Lucid Dreaming, 4-5


Beyond Freud


p. 41 the spiritual nature of sexual behaviour in dreams

"Once while lucidly and passionately entangled with a lovely dream figure {seeming a woman, but actually a goddess} along a sidewalk

(yes, normal inhibitions disappear when you realize you dream it),

{So-called "normal" inhibitions are the result of artificially harsh laws prohibiting sexual behaviour in public. Where there are no such laws (such as, in some hippie communes), there is no more (indeed, less) inhibition in the waking-world than in the dreaming-world.}

two gentlemen walked {strolled} by and I heard one casually remark, "I wonder if he thinks that is spiritual?""

{Those two "gentlemen" (actually gods) were, of course, suggesting that, like all other events in dreams, sexual behaviour in dreams is of a supernatural essence. Spiritual advantages are, or course, to be gained by means of recognizing this (and therefore applying thereto the Tantrik methods of worship).}

pp. 42-4 lucid dreaming by the author's niece, and its relevance to her waking-world

p. 42

"She explained that when she becomes aware that she dreams, she changes things in the dream. If she sees a run-down building, she begins to fix it up lucidly ... . Or if she finds herself in a part without trees, she demands that nice trees appear ... . ...

Within the month, she experienced a big lucid dream ... :

p. 43

"... So I stood on the rock and said, "Okay dream world, I know I am in a dream, so ... show me someone ... ." Then this opening ... opened up into a long ... transparent-blue hall. At the far point in the hall, I saw ... my great grandmother ... . She said, "... I get out of purgatory tomorrow ... ." ... Then she said, "... tell you mom to remember the old room in the back part of my house. ..." With that, I ... woke up. ...

p. 44

It was my niece. ... . ... did, indeed, call her mother ... . ... She said that ... great grandmother kept all these drawers full of old costumes and jewelry there."

pp. 44-5 information from dreams

p. 44

"Eventually, when you realize the ... potential of lucid dreaming as a means to ... discover unknown but verifiable information ...,

p. 45

you notice that the playground of lucid dreams connects to a school of higher education."

p. 47 the author's quaestion asked of a woman (goddess) in a dream experienced by him (in 1982)

"Is this your dream of is in my dream? Are you dreaming me, or what?"

{The goddess is, of course, one of a divine committee who structure and organize dreams for mortals (such as the author) to experience; and who thereupon themselves go into the dreams which they have thus structured and organized in order to meet there the mortal for whom each dream was praepared.}

p. 47 a dream wherein a dream-woman (goddess) declared herself to be a propre owneress of that dream

[quoted from LUCID DREAM EXCHANGE (Dec 1992) : 18] "I told Sandra that she was a character in my dream.

This is a very unusual ... to do -- ... dream characters usually think this is rude.

{This is unusual because is wrong-minded and grotesquely untrue. It is not only rude but grossly and crudely illegal -- the dream is the collective property of the dream-deities who design it and inhabit it; the mortal dreamer is a mere guest lodging in their praemises, and could be treated severely by them or at their behest (now or after death) for praetending to own any part in it.}

She replied that I'm a character in her dream."

pp. 48-9 summoning of women (goddesses) into that portion of the dream which is visible to the mortal

p. 48

"I shout out to the class, "I want to see more attractive women in here ...!" ... I wait a few seconds ... . I open the door into the schoolroom and find a U-shaped line of perhaps fifteen attractive young women, completely naked."

p. 49

"Did I make the women stand in a U-shaped line? Did I determine the number? Did I determine their placement or attitude {of nudity!} or height {stature} or color {race} or any of that? No. I merely suggested in my dream my general intent. When I opened the door ..., I saw that my directed focus had somehow intended this ... . But my intent ... merely suggested a rough outline."

"To explain ... [the specific content of] dreams, some have imagined that dreaming has a bricoleur, or tinker behind the scenes, who cobbles together ... the dream ... . ...

{It would be more feasible to assemble the specfic contents of a dream if a full committee of dream-deities were co-operating in doing so.}

In this lucid dream, did a bricoleur or dream-maker ... quickly throw together an assortment of dream-figures ...?"

{That which had happened is that the divine dream-committee, upon telepathic consensus-agreement, issued telepathically a requisition for goddess-volunteeresses to assemble themselves nude in readiness for sexual contact with the mortal male dreamer. And they complied with alacrity! (Such slut-goddesses may go by a generic name (such as "Aphrodite", "Frigg", or the like) for purposes of being requisitioned and for complying.)}


Independent Agents


p. 51 the Lucidity Project

"Linda Lane Magallo`n, coordinator for the Lucidity Project, sought experienced lucid dreamers to perform self-directed experiments. Each month, she would mail out a lucid dreaming goal, derived from ideas found in The "Unknown" Reality by Jane Roberts and other sources."

Jane Roberts : The "Unknown" Reality. 2 voll. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs (NJ), 1977. Reprinted in 1996 by Amber-Allen Publ, San Rafael (CA).

p. 52 author's dream that an invisible personality in the space above the dream-person (dream-deity) speaketh on that dream-person's behalf (in 1985)

"I approached him and asked, "What do you represent?" He turned to me and ... A voice boomed out of the space above him with this reply, "... characteristics!" I considered the statement, but couldn't make sense of it. So I asked, "... characteristics of what?" The voice ... boomed out again, from the space above the man, "... characteristics of ...!""

"In all of my past lucid dreams, dream figures [themselves] spoke (or not) when I addressed them. Now, the space above the dream figure blurted out a response".

{In the space above the sahasra-ara cakra (on the summit of the head) are said (according to secret traditions of yoga) to be additional occult cakra-s with their secret deities.}

{This type of dreaming would be praeliminary to "direct-voice" spirit-mediumship in the waking world.}

p. 53 the "collective unconscious"

"Whenever I experienced the unexpected in lucid dreaming, I experienced something ... beyond the conscious mind. The information ... came from the unconscious,

{"C.G. Jung's realization of a collective unconscious began with an observation of a patient whose thoughts matched previous writings that the patient had never seen." ("ECC"). This could most easily be explained as that patient having received information on such writings via telepathy from someone (whether mortal or divine) who was acquainted with the writings or with those writings' purport.}

{According to John Curtis Gowan, "telepathy ... between people ... was based on ... the collective unconscious. ... .

"a field of experience of unlimited extent.""

{That which is most unlimited in extent, would most naturally be a universal sub- [or super-]conscious telepathy.}

... thoughts could pass unconsciously from one person to the next via this" (PD).}

"ECC" = R. S. Bobrow "Evidence for a Communal Consciousness". EXPLORE (NY) 2011 Jul-Aug; 7(4):246-8.

PD = Michelle Belanger : Psychic Dreamwalking. RedWheel/Weiser, San Francisco, 2006.

p. 54 author's dream of flying through outer space (in 1985)

"I'm with some friends in the darkness of {outer} space. We seem to be on a platform, but it's ... not connected to anything -- we're surrounded by space. ... I become lucid at this point and decide to go flying. ... I'm flying through space ... . ... Suddenly, a couple holding purple-red glowing strings flies past me. I take a string and use it to help me move. Ahead, I see a ... collection of glowing strands of lights -- gold, red, ... vivid colors ... . It's beyond neon, even laser light. The strands reach out into the darkness, brilliantly".

p. 55 author's dream about the human mould, and about opening doors along hallway

"I began to explore a long hallway where some women are working on something they call "the mold of man." ...

{"Human mould" is a term used by Carlos Castan~eda.}

Around the on floor, I see four or five molds of body parts ... . ...

I begin to run down the hallway, and as I do so, I open all the doors I can find! ... Opening the first door, a living room setting appears. Opening the next, I see an empty office. ... Finally, I run out of the building and into a plaza. ...

Then I recall Stephen LaBerge's technique of spinning {rotating one's own body, pirouetting} ... and begin to spin and spin."

pp. 57 dreams by two different women, with independence from and domination, on the part of dream-women (goddesses), over the mortal dreamer

[Lucid Dream Exchange May 1993] "Then I'm flying and the woman is holding me on her lap while we both fly."

[dream by LUCID DREAM EXCHANGE co-editrix L.G.] "I ... say triumphantly, "This is a dream!" Patty ... says, "You mean to tell me we're all dreaming." ...

Then I see a bright white light in a narrow horizontal band with black edges flash in my eyes and on my hands. ... Patty ... interlaces her fingers with mine. I see more flashes rip through the "fabric" of the dream world and hear a crackle and hiss-like static. The fabric of that reality looks like bad reception in a TV."

{Evidently, the woman ("Patty") is a dream-goddess having control (through her hands) of certain varieties of lightnings in the dream-world. (Black lightning and well as white lightning [not to mention various colored lightnings] are known in Pueblo-Indian religions.) Control of lightning by means of the hands is practiced in Taoist lightning-sorcery.}

pp. 58-9 dreams with dream-persons (deities) rendring answers to quaestions indicating those dream-persons' independence from the mortal dreamer

p. 58

[by a woman, LUCID DREAM EXCHANGE June 2006] "I was lucid and saw this man ... . As planned, I asked, "Can you warn me the next time I'm dreaming?" He immediately replied, "No! ... Because this is real ..."".

{All the dream-world is the divine reality. If she had regarded the dream-world as that reality, she would not have needed to be reprimanded.}

p. 59

[quoted from Tholey 1989] German ... lucid dreamer Paul Tholey intensively investigated the behavior of dream figures and came to ... three observations :

1) in some lucid dreams, the dream figure's awareness preceded the lucid dreamer's awareness,

{I have experienced a dream wherein I was informed by a man (god) that this was a dream, of which I was continuing to express doubt as to its being a dream, until by his repeatedly remonstrating with me, he managed to convince me that it was a dream.}

2) in at least one {in fact, in many a} lucid dream, a dream figure supplied unknown but later verified information to the dreamer, and

3) the dream figure sometimes developed reasoned and creative responses to various dream tasks".

[translated from Tholey 1987, p. 237] "If one asks dream figures themselves if they have a consciousness, ... they react ... . A [lucid] dreamer got this answer : 'That I have a consciousness, I know. But if you have a consciousness, I doubt, because

you ask such a silly


{The quaestion was superfluous, and therefore silly, because indeed all that existeth is of the nature of conscious (hath consciousness).} {The oppressive class-enemy-dominated society in control of, and thereby falsifying all metaphysics in the modern Western world, must mendaciously feign that very little consciousness is existent; for if the working class were to realize that all-that-existeth is conscious and is compassionately responsive to prayer, then the working class would pray with such a fervor against capitalism, that capitalism would be speedily dispelled, overthrown, abolished by all-that-existeth.}

Tholey 1989 = Paul Tholey : "Overview of the Development of Lucid Dream Research in West Germany". LUCIDITY LETTER, 8, no. 2 (Dec. 1989).

Tholey 1987 = Paul Tholey : Scho:pferisch Tra:umen. Niedernhausen : Falken Verlag.

p. 60 independence shewn by a black panther in a dream

[epistle by Scott Sparrow, author, to the editor of LUCIDITY LETTER, 7, no. 1 (June 1988) :] "Lucid dreaming ... I thought I was handling ... okay; but I had no idea of what I was repressing.

{That which he was repressing was his own duty to serve the divine world (serving by studying occultism and practicing occult rites). He was even participating in repressing the divine world by his neglecting vigorously to denounce the delusions of materialism.}

... all kinds of very angry people began showing up in my dreams, and turning rather demonic to boot.

{"Those "very angry people" are so-called "wrathful deities" (and/or minions of "wrathful deities"). They are enraged at S.S.'s neglect of his duty to perform regular Vajra-yana or Kaula worship-services addressed to them.}

A black panther walked in the front door and would not go away no matter how much I told him he was only a dream."

{The black panther refused to obey, perhaos in order to indicate that the Black Panther Party of the United States must continue to resist, and not surrendre, nor at all yield to the blasphemous capitalist infidel.}

Scott Sparrow : Lucid Dreaming : Dawning of the Clear Light. Virginia Beach : Assn of Research & Enlightenment Pr, 1982.

p. 61 woman's necklace in author's dream (1986)

"I ... become lucid ... . I move through a deep darkness then ... emerge into a nighttime view of his city ..., as I look down from far above. Suddenly I descend ... . ... I sit down and tell them, "This is a dream -- we're dreaming!"

I notice his wife has a set of necklaces in front of her. Each strand has a different color. She begins very deliberately to place a necklace over head head ... . With the seventh necklace, she stops."

{Is this the necklace for heroine Harmonia at her wedding with hero Kadmos? If so, the seven strands may repraesent the seven gates of Thebai, as in the "The Seven [Champions from Argos] Against Thebai"[, a "lost epic" (Graves : Greek Myths 106.4)].}

pp. 62-3 false awakenings, including chains of false awakenings

p. 62

"For example, your lucid dream ends, you wake and reach out for your lucid dream journal to jot down your lucid dream, only to notice the lucid dream is already written there. ... At that moment, it hits you -- you're still dreaming!"

"Once while I was giving a talk on lucid dreams, a young man raised his hand to comment that he had three false awakenings

in a row [sequentially in the same dreaming]."

{I have likewise (in about the 1970s) experienced such chains of false awakenings [all sequentially in the same dreamings].}

"it happened to me. Seven false awakenings in a row. ...

{Such long chains of false awakenings are well-known among Amerindian practitioners of traditional shamanism.}

p. 63

Where was my world? I felt as if I was bursting through layers of probable worlds as the layers kept giving way! At that final, apparent awakening, my mind swirled in ... memories, perceptions, realizations ...,

grasping for an actual actuality!"

{The only "actual actuality" is the transcendental divine world, beyond the material plane.}

Robert Waggoner : Lucid Dreaming : gateway to the inner self. Moment Point Pr, Needham (MA), 2009.