Autobiography of F.J.M. R. : events involving omens (indications of necessity for observing-and-obeying omens pertinent of governmental regulations)

On one occasion a few years ago, while I was standing with our protest-group holding signs in front of the state capitol-aedifice, _ _ was speaking there with G.L.R., telling him about his adventures in operating a private massage-program, wherein he was largely involved in massaging women's bodies. This sounded interesting to me, inasmuch as the woman (namely J.M., residing-at-will in state-insane-asylum praemises) who allows me to undertake the most sexual activities with her body, had not been allowing (in all the some ten years by then, or for that matter in the years since then) me enough privileges (allowing only kissing of her face and some parts of her body, such as arms and legs; but not of the parts which I wished the most to kiss, namely vulva and nipples and lips), so that I thought that by meeting women who allowed their bodies to be massaged by men, I might find a woman who would allow me to kiss on the parts of her body which I wished for the most. However, the speech (about massaging) happened (on that very occasion, immediately) to take a turn which I interpreted to be an omen forbidding me to meet any such women. The same _ _ said to G.L.R. that he was also involved in a communal project for baking of bread; which I knew (had read decades earlier in some reputable publication) was the main cause [through baking's destroying of the vitamin-content of bread] for Europe's having the lowest median life-span for humans of any region of the world in the mediaeval epoch (as had been discovered and ascertained by archaiologically examining remains of corpses buried in cemeteries of that epoch).

Knowing that such an omen was so very extreme [involving centuries of time wherein hundreds of millions of persons' each suffered having had his or her lifespan shortened by decades] as to be an absolute forbiddance for the time being, I desisted from enquiring about how to meet such women for my potential massaging etc. of any (perhaps one) of them. Not until recently did I find out why I had been forbidden at that time (by omen) to pursue such activity : I recently realize that any sexual activities ought to be accompanied by verbal invitations to possessing-spirits (a male spirit for entring the male mortal, and a female spirit for entring the female mortal) to occupy the bodies of the persons engaged in such activities, and that if not thus invited (by mortals who are well-aware that such spirits are capable of entring mortals' bodies if so invited), those spirits would feel grossly insulted, and would bring calamity (both in this lifetime and afterwards) on the mortals.

(By being rebuffed through a forbidding omen, I was thus being spared dire calamities. The spirits who sent the omen by causing _ _ to speak of baking bread were aware that the other spirits (i.e., the ones habituated to entring-and-possessing mortal's bodies) would have been grievously offended, and on account of their being severely offended would have automatically activated still other spirits to bring about the calamities.)

There was another (which was, as I seem to recall, a still earlier occasion, earlier perhaps by a year or two) instance of another omen's (which had occurred in the same location under similar circumstances) having having had similar results. A man who was (according to himself ) at that time in the United States Army, was standing slongside the others of us and was speaking to the man who was a religious ministre (in a Protestant denomination) and was telling him that and how, to his knowledge, there was a "strip club" (of women exposing their own bodies naked to the view by men) for dark-skinned folk (negresses and negroes) only (he being likewise of that, mainly sub-Saharan African, skin-type) wherein the women allowed, in the public view (on stage) of everyone there, for their vulvae to be kissed by any of the men there who wished to. [This sort of activity (in the same circumstances, namely publicly shewn, on stage, in a private club for dark-skinned persons only) I have often seen displayed in videoclips on the free internet; always without any indication of address, not stating the city nor even the state of the union/country wherein the event was occurring, apparently leaving out such information least active-duty police locate, find, visit, and arrest the persons involved in such activity. The internet websites displaying such videoclips seem always to go out of existence in a very short time (a few weeks or so), apparently likewise least their physical location (address) be located, found, and visited by police eager to arrest everyone involved : and praesumbly as soon as one such website is closed by its owners, another such temporary website is opened by the same owners for the same purpose -- apparently indicating that the police require a longer time than that amount of time to commence their investigations, due to time-consuming bureacratic routines of requiring approval from various officials in the police-department and also perhaps in other agencies of local government.]

Anyway, I regarded the man personally knowledgeable of the details (including address of the physical site of the "stripclub") as being under very severe restriction (in the way of omenry attached to him) due to his active-duty Army status (because of the Army's extremely inauspicious nature of carrying out vast programs of mass-murder even currently); and furthermore I had had some decades prior to this a personal demonstration of the ill-omened, inauspicious nature of United States Army's extreme hostility to any act of cunnilingus. As of before (in 1963 KhristianAira) I (so as to come to the United States of America from South America, where prostitution was at that time quite legal) had left my father, he (father) had described to me how, when he was in the United States Army in the mid-1930s (in Panama`) the (apparently unpublished, secret) regulations forbade (under poinalty, as was usual for all manner of various violation of Army-regulations by soldiers, of being kept locked into cages too small to be stood-up at full-body stature in, and too small to be lain down to full-body length in, for quite some days, all the while pissing and defaecating therein without being able to get rid of, nor to get away from, the piss and faeces) the male soldiers from performing any act of cunnilingus on any woman. He (father) told of how, when he was, together with other male soldiers in the praesence of a woman who was a prostitute there, a discussion had come up of the Army's punishment of its soldiers for performing cunnilingus, and he had declared (with some bravado) his own willingness to perform cunnilingus on such a woman as her; but he never actually did so. His (father's) description of such event (i.e., his declaration in the combined praesence of the woman-and-the-men so as to impress them by his bravery) was part-and-parcel of a cautionary advice to me at that time (before 1963), warning not do this (i.e., cunnilingus) with any woman in that country even if the act (scil., of cunnilingus) were not forbidden by any law nor by any regulation nor by any custom in, nor of, that country in South America. To me, this entire restriction (upon all United-State citizens) on the basis of a regulation imposed by (and by implication as yet in force then and now) the United States Army, seemed excessively extreme, unnecessarily fearful, etc. When, on various occasions, he (father) told of how United States Army soldiers had (same time, i.e., 1930s, same place) told him (father) of how they had together with impunity (i.e., no possible disapproval by the United States Army) murdered (in Central America, some years earlier, perhaps 1920s) women on the mere whim of personal amusement, I understood that he (father) secretly did not personally approve but dared not tell them (soldiers) so (lest they murder him also, likewise with the same impunity).