Asparagus cochinchinensis and Asparagus adscendens

as Dream-Enhancing Herbs



"The Top 5 Health Benefits of Wild Asparagus Root".

"It’s actually a wild type of asparagus (Asparagus cochinchinensis) ... . ... . ... the root is specially prepared and used as a natural herbal medicine. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) it’s called “Tian Men Dong” which translates as Heavenly Spirit Root (or lush winter aerial plant). ...

The herb is also known as a dream inducing herb or Oneirogen. Many people including Taoists report having lucid dreams in which they are flying or soaring through the sky. It’s quite a freeing experience that most anyone (with practice) can have!"

"Levity Red Asparagus".

"Red Asparagus Root is the ancient Taoist tonic herb used by spiritual seekers for generations to enhance meditation and produce ... levity above the mundane. According to  both 1000-year-old legend and modern scientific research, high quality asparagus root extract has immediate anti-stress effects and long-term anti-aging benefits. ... Full Spectrum Water Extract of Red Asparagus (Asparagus cochinchinensis) root."

"The Flying Herb! Revered by Monks, Taoists and Herbalists for thousands of years!"

"Other common names-Tian Men Dong

Latin-Asparagus lucidus or Asparagus cochinchinensis

Parts used-Root ...

It is also known for its dream enhancing effects. Many people report dreams in which they are flying or soaring through the sky and some people have increased lucid dream activity when using Wild Asparagus Root."

"Best Sacred Herbs To Master Lucid Dreaming".

"Wild Asparagus Root ~ Asparagus cochinchinensis

In TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine  wild asparagus root is called “Tian Men Dong” Which translates into “Lush Winter Aerial Plant” and its sometimes called Heavenly Spirit Root. For thousands of years this special root has been revered by qi-gong masters, shamans, and Tibetan monks  for its life increasing, dream inducing, heart opening effects.

Often called “The Flying Herb”, it is said the root helps one to fly through the cosmos at night, achieving marvelous dreams."

"The Flying Herb and Other Magical Plants to Help You Dream".

"wild asparagus root (Asparagus cochinchinensis) is what we turn to when we want to have magnificent dreams. According to Sacred Science, its other name is ‘The Flying Herb,’ because it’s ... to help you fly through the universe while you’re dreaming."

"The Flying De-Stress Herb".

"One of my favorite herbs ever is the red asparagus root (Asparagus cochinchinensis) also known in Chinese tonic herbalism as Tian men dong.

To be perfectly clear, this is not garden asparagus (Asparagus officinalis), nor the ayurvedic herb Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), although shatavari is a very prized herb with different effects.

Tian men dong is often considered the flying herb or levitation herb, because is induces a light state. So prized was it that many monks have used it heavily in Asia for generations to induce a profoundly spiritually lifted state and a widened, wiser perspective.

It’s a really fun herb to take because of this lift (with no crash whatsoever), but it’s the long term cumulative effect of taking this herb daily where the real magic is.

Tian men dong is a tonic herb, meaning it is safe for daily use with no side effects. Think of it as a very intelligent superfood."

Bodish species of Asparagus sometimes employed as surrogate for the Cochin-Chinese (Viet-Namese) species :-

"Asparagus Roots (Tian Men Dong)".

"Medicinally it mainly refers to the dried tubers of Asparagus cochinchinensis (Lour.) Merr., which is a member in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Asparagoideae. Sometimes Asparagus spinosissimus Wang et SC Chen., a close relative plant in the same genus mainly distributed in Tibet, is also used for the same medicinal purpose."

DO NOT BUY the following, not able to enhance dreaming!

This Asparagus species cochinchinensis is often confounded with racemosus, e.g. :-

"3 Wild Herbs For Lucid Dreaming".

"Wild Asparagus Root – Asparagus racemosus

The Chinese word for wild asparagus root is Tian Men Dong – or heavenly spirit herb. For millennia, it’s been cherished by shamans, monks, and yogis for its heart-opening effects.

Also known as “The Flying Herb”, it’s believed that wild asparagus root helps one fly through the universe at night, achieving magnificent dreams." 

and likewise :-

"Wild Asparagus Root – Asparagus racemosus".

"The Chinese word for wild asparagus root is Tian Men Dong – or heavenly spirit herb. For millennia, it’s been cherished by shamans, monks, and yogis for its heart-opening effects.

Also known as “The Flying Herb”, it’s believed that wild asparagus root helps one fly through the universe at night, achieving magnificent dreams.  The wisdom schools of ancient China placed much value on dream work, namely lucid dreaming."



"Safed Musli".

"Synonyms :- Asparagopsis adscendens (Roxb.) Kunth, Asparagus satawur James A.Murray, Protasparagus adscendens (Roxb.) Kamble. Regional Name :- ... Hindi : Safed musli , Sanskrit : Shreta musli, durnamari, mahavrsa, musali, satavari, svetamusali, vrsyakanda, Urdu : musli siyah, satawar, shaqaq-ul-misri, shaqaqul misri, Gujarati : Dholi musli , Punjabi : Syahoo Musali, Bengali : Dholi Musali, Talamuli Marathi : Safed musli, safeta musli,  Tamil : Tannir Vittang, Telugu : Sallogadda . Malayalam : shedeveli.

Part Used :- Roots. ...

Medicinal Uses :- ... It helps with ... disturbing dreams ... ."

"Swet {S`veta 'White'} Musli- Asparagus adscendens". "It helps with ... restless sleep, disturbing dreams ... ."


"Safed Musli – Chlorophytum Borivilianum".

"Scientific Name of Safed Musli is Chlorophytum Borivilianum and shares family with Asparagus i.e. Asparagaceae.

Common Names

Botanical Name

Chlorophytum Borivilianum

Botanical Synonym

Asparagus Adscendens

Other Species

Chlorophytum Tuberosum, Chlorophytum Arundinaceum, Chlorophytum Malabaricum, Chlorophytum Attenuatum, Chlorophytum Breviscapum

English Name

Chlorophytum, Indian Spider Plant, White Musli

Hindi Name

Musli, Safed Musli, Safed Moosli, Dholi Musli

Sanskrit Name

Musali, Swetha Musli

"Musli Tuberous Roots and Seeds are used for therapeutic purposes."

"Dreams ... can trigger this condition."

DO NOT BUY THIS Asparagus sarmentosus! :

Distinction between the two Asparagus species adscendens and sarmentosus :-

"Asparagus racemosus (Willd.)". (Drury, Heber : The Useful Plants of India. -- 2d edn. -- London : Allen, 1873.)

"The A. sarmentosus (Willd.), also a native of the Peninsula, has also medicinal qualities. It is known as the Sufed Mush; and on this Modeen Sheriff remarks (Suppl. to Pharm. of India, p. 59): " There are two kinds of Sufed Mush, one found in the bazaars of Southern India, and the other elsewhere. The former is the dried and split roots of Asparagus sarmentosus. ... The Sufed Mush of all other parts is the real drug to which the name is applicable, and is the root of Asparagus ascendens. ...""




"Wild Red Asparagus Root (Asparagus cochinchinensis)". $13 for 2 oz

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"Tian Men Dong (天門冬-驗測) Asparagus cochinchinensis; Radix". Unit Size: 1 lb

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