Lucid Dreaming, 12-15


Fishing for Information


p. 139 "until recently"??

"the dream realm has always existed, but until recently no one had a good tool to explore it deeply.

{The lucid-dreaming technique hath been employed already by shamans and mystics around the world through many millennia continuously.}

With scientific acceptance of lucid dreaming, science finally has a tool ... .

{Scientists are allowed to "accept" only certain facts; if any of them were to attempt to publish any information in defiance of the dictates of the ruling class, not only would such an attempt be declined publication, but also they would be discharged from their job-position (as university-professor, or whatever). The critical point here is that the ruling class (of the so-called "civilized" world) is now beginning to permit writings on lucid dreaming to be published : hitherto that ruling class had (down through the millennia) been ruthlessly suppressing such information. (That information's becoming permitted to be published is, in fact, a major symptom of the contemporary ongoing collapse of oppressive ploutokratic ruling classes.) [written Oct 8 2013]}

Finally, the unknown world of dreaming can be explored, tested, and experimented with consciously to determine its true nature. Only lucid dreaming allows for experimenting with the dream in situ, in the place it happens as it is happening."

p. 141 activity & attitude during lucid dreaming

"As lucid dreamers know, staring at an object [in a dream] for an extended period of time will normally collapse the dream."

"when lucid and we "ask the dream," the response arrives in direct relation to the form of our request.

{When "the dream" is called upon and requaested from, the committee of dream-deities (which hath set forth the stage-like scenery and theatrical-like events events constituting one's dream) is inclined to interpret such call-and-request as addressed to itself, and therefore is moved to issue a response thereto.}

If we ask the dream "to see," then a visual display appears. If we ask "to hear," then an auditory event occurs ... . Again, the wording of the request appears to be crucial in the materialization of the response.

Curiously, a major criticism of Hilgard's [hypothesis of the existence in lucid dreaming of a] hidden observer ... concerned the significant response differences by the hidden observer to slightly different wording ... . Critics felt that this showed the ... person was actually responding to subtle verbal cues (a process called demand characteristics) and that no hidden observer existed."

{Because the wording is formulated in the lucid dreaming by the dreamer's own self, therefore the dreamer would understand the intent regardless how howsoever it might be worded. That the wording is so very critical, this would indicate that not the dreamer's own self, but some separate being (i.e., a "hidden observer") who is unaware of the intent of the wording, must necessarily be involved as well. (The same argument for the existence of a hidden observer" would likewise apply to a subject's undergoing hypnosis.)}

pp. 141-2 wording of requaest concerning what to experience in lucid dreaming

p. 141

"Experience has taught ... to phrase ... lucid dream incubtion such that {one} will look "at art" and not "for art. ... When ... suggested to become lucid and look "for art," {one} would find {one's self} doing just that -- literally looking for art -- trying to find art somewhere in {one's} lucid dream! Thus his whole lucid dream would become a futile search "for art." This ... taught him to incubate a lucid dream in which he would ... look "at art." The {hidden observer} responded to the exact wording of the request."

p. 142

"For example, a lucid dreamer might verbally or mentally announce that now she will project her consciousness "into a bird," and suddenly she views the scene {bodilessly?} from the [hypothetical] bird's advantage point {i.e., from aloft}. Contrast this to the lucid dreamer who announces that she will "become" a bird or "totally experience what it feels like to be a bird."

This second lucid dreamer may suddenly feel wings, a beak, talons, an a tail and experience "birdness" at a more profound level than the first dreamer.

{This 2nd is commonly experienced in shamanic dreaming by traditonal Siberian shamans -- evidently by means of this same method.}

To the dreaming, the intent and wording of the request join together to delineate the response.

The founder[ess] of ... [ ], pasQuale Ourtane, ... recounts a lucid dream ... to "change into" a bird : ...

[quoted from LUCID DREAM EXCHANGE 42 (Mar 2007) -- "IPQ" :] I felt my body change, felt I had a tail and a beak. The eyesight also changed, like very wide vision that came together in the middle. ...

I ... transform myself into an owl".

{in Italian, conversion of one's self to /strigilia/ 'owl-nature' is regarded as 'witchcraft'}

"IPQ" = "Interview with pasQualeby Robert Waggoner"

p. 144 ascending to the Godhead in lucid dreaming (author's dream of 1985)

"I ... realize, "This is a dream!" ... I ... close my eyes ... (This breaks me out of lucid apathy). I suddenly decide, "I want to see God," ... and I start to fly upward! ... I wake up quite excited, with my ears ringing."

p. 145 heating of the hands' palms {cf. ritual heating of the hands' palms with a dipa-jvala (lamp-flame) in Vais.n.ava temple-service (of, e.g., the I.S.K.Con.)} in author's dream of 2004

"Lucidly aware, I ... feel the energetic power of the lucid dream starting to funnel toward me, ... I notice that the palms of my hands feel very hot, and I feel that the power is becoming encased in me."

pp. 145-6 entring mirrors in lucid dreaming by pasQuale Ourtane

p. 145

"pasQuale Ourtane ... would often push her finger through a dream mirror ... . Then, in one lucid dream , she spontaneously decided to step through a mirror ... . ... Now she jumps into dream mirrors simply

p. 146

to experience ... exploring."

""you see in the mirror, where you desire to be, and then dive into the mirror to end up in that scene ... ." ...

Here's what happened ... to the dream : [quoted from pasQuale :] Right in front of me is a huge mirror. ... So I jump through the mirror and call out ... "let me travel in time ... ." I now whoosh through a space with light dots {marks of the mental plane?} in it, ... traveling to the past. ... I fly over a landscape and see ... the landscape change through time."

traveling to the past. ... I fly over a landscape and see ... the landscape change through time."

{When I time-traveled into the past in a dream (some decades ago), I was on board a rocket ship circling the planet, until it landed (by my choice) in a past historical epoch.}

p. 148 alleged availability

"the depth of the conscious unconscious ... apparently exists there behind the lucid dream, ... available in future conscious explorations."

{Behind the lucid dream is the splendor of the divine universe of higher planes-of-existence, and not any such absurd oxymoron as "the conscious unconscious". The divine universe is available to future transcendent ascensions.}

pp. 148-9 luminous orbs attract sky-tall luminous twisting funnels (in lucid dream by the author, 1999)

p. 148

"I suddenly realize, "This is a dream!" ... I decide ... to make "energy balls" or chi. ... I put my palms outward toward the nearby plants and feel energy moving. I laugh and keep up my chant. ... Now in the far distance, I see ... spinning funnels of light ... . ... The two spinning funnels of light begin to

p. 149

move my way, coming closer and closer ... . ... I notice that the twisting funnels are actually composed of plumes of light. Some plumes are colored light blue, some violet, and some white as they all twist together yet remain distinct colors. The ... light keeps growing in size and speed until it's more than a hundred feet tall, towering over me. I ... begin to laugh. The counterclockwise swirling pillars of light

seem to have little dot-like shapes on them."

{indicative of the mental-plane?}

p. 149 luminous streaks in sky (author's lucid dream of 2003)

"I stop on a hillside and sit crosslegged. ... Suddenly in the sky, I notice brilliant streaks of white light all over ... in the daylight with lingering streaks of brilliant white."

pp. 150-1 shifting rainbow-like colors accompanied by tones (in lucid dream by J.M.T., quoted from LUCID DREAM EXCHANGE 31 (June 2004): 15)

p. 150

"I then realized that I dreamed, exclaiming ..., "... this is ... a dream." ...

p. 151

I ... then became aware that I was now floating in a vast emptiness. I was clearly awre of my (dream) body ... . ... I ... became aware of ... churning, turbulent ... wave fronts ..., spiraling and unfolding in distinct motions, interpenetrating each other ... and then falling away, or dispersing into fractal fragments. Each wave seemed to have its own unique geometry, much of it fractal, and rate and manner of unfolding. In addition, the leading edges were composed of bands of color, much like a rainbow, but with astonishing diversity, and they also resonated a tone or set of tones."

p. 152 layered cliffs {cf. layered levels of the Abyss of the Gold Dawn} (in lucid dream by E.W.K. III)

"I fly down a sort of flat smooth valley between massive strange layered structures looming on either side of me, towering twice my flying height, like oddly shaped cliffs."


Healing Yourself and Others.


p. 158 braiding one's hair instead of rotating one's body (quoted from woman K., LUCID DREAM EXCHANGE 32 (Sept 2004):5)

"I was having ... out-of-control menstrual bleeding ... When ... I had the following dream : ...

{Cf. the woman Veronica, having an issue of blood for 12 years ("WIB").}

I'm braiding ... my hair ... .

{Concerning the the Spanish printed edition (1492-7 Chr.E.) of the Spardic text of Talmud "Hag 4b", commentator S^lomoh bin explaineth "miryam mgadla ns^aya" to mean "Mary the braider of women's hair"" (FW, p. 87).}

... I feel the familiar, chilly vibrations that often accompany the onset of lucid dream awareness. ... I remain ... thinking I can always spin to prolong the dream state, but I's rather not risk the possibility of landing in a new dream scene, and I don't want to become distracted from ny pre-intended goal of directing healing energy to my body. ... When I'm almost finished braiding my hair, the dream feels stable enough to get on with my goal."

"WIB" = "Woman with Issue of Blood"

FW = Burton L. Visotzky : Fathers of the World: Essays in Rabbinic and Patristric Literatures. J.C.B. Mohr, Tu:bingen, 1995.

pp. 159-60, 163 becoming healed in the material body of the waking world by means of praeternatural luminance projected into the dream-body from one's own hands in a lucid dream ( )

p. 159

"For many lucid dreamers seeking to project healing energy for the first time, it comes a quite a shock to find themselves, without any conscious intent, projecting light from their hands."

p. 160

[quoted from woman A.H. :] "I recall using a ball of white light ... around my hands. I put my hands on my feet ... . The light enters the foot and glows golden from within."

p. 163

[quoted from E.W.K. III :] "I use the energy beam chant, ... blue and gold sparks emanate from my hand onto my toe".

"The chant ... went like this : "From my hand shoots an energy beam, to heal my (blank) with Power Supreme!""

pp. 161-2 becoming healed in the material body of the waking world by means of praeternatural luminance projected into the dream-body from the bodies of dream-guides in a lucid dream

p. 161

"I then felt the presence of three guides. ... They began working on my energy field ... . I could see the crystalline energy emanating from the midsection of their

p. 162

bodies. ... I felt the energy hit me and I felt as if I was caught in an elecrical storm. I then felt something pop in my head, and

it was as if very warm liquid oozed down my body and I felt as if I were going to melt into the ground. ...

{cf., in Kun.d.alini yoga, the fiery psychic heat's melting of the moon over one's head, and the dripping down of the molten moon into the interior of one's head }

Then I felt energy being directed into the throat area, into my third eye area, and into the solar plexus area."

p. 166 becoming healed in the material body of the waking world by means of praeternatural luminance projected into the dream-body by a set of geometric figures in the sky in a lucid dream

[quoted from woman B.K.H.D'U., LUCID DREAM EXCHANGE 35 (June 2005):17] "huge geometric figures in five different colors hovering and circling over us in the sky. ... A turquoise colored one comes closest to me ... . They all seemed to shoot a kind of energy on me ... . ... I would best describe it as a type of heat".

p. 167 vanishing woman clad in color-shifting apparel (dream by woman K.)

"A friend is dressed in brown tones, but the second time

I see her, the same clothes are blue. ... they change again right in front of my eyes and I realize that I'm dreaming. The next instant, she disappears completely.

{In a recent dream of mine, I was looking at a blue-clad woman, when her entire body suddenly became transparent, as if it were glass of the same colors as it had been (the blue-clad area transparent blue, etc.). I immediately hailed her as a great goddess.}

The sensation of mild, chilly vibes begins and I quickly ... focus ... to heal the spot on my lip".

{Would this indicate that the dream-goddess was a goddess of pouting?}


Connecting Via Telepathy


p. 173 Dream Telepathy

"dream expert Dr. Montague Ullman ... and psychologist Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., began formal dream-laboratory studies at the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, to investigate dream telepathy scientifically. Over the course of ... research, they found considerable scientific evidence of dream telepathy and have reported their findings in ... Dream Telepathy : Experiments in Nocturnal ESP [NY : Macmillan, 1973]."

pp. 175-6 Sigmund Freud

p. 175

[quoted from Gay 1988, p. 445] Freud "reminded Ernest Jones that he had long since harbored a 'favorable prejudice in favor of telepathy' and had held back ... . But recently 'the experiments that I have undertaken with Ferenczi and my daughter have gained a persuasive power with me ... .'"

"One of Freud's disciples, Dr. Sandor Ferenczi, had an interest in psychic phenomena and had apparently conducted informal experiments on "thought transference" with Freud and his daughter ... Anna."

[quoted from Ullman & Krippner 1973, p. 28] "The tracing of telepathic ... dreams led Freud to the view that it was an 'incontestable fact that sleep creates favorable conditions for telepathy' ... . Freud later conjectured that telepathy 'may be the original archaic method

p. 176

by which individuals understood one another, and which has been pushed into the background ... .'"

{If so, this having been "pushed into the background" may have been a development instigated by the development of an exploitative ruling-class, which hath forcibly suppressed such shamanistic aptitudes.}

Gay 1988 = Peter Gay : Freud. NY : Norton.

p. 176 theory not acceptable?!

"The facts of these psychic lucid dream experiences are emerging, in spite of there being no acceptable theory to explain them."

{Nearly all of the author (R.W.)'s "acceptable theories" are actually patently absurd atheistic follies. The fact is (although he may regard it as "not acceptable") that psychic lucid dreams (and likewise all other dreamings) are (as declared by traditional shamans) visitations to divine worlds, where any manner of information is praeternaturally available.}

p. 181 transmission by telepathy of photograph, by a woman to the author, who received it as a scene in his lucid-dreaming (in 2006)

"I ... notice that the shine on the metal seems unusual. "Oh! this is a dream!" I realize. ...

{Cf. the divine illumination of Jacob Boehme by means of a glinting reflecting from metal.}

I see an illustration, not a photo. ... I wake. In my dream journal, I drew a ... triangular eye, looking out over a valley.

I sent the dream ... and she, the telepathic sender, provided me with the image that she transmitted. The image was of a hot air balloon hanging over a valley. The ballon had an interesting triangular eye shape on it".

{Because hot-air balloons originated from the Chinese, it may be surmised that possibly Taoist deities may have been assisting in the telepathic transmission of this imagery.}


Praecognitive Lucid Dreams


p. 185 conversion from a doubter into a believer

"In his book (with Letitia Sweitzer) Dreams That Come True, psychologist David Ryback, Ph.D., recounts his movement from skeptic to believer. ... His subsequent explorations supported his contention that one out of twelve individuals has evidentiary precognitive dreams."

p. 192 praecognitive or, instead, merely revelatory, dreaming?

"Feeling the lucid dream might be precognitive, the lucid dreamer woke and "decided to type out his dream ... ." Weeks later, he learned that ... had delivered a healthy baby boy. ... . ... read what I had written and agreed that it described her baby."" (Krippner; Bogzaran; de Carvalho 2002, p. 36)

{This dream was not praecognitive, i.e., it did not involve knowledge of future events, for the infant's physical body was already in existence (albeit unborn) when the dream was experienced. The dream was, instead, a disclosure of view from a hidden vantage-point (such as is commonplace in that sort of psychic ability, the dream-view being disclosed by the appropriate divinity --in this case, probably by the infant's guardian-angel).}

Krippner; Bogzaran; de Carvalho 2002= S. Krippner; F. Bogzaran; A. P. de Carvalho : Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them. Albany : State U of NY Pr.

pp. 201-3 "dreams of clarity" :

p. 201

"I simply noticed a set of rare dreams is which I existed in a dream state with perhaps one other person ... . Otherwise, the visual field was a glistening darkness, like a darkened, empty theater stage. Normally, ... I was shown direct information or I was involved in a conversation".

p. 202

"I ... say, "... I met her in a dream." ... A month later, I happen to meet this woman ... in waking reality".

"I have had a number of these dreams of simple and clear communications. Normally, I have a feeling of semi-lucidity, because I recognize "Oh, another one of these"; howver, sometimes I become fully lucid. One of the oddest experiences of this type involved me and a geometric figure composed of light (May 2003) : ... As I stand in the glistening darkness, I notice ... a shaft of glowing light -- it seems a hexagonal (six-sided) shaft of intense, pale greenish, glowing light about six to eight inches across and four feet long. ... Suddenly the shaft of light comes ... into my right temple. ... At this point ... I experience four or five precognitive dreams ... .

I wake and begin to write them down ... . ...

p. 203

When I realized the dream series had suddenly all come to pass, my mind reeled.

How could three seemingly unrelated dream events come packaged in a shaft of light and then all come to pass months later within a twenty-minute period? As I watched ... the waking copy the dreaming, I began to wonder about this distinct state -- dreams of clarity".

{The shaft of light had carried information about a group of plans for the future which had been decided upon by the telepathic collectivity of deities; and the same collectivity caused the plans to come about and for the author to become informed of them. (Perhaps he may himself be a member of that particular divine collective, on vacation here in the material world of mortals for this particular lifespan.)}

p. 203 praedestination

"I don't believe future events are predestined".

{Evidently, the author is not an optimalist (believer that the best which is possible must absolutely occur). Actually, If the doctrine that "the best possible always must occur" be true, then praedestination is necessarily implied, because there can be only a unitary optimizability. From a practical concern, however, because not all pertinent effects of conceivable possibilities can be very feasibly known, therefore the optimally conceivable possibility (and thus the necessary course of future events) can hardly be discerned by ordinary mortals, even after the fact.}

Robert Waggoner : Lucid Dreaming : gateway to the inner self. Moment Point Pr, Needham (MA), 2009.