Autobiography of F.J.M.R.

c. Feb 24th 2011 – Word Program stopped functioning for some minutes while I was typing a chapter-title in a table-of-contents, that chapter-title containing the word “Magic”. (This was a signal from gremlins that in their opinion I would have to use magic to accomplish what I sought.)

Feb. 23rd 2011 – I was mentioning to ... that the name of the UFO contactee who I had been telephoning was Solem, and she said that Solem was the name a man whom she was working alongside of. (The ancestry of a family from that far north in Norway must be Lappish; the main Lappish myth, resembling that of “King Lear”, is about a reindeer-god who married a mortal king’s daughter; in Siberia reindeer -- cf. Rudolph the reindeer; Mr. Rudolph being of course praesent in the banner-holding line where I mentioned this -- are said to pull the sleigh of the shaman who conducteth the souls of the dead into the otherworld. This shaman is caricatured as St. Nicholas, patron-saint of Russia and of Czechoslovakia, the homeland of Mr. Rudolph’s friend Mr. Kreml, who hath often stood in that banner-holding line.)

mid Feb 2011 -- Word Program stopped functioning for some minutes while I was quoting “when the soul leaves the body (parenthesis) ...”, refusing to type the residue of the quotation “it is followed (by the shaman) ...”. (This was a signal from gremlins that n their opinion I would have to assist in conducting souls into the otherworld. I assume that my assistance would be to intercede on the behalf of such souls to induce some shaman skilled in this practice to perform the actual conductance.)

Jan 31st 2016 -- I deduced, from the possibility that Latin /ULna/ may be eytmologically cognate with Skt /ULka/ 'meteor', that my having undergone my ulna's being fractured (afterwards set in a cast and mended itself) may have been an omen indicating that I ought to evade too close an association with VOLcanic processes, namely with the production of volcanism (i.e., smelting of Earth's core) due to thermonuclear breeder-reactor process resultant from extraction of energy from loss of (by splitting of atomic nucleus) neutrons -- which would be related to (enabled by) formation of heavy nuclei in quasars (which are cores of galaxies). Contrary (opposed) to this set of processes would be the set comprised in extraction of energy from fusion of tritium nuclei into helium nuclei -- a process enabled by the insertion of an electron into a proton in order to form a neutron, which process would occur in the astronomic unit superior to the quasar, namely in the great-attractor. Therefore, the indication is that I ought to be concerned (instead of with quasars and their single galaxies) with great-attractor and their groups of thousands [at least] of galaxies each. This distinction would (praesumably) manifest in difference, most likely of shape, between the categories of extraterrestrial flying-vehicles : perhaps the flattened ones (lenticular, approximately oblate ellipsoid) belong to the nighest quasar, and the elongated ones (zeppelin, "dirigible") belong to the nighest great-attractor.

Later on the same day, my computer abruptly re-started itself when I was in the midst of an internet-telephone conversation, and about to mention (to my brother S.A.R.) this distinction betwixt flying-vehicles of great-attractors and of galaxies. I reminded me of a similar occasion a number of years earlier, when my computer performed similarly just as I was about to mention (to our father, over the internet-telephone) a distinction about categories of praeternatural flying-vehicles. In such cases, I assumed that gremlins in communication with a high-command-centre for such flying-vehicles arranged the computer-restarts in order to indicate that they were aware (by mind-reading) of that which was about to become the topic of discussion.

concentrating-process via gravitation

great-attractor (ellipsoid? -- gravito-magnetic)

quasar (annulus? -- gravito-electric)

natural dispersing-process via thermonuclear interaction

star's core via fusion (strong nuclear force)

planet's core via fission (weak nuclear force)

natural magnetic poles

multiple pairs : as sunspots

single pair : in planet

human-fabricated engine for energy-dispersal



[written Febr 1st 2016 :]

Pulsars are stars possessing certain characteristics of quasars; i.e., emitting two light-beams from two opposite sites on their aequators, they are rather intermediate between ordinary stars and quasars. They are perhaps a stellar-evolutionary stage praeceding the [super]nova stage : if so, then their centrifugal force is the mechanism restraining their interior contents from proceeding to a chain reaction leading to explosion; until adequate slowing of rate of rotation must allow such interior contents to coagulate sufficiently to result in such explosion. The rotation was caused, perhaps, by conversion (at a slightly earlier stellar-evolutionary stage) of [centripetal] gravito-magnetic force into [rotatory] gravito-electric force : if so, this may have developed from an overmassive (above Candra-s`ekhara's limit) star's axis of rotation have having developed an oscillatory current (of its deuterium in process of becoming tritium) in its core (so that the core was rendred into a cylindre, oscillating along the axis of rotation), which thereupon developed an electric ring rotating at right angles to the magnetic cylindre (formerly core). When this interior aequatorial ring expanded to surface of the star, it became (except at two opposite points, the sources of its two isolated light-beams) restrained (by an energy-depleting interaction, praesumably involved with production of heavy nuclei) from emission of light. It may be that (although at the observed rate of slowing of rotation, pulsars would stop their rotation in only a few thousands of years) the pulsars are kept rotating for millions of years by occasional, brief (each lasting perhaps only a few days) rapid accelerations in rate of rotation : these surges could be partially due to aequally-brief, occasional cessations of the energy-depleting interaction (during which interval the entire surface, perhaps, of the sometime-pulsar would glow, even if irregularly).

Febr 2nd 2016, in the late evening -- I realized that oxidase-inhibitors were of similar nature to anti-oxidants; in order to understand the co-ordinate relationship betwixt these two similar categories, I began reading about them, finding out that the purpose of oxidants (as produced by the body itself, for its own uses) is to eliminate tyramine (which is it a bacterially-induced degeneration of the helpful amino tyr-osine into the harmful amine tyr-amine). Therefore, so long as a person is foolish enough to comest amines excessively (meaning, in any measurable quantity), oxidants are much-needed by the body; more needed than anti-oxidants, which therefore cannot have enough effect to protect adequately the body from ravages induced by oxidant-radicals. And so long as anti-oxidants cannot become praevalent (instead of oxidants), during all that duration oxidase-inhibitors cannot be ingested with inducing severe effects (reactions) of harm to the body (even deadly if in too much quantity). Therefore, by adequately abstaining from tyrosine, anti-oxidants can become helpful, and oxidase-inhibitors can be ingested so as to induce dreaming of visiting heavens (accompanied by a divine guide, who will shew to a mortal visitor the jewel-palaces therein) and therethrough receive divine assistance to alter the oikonomic-and-political system governing the planet into a benevolent, beneficial type.

Febr 3rd 2016, in the early morning (I noticed when I started typing this, beginning concerning Febr 2nd, that it was 5:55 AM -- #555 being a highway passing through this city : I had remembred [after having forgotten this correlation for years, perhaps beginning with the day only when I ate meat, namely turkey for Thanksgiving as sponsored by the Democratic Party in its camp-out {"Occupy __", beginning at the Wall-Street NY Stock-Exchange} in front of the Republican-Party-controlled state-capitol-aedifices] that Febr 2nd that #5 must be the # of the planet of Mart-/Areias [= Variyas], just as it is of the Pentagon in the DofC) -- I succeeded (for the 1st time in such full detail) in deciphering the likely significances of the various possible/potential correlations of waking-state erotic activities (involving mortals, both human and animal -- though I did not interpret as yet those involving plants) with dreaming-state erotic activities (involving the dreaming mortal with dream-deities who assume guises both humanoid and animalian -- though I, likewise, did not interpret as yet those involving deities who govern plants in the waking-world and who therefore transmogrify themselves into plants in the dream-world). I had on earlier days (weeks, months, years) managed to deduce some possibilities for some erotic behaviours involving distinction of varieties (racial, body-type) of the human species; and, on this day, the main addition was for deities to be encountred in dreamings, taking into consideration such dream-encountred deities' facile ability to shift their own body-type among varieties not only of human but also of animal-species.

[written Jan 5th 2016 :]

I am thinking that perhaps the foregoing speculation concerning the relationship betwixt Great-Attractor and galactic quasar may be inadequate (for explaining fully the source-origins engendring potential energies) : that, adscititiously, there ought to be corresponding function for the core of the Universe-as-a-whole -- that this could be the process of assembling the fundamental particles out of sets of quarks : two quarks for each electron, three quarks for each proton. (The assembly-process would be praeceded by disassembly (into component quarks) of other, unneeded [pehaps more exotic, not-so-functional] particles.) Elsewise, needed (temporarily, for some particular use) exotic particles may be also (there in the core-of-the-Universe) assembled out of quarks (praeceded by disassembly on any exotic particles of types no longer needed). The entities doing any such disassembly-and-assembly would all rank as some sort of divinity (their own bodies being subtle, mind-made by some collective effort of inter-networked telepathic cosmic union).

July 4th 2016 : When starting for the 1st time to play (on YouTube) an Antillia playlist, I noticed that (while its viewers numbered over 140,000), the final 4 digits of this # were -- for the song "Shaman" [as uploaded by "eckado melodic power metal", it is a characterization of a shaman's "Dancing"] -- (just before I added by view of it) 1,492 -- # of the year (ChrAira) of Columbus's discovery of the Antilles -- the island whereof which he first viewed being Watling, which [as in "Watling Way" or "Watling Street"] is the usual name for the Milky Way in Britain : /wattle/ (for fence-making) is 'willow' in Europe, 'acacia' in Australia; though /wat/ is an obsolete word for 'hare' (in Webster's Unabridged Dictionary; also in Wiktionary, s.v. /wat/, Middle English, definition 2 ; and in Middle English Dictionary, s.v. /wat, wat(t)e/ ; and also in Oxford English Dictionary, s.v. /wat, n.2/ As for the infant Pan (offspring of Hermes-and-Druope), "Hermes wrapped the baby in the warm skins of mountain hares" : this is stated in Homeric Hymn #19 (to Pan) Do note that when Hermes had, as stated in Homeric Hymn #4 (cited loc. cit.), discovered a tortoise, he had the tortoise-shell's lyre-function as "sounding at the dance!" (These both became -- were transfigured by Hermes into -- initial-"L" constellations : Lagos/Lepus and Lyra.) A Siberian shaman's "dancing" is constituted of prodigious leaps : hare-like.

July 5th 2016 : When viewing a product ("4M 5143 Glow-In-The-Dark Mini Stars - Pack of 60) for sale on, I noticed that 492 persons had reviewed it before I viewed it for the 1st time (and immediately then bought it). This product is especially intended for a baby's room's ceiling, to spangle it with stars (similar to Hermes's being reckoned a planetary astron "star"); and is the source of the song "Bye Baby Bunting" (where "bunting" would be some star-spangled banner, whether of the United States of America or of Australia or of New Zealand). The theme of this song is the baby's being rocked to sleep in a cradle : cf. the sleeping by the hare while being overtaken in a race by a tortoise (as told in the fable by Aisopos); although, revealingly, "to recline as a hare" is said "of persons feigning sleep"

Sept 9, 2017 -- "143" in news report

cf. "-143" as the numeral-portion of the former SC license-plate of G.L.R., in whose house I resided for years.

cf. also the # "143" (14' 3") on bridge on way to hospital where woman is kept as patient in ward formerly having telephone # -9143 [1943 being my birth-year]; also "143" as designated on the coiled metal measuring-table "E-Z READ OLYMPIA".

May 10, 2018 -- Dream-diary for the current-month I uploaded (the version thus far) onto the internet. My reason for doing so (before the end of the current-month) was that I wished to please a woman who I figured must be a goddess : because she was performing an action in the dream, and calling attention to that action of hers, which resembled one of a series of actions so miraculous that I figured (at the time when they occurred in about the early 1970s) that they were performed, for my aedification, by some invisible-to-me-while-I-am-awake divine entity. But I afterwards (after uploading) remembred that I had uploaded to the wrong website of mine -- nevertheless it miraculously appeared praesent (that is, on my Microsoft Expression Web program) on the correct website, though on the wrong side (left column instead of right column!) -- I looked at the correct website before I remembred that I had uploaded onto the wrong website. When I went back to my xtml files for that website of mine, it (the xtml ) was somehow not there; then when I returned to my Microsoft Expression Web program, I found that it had mysteriously vanished from there also! My explanation of the motivation for divine beings to have pulled-off a series of miracles in regard to this upload : it (the upload) contained (besides an account of the relationship of my last night's dream to a series of mirculous events which had happened to me over 40 years earlier) a written pledge of a resolution which I had made to treat my regular dose of Salvia divinorum with the substance which I had just read the evening-and-night before (namely, late on May 9) as effective for activating the Salvia divinorum (which had been giving nill results when ingested, because not activated) -- it so happened that I already had bottles of the compound for activating it (though a weak solution, in the Crest mouthwash, I figure that I ought to be adequate). While yesterday (6 PM) being driven homeward (from the weekly protest in front of the state-capitol-aedifice), I was telling my driver (W.K.) that I had earlier that day read about how, namely by shellacking them, to make enteric-coated capsules (which I was intending to fill with what I had already told G.R. about while he was driving me to the state-capitol-aedifice, namely elemi-tree resin imported from Luzon). The day (May 8) before that I read (on DMT-Nexus) that Salvia divinorum when ingested seldom produced any effect; so I had continued (May 9) to read about it (S.d.), discovering the need for its being swallowed in enteric-coated capsules in order to secure an effect (viz., of the manifestation of its tutelary goddess in one's dream).}