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Visit to Nonphysical Reality


pp. 5-8 Afterdeath-Zone & its cavern-antechambre : "custom-tailored to one's needs ... at a console" (p. 4) a Hemi-Sync experience at the Robert Monroe Institute in Virginia

p. 5

"I found myself in a cave. ... I noticed an intense light far away. ... It turned out to be an exit ... . When I emerged from this exit, I found myself in the midst ... of a landscape ... in golden light. ... Each terrace was about the same

p. 6

height {stature} as the last, ... a sequence of low steps that ascended to a dais in the center. On the dais was an object so bright that it could have been the Sun. It was the source of the light ..., and every pulse sent waves of light ... throughout the entire region. ... . ... I came across a being made of the same light ... . This being was like an eddy ... . ... "This is the Afterdeath Zone ... ." ... The being directed me to a larger vortex of energy ... . ...

p. 7

The being laughed, a musical sound like the shimmer {shimmy} of tiny bells. "... the Afterdeath Zone is a part of nonphysical reality -- Or Otherwhere, as we call it. ... As for the cave ..., call it

an insane asylum for existentialists. ... They remain in that place for as long as it takes them to accept that there's an Afterlife. ..." ...

[p. 21 : "what about ... my visit to the cave of the existentialists ...? Could they have been real ...?"]

p. 8

I'd heard of near-death experiences in which ... people reported they'd been sucked into a dark tunnel and carried into a region of light. While there, they have have engaged in conversation with an entity made of light ... . ... Yet I'd visited a similar region of light, had spoken to a similar entity -- and had received answers".



Out-of-Body Training Program


pp. 9-10 hypnagogic noise and tingling; dream of darkness in space

p. 9

"when I was just fourteen years old ... Something odd happened as I was falling asleep. ... A loud noise like the sound of an airplane taking off filled my ears. A tingling electrical surge ran from my head to my toes. ... Something ... occurred a few weeks later. In the middle of the night

I seemed to awaken from sleep

{a dream of false-awakening}

into a totally black space. I could see, hear, and feel nothing anywhere around me."

{this is a type of dream known in Bodish dream-yoga}

p. 10

"For the next several years, as I was falling asleep, I would sometimes hear a rushing noise and feel an electrical surge ... . ... At the start of my junior year in college ..., I told these experiences to a freshman ... . He said they represented the initial stages of an out-of-body experience. ... My new friend claimed that ... his mother ... had frequent out-of-body experiences. He lent me Robert Monroe's first book, Journeys Out of the Body".

pp. 10-11 interface; immersion of astral body in material body

p. 10

"I drifted into an odd state, half awake and half asleep. It was in these ... that unusual things would happen. Often I would feel as if I'd passed through some kind of interface, such as that between air and water. I seemed to be sinking slowly into a current of energy that was rushing past me. Everything was blurred. ... Sometimes I

p. 11

passed through another interface into an even faster energy stream. More often than not, however, when I came to that second interface, I seemed to bounce off of it, without passing through, and would awaken immediately."

"Once, when I awakened in the middle of the night, I sat up [in bed] and looked around. I felt an odd sensation in the area of my waist. It reminded me of the feeling of immersing my hand in a pool of water : the greater density of the water below the point of immersion, the lightness of the air above it. Suddely, I realized I was partially out of my body. My torso was completely out, but my legs were still attached. ... . ... the lower half of my body {legs only, not " lower half of my body"} was immersed in physical matter".

p. 11 astral projection with objects in wrong places

"I would be lying on my bed in my room ... . I would hear a rushing sound and feel an electrical surge. These sensations would pass, and I would find myself rolling out of my body, standing up or floating ... . At this point I would realize that there was something peculiar about my room. It would be on the wrong wing or floor of my dormitory, or the head of my bed would be oriented in a direction different from its actual one. Sometimes the furniture would be rearranged, or there were things on the dresser that weren't there in real life.

I was never sure what to make of these incidents : Were they dreams or out-of-body experiences?"

{There are various reports of astral projections by othe experiencers wherein some objects were located in places where they were not in the material world. These particular objects may be astral forms, selected and misplaced (in the material world?) by astral entities for some symbolic or other function.}

{It would seem to be be impossible actually to dream of one's own astrally projecting. (Other experiencers do not seem to report what they consider to be dream-versions of such events.) If so, then, any sensation of astral projection must apparently be accepted as having occurred in the waking-state (as might be corroborated by other evidence).}

pp. 11-14 the author's first undoubted episodes of astral projection while waking

p. 11

"After lying down ..., I felt ... my consciousness ... shooting violently out of my head. I was several miles away ... . I found myself in the kitchen of a house I didn't recognize. As I wandered into the living room, wondering where I was, a dog noticed me and began to bark. A toddler also

p. 12

seemed to be able to see me and began to approach me with curiosity ... . ...

{If visible to other humans, the author must have been in the lower astral (= aitheric) body, which is thus visible, rather than in the usual higher astral body, which is not so visible.}

Before I could decide what to do, I felt as if a giant rubber band had stretched as far as it could, and then snapped back. In a rush, I reentered by body and woke up."

"Because some of Monroe's out -of-body experiences began from a feeling of riding gentlely undulating waves {cf. the author's " waves of light" on p. 6?}, I figured that if I could imagine that sensation as vividly as possible, using my memory of driving down a country road ["that undulated over steep hills"], I might be able to stimulate an out-of-body experience. My assumption was correct.

Tingling sensations began to run the length of my body in wavelike rhythmic pulses. But just as I started to rise above my body, the waves became rougher. I began to feel seasick, so I somersaulted back into my body, hitting it with ... an impact ... . After reorienting myself within my body, ... A disembodied voice began providing me with nonverbal {? "nonverbal" is literally "not in words" -- the author must instead mean "telepathic", albeit indeed in mentally-conveyed words} instruction ... like this :

"... do everything you can to eradicate your fear of the unknown. ...

p. 13

Different senses and mental faculties operate when you're out of body. For example, communication with other beings is largely telepathic. ... The more you can develop intuition while in the {material} body, the easier it will be for you to understand what's happening when you're out. ... If intuiting is too high, they you're trying too hard to achieve an altered state. Try to remedy ... .

p. 14

... If you're trying too hard, see yourself gently pulling the intuiting lever down to the halfway point, while telling yourself to relax. ... If the intuitiuon lever is too low, then your fear of the unknown is blocking this function. The only way to get rid of your fear of the unknown is confront what you're afraid of. So keep trying. ... Once you've got the levers into position, you may try an induction technique for getting out of the body. ...""

pp. 14-15 sexual desire

p. 14

"Just as men often experience {penile} erections ... when dream activity peaks -- so they can have them during an out-of-body experience. As Monroe ... puts it, the something overwhelming desire that can acompany an

p. 15

out-of-body experience may lead to thoughts of "sexual contact (at first with a loved one, then at a strictly sensory level)" (Monroe 1977, 223).

For the next five years, nearly every attempt I made to get out of {the material} body would degenerate into sexual fantasy. ... Monroe discovered that ... instead of

"fighting the idea of sex[ual intercourse], ignoring it, or denying its existence,"

{These are Christian-style remedies which cannot succeed, because Christianity is a hypocrisy based on enormous mendacity and deceitfulness.}

the best thing he could do was think, "yes, the idea of sex is a very good one, and we (I) must do something about it. I will in just a little time ... ." (ibid., 192).

{To consider the idea[l] of sex[ual intercourse] a "very good" is, in Christian terms, to worship the Devil and agents of the Devil. Our author is, hereby, advocating the most fanatic ("best") of Devil-worship.}

The technique worked as well for me as it had for Monroe. I was able to resume my experiments."

{This "technique" may "work" well enough for confirmed procrastinators ("I will in just a little time ..."), but would make normal persons cringe with shame at delaying the worship owed to the deities (devils) involved.}

{Another (and by far more functional) way for inducing sexual desires to aid, instead of to hindre, transcendental practices, could be to make prompt (and not merely a procrastinating promise delayed into the indefinite future) use of idols of god Kama and of goddess Rati (or perhaps of Erot- and of Aphrodite, or of Dumu-zid and of In-anna), with appropriate ritual-offering and prayers.}

Monroe 1977 = Robert Monroe : Journeys Out of the Body. Garden City (NY) : Doubleday.

pp. 15-16 adjusting the astral-body so as to befit interpenetrating various material substances; transvection of the astral-body

p. 15

"I discovered that the so-called astral body -- the part of oneself ... to separate itself from the physical body -- appears to be weightless : it can float and fly. When it encounters physical objects, it usually passes right through them. I found that the wood of a wall, the glass of a window, the metal of a fire door all had different densities {internal feels to them}.

A peculiar and indescribable mental adjustment would allow me to attenuate the substance of my astral body. I could then penetrate such objects as if I were fitting the particles of my own being between the atoms {molecules, not "atoms"} of wood, glass, or metal.

{Said "mental adjustment" would appear not to have been mentioned by other astral projecters, even ones who described occasional difficulty in penetrating through walls etc., or therewith feeling the walls' internal material.}

The sensation that accompanied my passage through a wall, window, or door was thrilling -- an electrical tingle that

resembled a sexual orgasm."

{That the materials felt thrilling or otherwise particularly pleasant while passing through them, would not appear to have been mentioned by praevious astral projecters.}

p. 16

"I couldn't help but wonder what it felt like to reach my hand through organic matter, now that I had mastered wood, glass, and metal. ... I reached my hand into the cat's belly. What I encountered felt like tightly twisted sheets coiled up in a pail of warm water. The cat woke up with a start".

pp. 15-16 elasticity of the astral-body; awkwardnesses in travel by the astral-body

p. 15

"On one occasion, I was able to reach my arm from where my body lay on my bed up to the overhead light -- a distance of about ten feet.

Walking while out of my body was awkward until I realized that ... It was far more efficient merely to think of where I wanted to go, near or far. My vision would blur for a

p. 16

moment while I passed through the intervening space, and I would find myself there ... . As speedy as this method of locomotion was, ... the slightest whim could throw it off."

pp. 16-17, 19 seeing with the astral-body

p. 16

"My sense of sight was ... affected when I was out of my body. Sometimes I could see nothing at all. If I told myself that all I had to do was open my eyes, my physical eyes would obey, and ... I'd wake up. So I learned instead to will myself to see. My astral vision did not require ambient light as does its physical counterpart. My room would be pitch black {with no window, and the door closed at night?}, yet I would still be able to see things clearly. {Surely this must indicate the room's being illuminated by astral light.} Everything appeared in tones of sepia, as in a daguerrotype.

As if to compensate for the frequent lack of color, ...

Not only could I

{Similar to the eyesight indicated by the wrap-around eyen of so-called "space-alien" flying-saucer-denizens.}

p. 17

see what was in front of me, I could also see what was behind me without turning around.

Furthermore, I could perceive the near and far sides of things simultaneously, as if I were diffused throughout the room ..., and all of me was capable of sight."

{This is also reported in some accounts of experiences of mortals aboard flying saucers. In both cases, the temporary "diffused"-self sensory ability may be due to temporary internal (spirit-possessing, with retention of awareness) praesence of a praeternatural (divine) entity intrinsically having that ability.}

p. 19

"Perhaps the climax of this training period was the point when I allowed my out-of-body self to observe my physical body lying on my bed".

pp. 17-18 being noticed by other persons while astrally projected

p. 17

"Even though I've noticed that animals and very young children seem more able than adults to see someone who's out of body, I've heard of people {psychic adults} who are able to sense {intuit?}, and sometimes perceive, such a presence. ...

p. 18

In later experiences, I learned that, while I may be visible to a few psychically gifted individuals when I'm out of body, I'm otherwise unable to ... draw attention to myself, or communicate with others -- unless they also are out of body."

pp. 19-20 a dream about a praeternatural message's appearing on a computer-monitor

p. 19

"during a nap, I found myself looking at a computer screen. Someone I couldn't see {viz., a dream-computer-gremlin} was typing at the keyboard. I noticed the following ... : "COMMAND = ." The invisible typist entered the words "out of body," thus : "COMMAND = OUT OF BODY." Immediately a set of diagrams ... appeared on the screen ... . ... Immediately, a shock of energy ran from the

p. 20

top of my head to my toes and woke me up. ... From that point forward, my experiences became both more frequent and more involved."


Kurt Leland : Otherwhere : a Field Guide to Nonphysical Reality for the Out-of-Body Traveler. Hampton Roads Publ, Charlottesville, 2001.