Otherwhere, 10-12



Gatekeepers, Sleepers, & Rangers


p. 73 nonmaterial zones with, between them, boundaries & passageways

"When we dream, ... we visit the Dream Zone ... . ... And ... when we die, we enter the Afterdeath Zone.

Between the zones are nonphysical boundaries that keep them distinct. ... Passages between zones -- gateways -- may be guarded by entities whose function is to determine who may enter and who may not."

p. 74 divine gatekeepers, according to the Commedia Divina

"Dante describes several Gatekeepers in the Divine Comedy. One guards the gate to Purgatory -- an angel with a blazing sword and an unbearably bright face. Other angels are stationed at the passages between the seven levels of Purgatory and at the entrance to the Earthly Paradise."

pp. 74-6 the Barrier Zone & its Gatekeeper

p. 74

"During an out-of-body experience {unusual lucid dream}, I found myself on a great barren plain. Abruptly rising in what seemed to me like "the middle of nowhere" ... was a gate. ... There was no {visible} wall on either side of it. ... As I approached the gate, a grizzled old prospector -- ... nineteenth-century gold miner -- arrived ahead of me ... . The Gatekeeper ... allowed him to pass through. Then the Gatekeeper, an old man in robes, addressed me . "What is your mission in Otherwhere? ... This is the Barrier Zone. Otherwhere lies beyond the Gate. Only individuals with missions to Otherwhere may pass." ... I asked about the Barrier Zone. The Gatekeeper told me that it's the border between the Dream Zone and the rest of nonphysical reality. ... he continued. "Since thought manifests itself instantly as experience out here, we can't have minds wandering all over the place. ... So we've confined most of you to the Dream Zone

p. 75

... ." The Gatekeeper went on to explain that ...

All we have to do is enter the Dream Zone and these emotions will instantly begin to shape our experience there. ...

{Unclearly stated : dreams are hardly at all affected by any emotions, which tend to be quite mild while dreaming. Instead, dreams are composed of reconciliations of activities and of facts which we had difficulties in logically interconnecting while awake -- such reconciliations effecting and producting the refreshment of mind whereto we awake.}

We're not permitted to pass beyond the Dream Zone until we've learned to exercise some control over ... thought --

{The thought-control actually divinely expected of us in order to release us beyond the zone of ordinary (trifling) dreams, would be a dedication to socio-political-oikonomic ideals of overthrowing greed-based materialistic systems (such as capitalism), in favor of communalistic systems of sharing (such as socialism/communism). [written Mar 20 2014]}

either by not allowing ourselves to get emotionally stirred up in the first place, or quickly getting rid of uncentering emotions ... ."

{The only emotion divinely encouraged would be the entirely-centring one of fanatic dedication to the movement for the extirpation of materialism (along with the greed-based systems of oppression which give rise to antimetaphysical materialism). [written Mar 20 2014]}

p. 76

"Who was the ... prospector ...? ... . ... it's more likely that his appearance was completely in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps I was telepathically aware of his intentions and represented them in symbolic form. We sometimes say we've "struck gold" when we come across a rich and valuable information source. ... His mission would then have been to "prospect" his experiences there until he'd "struck the gold" of answers that satisfied him."

{More to the point would be reflections on the highly-likely prospects of our instituting the highly valuable (in terms of labor-power) oikonomic system of anarchist communism to supplant the worthless (devoid even of use-value) greed-maddened system of capitalist oppression -- this is the well-satisfying answer whereof the righteous are telepathically aware.}

p. 77 Sleepers & Rangers

"it's possible to encounter other living human beings while visiting nonphysical reality. They come in two varieties : Sleepers and Rangers. {These twain types may indicate a distinction betwixt dreamless sleep and the dream-status.}

Sleepers are unaware of their presence in nonphysical reality. Their outlines may appear fuzzy or indistinct, and they move in slow motion. ... Sleepers don't receive ... communications clearly, and their responses may be incoherent. ...

{Because dreamers always see their own dream-bodies as unfuzzy and distinct, are never slow in their motion, and communicate cohaerently; therefore these Sleepers could not be dreaming persons, but could instead be persons undergoing dreamless sleep.}

Rangers, on the other hand, are fully aware of their presence in nonphysical reality and are able to move through it at will. This ability to move freely is why I call them Rangers. ... [In the case of] a Ranger ..., his outlines were quite clear and he moved quickly and resolutely."

{In contrast against such persons as are undergoing dreamless sleep, a dreaming person is aware of being somewhere and is able to move about at will freely, swiftly, and resolutely thereabouts, while having and retaining bodily outlines quite distinct.}

{About the only way such "Sleepers" could be performing any action at all (if immersed in dreamless sleep) would be for them (i.e., the indistinct aitheric body repraesenting them in the dream-world) to be possessed all the while by extraneous possessing deities. [written Mar 21 2014]}

pp. 77-8 instance of inconsequential result of assisting another person to achieve exit of the astral body out of the material

p. 77

"I found myself out of body

{The only definitive evidence for being outside one's material body would be so see it lying asleep. The author doth not allege this, so it is slightly uncertain (possibly a "false awakening").}

and decided to visit Alan, a good friend of mine. The mere

p. 78

thought of him was enough to transport me instantly to his bedroom, several miles away. ...

{This scenario is typical of projection of some sort of subtle body, but it may be a "lower astral body" (instead of the usual "higher astral body") that was projected.}

I approached Alan's bed, wriggled my arms under his physical body, and pulled him upward. I heard a slurping sound, such as firm gelatin makes when poured {pulled, not "poured"} out of a mold. After Alan's astral from was completely out of his {material} body, ... His motions were so slow and effortful that he seemed to be wading in water. ... The moment he caught sight of his {material} body, his astral form began to quiver and fade, losing its outlines. Spiky waves rippled through him in herringbone patterns ... .

I overhea[r]d his thoughts : "... I must have died! I've got to get back!" ... Amused, I helped him get back into his {material} body. ... I called Alan later ... . ... Unfortunately, he didn't remember the visit."

{About the only way that he would not have remembred such a memorable experience, would have been for him to have been possessed (all the while when projected out of the material body) by some extraneous spirit/deity, who (instead of he) was thinking the overheard verbal thoughts. [written Mar 21 2014]}

{While the friend's subtle-body outlines remained distinct, the action of possession may have been undertaken by a praeternatural entity from the astral plane; but when indistinct, by a praeternatural entity from the lowest aitheric plane (which is vague in appearance, as is the aura, an aitheric substance). [written Mar 21 2014]}



Instructors [& Instructrices], I


pp. 80-1 dreaming one's self into a cartoon-scene of sun, moon, and stars : accelerating of Earth's rotation so as drastically to shorten its nychthemeron

p. 80

"I found a piece of typing paper, turned sideways. On it was a ... crayon drawing of a landscape : ... however, I found myself inside it -- a real-life figure projected into a cartoon. A wind of colors blew by. The Sun set and a crescent Moon lying on its side rose up. The Moon had a big nose and was wearing a night cap. A music box began to play "Beautiful

p. 81

Dreamer," and the Moon started to sing ... . A chorus line of five-pointed stars whirled and jigged between verses, occasionally chiming in. ... The Sun and the Moon seemed to be ... revolving ... faster and faster.

Day alternated with night so rapidly

{"Anciently the days were very short." (Buna, Bengal -- "SCS", p. 213)} {"the days were so short that man could not find time in which to perform his daily duties" (BM, vol. 1, p. 143)}

that they blurred together, flickering like a strobe light."

"SCS" = Katharine Luomala : "Motif A728 : Sun Caught in Snare ...". FABULA 6.3 (Jan 1964):213–52. http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/fabl.1964.6.issue-3/fabl.1964.6.3.213/fabl.1964.6.3.213.xml?format=INT

BM = Elsdon Best : The Maori. 2 voll. Wellington, 1924. http://archive.is/XlQjU

p. 82 dreaming of noticeably causing rotation of a planet

"Suddenly, my perspective shifted. I seemed to be seeing myself from far away, looking down on myself as I walked.

The desert planet I was walking on was so small that it spun beneath my feet with every step : I was wholly responsible for its rotation!"

{Cf. dream of "an arid desert area ..., where we were ... to establish energetic templates" (LDGIS, p. 215).

LDGIS = Robert Waggoner : Lucid Dreaming : Gateway to the Inner Self. Moment Point Pr, Needham (MA), 2009.

p. 82 dreaming of seeing own reflection, strangely, in mirror

"I stood up, catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror on the wall ... -- quite unlike ... I was used to seeing in my ... mirror. My nose was long and ... cap ... replaced by a broadbrimmed hat with a feather, like one the Three Musketeers might have worn. ... I must ... be in ..., I surmised, ... France in the eighteenth century."

{During much of the 18th century ChrE, the government of France, while allied with Sweden, was at war against the government of England. Could the dream have been advocating a return to such a status in international alliances, the circumstance promoted by Freemasons and prevailing during the revolt of the 13 Colonies in America?}

pp. 83-5 explication by Instructrix

p. 83

"A door concealed in the wall ... opened and a woman entered. ... It was the Instructor {Instructrix} who had brought me here. ... [She averred :]

p. 84

"We threw in everything ... to get you to realize that was a dream ...! All you had to do was realize ... you must be dreaming. ... .

{Waggoner's being enticed in the dream to recognize that he was dreaming : "Then I notice -- everyone was waiting for me to become lucid! ...

p. 85

... we hoped was sufficiently bizarre to jolt you into lucidity ... ."

They even joke with me about getting me to this lucid state." (LDGIS, p. 257)}

{When (some years ago) I underwent the experience of being explained to, during a dream, that it was a dream, I had to be instructed of this fact repeatedly and firmly (by the same dream-person in the same dream), against my repeatedly stated denials of this (to the dream-person so instructing me). Mere hints (by them to me) would have been quite inadequate and were not attempted (though such hints seemed to have been regarded as fairly adequate to the supernatural mentors of Waggoner, and were attempted -- though without continued success -- by the supernatural mentors of Leland) -- a procedure of a merely trifling nature. Such roundabout hinting betokeneth a mirthful playfulness (on the part of Waggoner's and Leland's supernatural mentors) which would be inappropriate in my case, resolute as I am (even during my dreamings) on the serious plan of achieving worldwide politico-oikonomic effects in the waking-world planet through means of my dreaming. [written Mar 21 2014]}



Instructors [& Instructrices], II


pp. 88-91 by means of knowing (after having been so instructed) that he was in a dream, he performed miraculous carpentry in that dream

p. 88

"At intervals along the wall stood tall floor lamps that resembled the pillars of an Egyptian temple.

{Would this layout be intended to commemorate (when shadowed by danger of death) the fleeing "by night" and on foot, of Iosephos into Aiguptos (Euangelion according to Matthaios 2:14)?}

Diffuse light came from finely styled lotus blossoms of frosted glass on top of each pillar. ... .

{"To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way" (Euangelion according to Loukas 1:79).}

p. 89

... the manager explained, as if I were a carpenter. ...

{most likely an allusion to the carpentry performed by "Iosephos the Worker", patron-saint of Workers' Day May 1st}

p. 90

"Calm down," he said soothingly. "This is only a dream." ...

p. 91

It occurred to me that

if this were, in fact, a dream, ... then I should be able to shape and restore ... simply by willing it to become whole. ...

{The dream-deities perform these tasks "to shape and restore" objects in their dream-world, as a (rather trifling) reward to the dreamer, who therewith hath the [false] impression of that dreamer' own "willing" of such action being [imaginedly] the efficient cause of the action.}

I had the strange sensation of using unfamilar mental muscles. A power seemed to emanate from my outstretched hand. As it passed over the three fragments ..., they blurred and ran together."

{The dream-deities were imparting these sensations (to K.L.) as if they were acting through his dream-body -- as a reward to him for recognizing the ready manipulability (by them -- the out-of-sight, behind-the-scenes actual supernatural operators/operatrices) of the dream-world.}

pp. 91-4 iron door openeth itself; being congratulated & instructed by Instructors

p. 91

"suddenly I heard a loud click. ... the iron door ... began opening slowly. ...

p. 92

"Congratulations!" he said ... . ... [K.L. inquired of this supernatural dream-Instructor why he was being congratulated by that Instructor :] "... you just right out and told me?"

"You believed me," the [supernatural dream-Instructor] manager replied. ...

{"I had taken seriously the idea announced to me in a lucid dream ... . I had come to believe" the supernatural dream-Instructor (LDGIS, p. 248).}

p. 93

The Instructor smiled. "... I'm a master of a certain discipline that leads to {praeternatural self-}illumination, or inner light. ... Well, the purpose of dream yoga was to use lucid dreams as a pathway to what yogis called the Clear Light. ... The yogis believed ... that dreams could be used as a means of discovering the true nature of reality -- the

p. 94

Clear Light. ... Part of their training involved

going directly into the dream state from the waking state without actually falling asleep.

{"wake-induced lucid dreaming" (WILD)}

Once there, they would consciously strip away all dream imagery until they could perceive the Clear Light. ...

{It would generally be quite frivolous and useless to "strip away the dream imagery", when that very "dream imagery" hath been set in place by mighty deities as a guide for how to effectuate, in the waking-world and on a planetwide scale, vast improvements in socio-politico-oikonomic matters. The so-called "Clear Light" is merely a fuel-energy storage facility, to be put into use (directed from the dream-world into the waking-world) along the lines of ways-and-means suggested by said "dream imagery". [written Mar 21 2014]}

The clearness of this light means only that it's unattended by any imagery."

{Such luminous clarity can also imply that access to employment of that "Clear Light" is to be achieved through being deputized for this function by transpicuous-bodied deities (by whom, incidenally, I have recently begun to become empowered by in dreams). [written Mar 21 2014]}

{The ineffectiveness whereto one is reduced who "would consciously strip away all dream imagery" is a Bodish mode of signaling to their local ruling class nobiiity that dream-yoga practitioners could be no possible threat to the ruling-class's dominion (over national politics, etc.) by such practitioners. It is a mere flourish (apolitical gesture) of such yoga organizations, not actually to be taken seriously nor ever undertaken in actual practice of the yoga.}


Kurt Leland : Otherwhere : a Field Guide to Nonphysical Reality for the Out-of-Body Traveler. Hampton Roads Publ, Charlottesville, 2001.