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pp. 55-6 Guides

p. 55

"In this field guide, the function of the entity is the key to its identity, not how it appears. Guides are among the must useful {to the casual living visitor} entities to be encountered in nonphysical reality. Their function is to facilitate travel from one area to another and to answer questions about what you experience there. We've already met ... the ferryman ... . ...

p. 56

In the Aeneid, ... Anchises functions as a kind of Guide, explaining the processes whereby souls prepare themselves for reincarnation."

pp. 57-9 travel along Qualifying Lines

p. 57

"in a dream, I found myself on the floor of a completely empty, totally empty white room with no doors [n]or windows. ... the room represented {to the dream-building deities who had constructed it} a mental space within which there would be no distractions. An intense dot of light was orbiting above the middle of my chest. It would pass clockwise across my torso, vanish into the floor, and then reappear on the other side for another sweep. Somehow I had to reach out with my mind ... and pull it toward me. ...

When the dot of light hit my chest, it set off tremors that ran through my entire body.

{This bin.d.u ('dot') is thus the source of the vibrations which other astral-projecters detect at the hypnopompic stage, and then employ in order to shake their astral body free from their material body. It may be the hypnopompic aequivalent to that point of white light which is the guidance (as it hath been for me), through the hypnagogic stage, into the rushingly-entred dream of witnessing enormous deities.}

I heard that familiar rushing in my ears, as if I were a few feet away from a jet engine --

{"I heard a peculiar roar at that moment. It was like the sound of a distant jet plane." (TDJ, p. 147)}

a sensation that has often preceded my out-of-body experiences. Once this sensation had passed, I was able to unhook the immaterial arms of my astral body from their physical counterparts ... .

"Twist time to the north," a voice said. I could see no speaker. ...

"Time is related to gravity," the voice continued. "The lines of force emanating from magnetic north create what you call 'now' anywhere on the planet. When you're out of body, these lines of force become tangible." ...

{The magnetic lines-of-force become discrete only in cryogenic conditions; and cryogenic conditions are believed to prevail in the interior of a gravitational "black hole". By eliminating the praedictability-distorting effects of heat, such cryogentic effects enable praecise praedicatability, thereby disclosing the nature of Time in the effects of spatial rotations. [written Feb 14 2014]}

In my altered state, I noticed what seemed like

a spike

{"kila" of the Vajra-yana system (deity Vajra-kila, etc.)}

driven from the top of my head through my torso, exiting at the crotch. ...

{the vertical channel employed in gTum-mo (1st yoga of Nad.a-pada -- vide TY&SD)}

With my nonphysical hands I grasped

the spike above my head,

{Concerning Taoist deities of the variety who become stars, each hath a luminous rod extending out of the apex of the head. This praeternatural luminous rod extending upward from the head is a feature also of S.ufi (and of Mormon) saints.}

pulled my legs over my chest, and swept them to my right, picking up momentum.

I vaulted over

{In the Lushootseed disembarcation at the shore of the abode of souls, shamans vault ashore with a vaulting-pole, which vaulting-pole may be aequivalent to the khila-post (mentioned in Atharvan-Veda 10:8:4).}

p. 58

the force line that had transfixed me as if it were a piece of gymnastics equipment. I was completely out of {material} body now.

"As you can see, magnetic lines of force also keep you focused in the physical body --

{"the old sorcerers' energetic shape ... became a line : every one of them uniformly became a line and cohesively remained a line." (AD, p. 12)}

although you can use them to release yourself," the first voice said. ...

Suddenly, I found myself back in my body again. ... I recalled the dark-robed figure of the earlier-described Guide ... . ... Focusing on everything I could remember having felt in his presence, I vaulted over the force line again.

"Beautiful," the Guide said. ... "We're going to the Serenus Sor system ... . ... It's also called the Sirius Thot system," said my Guide. "But first we have to find a qualifying line." ... We were instantly ... about a half mile from where I live, in the woods ... .

As I tried to figure out ... the term qualifying line,

{The "lines of the world" are to be perceived in association with the risen sun (TDJ, p. 148).}

he interrupted ... . "Qualifying lines link link power points. Power points are the pegs upon which the illusion of physical realty is hung.

{"lights ... lure the lines of the world ... to hook ... to it." (SRP, p. 74)}

They also act as point of entry and exit for alternate realities, or as a means of rapid transit between distant places ... .

p. 59

... I call them that because they ameliorate, or qualify, the restrictions imposed by magnetic force lines -- which can keep you in the vicinity of your physical body, or prevent you from leaving earth. There's a power point at this end of Jamaica Pond."

We took a leap from the woods to a shining globe of energy about eighteen inches {a cubit} in diameter,

{"I saw an eye in front of me every time I closed by eyes. ... The eye pulls you every time you want to go." (SRP, p. 74)}

hovering above the pond.

{In habitual dreams about flying saucers, they are sometimes seen hovering over a pond or (AI, 4.7 p. 247) a lake.}

Instantly we were drawn upward, ... I ... clutching the Guide ... . ... We proceeded to climb a little higher -- and then I abruptly found myself back in bed, no longer out of body.

... I puzzled over what "Serenus Sor" and "Sirius Thot" might have meant. It occurred to me that ... I was learning to

soar serenely. {Or, "serenely aus ('out', in German) [from the material body, to] soar".}

{Serenity may be induced by psychedelic drugs : cf. "devil's weed ... . With it, a man can soar through the air" (TDJ, p. 46).}

When I mistook this message ..., my Guide teased me with ... the words serious and thought".

TDJ = Carlos Castan~eda : The Teachings of Don Juan.

AD = Carlos Castan~eda : The Art of Dreaming.

SRP = Carlos Castan~eda : The Second Ring of Power.

All Carlos Castan~eda Books in One File https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CCYQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmoonmetaphysics.wordpress.com%2F2011%2F09%2F22%2Fe-book-free-download-all-10-carlos-castaneda-books-in-1-file%2F&ei=5kP_UqGIDvLCyAH-1oDgBg&usg=AFQjCNHeB

TY&SD = Evans-Wentz : Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines.

AI = Jeffrey J. Kripal : Authors of the Impossible : the Paranormal and the Sacred. U of Chicago Pr, 2010.





p. 61 creepy creatures

"The word has a humorous connotation for me ... -- perhaps because I grew up as a member of the ... cartoon generation, for which creepy creatures were a staple."

"One of the peculiarities of nonphysical reality is that thought seems to manifest itself more or less instantaneously as experience there."

{This is so because the dream-arranging deities can read the thought of the dreamer, and will politely "more or less instantaneously" arrange the dream accordingly.}

pp. 61-2 Monroe's encountres with creepies

p. 61

"Robert Monroe describes ... Journeys Out of the Body [pp. 136-43] :

a rubbery,

{The body an octopus or a squid is rather rubbery.}

humanoid entity ... who like to climb on his back once he has gone out of body;

fishlike suckers

{This may be similar to a lamprey.}

that will sometimes attach themselves to parts of his astral body;

a large doglike entity ...; and

an invisible attacker, without personality ... .

p. 62

I've never encountered doubles of animals in my own adventures."

{Robert Monroe's books also describe his witnessings of mediaeval European wafare-carnage. Quite evidently, he had been reading too many descriptions of historical battles; so in consequence the dream-deities were shewing too him how very unpleasant such historical vicissitudes were. These readings, or some other aequally unpleasant readings, were likewise the cause of divine dream-reprimands in the guise monstrous body-hitchhikers. K.L. kept his literature-readings aloof from historical unpleasantries, and therefore he did not need to be rebuked by any advent of such "doubles of animals".}

pp. 61, 63 gargoyles

p. 61

"The gargoyles I encountered in my dorm room years ago represent another kind of nonphysical being".

p. 63

"As for the gargoyles, their function was to twist my astral body into impossible shapes."

p. 63 music at night

"Perhaps because I was a musician, it was difficult for me to tune out even the softest music. If anyone was playing records down the hall after midnight, I had trouble falling asleep."

{Every night, when I lie down to go to sleep, I leave wild, rapid music playing loudly into my earphones (from the internet), and this enableth me to fall rapidly to sleep. I invite the dream-deities to hear the music, and I believe that they put me rapidly into sleep so that they will thereafter be able to hear that music more clearly, without interference from my waking mind. It was the impious doubting of the reality of divine dream-deities that hindred K.L. from obtaining from them the boon of falling rapidly to sleep in similar circumstances.}

p. 64 wrestling with an angel until dawn

"I ended up experiencing one of those nights when the body shuts down but the mind stays active, when dreams are replaced by a continuous stream of accelerated thoughts. While I was in this twilight state, a point not far from my bed seemed to glow like a luminous hallway into some other reality. A dark shape at the entrance of this hallway ... was beckoning me to enter. ... Hours later, however,

I found myself locked in combat with this being.

{This combat had been ordained as Heaven's warning to K.L. not to disbelieve the objective reality of independent dream-deities -- but, nevertheless he pertinaciously continued in his senseless and pointless fanatic unbelief ... a sure path to becoming damned.}

We wrestled until I awoke at dawn".

{Ya<qob wrestled an angel "until the breaking of the day." (B-Re>s^it 32:24) This angel's name was Mika>el (LB, p. 186).}

LB = Louis Ginzberg : Legends of the Bible. Konecky & Konecky,Old Saybrook (CT).



Rescuers, Helpers, & Healers


p. 66 another experience by Monroe

"Monroe reports that a dark-robed entity with tonsured hair ... once responded to his call for help when he was beset {by creepies}. The entity cradled the rubbery things in his arms and they immediately went limp."

p. 67 Iesous Khristos?

"I have no trouble believing in the historical Christ."

{The term /Khristos/ referreth to the consecration-by-anointment of the high-priest, of whom several were (in the so-called 1st century Chr.E.) named Yes^uwa< (Iesous). The Eu-angelion (Gospel) is a fictitious novel intended as a political satire about such high-priests.}

p. 68 angeloi

"I'd called my own Rescuer an angel. ...

In the Divine Comedy ..., there are nine orders of angels. ...

{These 9 orders are Hellenic Orthodox; but are also reminiscent of the Taoist 9 Heavens and their divine denizens.}

In a chapter of Jurneys Out of the Body entitled "Angels and Archetypes," Monroe (1977, 127-35) recounts a number of incidents in which he received help from nonphysical beings."

p. 69 Helper-spirits

"On numerous occasions when I've made attempts to get out of my body, I've felt the unseen hands of Helpers. Ironically, they often seem to be hindering my process of getting out ... . The hands will push me back into my body once I've released myeslf, and will hold me down if I try to resist them. I feel ... when they prevent me from getting out of body, only a sense of duty {on their part}.

I've since come to the conclusion that there are times when, for some reason, going out of body may not be appropriate or beneficial activity. The hands are simply making that fact clear. I have yet to figure out why.

{It is likely that at those times divine Inspectors are in the vicinity, and if they were detect his horrifyingly impious thoughts when he were out-of-the-material-body, they would immediately hurl into Hell K.L. on account of his habitual denial of the independence of the dream-deities (for, he persistently insisteth -- against all evidence to the contrary -- that his dream-deities are simply aspects of his own emotional conditions).}

In Far Journeys, Monroe (1985, 65-69) describes ... people who ... explore nonphysical reality. Several of these reports refer to nonphysical entities in healing capacities. In one case, whirling disks of energy were used to help the subject rid himself of a pain ... . In another, the nonphysical entities gave the subject a ... massage. I experienced a similar massage by unseen hands one night as I fell asleep."

{The unreasonable notion that deities are merely aspects of one's own emotional conditions is a deceitful delusion promoted by capitalist stooges (including by capitalist-stooge-promoted psychiatrists, who are remarkably influential in misleading the general public), in order to discourage spirit-workers from appealing to mighty deities to help rid this planet of the oppressive system of greed-inspired capitalism materialism.}

p. 70 praeternatural dismembrement of the subtle body of a shaman

"One typically shamanic scenario is called "death and dismemberment." It usually occurs before a shaman has recognized himself as such. During a serious illness, he's visited {in an unusual dream} by spirits who seem to who seem to kill him, chop him up into little pieces, strip the flesh from his bones, and sometimes even devour him. The spirits then spit him out {regurgitate his dream-body} in a new form, or reassemble the bones and then clothe them in new flesh. When he awakens from the ordeal, the illness is gone. In tribal societies, such an experience usually indicates that one has been chosen by the spirits to become a shamanic healer."

"the death-and-dismemberment scenario could symbolically portray the restructuring of a belief system (represented by the body)".

{Not merely "symbolically", but actually : for, when the subtle-body (dream-body) in restructured, this is able to induce an actual correlative restructuring of world-view.}

{The subtle body is largely constituted of microcosmic correlatives of cosmic principles, so that a restructuring to the subtle body is necessary in order to achieve an accurate world-view along authentic lines of divine guidance. [written Feb 17 2014]}

pp. 71-2 Repairer-spirits

p. 71

"One morning, after I'd practiced releasing myself from the {material} body several times, I found myself in ... the framework of a skyscraper. ... I stepped onto a kind of elevator. It took me up through several levels ... . ... I sensed changing energy intensities, as if my motion were progressing through greater or lesser degrees of density. Sometimes my progress felt as if it were being impeded or accelerated by such fluctuations in density. On some levels I felt as if several G's of gravity were compressing me. On others I felt light and expansive. I stopped at level seven and got off. ... A group of people ... were repairing a complex machine. Finally, one of them saw me and approached.

"Have you been : a) sent to monitor; b) registered for retraining; c) other?" he asked. ...

I considered ... and answered : "'C' -- I'm a dreamer," by which I meant someone still alive in physical reality {the material plane, which is not necessary any more "real" than any other plane-ofr-existence} but presently out of {the material} body.

p. 72

The man ... muttered that he'd heard rumors about such people ... . ...

I never found out what was on levels one through six."


Kurt Leland : Otherwhere : a Field Guide to Nonphysical Reality for the Out-of-Body Traveler. Hampton Roads Publ, Charlottesville, 2001.