Epitomes of books on unusual/extra-ordinary dreaming



Conscious Exploration of Dreaming


Extraordinary Dreams

1-4. "Introduction"; "Understanding"; "Creative Dreams"; "Lucid Dreams".

5-9. "Out-of-Body D."; "Praegnancy D."; "Healing D."; "Dreams within D."; "Collective D.".

10-15. "Telepathic"; "Clairvoyant"; "Praecognitive"; "Past-Life"; "Initiation"; "Spiritual-Visitation".


Psychic Dreamwalking

0-3. "Dream"; "Stuff of Dreams"; "Explorations"; "Shifting Boundaries".

4-11. "Praeparing"; "Gates"; "Twilight"; "Remembering"; "Lucid"; "Invading"; "Sex"; "Lines".


Lucid Dreaming by Robert Waggoner

1-3. "Stepping Through the Gate"; "Control?"; "Moving in Mental Space".

4-5. "Beyond Freud"; "Independent Agents".

6-7. "Feeling-Tones and Review-Committees"; "Experiencing the Light of Awareness".

8-10. "Hidden Observer"; "Stages of Lucid Dreaming"; "Creating the Dream-Reality".

11. "Varieties of Dream Figures".

12-15. "Information"; "Healing Thyself"; "Telepathy"; "Praecognitive Dreams".

16-18. "Mutual Lucid Dreaming"; "The Deceased"; "Unified Self".

App. A-B. "Frequently Asked Quaestions"; "Tips and Techniques".


Otherwhere by Kurt Leland

1-2. "Visit to Nonphysical Reality": "Out of Body Training-Program".

3-6. "Nonphysical Reality"; "Things Unseen"; "Angels and Aliens"; "Mapping".

7-9. "Guides"; "Creepies"; "Rescuers, Helpers, and Healers".

10-12. "Gatekeepers, Sleepers, Rangers"; "Instructors, I"; "Instructors, II".

13-15. "Shades and Facilitators"; "Further Shades and Facilitators"; "Shadow Worlds".



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