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Frequently-Asked Quaestions


p. 260 the void state

"The void or gray state describes the dark, sparkling, normally imageless scene that occasionally lucid dreamers see when the lucid dream collapses ... . ... If you wish ..., you can ... wait for a new lucid dream to emerge. Lucid dreamers do this ... by singing ... . (... the void or gray state represents unexpressed potential or the dream matrix.)"

p. 260 incongruence

"When viewed frokm the waking perspective, ... the lucid dreamer isn't ... relating to the dream events ... . [Barrett 1992] Similarly, in hypnosis, the subjects often accept considerable ... incongruity as they act in their trance state, something hypnotists call "trance logic.""

Barrett 1992 = Deirdre Barrett : "Just How Lucid Are Lucid Dreams?" DREAMING 2 (1992) : 221-8.

pp. 261-2 distracters & attracters

p. 261

"Some lucid dreamers experience the appearance of "distracters" (a term coined by Ian Koslow in his Lucid Dream Exchange interview [2007]) or lucid dream figures that seem to work

in opposition to ... your lucid awareness. These dream figures may bother you with ... doubts."

{[In our personal experience,] These dream-divinities merely "work in opposition to" (i.e., deny) one's vocal expression of the fact that "This is a dream"; but only so long as the mortal dreamer is neglecting to address them heraldically (by appropriately designating them by their propre titles of nobility, viz. as "dream-deities"). They merely mean to express doubt of any addressing of them by such ignoble-style terms as "dream-being".}

p. 262

Similarly, you might meet the converse in lucid dreams, or "attractors," ... who garner your attention".

{It may be that the dreamer could encountre divinities who encourage to be applied to themselves (by the mortal dreamer) designations which are unrealistically self-humiliating.}

Koslow 2007 = Ian Koslow, in LUCID DREAM EXCHANGE 44 (Sept 2007) : 3.

pp. 262-3 behind the dream

p. 262

"in those cases when I and others questioned the "dream," it normally responded in a thoughtful, intelligent, purposeful, creative, and often unexpected way, indicative of something much more aware ... . Moreover, in the case of lucid dream telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and so on, you again find evidence for some awareness behind the dream".

p. 263

"You can resolve this for yourself in your next lucid dream by ... questioning the dream, "Hey dream! Show me ... .""


Tips & Techniques


pp. 265-6 the author is empowered to impart lucid dreaming to others

p. 265

"When making a presentation in Copenhagen ..., I noticed a prominent ... author on dreaming in the front row. After my talk, we conversed ... about lucid dreaming. Days later ..., he announced that he had experienced his first lucid dream. ...

Following a lucid dream seminar I held ... in Minneapolis, a woman attender, "ERHS," reported her first lucid dream :

p. 266

... I had a dream in which I was given a ... card. I look inside, but can't read the words. I realize, "I'm dreaming, so I can read anything." I look again and can read what the card says :

{From our own personal experience, we find that full awareness that one is dreaming is unnecessary to read printed texts in dreams, which is feasible so long as one is free from blasphemous atheism. (I was reading books avidly in libraries in dreams some 4 decades ago; this was possible because I always selected occult books of mystic lore to read therein.)}

"Showers of flowers, ...every day! signed : the Universe.""

pp. 266-7 reading about lucid dreaming can be causally connected with news-events

p. 266

"one evening ... I read a copy of The Lucid Dream Exchange before going to sleep. A woman wrote that lately her lucid dreams had elements of the next day's newspaper's front page. ... That night, I had

p. 267

a powerful lucid dream ... . ... Upon waking, I ... opened the Sunday paper, and was greeted by a huge front page article ... that was my lucid dream!"

p. 267 how thou canst augment the likelihood of thine experiencing lucid dreamsing

"How else can you practically ... increase the likelihood of lucid dreams? Besides reading about lucid dreams in books, publications, or online,

{It would (of course) also help to think of the authors of such books as mighty deities temporarily (for the duration of this particular lifespan) on vacation from participation in august-divine governing-councils.}

you can simply ... imagine yourself ... having a lucid dream!"

{The sort of imaginating that would be particularly productive of significant lucid-dreaming would (most praedictably) entail the praesence in such dreaming of radiant deities ensconced in jewel-palaces interconnected by causeways of glittery gold, in an environment permeated with continuously-resounding angelic chanting.}

p. 268 being hypnotized into lucid dreaming

"In the 1980s at the University of Virginia, Dr. Joseph Dane researched the use of hypnosis to induce lucid dreaming. ... After placing each of the women students under hypnosis, Dane suggested, [quoted from Gackenbach & Bosveld 1989, p. 33 :] "Tonight, you're going to ... in your dreams ... fly with awareness. Tonight as you dream, you will ... recognize that you are dreaming while you're dreaming. ..." ...

Results seemed extremely promising, since most managed to have a lucid dream".

Gackenbach & Bosveld 1989 = Jayne Gackenbach & Jane Bosveld : Control Your Dreams. NY : Harper & Row.

p. 269 lucid-dreaming technique in Journey to Ixtlan

[quoted from Castan~eda 1974, p. 98] "He bent his head forward and

stared at his hands with his mouth open.

{This awe so expressed of one's own hands is intended as respect toward the Daktuloi deities (of the Samothraikian Mysteries), so that they may so sense one's hands in dreams as to charge those hands with the power-glow for levin-hand-actualized thunderbolt (5-pronged vajra) mouth-emissions, the hushed Thundre of Silence pervading the [Taoist heavenly] Caverns of Concealed-Gem Scripture-Tablets.}

... I had to laugh. ...

Don't think it's a joke.

{In "actual cult ... plenty of "joke" deities are invoked" (GCDA, p. 143) therewithal.}

Dreaming is as serious as seeing or dying ... in this awesome mysterious world."

Castan~eda 1974 = Carlos Castan~eda : Journey to Ixtlan. 1974.

GCDA = Emma J. Stafford : Greek Cults of Deified Abstractions. PhD thesis, Universtiy College of London, 1998.

pp. 269-70 the author's "version of a modified Castan[~]eda technique"

p. 269

"2. Casually ... tell yourself in a caring manner, "Tonight while I dream, I will ... realize I'm dreaming."

p. 270

3. Continue to ... mentally repeat the affirmation, "Tonight while I dream, I will ... realize I'm dreaming."

4. ... your eyes cross ... . ... continue to repeat your intent slowly and gently. ...

6. Gently remind yourself of your intention to ... realize that you're dreaming, and go to sleep.

7. When you wake in the middle of the night, ... Resume your intention to ... realize that you're dreaming.

8. Repeat this approach faithfully each night, and you should have a lucid dream. When you wake from your lucid dream, ...

congratulate yourself!"

{It would be more productive of further results to thank [instead of one's self] the dream-deities caerimoniously and sanctimoniously, for having rewarded one's perseverance with their assistance by their providing the requisite awareness of during one's dreaming.}

pp. 271-2 nap-to-lucidity technique

p. 271

"Research on this technique ... at the Lucidity Institute showed [Levitan 1991] increases in the ... lucid dream."

p. 272

"I ... proceeded to have a very intriguing lucid dream in which I consciously moved the living room furniture through the air by dream psychokinesis."

Levitan 1991 = Lynne Levitan : "Get Up Early, Take a Nap, Be Lucid". NIGHTLIFE 3, no. 1.

pp. 273-4 miscellaneous conditions that seem to assist






"Change in location : ... sleeping in a different room".


"Change in life routine : Vacations and holiday".


"Yoga ... : ... after yoga ... a spontaneous lucid dream."



"Excess ... effort ... : ... excess exertion".


"exuberance : ... feeling ... good".


"Certain foods : ... The writer[ess] Jane Roberts suggested foods like asparagus ... for increasing awareness".


"Vitamins such as B6 before bedtime : ... enhanced memory retention."


"Weather changes : I have personally noticed ... approaching

storm systems ... increase ... lucid dreaming".

{Amerindian shamanries indicate connection between physical-material-world storms (lightnings and whirlwinds) and their dream-aequivalents as sources of spiritual/psychic power.}


"Certain locales : ... I have had some incredible {impressive} lucid dreams on various trips that visited ancient Native American sites."

pp. 276-7 levels of lucidity






"Pre-Lucid : Dreamer notices bizarreness as "unusual.""


"Sub-Lucid : Dreamer vaguely realizes he or she dreams."


"Semi-Lucid : Dreamer knows he or she dreams but continues to follow the dream plot with very minor adjustments."


"Lucid : Dreamer knows he or she dreams and realizes ... major changes in their {his or her} dream experience. Dream Report might read : ... I meet some people ... and tell them, 'This is a dream. ...'"


"Fully Lucid : Dreamer can recall his or her physical life and all predetermined tasks to perform ... . Dream Report might read : ... I approach a dream figure ... and

ask, "... What do you represent?""

{This quaestion is not stated as respectfully as possible. It could better be put : "Thine humble worshipper doth herewith inquire, of which category of deity art thine honorable reverence?""}



"Super Lucid : Dreamer shows an extremely high level of dream ... creativity ... . Dream Report might read : ... I ignore the dream figures and objects and shout out at the awareness behind the dream, 'Hey ... .' Suddenly, I felt intense ... ."

p. 278 considerations of the lucidity continuum




"the dreamer engages in discussing lucid dreams with a dream figure who questions him. ... At that point, he shifts levels from the pre-lucid to lucidly announce, "We're in a dream ... .""


"You may lose awareness after becoming lucid or gain greater awareness as the lucid dream progresses. Lucidity does not exist as a steady state -- it fluctuates."


"the lucidity continuum involves differentiating between standard lucid dreams and fully lucid dreams. In fully lucid dreams, you can recall experimental tasks and use a much broader range of your lucid abilities."


"people who claim, "All my dreams are lucid!" ... understand that they dream while in the dream, but often act like semi-lucid dreamers : dreamers who know they dream but continue to follow the dream plot".

pp. 279-80 maintaining the dream during erotic episodes

p. 279

"For more experienced lucid dreamers who might wish to do something in their lucid dream that naturally leads to excitement or emotion (e.g., have sex ...), they can often ... act on it ... (since they know that the excitement will be intense). ... For a small portion of lucid dreamers, they may become lucid and soon {immediately thereupon} be confronted by something emotive : an intense sexual desire ... . ...

When we focus on a goal, the goal seems to remain active until the goal is satisfied. ...

{It could therefore be helpful to focus on erotic activities as a goal, in order that the erotic activities may continue until they are adequately satisfied.}

In other lucid dreams, you may touch something

{Thus, one while touching a woman's (goddess's) body in a lucid dream may make a comparison/contrast between the feel of her body in the dream and the the feel of a woman's body in the waking-world.}

p. 280

and make a natural comparison/contrast between lucid dreaming and waking."

{Besides touching the woman's (goddess's) body in a dream and telling her that her body feeleth as pleasant to the touch as a woman's body can feel in the waking-world; it may also be helpful to look at her body and to tell her that her body is as pretty as the body of a woman in the waking-world; etc. (She may be flattered to hear of these comparisons.)}

p. 280 announcing intent

"While some people {mortal dreamers} might yell, "Better lighting" and see light levels increase or "More people" and see more dream figures around them, one could also announce, "Greater awareness!" or "Greater clarity!" and elevate the awareness."

p. 280 singing while lucid-dreaming

"Some lucid dreamers, like my Lucid Dream Exchange coeditor Lucy Gilles, have discovered that singing while lucid dreaming helps them maintain their lucid awareness and ... flying ... . Singing about your lucid activities may help you focus your lucid awareness".

pp. 280-1 dream-redentry

p. 280

"I would sometimes find myself lucidly aware in a dream with a gorgeous young woman. As things progressed and became more amorous, ... I woke. ... Surprisingly, I found that in many instances I could reenter the dream consciously and continue it, often, by all appearances, with the same dream figure and dream setting. ...

p. 281

Then, I found it best to replay the dream in my mind ... . ... Often, at this stage, I would slip back into the dream, consciously aware, as if lucidly intended dream osmosis.

My final trick involved replaying the dream to the end and then "seeing" some portion of the dream as if inside the dream. By that, I mean I would seek to perceive the dream from some ... dream figure's viewpoint in the dream. Once I began to see the dream from an inside perspective, I suddenly would find myself back in the dream state. Usually, the dream would reanimate and continue, and my lucid awareness would be in the scene.

Later, I discovered other lucid dreamers had created very similar practices for improving their dream-reentry chances."

Robert Waggoner : Lucid Dreaming : gateway to the inner self. Moment Point Pr, Needham (MA), 2009.