"Herbs for Dreaming". https://corrosion-doctors.org/Dreaming%20is%20Personal/Herbs.htm

"Calea Zacatechichi

Calea Zacatechichi is a dream herb that is scientifically shown to increase dream recall, dream intensity and hypnagogic imagery.  It also decreases REM sleep, which of course will instigate a REM rebound later. So calea is helpful coming and going. ...  Other effects include mild auditory hallucinations like being more aware of sound, where it’s coming from, and its distance. Chontal natives call these sounds the 'voice of God' and nicknamed the herb the 'Leaf of God'. The primary effect of Calea is to increase the vividness, depth, and clarity of your dreams.  It helps produce dreams that are rich with personal meaning, deeply symbolic, and even prophetic. ...

Celastrus Paniculatus

Celastrus has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years for its potent medicinal properties.  In particular, it was used as a brain tonic, appetite stimulant, and emetic.  It was much prescribed in cases of forgetfulness, mental fatigue and memory loss.  Celastrus paniculatus is known for promoting longevity, sharpening the mind and memory, and it aids in concentration. Essentially, you benefit during the waking hours, and the herb keeps working while you sleep to fuel dream recollection! Modern medicinal studies have only confirmed the incredible properties of celastrus seeds in supporting mental function. One unique benefit of C. Paniculatus is its effect upon dreams. Almost all users report an immediate increase in the vividness of dreams, as well as the sporadic ability to lucid dream. ...


Helichrysum Odoratissmum

Helichrysum odoratissmum, better known as Imphepho is native to southern Africa, growing in the midlands of South Africa and the highlands of Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. Imphepho is valuable in stimulating deep states of meditation, trance, and lucid dreams. ... Typically the dried leaves and flowers were smoked several hours before bedtime. ...

Ethnographic reports cite firsthand accounts from shamans from the Lesotho region of South Africa who describe entering a hypnagogic state where dreams are experienced with liveliness and the clarity of normal consciousness. It is in this state of semi-consciousness that the shaman is able to communicate with the spirit world and receive the blessings and knowledge of past generations. They also report that as the body falls into a dream state they feel physically paralyzed, while mind and memory remain intact and coherent. By maintaining this state of awareness over a period of time they are able to enter the dream world with complete faculties and recollective abilities.

Heimia salicifolia

Hemia salicifolia, or Sinicuichi for Sun Opener, is a flowering shrub that grows from Mexico to Argentina and is widely cultivated through its range. Hemia salicifolia has a Shamanic tradition dating to the Aztecs. In addition to aiding lucid dreaming, Heimia Salicifolia is thought to aid astral travel. Those who ingest the herb say that they sometimes experience time travel and out of body experiences. ...


Mugwort ( Artemisia vulgaris)

... This herb often helps one heal while dreaming. Some users report having darker dreams that reveal hidden insights, allowing them to better know themselves and mend from past hurts and experiences. Sweet and floral in scent, Mugwort is excellent for use in essential oils, teas, and for its aromatic qualities during ceremonies and meditation practices. One of the more interesting traditional uses of mugwort is that of a dream herb. It is often used as one of the main ingredients in sleep pillows, and it said to bring the dreamer more lucid dreams. ... Mugwort is one of my favorite dream herbs. It works amazing when taken with 5-HTP. In fact, people can often have lucid dreams when taking these two supplements together when going to bed. Many people find that their dreams also become much more creative with mugwort. In fact, some of my most interesting dream experiences have taken place after taking this unique herb.


Silene capensis 

You may find this herb labeled as it’s technical name Silene Capensis or as ‘undlela zimhlophe‘, as it’s called by the Xhosa peoples of Africa. Noted as a ‘teaching plant’ and considered highly sacred, shamans traditionally use Xhosa dream root to promote lucid dream states in healers and other shamans ... .

Prophetic dreaming is the main reason I was attracted to this particular plant. Apparently the Xhosa shamans really ... can see the future with Silene. ... Please let me know if you have some success.


Vervain (Verbena officinalis)

Vervain ... is used ... as a tonic for the heart and liver.  Based on these things, and the potential dream enhancing effects, I started taking an extract in capsule form every night before bed.  For about a week I didn’t notice any particularly dramatic effects on my dreams.  However, after a week or so of taking vervain every night, I started to have very intense vivid dreams that felt extremely prophetic in nature.  I even had a few dreams which later manifested themselves in reality within a few days. (reference)

 After this, I was fully convinced of vervain’s power as a dreaming herb. Vervain has long been said to increase awareness, both while awake and during sleep, dramatically.  I have noticed since I started working with vervain that my mind feels more open and I am more likely to be aware of everything around me than I was before.  This is true both while I am asleep and while I am awake.  Vervain is also very helpful in inducing sleep when I am suffering from the occasional insomnia.  I do find that the longer I take vervain, the more powerful the effects become.  Since it so good for health, I would recommend most anyone to use vervain as a daily supplement, whether they are looking to do dream work or not. ...

Wild Asparagus Root

In China wild asparagus root is known as Tian Men Dong, which means “divine spirit herb”, and it has been used by advanced yogi’s and holy people for millennia. It is an incredible tonic for the lungs, kidneys and heart. ... It is a very effective respiratory tonic ..., and its ancient reputation as a profound heart medicine is the reason why it is known to be such a powerful substance for enhancing the mind and spirit.

Reported to be very effective at allowing one to fly in their dreams, many herbalists will advise ... its use ... if you are ... seeking to fly in your dream states. Also known as Asparagus Lucidus or Cochinensis, many Taoists use and recommend this herb for dream mobility, and reports have many users soaring through the skies and all across the universe and even into alternate realities and dimensions. ..."


"Top 5 Lucid Dreaming Supplements". http://dreamstudies.org/the-truth-about-lucid-dreaming-supplements/ "Calea zacatechichi: Known as “the dream herb,” Calea Z. is from Oaxaca, Mexico and has been used for centuries by Chontal shaman/dreamers as a cure-all and a “voyaging” aid.

Mugwort: This gentle herb in the sage family (Artemisia vulgaris) is used to help remember dreams. It has a gentle aromatic effect. It has a long European history of use also as a midwife’s herb due to its ability to stimulate blood circulation; in ancient Greece it was associated with the power of the moon. Traditionally mugwort is enjoyed as a tea and an incense.

Silene Capsensis: This root from South Africa has considerable anthropological evidence as a lucid dream aid, but its active compounds have not been discovered yet. Historically, Silene Capensis has been used by the Xhosa people during initiation rites. Women initiates take the root, and then report their dreams to diviners. In the West, it has had a mixed reputation, with many reporting no effects whatsoever.

Choline: This is an amino acid that also promotes acetylcholine, therefore enhancing the expression of REM sleep. It’s cheaply found as a Lecithin supplement, but is also present in some common foods such as bananas, onions, soybeans, potatoes and plantains. Choline is believed to elongate dreams, as well as help with remembering them. Many people have found that choline and galanthamine taken together are a solid cocktail for promoting lucid dreaming.

Galantamine: This has become known as the “lucid dreaming pill.” Galantamine is an alkaloid synthesized from a couple plants, including the red spider lily and common daffodil bulbs. The natural compound has been used for centuries in Europe; its memory-enhancing properties are hinted at in Homer’s Odyssey."