Celastrus paniculata


"Celastrus Paniculatus : The Rediscovery of An Ancient Himalayan Nootropic". https://www.nootropedia.com/celastrus-paniculatus/

"Could there be lesser-known natural substance with powerful intellectual and emotional enhancements that has been used for thousands of years, below the radar of Western culture?

Just because traditional Ayurvedic practices and traditional Chinese medicine have provided a panacea of well-known nootropics like bacopa monnieri, ashwagandha, panax ginseng and ginkgo biloba doesn't mean there are some that have gone overlooked.

The plant’s scientific name is celastrus paniculatus, which grows in the remote Himalayan highlands of northern India. In ayurvedic tradition it is more commonly known as “the intellect tree”.

Modern Research of Celastrus Paniculatus

While celastrus paniculatus has flown below the radar of mind enhancement culture, it has not flown below the radar of scientific research. There is considerable evidence that use of celastrus paniculatus has nootropic, [1] anxiolytic [2] neuroprotective [3] and antioxidant properties [4]."

"from a 1997 study in Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior ..., taking 14 days of celastrus paniculatus reversed the memory defects / damage in animal models [8]. This is some of the strongest evidence in favor of the plant because reversing memory deficits caused by damage is rare (and only common to synthetic drugs ...).

DNA Protection

An interesting series of studies have found value in celastrus paniculatus for other purposes, some of which are relatively unique. In a landmark 2001 study in Phytomedicine, researchers found this substance prevented DNA cleavage common to many toxins [9]. The scientists concluded that the prevention in DNA damage was caused by anti-oxidant benefits ... .

Their analysis included support with anti-stress, immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects. Of course, all of these ... are ... compelling evidence that celastrus paniculatus has significant cognitive advantages (especially when it's considered how relatively unknown it is)."


"A Study On Nootropic Activity Of Celastrus Paniculata Willd". ASIAN J of PHARM.aceutical and CLIN.ical RES.earch, 9(2016).1:336-341. https://innovareacademics.in/journals/index.php/ajpcr/article/download/8467/3872

"Results : CPPME shows significantly improved in learning and memory".


"Celastrus Paniculatus Review: The Intellect Plant of Ancient Ayurveda Tradition". https://nootropicgeek.com/celastrus-paniculatus-review/

"Celastrus Paniculatus (CP) is a plant believed to improve cognition, viz. memory, learning, & anxiety. ... In ancient Ayurveda medicine, CP was consumed for centuries as a brain tonic ... ."

"Celastrus holds significant neuroprotective potential, particularly when supplemented long-term (which is required to induce Celastrus’ cognitive benefits). However, Celastrus’ neuroprotective may extend into neurogenesis territory, evidenced by an increase in protein & phospholipid concentrations in the cerebellum with Celastrus supplement ... . ... However, centuries of usage & positive anecdotal reports suggest CP is the real deal and may significantly benefit cognitive health if supplemented long-term. ...

Celastrus paniculatus may very well be the premier natural nootropic, as its primary functions seem to strictly relate to cognitive & mood enhancement (as well as intestinal relaxation ...)."


"Celastrus Paniculatus Seed Extract". https://neurohacker.com/formulation/nootropic-compounds

Celastrus paniculatus is an herb used in Ayurvedic medicine with nootropic and neuroprotective effects. It contains several bioactive compounds including sesquiterpenes such as celastrine, celapanine, celapanigine, celapagin, malkangunin and paniculatine. Celastrus paniculatus has been shown to enhance cognitive function by improving memory and learning, and to protect the brain from oxidative damage and neurotoxicity."


"... Stability Enhancement of Celastrus paniculatus Seed Oil "....". https://www.researchgate.net/publication/327410733_Skin_Penetration_and_Stability_Enhancement_of_Celastrus_paniculatus_Seed_Oil_by_2-Hydroxypropyl-b-Cyclodextrin_Inclusion_Complex_for_Cosmeceutical_Applications/download

"Research carried out by Jakka AL also elucidated the neurotrophic potential of flavonoids present in Celastrus paniculata Wild whole plant methanolic extract (CPPME) and treatment with CPPME demonstrated decrease in AChE and enhanced neurotrophic activity and thus, ultimately improving spatial memory formation ... [43]".


"Celastrus Paniculatus, An Endangered Indian Medicinal Plant With Miraculous Cognitive And Other Therapeutic Properties: An Overview". INT.ernational J of PHARM.aeutical and BIO.logical SCI.einces 2012 July; 3.3:290 - 303. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/264540128

p. 291a "Celastrus paniculatus is an unarmed woody

climbing shrub commonly known as Malkangni,

Kangani, Jyotishmati, Sphutabandhani,

Svarnalota, Black-Oil tree, Intellect tree,

Climbing-staff plant."

p. 293a "This hardy bush has been seen growing above

an elevation of 5900 feet (1800 meters), along

the Himalayan mountainside, Western Ghats,

Eastern Ghats and in other high altitude


p. 293b "C. paniculatus seeds and oil extracted from

them have long been regarded to be highly

beneficial and medicinally effective."

p. 294a "They are generally known

to stimulate intellect and sharpen the memory.

Seeds are used ... as brain

and liver tonic. They also cure joint-pains,

paralysis and weakness."

p. 295, Table 3, column 1 : Seed Used as/for "powerful brain and liver tonic8,

stimulate intellect and sharpen memory"

p. 295, Table 3, column 2 : Oil Used as/for "powerful

against malaria; useful in treating

ADD, anxiety, "brain fog", etc."

p. 295, Table 4, column 5 : Shelf life : "Oil in its raw state has a shelf life of 2 years if kept in a cool and dark place"

p. 298a "In India,

ayurvedic doctors of Bastar region in

Chhattisgarh, used to prescribe Celastrus seeds

to the patients suffering from forgetfulness ... .

Traditional healers have used Celastrus oil

for centuries to increase mental acuity, improve

memory and intellect as well as retention and

recalling power; and to alleviate mental fatigue ... . ...

People using the

oil were able to learn new information more

quickly and were able to accurately and

efficiently recall that information over longer

periods of time. They used to call it ‘magzsudhi’

or brain clearer. Small quantities of the oil have

long been consumed in healthy diet as a

supplement to improve dream recall and to help

induce lucid dreams."

p. 298a-b " Popularly being described as Jyotishmati,

this plant has an important role in enhancing

cognitive function and the natural luminosity

[298b] (jyoti) of the mind (mati)." {So as to enable viewing of the Luminosity Of Sleep, Of The Path, And Of Death (as described in Bodish occult litterature)?}

p. 298b "Consumption of half a teaspoon of the oil daily

or its application on the head acts as a brain

stimulant to improve memory31."

p. 301b "C. paniculatus was

observed to have remarkable effects on the

contents of norepinephrine (NE), dopamine

(DA) and serotonin (5-HT) in the brain12."




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