) – on the last of which returns I approached the bed of the meeting by my floating through the air.

As the last event in the dream, I was describing to someone else (away from that meeting) what the meeting was – I was saying that it consisted of people planning to overthrow the government (but as I said this I was thinking to myself that there was no government for it to be opposed to, that there was no opposition to it, and that this statement was therefore not very descriptive). {This dream was similar to the situation at the rally (in which we were all holding protest-signs) to which I had just been at the state capital, where at the convocation at the end of it the out-of-town organizer (Mr. Matos) reminded the ralliers to support the praesident (Obama). During the rally I had not worn the tee-shirt against the Patriot Act, nor held the sign against the Patriot Act, because the Department of Homeland Security (the agency set up to enforce the Patriot Act) had been eliminated (by “merger” of it into another foederal governmental department, making it effectively unable to do anything). I struck me as somewhat odd that the protestors had the top organization of the foederal government working on their behalf, and could not say openly that they favored continual elimination of remaining structures set up by the Bush administration, lest too open of such talk set off some sort of alarm in the remaining advocates of the praevious (Bush) re’gime.}

May 28th-29th (Thur-Fri) 2009 :- Dream :- A woman disembarked from a vehicle, went over to a purple object (can) on the sidewalk to approach the man having it, then acted as though she had misidentified the object and the man along with it; as she acted as though about to depart, I thought that it might be that she was willing to have sexual intercourse with any man whom she thought by any visible taken might be willing for it, so I asked her whether she would be willing to have sexual intercourse with me instead. At that point she indicated that she had a young child with her, and so I thought that she meant that she would consent if I could indicate that I would treat the child well; then I understood that it was intended that I also so that I treat well, by petting, a pet-animal and also several other women, whom I started various rubbing on the belly or patting on the sides (depending on their apparent needs for their being consoled).

May 30th-31st (Satur-Sun) 2009 :- Dream :- We were inmates in an insane asylum. A woman was standing bare-buttocked with her buttocks facing toward me; I merely looked until she lay down supine, when I touched her bare buttock with my hand by putting it under her. Another woman nearby said something disapproving, but I replied to this. {This may refer to an episode years ago when a woman standing nearby said something disapproving, and I replied; when I encountered in a hallway at an insane asylum (in Georgia) another woman standing nude below her waist, and I kneeled and put my face and lips to the semi-nude woman’s body.}

June 5th-6th (Fri-Satur) 2009 :- Dream :- Out-of-doors in a grassy and somewhat wooded area, I had a rod, of which when I held it by an end, pointed at the sky, there would hover a bird just beyond the far end of that rod. I considered that this behavior (by the bird) indicated something about the nature of things different from what I had thitherto been aware of. Just after that, as I remained in the same area, I notice that I, and also persons already having this corresponding belief-system, could also induce rather large inanimate physical objects to displace themselves by moving about through the air it a somewhat similar manner; and that smaller physical objects (boughs) could also confirm their ability to notice my conversion to realizing this mode of thinking by falling vertically from the sky to nigh my location, so that I would have to think to return aloft while they were falling toward me. I considered this telepathic communication with objects falling vertically to be somehow “Shinto”. {Perhaps because of the Shinto mention of a divine “Master of the August Centre of Heaven”} Afterwards I was being driven about in an automobile along with 2 or 3 other persons (at least one other man and one woman) who had already been members to the same belief-system, while I was indicating to them that I was well-convinced to the system. I thought to myself (while I was being driven about in the atomobile with them) that there was not much to say about it, on account that they did not make this belief-system conspicuous to non-believers. {I had been mentioning the praevious evening (to my mother) that the members Theosophical Society did not make their membership conspicuous.}

Jun 7th-8th (Sun-Mon) 2009 :- Dream :- I was (for a while together with someone else, who had supposedly taken me to there) in a large area of interconnected rooms (supposed on the 3rd floor), with each group of rooms having a number (I saw “19” & “20”) stamped onto the ground in ink, together with some fragmentary names, likewise so stamped; the rooms were lacking any furniture. I found some food (in a cupboard), but when I discarded some pieces through a window onto the ground outside the building, some guard yelled thence not to throw “potato-peels” out.

Jun 17th-18th (Wedne-Thur) 2009 :- Dream :- After considering the spiritual merit to be gained by acting as though one were able to observe the praesence of beneficent influences of spirits at a distance too far away to be seen, I was thinking that it would likewise be beneficial to think of spirits walking as readily underwater or even through transparent solid matter as humans do along the earth’s surface. {This dream may have been due to my mentioning elemental spirits to Mr. Rudolph at the rally in front of the state capitol building the afternoon just praeceding; I had a little earlier called him to mention that I had found mention of the cause of sleep apnea (which was afflicting him) from an elemental spirit’s curse, I suggesting that if he would read about it from the internet the reading might cure him of that ailment.}

c. Jun 23rd-24th 2009 :- Dream :- While looking at large transparent plant-roots (from which I thought that I had cut off the upper portions for planting), I was saying that not only would these be edible, but also they could likewise be perhaps used for planting, that shoots might grow from them.

Jun 24th-25th (Wedne-Thur) 2009 :- Dream :- I was attending a meeting in which future history of the world were being mentioned, and a speaker said that an author named Danilux in __, South Carolina, had written that in 5400 some A.D. Negroes would be working for the Mormon Church. I asked how to spell that author’s name and where to find that author’s writing. (Then I awoke.)

Jun 25th-26th (Thur-Fri) 2009 :- Dream :- We had praepared for transplanting into fields by growing sets of young yam plants in earthenware pots. Also, there were a few fully-grown “turnip” (judging from their large size, they may have been rhutabagas) plants floating in water. {are these related by “root-work” in the sense of hoodoo?}

Jun 29th-30th (Mon-Tue) 2009 :- Dream :- There was a woman who was a prostitute who was offering to have sexual intercourse with men; but I was not aware of her attitude about social-political matters. So, I told another woman whom I knew more about (Sarah Williams), while I was standing beside her, that I would rather have sexual intercourse with herself instead just because I knew better about how she thought; but when I told her this, she did not even answer. {In waking life, this woman Sarah Williams has refused to allow me even to kiss her when I have asked her.}

c. Jul 1st-2nd 2009 :- Dream :- I was in a dim room; while looking across it, I noticed a bright point of light hovering apparently in the air on the opposite side of the room, and considered it supernatural.

Jul 5th (Sun) 2009, during day :- Dream :- I was reading a description of an African grammar; also some description of that tribe’s religion.

Jul 10th-11th (Fri-Satur) :- Dream :- Was viewing what was intended as a flashback to when my (?) grandmother had become mortally ill – she appeared to be of some foreign racial stock; and I thought of her sudden debility (when she could be seen to be not extremely aged) as due to her not eating enough variety of foods.

Jul 13 (Mon, during day) :- Dream :- Was experiencing minor hallucinations [much as I did during much of my waking time while co-habiting with the woman in Georgia some 2 decades ago], and was thinking that though this may have been seeming a difficult time, yet it was praeferable to not having any contact with the divine world.

Aug 3rd-4th (Mon-Tue) 2009 :- Dream :- I was, with others, in a passenger-airplane, when another flying airliner touched it with its tail; 2 other airliners, one at a time, also flew quite close to ours.

Aug 7th-8th (Fri-Satur) 2009 :- Dream :- I was on the grounds of some government establishment – illegally, I found, for another man on those ground also had been arrested there. as I saw, by a government agent, so a walked quickly to a gap in the surrounding metal fence in order to depart out of the enclosed area, saying (to myself) as I did so that no further protest (against the government) with protest-banners would be held at that gap, now that it was so easy to be arrested for trespassing on the government area inside the fence. Later, I was, with other anti-government persons inside of a building on a floor having much equipment on it; I notice that I was possible to go to a lower level simply by lowering one’s self from the platform to the ground (also inside the same building) below – one woman then lowered herself thus : she was wearing a orange-colored body-uniform which was labeled as showing employment in another government department, but nevertheless a man who was a government agent in the ground area below was telling her that she was not authorized to be in that area, for it was a region for government employees of another specific government department only; and she was beginning to tell to him (as she had already told to me) that she had found that uniform somewhere. {I myself, in the waking world, also have a shirt with some emblem looking like the state palmetto-emblem, which I found; and also a body-uniform (non-government) which I found.} Then [in the dream] there where a number of us on the ground below; other decided to depart via a sort of ladder (with handholds) which reached upward from the ground level to a still higher level in the building; but when I attempted also to do so, I found that I was hampered from climbing (using the handholds) on account of my carrying book and pamphlets (all anti-government literature) in my hands; so, in order to go above with the literature, I laid the literature above on the platform and then swang my body onto it – this I repeated several times to show, to some woman-protestor who was still below, how easy it would be for her to do so. {I was (in the waking world) scheduled to go, with other protestors, on the coming afternoon to Mr. Rudolph’s sixtieth-birthday party.}

Aug 10th-11th (Mon-Tue) 2009 :- Dream :- Atop snowy mountain, a couple (man and woman) had chosen to slide down the mountainside along the snow. {My brother Steven A., visiting with me at Mr. Rudolph’s house, had been showing (through a projector borrowed by Cassandra from the highschool where she taught) colored images of digital photographs which my brother had taken, stored on his computer, of snowy mountains in Afghanistan.}

Aug. 13th-14th (Thur-Fri) 2009 :- Dream :- After I had separated from companions, as I was walking across an elevated portion of the open the landscape, I noticed in the distance behind me, someone following, which I interpreted as a person of ill will intent on doing me harm; so I hastened forward, intent on going to a place for descent which would be out of the line of sight of that following person when he would arrive. {My brother while describing his dreams when he was being driven along with me by Mr. Rudolph in the automobile, mentioned his own dreams of being pursued; which I thought very unnecessary sort of dream and due only to an unpleasant state of mind. I myself have not otherwise had such a sort of dream in quite a long while (years?); Steven's mention of this on his part must have produced it in me.}

Aug. 15th (Satur) 2009, during daytime :- Dream :- Was in situation involving automorphism-mapping of world, where Channel Island (off southern California) were under consideration – I thought of this as involving the Socialist Workers’ Party scheme for exiling capitalists to those islands, and thought of saying so to the other persons involved. {I had in the day before had been considering mentioning this SWP scheme to S.C. Peace Resource members when they had been discussing a pertinent topic.}

Aug. 15th-16th (Satur-Sun) 2009 :- Dream :- A group of human females was standing around me; of them, some half a dozen (from a prae-pubertal girl to several adult women) each successsively kissed my lips with hers. But thereafter I said that they ought to discontinue doing such, because it would be easy to catch a venereal disease by continuing to do so. {Actually, mononucleosis would be easier to caught in that way; but in a dream no disease, of course, could exist contagiously anyway.}

Aug 18th-19th (Tue-Wedne) 2009 :- Dream :- I was demonstrating (within a room) my ability to fly (involving moving my hands), and was somewhat surprised at the lack of interest in the person to whom I was demonstrating it. Soon, I was outofdoors, demonstating to persons my ability to flyby flying up to a set of elevated railed horizontal walkways (with no persons on them, people watching from the ground below), but elicited merely responses of my going to there was prohibited, the place being outofbounds government property. So I was flying onward, by now pursued on the ground by persons seeking to arrest me for trespass violating government property; could see various other places (buildings) to fly to, but I wondered what to do, as I was being paced (along the ground) by pursing government agents. (Then I awoke.)

Aug 25th (Tue) 2009, during daytime :- Dream :- I was standing outofdoors with a woman with whom I was acquainted, when I felt on her buttock; I thought that she might be offended at this, but, because she made no sign of being offended, I then kissed her face. She then said just a few words, beginning with “Good ...”. {This hath been my sort of experience during waking time with this woman Joanna with whom I have been associating for over a decade; but the woman in the dream was light-colored.}

[Then, after falling to sleep again, also during same day.] Dream :- I was with a group of people with whom I was acquainted; we were discussing the prospects of passing some sort of legislation.

Aug 26th (Wedne) 2009, during daytime :- Dream :- I was in the room of a woman and was looking at written papers posted, some in a folder, on her bulletin board. Of the 3 pages together in a folder, I recognized them as some of papers which I had written and lost, perhaps thrown outofdoors by someone (as I remembered from a praevious dream). I said : “These are by me; I wrote them.” (Then I awoke.)

Aug 31st – Sep 1st (Mon-Tue) 2009 :- Dream :- I detached from some part of my body a string tied to it and leading outward into the darkness (of the night) beyond a fence which was between walls. In a quite large dim room lacking furniture, I was hasting (running though I noticed that I could hardly sense my legs, my feet not feeling the ground) along with the room’s wall to my right. When I reached a dark stairwell, I noticed that turning on the electric light-switch in it produced merely dim illumination; I ascended its stairs for a while, arriving at the top, which led into an interior set of rooms. At time I was hearing music and operatic singing, and (the singing making me realize that I was dreaming) wondered whether I was hearing that music and opera from some recording being played in the waking world. (Thereupon I awoke.) [N.B. My hearing music and singing in a dream is quite unusual for me.]

Sep 3rd-4th Thur-Fri 2009 :- Dream :- I was, with other people (men), in a cavernous region from with, indicated other, the only way to emerge into the world (which was above) would be by climbing up, either a difficult pole (later, a dead tree) or else a metallic frame, along which one might accidentally slide back down. Later I somehow found myself high aloft (hundreds of feet over the ground) in an open frame-structure, which was at places not possible to continue (supposed by me to be in a return-climbing) further through because too open. Still later, I and someone else were on the ground’s surface, walking along to explore uninhabited antient buildings (supposedly in Hindu architectural style) – my walking led through grassy areas (where I was thinking of the danger of being bitten by snakes, thinking this a possibility in India, and not being rescuable if so), but soon I was walking inside a large such building, choosing (hoping thereby to evade any possible pursuit by any hostile persons) to walk in a direction within the building (which was nowhere dark within) which led by storeys further down (underground), including to one long corridor at the other end of which could be distantly seen 2 men who appeared all-black – I though to evade (in case they had seen me) but soon returned to see them still in the same place distantly (which made me think that they might be praeternaturally unable to move); seeing other all-black men close in the corridor-level above, I figured that they might be “shadow-people”, which I confirmed by going to where they were and not seeing them any more standing in the corridor. {I had been wondering, while awake during the day praeviously, how the Chinese shadow-souls related to the Chinese (Taoist) divine cavern-worlds. (There are also Hindu cavernous temples carven underground into rock.)}

Sep 21st-22nd (Mon-Tue) 2009 :- Dream :- I was fleeing through a series of rooms, all connected in a straight line, each of which had to be entered through a closed door, each of which (the doors) I successively opened and closed behind me – some of the doors were already unlocked, others were locked with a knob (locking-knob, above the main door-knob of each door) which had to be turned in order to open it – each door, as I fled through them I left unlocked (although closed by me) behind me as I fled. Then suddenly (which still engaged in the same process) I awoke. [This is a sort of dream which I have experienced many times over past decades, the dream recurring at intervals of several years.]

Sep 22nd (Tue) 2009 (during daytime) :- Dream :- I noticed flickering sky-clouds, supposedly lit by lightning, in the distance. [I do not recall any dream of anything like unto lightning praeviously. I had been reading about mediaeval Latvian werewolves when I dozed off.]

Sep 26th (Satur) 2009 (during daytime) :- Dream :- I retured, after an absence of traveling to other states in the country, and was asked if I had gone to California – I replied that I had not gone to there because California was the most dangerous state (I was thinking that electroconvulsive “treatment” was forced on prisoners in insane asyla there). It told how I had experienced (as I can remember as of yet), in the outset of my return trip, that I was on a sort of boat (which was at first an omnibus) which, on taking a path on a road which swerved around, encountered a flooded area (of the road, which became a canal, so that the strip separating the lane of the road between left and right – we were traveling along the left lane, as is done in England – became a grassy island, onto which I had wondered whether I ought to exit in order to wait for another omnibus-boat, which would be coming in the other canal lane in the opposite direction). Anyway, after describing this, I was noticing the other guests (who had arrived during my absence on the trip to other states) in the house – some of them were children of other nationalities (including dark-skinned), some tattooed (I was admiring the tattooes).

Another dream (immediate following) :- I was as the checkout register of a store, and the total was such that, if the among that I had just bought praeviously were also totaled, the sum would aequal about the amount which had in my bank-account, so I said that I was reluctant to use my bankcard, lest I be overdrawing the account; since I could not figure out how check from there my exact account-balance, I was wondering whether I ought to put the items back on the shelves until I had checked by bank-account (whence suddenly, from the wondering involved, I awoke). {Mr. Rudolph had called me during the day just before, to tell me how little I had in my bank-account, and warning me not to overdraw.}

Oct 1st (Thur) 2009 (during daytime) :- Dream :- I had presented a beverage to a “goddess”, and she was drinking of it, when suddenly her “husband” began pressing with his hand on my sides – I thought that he intended thereby to cause difficulty for me in breathing, supposedly in order to hinder me from possibly interfering with his wife’s imbibing the beverage, a behaviour on his part which I thought strange. {As the last act just before falling asleep, I had typed a note comparing the drinking of the kukeon by Demeter with the hovering of the female bird over Osiris. Upon awaking, I thought that the dream was intended to remind me also to compare the Norse “blood-eagle”.}

Oct. 2nd (Fri) 2009 (during daytime) :- Dream :- I repeatedly saw listed, among herb names, something like “calotropis”. {Calotropis = arka (cf. Orcus?)}

Oct 11th-12th (Sun-Mon) 2009 :- Dream :- I had walked via a passageway from one set of insane-asylum wards to another set (the set to which I had been assigned were for patients more involuntary, the ones which I had walked to were for patients more praetenseful of insansity after having committed a crime – I had walked to the latter set because the patients in it seemed better treated.) I was eating some food (chocolate-covered muffins which had been set out) in the latter set of wards. I remembered that I had been asked in the former set of wards whether I wished to register myself as a resident from one particular state (of the USA) or from a different state (I would make a difference as to which particular ward I would be assigned to among that set of wards), after I had explained that I had been traveling around from one state to another, stopping to stay for some days at some other state before moving one to this state. I the particular ward at which I was eating, I was suddenly told by a staff member to stay in one particular corner-area of the large room-chambre so that I could be better protected by the staff members there, since this was a ward for violent patients and one of those violent patients (so I was told by that staff member) was planning to assault me. While there in that corner-area I noticed that one other male patient assigned to there seemed to have a larger quantity of food (cooked apples) to eat than I could have eaten, and I remarked of this; but them to situation which him seemed different, with his body coated with the food instead of its being separate to be eaten. {I had, just before going to sleep, been typing a note about a woman whose torso was covered with raw egg for a ritual in Sudan.}

Oct. 17th-18th (Satur-Sun) 2009 :- Dream :- I had found out that a certain “World Unification” Society had gone out of existence, when I saw a printed list of other organizations which had sought information on it (as if wishing to obtain membership as sub-groups in it); I was seeking to find in an encyclopaedia (of religions) which I had seen earlier on bookshelves, a possible article on that “World Unification” Society (I thinking that perhaps I could re-start an organization with that name, and have other sub-groups already waiting to become members; so I wished to read up on whether I had truly gone out of existence, and what it had been, in order to find out enough to re-start on organization which would appear to be the same one to any other organizations wishing to join as sub-groups), but did not find that encyclopaedia on the same bookshelves then when I sought it. {“World Unification” may refer to the “one world government” which I had been telling people (by telephone, during the day before) that Obama’s government’s plan to unify the guided-missile system of the U.S.A. with that of Russia would result in.} Next, I was in a supposedly “unitarian” reliGious service AT WHICH young boys were bringing pairs of holy-communion cups filled with wine (each pair of cups being carried stacked one upon the other), each boy being accompanied by a man. I drank the wife out of a cup which had been set on a table. {Could this have referred to my having been present twice each week at the holy-communion service, involving cups of wine, with my mother’s father and his wife at carthage, mo, for some months, around 1960?} After that, i was with other persons (ones who had been in the audience watching the religious service about the holy-communion wine-cups) out-of-doors, when saw a vertical orange line-segment descend from the sky down to the horizon; I described this to the bye-standers (but they did not respond); next, i saw and described to the bye-standers a yellow line descending from the sky to the horizon (more than once?), but again they did not respond; then i saw and described numerous flying saucers appearing in the sky simultaneously at a distance, in the same general direction as the line had descended (but again the bye-standers did not respond). When, however, there likewise simultaneously appeared in the air more nearby (in the same direction) some more quite small flying saucers, then one of the bye-standers mentioned seeing those, so i mentioned that i was seeing them also. {Perhaps this last set has some connection with the flying saucers which I saw which awake, they (blue with horizontal striping) hovering over my bed while I sat one it, in Tacoma park (the maryland suburb of washington, d.c.) while i was staying there with the woman (Ludi Eason) whom I had met in Alexandra, VA. No flying saucers used to appear in my dreams during those years, however; I have started to see them in dreams, rarely (if at all?), only in recent years. perhaps the cause of my seeing them in this dream was due to my telling recently about my having seen them while awake in Tacoma park – it may have been to Sarah williams, or rodney lenz (by telephone) or likely to the whole assembled group (including harry rogers) of the “carolina peace resource” function at tio’s restaurant.}

Oct. 22nd-23rd (Thurs-Fri) 2009 :- Dream :- While I was going from one set of rooms to another, it happened that a man came behind me (until then I had been alone in going through the building) – i sought to evade him by first going into a square area of corridor separated by low wall (reaching a about waist-high from the ground {such as is commonly within buildings designed for viewing other levels in the building, such as is surrounding the escalator system of the main county-public-library here in columbia}), and from there entered the stairwell of the building, in which i began walking downward. the man, however, followed me into the stairwell and also began walking downward in it behind me. i had intended to exit on the next floor down, but that exit-door was locked, so i decided to exit on the next floor below that instead – there i saw another man standing in front of the exit-door, but i suddenly thought that both his body and that of the man walking behind me were somewhat indefinitely-appeared in the middles of their thoraces, indicating (I thought) that they were both actually “ghosts” – i figured that “ghosts” would be insubstantial and unable to impede one’s movement, so i decided to walk through his body to the floor-exit-door, which i thereupon did. upon opening that door, I found myself not on another floor-level within the building, but rather on an exterior platform having a staircase leading down to the ground outside the building. i walked down that staircase to the ground below. (then I awoke.) {this dream involving noticing an indefinite appearance to the person’s centres of thoraces may have resulted from my having described (while awake, on sunday, to the young man working at the university library interlibrary-loan department, who had told me months earlier of his dreaming about flying saucers) the blurry appearances of the small flying saucers which i had seen while awake, one hovering over my bed while i sat on the bed, in takoma park, a suburb of the district of columbia, decades earlier, while i cohabited there with the woman ludi eason, who used to see flying saucers often, and apparently attracted them.}

Oct. 30th-31st (Fri-Satur) 2009 :- I was visiting a permanent conference for an inter-religion society. It was indicated that the various functionaries were expected to state at the outset of each paper (composition) delivered by them with which religious denomination their remarks dealt. When I was departing alone (going down a broad staircase) from this conference, I was thinking to myself that if I were to set up rules for an alternative inter-religion society, that I would praefer to have the papers (compositions) delivered to be (instead) such as to state a universal applicability, not restricted to any one religious denomination.


Dec. 3rd 2009 (during daytime) : Dream :- There was a knocking from outside on the door to my apartment. Through the door, I heard the voice of Mr. Rudolph, saying : “The police are here. Do you have some narcotic drug floating around in your Apartment?”

Dec. 3rd-4th (Thur-Fri) 2009 : Dream :- My mother was saying that my father (whom I understooD to be invalid) had died; but then she changed what she was saying and said that he was still alive.

Dec. 6th-7th (Sun-Mon) 2009 : Dream :- I was speaking to someone (to whom I was acquainted) through the doorway to my apartment (the door to which I had opened somewhat, when that person had come to it), when suddenly the wand which i was holding in my right hand became immobilized. I thought that an invisible spirit had entered the apartment through the partially opened doorway, and was obstructing the wand. Thereupon I suddenly dreamt that I had awoken in bed, was holding the same wand in my right hand, and my movement of the wand was obstructed by a cord strung athwart the room over the bed. I started thinking that the immediately praeceding obstruction to the wand’s movement must have been somehow caused by my having partially awakened during that dream, enough degree of awakenment to have made me aware of the inhibition to the wand’s movement in the other (the waking) world. [Then I truly awoke.] {Perhaps the obstructing cord may have been a variety of american-indian “dream-catcher” device, which is usually composed of cords strung across a frame.}

Dec. 27th-28th (Sun-Mon) 2009 : Dreams :- On 2 separate occasions in the dream I was attracted (the 2nd time by a noise) to notice that high up on the wall of a tall room in the house there was a tall niche (opening to the exterior of the building) with a man (in the 2nd occasion, 2 men) standing in it; on each occasion the man (or men) commented indicating apparently some legal right of his (or of theirs – on the 2nd occasion saying “account”). {in the Society of Friends meeting that Sun, the lawyer was describing his function in building-ownership-dispute legal cases.}