Table of Contents


behavioural self-control (refining one's etiquette as practiced therein) during dreaming

critiques of non-religious attitudes toward dreamworlds & dream-deities

religious dreaming -- divine dream-worlds & dream-deities

other personal accounts of dreams



traditional dream-books (Kemetic, Akkadian, Byzantine, Chinese) -- EPITOMES

ethnology of dreaming -- EPITOMES OF BOOKS on dream-practices in tribal cultures

unusual (mystical & spiritual) dreaming -- EPITOMES OF BOOKS

dream-enhancing herbs -- EPITOMES OF ARTICLES

mythology of dreaming explication of some Hellenic mythology related to dreaming

dream by Ya<qoob

marriage of mortal dreamer to deity in dream quotations


dreaming -- BIBLIOGRAPHY



typologies of unusual dreaming with weblinks

lucid dreaming weblinks

oneirogenic herbs weblinks

oneirogenic herbs of African tribes quotations

dream-enhancing herbs weblinks

aura in dreams weblinks

music in dreams weblinks

somniloquy (sleeptalking) with weblinks

dream-study groups for social dream-sharing weblinks

mutual dreaming / group dreaming weblinks

dreamwalking with weblinks

quotations concerning dreams weblinks


occult erotic dreams weblinks

dreaming of bestiality antient Hellenic, with weblinks


blog websites devoted to personal accounts of dreams


music for meditation -- on YouTube


electronic equipment for influencing dreaming

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