Helinus integrifolius


"The Xhosa would use Ubhubhubhu ... to strengthen memory and give the initiate keen powers of observation. ...

Helinis integrifolius has oneirogenic or dream inducing properties. Several sources attribute this to a high saponin count. Saponins are a chemical substance found in certain plants and are believed to be beneficial to the body. One of the characteristics of Saponins is that it produces foam when in contact with water. The name is derived from the latin word sapo, meaning soap.

The main effects according to the Xhosa: mental clarity, lucid dreams and improved dream recall."

"Ubhubhubhu ( Helinus Integrifolius )".


"Ubhubhubhu is also known as Helinus integrifolius ( scientific name ). This is another oneirogen that originates from Africa and is used for dreaming. The species has been used to enable diviners to interpret dreams better. It was used for centuries among the shaman's of Africa to produce these prophetic visions. They believe that the Ubhubhubhu (Helinus integrifolius) enabled them to produce clear visions through their minds eye. ...

Shamans consciously interpret messages that are communicated to them from an "ally", which is a plant friend or "tool", such as Helinus."

"Ubhubhubhu ( Helinus Integrifolius )".


"Ubhubhubhu, Helinus integrifolius- Is a saponin (highly bioactive group of molecules) rich species which enables diviners to interpret dreams clearly."

"Ubhubhubhu (Helinus integrifolius)".


"Diviners use saponin-rich species like Helinus integrifolius in an Ubulawu mix which enables them to interpret dreams clearly."

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Chapter 8. "Overview of African Traditional Medicine Practice".

"Ubulawu, a traditional medicine prepared from roots of Silene bellidioides and stem of Helinus integrifolius, is used ... to provide both physical and psycho-spiritual healing. THPs [traditional health practitioners] use it to open their intuition and enhance their dreaming, to increase their learning ability and bring forth their gifts of healing; while ordinary people use it for dreaming and to increase general health and energy [85]."

"Ubhubhubhu Helinus integrifolius".


"These dried Ubhubhubhu twigs help you to dream more intensely and also aid you in remembering your dreams more clearly. In South Africa, Ubhubhubhu is used by sangoma doctors to interpret dreams and predict the future."

"Helinus Integrifolius". https://www.zamnesia.com/dream-herbs/2608-helinus-integrifolius.html

"Helinus integrifolius produces oneirogenic effects that can cause dreams and visions to be much more vivid and memorable. It may help you gain insights into issues that are bothering you, gain a deeper sense of spirituality, or even push you into a lucid dream."