Mystical Autobiography

My failure (in Chicago, at my earlier address, near the Belmont elevated train stop – was it on Briar Place?) to obtain spectacular results from dreaming, a failure that was the expression of the sudden cessation of my having dreams of “false awakening” -- after I had written of them (merely a few weeks after they had started) in an epistle to my father, and he had responded by mail about that in his usual non-enthusiastic style – may have been more my own fault (than any one else’s) in that I had resolved on keeping the matter as secret as possible, not spreading news about it around, not even to my friends in the local Theosophical Society. That sort of semi-secrecy may a weakening effect if the analogy with architecture, of trying to support a too-large and too-heavy superstructure upon a single column (instead of many columns, as may be necessary), may hold true – if I was to tell anyone, I should have told enough people for them to balance and sustain collectively the heavy burden of that realm of the dream-world : the “false awakening” realm, like the “[astral] projection-transvection” one being perhaps too onerous a burden for any one person (other than the practitioner, that is) not doing the same.

Among analogues with dreaming (dreams are often themselves of the nature of copies, such as dreams about typing on a computer, with whatever one is type visible on the computer moniter-screen) would be places, machinery, and materials for copying [such as at Kinko’s] : for dreams are most usually reproductions for some type of recent experience, quite often something read of.

some serendipitous co-incidences :

The woman who is (along with C.F., whom whom she is often standing in the weekly protest, holding posters, in front of the state capitol here in S.C.) a middle (junior high school) teacheress, mentioned the Gangnam style of dancing (which a few days later found by sheer chance when I was looking at dances – I had included Irish tap-dancing as a topic on my YouTube homepage – on YouTube). [This was perhaps a couple of months ago.] Then in her latest standing there (a few weeks ago) she mentioned “Steal This Album” (which a few days later found by sheer chance when I was looking at YouTube on the “System of a Down” songs, apparently when I was looking as “Disturbed” songs).

The woman (K.W.) at the physical hospital (she being, like the woman J.M., whom I telephone on the same ward there, being in a wheelchair) for the insane asylum was mentioning repeatedly yesterday evening (she had mentioned this more briefly a a few days before) what she had claimed that she was “shot in the head”; then later on the same evening I happened to find (without particularly seeking it) on YouTube a song with the same name (“Shot in the Head”, in the album “Rage against the Machine”, which I found when I was looking at “System of a Down”).

[written Mar 30th Sat 2013]

account of myself on (Wikileaks Friends)

mystic, occultist; anarcho-syndicalist (IWW, WIIU, and Technocracy Incorporated);

advocate of legalizing psychedelic drugs (LSD, etc.), promoter of alternative (Chinese, Hindu, etc.) medicine;

devotee of spirit-mediumship, of astral projection, of sleepwalking and of dreamwalking;

contactee of flying saucers, advocate of the universe-wide government on higher (subtle) planes-of-existence; relatives and friends are likewise


event on or about July 24th 2015 [I did not write the account of this immediately, but waited about 2 days, when I was prompted to write by the fact that I may have cleared up the difficulty consisting of my not hearing music in dreams even though I had music playing in the waking-world (from the internet, often on YouTube) throughout each night -- it may have been that the music was not usually audible in dreams because of the audio advertisements (such as on YouTube), but I eliminated them to-day via Adblock (adding as blocked URL, and activating the blockage on the display icon)] :

a realization seemingly the most significant achieved thus far in this lifetime (at least such was the impression at the time). But remaining were some quaestions, such as whom to approach and in what sequence of persons with what sequences to praesent the information so as to obtain adequate co-operation from each of them so as to achieve the objectives of unlocking means of obtaining co-operations with (to and from) communicatory networks of intelligence-availability-activating committees of entities who can assist in one's establishing of whatever categories of merit as may be needed to achieve establishment of one's one set of personal contacts as may be capable of securing certitude as concerning the future incarnations of one's self (and of whomever else may be pertinent to achieving this).

Furthermore there are remaining quaestions as to the nature of bodies pertaining to one's (and pertinent others') future incarnations -- how these are to be dissociated from the incapacities inhaerent in the material plane; whether and/or how qualities seemingly inhaerent in the 3-dimensional outlook are to be evaded by means of readily accessing refuge pertaining to 2-dimensional bodies (or to 1-dimensional outline-shaped bodies, if necessary).


Event of my hearing from evident plant-spirits :

On 26 May 2018 about 5 P.M. daylight-savings-time, while reading (on the internet) the chapter on cacti in the book Healing with Plants in the American and Mexican West [Univ of AZ Pr, Tucson, 1996] by Margarita Artschwager Kay, it so chanced that I was repeatedly hearing in my mind (by evident thought-transference) comments (apparently on the subject-matter of said chapter), to each whereof I took care to respond aloud, and which I promptly deduced to be issuing from the spirits of those particular medicinal plant-species themselves.


Event of my noticing two sets of pictures lying on a frequently viewed bookshelf; knowing that I had not put them there and that no other mortal had been in my apartment in recent days, nor had I seen those sets in years : on

1 August 2018 :

this same day I also [besides my writing (to put onto the internet) "A Proposed Universal Philosophy"] noticed two sets of photographs (one of the sets being of public aedicfices in I.stanbul) on a bookshelf; this surprised me, for I had not put them there, having not even seen them in perhaps years (and remembred that when I had last seen them, years ago, I had somehow likewise apparently been impressed with the praeternatural circumstance of my finding them). I considered what could have been intended as the message to me from the praeternatural entities who must, while invisible, that day placed the photographs there, and decided that they (the entities) must have been indicating their being pleased with my agreeing with my sistre (to whom I had recently -- perhaps just the day praevious -- been speaking by telephone-call to her-and-her-husband's mansion in N.C.) in regard to philosophical understanding about treating with otherworldly entities.


8 February (Saturday) 2020 :

My visual field hath been to-day (when I awoke in the early afternoon seated at my computer-desk -- I had fallen asleep there in the mid-morning, after having been awake since 9 PM Friday, busy typing out the comparative table of mythologic sequences) filled with a subdued glare, imparting a rather pastel view all visual experience. It hath been quite some years since I last experienced this effect, which formerly (apparently some decades ago) used to be fairly commonplace. When it used to be fairly commonplace, it was praesumably a background of praesence of the divine world of transcendent luminance, which was able to maintain such a praesence due to my attention to systematic parallelisms among religious systems (which variously entail intercommunicative committess of deities co-operating is distinct planes-of-existence and their subplanes).

12 February (Wednesday) 2020 :

Again, when I awoke well-after dawn, the subdued glow is very prominent, perhaps even more so than on the 8th. Again, the black typography (especially on the computer-display) hath a grey appearance (which is its pastel character due to the glare); and the same is true of shadows (that they appear to be grey instead of blackish), with an overall twilight-effect to the daylight (underovercast sky) scene. (In descriptions of otherworldly experience, the twilight-illumination is often emphasized.) Again, it would seem a wondre that one can easily type on the computer-display under such extreme circumstances. I had awoken more than once during the night without any glare being evident. The occasion of my awaking some 2 A.M., I took to make sure to ingest creatine (which I had also ingested some 8 P.M. after my mentioning -- to LO'N when I saw her arriving on the ground-floor after I went there after awaking -- that I ought to ingest in order to keep away the fatigue which would be praesent in the morning if I were to neglect to ingest creatine during the night) along with 5 herbal bitters (kalamegha, bogbean, and 3 species from the Balkan paeninsula) and with spices (galanga, ginger, peppermint, etc.), also branch-chain aminos and other aminos, and also some chili-pepper (to keep away arthritis), in lemon-juice (and glycine to counteract the bitterness). I am under the impression that when various mystics say or write that they "see light" (which in usually not further qualified in their saying or writing), they are referring to the same glare covering one's entire visual field and imparting a pastel coloration to everything seen. It is quite pretty, and even addeth brightness unto places (such as somewhat-iridescent transparent plastic hangings) already bright due to reflectiveness. As on the 8th, I notice that when I close mine eyen, there are visible some swift slight incursions of luminosity, as if splashes of it, these brief splashes being quiet symmeterical in shape, and expanding swiftly, in fraction of a second of time, over much of the visual field, before vanishing -- which are not so prominent in ordinary circumstances of mine eyen being closed without my being in an event of experiencing the praeternatural glare. It would seem that the divine world of luminosity may (by manifesting its nature) be providing encouragement to continue ingesting creatime along with other aminos when awaking during the night.

Such an episode of subdued glare will last for some hours, but will not persist beyond one's falling asleep; nor is it noticeable during dreaming.


19 January (Tuesday) 2021 :

I just to-day found my set of keys (to the apartment-door and the mail-box), which had been missing for several weeks, at the very same location (just under the front of the right-side, facing it, couch-cushion) at which I had repeatedly sought it daily for weeks, wondring every day how it could possibly be missing from there, the only site where I was ever placing it wherever removing it from my wrist-bracelet or pocket. The only possible explanation (for this mysterious re-appearance) could be that the \Side\ (E`ireish for 'fae:ry') / \Sidi\ (Cymry for 'fae:ry') had borrowed it for few weeks, an experience which I have over the years had with various items evidently borrowed by them. In this case, they (Side / Sidi) may have done this in order to commemorate the alteration of national political regimes, from one operated by a feignedly-Republican praesident (Trump, who hath been suberfugedly intent on disintegrating the Republican Party by inducing Republican politicians to engage in highly disreputable actions), to one operated by a straightforwardly-Democratic praesident (to be inaugurated to-morrow).

Because several days ago I had purchased a replacement-set of keys (and also the card -- which I had lost a few days before losing the keys -- for entring the aedifice), I had not, over the last several days, been checking at the same location (under the cushion), because I had begun, as soon as receiving them, putting the set of replacement-keys at a different location (namely, within sight, on the table); but to-day, forgetting that I had a new location for the keys, sought (without thinking, out of sheer habit) them at their former location, and found the earlier set.

Anyway (as I have stated often before), this apartment is (in the way of municipal-nomenclature) prominent, it that it is located behind the elevator on the top floor of the tallest residential aedifice in this city from which the District of the national capital received its name (on account of the first architect, of the national capitol-aedifice, having praeviously been architect of the old state-capitol aedifice in this state, and having therefore suggested to name the District of the national capital after the capital of this state).