Otherwhere, 13-15



Shades & Facilitators, I


pp. 102-6 the author (K.L.)'s maternal grandfather

p. 102

"My grandfather ... had been an important influence on me, introducing me to the books of the medium Edgar Cayce when I was quite young. ...

p. 103

When my first book, Menus for Impulsive Living, came out in in the spring 1989, ... I sent him a copy ... . I thanked my grandfather for having played an instrumental part in the development of my mediumistic abilities by introducing me to the work of Edgar Cayce. ... A few months later, he was dead. About two weeks after the funeral, I encountered my grandfather in the Afterdeath Zone. He appeared to be in his forties ... . ... "Granddaddy," I replied, "if you hadn't encouraged my interest in in psychic phenomena, you wouldn't be talking with me right now! ...

p. 104

It's just that most people are unable to see the spirit of someone who has died. They ... don't know how to travel into the Afterdeath Zone ... . ... The best ... I know to do ... is to let you see for yourself what I've done for the greater good, through what's called a mind merge. ... A mind merge is a way of exchanging information in nonphysical reality," I explained. "... In nonphysical reality, one's individuality is a kind of local disturbance in the overall flow of energy ..., so you can identify a particular entity in nonphysical

p. 105

reality by the quality of disturbance it creates. ... We can change the the rate at which we vibrate ... in an attempt to understand, or become more alike each other ... . This act will pull us closer together, until at last we merge. At that point we'll have access to whatever memories or thoughts we've agreed to share, and we will experience them as if they'd been our own. ... First, let's agree that the purpose of the mind merge will be for you to see and understand what it has meant for me to develop psychic abilities of my own. ... Release any fear of losing your sense of identity through the mind merge. ... In a burst of energy and insight, the information we've agreed upon will be exchanged. Then our respective identities will reestablish themselves ... . ..." ... As I worked on relaxing my own identity, ...

p. 106

I could feel that his willingness to understand was strong. ...

The sense of merging was ... deeper and richer in ways impossible to describe. ... The merge seemed to last only the briefest of instants. When it was over, Granddaddy looked much younger ..., ... in his twenties."

pp. 106-7 Facilitators

p. 106

"Facilitators. Their function is to help the Shades perform various tasks, from reviewing their former lives to preparing for new incarnations in physical reality. ...

{Here, as usually, it would appear that K.L. was satirically duped by deities contemptuous of him (and of his irrelevant, non-activist [effectively anti-social] orientation). There is not any appearance whatsoever in a new-born infant of ever having undergone any such "review" nor such praeparation. There is no reason to believe that there is any consciousness in a soul between its death and its incarnating into an embryo, nor any indication that any such consciousness could function other than as a disrupting factor interfering with deities' redinstating of the soul into that material body which is most appropriate to the particular soul's essential nature (for fulfilling its anarchist-communist, or other, function on whatever planet it may be needed at the moment of incarnation). [written Mar 24 2014]}

p. 107

It also seems likely to me that the figures of saints or of Christ often reported by near-death experiencers may actually have been Facilitators."

{The type of Facilitator which Christ is, is a fiend who facilitateth duped imbeciles known as "Christians" to be thrust screaming into aeternal Hell-fire. Surely, the fact that God nailed Christ ignominously to the Cross is adequate legal warning that every fool of a Christian so deluded as to follow a way so drastically condemned by God, is bound for aeternal perdition.}

pp. 107-11 frustrated soul of the dead; memory-squeezing deities; soul's becoming a dormant (hibernating) ovoid, which must kept regularly dosed with liquid light-hues

p. 107

""After the physical body dies," said the ... Instructor, "the soul keeps trying to reenter it. The soul often feels frustrated and ... doesn't understand why the body won't respond.

Certain entities in nonphysical reality

p. 108

... gently squeeze the the soul {which hath somehow forced it way back into its corpse?} out of the dead body. Actually, what they're {authorized mainly to accomplish in the meantime, or concurrently, is} squeezing out the individual's memories. ... When all of the individual's memories have been squeezed out of the body, the soul takes up residence in the Afterdeath Zone. ...

Because the Shade recognizes the feel of nonphysical reality from prior experience in the Dream Zone, it sometimes assumes that it hasn't died but is merely sleeping. It will try to wake up. As it attempts to alter its state of consciousness in order to awaken, a nonphysical entity will prevent it from leaving the Afterdeath Zone. ...

p. 109

The Gatekeeper reminds them that they're in nonphysical reality and that they must learn how to remain simultaneously aware of

past, present, and future. ...

{praevious [bye-gone] lifespan + praesent Antarabhava (Bar-do) + future [as yet-to-occur] lifetime}

Shades find find these reminders shocking and irritating, like

the loud bark of a dog. ...

[tricephalic hound Kerberos (p. 108)]

When the Shade finally accepts the fact that the {material} body is dead, it enters a state like

depression, in which thought and motion slow down and eventually cease. It becomes self-absorbed, unresponsive to anything happening outside itself.

{This is an absurd mis-caricaturiziation of "mental depression", a caricature typical of the divine "Instructor's" contemptuous satire of K.L. and his foolish, non-activist [effectively anti-social] ways. A depressed person is always depressed on account of wishing for greater social stimulation, and never, never on account of any putative "self-absorption"; despite whatever mendacious, deceiving "psychiatrists" may misleadingly praevaricate about their involuntary, captive inmates held immured in state "insane asyla".}

As the Shade draws into itself, it gradually loses its human shape, which up until this point has appeared as an idealized version of its former body. The Shade's final form is completely inert : a compact ovoid, completely sealed ... .

{"As you walk across the desert {of the Dream-Netherworld} towards the Abyss, you will see many beings, usually angels, bound up like cocoons and placed at the edge of the desert." (EH, p. 52)}

Harvesters periodically sweep through the areas in which the recently dead congregate, collect these ovoids, and transport them to another region of the Afterdeath Zone." The next portion of the documentary focused on a large building with many levels, a kind of laboratory. Each level of the building contained row upon row of shelves that rose from floor to ceiling. ... "Harvesters bring each ovoid here," the narrator said.

"It is then assigned to a particular level based on its size. The size of the ovoid reflects the amount of experience the Shade assimilated in the course of a lifetime.

{Actually, souls are classified (including for the purpose of redincarnation) according to the typology of their inhaerent essence (which is distinct and somewhat different for each soul -- which is why souls are separate from each other). Such a factor as "experience" is effectively irrelevant; for what each soul must and will do is wholly dependent on its own distinctive nature, and where and how a soul must and will live each life is likewise wholly dependent on the same, so that "experience" is entirely a subsidiary and dependent derivative of the soul's own distinctive essence (which cannot vary even an iota through all of aeternity, with no possible "assimilation" whatsoever).}

The Shades are stored in these drawers, where they undergo a transformative process. ...

p. 110

The entities working in this area can locate any Shade through a cross-indexing system that uses personality traits ... ."

Technicians at each level were busy with ... apparati -- crucibles, flasks, tube, and alembics. They were intent upon distilling phials of liquid light. ... Every hue ... seemed to be represented. "The phials of liquid light represent awareness," the narrator continued. Their myriad hues indicate ... human emotions ... . ..." The

Technicians carried clipboards that prescribed different types of liquid, their dosage, the frequency of their administration, and the location of the recipients. When they weren't overseeing the distillery, the Technicians were opening the drawers ..., pouring in a few drops of liquid awareness, and noting the results. ... Eventually, the contents of a drawer will begin to emanate a brilliant radiance. ...

{Actually, most ordinary mortals typically become redincarnate on a planet so very distant from that of their praevious life, that the deep-space trip (at a velocity many times that of light) is quite able, in and of itself, to purify their consciousness adequately without any dosing being necessary. But in some exceptional cases (such as, of nature-spirits being transferred to a different tour of duty, owing to species-extinction and species-commencement) such medical-like dosing may be needed to assist in coping with changing circumstances. [written Mar 24 2014]}

p. 111

The Shade will now manifest itself as a clear light ... . One of the Technicians will release it from the drawer, and it will be sent to another region of the Afterdeath Zone." The next phase of the Shade's growth took place in a university-like setting.

"One frequently attended course is called 'Choosing a Body.' Here the Shade learns how to match personality traits and physical characteristics and how to choose parents in order to enable the ... time, place, and relationships to occur.

{This assertion, deduced perhaps from the near-death experience of Er the son of Armenios in the Politeia by Platon, would be impracticable to the point of absurdity. There are trillions of inhabited planets, each with trillions of inhabitants (as individuals; though if only praesiding spirit-guardians of species be considered, the number would be smaller, merely some hundreds of thousands per planet), so that it would be far beyond the capacity of any individual to rendre any such determination within any reasonable amount of time; therefore hierarchies of telepathic committees spread athwart the universe are employed for such determinations. [written Mar 24 2014]}

As the final exam for this class, each Shade takes on a pseudo {quasi}physical form -- an expression of all the choices it has made in the process of selecting a body. ...

{What, as a microscopic embryo?!}

When the Shade feels ready to sign up for a new life on Earth, it progresses to a region of the Afterdeath Zone in which it will find a rounded air-lock chamber."

EH = Josephine McCarthy (with Peter McCarthy) : The Exorcist's Handbook. Golem Media, Berkeley (CA), 2010.

{The author wished for an elaborate account of afterdeath conscious of mortals -- which is in reality non-existent -- and received (as surrogate for such an account) an elaborate description of what is in reality a variety of supernatural entity, a furloughed nature-spirit (designated "bound angel-of-destruction" by some authors, such as exorcists, who praefer such terminology).}



Shades & Facilitators, II


p. 113 the 3 types of Facilitators

"So far we've seen three types of Facilitators in action :

the Exhumers, who squeeze the soul's memory out of the body;

the Harvesters, who collect Shades ready for the emotional distillation process;

and the Alchemists, who oversee the process."

pp. 114-5 streams in the cavern of the Netherworld

p. 114

"Once again I found myself in an underground cavern. ... Some parts of the rock were rough-hewn. Others had been carved into elaborate designs, apparently with religious significance. ...

{"You realize that you are in a massive underground space, and the floor beneath you is tiled with carved stones that look like faces and strange beings." (EH, p. 126)}

An underground river ran through the cave. I dove into it and let the strong current carry me along. ... I realized that within the Afterdeath Zone there are several energy streams.

p. 115

... One of these energy streams, I suddenly knew, carries people to and from physical reality.

Another allows them to travel between regions of the Afterdeath Zone.

The third is like a cold plunge : it startles people into realizing that their earthly personalities are not ... who they are."

pp. 117-8 plunging into Lethe {a name apparently cognate wih /LA<Dah/ (Strong's 3935) = /la-<dah/ 'forever' (Meridian Hebrew-English Dictionary)}

p. 117

"If this was Lethe, the River of Forgetfulness ... : I still needed my memories of who I was!

p. 118

The Facilitator assured me that the only thingws that are forgotten after a plunge into Lethe are one's illusory perspectives on {viz., exaggerated valuation of} earthly life. ... The cold water provided a kind of electric shock."

pp. 118-20 arrival at the 1st Afterdeath station

p. 118

"On another occasion, I visited ... the first station ... after death.

Just after going to bed, I found myself in a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. ... After a gentle twist -- like somersaulting through a precise but odd angle -- I arrived at a threshold ... . ... As I crossed the threshold, I immediately felt an intense pressure bearing down on me ... . ... I could barely move. ... A man approached me ..., informing me that the truly dead ... come

p. 119

equipped with both sets of sexual organs. Those of the opposite sex appear almost invisibly ... . ... It must be startling indeed to an individual who has refused toi acknowledge that he has died to be shown that a second set of sexual organs is now emerging from his astral body. ...

The Gatekeeper allowed me to cross the {more interior} threshold. I entered ... a vast enclosed space. "Welcome to Immigration!" the Gatekeeper said. "Everything that happens here is designed to convince the recently dead of the fact that they've died. No one can move on to the other stations of the Afterdeath Zone without first having made this acknowledgement. ..."

p. 120

I left the Gate and entered a very crowded space. ... There must have been tens of thousands of immigrants to the Afterdeath Zone, standing quietly and waiting. ... Meanwhile, more people were being brought in. ... .

p. 121

... two entities moved continuously through the crowd, addressing now this person, now that. The fact that they were always on the move made them conspicuous among the throngs who were immobilized by the pressure I'd felt when I crossed the the threshold. One was the man I'd met at the Gate.

The other ... had ... the cigar stub perpetually hanging from

his lips.

{indicating a patron-deity of traditionally cigar-smoking South American Indian shamans?}

I explained that these two men were Facilitators, in charge of this particular station of the Afterdeath Zone. ... I dubbed the one with the cigar the Minister and the one with the moustache, whom I had earlier identified as a Gatekeeper, the Philosopher. "The task of the Minister must be to bring people here after their funerals," I explained. ...

p. 122

"They refuse to believe that the funeral they've witnessed is really theirs -- even though their own physical bodies {corpses} are on display, and the genuine grief of their friends and relatives is clearly visible. ...

{They could refuse to believe that they are dead if they assume that their funeral which they observe is merely a dream; or if they assume that the corpse is as yet alive, and that they are astrally projected out of it. Indeed, reported "near-death experiences" are all instances of temporary astral projection out of a living body.}

This is where the Philosopher takes over. His job is to ... deduce a course of instruction ... . Once the Minister has gotten someone to acknowledge his death and the Philosopher has determined his expectations of the Afterlife, this person will be transferred to another part of the Afterdeath Zone, where he will have a chance to live out those expectations. ..."

The woman ... became curious about what would happen to her upon leaving Immigration, since she was an agnostic. ...

p. 123

Because she didn't believe in any particular religion, she had no expectations of the Afterlife. This meant that once she realized she was dead, she could move on to the next phase of afterdeath training without undergoing religious education."

{In a way, it is true that archaic religions tend to misguide their adhaerents to such an extent that a sort of rededucation could be helpful. Far more accurate are certain recently-originated religions, particularly the flying-saucer-contactee religions, which tend to be based on not only universewide telepathic interco-operation, but also (on a lesser, merely planetwide scale) on liberal-radical (anarchistic-communalist) politico-oikonomic activism.}

{This entire scenario may be a deduction (satirically acted out by deity-actors and by deity-actrices, in the dream-world) based upon the situation with persons who are astrally projecting out of their living material bodies, who look upon their material bodies lying motionless and wonder whether such a body be dead, and thus whether they themselves have just died. A person who hath actually died will experiencence no such scenario, but rather will remain unconscious from the instant of death until quite some interval after becoming redincarnate embryonically. It is remarkable how indulgent these dream-deities were in humoring the author (K.L.) in his mistaken and frivolous pet-hypotheses; even to the extent of their acting out theatrical scenarios (already conjectured, and wished-for, by K.L.) for him in dreams; perhaps these deities went to the trouble of doing so, because they knew that he was in an advantaged opportunity for having any such dream-experiences of his published; and that such publication could result in thorough-going discussion of the significance of these dream-experiences by knowledgeable occultist commentators (such as we are doing hereby). [written Mar 25 2014]}

pp. 125-7 circumstances requiring visitations by ghosts to the world of the living

p. 125

"A few of them ["the dead"] are permitted to return briefly to Earth from time to time, but only under certain conditions.

The first is when they absolutely refuse to believe that they're no longer focused in a physical body. Since they seem to have the same form that they did before dying, many Shades assume that they're only dreaming they've died. A journey back to earth can help convince them that this is not the case. ...

The second condition is when there's a great need for comfort on the part of the loved one who's still alive. ...

The third condition involves a kind of incentive program. ...

p. 126

After a certain number of tokens have been collected, Shades are permitted to return to Earth for a brief visit to check on the well-being of their loved ones."

p. 127

"The advantage of bypassing the Dream Zone is a higher degree of lucidity ... . ... As far as the dead are concerned, we try to keep them out of Dream Zone ... . ... Yet sometimes people feel that they've truly been visited by a dead relative in a dream. ... In such cases, ... the living have entered the Afterdeath Zone".

{Actually, the dead redincarnate promptly, with ever achieving consciousness during the interval between. Any praesentiments of apparent ghost of the dead are likely to be of erstwhile guardian-angels or spirit-guides of the deceased's, masquerading as that particular deceased mortal.}



Shadow Worlds


pp. 128-9 omnibus lines to the shadow-worlds

p. 128

"During my visit to Otherwhere's Grand Central Station ..., a Facilitator who ran the Afterdeath Ferry had told me about

bus lines to the Shadow Worlds. Each bus line ran through a tunnel that was visible from the station's main platform. There were three such worlds :

{"there are three passageways or tunnels that connect the physical world to the higher and lower realms of existence" (NS, p. 96).} {A system of tunnels through the dream-world is mentioned by Carlos Castan~eda (AD, pp. 51-2).}

Alternate Was, Alternate Is, and Alternate Will Be."

{Actually, because hierarchies of deities (thoroughout all the past, praesent, and future) control absolutely all events in all worlds, there can be no such thing as any "Alternate" worlds [except, of course, in the impious imaginations of grossed-out materialists]. [written Mar 29 2014]}

[alleged by said Facilitator :] "The spirits of the dead -- Shades ... -- use the Alternate Was worlds to experience what life would have been like thad they made other choices at the major turning points of their existence on Earth. ...

{False! All "choices" are made by deities and forced by them into minds of mortals, who can do only as they are compelled by deities. Mortals have no real part in any "choice", and could not have done other than was praedestined for them from time immemorial by deities who have such contempt for impious mortals as not to disclose to mortals the actuality of their being controlled by deities. [written Mar 29 2014]}

p. 129

As part of the educational process that every Shade must undergo between lifetimes, he or she will take a number of field trips into the Shadow Worlds. The purpose of these trips is to look at ... the soul's master plan".

{Actually, any such postmortem trips would be satirical, intended to ridicule the folly of impious mortals who refuse to understand that their minds are merely puppetware, adroitly manipulated by all-controlling deities in accordance with those deities own immemorially antique system of praedestination forcibly imposed on mortal souls (which are permitted to have no plans of their own devising). [written Mar 29 2014]}

NS = Marlene' Marie Druhan : Naked Soul : Astral Travel & Cosmic Relationships. Llewellyn Publ, St Paul (MN), 1998.

AD = Carlos Castan~eda : The Art of Dreaming. http://moonmetaphysics.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/carlos-castaneda-all-books-in-one.pdf


Kurt Leland : Otherwhere : a Field Guide to Nonphysical Reality for the Out-of-Body Traveler. Hampton Roads Publ, Charlottesville, 2001.