Dream-Books (traditional) : oneirocritic (dream-omen) literature


Oneirocritic literature -- Kemetic

Behind Closed Eyen Ra<-mes^ide dream-book


Oneirocritic literature -- Akkadian

Is^karu Zaqiiqu, Tablets 3, 7, & 9

Is^karu Zaqiiqu, Tablet #s uncertain


Oneirocritic literature -- Chinese

Lofty Principles of Dream Interpretation

Introduction & Praeface

Inner Chapters 1-4 "True Controller"; "Long-Willow"; "Day & Night"; "Divination"

Inner Chapter 5 "Disciple of Emptiness"

Inner Chapters 6-9 "the Sage"; "6 Types of Dreams"; "Interpretation"; "Events"

Inner Chapter 10 "Influences & Abnormal Conditions"

Outer Chapters 1-2 "Heaven"; "Sun & Moon"

Outer Chapters 3-4 "Thundre & Rain"; "Mountains & Rivers"

Outer Chapters 5-6 "Forms & Appearance"; "Food & Clothing"

Outer Chapters 7-8 "Utensils & Things"

Outer Chapter 12 "Gods & Strange Things"

Outer Chapters 13-16 "Destiny"; "Birds"; "Beasts"; "Dragons & Snakes"

Outer Chapters 17-20 "Turtles & Fish"; "Plants"; "Reward"; "General Analogies"


Oneirocritic literature -- Byzantine

III. Dream-Book of Daniel

V. Dream-Book of Astrampsychos

VII. Dream-Book of Nikephoros

IX. Dream-Book of Germanos

XIII. Dream-Book of Wise Philosophers

XV. Dream-Book of Manuel Palaiologos


Oneirocritic Literature -- Borneo

traditional list of Biatah "bad dreams"




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