Wake Up In Your Dreams

5. Sleep & Dreams

"we dream mostly of past experiences and desires but with no particular order."

{Because each time we dream, we dream mostly events of the last few hours before calling asleep (and the last detail in the dream is often connected with noticing some detail, such as some sound, occurring concurrently -- at the same instant -- in the waking-world), therefore bye-and-large our dreams can be said to occur largely in the same sequence as the events whereto they may refer in the waking-world.}

"As there is reduced sensory input i.e. we aren‘t hearing or seeing much, the motivation for the dreamscape is driven, not by the local information input (what we‘re seeing or hearing ...) but by our emotional state at that time."

{Wrong! During each dream we are indeed sensing and hearing much of local events, happening at our location in the dream-world and thus constituting the local information input. On the other hand, the emotional state during dreaming hath a tendency to be quite bland, unable to produce much of an effect (rather unlike in the waking-world, where we are very much driven by our emotions).}

"However ... when we become lucid ... with experience we can navigate Dream World, knowing that it is just a mental construct with no real physical boundaries.

{Grossly misleading! The Dream-World is a "mental construct" (with real boundaries, internal as well as external) in only the same sense as our material Waking-World is : both worlds are organized and arranged by networking committees of deities (who outnumber incarnate mortals), who make use of their "minds" to determine praecisely how to arrange and to maintain their constructions.}

We can walk through walls, fly, breathe under water and so on."

{If various miracles of such natures can be performed in dream-worlds (and, incidentally, astrally projecting persons attempting to "walk through walls" often become stuck within those walls -- so it is not advisable to attempt such a feat), this is because particular deities rendre such acccomplishments feasible to their favorite mortals in dreams to indicate satisfaction with those mortals' progress in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours.}

7. Becoming Lucid

"I also recommend trying weekly floatation {sic : read /flotation/} tank sessions. ... . ... the conscious mind is gently stimulated above the sleep threshold as you simply float in a tank of salt balanced water."

{If this method had any utility, then sleeping on a water-bed could be even more effective (which it usually is not -- the sensation being too mild to be remembrable into the dream-state). Other mechanical devices, imparting more emphatic sensations to the body (such as rocking, acceleration/deceleration, whirling, etc.) could (especially if undertaken while alseep), however, have a discernable effect on dreams, especially when combined with sensory impressions, such as music to be listened to while sleeping.}

"When journaling, note anything strange, anything that wouldn‘t normally happen in the waking world. If you find these strange events recur in your dreams, then they are your personal dream signs. These can broadly be defined as Form - this is anything that seems physically odd ... . Context - this is anything or anyone, that seems out of place."

{Seldom is there anything praesent in an ordinary dream that is not ordinarily encountred while awake. When impressively strange objects do appear in dreams, however, (such as, science-fiction-style bubble-cities with their curved-winged flying aircraft) one is indeed aware that it is a place unknown to earthlings; but even so, the term "dream" may not come to mind -- instead, one is likely to think then of it as a revelatory confirmation of the existence of a hitherto-hidden reality hoped for by utopian authors intent on socio-oikonomic progress, but undisclosed by superior extraterrestrial custodians thereof until earthlings shall have become worthy ethically and intellectually (practicably meaning, that earthlings shall have come to favor socialism and communism along with technocracy inc.).}

"emotions can run pretty wild in dreams, so uncontrollable laughing or shouting could be a dream oddity."

{Actually it is a lack of emotion that characterizes dreaming, so that although every day I am filled with uncontrollable laughter (for joy) while awake, I can remembre only once, as a very unusual and uncharacteristic event, having ever laughed, even momentarily, in a dream; nor have I ever heard anyone shout (and certainly hever did so myself) in a dream. [Dreams are the place of the "peace that passeth understanding".]}

"When lucid, I assume the meditative position and am forming the energy ball in my hands. It is blue and I can feel it sparking in my fingers. It is glowing brilliant light and making a slight buzzing sound."

{This is a style of visualization engaged in, in the Far East (Manchuria, etc.).}

8 {mislabeled "7"}. Reality Checking

"Try to push your index finger on one hand through the palm of the other hand – because of the non physical nature of dreams it is possible for two matters to penetrate each other".

{Whether this is feasible in a particular dream or not, would depend on whether one's personal divinity performing the miracles for one, would care to humor one by enabling this to happen.}

"Mechanical device failure – mechanical devices notoriously behave badly in dreams so TVs, toasters, light switches etc don‘t work very well.

{Not to permit one's electrical devices to function in a one's dream, may be a way for one's personal divinity to chide one for not learning well how to build such devices in the material world.}

Mobile phones ... more often than not ... can change form in dreams too."

{Change of form, however, could indicate delight of divinities in such communicative conveniences.}

10. Induction Methods

"either a dream induced lucid dream (DILD) or a wake induced lucid dream (WILD). . The difference is that in a DILD, we go to sleep and wake up during the dream. With a WILD, on the other hand, consciousness is never lost, the body goes to sleep but the waking mind is preserved to enter the dream directly. I personally now prefer the terms “direct and indirect transitions”, the latter being the WILD.

This is a more advanced method, commonly referred to as an Outer Body Experience (OBE) or Astral Projection. Although purists may argue that there is a difference between WILDSs and OBEs, on this matter, I ... would clearly indicate adequate similarity for the two to be considered interchangeable."

{There is quite a drastic difference between (1) projection of the astral body, via a sensed bodily vibration, gradually a few inches at a time, into the space of the material world, and (2) entrance directly from the waking state, at great velocity whizzing many miles via a rushing movement, into a particularly exotic dream-world (when I did this, I immediately encountred a goddess hundreds of feet tall). But the movement through a tunnel into the after-death realm during a near-death experience is somewhat alike to the hurtling through space always (and only) occurring to one in a wake-induced lucid dream.}

10.6 Light Cue

"a sleep mask with little red neon lights is worn over the eyes. The movement of the eyes at the onset of REM sleep is then detected by a retinal sensor (built in to the mask). This in turn triggers the mask lights to turn on and off for a brief period (variable, think of an average time of 7 seconds) This light cue is shone through the eyelids and

picked up by the sleeping mind, which in turn is incorporated into the dream as an event. It can appear as many things, e.g. a flash light or a UFO.

{The waking-world luminance is detected ("picked up") by dream-deities, who convert it into some intelligible guise suitable for understanding by the mortal dreamer.}

I‘ve used this for years and have had many strange encounters. The appearance of the light in the plot is usually enough to alert the sleeping mind to presence of something weird happening in the dream and cause the person to become lucid. Products: Look online, the Nova Dreamer and REM Dreamer are both well worth looking at, the latter having a clever two way system to speak back to the device makes it a better (and cheaper) buy."

review of REM Dreamer http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/rem-dreamer.html

REM Dreamer sales outlet http://remdreamer.com/

review of Lucid Dreaming Masks http://dreamstudies.org/2012/07/06/lucid-dreaming-masks-reviewing-the-next-generation/

10A. When in the Dream World

"I am often bare footed in dreams and I find that this keeps me mentally focused in the dream. I now make it a habit as part of my body check to take my dream shoes off or just intend to be bare footed in order to consistently be bare footed in the dream."

{This is found in legend as the discalcement of Mos^eh at the Burning Bush; and of worshippers in the masjid (mosque). It may be based on a facility of entry via the soles of the feet by praeternatural entities, as attested for the "white darkness" in Vodun.}

"Steve LaBerge recommends spinning around with your arms out".

{This is a variation on the technique, by shamans in Siberia and elsewhere, to travel from one dream-world to another, by entring a whirlpool at the disembogue of rivers into the ocean, in a dream. Other variants include entring whirlwinds. It is similar to the effect of the electric current applied to a copper winding around an iron bar : induced magnetism (in this case, the "animal magnetism" of Mesmer).}

12. Looking Glass Creatures

"Your dream guide is someone (it can be more than one) well worth looking for. An experienced dreamer would be advised to seek out knowledge through these DGs as this can be a truly profound experience. I might even suggest that this can be one of the most rewarding elements of lucid dreaming. To find a dream guide, simply look for one or ask the other Dcs [Dream-characters] if they are one or know of one."

{This is aequivalent to locating one's spirit-guide in spiritism and in shamanry. One's spirit-guide may thereupon recruit several spirit-helpers to assist one.}

13. Getting Around Dream World

"we can intend ourselves to Shape Shift, as some dream walkers call it. So with sufficient intention, we could change into a bird or a wolf."

{This a favorite feat of experienced shamans. It accomplished after having befriended, in a dream, a deity who is disguised as that species of animal, and who is willing to convey the requisite empowerment.}

"Another method I use is to intend a vortex to open up near me and simply step in, intending my destination".

{In order to accomplish this, co-operation with a dream-deity of a dream-vortex (dream-whirlwind or dream-whirlpool) would be required : then this is feasible.}

15. Wake up Neo! (success-rates with ingestment of appropriate drugs)

"I can personally successfully transition with a 95 % hit rate up to 3 times a week for up to an hour with this method, other experts have reported up to 2 hour sessions. The effectiveness of this method is simply unparalleled. ... Most non supplement dreamers report 90% DILDs and 10 % WILDs. With supplements it is closer to 90% WILDs and 10 % DILDs."

16. Getting WILD (experiences while awake)

"Type 1) White lights, either just generic brightness or more precise images floating around. Your eyes are closed so these are in your mental visual filed {read /field/} but it is pretty hard to tell the difference

Type 2) Geometric shapes. These typically follow the lights and can be very vivid. Again they are in your mental/visual field and can be very real. Some float around, some can form larger patterns

Type 3) Noises. These can vary from hissing noises in your ears to more intense rumbling, vibration type noises.

Type 4) Voices. These can be pretty intense and I have found these among the more interesting transition experiences. ...

Type 5) Vibrations of fizzing in my body. ... This one tends to occur a little later in transition but tends to spark me back into conscious awareness pretty sharply.

{This would be the effervescent wai-ora-a-Tane, the 'water-[of]-life of [god] Tane, assigned in Maori to after-death experience by the soul.}

Type 6) Floating and sinking. This is when it starts to get pretty intense by any stretch of the imagination. Literally one feels themselves floating into the air and or back down through the bed into the floor. It is common to get pulled up by a limb or two. I have been pulled by my ankles into the air and been suspended off the ceiling during transition. I could literally feel the weight of my body loading down on my head as I was suspended. It was a pretty intense transition.

{These processes typically occur as some of the earlier stages in each episode of projection of the astral body.}

Type7) Seeing images of your own bedroom. Though your eyes are closed, an image of your bedroom literally forms and you can see it in the dark but pretty vividly. Not everything is exactly in the right order so its pretty bizarre. I once had a load of pictures on one wall that I do not have in my room. ...

{It is well-known that in astral-projection, the world thus entred may differ in some small details from the contemporary material world. Perhaps these difference repraesent a former decor; or they may be suggestions for possible adoption.}

Type 8) Feeling yourself or your bed darting around the room. This literally feels like your bed just takes off like a rocket and shoots across the room. Make no mistake, this one is pretty intense but do not let that wake you up, just ride it out.

{This is the next following step in the process of "Type 6".}

Type 9) Images of random events and/or locations. This normally occurs later in the transition and when vivid enough, I use this as my exit point into the dream. This is the Jump technique I referred to earlier."

{Where these "Images of ... locations" be maps, they may indicate regions intervening between the current location of one's material body, and the destination of the disembodied travel (i.e., remote-viewing). In this way, while my material body was physically in a suburb of Washington, DC, I saw a dream-view of a series of maps thence via USA, Canada, Alaska, and Siberia; whereupon I started remote-viewing, from hundreds of miles aloft, Taprobane/Ceylon of serendipity.}

Type 10) Seeing your own self. This can happen by either an image of yourself forming in front of you or by you actually stepping out of your own body. ...

{This is autoscopy, an occasional experience during processes of astral projection.}

Type 11) The feeling of someone else in the bed beside you. This is one I have personally experienced quite a lot and ... the level of detail is pretty intense ... ."

{variation of the "old hag syndrome"}

18. The Blue Pill

"5 hydroxytryptophan (5HTP) ... is a precursor to serotonin, ... is sold as a mood enhancing supplement and is classified as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). ... One of the properties of 5 HTP is that it can block REM activity during sleep. This allows us a wonderful method to take control of the REM drive. A dose of 100-150mg taken at bed time will be enough to block REM activity for 4-5 hrs. The supplement is quickly absorbed and quickly used up by the body so by the time the 4-5 hrs is up; we are going to be pretty clear of it from the body. This causes REM rebound to occur and can offer fantastic leverage to enter the lucid state as we will experience more intense, stable and predictable REM activity which suffice to say is exactly what we want to have intense dreams. ... 5 HTP is taken at bed time and a sleep period of 4-5 hrs must follow. This period of sleep will consist mostly of slow wave or non REM sleep, building up the REM for the rebound where we will be waiting ... . Some considerations about 5 HTP, this is an MAOI and therefore by definition can be used to treat depression (closer to 500mg daily)."

19. The Red Pill

"Galantamine ... . Taken from the Red Spider Lilly plant, this has been used by various dreaming practitioners for many years and it has a phenomenal effect on lucid dreaming. ... The supplement is normally sold as an off the shelf dietary supplement to combat the effects of aging on the memory and ... this can cause the mind to become more critically aware and this will fire up the mental faculties in the appropriate way to experience a full on lucid dream. ...

Galantamine can stay in the body for up to 48 hrs and therefore should only be used every 3 days or so to prevent the body from becoming too familiar with the substance. Like anything we consume the body may become too tolerant to its effects and the response from the substance could become effective. This is due to the physiological desensitisation of the Acetylcholine receptor cells and if proper care is not taken, this may become permanent so take appropriate caution with this."

"There is a supplement available for the more hardcore dreamers who want to fly more frequently with Galantamine, This supplement is known as piracetam and it is classified as a nootropic or brain food. Piracetam acts by causing the brain to use up the acetylcholine at a faster level than naturally occurs. Therefore the higher level of acetylcholine produced by taking Galantamine can be counteracted to reduce any potential desensitisation. A dose of up to 2400mg can be adequate to achieve this and this is the dose I take. ... One could take the dose over a longer period, say 3 800mg doses throughout the day ... . Piracetam has virtually no side effects and as a matter of fact can, according to current research actually make you smarter".

20 [mislabeled "21"]. Super Powers & Special Moves

"I have had people appear in the bed with me quite a few times and spark up a conversation. I might speculate that this has something to do with the fact that dopamine supplements can be used as an aphrodisiac due to the effect on the libido. ...

The supplement of choice here is Mucuna Pruriens. This is a naturally occurring plant that contains L-dopa. This is a dopamine precursor that can be absorbed in the stomach and pass through the blood brain barrier to increase the dopamine concentration of the brain. Dopamine itself cannot be absorbed so the precursor instead must be used. ...

Mucuna Pruriens is available either as a seed from or standardised extracts. The extracts are preferable as the dosage can vary with the seeds. The extracts are available as a 10%, 30% and 50% form and I would recommend the 10%. The reason is simply that the compounds that exist naturally in the Mucuna Pruriens to mimic the Carbidopa, preventing premature synthesis of dopamine, lose their efficiency at the higher percentages."

"Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) ... is available as Green Tea Extract (GTE) and it acts in a similar fashion to Galantamine. It is a re uptake inhibitor, which means it prevents the breakdown of a neurochemical to allow it to stay in the body longer. The chemical in this case is dopamine. The overall effect is to allow higher levels of dopamine to be sustained during the dream process. The dose I am personally using is a 15% polyphenol 375 mg pill."

"Insomnia can occur with any of the supplements used and this can be counteracted by using a little bit of melatonin. This is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland which in turn is powered by serotonin."

21. Don't Lose Your Head!

"The supplement of choice to boost noradrenaline is Yohimbine. This is a mild MAOI and acts by occupying alpha2 adrenal receptors in the brain, which prevents noradrenaline from binding to the same receptors. ...

The problem with it is that if taken in too large a dose, it can trigger an overflow of noradrenaline from the brain through the blood brain barrier into the blood. ... The dosage for LDing is 0.35-0.5mg and I combine this with a Galantamine/choline trigger ... . I also use ... melatonin in combination with this to offset any potential insomnia."

23. Are We Alone?

"It has come to my attention during my travels that the level of self awareness of the characters in my dreams seems to be somewhat reflective of my own state of mind during the dream. ...

{Because their informational sources routinely derive much incentive from the mortal dreamer whom they are surveiling, this is only natural for them.}

This model adds up until we experience something that simple is not even in the vocabulary of our thinking. We may for example have one of the dream characters reveal information to us that is simply beyond anything we have ever consciously engaged previously. ...

{This is facile for them because they have supernatural sources of information.}

Is this well filled with past lives, a collective mind, perhaps even an ancient forgotten realm ...?"

{The collective mind is that of interactive networks of mutually telepathizing divinities, who have guided any past lives our ours, and who will continue to guide any future lives of ours.}

24. Proof of Life

"Quantum Entanglement. Among the theories of quantum entanglement is the theory of Quantum Non Local Reality."

{The "Quantum Entanglement" is simply a manifestation of mutual telepathy on the sub-atomic level of hyper-elemental praeternaturals. Such praeternaturals always are capable, of course, of functioning on a "Non Local" scale.}

Rory Mac Sweeney : Wake Up In Your Dreams : Conscious Dreaming Training Manual. http://www.wakeupinyourdreams.com/Wake%20Up%20In%20Your%20Dreams%20-%20Conscious%20Dream%20Training%20Manual.pdf

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