Otherwhere, 3-6



Fear of the Unknown


pp. 22-4 consciousness-adventures altering one's metaphysical beliefs

p. 22

"Since 1985, I've recorded nearly two hundred of what I call adventures in consciousness. ...

p. 23

The adventures appear to deal with ... where we came from, why we're here, our place in the cosmos, and what happens after death. ... My adventures ... have an internal consistency. ... Information gained during one experience is often confirmed and elaborated in another. I've even encountered the same personae in later adventures -- and they and I remember each other and sometimes make reference to our earlier encounters. ...

I'm not the same person I was before the adventures started. ... I realized that what I was learning conflicted with my root assumptions about our world. ... After a while ... I began to adjust my beliefs accordingly."

p. 24

"I refer to ... the other as nonphysical reality, or Otherwhere. I'm convinced after much shuttling back and forth between these two realities that the latter has ... concrete, though immaterial[,] existence."

p. 25 three ways

"there are three ways to ... the unknown : orientation, familiarization, and communication.

By orientation, I mean getting a sense of what nonphysical reality is like. One of the best ways to do this is to read accounts by people who have been there. ...

By familiarization, I mean exploring nonphysical reality on your own. ...

By communication, I mean talking about your experiences to others. ... After-the-fact communication to others of what you've experienced can be one of the more challenging aspects of exploring nonphysical reality."

pp. 26-7 analogy

p. 26

"The ocean might provide a useful analogy for understanding the nature of nonphysical reality : there's no doubt that you've come into an alien environment. ... You're surrounded by strange kinds of life that seem to be much better adapted {than oneself} to the environment -- and they become increasingly bizarre as you go deeper. ...

p. 27

The deeper I've penetrated into this alien environment, the more unusual have been the beings I've encountered."

p. 27 fear & purpose

"If we attempt to explore nonphysical reality and succeed, we're afraid that we'll be

rejected, disbelieved,

{This (being socially "rejected, disbelieved") can result automatically in one's losing one's spouse, one's job, one's housing, etc. etc.}

or thought to to be crazy.

{This can very easily lead to being involuntarily confined within an "insane asylum" for life, and therewith being tortured to death with cyanide-pills administred clandestinely by state-appointed psychiatrists -- I myself was administred such death-pill by a psychiatrist in the regional insane-asylum in GA, surviving however by miraculously summoning divine assistance.}

Having a sense of purpose in exploring nonphysical reality seems to me to be ... essential".

{Given the fact that any person exploring "nonphysical reality" is liable at any instant to be seized and tortured to death by state-psychiatrists, we surely ought to make as our purpose (devote our main effort to) overthrowing the government and the social-class (capitalists) and social-system (capitalism) responsible for ordering its minion-thugs (psychiatrists) to torture-to-death (on the sly) all psychics.} {Therefore, in exploring the Otherworld reality, we ought to make it our purpose to find supernatural allies able and willing to help overthrow the depraved and vicious capitalist system.}

p. 27 merely "possible?"

"I believe that it's possible to answer a number of questions that have puzzled humanity throughout the ages by means of visits to nonphysical reality".

{Because persons have been doing astral projection etc. in India and in China with the approval of the religious establishments of those countries for thousands of years, they have there long since rather definitively answered all these sorts of quaestions. Only Christianity hath traditionally outlawed astral projection (designating transvection -- astral projection -- as "witchcraft, the work of the Devil"). All that remains to be done is to overthrow the deceitful and mendacious system known as Christianity, and to replace it with metaphysics drawn from philosophies traditional to India and China. But Christian hyper-materialism is now being fanatically enforced by brute military force maintained by the greed-maddened capitalist class.}

p. 28 inadequacy of archaic shamanism to the modern world

"I believe that each of us can answer the eternal questions for ourselves, through personal experience ... . Shamans and medicine people have been doing so for centuries through visits to nonphysical reality. Because we live in completely different circumstances, the ancient shamans' answers may not be of much use to us."

{In modern terms, major omissions of archaic shamanism are not only lack of interest in modern physical sciences such as electronics (sharing this lack with antique civilizations), but also (without the same failure in antient civilizations) lack of interest in anything much beyond beyond tribal boundaries, lack of interest in historical recording of information, etc.}



Describing Things Unseen


pp. 32-3 source of shapes of beings in Afterlife

p. 32

"People who have had near-death experiences may encounter the spirits of deceased ... ones during visits to the Afterlife. ...

Clearly, such representions {i.e., subtle bodies} will rely

{Wrong! The near-death experiencer's memories have no more effect on creating anything in the Antarabhava (Between-Lives realm) than they have in the waking world. But the divinities who reside in the Mental-Plane use the dead person's astral body as a model for constructing the mental body (manas-maya-kos`a) which is to be witnessed in the Antarabhava.}

p. 33

heavily on the near-death experiencer's memories".



Aliens & Angels


p. 39 interest of lack thereof by Otherworld entities in one's concerns there

"in Far Journeys [1985, pp. 77-8], Robert Monroe's second book, the author creates a special vocabulary to describe some of the ways nonphysical entities interact with each other.

The infinitive to flicker indicates that an entity is uncertain about something; whereas to blank means a lack of understanding. Such entities light up when they show enthusiasm and dull when they lose interest."

{Otherworld entities have their own duties and job to perform; therefore it may be that many of them would not care to be distracted by some concern which is not their own.}

pp. 40-1 author's false-awakening dream (of gargoyles and of a luminous figure)

p. 40

"One night ..., I awoke to find that my head was at the foot of my bed. ... Around me were strange gray creatures, like gargoyles, who were commanding me to twist my body into impossible positions. ...The gargoyles laughed and taunted, pinching, pushing, and prodding me. Suddenly, a shining presence

{The grey "gargoyles" could be described as grey space-aliens, and the luminous figure as a luminous space-alien.} {The dream may have been divinely sent in order to indicate that though the author's metaphysics is as crude as that attributed to gargoyles, yet nevertheless his ethical intent is as pure as that ascribed to a luminous deity.} {Yoga is a method for employing self-twisting about of one's limbs in order to achieve rectification of one's understanding of metaphysics. It is often esteemed as more functional than conventional worship-services for achieving this.}

p. 41

appeared in the middle of the room -- ... so bright that I couldn't look at it directly."

pp. 42-4 septenary classification of planes-of-existence

p. 42

"I became aware of the occultists' translation table through ... The Astral World : Its Scenes, Dwellers, and Phenomena, by Swami Panchadasi (1915). The Swami

(whom I suspect to be a Westerner writing under a pseudonym)

{The name is said to be a pseudonym of William Walker Atkinson (SPC&LP, p. x).}

claims that the astral plane is ... the third of seven planes of being, of which physical reality is the first. Each of these planes is divided into seven subplanes, each of which itself has seven subdivisions. ...

p. 43

I don't believe that there are just seven subdivisions or planes of anything in nonphysical reality. ...

{Heptads occur in the Puran.a-s in regard to the Agni-s and the Marut-s, there being said to be seven of each set who are peculiar to each Manu-antara. But in general, Heptads of heavens are more characteristic of Hellenic, <ibri, Christian, and Muslim cosmologies; so that, e.g., Rudolph Steiner (who rewrote along European lines the Astika-based cosmology used by the Theosophical Society) used a heptad-based system.}

At the end of Far Journeys, Monroe (1985, 243-46) lists a number of nonphysical regions surrounding our planet like rings.


__ Ring

its denizens










The major ring, for example, has four subdivisions. In the outer quarter, according to

p. 44

Monroe, one is likely to encounter the souls of deceased "contemplatives, philosophers ..." (244)." ... In Dante, the fourth sphere of Heaven contains the great theologians of Christendom."

The Astral World http://www.modcam.com/thought/astral/astralworld.doc

SPC&LP = Clint Marsh (ed.) : Swami Panchadasi's Clairvoyance and Occult Powers : a Lost Classic. Red Wheel/Weiser, 2011. http://books.google.com/books?id=kkjDCFtgaYUC&pg=PR6&lpg=PR6&dq=biography+%22Swami+Panchadasi%22&source=bl&ots=1VyzCjZLTS&sig=l7NyP8V1hZ5X_g5dlRvGj8X79K4&hl=en&sa=X&ei=io_dUsXPJ8OisATqvYHIDA&ved=0CGIQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=biography%20%22Swami%20Panchadasi%22

Far Journeys http://exopoliticshongkong.com/uploads/far_journeys.pdf

pp. 44-6 being taken on an otherworldly tour by a luminosity-surrounded, black-robed,

armored deity, encountred when awaking (but remaining in a hypnopompic state of consciousness throughout the adventure)

p. 44

"On several occasions I've been awakened in the middle of the night by a nonphysical entity standing at the foot of my bed. This being appears to be shrouded entirely in black. A hood obscures its face. A bright light surrounds the entity, like the Sun's corona during a total eclipse. The entity grasps my big toe and gently shakes my foot until I awaken. It then takes me on a journey into nonphysical reality. ...

p. 45

On one of this entity's visits, its robe was slightly open. Beneath it I could see a kind of breastplate, which made me think of a space suit.

... a commonly reported type of space-alien abduction is called "the bedroom scenario" : an individual is awakened from sleep and taken somewhere {somewhither} by an extraterrestrial being. ... The aliens are actually entities from nonphysical reality".

p. 46

"First, the entity awakened me from sleep into an altered state {namely, a hypnopompic state}, in which I would be able to leave my {material} body and travel into nonphysical reality. ... The radiance surrounding the entity's robe and hood made me think of a total eclipse of the Sun. ... Perhaps the function of the robe and hood was to cloak the radiance that surrounded the entity so that I could look at it. ... The breastplate may have served a similar shielding function. ... Many ... encounters ... set us up for ... unusual, ... mystical experiences, such as ... talking to angels".



Mapping Nonphysical Reality


pp. 48-9 maps

p. 48

"Both Monroe's rings and the occultist's planes and subplanes are maps of a sort. ...

Monroe believes that his rings surround the physical planet Earth ...

{"Robert Crookall ... believes there is a 'Hades belt' surrounding the earth through which one must pass on thw way to what he calls 'Paradise conditions'." (TGAP, p. 61)}

p. 49

that become increasingly nonphysical as one gets farther away from their center."

I prefer to use the term zones to identify nonphysical environments."

{The literal meaning of Hellenic /zone/ is 'girdle, cincture, belt'; so that its shape would be more similar to those of Monroe's "rings" than to those of the Platonic concentric sphaires.}

TGAP = Steve Richards : The Traveller's Guide to the Astral Plane. Aquarian Pr, 1983.

pp. 49-52 a subterranean subway system with canal and gondola for transporting souls between the worlds of the living and of the dead

p. 49

"It began from a dream in which I found myself in a subway station waiting for a train. ...

p. 50

I began exploring the station. It was carved out of solid rock, like a cavern. The walls were rough ... . Three tunnels radiated outward from the central platform. ... I walked down a short flight of stairs ... . It led to another platform, at one end of which was a dock [for boats]. A canal began from that point, its black waters curving to cross beneath the trolley tracks. Because of the curve, ... a pitch-black gondola came around it. The gondolier ... His oar was topped with a miniature human skull. ...

"No, this is not the Afterdeath Zone," the being said ..., "although I have recently come from there. It's my duty to take the dead back to physical reality to visit their still-living relatives. ... .

p. 51

... I facilitate travel between physical reality and the Afterdeath Zone.

The other attributes are you own invention. ...

{Such attributes are "invented" by being contemplated by the mortal dreamer; thereupon dream-deities (of the Morpheus category) construct the stage-like dream-scenery based on such attributes imagined by the mortal.}

A transportation system of sorts connects all points in Otherwhere. Grand Central is a major hub, linking the Human Zone with all other zones of Otherwhere. A number of lines intersect here, each with different origins, destinations, and functions. You came in on the EO Line -- Earth to Otherwhere ... . The trolley line provides service to zones of Otherwhere beyond the human. ... I run the AF Line, short for Afterdeath Ferry. ... At this stop, I pick up individuals such as yourself, who have left their bodies behind -- temporarily -- in order to explore the Afterdeath Zone. ...

p. 52

From this point I could take you to any point of the Afterdeath Zone you might wish to visit."

... But then I remembered the three tunnels on the upper platform. The ferryman anticipated my question.

"The tunnels you're wondering about lead to what we call Shadow Worlds. There are three types of Shadow World : Alternate Was, Alternate Is, and Alternate Will-Be. {Omni}Bus lines run to each of them.

Most of the people on the platform above are ... waiting for a{n omni}bus to the Alternate Was worlds, where they'll experience what things would have been like had they made other choices at major turning points in their lives on Earth. ... The Alternate Is worlds may be visited by people who want to see what the present world would be like if they had made a different decision at some point in the past.

{The only persons who have to submit to such an indignity are materialist infidels who doubt the truth that all which occurreth is foreordained. Those (such as West African believers in the foreordainment fixed by Ifa, or >islam-believers who trust in the Pen-which-Writeth-Onwards, the Finger-which-Moveth, and the Inscribed-Tablet) who are aware of this truth are spared such shameful indignity.}

Alternate Will-Be worlds give them the chance to see what consequences might develop from a consideration currently under consideration."


Kurt Leland : Otherwhere : a Field Guide to Nonphysical Reality for the Out-of-Body Traveler. Hampton Roads Publ, Charlottesville, 2001.