Dream-diary, personal

c. late Nov. or early Dec. 2006 -- dream of:- in a field, supposedly on the University, custodians find abandoned a large effigy of a chicken-head [because of the "Gamecock" emblem]; close by large oblong sack crawling with worms and emitting the stench of decaying meat.

c. Dec. 3rd-4th -- dream of:- deities (so self-styled?) from the various heavens (or planes of existence) coming to ask of me recognition for their authority to continue to govern their respective realms. [this followed a realization (during the waking day) of the need to recognize magnetism as male, electricity as female; and of the magnet as a horseshoe-shape capable to repraesent time (which is nearly cyclic but hath recognizable differences as to direction, similar to the flow of magnetic monopoles along magnetic lines-of-flux), with the corresponding electric charge being distributed along the surface of a Klein-bottle which is similar to the plane-correlative (produced by topological reduction) to the solid region contained therewithin (as defined by a surface subtended by the circular intersection of planes at the Klein-bottle).]

Dec. 5th-6th -- dream of:- discussing why humans on the physical plane have SUCH SCANT admiration for the divine worlds. I suddenly realized (and said so) that it was because humans refused to discuss their own deaths, which death would have to be remedied by intervention of divine beings in the after-death realms. I awoke while speaking of this. [the awakening must have been due to the strangeness of human self-contradiction when non-believers (in survival after death) say that such a non-belief is satisfying, while be-lying (refuting) this assertion by neglecting (as though fearful) to mention impending death to persons obviously dying (on their death-beds, of e.g. old age).

Jan 7th-8th (sun-mon) -- dreams of:- which other person in a room, the room rapidly became dark, except for small area nigh window, where cat (striped orangish & whitish) was lying; so I asked repearedly whether the other people could see the cat (though it was by then too dark for me to see them), until the area in which the cat was lying also began to become dark.

[awoke, went again to sleep] of:- I was undergoing (medical) examination, woman(-medic) was feeling my side and saying that it was "slightly frozen up"; I said something like "that it kindly of you to care"; and then she "you are very loving".

[awoke, went back to sleep] of:- found myself undressed in indoor bath-pools room with people who wearing (both men & women) swimming-suits while bathing; so I wrapped my towel around myself beneath my waist -- then began to try to walk on the rim between to pools, slipped somewhat into the water, then said that that must not be a way out; retraced my steps to a series of suspended (over a lower floor far below) basins until they ended in a hallway, which I when along to a staircase; remembered that an American Indian conference was being held on the storey just below; went to it passing a sign stating that it was a conference for Indians of the Southeast.

[meaning of these dreams:-] during the Society of Friends meeting during the day before, I had told the Negro Benedict U. professor that dark-skinned people have an ability to give luck [i.e., spiritual protection from evil spirits] to persons of other races, and that they ought all to be well-paid to do so. (He did not respond to me, but told Mr. Rudolph that Negro churches were not benefitting their attenders.) So, in the dreams: the cat may have be Egyptian (Gnostic female cat-deities for sun, cf. [sun-]light on cat; at that meeting I received a loaned-out book back from, and gave 2 books to, Mr. Rogers whose wife is a southeastern Indian (Cherokee); and the woman feeling on my side may have repraesented tickling of her prospective husband by a woman (to assure herself that he is of pleasant humor in character) among South American Indians.

Jan. 21-22nd (sun-mon) dream of:- successively was kissing each woman, and then assigning her to other man, with whom she may have stayed, as she did not return to me. As I was wondering whether I could keep up at this (whether more women would continue to become available?), the wondering awoke me.

c. Jan. 28th-29th dream of:- looked at person, briefly glanced away, looked back and noticed that said person had vanished, decided that such person could not have gone out of visible range in such a short time, wondered at this, remembered have read (as I had recently, while awake) of such disappearance betokening something occult, realized that the occult manifestations originate in the divine world, remembered having read that the divine world was the dream-world, realized that I must be dreaming, then endeavored to act accordingly by holding my palms forward while facing open regions as I overlooked then from the high place (which I rather suddenly was located at by then, as if at a cliff) -- but without result, without seeing anyone before me anywhere including in the wide region below. After a short time of this, I awoke; and thought of the apparent fact that I had not praeviously had come to realize, in any dream, that I was asleep through remembering specifically my having read anything pertinent -- and that it was really quite peculiar that such realizations had not in the past entailed (involved) such memories, inasmuch as they would be the easiest and most natural ground for such realization in someone (such as myself) who had read much literature which was germane to such realization.

Dream of april 24th-25th (Tue-Wedne) 2007 – I was (so I believed) communicating telepathically with a woman (the closest one to where I was), telling her that I would become a woman myself in my next life. Afterwards, I was travelling a pathway which had apparently been marked for a potential traveller’s use, involving much climbing in rugged terrain – hoping that that woman would be following me; and looking back occasionally to see whether I would notice me behind me. Soon I saw a woman just behind me – her lower face was veiled. Afterwards (?), I climbed increasingly tall aedifice-structures in order to make some display as per (so I believed) a prophecy; the last of these structures was (I thought) the highest of them, and from it I displayed a baggy (Arab-style in shape) brown trousers which (I believed) would indicate somehow that I was prophesied to be re-incarnated as a woman. [I had in waking life the day praevious read of women in Tibet being forced by the Chinese government to wear pants, as was the custom for women in China.]

Dream of May 6th-7th (Sun-Mon) 2007 -- Woman was lying beside me and was asking me to rub on her vulva; but I thought (to myself) that that would be insufficiently polite, and I was thinking (to myself) that I ought to be (as I could do more politely) sucking on her vulva -- but because she did not mention what I was thinking of, I thought it might be improper (not good etiquette) to say any of what I was thinking; so I did nothing to her (neither touching nor kissing) until I promptly awoke (from thinking too assiduously).

Dream of May 8th-9th (Tues-Wednes) 2007 -- While people whom I was accompanying were about to enter (from above-ground) a subterranean tunnel-network, supposedly full of jungle-growth, there emerged out of that tunnel a group of foreign-appearing persons, whom I thought to be South American Indians; and inasmuch a strong odor of putrefaction was also coming out of the tunnel, so that I thought that that group had just taken thither, to lay in those catacoumbs, the corpse of one of them who had died, laying it out in the open (unburied) there, so that it (and the other corpses which they must have brought praeviously) would be exuding a stench of putrefaction. I also was a little surprised at the people who I was accompanying apparently not noticing that stench, and persisting to be about to enter that tunnel. [This dream would be a result of my knowing about various ancient Peruvian catacoumb-interrments of unburied corpses; and, in particular, of a story which had been told to us (by David H. Kelley) of a Peruvian mummy which began to stink of putrefaction after it had been brought from it location in a dry region into the humid museum's location. Another factor could me my regular visits to cemeteries; where I tend to think of souls rotting in Hell.]

Dream (in evening) of Jun 3rd (Sun) 2007 -- Was out-of-doors, evading Christian religious preaching-session which was being held in a building. Was being falsely accused, over out-of-doors public-address system, of having stolen something; and thus had in mind to depart away without encountering anyone who could recognize me, inasmuch as anyone who could might believe the false accusation and seek to arrest me. In the process, I was being accompanied by some commoner-man who on the way found a pair of handcuffs and picked them up, so that I suspected him of intending to put them onto me; then I went on without even him. In another region, I was being accompanied by someone else (a woman?) who occupied the guardian-couple's attention whilst I escaped via a sort of turnstile. [Now, I started more alike to bodilessly to watch someone else repraesenting me, who knew how to evade than I perhaps would have --:] Next, I was in a region of difficult descents like on a rollercoaster (that is, narrow, elevated strips having to be descended on), where each section had a large written label describing it as some situation usually (conventionally) thought attractive, but each of which I had to evade (sling-like cul-de-sacs) by gliding over and/or slightly around -- the last of this being labelled something like "Following Any System". [This whole dream had been praeceded that day by my saying, while attending lunch (in restaurant) with Mr. Rudolph & Mr. Gurr with Gurr's wife -- that the historical reason for the Society of Friends not using ritual was their not wishing to becoming involved in the war between Puritans & Episcopalians over which system of ritual was correct.]

Dream of Sat.-Sun. June 9th-10th 2007 -- Was beginning to tell to another person (man) that I thought that in attempting to communicate with divine beings, to receive responses was impossible. Then suddenly I realized that this was such an impious idea, that I changed what I was saying, praefacing by saying that to assert as I had been doing would be to result in damnation, since it was the case that divine beings would have good reason to condemn anyone who would insist on such an impious statement as that they were negligent in communicating back. [During the day before this, I had been thinking over this quaestion; and had decided that a seeming lack of response from divine beings was due simply to the human communicator's lack of faith in them, that sufficient faith in them would make responses from them quite forthcoming. I had been thinking this in the context of lack of sufficiently high esteem by conventional humans of the exalted public-ethics stance likely to be a standard among divine beings.]

Dream of c. Sun-Mon. June 10th-11th 2007 – Was observing (from above, bodiless) a storm at sea. Next, the sea calmed at what I thought to be the formation of a tsunami of Chinese sorts. [ I do not recall ever before having had such a sort of dream – my bodilessness alone was unusual; and my being out at sea beyond sight of land I do not recall ever dreaming of before.]

Dream of Sun.-Mon. July 15th-16th 2007 – Was out-of-doors (normal weather), in area beside straight street, where the trees had somehow been torn down, with fragments of torn trees lying about. Next, I was floating upward in the air, and talking to other persons (they being walking on the ground) to try to convince them to try likewise to try floating upward, telling them that in that manner they could enter heaven. [Probaby that part of the dream was due to my having shortly before having read (while awake) of Daoist saints ascending to heaven by floating upward in the view of other persons.] Next, I went walking out-of-doors; the ground was largely frozen with ice on it (which I was walking on barefooted), but (as I remarked) did not seem particularly cold. [I do not recall ever before having had a dream of ice, let alone of its being cold.]

Dream of c. Mon.-Tues. July 16th-17th 2007 – Woman came into my house (or apartment) through a[u upper-storey?] window. As I hastened away from her into another room, I heard the sound as of crockery breaking, as though she were breaking some of mine, purposely. I picked up a chair (by its legs) to carry toward the room where I expected that she was in. [A few days later, I read the passage (in "Ecstatic Song" by +Laks.minkara) "A barren woman gives birth – A chair is dancing!" (Tibet Journal, Vol. 12, No. 4, p. 54). Was this, mayhap, a dream from the future? – I had, however, read that poe:m some times (years) praeviously.]

Dream of Sun-Mon July 22nd-23rd 2007 – Was in a capitol building, saw the police searching a man and taking out from his satchel a bag, which I saw to contain gold coins (he was unperturbed by this, and was continuing to talk to another man there who was a friend of his) – I remarked that he must be quite rich, and thought that the police had searched him in error, and would promptly return the coins to him. Afterward, I heard of (some, perhaps those?) coins having been of especially fine mintage in China of (Ch.E.) 1611, made with buried-within-the-coin speck-marks for possible identification in oder to distinguish them as authentic rather then counterfeit. {Maybe I dreamt of gold because I had read, the evening before, of a gold vajra.} [contiuation of dream:-] I was in the capitol-building, and therein on highest storey I pressed a button, noticing immediately after pressing it that it was annotated "to call the C.I.A." – then, supposing that the C.I.A. agents would be coming in from the outer sides of that floor, I went to the staircase in the interior of the floor, and started to go down it, so as to evade being arrested by the C.I.A.. {I may have dreamt of this because on Sunday at the Society of Friends meeting a visitor had come, a man who had been wearing a cap (which he doffed) adorned with several military pins. He was asking whether the attenders there were orthodox evangelicals like himself.}

Dream of Fri. Aug 3rd, 2007 (during day):- Was supposedly in "other world", where I was, apparently, considered a celebrity. There was a public celebration, where men had U.S.A. flag-emblems sewn on the back of their shirts, but carried white flags. {May have come from my reading earlier of white flags for a Nepalese or Tibetan deity.}Also, I was looking at a sunset which, oddly, was patterned (with some stripes as if rays reaching outward, etc.). {May have come from my reading earlier of striped Nepalese or Tibetan horse of a deity.}

Dream of c. Aug. 9th-10th or 8th-9th ?:- Was in room with very rapidly (every very few seconds) and repeatedly (a half-dozen or so) shifting walls-ornamentation – the last (before awakening) was the wall’s being covered with an engraven Aiguptian hieroglyphic text; just previous may have been its being covered with a Chinese text. {I had been a little ill with prostatitis, to cure which I took herb-extracts – perhaps this rapidly shifting dream-wall may have reflected my considerations concerning the suddenness of the onset of the ailment.}

Dream of Aug. 11th-12th (Fri.-Sun.):- Dreamt of seeing on large sheet groups of all apparently meaningly word-like collections of alphabetic letters, arranged in separate squares. I took this to be computer code; then, through the residue of the dream was pondering the code-like (not literally meaningly) character of much of written communications generally. {I may have dreamt this in connection with the frequent statement that the universe may be indecipherable by Mr. Rudolph who, apart from such excursions into "philosophy", is mainly a computer expert.}

Dreams of Aug. 13th (during day):- Was praesent when session of sexual game was announced as about to begin. It was described by a woman who said that she had participated in it as though it were something involving harsh contact (as though by thrown or kicked ball) with her pubic region to thighs, rendering that region, if not armored, sore. But when it actually started in the room, no female volunteer was praesent, and I gathered that it consisted (instead of throwing anything or the like) of forcibly kissing, which was demonstrated a little, by males praesent there, on each other.

Dream of Aug. 23rd-24th Thur-Fri 2007 :- I was, with other 2 men, in the praesence of a wealtby man (all of 3 European descent) who had influence in China, and he was offering to the other men a gift for some activity (political or oeconomic?) – he was asking of them if either was currently an officer (with the British government in Hong Kong?) in China, so as to have any use for Chinese currency to spend : one of them replied that he was – then the scenery became hazier [to repaesent the praedilection for mist in Chinese art ?] briefly.

Nextly, the 3 had left out of the chamber (rather cavernous [like the caverns so favored in Daoist literature], with me still in it – and I was told by some emissary of the wealthy man owning the chamber that I was required to stay in it, and that I would be staying in it to the age of 90 [a reference, apparently, to the Daoist praedilection for living to superannuation]. Then, I became aware of the value of some things kept stored in that chamber, and noticed an odd being depositing (coins ?) in a slot under some strange piece of furniture. Since I was unsure of what ro^le I might have in any depositing of valuables, I went to a far end of the chamber to hide myself behind an anthropic stone statue in a large tub – then came some other emissary and seemed to notice me, so I re-arranged my body-position for the view (behind the statue) across my shoulders to be narrower, but there came into the tub the emissary noticing me, and speaking to me of its activities (I thought of it as monstrously shaped) in odd terms which I did not understand (did not recognize the words by which it referred to itself and its doings).

Nextly, I was elsewhere in the midst of the chamber, and was seeing (first seeing right in front of me, which I thought to indicate some sort of mysterious power) a being starting to pass by in an open squared carriage, then the whole sinking into the ground (which I though of as by further mysterious power, unlike my own).

Nextly, a little to my right on a stone pedestal, I saw several pairs of human feet (ending at the ankles), all wearing sandals – I thought them to be perhaps some male and some female, and said that I expected that they would promptly grow the remainder of their bodies upward from their feet, which I next thought that they may have suddenly done.

{The whole unusual character of the dream may have come largely from my having taken a way back (a long way around) to my apartment through the university grounds, from the university library. I had been forbidden by the university police, who had taken me to gaol briefly (until released that night after a "bond hearing" for a recognizance bond), so that that was the first day after a number of days that (with Mr. Rudolph’s assistance) I had been allowed back on the university campus.}

Dream of Aug. 27th, 2007, Mon. (during morning of day) :- I was standing in a corridor nigh an open door, when I heard calling to me by a feminine voice from within the room entered by that door. So I went in, and saw in that room three women all nude, all lying with them vulvae toward me. The woman on the left was fingering on her vulva (I identified her as my sister; the woman in the middle as my mother). I thought that in order for them to so display their vulvae to me unconcernedly, there must have just occurred an abrupt change in social customs, allowing them do so.

Nextly, I was supposedly in the women dormitory (a large room with many women in it, all in beds), having supposedly been asked to go into it by some woman in it. The woman who had asked me in having supposedly left out, one of the other women there remarked that I was in the women’s dormitory, which I took to imply that I perhaps ought not to be remaining in it; so, having told her that I had been invited into it by one of the women in it, I started walking toward the room’s exit-door. Just before reaching the platform of the room’s exit-area, I noticed in the room lower than that platform, first a magazine (Life Magazine) having as its cover-picture a nude woman displaying her vulva (which confirmed to me that the social customs had indeed changed), then (in place of that magazine?) a nude woman (of apparently Latin-American type) displaying her vulva upward (her knees upward and apart) to me as I was going onto the platform higher up. Wondering how to react, I walked across the platform, but stopped just outside the door to the dormitory, thinking to pause their briefly being re-entering to ask the woman "Quieres hoder?". But then I awoke.

Dream of Sept. 16th, 2007, Sun. (during daytime) :- Apparently accompanied by some explanation, I saw a list of item which apparently repraesented things which could be requaested.

Upon awakening, I though of this list as possibly being of the nature of promises to me (the dreamer) of things which could be provided for me (in the waking-world), as gifts (from the good-will of the powers of the dreaming-world). I got into thinking along this line because of the meeting (Society of Friends) in which the woman leading it (Alice Wald) was saying that what hindered people from receiving gifts to them from heaven was their expectation not to receive any; to which I had responded (in the meeting) that I agreed with that, and added that further grounds for failure to receive anything from heaven could be unbelief that there existed anything divine to grant to them anything, or a general doubt (even though weaker then a definite disbelief), or even a plain praetending to believe without actually believing. Then (at the meeting), Rick Schoolmeister comment that theat included most "believers", at which point other persons (in the meeting) started laughing, which laughter continued briefly following each of several sentences said by other persons who had become inclined to say something amusing.

Dream of Oct. 2nd – 3rd, 2007 (Tue-Wedne) – I saw (close-up) man wearing one strange suit after another, and I though this a divine attire – one suit worn was a feathery one. [I dreamt this because of reading during the day before about feathery suits of shamans.] This was immediately followed by my seeing, one after another, large female animals (one a she-elephant?) from behind; each of the female’s vulva being open, which I understood to be an indication of their being divine beings, as ordinary an female animal without hands could not voluntarily hold open her vulva.

Dream of Oct. 10th-11th 2007 (Wedne-Thur) – I had received on my computer screen (monitor) a display of files for some computer-program (?), but did not wish to view them further (they seemed inappropriate), so I was endeavoring to close the computer screen by mechanically pressing buttons on that screen – I was trying all the buttons there were several on the frame to the screen), but not would turn off the screen, so I left away from the computer. The residue of the rooms were dark, so I tried turning on the light-switch on the wall – then there were a pair of light-switches on that wall, but flipping them both, one at a time, upward and downward, would not turn on the light. (Then I awoke.)

Dream of Ocr. 18th, 2007 (Thur.), during day – I was in a region where I an other persons were supposedly (but without clear evidence of this?) walking about with eyen closed. {Perhaps this dream resulted from my reading a account of a shaman’s dashing about in a crowded yurt this his eye closed without colliding with anyone.} A woman (I knew of her from her voice, not seeing her nor anyone else, supposedly on account of my having my eyen closed) said that she also was walking about in that region with her eyen closed and could see her way about well anyway – but as I was walking an listening to this, it seemed that I could see less well while she was saying it (all that I had been able to see in walking about with my eyen supposedly closed had been points of color on the otherwise white landscape-background, and with her talking to me, I could not consistently see even these), so I has wondering whether the fading in my ability to see might derive from her being a some way a liaress. While I was wondering in which regard she might be a liaress {this might come from my accusing the woman (Ludie) with whom I used to stay in Georgia of being a liaress, simply on account of her using poor grammar and also her not speaking of topics to my interest (such as, international political affairs)} [At this point I began to see normally, so must have begun having my eyen open, even supposedly.] I was seeing a woman who had arrived at a public toilet (as a separate building), but she was told that she could not enter it (this happened repeatedly) on account of her being a prostitute (So excluded, I thought, on account of a regulation imposed because of a prostitute’s possibly spreading venereal disease therein.) However, I also thought that I knew that woman well, and that she allowed herself to be called a "prostitute" merely to shew her independence of will, and that she did not actually engaged in sexual intercourse with any man. {This thought may have come from the woman whom I know of who calleth herself "anarchist" though she be not even slightly unconventional and she has apparently not had sexual relations with any man since her husband left her (for another woman) many years ago.} (Earlier in this dream, before the eyen closed with points of color, I had seen a region – a couple of hundred feet in diameter – at first surrounded with a moving belt perhaps pulled around by a man, then run alongside by him in order to keep pace with it; them the while region, with people in it, revolving.)

Nextly, I was listening to men speaking to each other about a woman whom they said easily was having sexual intercourse with any man; of her they added (saying more than once) "she sucks pure prick" (referring to her not requiring a condom while sucking?). I was wondering whether this description (since the woman in quaestion was not praesent) may have been imaginary rather than actual. (At this point, through my wondering, I awoke.)

Dream of Oct. 26th-27th (Fri-Satur.), 2007 :- Dreamt of awaking in bed in darkness; when I got out of bed, went to the pair of light-switches on the wall to attempt to turn on the light, switching each up and down would turn on no light. (So realized I was dreaming?) Went out of door, however, into external hall : it consisted of polyhedron of walls, each with a door. (Did I also try light-switches in that hall, which also was dim, likewise without effect?)

Later dream, same night : dimness (not quite as dim as in the foregoing dream).

Dream of Nov. 16th-17th (Fri-Satur), 2007 :- (After a dream of, perhaps, speaking animals earlier in the night?) I was walking out-of-door when forward to my left where there were various people, I saw a woman who was naked and was looking away from me to indicate (so I assmed) that she did not wish me to approach her. As I was passing her just to my left, however, at least one other person (among those to my left) called out for her (the naked woman) and me to meet; so, upon hearing that, the naked woman walked over to me, and we started kissing (while we were standing there), with my feeling on her buttocks. I notice at this point that her skin appeared quite aged, and was impressed that her movements were quite agile although by the appearance of her skin she looked to be in her 80s – soon I walked with her at the outside of a house, where she climbed, with assistance from me, into the window in order to call out, while kneeling in the window, to her younger male relative to awaken and come out of bed – I was concerned that this male relative of hers might disapprove of her associating with me; and this worry caused me to waken. [I had, while awake during the evening before, found, by looking in a search-engine under "redtube" (which I had found some weeks earlier), additional similar web-sites (hqtube and xtube), and also a web-site (bugmenot.com) which had, posted, personal username and log-in pairs for xtube; which I thereupon started viewing for free by one such username + log-in. On looking on that web-site’s search-function (under "pussy"), I was impressed with the rendition, in motion, of women pulling their vulvae and speaking about their doing so; a combination which seemed much more lifelike than the soundless still photographs which I had been been viewing thitherto on other websites. Also, earlier in the same evening, I had spoken (with Mr. Berg, who was about to visit Columbus, GA, and was inviting me thither) about the fact that I could get from the "SOA Watch" website posters pertinent to protests, which posters were free of dates on them, so that they would not be rapidly out-dated, as my continued posting of out-dated posters (from the answercoalition and the ncstoptorturenow web-sites) had been embarrassing to Mr. Rudolph.]

Nov. 17th-18th (Satur-Sun), 2007 :- Dream of waking and finding myself standing in a darkned (rather so, but enough light for me to me where I was) stairwell (enclosed staircase), facing in the downward direction. I wondered at how I could have come to have wakened in such a strange circumstance instead of lying in bed; and it was apparently my wondering about this that caused me actually to awake. {The implication, intended by the dream-formulation, would have been for me to assume that I had been sleep-walking – but the only personal story of sleep-walking that I had heard had been from Cassandra Fralix’s brother’s wife.}

Nov. 18th-19th (Sun-Mon), 2007 :- Dream of my speaking with my brother Steven Alan’s wife; first she was saying (after I mentioned that Chinese had tones to distinguish words; this I said in response to her saying something implying that in Chinese words would be easily confounded) : "Chinese has two tones"; but then she proceeded to name the tones, and she thus named about four tones – at which I thought it peculiar that she should count them as two, but name them as more than two. {This dream may be derived from my having mentioned to my mother that it is not possible to translate Chinese unambiguously; and from my corresponding with my brother about whether he would like to have his wife do some translating of book-passages from Russian.}

Nextly, she (Steven’s wife) was saying (in several statements) : "Jesus Christ will return again." After I thought our how to respond, I said : "I disapprove of the name." She answered : "He is a Syrian." I was wondering whether or not to say that Palestine is not now included in Syria, so I (after thinking over that it was desirable to confine one’s discussion of religions by mentioning that they were each merely the product of a specific locality, and not anything universal, so as not to exclude applicability to considerations, of still further countries’ religions) answered : "I am glad that you are mentioning countries." (Apparently I had in mind that it was considered a part of Syria in the Roman empire, but that it would not be now-a-days considered so; and my wondering about whether to say this caused me to awaken.) {After waking, I realized for definitely that the statement "He is a Syrian" could apply not only to Jesus Christ, but also to my brother. But I apparently had this vaguely in mind while I was still asleep and was wondering how to answer her.}

Nov. 22nd-23rd (Thur-Fri), 2007 :- Dream of, after she had attracted by attention invitingly, kissing on a woman’s mouth repeatedly. After I had been kissing on her mouth several times, I noticed her having colorful tattoos beside her mouth, to the left (her right) of it; so I praised her for that, and was wondering what more (further) to say to her in praise of it (for, I could remember seeing no other woman, not even in any picture, so colorfully tattooed on her face); and apparently it was my wondering about this that caused me to wake. {Apparently this sort of dream was encouraged by Mrs. Donath & Mr. McBrayer both having told me during the day immediately praeceding my sleeping that they had had success in asking for events to happen in the waking world by referring in their requaests (prayers) to their dreams; a procedure which I had been urging them (a day or two earlier) to try out. I had thought to suggest mentioning this procedure to them on account of the book Group Dreaming, which I had borrowed on interlibrary loan.}

nOV. 23RD-24TH (Fri-Satur), 2007 :- Dream of stench, causing involuntary throat-movements (of gagging), from rotting onions piled together in a room. {I had just, in the evening before, been spraying (for the first time in decades) in my apartment strongly-odorous insect-poison, at the behest of Mr Rudolph & his wife (and bought by him; he had sprayed it here one evening earlier). The specificity of "onions" may have been due to my taking notes (beginning a day earlier) from a book (Tantra Literature of Kerala) by author "Unni".} This dream was continuation of a dream in which persons were describing to me the scandalous wastefulness of a government-established ethnic scheme for managing agricultural products, in which the products tended to be thrown away after being harvested. {I had, in the course of reading about shamanism in Siberia, come across descriptions of wastefulness in agricultural schemes left recently by the Russian government to local ethnic management, where the natives lacked a tradition of manageing crops (as they had been hunters and herdsfolk instead).} Still earlier in the night I had dreamt of my folding up, on the ground, of a large cloth, whilst all others in the group to which I was assigned were performing some other task in unison. {Was this due to my wondering whether to mention similarity of the Skt. word /kambhala/ ‘blanket’ to Danish /Humbal/ and <ibri /Hebel/ to the local Society of Friends professor who was writing a novel (really crude) about "abel" (mispronunciation of /Hebel/); I had not mentioned it because of the crudity and unliterariness of his writing.} {I wonder by now whether the bringing together of folding with /Hebel/ may have derived from my wondering about the ship of the Mandaean /Hubal/ (comparing it with the foldable ship of [Norse] Skidbladnir. I had been thinking about the relationship with the [Kemetian] (funerary) ship of the sun-god (mentioned in another book which I was taking notes from, beginning during the day just before this dream, Shamanism in Eurasia).}

dream, c. end of Nov. 2007 :- I saw, within a large room, that a woman, clad in underwear, was directing men to make movements with their bodies. Having left there, I soon thought that in order to have a woman to look at, I might as well also participate in that; then I heard a noise apparently from the bottom of a staicase among floor, so I thought that it might come from the same group. so I descended the staircase in order to find them. There, I found just one woman (no men) – she likewise was clad in underwear and was reclining on some possibly movable palette. I saw that she did not have noticeable teats, but thought that that is possible in some females; so I thought to ask her anyway if she would allow he to kiss on her; asked her that; and she replied "no"; but I thought that she may be objecting merely to my kissing her on her face; so I told her that I would not kiss her on her face, and asked her is I could kiss elsewhere on her body; so she said "yes, you may". I, then, was licking around her body (limbs and sides); when I reached her vulva (covered with panties) with my mouth she said "don’t do that"; so I removed my mouth from there and continued licking around the remainder of her body until I had completed the circuit. Then, while wondering what to do next, I woke.

Dec. 20th – 21st (Thur-Fri), 2007 :- Several times, half-awaking, was apparently thinking of African religious objects. {I had started, the evening before, typing notes on a book of African religion (by Worldview, by Mercedes Cros).} I had (perhaps earlier) that night dreamt of looking down from an interior balcony in a building (such as in the house of my sister and her husband), to see that when the door was opened a man collapsed through it who had been leaning on it from outside; so that people had to carrying him, while he was asking me whether he would die. ( I answered that I did not know.) He had a slit which could be seen into at the rear of his neck. {I had recently told someone of a dream that I had had decades earlier of my looking down into the neck of someone standing who had obliging removed the person’s own head, and seeing the interior of that person’s body mechanical with gears.} That had been praeceded by another night in the same night, of my having to attempt to conceal contraband plant-products in a bag which I placed in my rear pocket of my trousers; I could not wrap that bag in clothing to put it in a suitcase because the suitcases had already been packed. {I remember having been told recently (by Mr. Rudolph?) of something which could not be put into a suitcase because the suitcases had already been packed.}

Curiously, while I was thinking of the African religious objects, I noticed that I had ejaculated semen; and wondered afterwards if this had happened, perhaps without by noticing it, in some kind of dream about African religious ritual. {I had seen mention in that book of African ritual involving sexual intercourse.}

Dec. 21st – 22nd (Fri-Satur), 2007. I dreamt of a woman who allowed me to rub on her body (arms, etc.) [and to kiss her mouth?]. I had, apparently, not tried earlier in the dream with the same woman.

Dec. 22nd – 23rd (Satur-Sun), 2007. I dreamt of seeing a map (which I apparently thought of as of Iran) with circles on districts of it, and spoke (to others praesent , looking at the map) of the circles being disks rotating on the map; which disk were thought of as having been ritually operated by ourselves, for the sake of bringing about peace in the districts repraesented on the map.

{_I_ _h_a_d_ _b_e_e_n_ _t_a_l_k_i_n_g_ _o_n_ _t_h_e_ _a_f_t_e_r_n_o_o_n_ _j_u_s_t_ _b_e_f_o_r_e_,_ _f_i_r_s_t_ _t_o_ _M_r_._ _G_r_e_e_n_ _a_n_d_ _n_e_x_t_ _a_l_s_o_ _t_o_ _M_r_._ _B_e_r_g_,_ _o_f_ _b_r_i_n_g_i_n_g_ _a_b_o_u_t_ _w_o_r_l_d_ _p_e_a_c_e_ _t_h_r_o_u_g_h_ _r_i_t_u_a_l_ _i_n_v_o_l_v_i_n_g_ _t_h_i_n_k_i_n_g_ _o_f_ _o_n_e__ s_ _d_r_e_a_m_s_ _a_n_d_ _u_s_i_n_g_ _m_a_p_s_._ {_I_ _h_a_d_ _b_e_e_n_ _t_a_l_k_i_n_g_ _o_n_ _t_h_e_ _a_f_t_e_r_n_o_o_n_ _j_u_s_t_ _b_e_f_o_r_e_,_ _f_i_r_s_t_ _t_o_ _M_r_._ _G_r_e_e_n_ _a_n_d_ _n_e_x_t_ _a_l_s_o_ _t_o_ _M_r_._ _B_e_r_g_,_ _o_f_ _b_r_i_n_g_i_n_g_ _a_b_o_u_t_ _w_o_r_l_d_ _p_e_a_c_e_ _t_h_r_o_u_g_h_ _r_i_t_u_a_l_ _(_w_h_i_l_e_ _a_w_a_k_e_)_ _i_n_v_o_l_v_i_n_g_ _t_h_i_n_k_i_n_g_ _o_f_ _o_n_e__ s_ _d_r_e_a_m_s_ _a_n_d_ _u_s_i_n_g_ _m_a_p_s_._ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ _{_I_ _h_a_d_ _b_e_e_n_ _t_a_l_k_i_n_g_ _o_n_ _t_h_e_ _a_f_t_e_r_n_o_o_n_ _j_u_s_t_ _b_e_f_o_r_e_,_ _f_i_r_s_t_ _t_o_ _M_r_._ _G_r_e_e_n_ _a_n_d_ _n_e_x_t_ _a_l_s_o_ _t_o_ _M_r_._ _B_e_r_g_,_ _o_f_ _b_r_i_n_g_i_n_g_ _a_b_o_u_t_ _w_o_r_l_d_ _p_e_a_c_e_ _t_h_r_o_u_g_h_ _r_i_t_u_a_l_ _(_w_h_i_l_e_ _a_w_a_k_e_)_ _i_n_v_o_l_v_i_n_g_ _t_h_i_n_k_i_n_g_ _o_f_ _o_n_e__ s_ _d_r_e_a_m_s_ _a_n_d_ _u_s_i_n_g_ _m_a_p_s_._ _I_n_c_i_d_e_n_t_a_l_l_y_,_ _I_ _h_a_d_ _a_l_s_o_ _a_t_ _o_n_e_ _t_i_m_e_ _r_e_a_d_ _(_o_n_ _a_n_ _s_ _d_r_e_a_m_t_ _b_e_c_a_u_s_e_ _I_ _h_a_d_ _b_e_e_n_ _r_e_a_d_i_n_g_ _w_h_i_l_e_ _a_w_a_k_e_ _a_b_o_u_t_ _s_o_m_e_ _n_o_v_e_l_ _i_d_e_a_s_ _b_e_i_n_g_ _a_t_ _f_i_r_s_t_ _i_n_c_r_e_d_i_b_l_e_ _t_o_ _o_n_e__ s_ _s_e_l_f_,_ _b_u_t_ _a_f_t_e_r_w_a_r_d_s_ _c_r_e_d_i_b_l_e_._} _w_h_i_c_h_ _w_o_u_l_d_ _h_a_v_e_ _l_e_s_s_ _d_i_f_f_e_r_e_n_c_e_s_ _i_n_ _i_n_t_e_r_e_s_t_s_ _a_m_o_n_g_ _i_t_s_ _o_e_c_o_n_o_m_i_c_ _c_l_a_s_s_e_s_,_ _a_n_d_ _t_h_e_r_e_f_o_r_e_ _c_o_u_l_d_ _f_i_n_d_ _s_o_m_e_ _ _b_a_s_i_s_ _f_o_r_ _i_n_t_e_r_n_a_t_i_o_n_a_l_ _r_e_l_a_t_i_o_n_s_.