Lucid Dreaming, 16-18


Mutual Lucid Dreaming


pp. 207-8 a personal instance of mutual dreaming

p. 207

"Linda Lane Magallo`n, in her book Mutual Dreaming [NY : Pocket Bks, 1997. p. 39], includes this account from a lucid dreamer ... :

In the spring of 1978, ... I was friends with a group of five young women ... only, and I never felt any romantic interest in any of them. ... One night I dreamt that I was in their suite, and I went from room to room and made love to each one. ... The next day ...

p. 208

[another woman] told me that ... and ... {2 of the 5} both dreamt that I made love to them ... the night before. I was amazed! ... .

... I was also concerned that they would interpret the dream on a physical level ... .

{In other words, he was afraid that they might accuse him to the police of forcibly raping them!}

Now I wish I had talked to them and gotten the details of their dream experiences.

{If the author (R.W.) had possessed the courage (or recklessnes) to have spoken with the 2 women who had could remembre having dreamt this episode about their mutual-dreaming experience, it is likely that he could have continued thereafterwards to have attained more such erotic mutual dreams with the same two women (who may well have turned out to have already been proficient mutual-dreameress themselves).}

"I was the author. Yes, it happened to me ... . I submitted the story".

{By citing (still better, quoting) this factual story -- whether from this book or from the book by Linda Lane Magallo`n -- in both one's prayers (recited while awake to the deities in the dream-worlds), and in recommending it (as something to be reflected upon and mediated upon as indicative of benefits to be achieved with the assistance of dream-deities) to other persons of one's acquaintance in the waking-world, one could enhance one's possibility of attaining to experience of such genre of dreaming (with, hopefully, similarly successful results in the way of mutual erotic dreaming / erotic mutual dreaming).}

pp. 208-9 the 2 forms of mutual dreaming

p. 208

"In Mutual Dreaming [p. 25], Linda Lane Magallo`n proposes that mutual dream reports often come in two forms : meeting dreams and meshing dreams.

Meeting dreams involve ... both dreamers (or three in the preceding

p. 209

preceding case) report seeing each other and agree upon elements of the dream space environment.

In meshing dreams, ... both dreamers become aware of the same basic information."

p. 210 River Dreams

"Dale Graff, a former director of project STARGATE, the government program that investigated remote viewing phenomena ... In his book River Dreams : ... Adventures in Psychic Research, ... relates ... a lucid dream ... :

As I am falling toward the ground, ... I look above and see a multicolored shape

that looks like a parachute".

{probably another dreamt hot-air balloon}

p. 211 the 2 forms of lucid mutual dreaming

"Lucid mutual dreams come in two forms : dual-person-lucid dreams and one-person-lucid dreams.

A dual-person-lucid mutual dream occurs when both parties achieve lucid awareness and meet in the dream state. ...

A one-person-lucid mutual dream occurs when a lucid dreamer interacts with a non-lucid dreamer in the dream state and then both report a very similar meeting ... . Normally, the lucid dreamer provides a much more descriptive and active dream report than the non-lucid dreamer."

pp. 214-5 instance of a dual-person-lucid mutual dream (1995)

pp. 214-5 E.K.'s dream (in 1994)

p. 215 H.G.'s dream (in 1995)

"archeological dig ... in a sandy Sonoran type desert. ... We find ...

"an arid desert area ..., where we ... search ... for possible artifacts. ...

[p. 215] bones of elephants and/or lions".

I felt that we were ... to establish energetic templates".

{Bones furnish structure (to the body), as do templates (to the landscape). In Oceania, the land is said (in myth) to be underlaid with animal (serpent)-bones.}

p. 219 octahedron : "telepathic influence seems apparent"

dream by R.W."to weld ... together ... an octahedron"

reading by E.K. from book : "pasting together ... an "octahedron.""

p. 223 illusionary?!

"the dream space is only an illusionary projection of the mind."

{The dream-space, such as the various heavens of the divinities, are more real than is the mere material-world space, for the tawdry material world is mere maya ('illusion') generated by the collectivity of deities residing in the splendorous divine dream-realm. (The incautiously impious author (R.W.) would appear to be a most pertinaciously blasphemous atheist in his metaphyaical praesuppostions.)} {But for that matter, the minds of mere mortals are illusions generated by, and controlled like puppets by, the aeternal dream-deities, who from their dream-world control the waking-world.}

pp. 223-4 lucid dreamers, unacquainted in the waking-world, who first meet in the dreaming-world

p. 223

"Many experienced lucid dreamers can provide examples of meeting other lucid dreamers in dream space, conversing and interacting, yet the other lucid dreamer comes from outside their circle of acquaintance. ...

In one memorable example, the other lucid dreamer, a librarian in a town in (she informed me) Moldova, ... told me her town {BENDERy?} sat on the river {Dniester} across from Ukraine ... . ...

I even found the likely town of the librarian from her pronunciation. ...

{Perhaps she was uttering a robot-like monotonic enunciation, reminiscent of the name /BENDER/ of the robot in "Futurama".}

In another lucid dream, I encountered a lucid dreaming artist in central Europe {Hungary?}. ... After giving him my name and all the other pertinent contact information, he told me that he wouldn't be able

p. 224

to recall it. Realizing ..., I decided to let it go."

{Why did the author not realize that it would have been adequate to ask him to make contact through the Lucid Dream Exchange?}

"Perhaps someday -- or maybe it has already happened unbeknownst to me -- two lucid dreamers, unacquainted in the waking-world, will consciously exchange enough information when lucid to make contact later in waking reality."

{An instance of this sort (but for astral projecters) is described by Slasher (1996, p. 30).}

"Futurama" &

Slasher 1996 = Eddie Slasher : Explorations Out of the Body. Kroshka Bks, Commack (NY), 1996.

pp. 224-5 dreamwalking

p. 224

"For some lucid dreamers, creating a mutual lucid dream involves ... either entering another dreamer's dream space or calling another dreamer into your dream space. ...

{This is designated /dreamwalking/ by, e.g., Belanger (2006).}

For example, when lucid dreamers independently report moving toward another's dream, many experience leaving their dream imagery behind, moving through a darkness or gray state, before entering another's dream. Also, lucid dreamers independently mention entering the dream or having others enter their

dream by creating a vertical or horizontal "slit" in the dream screen."

author's dream of 1999 : "All of a sudden, ... I ... realize this is lucid dream! ... . ... I start walking around calling out, "... come here!" I ... keep looking to see if he will come through a door or what. Within ... seconds, as if stepping through a curtain tear in the air, out steps ...! ... I'm shocked to see ... the manner in which he appeared. ...

p. 225

Actually when he stepped out, ... he was about four inches above the floor."

Belanger 2006 = Michelle Belanger : Psychic Dreamwalking . Weiser Bks, San Francisco & Newburyport (MA), 2006.


Interacting with the Deceased


p. 228 Dream Messenger

"In her wonderful book, The Dream Messenger : How Dreams of the Departed Bring Healing Gifts, Patricia Garfield provides many fascinating examples of dreamers interacting with deceased dream figures. ... On some occasions, Garfield discovered, the departed bring ... warnings to the dreamer".

p. 228 revivification of seemingly-dead person (in author's dream as of 1998)

"As I walk toward the church, ... I can see a coffin up by the altar. I walk down the aisle, curious about

the odd shaped coffin -- shaped like a body. ...

{Kemetic (Aiguptian) coffins are characteristicly shaped like a human body.}

As I reach to pull the coffin door back, I am quite shocked to see a good friend lying inside! He opens his eyes and smiles."

pp. 229-30 interpretation of : dream-conversations with repraesentatives of dead persons

p. 229

"Undoubtedly, a fully lucid dreamer can engage the deceased dream figure quite deeply with questions. ...

p. 230

There are several ways lucid dreamers could ... reasonably ascertain whether they interact with ... the actual deceased. One approach involves seeking information indicative of a valid interaction, such as information unknown to the lucid dreamer.

If information provided by the deceased dream figure proves correct, the lucid dreamer could reasonably assume he or she has experienced an interaction.

{This information would indicate some sort of valid interaction with an unworldly being, but more likely (because the dead person would be, instead, busied with the process of being redincarnated -- if not redincarnated already) with the dead person's spirit-guide (who may well know more about the dead person's personal affairs than that person could readily call to memory).}

If the information proves incorrect, the lucid dreamer could assume he or she had dealt with ... not the deceased."

{Even if that particular information be invalid of the dead person just-complete earthly life, this may not be a definite indication that the divinity thus communicated with could not instead obtain some form of current information about the dead person (such as, what the dead person might be doing at that moment, or where the dead person is located at that moment in the incarnational process).}

p. 230 an instruction from the dead to the living : that the dead do not reside in mere pictures of themselves (lucid dream by woman S.W. in LUCID DREAM EXCHANGE 33 (Dec 2004) : 15)

"I was dreaming of an old dead Pentecostal preacher ... . ... Suddenly I realized that I was talking to a dead person. ... I ask him quickly, "What message do you want me to give to your wife?" He says, "Tell her, if she has a big picture of me, it is not me!" ... So the next morning ... I finally get her [the widow] on the phone ... . ... She said that she had a huge old picture of her husband [hanging in her home] ..., and she had been ... trying to pull him from the picture.

So I guess the message to her was : that's not him anymore."

{The picture, had never (let alone "anymore") been [the residence of] "him" (i.e., his soul) ever; so, the message to her had evidently been intended as an admonition to cease attempting to communicate with him by means of his picture, but to rely on (put hope into) dreaming for that purpose.}

pp. 233-6 author's lucid dreams (in 1997) about humans aloft : a flying luminous churchman, an airline at an airport, and a man climbing down from the sky

p. 233

"in winter ... We come to a motel and ... there is ... a room ... and none for me ... .

"there was no room for them in the inn." (Euang. acc. to Louk. 2:7)

p. 234

.. I ... investigate ... a large, deserted church. ... . ... I realize that I'm dreaming. ... As I look up, I see an older man, hovering about twenty feet from the ground. ... he seems to glow from within, as if he he contains light within him. ...

{Religious aedifices to be investigated (specifically, several booths for advertising various religions) were likewise praesent in my own dream (decades ago, in C., GA) about a luminous man thereat.}

Recalling my lucid dream, the symbolism felt quite obvious and extraordinary".

{The purport of the dream may have been : that there will be no room for the author in the heaven of saints, because the author had deserted all organized religion, and was in need of the free light of salvation shining from above, as from him whose "face was as it were the sun" (Apok. of Ioan. 10:1), and whose "face was as the sun" (Apok. of Ioan. 1:16).} {In contrast to this p. 234, our 234-page book TCR is capable of providing content of organized religions.}

"I had a short series of dreams ... at the TWA gate. ...

p. 235

People ..., the living and the dead, always meet at the "Trans World" gate."

p. 236

"I see a golden wood ladder ... hanging in the air. I see ... [the soul of the dead] coming down the gold wood ladder."

{In Hindi belief, souls of the dead are "welcomed in heaven by a golden ladder by gods of the heaven." ("SKS")}

Euangelion according to Loukas 2:7

Apokalupsis of Ioannes 10:1

Apokalupsis of Ioannes 1:16


"SKS" =

p. 238 after an acquaintance's death : E.K.'s lucid dream of meeting that acquaintance (quoted from "Psychopompic Dreaming : Visits with Those Who Have Passed On" )

"I look at him and say "Well ..., you died!" [He] immediately replies "... I was reborn on three planes." ... I tell him "... For me the word death implies rebirth.""

p. 240 (almost 3 years later) after another acquaintance's death : E.K.'s lucid dream of meeting that acquaintance

"I humorously chide him ..., "You know in this place you can choose your body ...!"

He replies something to the effect that "here I don't get to keep my body," implying that his current {dream-}body ... does seem so impermanent ... .

{The body of the Antarabhava-resident is impermanent in that it must soon be vacated in order to entre again another material body in redincarnation.}

However, he does change his appearance, and now looks about 35 or so. I would hardly have recognized him if I had not seen the picture of him in his early twenties."

{It is ordinary for the Antarabhava-resident to undergo successive body-changes while it is praeparing to undergo redincarnation again into the material plane.}


Unified Self in Connected Universe


p. 248 shared consciousness

"I had taken seriously the idea announced to me in a lucid dream -- that everything is sacred, conscious, and alive. I had come to believe that we all exist within an aware universe."

{Or, more praecisely, the universe is governed by telepathically-intercoo:perative council-committees of immortal deities who are themselves sacred, conscious, and alive. Collectively, such committees of deities may be said to function in the guise of universal awareness.}

"we also possess an intra-consciousness function that goes beyond or transcends our private consciousness awareness. ... By virtue of ... telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition, and synchronicity ..., ... these suggest a connectedness or intra-consciousness."

{Such and other deities provide to mortals any psychic powers which they may utilize, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition, and synchronicity, which may in turn serve as potential for intra-conscious connectivity among mortals. (With propre application, this connectivity may enable mortals to assist the deities in abolishing of the greed-and-hate-promoting system of capitalist tyranny.)}

p. 250 the author's trial of (and thereby disproving) the conjecture that visually dreamless sleep accompanied only by dreamt auditory messages would be adequate

"One night, as a test, I announced ... that I no longer wished to experience dream imagery ...; I wanted only to remember the message of the dream. ... When I woke in the middle of the night, I found ... only clear messages ... in my mind. They were like pithy statements from some esoteric text. I ... received the message,

"The One connects to the All," for example. ...

{a typical Neo-Platonic aphorism}

As for dream imagery, nothing appeared;

the maya-making

{In the, howbeit, it is the material universe that is designated /maya/ ('illusion'). In the (as likewise in shamanic religions), the dream-world in regarded as more real that the material world.}

projectionist had been asked to go away.

{In Platonic metaphysics (as, e.g., the "Myth of the Cave") it is the the material universe that is described as a mere "projection" (of shadows). In that metaphysics, the divine worlds are, instead, regarded as the basic universal reality.}

After about two weeks of waking with messages of the dream but no recall of dream imagery, ... I felt nostalgic for the ... interesting dream figures ... . ... So, tired of pithy messages that now seemed as dry as dust, I asked ... to resume the beautiful, engaging, and mysterious dream stories {episodes}; immediately, the dreams resumed".

p. 257 the author's lucid dream (in 1999) about a female musician and a male singer

"I ... become lucidly aware. Then I notice -- everyone was waiting for me to become lucid! ... There are a lot of jokes ... . They even joke with me about getting me to this lucid state. Then suddenly I recall a similar dream in which I did not become lucid -- ... these dream figures had tried this before! ... .

... one woman ... has an instrument and begins to play a beautiful piece. ... We applaud these Asian {specifically, Chinese} women when they finish ... . A man has a guitar and starts singing songs. They sound like familiar tunes but the lyrics are new and funny. ... Everyone laughs."

{This dream is in odd contrast against the more usual trend of shamanic and spirit-possession music-and-singing : usually, the music is played by men, while the singing is performed by the women.}

Robert Waggoner : Lucid Dreaming : gateway to the inner self. Moment Point Pr, Needham (MA), 2009.